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Sep 11 2022

Joe Scarborough Preaches That Jesus Approved of Abortion

According to noted biblical scholar Joe Scarborough, Jesus approved of killing babies in the womb. We know this because He did not discuss abortion.

Almost as appalling as Scarborough’s intellectual disability is the smirk on Mika Brzezinski’s approving face as he spouts this blasphemous idiocy.

He must have lost interest in his Bible reading before he got to Exodus 20:13, which reads, “Thou shall not murder.”

Bellows Scarborough,

“There are people who are using Jesus as a shield to make 10-year-old raped girls go through a living and breathing hell here on earth!”

What percentage of the many hundreds of thousands of abortions that take place in the USA each year kill the offspring of 10-year-old rape victims? We are left to believe it must be high.

Scarborough may be alarmed to learn that according to his own logic, Jesus approves of grinding pies into the faces of moonbat propagandists, since He never specifically condemned it.

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Sep 11 2022

Open Thread

The Western world generally has lost the concept of man as a creature made to the image and likeness of God, and reduced him either to a component part of the universe, to an economic animal or to a

Sep 04 2022

Open Thread

Leftism seeks to undo most of the values that are distinct to Judeo-Christian religion. - Dennis Prager

Aug 25 2022

No Tolerance for Cross-Shaped Pier

In the movies, the sign of the cross makes vampires cower, melt, burst into flames, transform into skeletons, and worse. All Van Helsing needs to do is hold up candlesticks so that they make a cross to get the better of Dracula. This symbol has a similar effect on LGBT moonbats, and for the same reason.

Idyllic Ocean Grove, NJ is known as “God’s Square Mile.”

The Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association, a Methodist group, established the town just over 150 years ago, and it still owns the small beach and boardwalk and hosts year-round activities. Even though the town itself isn’t a purely religious enclave, the organization still owns the land that the town and its businesses sit on.

You can own a building there, but the Camp Meeting Association still owns the land under it.

A historic pier in Ocean Grove was damaged and needs to be rebuilt. The new design viewed from the sky is shaped like a cross. Moonbats don’t like it.

Douglas Grote, a retired Presbyterian pastor who lives in the town, has sent several letters to officials at the state and local level on behalf of members of the LGBT community, calling the pier design “Christian bullying.”

Evidence accrues that Presbyterianism is becoming a denomination in the blasphemous Church of Moonbattery.

Not long ago, they were demanding tolerance. Now gays and their moonbat advocates will not even tolerate the shape of the cross in a town owned by Christians. Who are the bullies?

Others opponents of the pier went farther:

Shane Martins, an attorney and Ocean Grove resident who is gay, says people are “being hurt” by the pier.

“Once this pier is built like a cross, I believe that will be the point of a no return,” he said to “To say (the cross-shaped pier) doesn’t represent Christian nationalism — anyone who says that isn’t being honest.”

Only when the shape of the cross has been completely eradicated can those who construct their identity around wallowing in debauchery and depravity be safe from Christian nationalism. Let’s start by abolishing the letter “T” from the alphabet.

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Aug 24 2022

Kamloops Mass Grave Hate Hoax

The supposed mass grave of oppressed indigenous children at the Kamloops school in British Columbia is among the grandest hate hoaxes of recent times:

A mass grave filled with the remains of 215 Indigenous children, some as young as three, has been found on the grounds of a former residential school in Canada…

The grisly discovery in the interior of southern British Columbia was made at the former Kamloops Indian residential school using ground-penetrating radar…

The school was open between 1890 and 1978 and ran by the Roman Catholic Church as part of a network of institutions across Canada…

This shocking revelation was aggressively seized upon by moonbats as proof of the nefariousness of Caucasians, Christianity, and Western Civilization:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau decreed, partly at the request of tribal leaders, that all flags on federal buildings fly at half-mast. The Canadian government and provincial authorities pledged about $320 million to fund more research and in December pledged another $40 billion involving First Nations child-welfare claim settlements that partially compensate some residential school attendees. Pope Francis issued a formal apology on behalf of the Catholic church, which ran many of the residential school facilities and asked for God’s forgiveness.

Francis should pray for Catholics to forgive him for reflexively siding against the Church he is supposed to represent.

Kamloops helped motivate a tidal wave of arson and vandalism unleashed against churches across Canada. But like everything else leftists want badly to believe in, Kamloops is a lie.

Ground-penetrating radar has supposedly revealed another 800 buried children. But well over a year since the supposed mass grave was revealed, no actual bodies have been found. It appears to be nothing more than an old septic system.

Canada’s Rebel News pulls back the curtain:

If something sounds too good to be true from the viewpoint of the liberal narrative, that is because it is not true.

No matter. The drive-by media made the desired impression. Plenty of people heard the original story. Few will ever know it was a lie. In politics, perception is reality.

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Aug 18 2022

The Atlantic Has a Point Regarding the Rosary

We were too quick to laugh at the hysterical and bigoted moonbats at The Atlantic for denouncing the rosary as “an extremist symbol” and “a weapon.” Christopher Bedford makes the case that they have stubbed their toe on the truth:

[I]n a world that calls sex love, puts money over people, vandalizes churches, firebombs pregnancy clinics, aborts children, harasses priests, arrests pastors, fires and demonizes Christians, mocks God, and celebrates public pride in deadly sins, the rosary is indeed extremist — a rejection of a fallen society and the ugliness it wallows in.

The rosary is indeed a weapon, too. Since ancient times, we’ve believed we must “put on the armor of God,” and that, “our struggle is not with flesh and blood but with the principalities, with the powers, with the world rulers of this present darkness, with the evil spirits in the heavens.”

There is even such a thing as Combat Rosaries:

They’re prayer beads designed by Wisconsin priest Fr. Rick Heilman. In a post on his site, Heilman describes his frustration with the delicate and effeminate nature of most rosaries, and how he designed his Combat Rosaries as an homage to those that France and the United States provided to Catholic soldiers during the First World War. …

[T]he commander of the Vatican Swiss Guard called these rosaries “the most powerful weapon that exists on the market.” Of course, concepts like evil, demons, masculinity, and religion make modern, secular liberals deeply uncomfortable.

That rosary beads have set hair aflame at The Atlantic proves they are weapons in the hands of people degenerate establishmentarians would regard as extremist.

The rosaries today, just as in medieval times, are an explicit rejection of the sins of our culture, the sins that surround us.

When you take an honest stand against a fallen world, don’t be surprised if that world doesn’t embrace you, or even accuses you.

When taking an honest stand, don’t hesitate to employ extremist weapons like the rosary.

A blind squirrel finds a nut.

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Aug 17 2022

Burning Churches Then and Now

Once we had a Catholic Democrat president who opposed terrorists setting fire to churches. But Democrats are a different breed now, and the word “Catholic” has no meaning among them. The contrast between JFK and Biden is stark:

These days, it would be unreasonable to expect a “Catholic” Democrat to object to burning down churches to promote abortion. If Satan were to create a political party…

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Aug 15 2022

The Atlantic Denounces Rosary as Extremist Symbol

Under moonbat hegemony, good and evil are reversed. Symbols of America’s glorious founding, including the Betsy Ross and Gadsden flags, are explicitly regarded by the FBI as extremist symbols (i.e., evidence of thoughtcrime). If the Democratic Party continues to consolidate power, both are likely to be illegal soon — as are rosaries:

Atlantic contributor Daniel Panneton declared that the Catholic rosary has become a “symbol” of religious radicalism.

Rosaries are considered to represent a Catholicism that believes in itself. This stands in conflict with the blasphemous sham practiced by cafeteria Catholics, who select for acceptance only the shallow trappings of Christianity that do not conflict with their actual faith, which is moonbattery.

Panneton slammed an entire online ecosystem for disseminating imagery featuring Christian warriors both historical and modern, suggesting that “social-media pages are saturated with images of rosaries draped over firearms, warriors in prayer, Deus Vult (‘God wills it’) crusader memes, and exhortations for men to rise up and become Church Militants.”

Panneton admits that “many take genuine sustenance from … the tradition of regarding the rosary as a weapon against Satan.”

Consequently, the rosary must be denounced harshly:

“Catholic imagery now blends freely with staple alt-right memes that romanticize ancient Rome or idealize the traditional patriarchal family.”

The leftist agenda calls for eradicating both the West’s great history and the traditional family.

Panneton also frets that the conflict between Catholics and Protestants is fading away, as they have become united against the common enemy: satanic degenerates — or as Panneton calls them, “abortion-rights advocates.”

It may be only a matter of time until the moronic bumper sticker slogan “Keep Your Rosaries Off My Ovaries” becomes the basis of law. Rosaries will need to be stored in secure hiding places for when the FBI launches Mar-a-Lago style raids in search of extremist symbols.

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Aug 11 2022

Episcopal Church Endorses Sex Change for Children

After leftists have infiltrated an institution, they subvert it to advance objectives that may be diametrically opposite its original purpose. For example, churches that have been co-opted by progressives become dedicated not to good but to evil:

The Episcopal Church passed a resolution in support of sex change attempts “at all ages,” calling it a matter of “religious liberty.”

War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. Blasphemous depravity and the desecration of innocence are religious liberty.

Resolution D066, passed by the 80th General Convention, is titled “Addressing restrictions on access to gender affirming care.” The House of Bishops has concurred with the resolution.

It calls for the Episcopal Church to “advocate for access to gender affirming care in all forms (social, medical, or any other) and at all ages.” It goes on to say that advocating for sex change operations is “part of our Baptismal call to respect the dignity of every human being.”

Nothing respects dignity like irreversible chemical deformation and surgical sexual mutilation on behalf of a wicked political ideology.

It is easier to pressure a child to become a trophy transsexual that it is to get a potentially normal life back that has been sacrificed on the LGBT altar.

Do not let this happen to your church. Keep moonbattery out, or it will soon be subordinated to moonbattery.

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Aug 01 2022

Francis Praises Cuba

John Paul II inspired millions by standing up to communism, a nakedly evil ideology that seeks to eradicate Christianity. Pope Francis has a different attitude:

“I love the Cuban people very much,” Francis said. “I also confess that I maintain a human relationship with Raúl Castro.” His reference to Raul Castro is like saying that although he loves the inmates in this prison, he gets along well with the warden responsible for their suffering. Adding to the confusion, the pope called Cuba “a symbol” and a country with “a great history.”

The most conspicuous feature of this “great history” is the communist revolution that reduced a prosperous country to one of the most miserable on earth.

The commentaries come a little over a year after the largest anti-government protests the country had seen in decades, asking for freedom from communism. The protests were so intense that many thought the end of the regime might be in sight. However, the communist regime brutally suppressed the peaceful demonstrations. Many protesters were subjected to arbitrary arrests, torture and draconian prison sentences. The Vatican and the West let that anniversary pass without commentary.

Western leaders are sympathetic to the Castro Regime, as they are in the process of inflicting similar systems in their own countries in the name of the climate. Francis apparently identifies with this Liberal World Order, if not with communist dictator Raul Castro himself.

Indeed, Cuba is a symbol. On the one hand, it symbolizes the continuation of communist tyranny, misery and brutality. For the West, Cuba is a painful symbol of its indifference and hypocrisy. Those who yet resist in Cuba are a symbol of Christian courage and long-suffering anticipating the day when they will be free to write the “great history” that awaits them.

Francis is a symbol too, personifying moonbattery and decline.

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Jul 10 2022

Open Thread

I accept people for who they are and love them. That doesn't mean I have to agree or that I have to turn my back on the tenets of my faith and reject the tenets of my faith when it comes to homosexuality. - Ed Gillespie

Jun 30 2022

Blasphemy: Pelosi Given Communion in Vatican

The first pope was aptly named, because Peter means rock, and the Catholic Church has stood as solid as a rock for 2 millennia, withstanding all manner of storms. But can it endure the insidious corrosion from within that leftists have used to subvert virtually every other institution? Or will it be subordinated to a depraved, anti-Christian ideology? Let’s hope this is not up to Pope Francis.

Because she is an extreme advocate of abortion who has soaked herself in innocent blood, Nancy Pelosi was denied communion by her archbishop, Salvatore Cordileone. But not by Francis:

Pelosi met with Pope Francis and received Communion on Wednesday while attending a Mass presided over by the pope.

This happened in St Peter’s Basilica. Thankfully, she did not receive communion from Francis himself, which would have been the ultimate blasphemy short of Satan taking communion.

Pelosi and her husband Paul also received a blessing from Francis during her visit, according to one of the Mass attendees.

She made a further mockery of the spectacle:

Pelosi spoke about the necessity of preaching the gospel with actions, not just words.

According to her words, Pelosi is a Catholic. According to her actions, she is a radical proponent of both abortion and the belligerently anti-Christian LGBT agenda.

Pelosi responded to being barred from communion by her own archbishop by implying that the Church is hypocritical and denouncing Cordileone as a homophobe — possibly the worst insult imaginable from her liberal point of view. Francis has effectively sided with her.

Meanwhile, the government represented by Pelosi taunts the Vatican with open disrespect by displaying the LGBT flag at the US embassy there:

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Jun 19 2022

Catholic School Excommunicated for Worship of Moonbattery

Joe Biden is such a fanatical proponent of abortion that he may declare a state of emergency if Roe v. Wade is overturned, so that the federal government can continue to impose abortion on states that don’t want it. Nancy Pelosi absurdly holds that to restrict abortion is to “politicize” the issue, which she opposes. Both of these pro-abortion radicals call themselves Catholic, even while aggressively opposing church teaching on this fundamental moral issue.

Evidently, being Catholic has no meaning. You can call yourself Catholic for political or social purposes, despite refusing to live by or even refrain from attacking basic Catholic principles. The Church will collaborate in the blasphemous farce by confirming your membership. Or maybe not:

A private Massachusetts Catholic middle school has been excommunicated by a local bishop over its refusal to refrain from flying the Black Lives Matter and rainbow LGBTQ pride flag, contending that the ideology behind them is not consistent with the church’s social and moral teachings.

“Not consistent” is putting it mildly. The “pride” flag represents making a lifestyle out of sexual depravity that is firmly and repeatedly condemned in the Bible. The Black Lives Matter flag represents a political movement that stands not only for siding with criminals against law enforcement, but also for valuing people by their race rather than by their souls, and for deliberately destroying the nuclear family in favor of perversion and degeneracy.

Worcester Bishop Robert McManus issued a formal decree that the Nativity School of Worcester can no longer call itself Catholic while continuing to fly the flags after he ordered that they be removed, a demand that was ignored by school officials…

Actions can have consequences even for leftists, accustomed as they may be to getting away with anything.

“I publicly stated in an open letter dated, May 4, 2022, that “these symbols (flags) embody specific agendas or ideologies (that) contradict Catholic social and moral teaching.” It is my contention that the ‘Gay Pride’ flag represents support of gay marriage and actively living a LGBTQ+ lifestyle,” McManus wrote. “This is also true of ‘Black Lives Matter.’ The Catholic Church teaches that all life is sacred and the Church certainly stands unequivocally behind the phrase ‘black lives matter’ and strongly affirms that all lives matter.”

That would include the lives of babies who according to liberal ideology are not officially human yet due to the technicality of not having been delivered. So why have prominent proponents of abortion like Biden and Pelosi not been excommunicated? Why are they still allowed to take communion?

To his credit, Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone blocked Pelosi from taking communion in San Francisco. But she and Biden continue to desecrate the faith by being allowed to take sham communion in DC.

If allowed to metastasize, this cancer will destroy Catholicism. Infiltration by leftists has reduced other denominations to mockeries, featuring drag queen pastors and gay pride worship services. Already there is an outfit calling itself Catholics for Choice so comically depraved that it advocates men having abortions.

The Long March Through the Institutions will subordinate not only Catholicism but organized Christianity in general to leftism if the line drawn by Bishop McManus is not held resolutely.

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Jun 11 2022

Methodist Church Features Drag Queen as Associate Pastor

Stalin’s hard tyranny failed to eradicate Christianity. So his successors take a more insidious approach by eating it away from within, replacing scripture with blasphemous nonsense so as to render the religion of no use or interest to anyone. Churches are infiltrated and subverted by moonbats, then subordinated to wokeism. Among the least subtle of them is Isaac Simmons, aka Ms. Penny Cost, of the United Methodist Church.

From the American Spectator:

Simmons, who serves as an associate pastor at Hope United Methodist Church in Bloomington, Illinois, has challenged basic theological concepts, projecting a worldview where divinity rests not in God but in queerness.

Simmons calls himself a “dragavangelist.”

“God must be f***ing nothing,” he says, “if her boundaryless, transubstantiated bodies of color are run down, beaten, and strewn in the streets of America instead of ruling the runways of life.”

Because Simmons worships queerness instead of God, he considers dressing up as a grotesque parody of a woman to be a religious experience:

“Drag allows me to process the mystery of myself, the mystery of God, the mystery of love, and the mystery of pain,” he said. “When I walk the streets in six-inch heels and wear four pounds of hair, double-stacked wigs, the power which lies within my mystery is released into the world.”

The United Methodist Church is scheduled to split into separate denominations in 2024 over LGBT issues.

The liberal wing will retain the denomination’s name and permit same-sex marriage while the conservatives will join a new denomination where same-sex marriage is forbidden.

The liberal wing will wither away and die unnoticed and ungrieved. The conservative wing, to be called the Global Methodist Church, will survive so long as it remains resilient to the cancer that calls itself liberalism.

To get an idea of what it means to let moonbattery infect your church, try watching Simmons deliver a sermon on queer holiness:

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