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Category: Corruption of Children

Jul 19 2024

Never Too Young to Be Punished for Thoughtcrime

Some children come out of public schools unable to read and write; others don’t get through the first grade without learning about totalitarianism:

A California 7-year-old was banned from drawing pictures at school and forced to sit out recess for two weeks for adding “any life” below Black Lives Matter on a picture she drew and gave to a Black friend, punishments that led to a federal lawsuit.

No one disputes what happened at Viejo Elementary School in Orange County:

The student, identified as B.B., drew the picture, which also included four colored-in ovals representing herself and three friends, after a lesson on Martin Luther King, Jr., and gave it to her friend, M.C., who took it home, where her mother saw it.

It is considered racist to suggest that all lives matter. M.C.’s mother complained to authorities.

The principal confronted B.B. and told her the drawing was “inappropriate” and “racist” and that she couldn’t draw at school anymore and had to apologize to her friend. When she returned to class, her teachers told her she was not allowed to play at recess for two weeks.

B.B.’s mother sued.

U.S. Central District Court Judge David Carter acknowledged that M.C.’s parents didn’t want B.B. punished and that neither student understood why B.B. was apologizing.

“Undoubtedly, B.B.’s intentions were innocent,” Carter said in ruling for the district. “B.B. testified that she gifted the Drawing to M.C. to make her feel comfortable after her class learned about Martin Luther King Jr.”

Yet Carter came down on the side of the thought police, on the grounds that “an elementary school … is not a marketplace of ideas.”

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Jul 13 2024

More Disney Sickness Exposed

If a cabal of depraved malevolent freaks wanted to corrupt the maximum number of innocent children, what would be the ideal corporation to subvert to this purpose? That’s right, Disney:

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Jul 11 2024

LGBTists Oppose Restricting Child Sex Trafficking

Protecting children from sex trafficking might seem like a good thing…

Senate Bill 1414 (SB 1414), introduced in the California Senate by Senator Shannon Grove (R-Bakersfield), aims to [change] soliciting sex from a minor a felony.

…but actually it is bigoted, because cracking down on child prostitution would have a disparate impact on the LGBT community — according to that same community:

People who construct their public identity around being perverts are more likely to commit sex crimes against children? Couldn’t be. Even to suggest it is homophobic.

Yet Kara McKinney and Lauren Chen persist in their thoughtcrime:

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Jul 10 2024

Satanists Want to Be School Counselors

The Republican Party is often associated with Christianity, for example, by moonbats who sputter venomously about “christofascists,” the “religious right,” and “Christian nationalists.” What religion do you suppose could be associated with Democrats? Here’s a hint:

Florida Satanists are volunteering to fill school counselor roles after Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) signed a law allowing religious chaplains into public schools amid staffing shortages.

If gay marriage is the equivalent of holy matrimony, then devil-worshipers are the equivalent of chaplains.

Back when DeSantis signed the bill in April, he described Satanism as “not a religion” and said its members would not be allowed to participate in the program.

But Lucien Greaves of The Satanic Temple says it is so a religion, protected by the First Amendment.

Maybe I could get out of paying taxes by declaring countermoonbattery to be a religion.

The Florida move allowing chaplains to serve as public school counselors comes as more states are aiming to inject Christianity into public school environments, including by mandating that the Bible or Ten Commandments be taught in classrooms.

The idea of presumably using the courts to impose satanic school counselors is to counter this encouraging trend on behalf of the Democrat base.

Considering the transsexualization of children that occurs in public schools, there may be some satanic counselors already.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Jul 09 2024

California Star Chamber for Transsexualizing Children

If it would please you to sexually mutilate your child but the other parent objects, head to the erstwhile Golden State. Authorities will go to extremes to take you side:

“My ex-wife, Anne Georgulas, wants to castrate my son, James,” Jeff Younger, the father, told The Daily Signal in a statement Wednesday. James is 12 years old. “Judge Michelle Kazadi denied me access to my own case records. She illegally sealed my case with no public access.”

The trial has been made secret à la Star Chamber. The process is so rigged that Younger can’t even get an independent medical examnation of his son.

Normally the moving vans go from California to Texas. But sometimes people have reason to move the other way:

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton issued an official opinion on Feb. 18, 2022, stating that performing any sterilizing medical procedure on a child constitutes felony child abuse. Georgulas later described Texas as having a “dangerous political climate,” and she moved to California in November 2022. Gov. Gavin Newsom, D-Calif., had signed state Senate Bill 107, turning California into a “sanctuary state” for “gender-affirming care.”

“Bottom surgery” may be the fate awaiting the 12-year-old boy whose mother evidently decided he wants to be a girl at least 8 years ago. It would be difficult to overstate the evil of inflicting the LGBT agenda on children.

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Jun 29 2024

Biden Regime vs. Sex Change Age Restrictions

Our rulers are not merely misguided. They are evil. For Democrats, desecrating the innocence of children is a policy objective. One means of achieving this is to disfigure their bodies in the name of LGBTism:

The US Assistant Secretary of Health for the Department of Health and Human Services reportedly pressured the world’s top transgender health authority to remove all objective age restrictions for the medical ‘transitioning’ of minors in their latest and 8th edition of guidelines, the Standards of Care (SOC-8).

Personnel is policy. Sterilizing and mutilating children is the policy you get when you appoint freaks like Rachel Levine.

Levine, a trans-identified male previously known as Richard and the highest-ranking official in the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps, “strongly pressured WPATH leadership to rush the development and issuance of SOC-8,” according to a recently unsealed court document presented as evidence in the ongoing court case Boe v. Marshall.

WPATH is a radical LGBT activist group mentioned here before in the context of grotesque medical procedures and pedophilia. Yet even they went along grudgingly, evidently less extreme in their wickedness than the Biden Administration.

The new criteria opens the door for clinicians to halt a child’s puberty, place them on cross-sex hormones, or potentially offer surgeries once they have reached the period of development referred to as Tanner Stage 2, which occurs between 9-11 years of age.

The tyrants of the 20th century were brutal but not truly evil in the satanic sense. They didn’t subject 9-year-olds to sex change surgery.

This is what we are up against:

[C]riteria put forward by WPATH, at Levine’s behest, reflect the stated desires of a castration fetish forum, the members of which were found to have been working intimately with WPATH leaders in a series of Reduxx investigations.

The site also hosts child sexual abuse fantasies that involve halting children’s development for pedophilic purposes. The Eunuch Archive, the forum which is directly named as a resource in WPATH’s newly-released SOC-8, is home to nearly 10,000 fictional pornography stories of an extreme sadomasochistic nature – of which nearly 4,000 feature themes of the rape, castration, torture, and / or killing of children.

In some of the stories, children with stunted puberty are raped by doctors. In others, children are castrated by force as part of a sadistic sexual torture ritual.

Vote as if your soul depended on it.

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Jun 24 2024

Lego Promotes Sexual Perversion to Children

Lego is a toy manufacturer. Its advertising should have nothing whatsoever to do with guys who achieve twisted sexual satisfaction by dressing as caricatures of women or animals. Yet we see this:

Corporations that have succumbed to leftism would rather desecrate children’s innocence than sell their products.

Why pander only to gays? Muslims buy toys too:

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Jun 24 2024

Dem Political Operative Caught in Child Predator Sting

Almost as difficult to miss as the association between transsexuality and criminal violence is the association between homosexuality and pedophilia. Maryland provides a high-profile example:

The head of Maryland Democratic Party (MDP) LGBTQ+ Diversity Leadership Council (DLC) has been caught on video in a disturbing child predator sting.

Michael Knaapen, who lives in progressive Montgomery County, Maryland, and uses pronouns, was caught by a vigilante organization, Predator Poachers, after he tried to meet a young boy.

Predator Poachers is what you might call a vigilante organization. It’s not as if you can wait for the government to do something about perverts preying on children — not under Democrat rule, anyway.

Pedophile hunter Alex Rosen has posted some of Knaapen’s texts to a 14-year-old boy on X. WARNING: Like all things LGBT, they are unsuitable for children.

On tips from Heckrules and ABC of the ANC.

Jun 19 2024

FBI Visits Whistleblower Children’s Hospital Nurse

Under Democrat rule, FBI agents do more than march in gay pride parades, peddle phony crime stats, and paint transsexual flags on their fingernails. For an organization degenerating into the American KGB, there is also the business of terrorizing the ideologically problematic:

The Biden administration sent a pair of FBI agents to the home of a nurse who asserted that staff at her hospital were committing Medicaid fraud in order to subject children to illicit “transgender” procedures.

As Mark Houck could tell you, having the FBI show up at your house is unlikely to be the highlight of your day. Craig Robertson and Theodore Deschler probably wouldn’t think so either, but we can’t ask them, because they are dead.

“According to a new whistleblower, doctors at Texas Children’s Hospital [TCH] were willing to falsify medical records and break the law to keep practicing ‘gender-affirming care,’” scholar Christopher Rufo wrote in City Journal Tuesday.

Registered nurse Vanessa Sivadge worked extensively with children the hospital designated as “transgender.” TCH has subjected such children to sexual transmogrification procedures that would send Josef Mengele racing for the men’s room with vomit spurting from between his fingers.

Sivadge told Rufo that TCH, America’s largest children’s hospital, “is illegally billing Medicaid for transgender procedures.”

The Feds don’t like it when people call attention to money illicitly spent and crimes against humanity committed in the name of their official ideology.

Texas State Rep. Brian Harrison, R-Midlothian, noted on X that the office of Republican Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton determined the “transgender” procedures TCH staff performed on minors amounted to child abuse.

Child abuse is putting it mildly.

Meanwhile, Biden’s weaponized Injustice Department has indicted Dr. Eithan Haim, another TCH whistleblower.

As Alexander Solzhenitsyn observed, “Evil people always support each other; that is their chief strength.” Resist evil and you risk incurring the wrath of the entire liberal establishment.

On a tip from MrRightWingDave.

Jun 14 2024

Sanctuary for Sexually Disfiguring Children

Betraying their country by offering sanctuary status to illegal aliens wasn’t enough for the moonbats running San Francisco. Now this privilege is extended to transsexuals — and to those who create them:

The city’s Board of Supervisors unanimously voted Tuesday in favor of the sanctuary status…

Because their imaginary oppressors do not exist, bestowing sanctuary status upon transsexual crybullies is meaningless. But wait:

The resolution symbolically indicates those identifying as transgender, gender non-conforming, intersex and two-spirit are safe to seek transitioning health care and that providers are similarly safe, Los Angeles’ FOX 11 reported.

In this context, “healthcare providers” is Liberalese for doctors of the Moreau if not Mengele stripe who inflict horrific and irreversible sex change procedures — often on children, who cannot consent.

“We have seen an influx of refugees, not just from other countries, but from other states who are seeking care and seeking sanctuary,” said San Francisco’s director of the Office of Transgender Initiatives, Honey Mahogany…

The “refugees” Mr. Mahogany refers to will include liberal parents who seek to obtain a trophy transsexual child in contravention of local laws.

The resolution comes as liberal-run communities express concern over laws cracking down on gender procedures, particularly for minors, in red states across the nation.

San Francisco’s posturing is all theater. The entire state is already a sanctuary for people who make money sterilizing and sexually disfiguring children:

Gavin Newsom signed a law in 2022 protecting transgender procedures in California by blocking state officials from enforcing other states’ laws that crack down on transgender surgeries and drugs.

Centuries from now, America may be less remembered for the Constitution, flight, splitting the atom, and reaching the moon than for what leftists have done to innocent children to advance their sick ideology.

On a tip from Jack D.

Jun 08 2024

What They Submerse Kids in at LGBT Pride Events

Here’s what “celebrating pride” means for innocent kids:

A Maine town near Portland drew criticism after a drag queen with a suggestive name performed in front of children at the town’s first-ever Pride weekend on Sunday. That name was “Letta Dicken.”

The event entitled “Together We Rise” was held to promote sexual deviancy in Windham.

The drag queen was seen dancing in a sparkly rainbow jumpsuit, reading to children, and singing “The Hips on the Drag Queen,” which is sung to the tune of The Wheels on the Bus. Letta Dicken proclaims to be “Maine’s #1 Plus Size Drag Queen” on Instagram.

When we last encountered “The Hips on the Drag Queen,” a drag queen calling himself “Little Miss Hot Mess” was singing it to 3–8-year olds on the coercively financed leftist propaganda platform PBS.

In light of this year’s Miss Alabama and Miss Maryland, Letta Dicken is a heavy favorite to be next year’s Miss Maine.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Jun 08 2024

Those Who Try to Protect Children Are Punished

The liberal establishment punishes those who attempt to protect innocent children from depravity, be they doctors, politicians, or anyone else.

For the most part, medical professionals go along with horrific crimes inflicted on children in the name of LGBTism not because they are evil, but because they are afraid. They don’t want the federal government to come down on them like it has on Eithan Haim:

The Department of Justice has indicted Dr. Eithan Haim, a little-known surgeon who exposed Texas Children’s Hospital for secretly conducting transgender surgeries and treatments on minors, on four felony counts related to his alleged violation of a medical-records law.

Like those Trump was found guilty of, the charges are baseless — not that it matters when the prosecution is political. They don’t even have to get a guilty verdict by trying him in New York. As noted earlier, the process has already served as punishment, so as to prevent other potential whistleblowers from following Haim’s commendable example.

Haim learned what they do to doctors who won’t submit to pure evil. California State Representative Bill Essayli got a taste of what they do to politicians:

Kudos to Haim, Essayli, and everyone else who stands up to the monsters comprising our ruling class.

On tips from Varla, WDS 2.0, and ABC of the ANC.

Jun 02 2024

YMCA Summer Camp Submits to Transsexualism

The LGBTification of summer camp continues (see here, here, here, here, here). The Village People ought to add new verses to their signature song “YMCA” in light of this story from Colorado:

Along with the traditional fun and games, a developing trend is playing out at the YMCA’s longstanding Camp Shady Brook near Deckers in Douglas County.

Campers and staff will be assigned to cabin groups in accordance with their “gender identity” rather than their actual sex.

Thus, adult and minor males who are transgender and identify as female could stay overnight in the same cabin as biological girls, and adult and minor transgender females who identify as male could sleep in the same cabin as biological boys.

Another hill has been taken in the march of “progress” (a.k.a. societal decay).

In addition to sleeping quarters, the use of bathrooms and showers also apply under the YMCA’s gender-inclusion rules.

Believe it or not, the “C” in YMCA stands for “Christian.”

Don’t want your little girl subjected to naked male perverts? Keep her away from the YMCA.

On a tip from Mike B.

May 23 2024

Looks Like Another LGBT Camp for Kids

Totalitarian regimes like North Korea feature reeducation camps, where subjects can be cut off from mitigating influences while they are immersed in the ideology they are expected to adopt. An American parallel is LGBT camps for kids like those sponsored by University of Evansville and University of Wisconsin–Green Bay. Could be we’ve found another. From Redlands, California:

From June 24-28, therapist Brian Scott Hamilton will facilitate a summer camp for teens ages 12-17 using tabletop roleplaying games to work on social anxiety, bullying, prejudice, and family dynamics, among other issues.

Libs are always on the lookout for dog whistles. References to “bullying” and “prejudice” might count, if used to suggest that a child is vulnerable to LGBTification.

To acquire an LGBT trophy child, sometimes progressive parents have to step back and let themselves be marginalized:

According to Hamilton, “It’s around this age when kids are starting to realize they can’t rely on their parents for the rest of lives for their survival. They have to rely on their community.”

This is why, she says, teenagers’ friends’ opinions often matter more to them than those of their parents. “They are trying to establish their identity. What do I want to be when I grow up? How do I fit into this world? Are these people I want to be around? Is this the personality I want? Is this the sexuality or gender expression I want?”

Speaking of gender expression, “she” in the paragraph above refers to Mr. Hamilton. This is him.

On a tip from Mike B.


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