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Feb 23 2020

Officer Specter, Disney’s First LGBT Animated Character

Disney originally established itself by providing wholesome entertainment for children. Now, it provides depraved propaganda for leftist social engineering purposes. The healthy content from the olden days is defaced with warning labels as Disney excretes edgy agitprop that strives to push the envelope. Its latest milestone on the road to perdition is its first LGBT animated character — a one-eyed lesbian Cop of Color with a horn coming out of her head named Officer Specter.

Enthuses Yahoo Entertainment:

It’s been a long wait, but a Disney heroine finally has a girlfriend… and it’s not Elsa. Months after The Rise of Skywalker featured the first same-sex kiss in the Star Wars galaxy, the new animated film Onward introduces the first self-identified lesbian character into the Disney-Pixar universe. Her name is Officer Specter, and she’s a Cyclops cop voiced by openly gay screenwriter and actress Lena Waithe. While Specter’s inclusion in Onward is a major first for Disney, it’s treated almost matter-of-factly in the movie itself, which the filmmakers say is by design.

The better to subvert children, which is the apparent purpose of Disney products. Properly indoctrinated kids think that sexual perversion is normal, and that anyone who finds anything objectionable or even remarkable about it is weird.

In the movie, Officer Specter refers to her “girlfriend’s daughter.” Parents can have fun explaining that to their curious kids.

As usual with corporate pandering to political correctness, not even moonbats are pleased — since nothing could never placate the woke:

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Feb 19 2020

Corrupted Boy Scouts Driven Into Bankruptcy

The Boy Scouts represented the best of America: traditional values, moral rectitude, self-reliance, wholesomeness. Any leftist could see why this institution had to be corrupted and destroyed.

LGBT militants set upon the Scouts, demanding that aggressively homosexual scoutmasters be entrusted to take little boys off into the woods. They insisted that girls who say they are boys, most likely with heavy coaching from their ideological parents, be accepted as boys. Feminists piled on, shrieking that it was sexist for girls to have to be Girl Scouts instead of Boys Scouts.

Like so many institutions, Boy Scouts of America caved, absurdly accepting transgender “boys” and then straightforward girls and giving open sexual deviants access to the boys. Surrendering unconditionally to bullying degenerates, it even passed out condoms at the World Scout Jamboree.

The results were inevitable and likely intended. This long-standing pillar of American society cracked, wobbled, and is now collapsing:

The Boy Scouts of America filed for bankruptcy protection Tuesday.

The organization has been barraged by hundreds of sex-abuse lawsuits.

The intention is that a potentially mammoth victim compensation plan can be worked out that will allow the [formerly] hallowed, 110-year-old organization to continue.

If BSA limps forward after this, it will only be to drag itself to the tar pits like the last of the dinosaurs. While some sexual abuse claims may predate the politically ascendant LGBT community declaring war on BSA, surrendering to them made widespread corruption and imminent demise inevitable.

How many of the literally thousands of claims are valid, we will never know amid the chaos of the looting spree that has been instigated.

Liberal social engineers must be very proud of their handiwork. Next, they will create a heavily taxpayer-subsidized replacement for BSA, which will teach young boys to dress in drag, put condoms on cucumbers in preparation for anal sex, and belligerently whine that they are victims.

Given what happened after homosexuals infiltrated and subverted the Catholic priesthood, is there anyone anywhere who didn’t see this coming? Maybe Rex Tillerson.

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Feb 03 2020

Sesame Street to Feature Cross-Dressing LGBT Activist Billy Porter

LGBT activist Billy Porter must be the liberal establishment’s point man in the campaign to corrupt young children. As noted earlier, the cross-dressing freakazoid was chosen to play the Fairy Godmother in a debased Sony Pictures remake of the wholesome 1950 Disney classic Cinderella. Now they are going to feature him on Sesame Street.

Via LifeSiteNews:

Porter, best known as Pray Tell in the FX’s LGBT ballroom drama Pose and for wearing extravagant dresses, will appear during the 51st season of the beloved children’s show, according to Sesame Street’s official Facebook page.

This isn’t entirely new ground for Sesame Street. In 2017…

…its song “Anyone Can Play” purported to smash gender norms for children’s toys and costumes, including the lyrics “some boys like to play dolls” while the male character Grover is seen in a purple dress.

In the absence of significant pushback, liberal social engineers have predictably escalated their attack on wholesomeness and normalcy.

At this point, the Culture War is a mop-up operation. There’s no need to be subtle about the agenda.

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Jan 30 2020

Drag Queen Story Hour Indoctrination for Public School First-Graders

If you don’t want your small children groomed by drag queens, keep them away from public libraries — and also public schools. The drag queen story hour indoctrination campaign may soon reach the one you send your kids to.

Via Christian Headlines:

A first-grade class at Maurice Sendak Community School (PS 118), a public school in Brooklyn, N.Y., will host a Drag Queen Story Hour for the students Feb. 24…

It isn’t the first time, to judge from the note to parents from a first-grade teacher that is screen-capped in the tweet above.

Drag Queen Story Hour, the teacher explained, “is run by a drag queen who will visit our school on Monday, February 24th.” Often during Drag Queen Story Hour, the drag queen reads a book to children about LGBT issues.

What, you thought these perverts were brought in to read kids The Cat in the Hat? Reverence for all things LGBT must be instilled early, before natural revulsion has time to develop.

“[A drag queen] will read to the students, all while teaching into ideas of inclusiveness, gender fluidity and gender roles, family structures, acceptance, empathy, and individuality,” the note says.

After the kids have mastered gender fluidity, then maybe the educrats will devote some time to teaching the alphabet.

Drag queen story hour has already invaded churches; why would government schools be immune?

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Jan 03 2020

Male Prostitute Drag Queen Teaches Kids About Gender

By now, you probably know to keep your small children away from public libraries (if not, see here, here, here, here, here, etc). But sending them to public school might not be any safer. An elementary school in Austin, Texas invited a cross-dressing criminally convicted male prostitute to teach small children about “gender diversity.”

Neon Nettle reports:

Despite the criminal conviction, “Miss Kitty Litter ATX” was still invited to read to the young children at the Blackshear Fine Arts Academy.

Blackshear is a public school, serving pre-kindergarten through 5th grade.

“Miss Kitty Litter ATX” is also known as David Robinson. The Austin Independent School District knew about the drag queen’s rap sheet beforehand. Evidently, it was not regarded as important.

Their actions would suggest that Austin officials are more interested in the sexual exploitation of kids than their actual well-being.

The exploitation is both sexual and political.

If the moonbats running places like Austin were deliberately trying to earn eternal damnation, what would they do differently?

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Dec 29 2019

How Teen Vogue Celebrated Christmas

Moonbats have their own ways of celebrating Christmas. Amanda Marcotte celebrated by denouncing Hallmark Channel Christmas movies as “fascist propaganda.” Teen Vogue celebrated by tweeting links to earlier articles encouraging children to have oral and anal sex:

As noted at NOQ Report, Teen Vogue pushes the envelope even more aggressively than left-wing outlets oriented toward adults (CNN, The New Yorker, Slate, etc). You can push harder with teenagers, because their viewpoint is malleable, their brains are not completely formed, and they don’t have enough life experience to know when they are being lied to or manipulated for corrupt purposes.

Teen Vogue has also pitched prostitution to 13-year-old girls, argued that it doesn’t matter whether men subjected to #MeToo allegations are innocent, and presented abortion as humorous. It portrays American history as a terrible sin and endorses Antifa goons. A more pernicious (not to mention vile) publication would be difficult to imagine — and it targets kids.

Every great culture rises, thrives, and then declines into decay. America is unnecessarily declining ahead of schedule, because the decay is deliberately induced.

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Dec 11 2019

Disney Promotes “Transitioning” Children

Once, Disney produced material suitable for children. Then it became woke. Now it produces material that exploits children for purposes of left-wing social engineering, and that promotes abusing them in ways that result in irreversible damage, denying them the opportunity to live normal lives.

Via Breitbart:

The new Disney+ streaming service is spotlighting the activism of a 12-year-old transgender girl as part of the new Marvel unscripted series Hero Project, which profiles young individuals who are trying to make a difference in their communities.

Hero Project’s episode “Mighty Rebekah” introduces Rebekah Bruesehoff, a transgender girl [i.e., a boy] from New Jersey who transitioned at the age of eight. Bruesehoff was born male but now identifies as a girl with the support of [his] parents.

Reducing a healthy boy to a freakish facsimile of a girl is something that would have gotten you lynched by a horrified mob at any point in history up until a few years ago — if anyone in the past could even have conceived of something so monstrous. Eight-year-olds are not competent to decide to undergo Island of Doctor Moreau transmutations; the parents and the politically corrupted medical establishment bear full responsibility for this crime against nature. Disney bears responsibility for propagating it.

“Transitioning” children is patently sexual, and it is obviously abuse, so why not deem it sexual abuse? Then law enforcement could respond appropriately.

Peel back a layer of Disney sickness and find more sickness underneath:

The episode follows Bruesehoff’s path toward activism…

It also reveals that Bruesehoff is active as a singer in [his] Christian church, where [his] father is a pastor.

Yet again we see that the blitzkrieg-style promotion of the LGBT agenda is largely an assault on Christianity. The most effective attacks on Christianity are inflicted from within by debauched clergy. Disney chooses to advance this.

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Nov 15 2019

Sick Sprite Commercial Airs in Argentina

Procter & Gamble’s intensely nauseating Gillette ad was not the last to feature a parent encouraging a child to stray into depravity and mental illness. Coca-Cola saw fit to run this Sprite ad on social media platforms prior to a “pride” spectacle in Buenos Aires:

Maudlin music apparently helps wash down the corruption of children that is central to the LGBT agenda.

As noted by Activist Mommy,

At the end of the ad, the slogans , “Orgullo: Lo que sentís cuando alguien que querés elige ser feliz,” and “No estás solx,” appear, which translate to “Pride: What you feel when someone you love chooses to be happy,” and “You’re not alone.”

Note the extra-woke gender-indeterminate “solx” instead of “solo” for “alone.”

Embracing perversion, degeneracy, and the psychosis of believing yourself to be a member of the opposite sex makes people happy. Encouraging this makes you loving. Those who don’t approve are cruel and bad. Drink Sprite!

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Nov 14 2019

Free Admission for Children at Nude Swim

Jonathan “Jessica” Yaniv, who calls himself a lesbian, is best known for trying to force girls to Brazilian wax his male genitalia lest they be sued for “discrimination.” But he has other means of advancing the liberal sexual agenda — like promoting a nude swim that offers free admission for children:

From the linked event page:

Adults: $12.00 at event, $10.00 online.
Children (under 18) : free. …
Skinnydipper swims at Newton Wave Pool are nude only.

This takes place monthly in Surrey, British Columbia. Evidently the police are fine with it.

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Nov 11 2019

Sweden Spends $175,000 on Drag Queen Story Hour

Maybe getting displaced by Third World welfare colonists is not the worst thing that could happen to Sweden, even if it has already led to bombs going off left and right. Maybe rampant moonbattery has reached the point that the worst thing would be for Swedes to remain in charge of their own country. The appalling Drag Queen Story Hour phenomenon, which entails deliberately subjecting innocent kids to perverts who put on grotesque displays and sometimes have criminal records for sex crimes against children, has taken root in Swedish soil, nourished with $175,000 worth of government fertilizer.

The money comes from dead Swedes with no heirs. One reason for people having no heirs is that the degeneracy endlessly promoted by liberal social engineers is destroying the family and preventing people from reproducing.

Via Summit News:

The Public Inheritance Fund, a state body that manages the money, will give the cash to ‘Kulturföreningen Mums’ in Stockholm, which will use it to organize transvestite and transgender events where fairytales are read to children.

Of course, money is fungible. They could have spent this money repairing roads or anything else tax money finances. This means that living taxpayers are effectively paying perverts to corrupt children.

Other large chunks of money from the inheritance pot are being handed out to left-wing groups, including one that promotes “a higher climate commitment” for young people.

If there are any countermoonbats left in Sweden, those without heirs are urged to burn their money before they die.

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Nov 01 2019

Drag Queen Story Hours Invade Churches

Social engineers target the places most associated with innocence in their campaign to corrupt children in the name of the LGBT agenda. Just a few years ago, who could have imagined a phenomenon as grotesque as drag queen story hours staged in the children’s section of local libraries throughout the country? It doesn’t stop there. Progressives have infiltrated churches, which they are purging of holiness so that it may be replaced by sin and insanity. The campaign has already spread throughout the country:

The Park Church, a Lutheran ministry in Greenpoint, Brooklyn held its first Drag Queen Story hour this week with Drag Queen “The Rev. Yolanda” who is known for her “Church With A 2 Drink Minimum” slogan at various spiritual events.

Perhaps Park Church felt inspired by Cincinnati’s Mount Auburn Presbyterian Church which recently greeted its visitors on Sunday with Drag Queen “Sparke Leigh”, complete in purple dress, makeup, high heels and a glitter beard.

Following the song “God Welcomes All” by the church choir, Sparke Leigh walked up on stage and called the children up to sit at his feet. Rather than reading from the Bible, he read the book Pride: The Story of Harvey Milk and the Rainbow Flag.

Harvey Milk was a perverted degenerate who sexually prayed on troubled teenage boys. He is worshiped like a deity by the LGBT movement, and apparently by some purported Christians as well.

Church events celebrating transgender depravity are not limited to drag queen story hours:

The Ames United Church of Christ in Iowa held a drag event which assured parents that there would be “adult supervision” for the drag queen and king contest as the youngsters dressed in drag and paraded around, skirting the legal line of child sexual abuse.

They are going to have to widen the gates of hell.

In First Congregational United Church of Christ of Portland, under Minister Michael Ellick, an event was held called “Drag me to Church” which featured a cabaret group called “Caravan Of Glam” to perform, with the donations going to a local LGBTQ community center.

Collecting alms for the poor must be passé these days.

The First Church Somerville UCC in Somerville, Massachusetts held a multi-day celebration of the transgender lifestyle that includes the pastor delivering a LGBTQ-focused sermon interspersed with so-called gospel music and followed by church members, both children and adults, cross dressing as they eat brunch.

Surprisingly, there is no mention of any of these events having been interrupted by a blast of lightning. It’s as if people are being given ample time to turn back, to confirm that they truly deserve what they have coming.

Coopting churches puts an ersatz stamp of moral approval on the transsexual agenda that dupes some churchgoers into floating along on the river of decadence flowing to perdition:

The UK’s mirror newspaper recently featured the story of a 7-year-old child who had recently ‘transitioned’ and the mother commented how important the Anglican church’s transgender ‘rebaptism’ ceremony was in affirming this change by calling the child by their new name.

The targeting of churches is deliberate. Progressives exploit the LGBT agenda for the primary purpose of destroying Christianity. This strategy is working. Homosexual marriage is a frontal attack, potentially forcing churches to choose between blasphemy and committing “discrimination.” Transgender corruption represents a still more devastating attack from within. Congregations will not attend churches that reject scripture and are morally indistinguishable from gay bars indefinitely.

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Oct 28 2019

Drag Queen Flashes Preschoolers During Story Hour

Where did anyone expect the drag queen story hour phenomenon to lead if not to scenes like this? A pervert calling himself “Sasha Sosa” flashed a group of preschoolers at the Ridgedale Hennepin County Library in Minnetonka, Minnesota, displaying skimpy underwear if not worse.

Thankfully this picture has been blurred, so we see less than the kids did:

Social engineers evidently regard this as appropriate.

Activist Mommy gasps,

If this man had flashed a child in the grocery store, he’d be in handcuffs, but because this took place in an “educational” environment, it is somehow acceptable to these sick people!

Educational facilities are progressive beachheads. What they inflict on kids at the local library will soon be on open display at the grocery store too. The whole point is to transform the culture; drag queen story hour events illustrate what they are transforming it into. If you don’t like it, you are a hater and therefore not entitled to an opinion.

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Oct 22 2019

Court Imposes Transsexual Transition on 7-Year-Old Boy

The transsexual agenda is the point where maximum depravity meets maximum tyranny. It is supported by the social engineers running the media and imposed through a judiciary rendered insane by moonbattery. In Dallas, a jury has ruled against Jeffrey Younger in his attempt to prevent his 7-year-old son James from becoming deformed into a freakish parody of a girl.

Via Life Site News:

This means James’ mother, Dr. Anne Georgulas, will be able to continue “transitioning” him into “Luna,” and now has full authority to start him on puberty blockers and eventually cross-sex hormones.

Younger had joint custody of James. No longer.

Little James isn’t the only victim…

The jury’s decision likely means that Mr. Younger will be required to “affirm” James as a girl, despite his religious and moral objections, and will also be forced to take a class on transgenderism.

…and neither is Jeffrey Younger. We all suffer, because it has been affirmed that we no longer enjoy even fundamental First Amendment liberties, but subsist under the heel of a tyranny so twisted that no previous generation could have imagined it.

Younger argues his ex-wife is “transitioning” James against the boy’s will.

This would make the horror of what they are doing to an innocent child all the more intolerable — not that it would be acceptable if his social engineer mom had been able to brainwash him into going along. The kid is 7 years old.

Transgender-identifying individuals, even when encouraged in their confusion, suffer from more psychological issues than the general population, have shorter lifespans, and are more likely to commit suicide.

There is also a long list of physical side effects associated with the hormone therapy “transitioning” process, which should have been left on the island of Dr Moreau. These include but are not limited to deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, high triglycerides, gallstones, weight gain, liver problems, hyperkalemia, hypertension, diabetes, hyperprolactinemia, and of course, infertility.

But progressives regard destroying a child’s body and mind as a small price to pay for “inclusion.”

James is a product of in vitro fertilization. He is not biologically related to the sick woman who is ruining his young life on behalf of the liberal agenda.

More from Life Site News:

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Oct 20 2019

Kellogg’s Pushes Pro-Perversion Kiddie Cereal

Pushy corporate leftism, the inescapable LGBT agenda, and the targeted corruption of children comprise three of the most alarming aspects of the moonbattery that has been rotting away society. They intersect at a point called All Together. This is the name of a children’s breakfast cereal variety pack recently launched by the social engineers at Kellogg’s.

Tooth decay wasn’t enough. Now their cereal causes moral decay.

In its announcement of the limited edition variety pack, Kellogg’s proclaims that some of the money moms spend on the cereal will go to finance attempts to homosexualize grade school children:

Kellogg is donating $50,000 to GLAAD to support their anti-bullying and LGBTQ advocacy work.

With the left, everything is a euphemism stretched into a lie. “Antibullying” is what they call the indoctrination of small children with depraved sexual propaganda. GLAAD is a militant sect of sexual deviants known for an exceedingly creepy focus on children.

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