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Apr 20 2021

Babylon Bee CEO Threatened With Instagram Ban Hammer

It doesn’t take much for Big Tech to take out the ban hammer — especially when it comes to sources of information and opinion that pose an ideological threat to the liberal establishment. The Babylon Bee hits progressives where they are most vulnerable by laughing at their absurdity. That puts CEO Seth Dillon in the crosshairs:

Pointing out that it is nuts to walk around outside wearing a Covid mask now warrants cancelation.

Depending on your perceived threat level, you might also get hit with the ban hammer for noticing that Black Lives Matter founder Patrisse Cullors has been spending her ill-gotten fortunes on pricey real estate (see here, here, and here). Via Jonathan Turley:

The professed Marxist received considerable criticism for the purchase, including from Jason Whitlock, an African-America sports critic who has also been a critic of BLM. When Whitlock called out Khan-Cullors, Twitter promptly censored the tweet — leaving a notice that it was “no longer available.”

Good thing Dillon is on Gab and Parler. His Twitter account might be shut down at any time.

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Apr 17 2021

John Stossel: Let Steven Crowder Speak

Steven Crowder has hit his stride, amassing a huge audience with his humor-infused brand of countermoonbattery, which includes legitimate journalism of the type the MSM often avoids. Fellow truthteller John Stossel was a major influence.

We know Crowder is hitting home because the leftist Big Tech thought police have been trying to silence him. He has earned a distinction far more honorable than the Pulitzer Prize by getting demonetized by YouTube.

Stossel defends Crowder against the information gatekeepers:

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Apr 15 2021

“Consensus” Becomes a Scary Word

Under leftist rule, harmless things are given scary names. For example, weather is called “the climate emergency.” Correspondingly, innocuous terms are used to describe dangerous concepts. An example is the word “consensus.”

Jay Bhattacharya is a professor at Stanford Medical School. Last month, he attended a public policy roundtable hosted by Ron DeSantis. What happened next illustrates what “consensus” has come to mean.

Bhattacharya writes in the Wall Street Journal:

The point was to discuss the state’s Covid policies in the months ahead. That 600,000 Americans have died with Covid-19 is evidence that the lockdowns over the past year, including significant restrictions on the lives of children, haven’t worked. Florida reopened in May and declined to shut down again. Yet age-adjusted mortality is lower in Florida than in locked-down California, and Florida’s public schools are almost all open, while California’s aren’t.

My fellow panelists—Sunetra Gupta of Oxford, Martin Kulldorff of Harvard and Scott Atlas of Stanford—and I discussed a variety of topics. One was the wisdom of requiring children to wear masks. The press asked questions, and a video of the event was posted on YouTube by local media, including Tampa’s WTSP.

But last week YouTube removed a recording of this routine policy discussion from its website. The company claimed my fellow panel members and I were trafficking in misinformation. The company said it removed the video “because it included content that contradicts the consensus of local and global health authorities regarding the efficacy of masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19.”

Everyone at the panel agreed that making little kids wear masks is a bad idea. Yet there is a “consensus”; all scientists agree that children must wear masks until Dr Fauci says otherwise.

It doesn’t matter how many experts disagree with the “consensus.” An opinion is a consensus if it is the one you must hold if you don’t want to get censored by Big Tech on behalf of the liberal establishment.

The antonym of “consensus” is “misinformation” — i.e., information the liberal establishment wants suppressed. These words will be used constantly to bully, suppress, dupe, and manipulate as the media throws its weight behind the global warming hoax on behalf of the Party of Government.

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Mar 12 2021

Did Zuckerberg Buy Wisconsin for Biden?

For Democrats, the great thing about the Capitol Riot is not so much that it allowed them to demonize their opposition and place DC under military occupation, as that it put all discussion of election fraud beyond the pale. Anyone who has dared raise the issue is lumped in with the Buffalo Guy and denounced as an insurrectionist who belongs behind bars. Nonetheless, the 2020 election was riddled with irregularities, some of which were financed by the same Big Tech oligarchs who suppressed speech that would have undermined Biden’s prospects.

Zillionaire leftist Mark Zuckerberg could be emerging as the next George Soros. Last year, he passed out hundreds of $millions to “protect American elections.” To “protect” in this context means to ensure Democrats win. What Facebook’s “fact checkers” are to objective reality, a “fair election” group funded by Zuckerberg is to election integrity.

Money buys power. The Daily Signal reports on how some of Zuckerberg’s power was applied in Wisconsin, where Biden officially won by a whisker, 49.6% to 48.9%.

In the city of Green Bay, which received a total of $1.6 million in grant funding from the Zuckerberg-funded Center for Tech and Civic Life, a “grant mentor” who has worked for several Democratic Party candidates, was given access to boxes of absentee ballots before the election.

Despite the liberal establishment’s pointed disinterest in this topic, emails have surfaced revealing that the election was compromised.

The emails show Green Bay’s highly partisan Mayor Eric Genrich, a Democrat, and his staff usurping City Clerk Kris Teske’s authority and letting the Zuckerberg-funded “grant team” take over—a clear violation of Wisconsin election statutes, say election law experts.

According to state law, municipal clerks administer elections. However, having been marginalized by the mayor’s office, Teske ended up stepping down, effectively leaving the election in the hands of Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein, Wisconsin state leader for the National Vote at Home Institute.

Spitzer-Rubenstein, who was tapped as point man for his organization’s efforts in Wisconsin, has a history of working for Democratic campaigns, according to his resume. In 2012, he interned for Melissa Mark-Viverito, a “fiercely liberal” Democrat and former speaker of the New York City Council.

Spitzer-Rubenstein sought to assist Green Bay elections officials correct or “cure” absentee ballots returned to the city clerk.

You can imagine what “cure” might mean in this context.

Spitzer-Rubenstein was given the keys to the room where the absentee ballots were stored. … The city of Green Bay literally gave the keys to the election to a Democratic Party operative from New York.

Green Bay is merely one example among many.

In July, the Center for Tech and Civic Life announced it was awarding grants totaling $6.3 million to the state’s five largest cities. Green Bay received nearly $1.1 million, and then picked up another half-million dollars in a supplemental grant.

This is a drop in the bucket to a plutocrat like Zuckerberg.

The grants were thanks to the $250 million “gift” from the CEO of Facebook, the social network giant that has silenced conservative speech. Zuckerberg would drop another $100 million on his “safe elections” agenda before the pivotal November presidential election.

As a Founding Father of progressivism observed,

“It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”

If the Democrats manage to push HR1 across the finish line, the USA has had its last free and fair election. Then every election can be decided by liberal oligarchs like Zuckerberg behind the scenes before a vote is ever cast.

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Mar 12 2021

Twitter: No Objecting to Projecting Perversion Onto Children

Mind you don’t voice disapproval of the statement attributed to transsexual activist Alok Vaid-Menon, in the context of guys like himself invading female private facilities, that “Little girls are also kinky. Your kids aren’t as straight and narrow as you think.” This could get you banned from Twitter like Lauren Witzke:

Witzke, the Republican 2020 candidate for a U.S. Senate seat in Delaware, has been blacklisted by Twitter after she denounced comments attributed to a transgender activist that called little girls “kinky.”

The ban, which appears to be permanent, was prompted by Witzke calling the statement “demonic.”

Twitter has confirmed that the ban is permanent. Calling a demonic statement “demonic” is considered “hateful conduct” by the demons running Big Tech.

Twitter claims to have a “zero tolerance” policy against … “any material that features or promotes child sexual exploitation.” Yet it banned Witzke, a former candidate for the U.S. Senate, for condemning exactly that.

Soon we will reach the point where the ruling class can dispense with pretense on this topic. Then anyone who doesn’t approve of pedophilia will be canceled as a pedophobe.

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Feb 19 2021

Facebook to Amp Up Global Warming Thought Control

The election is over, but that does not mean Big Tech will scale down the thought control that it used so ham-fistedly to help Biden’s handlers into power. The next crisis to serve as a pretext to impose authoritarianism will be the global warming hoax. A statement released yesterday confirms that Facebook stands ready to do its part:

The statement reveals that the company has created a climate change “mythbusting section” and will be adding “informational labels” to some climate change-related posts made by users in the U.K., with plans to expand this policy to additional countries.

The USA is bound to be among them.

“We’re also starting to add informational labels to some posts on climate in the UK that direct people to the center, and we plan to expand to more countries soon,” the press release claims.

The idea is to discredit and suppress “misinformation” — i.e., facts and opinions that challenge the liberal establishment’s narrative.

Users of the enormous social media platform living in various countries are already directed to the Climate Science Information Center whenever they search for climate-related terms, and Facebook plans to direct even more users to the UN Environment Programme, according to plans expressed in the statement.

Because we can always trust UN globalists to tell us what it is in our best interests to believe.

Good thing YouTube hasn’t banned Tony Heller yet. Here he speaks truth to moonbattery regarding the conspicuous failure of green energy in Texas that has people freezing in the dark:

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Jan 31 2021

Global Tax to Hit Big Tech

Looks like Silicon Valley is about to get what it has coming for its major role in installing America Last in the White House:

Silicon Valley tech firms look increasingly likely to face new global tax laws this year, as the change in the White House fuels optimism among European officials that an agreement will soon be reached. …

“I’m really confident that we’ll get an agreement,” [German Finance Minister Olaf Scholz] said, just one day after speaking to new U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen via telephone.

Yellen may not defend the interests of American companies, but she is female, and that’s the important thing, as the Regime reminds us.

Pulling this with Trump in charge would have resulted in retaliatory taxes on European imports. However, defending American interests has been rejected in favor of globalism.

French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire has also welcomed the support of President Joe Biden’s administration over the proposed global tax. Speaking at a Davos Agenda panel on Monday he said he believed a multilateral agreement could come into force as soon as this spring.

The globalist elite of Davos must love Biden and his handlers. But then, maybe they are his handlers.

It is delightful to watch Big Tech moonbats get whacked in the face by the handle of the rake they stepped on. These fools secured Biden’s election by ham-fistedly suppressing information regarding his corrupt ties to communist China that likely would have caused his defeat. Unfortunately, once global taxes get going, they won’t stop until equity has been achieved between the USA and the poorest hellhole on the planet.

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Jan 29 2021

Purging Biden Dislikes From YouTube

Google’s YouTube, which made an explicit policy of censoring any COVID-19 information that contradicted the ChiComdominated World Health Organization, continues to serve in the information warfare Praetorian Guard of the globalist Left.

We are told by our rulers that the corrupt and demented mediocrity Joe Biden is the most popular president ever. YouTube statistics tell a different story, so they are altered.

Zoe Phin wrote a script to check YouTube stats every 80 seconds. She then charted the views, likes, and dislikes. The results are striking.

Near Death Experiment pulls back the curtain to reveal just how unpopular Beijing Biden is among YouTube viewers, less than 2 weeks into his misbegotten administration:

On tips from Mr. Freemarket. Hat tips: American Thinker, JoNova.

Jan 25 2021

Big Government Follows Through on Big Tech Parler Attack

Even now, some fall for the argument that political censorship is okay so long as it imposed not by the government, but by a cartel of private companies. However, once it gains a foothold through public acceptance, authoritarianism won’t stay private for long.

The liberal establishment wants to destroy Parler for offering an alternative to leftist controlled, politically weaponized Twitter. Google and Apple inflicted damage by suppressing Parler’s app, then Amazon took it completely offline through its dominance of web services. But these broken kneecaps do not satisfy the totalitarian thugs comprising the Democrat Party. They want the power to destroy alternative voices directly, rather than through Big Tech cat’s paws. That’s why we read this:

Carolyn Maloney, the top Democrat on the House Oversight Committee, is asking the FBI to conduct a “robust examination” of the role social media site Parler played in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, specifically whether the platform was a “potential facilitator” of planning or inciting the violence.

There is no reason to believe Parler played as large a role in planning the Capitol Riot as Facebook and Twitter. But Facebook and Twitter are solidly on the Democrat team.

Maloney, D-N.Y., in a letter to the FBI Thursday, requested that the FBI review whether Parler facilitated planning and questioned whether it is “a potential conduit for foreign governments who may be financing civil unrest in the United States.”

The gradual conversion of the FBI into a KGB-like tool of the Democrat Party got underway under Obama. Under the rule of the unprincipled Biden and his radicalized party, it will now go into overdrive.

As we saw when Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton absurdly accused Trump of plotting with Putin to plan the Capitol Riot, the debunking of the Russian collusion hoax has not put an end to the Democrat tactic of accusing everyone they want to destroy of conspiring with the increasingly irrelevant Russians.

In her letter, Maloney went on to point to questions raised about “Parler’s financing and its ties to Russia.”

Whether Parler has meaningful ties to the Russian government is doubtful. Merely to get the idea out there is helpful to Democrats, so that people who are not paying attention will be left with the general impression that Parler schemed with Putin to attack the Capitol so of course it had to be crushed.

Maloney even went so far as to try to link Parler to Hamas through DDos-Guard, the Russian company Parler turned to for help getting back online after Amazon kicked it off the Internet for not being part of the Left-Wing Elite club. We no longer live in a country where a company associated with dissidents can easily find a web host.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Jan 14 2021

Big Tech Knows When You Are Ovulating

The impending merger of Big Tech and Big Government could produce a level of totalitarian repression never seen before, because Big Tech knows all there is to know about you, and I do mean everything:

The Federal Trade Commission reached a settlement with Flo Health Inc., the developer of a widely used period and fertility-tracking app, over allegations that it improperly shared personal data with Facebook and others, including whether users were ovulating.

The data shared by Flo Health often allowed online ads to be targeted to those users, despite Flo Health’s promises that the information would be kept private, The Wall Street Journal found in a 2019 article.

Facebook was instrumental in getting Biden elected, helping to suppress bombshell revelations regarding his influence peddling that might have sunk his campaign. Do not expect the Federal Trade Commission under a Biden Administration to give Zuckerberg and friends any grief, so long as they continue to play ball for the team.

Facebook collected Flo Health data even when the end user had no Facebook account. Data was also provided to Google. Once any information is online, you can assume the aggressively intolerant liberal establishment has access to it.

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Jan 13 2021

Big Tech Censors Censored

The left-wing apparatchiks at Twitter and Facebook adore censorship, so long as they are the ones doing the censoring. The shoe is less comfortable when it’s on the other foot.

The Federalist reports:

The president of Uganda temporarily banned Facebook and Twitter from the country this week in the final hours leading up to elections on Thursday, arguing the platforms engaged in unfair censorship to prop up the opposition candidate.

Museveni must have seen what happened in the USA last November. Heavy-handed interference by Silicon Valley was likely the deciding factor in the outcome.

Swallow whatever you might be drinking before reading the following tweet, or it will end up across your screen:

This was sent during a massive purge, during which Twitter has shut down thousands upon thousands of conservative accounts. The Moonbattery Twitter page has lost over 11,000 followers over the past week.

Here’s another gem:

True enough. Twitter locked the account of the New York Post right before the 2020 election, so as to prevent people from reading a bombshell story related to Biden’s influence peddling to our communist Chinese enemies. Facebook also limited sharing this crucially important story.

After arrogance, intolerance, and sanctimoniousness, absolute lack of self-awareness may be the most conspicuous characteristic of our moonbat ruling class.

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Jan 13 2021

Hunting Down Trump Supporters

In the aftermath of the Capitol debacle, it is time for the liberal establishment to hunt down Trump supporters.

Even the US Fish and Wildlife Service is taking part:

A manatee was found with the word “TRUMP” scrawled on its back in a Florida swimming hole, prompting an investigation from the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, reports said Monday.

The defenseless animal was spotted with the political inscription over the weekend in the Blue Hole headwaters of the Homosassa River in Citrus County — about 80 miles northwest of Orlando, the Citrus County Chronicle reported.

What kind of fiend would do something like this to a defenseless animal that for all we know votes Democrat?

Alert citizens promptly made this a federal case:

Witnesses reported the animal to federal authorities, the outlet said.

Punishment could be severe:

[Senior federal wildlife officer Craig] Cavana said harassment of manatees, which are protected by the Endangered Species Act, is a Class A federal crime that carried a $50,000 fine and/or up to a year in federal prison, the outlet reported.

In a more serious development,

A Philadelphia police detective is being investigated for allegedly attending the “Stop the Steal” rally ahead of Wednesday’s deadly US Capitol riot, department officials said.

Detective Jennifer Gugger … was removed from her role Saturday after internal affairs investigators received Facebook posts indicating her presence at the protest, department sources told the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Fair enough, if Gugger is suspected of taking part in the illegal antics inside the Capitol. However,

The tip didn’t include evidence that Gugger was inside the Capitol or took part in the ensuing violence that led to five deaths, the newspaper reported.

How would liberals like it if people who took part in the George Floyd protests were subjected to investigations, even if there was no indication of involvement in actual rioting? The screeching about civil rights would be deafening.

Cops didn’t need to attend the protest to get in hot water. A mere endorsement could be enough:

The Oakland Police Department has opened an investigation into allegations that its officers endorsed or participated on social media accounts that contain objectionable content about the violent riot at the U.S. Capitol.

“Whether on or off duty, employees of OPD are prohibited from affiliating with subversive groups, and they are prohibited from doing anything that brings disrepute to the Department and erodes the public’s trust,” the department said in a statement Friday.

That policy is only as reasonable as its application. Reasonableness is in short supply lately, particularly in the Bay Area. In the current climate, this could be abused to drive off the force anyone discovered to have political views that deviate from the left–liberal line.

The specific infraction inspiring the Oakland investigation is liking a Facebook post about storming the Capitol by a former officer who left the force 6 years ago.

The coming merger of Big Tech and Big Government will make these investigations a cinch. No doubt Silicon Valley stands ready to provide long lists of thought criminals. There isn’t much that Google/Amazon/Facebook/Twitter/Apple doesn’t know about anyone.

On tips from Wiggins.

Jan 12 2021

The Purge Continues

Dark times have begun. Progressives are so certain that total power is within reach that they don’t even pretend to be the good guys anymore. They are launching total war against anyone suspected of not conforming to their ideology, using tyrannical means to marginalize and silence dissidents.

Facebook and Twitter continue to escalate the repression. Airbnb, Forbes magazine, and even banks are piling on. The liberal establishment wants to make it infeasible not to be a moonbat.

Mark Dice brings us up to date on the alarming state of free speech:

As Dice observes, “As bad as you think things are going to get, they are going to get even worse.”

Biden’s handlers have not taken power yet. When they do, the merger of Big Tech and Big Government can properly commence. The result will be a new form of totalitarianism, unprecedented in its intrusiveness.

On a tip from KirklesWorth.

Jan 11 2021

Big Tech Merges With Big Government

The Big Tech cartel already owns the means of public discourse, and aggressively exploits this leverage to suppress alternative viewpoints. But we won’t see true tyranny until it merges with the federal government under Democrat rule.

The Daily Caller reports:

At least 14 people who President-elect Joe Biden has picked to serve either in his administration or to advise his transition have worked for the Big Tech firms that cracked down earlier this week on President Donald Trump and a social media site popular with conservatives.

The POTUS has been permanently banned from Twitter, his primary means of circumventing the vociferously hostile media to reach the public. Amazon has forced Parler off the Internet, after Apple and Google censored its app.

Apple’s top lobbyist was a chief adviser to the Biden transition team. A former Facebook executive will serve as staff director in the Biden White House, and a former Twitter executive will serve as chief spokesperson for the National Security Council under Biden.

Current and former executives at those firms and two others, Google and Amazon, fill out other positions in the incoming Biden administration, or his transition team. …

Executives from the big tech firms have also joined Biden’s transition to help review nominees to fill spots at federal agencies in the Biden administration, according to a database maintained by the Biden-Harris team.

Big Tech likely can veto important nominations. It has moved deliberately to solidify its de facto power over us by getting its hands on the coercive power of Big Government:

Reuters reported last month that major tech firms like Amazon, Facebook and Google were lobbying the Biden transition team to place executives in various administration roles.

According to Reuters, the executives were seeking positions in the Commerce, State and Defense Departments, as well as the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative and the Office of Information & Regulatory Affairs.

The writing on the wall is as starkly threatening as BLM/Antifa graffiti:

While many Republicans have criticized Trump and his mob of supporters over the Capitol riots, the social media purge has stoked concerns that the major tech companies have too much control over communications platforms.

Don’t expect any more mercy than Parler got when the leftist ideologues who run Google/Amazon/Apple/Facebook/Twitter have the full force of the US government at their disposal.

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