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Jul 21 2024

Major Fire at First Baptist Dallas

They say war is politics by other means. The same may go for this:

A raging fire tore through a historic Texas megachurch Friday night, collapsing its red-brick chapel built in 1890.

The blaze began just after 6 p.m. in First Baptist Dallas’ secondary chapel known as the Historic Sanctuary, which is tucked between the church’s larger worship centers.

By the grace of God, no one was injured.

A week of vacation bible school for 2,000 kids ages 3 to 12 had just concluded earlier in the day.

Here’s what might have rendered the church highly combustible:

[Pastor Robert] Jeffress is a major evangelical support of former President Donald Trump, having joined his Evangelical Advisory Board and the White House Faith Initiative in 2016, PJ Media reported.

As Ian Fleming would say,

“Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action.”

Given the widespread arson and vandalism directed at American churches following the repeal of Roe v. Wade and the epidemic of church burnings in Canada inspired by a hate hoax, we are well past three times.

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Jul 10 2024

Satanists Want to Be School Counselors

The Republican Party is often associated with Christianity, for example, by moonbats who sputter venomously about “christofascists,” the “religious right,” and “Christian nationalists.” What religion do you suppose could be associated with Democrats? Here’s a hint:

Florida Satanists are volunteering to fill school counselor roles after Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) signed a law allowing religious chaplains into public schools amid staffing shortages.

If gay marriage is the equivalent of holy matrimony, then devil-worshipers are the equivalent of chaplains.

Back when DeSantis signed the bill in April, he described Satanism as “not a religion” and said its members would not be allowed to participate in the program.

But Lucien Greaves of The Satanic Temple says it is so a religion, protected by the First Amendment.

Maybe I could get out of paying taxes by declaring countermoonbattery to be a religion.

The Florida move allowing chaplains to serve as public school counselors comes as more states are aiming to inject Christianity into public school environments, including by mandating that the Bible or Ten Commandments be taught in classrooms.

The idea of presumably using the courts to impose satanic school counselors is to counter this encouraging trend on behalf of the Democrat base.

Considering the transsexualization of children that occurs in public schools, there may be some satanic counselors already.

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Jul 07 2024

Coeur d’Alene Shows How to Respond to Tyranny

California moonbats must be colonizing Idaho the way they did Oregon and Washington. In Coeur d’Alene, local bureaurats banned the Cross:

Coeur d’Alene Chamber of Commerce recently changed their policies to prohibit religious symbols and flags in their annual 4th of July parade.

Liberals quickly seize control of local government, driven by their compulsion to boss other people around. But the native population has not yet been displaced:

Not being Christian is no excuse for not carrying a cross if liberals tell you that you can’t.

Hostility to the religion that has served as the backbone of Western Civilization for 2,000 years is not limited to the termites who have seized control of Coeur d’Alene. The rot reaches to the top of the federal government. In the official tweet below, the Biden Regime attempts to scare its base into voting by warning that Christians might hamper the killing of inconvenient babies. The symbolism underscores that the Democratic Party is not merely wrong but evil:

Nothing is more ominous to a moonbat than the Cross. It works on them the same way it does on vampires in horror movies and for the same reason.

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Jun 05 2024

Praying Rosary Forbidden in Spain

When the government commands people not to pray, there is a problem. From Spain:

Pedro Sanchez’s government has told the organisers of the daily Rosary in Madrid that they will not be allowed to gather in the city on June 8th of June 9th due to a ‘day of reflection’ and the election day.

It comes after already fining its leader thousands for praying in public.

Praying the rosary was banned outside Sanchez’s commie HQ last fall. The context was opposition to amnesty for Catalan separatist coup plotters.

To the north, a British subject was recently fined for allegedly praying silently. The context there was opposition to abortion.

Contexts will come and go; criminalization of Christianity will remain, so long as leftists have the whip hand.

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May 31 2024

Episcopal Church Replaces St. George With LGBTism

After a church has been infiltrated and subverted, it no longer exists to worship God but on the contrary to worship sin. The Episcopal Church has made this explicit:

From the Office of Public Affairs:

In affirmation and celebration of The Episcopal Church’s LGBTQ+ members, the Office of Communication is pleased to unveil a new Pride shield available online for churchwide use.

It is not LGBTetc members that are being celebrated, or the church would help them redeem themselves. It is their behavior. Church members are called upon to revere a symbol for sexual perversion in place of the Cross.

The social engineers are at war with both Christianity and Western history. They removed the Cross of Saint George that was the main feature of the original shield logo. Not the Bee is not pleased:


Saint George has been vaporized.

On tips from Franco and ABC of the ANC. Hat tip: Not the Bee.

May 26 2024

Fined for Silent Thoughtcrime in UK

Under absolute tyranny, thoughtcrime is literally crime — even if it goes unexpressed. From formerly great Britain:

Sebastian Vaughan-Spruce, a 44-year-old landscape gardener and pro-life activist, was fined on May 16 in Birmingham, England over suspicion of his silent thoughts in violation of the “buffer zone” regulations enforced by local authorities…

He carried no sign and remained completely silent until approached by officers, in which he clarified he was not praying silently in his head.

Yes, but can he prove he wasn’t praying silently?

When he asked officers what his alleged crime was, they asked him to move elsewhere.

Vaughan-Spruce knows perfectly well what his ongoing crime is:

“Others were present there at the same time, yet I was singled out because of the beliefs I happen to hold,” he said.

Being known to respect the sanctity of innocent human life makes him subject to a PSPO:

The so-called “buffer zones” are part of a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) implemented by Birmingham authorities, which criminalizes individuals perceived to be “engaging in any act of approval or disapproval or attempted act of approval or disapproval” in relation to abortion, including through “verbal or written means, prayer or counseling,” the press release states.

But if you want to shriek at the top of your lungs in support of Hamas terrorists, have at it.

He isn’t the first Vaughan-Spruce to run afoul of the Thought Police:

After a six-month investigation, police in England decided not to bring charges against Isabel Vaughan-Spruce, the director of the UK March for Life and sister of Sebastian Vaughan-Spruce. Ms. Vaughan-Spruce had told police she “might” be praying silently when they asked why she was standing on a public street near an abortion facility that was included in a PSPO.

It isn’t necessary to follow through on charges and find thought criminals guilty. The process is the punishment.

To ensure that authorities do not suspect you of forbidden thoughts, it would be prudent to loudly advocate abortion, sexual depravity, mass Third World immigration, and the rest of the leftist agenda at every opportunity.

Soft tyranny is still tyranny.

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May 26 2024

Court Forces Christian Institutions to Fund Abortion

Although the greatest threat to Christianity is subversion from within, its enemies still lay siege to it from without. For example:

New York’s highest court ruled on May 21 that it would uphold legislation requiring insurance companies to cover abortions.

This forces anyone providing health insurance to pay to snuff out innocent life in accordance with the proclivities of the morally depraved ruling class — including those who regard it as a grave moral sin.

The Diocese of Albany plans to appeal to the US Supreme Court:

The Diocese argued that “regulatory action by the state to require religious organizations to provide and pay for coverage of abortion in their employee health plans” is “unconstitutional” and “involves government entanglement in the fundamental rights of free exercise of faith and conscience.”

The effect of the ruling is to coerce the Church to abandon its own credibility by participating in sin that it explicitly condemns. Leftist-infested courts may as well issue a decree that priests must publicly praise Satan.

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May 26 2024

Catholic School Students Asked to Pose Naked for Hamas

Christians are told they should abandon scripture in favor of liberalism because “tolerance,” as if tolerance were inherently good. But tolerance comes at the expense of standards. Too much of it and you end up with this:

Martin Gardey de Soos, a teacher at a private Catholic secondary school in Drôme [France], is under investigation for ‘attempted seduction of minors’ for allegedly asking his pupils to pose naked ‘against the war in Palestine’.

He allegedly encouraged students to post their naked pictures on social media. How this was supposed to help Hamas is unclear. He describes himself as a “devout Catholic, comedian and pacifist.”

No doubt “Brother” Christian Matson would also describe herself as a devout Catholic. Then again, she also describes herself as a man.

May 26 2024

Transgender Pseudomonk

There is to be no Christianity in leftist utopia. Joseph Stalin attempted to do away with it by condemning the devout to die of starvation or exposure in gulags. Many priests and nuns were shot outright. Stalin’s ideological heirs have adopted a more effective approach: infiltrate, subvert, corrupt. If this insidious strategy succeeds, Christianity will be eradicated by hollowing it out and replacing its contents with its diametric opposite. For example:

Catholic hermit Brother Christian Matson of the Diocese of Lexington in Kentucky publicly announced [last] Sunday that he [sic] was transgender.

The 39-year-old Benedictine oblate believes he [sic] is “the first openly transgender person in his [sic] position in the Catholic Church,” according to Religion News Service (RNS).

Matson is a woman transmogrified into a facsimile of a man. She says she “transitioned” in 2006 and started pretending to be Catholic in 2010. Posing as a member of the opposite sex is not compatible with the Christian faith.

Matson took his vows to be a diocesan hermit in 2022 under Bishop John Stowe of the Diocese of Lexington in Kentucky. Stowe notably calls for more tolerance of LGBT people among Catholics…

This is not about tolerance. It is about infiltration, subversion, corruption, and eradication. Whether that is the conscious intent is irrelevant.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

May 05 2024

Rising Tide of Traditionalism Among US Catholics

Meanwhile, as the liberal establishmentarians staffing the hierarchy blasphemously subvert churches in the interest of moonbattery, the faithful are turning in the opposite direction:

Across the U.S., the Catholic Church is undergoing an immense shift. Generations of Catholics who embraced the modernizing tide sparked in the 1960s by Vatican II are increasingly giving way to religious conservatives who believe the church has been twisted by change, with the promise of eternal salvation replaced by guitar Masses, parish food pantries and casual indifference to church doctrine.

The shift, molded by plummeting church attendance, increasingly traditional priests and growing numbers of young Catholics searching for more orthodoxy, has reshaped parishes across the country, leaving them sometimes at odds with Pope Francis and much of the Catholic world.

Mind this is coming from the leftists at Associated Press.

Despite their growing influence, conservative Catholics remain a minority.

Yet the changes they have brought are impossible to miss. …

Younger priests, surveys show, are far more conservative.

Liberal corrosion has driven down church attendance, leaving only the most devout and laying the groundwork for a backlash against moonbattery.

The days of Catholics tolerating subversion by progressives like Jorge Mario Bergoglio and the blasphemy of blood-drenched pro-abortion militants like Biden and Pelosi being permitted to take communion may be numbered. A church that has lasted 2,000 years can outlast pernicious fads like liberalism.

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May 03 2024

United Methodist Church Rejects Christianity

It’s official; the United Methodist Church is no longer Christian. It has been absorbed into the cult of our degenerate ruling class. Consequently, church members are now expected to worship moonbattery:

The United Methodist Church, one of the largest Protestant denominations in the U.S., has voted to repeal its ban on LGBTQ clergy as well as prohibitions on its ministers from officiating at same-sex weddings.

Homosexuality is strictly proscribed throughout both Testaments. Embracing not repentant sinners but sin itself is an explicit rejection of Christianity. Sanctifying sin through the clergy and wedding ceremonies goes farther. It is blasphemy.

There was no floor debate. Those who would have put up a fight have already walked out:

[I]n the years leading up to this General Conference, about one-quarter of United Methodist congregations in the U-S left the denomination.

Those who don’t leave now have a higher authority to answer to than the kooks who have desecrated and destroyed their church.

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Apr 26 2024

Prayer to Satan Opens County Commissioners Meeting

We are at an inflection point. Leftists must feel confident that they will prevail. They are dropping pretenses and showing us what they really are by rallying in support of terror atrocities and praying to Satan:

A chaotic scene unfolded before Ottawa County commissioners Tuesday as a member of The Satanic Temple of West Michigan gave the board’s opening prayer, with protesters chanting and singing nearby.

A man who gave his name as Luis Cypher delivered a brief speech before commissioners, mostly reiterating the principles of his organization.

Once again, the crowbar used to open the door for the Devil was LGBTism:

The Satanic Temple of West Michigan was able to make the invocation speaker’s list because of a January 2024 change in board policy that allowed pastors to speak on a first-come, first-served basis as long as they follow a set procedure.

Commissioners changed the policy after a Grand Haven pastor who supports LGBTQ rights complained he was not chosen as an invocation speaker after asking twice. He filed a lawsuit that is ongoing.

At least there was some pushback at the board meeting. Christians gathered in the foyer in a show of resistance.

One man began to yell “Hail satan.” Others yelled “We Love Jesus.”

There is no way to make sense of the sheer malice of leftist ideology without reference to evil as an end in itself, so the growing visibility of Devil worshipers should take no one by surprise.

On a tip from Barry A.

Apr 25 2024

Biden Blasphemes on Behalf of Abortion

Even amid calls from within the Catholic Church for Joe Biden’s excommunication, he continues to double down on blasphemy:

Biden made the Sign of the Cross in response to pro-abortion comments made by Democrat Nikki Fried, who was standing next to the president.

The gesture came while the president was listening to Florida Democratic Party Chairwoman Nikki Fried slam her state’s pro-life law. …

His gesture occurred moments before he delivered a speech in Florida in favor of legal abortion.

It would be hard to imagine anything less Christian than snuffing out innocent life to facilitate degeneracy. Abortion is a sacrament to leftists precisely because it is so profoundly wrong. It is their way of flipping the middle finger to God, as Biden underscored.

On tips from MrRightWingDave and Franco.

Apr 09 2024

Metalworker Fired for Committing Christianity

To remain employed as a metalworker in this country, you have to meet certain job requirements — like preferring the LGBT religion to Christianity:

Daniel Snyder was fired from his job as a metalworker because he objected to his employer’s use of a rainbow to promote gay pride month.

Snyder worked for the aluminum manufacturing firm Arconic.

Thomas More Society attorney Michael McHale comes to his defense:

“[Snyder] sincerely believes that the Bible shows that the rainbow is a sign of the covenant between God and man, and thus that it is sacrilegious to use the rainbow to promote relationships and ideologies that violate God’s law.”

All Christians and Jews who follow the Bible share this belief (see Genesis 9). But they had better keep this view to themselves.

Arconic notified Snyder that his comment offended a fellow employee, and the 62-year-old worker was then suspended and terminated, allegedly for violating the company’s “Diversity Policy.”

Snyder evidently committed his thoughtcrime while completing a company survey.

The purpose of diversity policies is to eradicate diversity. When utopia has been achieved, everyone will be a moonbat — or lie and pretend to be.

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