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Feb 16 2020

Open Thread

Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other. - John Adams

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Feb 06 2020

Pope Francis and the Long March Through the Institutions

Communism was imposed by brute force in Russia and China. In the West, where people are too used to freedom and live too well to submit to slavery without a hell of a fight, communists have settled on a different approach. German Marxist Rudi Dutschke called it the Long March Through the Institutions.

By infiltrating, subverting, and eventually commandeering major institutions, communists can brainwash large numbers of people into giving up their freedom and their standard of living of their own free will. Eventually, many will become communists themselves, and find a twisted sort of meaning by working to deny others freedom and the wealth that freedom creates.

The strategy works, or we would not find ourselves in a position where Bernie Sanders could conceivably be elected President of the United States. Key institutions with vast power to shape opinions have already fallen under the domination of leftists. These include academia, the news media, and the entertainment industry. Under Pope Francis, the Catholic Church is following close behind:

Tax cuts for the wealthy constitute a “structure of sin,” Pope Francis said Wednesday in a passionate address calling for international wealth redistribution.

At a Vatican seminar, the Red Pope denounced tax havens that shelter money he thinks should be confiscated “to fund health care and education.”

“Today’s structures of sin include repeated tax cuts for the richest people, often justified in the name of investment and development,” Francis told the meeting organized by the Pontifical Academy for Social Sciences.

There was a time when violating the 8th and 10th Commandments was considered sin.

Without investment and development, there is no money to confiscate. But getting your hands on other people’s property is only a short term benefit of Marxism. The lasting advantage is control.

This degree of control precludes economic productivity, which is why so many of the 100 million killed by their own communist governments during the 20th century died of starvation. It is also why both Russia and China abandoned Marxism in favor of less dysfunctional forms of authoritarianism.

Pope Francis is still at the smash & grab stage.

“[T]he poor are always poorer, and today they are poorer than ever,” proclaimed Francis last June.


As a Brookings Institution report noted in late 2018, however, the world is currently experiencing “the lowest prevalence of extreme poverty ever recorded in human history — less than 8 percent,” and that number falls with each passing year.

This is due to the economic freedom Francis would like to crush.

On Wednesday, Francis wept that the world per capita income will be only $12,000 this year. That number would represent an astonishing explosion of wealth compared to the recent past. But the actual income is even higher, according to World Bank data. It is three times higher than it was in 1990.

This is hardly the time to revert to a system of takers ruling makers, as we had throughout human history until recently — unless the point is not to feed the poor but to exploit them to achieve power, or to advance an ideology that allows others to achieve power.

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Jan 26 2020

Open Thread

The fundamental basis of this Nation's law was given to Moses on the Mount. The fundamental basis of our Bill of Rights comes from the teachings which we get from Exodus and St. Matthew, from Isaiah and St. Paul. - Harry S. Truman

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Dec 27 2019

Whatever Happened to Rowan Williams?

Whatever happened to the moonbats of yesteryear? The unfortunate truth is that many of them continue to wallow in moonbattery, even if they spew their pernicious nonsense into a vacuum of obscurity. A case in point is Rowan Williams, whom longtime readers will remember as the Archbishop of Canterbury — i.e., principal leader of the Church of England, which Williams helped to subvert with leftist ideology.

For those who have forgotten him, a few blasts from the past:

English Clergy: Christianity Causes Domestic Abuse

A Rowan Williams Moonbat Christmas

Archbishop of Canterbury Bashes America, Sucks Up to Muslims

Archbishop of Canterbury Calls for Sharia in Britain

Britain Considers Another Step Toward Sharia

Church of England Donating Fortune to Primarily Muslim Worship Center

Archbishop of Canterbury Declares Christianity to Be Offensive to Islam

Given his tendency to compromise the Christian faith, it should come as no surprise that he appears to have discarded it in favor of global warming theology.

Via Breitbart:

The former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams has claimed that man-made climate change is “the largest challenge ever to the human race” and that those who do not believe in it have fallen for conspiracy theories.

Here we see that Williams has mastered a core principal of leftism: always accuse the opposition of your own shortcomings. Those who don’t believe in the global warming hoax are dupes, just as the party whose leading presidential candidate is Joe Biden accuses Donald Trump of a corrupt relationship with Ukraine.

The former archbishop has voiced his support for the Greta Thunberg-led climate school strikes and last year backed Extinction Rebellion in its calls for mass protest in reaction to the “unprecedented global emergency” of anthropomorphic climate change.

Too bad Williams retired back in 2012. He might be able to get Greta canonized, now that we know she has preternatural powers.

As for Extinction Rebellion, it represents the last extreme in unhinged sociopathic moonbattery, so you can see the appeal for him.

Williams isn’t the only extreme moonbat who has infiltrated the Church of England. His woke work is carried on by others:

Last year, the current archbishop, Justin Welby, called climate change an “ethical crisis” whilst a London vicar compared the disruptive Extinction Rebellion activists who brought London to a standstill in 2019 to Jesus Christ.

Too bad for Stalin that he didn’t have Rowan Williams and Justin Welby on his team. They would have been much more effective weapons against Christianity than throwing priests into gulags.

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Dec 23 2019

Pope Francis Denounces Proselytism

Is the Pope Catholic? That question is harder to answer than it used to be, given how consistently Pope Francis undermines the faith. He even denounces spreading Christianity.

Via Disrn:

“Never, never bring the gospel by proselytizing. If someone says they are a disciple of Jesus and comes to you with proselytism, they are not a disciple of Jesus. Proselytism is not done, the church does not grow by proselytism.”

This unwillingness to spread the faith is one reason churches are getting converted into mosques (sometimes at taxpayer expense).

There is a McDonald’s in Tennessee that seems more Christian than the Pope.

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Dec 08 2019

Vatican Invests in Sleazy Gay Biopic

The Christmas season is a time for giving, but be careful who you give to. Not all ostensibly charitable causes are entirely reputable. For example, money donated to the Catholic Church under the management of Pope Francis may end up invested in homosexual smut.

Via Breitbart:

The Vatican invested upwards of a million dollars to finance the Rocketman film, a biopic of singer-songwriter Elton John with a graphic scene of gay sex.

To be more exact, the investment was $1.1 million.

According to The Times, Rocketman features a liaison between actor Taron Egerton, who plays Elton John, and Richard Madden, who appears as John Reid, his former manager, deemed “the most explicit gay love scene since Brokeback Mountain in 2005.”

If you want to see the explicit gay sex scene for yourself, fly Delta Airlines.

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Nov 03 2019

Open Thread

The schools, the courts, the media - all seem determined to erase Christian influence from public life and confine religion to the four walls of the church or home. - Bruce L. Shelley
Nov 01 2019

Drag Queen Story Hours Invade Churches

Social engineers target the places most associated with innocence in their campaign to corrupt children in the name of the LGBT agenda. Just a few years ago, who could have imagined a phenomenon as grotesque as drag queen story hours staged in the children’s section of local libraries throughout the country? It doesn’t stop there. Progressives have infiltrated churches, which they are purging of holiness so that it may be replaced by sin and insanity. The campaign has already spread throughout the country:

The Park Church, a Lutheran ministry in Greenpoint, Brooklyn held its first Drag Queen Story hour this week with Drag Queen “The Rev. Yolanda” who is known for her “Church With A 2 Drink Minimum” slogan at various spiritual events.

Perhaps Park Church felt inspired by Cincinnati’s Mount Auburn Presbyterian Church which recently greeted its visitors on Sunday with Drag Queen “Sparke Leigh”, complete in purple dress, makeup, high heels and a glitter beard.

Following the song “God Welcomes All” by the church choir, Sparke Leigh walked up on stage and called the children up to sit at his feet. Rather than reading from the Bible, he read the book Pride: The Story of Harvey Milk and the Rainbow Flag.

Harvey Milk was a perverted degenerate who sexually prayed on troubled teenage boys. He is worshiped like a deity by the LGBT movement, and apparently by some purported Christians as well.

Church events celebrating transgender depravity are not limited to drag queen story hours:

The Ames United Church of Christ in Iowa held a drag event which assured parents that there would be “adult supervision” for the drag queen and king contest as the youngsters dressed in drag and paraded around, skirting the legal line of child sexual abuse.

They are going to have to widen the gates of hell.

In First Congregational United Church of Christ of Portland, under Minister Michael Ellick, an event was held called “Drag me to Church” which featured a cabaret group called “Caravan Of Glam” to perform, with the donations going to a local LGBTQ community center.

Collecting alms for the poor must be passé these days.

The First Church Somerville UCC in Somerville, Massachusetts held a multi-day celebration of the transgender lifestyle that includes the pastor delivering a LGBTQ-focused sermon interspersed with so-called gospel music and followed by church members, both children and adults, cross dressing as they eat brunch.

Surprisingly, there is no mention of any of these events having been interrupted by a blast of lightning. It’s as if people are being given ample time to turn back, to confirm that they truly deserve what they have coming.

Coopting churches puts an ersatz stamp of moral approval on the transsexual agenda that dupes some churchgoers into floating along on the river of decadence flowing to perdition:

The UK’s mirror newspaper recently featured the story of a 7-year-old child who had recently ‘transitioned’ and the mother commented how important the Anglican church’s transgender ‘rebaptism’ ceremony was in affirming this change by calling the child by their new name.

The targeting of churches is deliberate. Progressives exploit the LGBT agenda for the primary purpose of destroying Christianity. This strategy is working. Homosexual marriage is a frontal attack, potentially forcing churches to choose between blasphemy and committing “discrimination.” Transgender corruption represents a still more devastating attack from within. Congregations will not attend churches that reject scripture and are morally indistinguishable from gay bars indefinitely.

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Oct 29 2019

Biden Denied Holy Communion

There may be a future for the Catholic faith after all. Rather than succumb to the internal rot that threatens its existence by letting cafeteria Catholics reject core principles, a priest in Florence, South Carolina denied Holy Communion to Joe Biden.

Via SCNow:

Father Robert E. Morey of Saint Anthony Catholic Church confirmed Monday afternoon that he had denied the presidential candidate Holy Communion because of his stance on abortion. Biden, a lifelong Catholic, had attended the church’s 9 a.m. Mass.

To receive communion, a Catholic must be in a state of grace. That would exclude Joe Biden, who like the other Democrat candidates panders to leftist extremists by increasingly supporting abortion, not to mention the aggressively anti-Christian LGBT agenda. I doubt he has formally confessed to these sins, much less promised to do penance and mend his wicked ways.

Explains Morey,

“Holy Communion signifies we are one with God, each other and the Church. Our actions should reflect that. Any public figure who advocates for abortion places himself or herself outside of Church teaching.”

You make your choice and you live with it. You can’t serve the Democrat Party and expect to get credit for serving the Catholic Church.

Morey’s stand is encouraging, because if Christianity is to survive this age of degeneracy, it will have to hold to its principles rather than meekly going along with the flow. Otherwise it will decay into a superfluous farce living on borrowed time, as some denominations have already done.

The Biden campaign would neither confirm nor deny that he attended the church.

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Sep 20 2019

Union Theological Seminary: Confess to Plants

They don’t make seminaries like they did back in the days before moonbattery began to twist and pervert every aspect of culture into farce. Here’s a message from the Union Theological Seminary, a nondenominational nominally Christian seminary in Manhattan that is affiliated with infamously moonbatty Columbia University:

A Twitter thread explaining this bizarre service asks the timeless question,

Because plants aren’t capable of verbal response, does that mean we shouldn’t engage with them?

Monica Gagliano, the New York Times’ conception of a scientist, would regard the question to be a no-brainer.

Despite ridicule, Union Theological Seminary — known for wallowing in progressive theology that includes environmentalism, Afrocentrism (aka black theology), feminism (aka womanist theology), anticapitalism, “decoloniality,” et cetera — is not backing down from its absurdity:

Responding to a query from The College Fix, campus spokesman Benjamin Perry wrote via email: “There’s been much discussion online about a Union chapel this week, in which the Union community was asked to engage with the plants, soil, rocks, birds, trees in our lives: confessing harm, hope, love, gratitude…It was a beautiful, moving ritual.”

Take time to engage with the plants and rocks in your life. It can be very beautiful and moving.

There is nothing that moonbattery cannot corrupt, erode, and reduce to a tasteless joke, including religion.

At least the Institute on Religion & Democracy seems to be holding out against progressive decay for now. Its Anglican Program Director Jeff Walton comments on the antics at Union Theological Seminary:

“I’m receptive to general revelation – a concept that the natural world testifies to the existence of God. But Union is embracing a form of pantheism. If the seminary was specifically Christian, it would point people to Jesus Christ rather than to the houseplant aisle at Home Depot.”

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Sep 11 2019

Islam Escalates Ignored War of Extermination Against Christianity

Meanwhile, as the Vatican declaims self-righteously about fires in the Amazon, Islam has escalated its war of extermination against Christianity in Africa. The Gatestone Institute shows us what the media won’t:

“They asked him to deny Christ and when he refused they cut off his right hand; then he refused [again], they cut to the elbow. In which he refused, before they shot him in the forehead, the neck, and chest,” a Nigerian Christian, Enoch Yeohanna, recently recounted about his father’s murder in 2014. …

Boko Haram terrorists recently cut off the ears of Christian women after snatching them from their homes during a night-time raid on a mainly Christian town in northern Cameroon. … A few days later, also in Cameroon, a Bible translator, Angus Fung, was butchered to death and his wife’s arm cut off. Then, a Catholic priest, David Tanko, was killed in Nigeria and his car and body set ablaze. Last month, another Nigerian priest, Paul Offu, was murdered. …

Four Christians in Burkina Faso were recently murdered for wearing crosses.

Other villagers were warned that they will be killed too if they don’t convert to Islam.

Hundreds of Christians, including 433 children, are “facing attacks or fleeing from rampaging Islamist extremists in Mali,” where in June, 100 men, women and children were slaughtered in Sobame Da, a mainly Christian village.

This list of atrocities goes on. But for the media or the Catholic Church to make a peep about it would be Islamophobic, so we hear silence. Only man bites dog stories like the Christchurch mosque shootings get any attention (in stark contrast to the greater carnage last Easter in Sri Lanka), because only these rare incidents advance the liberal agenda. Odious leftist propaganda outlets like the Washington Post go out of their way to trivialize the prosecution of Christians.

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Jul 14 2019

Reverend Amy Butler Outliberals Her NYC Church

The form of corrosion known as moonbattery renders everything it touches corrupt, demented, and farcical — even Christian clergy. Manhattan’s recently fired irreverent Reverend Amy Butler is a case in point:

Butler, an anti-Trump rising star at Riverside Church known as “Pastor Amy,” had a formal harassment claim filed against her in May in a shocking fall from grace for a congregation known for its inter-denominational liberalism and progressive beliefs on LGBTQ, immigration, and environmental issues, according to the New York Post.

Clinging desperately to their faith not in Christ but in moonbattery, Pastor Amy’s supporters claim she was only canned because she stood up to the wicked patriarchy by opposing harassment and sexism.

More likely, she got the boot because she progressed too far too fast with this:

The 49-year-old minister … allegedly led one member of her flock and two fellow preachers into a Minneapolis sex shop called the Smitten Kitten, while they were there for a religious conference. She reportedly quipped “Is this a church business expense?” after pulling out the church credit card, though it is unclear if she used it.

It is alleged that Butler purchased “a $200 bunny-shaped blue vibrator” for a single mom minister and offered to buy some other tasteless toy for a homosexual minister who declined. No matter how far liberal infiltrators push the blasphemy envelope, some among them will want to push it further still.

The sex toy incident was apparently the final straw amid mounting concerns from the Riverside Church Council about Butler’s judgment, as she was seeking a $100,000 raise. She has a $250,000 annual salary and $8,000 monthly housing allowance — on top of other cushy benefits.

Getting rid of the greedy degenerate will cost over half a $million:

Butler … will leave with 12 months’ salary, a six-month housing allowance worth $48,000 and annual retirement contributions of $59,000 for three years, according to her contract.

An email sent by the chair of the church council and seen by The Post says Butler will also get a $100,000 “separation payment”– which would take her golden handshake to a total of $594,530, when including her unused vacation payout and the $10,000 tab for her lawyer’s fees.

The Riverside Church may join CNN in learning the truth of the maxim, “Get woke, go broke.”

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Jul 10 2019

Christianity Versus Socialism

Moonbats attempt to subvert Christianity by claiming that it is somehow compatible with leftism. It is not. Robert Knight explains how socialism violates all 10 commandments. Abbreviated arguments are given below — click through to read the rest:

1. No other gods

Socialism and its offshoots – communism, fascism, democratic socialism and National Socialism (Nazism) – enshrine the state above all other powers.

2. No idols

Under socialism, sheer power over one’s fellow man is an idol.

3. God’s name in vain

To enforce their new immoral order, socialists openly blaspheme God and particularly Jesus Christ.

4. Honor sabbath

[P]eople going to church on a Sunday are identified and often persecuted in places like communist China, where atheism is the official state religion.

5. Honor your parents

Socialism has been at war with marriage and family since the French Revolution in 1789.

6. No murder

Socialists have long promoted abortion – the direct taking of an innocent human life – as a way to “liberate” women and men from parental responsibilities.

Not to mention the 100+ million killed by their own socialist governments during the 20th century, a large percentage of them deliberately murdered.

7. No adultery

In the 1960s, Americans became familiar with the term “free love,” but socialists have been promoting it heavily since the early 1800s.

8. No stealing

Socialism is grand theft.

9. No lying

Socialism is built on a mountain of lies about human nature, which is why it eventually must resort to violence.

10. No coveting

Socialism’s main engine is envy, stoking resentment against others who have more, even to the point of using violence to get it.

Lawrence Reed of the Foundation for Economic Education asks whether Jesus was a socialist and provides support for the obvious answer:

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Jun 25 2019

Drag Queen Story Hour Infiltrates Churches

Explicitly for the sake of “grooming,” transsexuals (sometimes with criminal records for sex crimes against children) have infiltrated public libraries with drag queen story hours. The operation has been such as success that they are extending it to churches:

The Cincinnati Enquirer reports Dan Davidson dressed up as “Sparke Leigh” complete with a purple dress, makeup, high heels, and “a glitter beard” and stood at the Mount Auburn Presbyterian Church door greeting members and visitors.

This occurred a week ago last Sunday.

Following the song “God Welcomes All” by the church choir, Davidson walked up on stage and read the book Pride: The Story of Harvey Milk and the Rainbow Flag to the audience. The story was intended for children, some of whom sat at Davidson’s feet during the reading.

Harvey Milk was a perverted degenerate who preyed on troubled teenage boys.

This isn’t the only church to advance the LGBT agenda.

As CBN News reported earlier this month, a liberal church in Texas [Austin, of course] sponsored a drag queen story hour for children after the local library canceled the event.

Homosexual depravity is repeatedly condemned throughout the Bible in the strongest terms. Churches that promote it commit blasphemy by pretending to be Christian.

The door is opened when churches misguidedly attempt to stay relevant in a corrupt age by accepting corruption. The Devil strolls in through this open door and perverts churches until moonbattery is worshiped rather than God.

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