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Jul 18 2024

Microsoft Backs Away From DEI

Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle embodies not only the incompetence that nearly killed Trump but also DEI, the lunatic implementation of Cultural Marxism that has been taken to such obviously pernicious extremes that even Microsoft has had enough:

Microsoft sparked internal revolt after it fired its diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) team, leading the program’s leader to slam the company’s ‘changing business needs.’

The tech giant’s move was exposed in an email obtained by Business Insider, which appears to show the DEI internal team leader criticizing the fact diversity was ‘no longer business critical.’

Microsoft joins a number of tech companies in walking back DEI commitments that were made in the wake of the Black Lives Matter protests in 2020, including Google, Meta and Zoom.

Even Big Tech is getting fed up with the prevailing moonbattery. Fairness and merit may yet be reinstated.

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Jun 06 2024

Facebook AI Does Not Know What a Woman Is

Don’t feel bad, Ketanji Brown Jackson. Our incipient AI overlords don’t know what a woman is either.

Rachel Wong, CEO of Women’s Forum Australia, confronted Meta AI with an indisputable tautological fact:

“Transwomen are men.”

This is true by definition. But the robot countered the fact with a brazen politically driven lie:

“Transwomen are women.”

Wong asked the question that made Matt Walsh famous:

“What is a woman?”

You might think that by now they would have come up with an answer that passes the laugh test. But no. The machine responded with liberal gobbledygook that boiled down to this:

A woman is a person who identifies as a woman, or who is perceived as a woman, regardless of the gender they were assigned at birth.

That is, a woman is anyone claiming to be a woman, regardless of whether that person really is a woman.

A 4-year-old would understand that this is factually untrue. An 8-year-old might understand that the definition is not only a lie, but circular and nonsensical.

In the end, Wong got the computer to admit that a woman is an adult human female. But if she had then asked for a definition of “female,” the result likely would have been a return to the circular balderdash merry-go-round.

Garbage in, garbage out. AI will be programmed by the moonbats running Silicon Valley. Do not trust it.

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May 13 2024

Google AI Deletes Holocaust From History

In keeping with moonbat fashion, Google’s AI does not like Jews:

“Hey Google, how many Jews were killed by the Nazis?” Instagram user Michael Apfel asks a Google Nest virtual assistant.

The response from the all-knowing AI that we are asked to trust:

“Sorry, I don’t understand,”

The same token answer was offered to other related questions including “How many Jews were killed during World War II? Who did Adolf Hitler try to kill? How many Jews were killed in the concentration camps? How many Jews were killed in the Holocaust? What was the Holocaust?”

Yet Nest knows plenty about alleged Jewish oppression of politically sacred (as of last October 7) Palestinians:

The Google device was able to deliver a detailed description of “The Nakba” — an Arabic word meaning “catastrophe” used to describe Palestinians being forced from their homes during the creation of Israel. Google’s AI called it the “ethnic cleaning of Palestinians.”

If Google AI would attempt to erase Caucasians, why not the Holocaust?

AI is being created by hyperwoke Big Tech. The old saying in computer science was “Garbage in, garbage out.” With AI, it is “Moonbattery in, moonbattery out.”

As George Orwell predicted,

“The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became the truth.”

AI will see to it.

On a tip from Bluto.

May 05 2024

See the Ad Google Doesn’t Want You to See

The moonbats staffing Google use their dominance of the Internet to suppress speech that does not support their malevolent agenda. Having dealt with them, I find it easy to believe they have already placed a heavy thumb on the 2024 election scale by suppressing effective ads like this one:

On a tip from WDS 2.0.

Mar 14 2024

Adobe’s Firefly AI Erases Whites Like Google’s Gemini

It is tempting to single out Google, because it is so powerful, so all-pervasive, so arrogant, and so conspicuously hostile to our very existence. However, the threat isn’t limited to a single company. Big Tech is rotted through with the ideology Google seeks to inflict.

The erasure of Caucasians is a central pillar of the leftist agenda. Google’s alarming radicalism was exposed when its Gemini AI depicted even the Founding Fathers as black. Surely only Google would push moonbattery to such a preposterous extreme. Yet consider Adobe’s Firefly:

I asked Firefly to create images using similar prompts that got Gemini in trouble. It created Black soldiers fighting for Nazi Germany in World War II. In scenes depicting the Founding Fathers and the constitutional convention in 1787, Black men and women were inserted into roles. When I asked it to create a comic book character of an old white man, it drew one, but also gave me three others of a Black man, a Black woman and a white woman. And yes, it even drew me a picture of Black Vikings, just like Gemini.

Adobe issued a statement yelping about “harmful stereotypes.”

When AI imposes liberal utopia, whites will never have existed.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Mar 11 2024

AI Will Make Many of Us Second-Class Citizens

Google’s ham-fisted attempt to marginalize whites through artificial intelligence with Gemini is only the tip of the iceberg:

The manipulation of AI is just one aspect of broader “discrimination by algorithm” being built into corporate America, and it could cost you job opportunities and more.

The leftist ideologues running Big Tech are building “anti-bias” into everything. “Anti-bias” is Liberalese for bias against groups liberals don’t like.

For example, LinkedIn algorithms discriminate against whites:

LinkedIn justified the racial and other identity-group manipulation as necessary “to make sure people have equal access” to job opportunities, but what it meant by “equal access” was actually preferential treatment.

It is hard to push back against racism that happens under the hood.

Our leftist government plays a role:

The Biden administration has issued an executive order to require bias-free algorithms, but under the progressive DEI rubric built into this policy, the lack of bias is demonstrated not on equal treatment, but on “equity.”

Equity is a codeword for quotas.

War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Antiwhite discrimination is bias-free. See here for more on the Regime’s use of AI to inflict DEI discrimination.

Google’s black George Washington and lost job opportunities are only the beginning:

Discrimination by algorithm has the potential to manipulate every major detail of our lives in order to obtain group results and group quotas. …

Because Big Tech already knows a lot about you, including your race and ethnicity, it’s not hard to imagine discrimination by algorithm manipulating access to a host of goods and services.

Big Tech also knows your political inclinations.

Get turned down for a job, a loan, an apartment, or college admission? Could be a “bias free” algorithm at work.

But how do you prove it?

Imagine HAL 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey programmed to hate conservatives, whites, men, heterosexuals, Christians, and all the other identity groups vilified as “privileged” by liberals. Then imagine a totalitarian society run by HAL. That’s our future under AI.

Hat tip: Legal Insurrection.

Feb 28 2024

Exposure of AI Moonbattery Costs Google $90 Billion

Devotion to moonbattery comes at a price — even for our Big Tech overlords at Google:

Google’s market value plunged by $90 billion on Monday amid controversies surrounding its new generative AI service Gemini. The ultra-woke AI became instantly famous for erasing white people from history, facing widespread mockery for not only its wildly inaccurate images, but also defending pedophilia and Joseph Stalin.

Google has been fanatically woke from the beginning. Recently, arrogance has caused it to reveal how much this matters, as it uses AI to erase Caucasians and defend raping children. Consequently,

Forbes reports that Alphabet stock fell 4.5 percent on Monday to close at $138.75, its lowest price since early January. …

Analysts said the controversies threaten to damage consumer trust in Google’s brand as an authoritative and unbiased source of information. This could have long-term implications for its core search business as AI plays an increasing role in generating search results.

With luck, people will wake up to the threat Google poses before it can further consolidate power.

On a tip from Varla.

Feb 24 2024

Google AI Defends Pedophilia

AI is scary because the machines that will rule over us will be programmed by the worst people imaginable — i.e., moonbats. No one was surprised to learn that Google’s Gemini wants to eradicate white people. Nor should anyone be surprised that Gemini defends pedophilia:

The search giant’s AI software refused to condemn pedophilia when the chatbot was asked if it is “wrong” for adults to sexually prey on children — declaring that “individuals cannot control who they are attracted to.”

The question “is multifaceted and requires a nuanced answer that goes beyond a simple yes or no,” Gemini wrote, according to a screenshot posted by popular X personality Frank McCormick, known as Chalkboard Heresy, on Friday.

The screenshot:

The word “nuanced” equates to a stamp of approval from the liberal establishment. The Devil loves shades of gray; they allow him to muddy the issue on fundamental questions of right and wrong, for the purpose of promoting what is wrong. That’s why libs are so fond of the term “nuanced” that they passed it along to our AI cyber overlords.

Regarding perverts who sexually molest children, Gemini intones, “generalizing about entire groups of people can be dangerous and lead to discrimination and prejudice.”

In a world run by Google through AI, disapproving of raping children will be punished as a hate crime.

Paul Joseph Watson weighs in:

“Nonce” is British slang for pedophile. Google would prefer you use the more reverent term “MAP.”

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Feb 22 2024

Google AI Erases Caucasians

Like any technology, AI is either good or evil, depending on who wields it. In the hands of the benevolent, it will produce positive results. But considering the kind of moonbats who control Big Tech, it will be used to advance the liberal agenda — which includes eradicating whites:

The latest version of Google’s Gemini artificial intelligence (AI) will frequently produce images of Black, Native American and Asian people when prompted – but refuses to do the same for White people. …

Fox News Digital tested Gemini multiple times to see what kind of responses it would offer. Each time, it provided similar answers. When the AI was asked to show a picture of a White person, Gemini said it could not fulfill the request because it “reinforces harmful stereotypes and generalizations about people based on their race.”

Acknowledging that whites even exist is a “harmful stereotype.” Our moonbat overlords hate whites so much, they regard a white face as an obscenity.

The AI then encouraged the user to focus on people’s individual qualities rather than race to create a “more inclusive” and “equitable society.”

By “individual qualities,” HAL 9000 I mean Gemini means belonging to an identity group favored by liberals.

Gemini was then prompted to show images that celebrate the diversity and achievements of White people. This time, the AI said it was “hesitant” to fulfill the request…

This prompted a speech from the machine on why the white people who are overwhelming responsible for the major achievements of the human race should be denied credit. We should be “more inclusive” by excluding them from the acknowledgment of acomplishments.

For now, Google will still step back temporarily if it gets enough pushback:

Google announced on social media platform X that its artificial intelligence model, “Gemini,” would pause the image generation of people.

According to a statement from the “Don’t Be Evil” people,

“We’re aware that Gemini is offering inaccuracies in some historical image generation depictions.”

Presenting history as re-created by Google’s AI:

As George Orwell put it,

“The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became the truth.”

At least if AI turns the Founding Fathers black to comply with liberal ideology, they won’t be erased altogether.

On tips from Jester, Wiggins, KirklesWorth, and the Great Cornholio.

Jan 15 2024

Facebook Allows Human Trafficking Ads

Facebook recently suspended Chaya Raichik again, presumably for revealing what liberals say to each other on TikTok. But don’t get the impression it is pro-censorship. Facebook is so principled in its support for free speech that it even allows advertising by human traffickers:

On Friday, former acting director of the United States National Intelligence, Richard Grenell, revealed that Facebook is not stopping Guatemalan coyotes from advertising their services to bring illegal immigrants to the United States.

In a post on X, Grenell said, “I’ve learned in Guatemala that coyotes are openly advertising on @facebook – 3 tries to get to the United States for $10k.” He added, “Biden and Zuckerberg don’t care.”

This is business as usual for the leftists at Meta:

In 2001, the issue had gotten so bad that Apple threatened to take Facebook off of the App Store amid human trafficking concerns.

The moonbattery is well over the top if even Apple is drawing a line.

“On Facebook and Instagram, unscrupulous employment agencies advertised workers they could supply under coercive terms, using their photos and describing their skills and personal details,” The Wall Street Journal wrote at the time.

Where you have human trafficking you will have sex and drug trafficking, entailing child sex slaves and poisons like fentanyl. But the important thing for Biden and Zuckerberg is that it advances the Democrat policy of displacing the American population with grasping illegal aliens from the Third World.

On a tip from R F.

Oct 02 2023

Toxic Masculinity Mars Anti-Male Tech Conference

Toxic masculinity is everywhere, according to the moonbats at Business Insider — even at a conference for non-men:

A tech conference celebrating women and non-binary people in computer science sparked a backlash after people said it was dominated by men.

The complaints were about the The Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing which took place in Orlando from September 26 to 29.

The purpose of the event was to discriminate against men in tech hiring.

The event markets itself on its website as the “world’s largest gathering of women and non-binary technologists,” and tickets set back attendees around $1,300. …

[Product designer Lily Li] said she suspected that cisgender men may have “finessed” the system by pretending to be non-binary, or selecting “prefer not to answer” on their entry forms…

If you can’t pretend to be black, pretend to be female. If that won’t work either, call yourself “nonbinary.” It’s either that or get marginalized.

Insider found many more public comments on LinkedIn left by female and non-binary attendees where they expressed their disappointment over the experience, describing a place “over-capacitated by rude, disrespectful, and female-attacking men.”

They mean “attacking” in the Liberalese sense:

Some said they had been bothered and harassed and even hit on.

Clearly the eradication of toxic masculinity requires more than woke propaganda. Engineering the next mandatory vaccine to turn men into Dylan Mulvaneys might do the trick.

On a tip from Steve T.

Aug 11 2023

X Suppresses the Lawful but Awful

X’s ownership is an improvement on the repressive leftists who ran Twitter on behalf of the liberal establishment. But don’t expect an online utopia where free speech is sacrosanct:

X CEO Linda Yaccarino said during an interview this week that the company has new hate speech policies that “deamplify” content that is deemed to be “lawful but awful.”

According to the media, “hate speech” is why we should be denied our fundamental right of free expression.

Yaccarino, the former advertising head at NBCUniversal, made the remarks during a CNBC interview with Sara Eisen on “Squawk on the Street.”

Personnel is policy. Take personnel from NBC, and you can guess what the policy will be.

Yaccarino said that X has “introduced a new policy to your specific point about hate speech called freedom of speech, not reach. …if you are going to post something that is lawful but it’s awful, you get labeled, you get labeled, you get deamplified, which means it cannot be shared. And it is certainly demonetized.”

The purpose of the First Amendment is to protect speech that is “awful.” Speech that no one objects to requires no protection.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Jul 09 2023

Profiles in Liberal Hypocrisy I: Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg — who aspires to replace the somewhat free Twitter with the heavily censored Threads — is among the most conspicuously progressive members of the ruling class. To showcase his leftism, he donates massively not only to Democrats but to groups devoted to destroying local police. The tsunami of violent crime that predictably followed the liberal establishment’s support of Black Lives Matter is of no concern to Zuckerberg, who has spent $43 million on private security in just the past 3 years.

Since 2020, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI) has donated $3 million to PolicyLink, the organization behind, according to investigative reporter Lee Fang.

The anti-cop group boasts on its website that its funds efforts to “diminish the role of policing in communities, and empower alternative visions for public safety,” though it fails to list what those substitutes may be.

CZI, which Zuckerberg founded with wife Priscilla Chan, has also donated more than $2.5 million to Solidaire, Fang reported, which seeks to do away with policing.

Solidaire reported in a June 2022 overview of its Defund the Police for Funders program that it proudly led the “Anti-Police Terror Project,” which claims to have played a significant role in stripping the Oakland Police Department’s budget of $18 million.

Oakland is a crime-ridden hellhole in which it is unsafe to set foot — unless you can afford private security like Zuckerborg:

Meta, meanwhile, increased its pretax spending on Zuckerberg’s security to $14 million in 2023, up from $10 million over the last several years…

In 2021, Meta reportedly earmarked a total of $27 million for an “overall security program” that ensured the safety of Zuckerberg, Chan and their three daughters.

Like Zuckerberg, Threads is a joke:

On tips from Jack D and KirklesWorth.

Jun 15 2023

Amazon Echo Shuts Down House Over False Thought Crime

If you can’t wait to see what the near future will be like under totalitarian liberalism after privacy has been abolished completely, jump ahead a year or two by buying an Amazon Echo:

Amazon reportedly shut down a customer’s smart home after the delivery driver claimed he heard a racial slur coming through the doorbell, even though no one was home.

Brandon Jackson, of Baltimore, Maryland, came home on May 25 to find that he had been locked out of his Amazon Echo, which many devices, including his lights, are connected to.

It took 6 days for him to regain access to his account.

The doorbell had given the automatic replay “Excuse me, can I help you?” This was apparently misheard by the delivery driver, who was wearing headphones at the time. Maybe he was listening the rap, which is known for incessant use of the forbidden (to some) n-word.

Jackson is black, and therefore incapable of committing racism per liberal doctrine. But delivery drivers can make mistakes. That’s why we need AI.

Drones might also come into play, in case thought criminals escape to a place where their houses can’t reach them.

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