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Dec 04 2020

“Stand and Deliver,” the Song YouTube Doesn’t Want Heard

As predicted, Google/YouTube censored the Van Morrison/Eric Clapton song “Stand and Deliver.” It asks a question thought police apparatchiks don’t want anyone to hear: “Do you want to be a free man, or do you want to be a slave?” Fortunately, this excellent song challenging COVID-19 tyranny has turned up on BitChute:

America is only a free country to the extent it is not ruled by the totalitarians who run Silicon Valley. The Harris/Biden ticket would not have been competitive without the aggressive support of Big Tech, so those living in this country who are Americans in any meaningful sense could be in for a rough ride.

Dec 04 2020

Van Morrison, Eric Clapton Enrage the Media

It isn’t likely to happen with Naomi Campbell, but sometimes celebrities do something right. You can tell this has happened when the media abruptly shifts from obsequious fawning to righteous denunciation.

A headline at Variety:

Van Morrison and Eric Clapton Strike the Wrong Note About COVID-19

Tightly clutching her pearls, the author shrieks:

In what world are these two living?

The fact that they would decide to collaborate on a song slamming COVID-19 lockdowns, discouraging people from taking extreme precautions and wearing masks to protect themselves and others, is beyond unconscionable.

The crime of these classic rockers is to release the song “Stand and Deliver,” which objects to the COVID-19 tyranny that the media holds dearer even than celebrity worship.

For Van Morrison, this is not a first offense.

Earlier this fall, Morrison released three other songs protesting the ongoing lockdown in the U.K., where, by the way, some news reports state that as many as 75,000 lives have been lost.

Does he not understand that all these lives would have been saved had Britain jettisoned its long tradition of liberty so as to impose draconian lockdown decrees? Oh wait, that’s what Britain did. But too much tyranny is never enough to suit the MSM.

The great Eric Clapton has transgressed. Out comes the racism club:

When Clapton announced last week that he was teaming with Morrison on a fourth anti-lockdown song to raise money for struggling artists during the pandemic, racist remarks he made onstage at his concert in Birmingham, England, in 1976 about keeping “Britain white” were unearthed on Twitter. He got pummeled on social media — rightfully so…

Wanting to keep England English is even more “unconscionable” than wanting to keep it free. Eric Clapton, consider yourself canceled. Your music will vanish.

In contrast to the thought criminals Morrison and Clapton, moonbat celebrities are caressed with coos of praise:

Meanwhile, humanitarian Bruce Springsteen teamed with fellow New Jersey artists Jon Bon Jovi and Jon Stewart to launch a statewide “Wear a Friggin’ Mask!” billboard campaign in which the three are featured wearing COVID masks.

This trio actually stood up and delivered.

That could be why so many entertainers are moonbats like Springsteen and Bon Jovi. It gets them good press, and good press equals money.

Listen fast before YouTube censors this for standing up to authorities:

Maybe it’s a matter of taste, but that sure sounds better than anything I’ve heard from Bruce Springsteen or Bon Jovi.

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It didn’t take the apparatchiks at YouTube long to censor this song, as predicted. There was a time when no American would have put up with this level of censorship. Hear the song via BitChute here.

Dec 03 2020

Encounter With a Probable Biden Voter

Remember the famous scream at the end of the 1978 version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers?

In the movie, that scream was used to call out humans who had not been replaced by hive-mind aliens. In 2020, similar but more aggressive behavior calls out people deemed to be out of compliance with COVID-19 regulations:

Not all Karens are female.

On a tip from ScrewyPuppy.

Dec 03 2020

Profiles in COVID-19 Tyranny: Sheila Kuehl

Although she is not a major figure in the Democratic Party, the COVID-19 hypocrisy of Sheila Kuehl is so flagrant that it would be remiss not to note it.

Just hours after Los Angeles County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl voted to ban outdoor dining at L.A. County’s 31,000 restaurants over COVID-19 safety concerns, she visited a restaurant in Santa Monica, where she dined outdoors, FOX 11 learned on Monday.

The senseless ban on outdoor dining is an inconvenience to customers. To those who work at them, it is a major problem, because they will likely become unemployed, and if Democrats take over in Washington, unemployment will remain high for years (due to hyper-regulation, higher minimum wage, excessive immigration, and overtaxation). To the owners of the thousands of establishments effected, it is not merely an inconvenience or a problem, but a catastrophe.

Lately Democrats brandish the word “science” almost as aggressively as they exploit the increasingly meaningless word “racism.” But as Liz Wheeler observes, the COVID-19 tyranny inflicted by bureaucrats like Kuehl has nothing to do with science:

On a tip from KirklesWorth.

Dec 03 2020

Do As I Say, Not As I Do COVID-19 Update

“Do as I say, not as I do” could be the official motto of the liberal elite. It is implemented on a constant basis.

Today’s DAISNAID report features a big city mayor. No, it isn’t Denver’s Michael Hancock. From the Austin American-Statesman:

In early November, as health officials warned of [an] impending COVID-19 spike, Austin Mayor Steve Adler hosted an outdoor wedding and reception with 20 guests for his daughter at a trendy hotel near downtown.

The next morning, Adler and seven other wedding attendees boarded a private jet bound for Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, where they vacationed for a week at a family timeshare.

At the time, the city officially recommended that gatherings be limited to 10 or fewer.

One night into the trip, Adler addressed Austin residents in a Facebook video: “We need to stay home if you can. This is not the time to relax. We are going to be looking really closely. … We may have to close things down if we are not careful.”

The wedding was okay though, because Adler says people practiced social distancing.

Adler added that masks were distributed, although he acknowledged that guests were “probably not” wearing them all the time.

Just so long as you have the mask in your pocket, you can always whip it out if someone starts sneezing in your face.

It might not be a big deal that Adler blows off his own government’s recommendations — except that as always with Democrats, there is coercion involved.

Adler has been involved heavily in the city’s COVID-19 response, taking what many considered a bold and politically risky step in March of canceling the South by Southwest Festival, a premier event and economic boon for the city, days before the first local cases were confirmed.

Every time bureaucrats cancel an event, people who would have earned money from it get hurt. Most of these people probably have less excess wealth than Adler.

Even CNN propagandists are choking on the COVID hypocrisy. Daily Caller reports:

CNN anchor Brianna Keilar blasted several Democratic leaders who have been caught breaking or skirting their own COVID-19 safety recommendations during a Wednesday afternoon segment of “CNN Newsroom.”

Keilar took aim at California Gov. Gavin Newsom, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, San Francisco Mayor London Breed, Los Angeles County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl, San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo, and Denver Mayor Michael Hancock, all of whom were publicly exposed for breaking COVID-19 regulations in various ways.

Let them have it, Brianna:

Nice scolding, but no one takes the hide off Democrats like Kayleigh McEnany. Via Not the Bee:

We will have to become accustomed to hypocrisy if the Party of Government isn’t turned back. Once limited government slips away, rules are for the ruled, not the rulers.

On tips from Lyle.

Dec 02 2020

Fifteen Signs You’re in an Abusive Relationship With Your Government

Whatever you do, stay out of abusive relationships. In the video below, psychologist Richard Schulman lists a few signs that you have become trapped in one. An abusive partner…

1. Stops you from seeing friends and family;

2. Won’t let you go out without permission;

3. Tells you what to wear;

4. Monitors your phone and emails;

5. Controls your finances;

6. Controls what you read, watch, and say;

7. Monitors everything you do;

8. Punishes you for breaking rules that keep changing;

9. Tells you the abuse is for your own good;

10. Pretends to know better;

11. Doesn’t allow you to question;

12. Tells you that you’re crazy and no one agrees with you;

13. Calls you names and shames you;

14. Gaslights you, attempting to change your memory of events; and

15. Plays the victim when things go wrong.

If all this sounds familiar, you might be thinking of our relationship with Big Government under COVID-19 tyranny.

On a tip from seaoh.

Dec 02 2020

Crackdown on Lockdown-Defying Staten Island Bar

Despite the defunding craze, progressives only want to degrade the police, not abolish them. Without police, how can you have a police state like the one that is taking hold in New York? Thanks to ChiCom virus hysteria, the gloves are coming off:

The New York City Sheriff’s Department raided a Staten Island bar Tuesday night, shutting down the business and arresting one of its owners after the bar continued regular operation despite coronavirus lockdown measures.

Mac’s Public House had declared itself an “autonomous zone” and thereby not subject to Andrew Cuomo’s arbitrary coronavirus decrees. As we saw in Seattle, when hooligans occupy property that does not belong to them in the name of leftist ideology, authorities leave them to it for weeks on end. Business owners trying to make a living are treated differently.

The bar is located inside an “orange zone,” which, under the health guidelines, means that it is limited to offering outdoor dining and takeout and delivery services only.

Outdoor dining in New York City in December is not going to keep many businesses afloat.

When Danny Presti, who co-owns the establishment with Keith McAlarney, wouldn’t cooperate, he was taken away in handcuffs.

Too bad they didn’t think to spray the window with Black Lives Matter graffiti and bring in a statue of George Washington to smash. Orders would have come down to leave them alone.

The bar had already been subjected to thousands of dollars in fines and had its state liquor license revoked in the days prior.

Authoritarianism doesn’t work unless nails that stand up get hammered down.

Mac’s had been attempting to skirt lockdown restrictions and circumvent their licenses being revoked by offering food and beverages for free while asking patrons for donations.

It’s hard to get off on a technicality when the crime is not so much selling food and drink as it is the owners’ defiant attitude.

Greg Kelly provides a platform to Staten Island’s COVID criminals:

They couldn’t find the manpower to keep Black Lives Matter riots from getting out of hand, but the authorities sure have Mac’s Public House under control.

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Nov 30 2020

Another Holiday Ban Fail

Authorities are appalled that Americans celebrated Thanksgiving despite their disapproval. Despite all the warnings and proscriptions, almost 50 million people were estimated to have traveled over the weekend. We are told that anyone who did so to gather for Thanksgiving can assume they have the ChiCom virus.

They managed to deflate the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, but they couldn’t stop Thanksgiving, any more than they could stop the Fourth of July. Remember this, from back in the summer?

Mayor Eric Garcetti discussed the pausing of businesses reopening in Los Angeles and beaches being ordered to close on the Fourth of July weekend to help slow the spread of the virus.

“We simply cannot risk people’s lives” by allowing them to go on with their lives, Garcetti barked.

He then announced that, along with the beach closures, Fourth of July firework displays would be prohibited in hope of keeping Angelenos from gathering in groups.

Also, he said, “Gatherings of people you do not live with are not allowed.”

So much for the right of the people peacefully to assemble, one of the constitutional liberties we celebrate on the Fourth.

But wait… when asked about the anti-American Black Lives Matter riots that were laying waste to statues of the Founding Fathers throughout the country, Garcetti said, “Keep your social distance and wear masks. People can — and should — still exercise their first amendment rights.”

Here’s how his ban of fireworks turned out:

They won’t be able to ban Christmas either, even if CNN says we “we just can’t do” Christmas this year.

Sensible precautions are encouraged. Submitting to long-term lockdown is not.

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Nov 30 2020

Finals Canceled, Winners Declared in West Virginia

Among the positive aspects of ChiCom virus hysteria, it has taught us that there is no need to waste time with championship games. We can just have a commission declare the winners:

The governing body for high school sports in West Virginia has canceled the state football championship games due to the coronavirus pandemic and instead declared winners in each class.

The Secondary School Activities Commission made the announcement Saturday night after the state Department of Education released its color-coded county map that determines whether athletic competitions can be played. …

“We congratulate the winners,” [SSAC executive director Bernie] Dolan said. “It has been an emotional journey for everyone involved. We wish there could have been championship games but the map did not allow the games to be played.”

Think how much the NFL could save on inflated salaries, and how many revolting displays of anti-American theatrics fans could be spared, if pro football adopted the same policy, starting with the first game of the season.

The only problem is the obvious injustice of naming one team the champion and not another. For the sake of equity, all teams should be named the champion.

On a tip from Sad Hill.

Nov 29 2020

Andrew Cuomo From the Moonbat Point of View

New York Governor and COVID-19 tyrant Andrew Cuomo likely killed thousands by forcing nursing homes to accept coronavirus patients (while more appropriate facilities were available elsewhere). Yet he has been praised by the liberal establishment media for his ham-fisted handling of the virus. He was even awarded an Emmy for his ChiCom virus press briefings.

If you find this incomprehensible, it could be because you don’t see Cuomo from the progressive point of view. This video should help:

It must have come as a big relief to Randy Rainbow when Fredo got over his bout with Kung-Flu and stopped pretending to be cooped up in the basement.

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Nov 29 2020

Pope Francis: BLM Riots Good, Anti–COVID Tyranny Protests Bad

In a sane world, the Pope would side with the good guys. But moonbattery deranges everything it touches; not even the papacy is exempted. That’s why Pope Francis denounces protesters against tyranny inflicted in the name of COVID hysteria, while praising destructive race riots driven by Marxists.

AFO reports:

Pope Francis took aim Monday at protests against coronavirus restrictions, contrasting them with the “healthy indignation” seen in the global demonstrations against racism after the death of George Floyd.

That “healthy indignation” produced hundreds of riots and $billions in property damage. Dozens of people have been killed. No evidence has been produced that the drug-induced demise of George Floyd had anything to do with racism.

“Some groups protested, refusing to keep their distance, marching against travel restrictions — as if measures that governments must impose for the good of their people constitute some kind of political assault on autonomy or personal freedom!” he wrote in a new book [entitled Let Us Dream].

As if. Yet restrictions against looting Target or setting fire to police stations can be righteously ignored, because “healthy indignation.”

Risibly cluelessness regarding current events, Francis stumbles into comedy gold as he spews invective at those who protest against COVID-19 tyranny:

“You’ll never find such people protesting the death of George Floyd, or joining a demonstration because there are shantytowns where children lack water or education, or because there are whole families who have lost their income,” he said.

He added: “On such matters they would never protest; they are incapable of moving outside of their own little world of interests.”

If Francis would move outside his own little world of moonbattery, it might occur to him that whole families have lost their income precisely because of the excessive coronavirus restrictions he wants us to accept passively, even as he tacitly gives a thumbs-up to throwing Molotov cocktails through store windows in the name of George Floyd.

The good news is that even Francis is alarmed by the common practice of desecrating and/or destroying statues of great historical figures at mostly peaceful George Floyd riots. He must realize the crocodile might not eat him last if iconoclasm gets out of hand.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Nov 28 2020

Britain’s Freedom Pass

Inmates of the Soviet Union required an internal passport to move around the country. Inmates of Britain may soon require a “freedom pass,” certifying two negative coronavirus tests within the past week. British ex-pat Sarah Corriher explains:

Thanks to the ChiCom virus, even the most fundamental inalienable rights are now privileges to be doled out by our rulers. If Big Government grants you the privilege of traveling within your own country, be sure to lick its hand in gratitude.

The “freedom pass” must have been named in honor of the great British writer George Orwell (in the spirit of Ministry of Truth, etc.).

On a tip from Kate P.

Nov 27 2020

Vermont Wants Kids to Rat Out Parents for Thanksgiving Gatherings

If you celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday in the traditional manner — feasting with friends and family — be mindful of your children speaking with teachers. They are the eyes and ears of the state in a place like Vermont:

[Governor Phil] Scott … has implemented new guidelines to curb the spread of COVID-19 in the state, including a temporary ban on multi-household gatherings and an order to close bars and social clubs. Scott took it a step further Tuesday.

For a Republican to keep getting elected governor in a state so liberal that it sends Bernie Sanders to the Senate requires presiding over a whole lot of RINO moonbattery. Phil Scott demonstrates.

[T]he Agency of Education is directing schools to ask students and parents if they were part of multi-family Thanksgiving gatherings as part of the daily health check. If the answer is yes, they’ll need to transition to remote learning for 14 days or seven days with a negative test, the same rules for inter-state travel.

I wonder if we have already reached the point where law enforcement would be informed when kids can be persuaded to rat out their parents. Multihousehold gatherings have been banned, after all. Lawbreakers must be punished — unless of course they are rioting in the name of Black Lives Matter.

Vermont schoolchildren who squeal might be awarded the Order of Pavlik Morozov:

Pavlik became a powerful icon in the new pantheon of Communist saints, a child-martyr worshiped for his feat of heroism: informing on his father.

Just as American schoolchildren learn the parable of George Washington and the cherry tree, Soviet students for decades were taught the morality tale of Pavlik Morozov. For them, the story drove home the lesson that loyalty to the state should supersede loyalty to one’s family.

The cult of Pavlik Morozov fed a culture of informants, the lifeblood of a police state. Pavlik became a favorite of the Soviet propaganda machine, which described him as chairman of the village’s troop of Communist Young Pioneers and officially dubbed him “Pioneer-Hero #1.” Poems, books and even an opera were written about him.

Others are reminded of Nazi Germany:

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Nov 26 2020

Happy Thanksgiving From the New York State Gulag

No prior generation of Americans would have put up with this. It would be nice to think that ours won’t for much longer.

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