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Nov 25 2020

The Right of the People Peaceably to Assemble

In case anyone besides Democrats has forgotten, Mark Dice reminds us that the First Amendment guarantees not only freedom of speech and religion, but also “the right of the people peaceably to assemble”:

Actually, the capital of Oregon is Salem, but Portland is certainly the cultural capital of the people in charge. You might say the 100+ leftist riots that have occurred there this year have made it the cultural capital of moonbats throughout the country.

Oregon Gauleiter Kate Brown’s assertion that there is no difference between calling the police over a noisy party and ratting out neighbors for seating seven at the Thanksgiving table is absurd. In the former, the infraction is not gathering; it is creating a disturbance — similar to the case if Oregon’s leftist rulers were to enforce laws against rioting. With Thanksgiving restrictions, it is explicitly the gathering itself that is forbidden, despite being a fundamental right guaranteed in the Constitution.

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Nov 10 2020

We Haven’t Forgotten Who Terrorized the Country All Summer

Not everyone has forgotten the hundreds upon hundreds of riots leftists recently inflicted on this country with the avid support of the Democrat Party and the rest of the liberal establishment:

Now leftists want us to pretend we don’t notice substantial voter fraud. Making a big enough fuss to potentially change the media-declared result could lead to our neighborhoods getting burned down by mostly peaceful protesters. But if we don’t push back, the USA will be run by corrupt thugs like a Third World country.

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Nov 04 2020

Oregon Decriminalizes Hard Drugs

California decriminalized shoplifting. We saw the predictable result. Oregon replies, “Hold my beer.” Greater Portlandia has upped the anarchy ante by decriminalizing hard drugs. The moonbattery-addled state has passed Measure 110:

It reclassifies personal possession of heroin, cocaine, and LSD, from misdemeanors or felonies to violations punishable with a $100 fine.

A “completed health assessment” may do in lieu of the fine.

As with shoplifting in California, it will no longer be worth a police officer’s time to do anything about possession of hard drugs, which may as well be legal.

Peter Zuckerman was the campaign manager for Measure 110. He says passage is “a big step forward.” However,

“Today is a huge day of celebration but the work is not over and we have a lot more work to do to win a better system for everybody,” he said.

What good does it do to effectively legalize hard drugs when people don’t have money to buy the drugs because they are focused on getting high rather than employment? This is a job for wealth redistribution. Utopia is always one more measure away.

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Oct 18 2020

Modernity 3

Paul Joseph Watson continues to document our moonbattery-induced decline into madness and anarchotyranny, which has been thrown into overdrive by COVID-19 hysteria, Black Lives Matter, and the Democratic Party/MSM:

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Oct 07 2020

McCloskeys Indicted for Defending Home From Mob

Imagine being ruled by the vicious mobs that have been rioting at will for months. In some parts of the country, we already are — St Louis, for example:

A St. Louis grand jury on Tuesday handed down indictments against Mark and Patricia McCloskey, charged in July with brandishing weapons at protesters outside the couple’s Portland Place mansion.

The McCloskeys stood on their own yard holding firearms to ward off Black Lives Matter maniacs who had apparently just torn down a gate to invade their private community. If the McCloskeys had not taken a courageous stand, their home may have been vandalized or even burned to the ground.

Hilariously, they are charged with placing the riotous brownshirts who invaded their property in fear of injury.

Gasps Mark McCloskey,

“We didn’t fire a shot. People were violently protesting in front of our house and screaming death threats and threats of rape and threats of arson. Nobody gets charged but we get charged.”


Nine protesters were charged with trespassing over the incident, but local officials refused to prosecute them.

But Soros-backed St Louis circuit attorney Kim Gardner wasn’t slow to prosecute the McCloskeys for defending their home and exercising a fundamental right enshrined in the Second Amendment.

Democrat authorities openly side with the mob against law-abiding citizens. Defending yourself will not be permitted.

It isn’t just right versus left. It is civilization versus savagery, good versus evil.

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Oct 02 2020

NY AG Letitia James Effectively Legalizes Minor Crimes

Joe Biden won’t say who he would appoint to the Supreme Court, but New York Attorney General Letitia James is considered to be on the short list. She meets all three of the requirements: (1) black, (2) female, and (3) left-wing. To get an idea of how terrifying this is, and of why people have been leaving New York in droves as it degenerates into anarchy, consider that James has exploited the police shooting of Allan Feliz to effectively legalize minor crimes.

When Feliz was pulled over by Officer Jonathan Rivera last October, he produced his brother’s driver’s license instead of his own. As in other events exploited by leftists to advance their agenda, the situation escalated and Feliz ended up dead.

Via Hot Air:

Using that incident as an example, the AG is now recommending that officers no longer conduct arrests of individuals during traffic stops if they have outstanding warrants for a variety of classes of minor offenses. These would include bench warrants for failing to appear in court or more minor, public nuisance offenses.

As with Michael Brown, George Floyd, Jacob Blake, Breonna Taylor, et al., Feliz requires airbrushing to qualify for sainthood, and the actual events surrounding his demise must be altered or suppressed in the interests of the racist cops narrative.

First of all Seargent Rivera is Hispanic himself. And Feliz wasn’t some innocent victim of circumstances. The reason he gave over his brother’s ID instead of his own was that he was on parole from convictions on a variety of federal offenses at the time. He also had quantities of both cocaine and methamphetamines in the vehicle…

Feliz also didn’t comply with the officer’s instructions. Instead, he continually attempted to drive the vehicle away. He was only shot after nearly running over Rivera’s partner.

Ignoring outstanding warrants during traffic stops equates to not issuing warrants at all. Police do not have time to chase down petty criminals with the city going to hell all around them.

This represents the broken windows policy in reverse. Instead of preventing big crimes by cracking down on small ones, which is the strategy Rudy Giuliani used to make New York City livable, leftists are making minor crime effectively legal.

New Yorkers at least have the option of getting the hell out in favor of states not run by leftists who side with criminals against society. When these maniacs secure control of the federal government, escaping the chaos will not be so easy.

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Aug 14 2020

Minneapolis Puts Screws to Businesses Wrecked by Riots

In the aftermath of Black Lives Matter riots, Minneapolis still looks like a warzone. The same municipal bureaucrats that allowed the riots to happen continue to put the screws to the owners of ruined businesses by requiring them to prepay taxes on their ruined properties for the second half of 2020 before granting them a demolition permit.

Cleaning up so as to begin rebuilding is expensive enough for business owners. Via the StarTribune:

[N]early 100 properties in Minneapolis were destroyed or severely damaged in the riots following the death of George Floyd. The vast majority of those properties are either still standing or have been turned into ugly and often dangerous piles of rubble. …

Cleaning up that mess is expensive. Most property owners must pay $35,000 to $100,000 to clear their sites of debris, with larger tracts — such as strip shopping centers — costing as much as $400,000, according to property owners. That doesn’t include the money those owners must pay to get their permits.

Coming up with advance property taxes on top won’t be easy, considering that many relied on their destroyed businesses for income.

In return for taxes, citizens expect the government to protect their rights. Why should anyone have to pay the extravagant price of Big Government, only to receive anarchy?

It’s as if the leftists running Minneapolis do not want businesses to rebuild. They must prefer to lord it over a ruined slum, where there will be less need to worry about Republican challengers.

The city’s unhelpfulness affects public safety:

Basim Sabri, owner of Karmel Mall and other real estate on or near Lake Street, said he has filed three complaints with the city in recent weeks about safety hazards in the neighborhood.

“You can’t just allow a bunch of rubble and hazardous material to sit in the middle of Lake Street,” Sabri said.

But if the Minneapolis City Council cared about public safety, it wouldn’t be trying to abolish the police department.

Rebuilding in Minneapolis or any other city that sides with rioters (e.g., Seattle, Portland) may not be a sound investment.

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