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May 23 2020

Reagan: Get Government Out of the Way

There has never been a better time than during ChiCom virus hysteria and the tyrannical lockdowns inflicted in its name to remember these words of Ronald Reagan:

No wonder the liberal authoritarians at YouTube and Facebook have it in for PragerU. Keeping Ronald Reagan alive in our minds does not advance the agenda.

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May 23 2020

Mika Meltdown

Karens don’t come more irritating than MSDNC’s Mika Brzezinski. But she does have one redeeming quality; it is pleasant to laugh at her when she melts down.

Mark Dice yuks it up as Mika fumes that Trump won’t make a fool of himself by wearing a mask at all times and then demands that the President of the United States be banned from Twitter for picking on her hapless husband. Less hilarious is that her hostility to free speech is shared by her fellow liberals running Big Tech:

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May 22 2020

Twitch’s Safety Advisory Council Includes Guy Who Thinks He Is a Female Deer

Given the degree of censorship that has been imposed recently regarding dissident doctors and mainstream conservatives, it is interesting to see what kind of people Big Tech puts in charge of determining which thoughts may be expressed publicly. For an indication, we turn to the live streaming video service Twitch, run by a subsidiary of Amazon.

Via NewsBusters:

Steph “FerociouslySteph” Loehr who is listed as a “Professional Community Leader” with the Anti Defamation League (ADL) now serves as a member on Twitch’s Safety Advisory Council.

Loehr identifies as a deer.

Loehr was described on Twitch’s Safety Advisory Council as a person whose “fight for inclusivity includes creating a competitive team composed entirely of marginalized gamers, and vehemently opposing non inclusive mechanics such as voice chat.”

In utopia, talking will be forbidden because it in noninclusive. Everything will be forbidden that does not marginalize the “privileged” on behalf of the privileged “marginalized.” The latter group includes not only favored racial groups and sexual deviants but also people who think they are deer.

Video clips testify to Loehr’s mental state:

Loehr wore antlers while broadcasting and explained: “In my spare time, I go out to my yard, and I, and I prance around. And I eat grass.” While explaining this, Loehr mimed eating grass and described how “it helps me feel, like, in tune with my deer-self.”

Better not give in to the natural temptation to laugh at Loehr:

Loehr also warned in a clip that “I have power,” and that “there are some people that should be afraid of me. And that they are, because I represent moderation and diversity, and I’m gonna come for hurtful, harmful people. If you’re a really shitty person, I’m going to stand up against you. Period. And Twitch has endorsed me to do that.”

Those who do not revere his status as “otherkin” will be punished.

In addition to identifying as a deer, Loehr also identifies as transgender. Since he is referred to as “she” on the ADL website, he must be objectively male.

Loehr is described on the website not only as transgender but as “an advocate for authenticity.” He promotes authenticity by pretending to be female and a deer.

Too bad Silicon Valley types don’t identify as American. Then it wouldn’t be so scary that they really do have power.

Behold what moonbattery would reduce us to:

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May 18 2020

See the Michelle Malkin Video Retweeted by Trump and Censored by Twitter

The intolerance, authoritarianism, and overall thuggishness of the Left has reached such an extreme that Twitter censored a video of Michelle Malkin drawing attention to the intolerance, authoritarianism, and overall thuggishness of the Left — a video that was retweeted by the President of the USA.

Click the link in this tweet from the POTUS and you will see Michelle Malkin muzzled:

Twitter sure proved her point for her.

Time for some whack-a-mole, Twitter. Better get out the ban hammer, here’s her video again:

Considering how they abuse their power now, imagine how liberals will behave if they take the White House and Senate in the fall. If you have anything politically noncompliant to say, best to say it now while you can still avoid a prison term.

On a tip from Stormfax. Hat tip: Big League Politics.

May 14 2020

Facebook Contest: Create AI to Censor Wrongthink Memes

When utopia has been achieved, human censors won’t be necessary. Algorithms will identify incorrect thoughts and censor them for us. Only ideas that meet with the approval of our robot overlords will appear online. The moonbats running Facebook invite you to contribute to this marvelously harmonious disagreement-free world. Via Summit News:

Facebook has announced the launch of a “Hateful Memes Challenge” during which researchers will compete for a $100,000 prize pool by developing artificial intelligence that can successfully detect “hateful memes.” …

“In order for AI to become a more effective tool for detecting hate speech, it must be able to understand content the way people do: holistically,” writes Facebook. “When viewing a meme, for example, we don’t think about the words and photo independently of each other; we understand the combined meaning together. This is extremely challenging for machines, however, because it means they can’t just analyze the text and the image separately. They must combine these different modalities and understand how the meaning changes when they are presented together.”

In case you were wondering what they mean by “hateful,”

The hateful memes challenge arrives on the back of Facebook announcing its new “content oversight board,” a censorship council that includes anti-Trump leftist activist Pamela Karlan and Muslim Brotherhood supporter Tawakkol Karman.

Having a sense of humor gives countermoonbats a big advantage over leftists and their Muslim allies in the Meme War. Unsurprisingly, Democrats would like to ban memes altogether.

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Apr 29 2020

Google/YouTube’s Intolerable Silencing of COVID-19 Dissent

If there were any doubts that Google/YouTube does not operate in good faith, these were resolved when a video featuring frontline physicians Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi was taken down for questioning the necessity of draconian lockdowns in the name of COVID-19.

YouTube apparatchik Ivy Choi explains that the video was banned because “misinformation.”

It’s not that anyone at YouTube knows more about COVID-19 than Drs Erickson and Massihi, who have administered over 5,000 coronavirus tests. As noted earlier, CEO Susan Wojcicki has made the following proclamation:

“Anything that would go against World Health Organization recommendations would be a violation of our policy and so remove is another really important part of our policy.”

“Remove” refers to banning videos they don’t like, even those that have received over 5.46 million views.

Like Google/YouTube, the World Health Organization is ideologically driven. Specifically, it has served the interests of the Chinese Communist Party. Not long ago, the WHO was telling us that the Wuhan coronavirus is not communicable between people, that the ChiComs who did this to us did a fine job of handling the disease, and that masks are ineffective at controlling its spread — all of which were outrageous lies. But contradict the WHO and your videos may be banned.

Google/YouTube is a malevolent entity, hostile to free speech. The totalitarians who run it have stepped on a rake known as the Streisand effect. Now everyone wants to see the video.

Other versions can still be found on YouTube. Better yet, watch it on BitChute:

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Apr 27 2020

Atlantic Celebrates Death of Free Speech on Internet

Much of the damage being inflicted on our freedom in the name of the ChiCom virus is likely to be permanent. Authoritarianism’s eager lackeys in the liberal establishment media are loving it.

Via the Atlantic:

COVID-19 has emboldened American tech platforms to emerge from their defensive crouch. Before the pandemic, they were targets of public outrage over life under their dominion. Today, the platforms are proudly collaborating with one another, and following government guidance, to censor harmful information related to the coronavirus. And they are using their prodigious data-collection capacities, in coordination with federal and state governments, to improve contact tracing, quarantine enforcement, and other health measures.

“Health measures” is the new euphemism for tyranny.

We have already been moving toward the authoritarian Chinese model, not only to “flatten the curve” but to flatten free speech on the Internet:

Constitutional and cultural differences mean that the private sector, rather than the federal and state governments, currently takes the lead in these practices… But the trend toward greater surveillance and speech control here, and toward the growing involvement of government, is undeniable and likely inexorable.

In the great debate of the past two decades about freedom versus control of the network, China was largely right and the United States was largely wrong. Significant monitoring and speech control are inevitable components of a mature and flourishing internet, and governments must play a large role in these practices to ensure that the internet is compatible with a society’s norms and values.

Until recently, even progressives usually pretended to be in favor of freedom. They have made so much progress toward their goals that they are dropping this pretense.

Silicon Valley has already been squeezing Lady Liberty’s throat:

[M]ost of our online speech now occurs in closely monitored playpens where many tens of thousands of human censors review flagged content to ensure compliance with ever-lengthier and more detailed “community standards” (or some equivalent). More and more, this human monitoring and censorship is supported—or replaced—by sophisticated computer algorithms. The firms use these tools to define acceptable forms of speech and other content on their platforms, which in turn sets the effective boundaries for a great deal of speech in the U.S. public forum.

Coronavirus hysteria has thrown this encroachment on freedom into overdrive. For example,

Facebook relies on fact-checking organizations and “authorities” (from the World Health Organization to the governments of U.S. states) to ascertain which content to downgrade or remove.

The World Health Organization serves as a propaganda organ of the Chinese Communist Party (see here, here, and here). Neither are the authorities running some states (e.g., Michigan, Pennsylvania) the sort of people we want deciding what speech should be allowed.

People may think that when Kung Flu panic has subsided, we will get our free speech back.

But when the crisis is gone, there is no unregulated “normal” to return to. We live—and for several years, we have been living—in a world of serious and growing harms resulting from digital speech. Governments will not stop worrying about these harms. And private platforms will continue to expand their definition of offensive content, and will use algorithms to regulate it ever more closely. The general trend toward more speech control will not abate.

This is presented as a good thing, because Big Government and Silicon Valley have a shared duty to crush “weaponized speech.”

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Apr 23 2020

YouTube May Censor Anything Not in Compliance With Mendacious WHO

One thing we have learned from the Wuhan coronavirus crisis is that the UN’s World Health Organization is a tool of China’s communist government. As noted earlier,

The WHO was more interested in using the racism club to bully people into not blaming China than it was in containing the virus. The agency actually praised the communist regime’s unconscionable handling of the virus, which entailed using police state tactics to terrorize doctors who raised the alarm. Both the ChiComs and the WHO spread the lie that the disease could not be transmitted from person to person.

That lie has cost any number of lives.

Naturally, moonbats revere the WHO more than ever. Nancy Pelosi was enraged when Trump suspended its funding. Google subsidiary YouTube proclaims that information contradicting the mendacious WHO may be censored. Big League Politics quotes YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki:

“Anything that would go against World Health Organization recommendations would be a violation of our policy and so remove is another really important part of our policy.”

Presumably, Google has cleared this policy with the Chinese Communist Party.

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Apr 20 2020

Creative Coronavirus Masks

During Wuhan virus mania, face masks are mandatory in some locales, but not always available. So people improvise — often hilariously, as Mark Dice documents in the video below.

Unfortunately, we are getting more tyranny than laughs out of the Chinese virus, thanks not only to Big Government but also to Big Tech.

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Apr 15 2020

Google Censors Online Church Service

Forcing church into virtual reality by forbidding physical congregations — even when the congregants never get out of their cars — was only the first step. The second step has come down on the face of a church in Moscow, Idaho:

Google suspended Christ Church’s app from the Google Play store after accusing the pastors of a lack of sensitivity and/or capitalizing on the current coronavirus pandemic.

It must have been a sensitivity violation. Not even moonbats would have the gall to accuse others of capitalizing in light of what their side has been doing.

It’s believed Google was referring to Pastor Douglas Wilson’s short lessons on responding faithfully to the COVID-19 crisis, and Pastor Toby J. Sumpter’s sermon calling God’s people to humble repentance in the face of the pandemic.

Imagine an America where nothing can be said during a sermon that is not approved by Silicon Valley anti-Christian militants. We are almost there, thanks to Wuhan virus hysteria.

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Apr 13 2020

CNN Sics Big Tech Censors on COVID-19 Thought Criminals

Not all Wuhan-enabled tyranny is inflicted by government like the lunacy we have read about in Michigan and Mississippi. Coronavirus censorship is imposed by Big Tech social media platforms — at the behest of CNN. Mark Dice explains:

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Apr 02 2020

Embarrassing About-Face on Hydroxychloroquine

Hydroxychloroquine must be bad, because Trump said it is good. The media proved it by showcasing the Darwin Awards case of the couple who ate fish tank cleaner because it contains chloroquine phosphate. Problem is, the Wuhan coronavirus is serious business, and dealing with it is more important than wallowing in TDS. This has put Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer in an awkward position:

Last week, Whitmer sent a letter warning physicians and pharmacists of punishments for the prescribing of hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine despite a major study recommending “COVID-19 patients be treated with hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin to cure their infection and to limit the transmission of the virus to other people in order to curb the spread of COVID-19 in the world.”

Doctors were threatened with “administrative action,” which apparently could entail having their licenses revoked.

Four days later, Whitmer is now begging the feds to send her hydroxychloroquine.

Saving lives has taken precedence over shouting, “Orange man bad.” Better late than never.

Let’s see if Silicon Valley follows suit with similar about-faces. Twitter forced Laura Ingraham to delete a tweet extolling the potential of hydroxychloroquine. Facebook censored Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, deleting a post for saying that “hydroxychloroquine is working in all places.”

The FDA issued an emergency authorization of the use of hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine for COVID-19 on Sunday. If it were Obama rather than Trump who had touted the drug, the media would be hyping it to the skies.

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Feb 16 2020

YouTube Deplatforms Nick Fuentes

This will come as no surprise to anyone who is familiar with Nick Fuentes and with Google/YouTube’s contempt for free speech:

YouTube has terminated Nick Fuentes’ YouTube channel for “multiple or severe violations of YouTube’s policy prohibiting hate speech.”

The channel had over 76,000 subscribers when it was removed…

Fuentes’ message and tactics have limited appeal, but like the rest of us, he has a right to his point of view. His America First movement has played a valuable role in reminding conservatives not to take the easy path by succumbing to a wishy-washy moderate mentality that at best slows down progressives rather than stopping them and reversing their gains.

If no one is willing to risk getting branded as a thought criminal, we are left with “Conservative Inc” — i.e., a controlled opposition that is a wholly owned subsidiary of the liberal establishment, and that serves to enforce the limits of permissible thought, as dictated by the high priests of political correctness.

Google/YouTube is a private company that theoretically exists to make a profit. It does not profit by first demonetizing and now banning a channel with 76,000 subscribers. However, like Hollywood, Google is about leftist ideology first, profits afterward.

The Iconoclast is not happy:

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Dec 16 2019

How Silicon Valley Marginalizes a Global Warming Skeptic

The leftist ideologues running Google and Twitter do not want people listening to Tony Heller of Real Climate Science as he debunks the global warming hoax. They have ways of marginalizing countermoonbats:

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