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May 29 2024

Kidney Transplants to Be Provided on Racial Basis

Equity and racial justice mean that if you need a kidney transplant, you had better not be white:

The Biden administration unveiled a plan that would push American hospitals to prioritize low-income patients when performing kidney transplants, a move Health and Human Services secretary Xavier Becerra says is aimed at rooting out “racial inequities” in the “transplant process.”

The policy rewards hospitals with a “health equity performance adjustment” for choosing transplant recipients based on the Biden Regime’s ideology, Cultural Marxism.

Hospitals that meet their quota [of politically favored transplant recipients] receive as much as $8,000 per transplant; those that don’t may have to pay up to $2,000 per transplant.

Money to reward compliant hospitals will be confiscated through taxation and inflation mainly from the disfavored whites who are to be last in line for transplants.

While the proposal uses income to categorize patients rather than race, Becerra made clear that the scoring system is meant to address racial concerns.

Because some races are markedly more economically productive than others, income makes a convenient proxy for race. Regardless of the euphemisms and subterfuge that characterize all things Democrat, racial favoritism is the bottom line, not conventional economic Marxism.

Our moonbat rulers will literally let us die as punishment for being white. Living under them is not tolerable, dying under them still less so.

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May 25 2024

DEI Is Destroying UCLA Medical School

Long considered among the best medical schools in the world, UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine accepted only 1.3% of applicants in 2023. Unfortunately, under dean of admissions Jennifer Lucero, the selectivity is based less on merit than on moonbattery:

In interviews with the Free Beacon and complaints to UCLA officials, including investigators in the university’s Discrimination Prevention Office, faculty members with firsthand knowledge of the admissions process say it has prioritized diversity over merit, resulting in progressively less qualified classes that are now struggling to succeed.

Discrimination Prevention Office. The inspiration for the name must have been the Ministry of Truth and the Ministry of Love. Progressives really are using 1984 as an instruction manual.

Race-based admissions have turned UCLA into a “failed medical school,” said one former member of the admissions staff.

Per California law and a Supreme Court ruling, it is illegal to consider race in admissions. But under liberal anarchotyranny, laws are enforced selectively. Consequently,

Within three years of Lucero’s hiring in 2020, UCLA dropped from 6th to 18th place in U.S. News & World Report’s rankings for medical research. And in some of the cohorts she admitted, more than 50 percent of students failed standardized tests on emergency medicine, family medicine, internal medicine, and pediatrics.

Those tests, known as shelf exams, which are typically taken at the end of each clinical rotation, measure basic medical knowledge and play a pivotal role in residency applications. Though only 5 percent of students fail each test nationally, the rates are much higher at UCLA, having increased tenfold in some subjects since 2020, according to internal data obtained by the Free Beacon.

The ultimate test is in the operating room:

One professor said that a student in the operating room could not identify a major artery when asked, then berated the professor for putting her on the spot.

What else would you expect in a world where you get ahead not by working hard or knowing what you are doing but by belligerently whimpering that you are a victim?

“All the normal criteria for getting into medical school only apply to people of certain races,” an admissions officer said. “For other people, those criteria are completely disregarded.”

The effect is that the candidates most likely to succeed are weeded out in favor of those least likely.

Led by Lucero, who also serves as the vice chair for equity, diversity, and inclusion of UCLA’s anesthesiology department, the admissions committee routinely gives black and Latino applicants a pass for subpar metrics, four people who served on it said, while whites and Asians need near perfect scores to even be considered.

The bar for underrepresented minorities is “as low as you could possibly imagine,” one committee member told the Free Beacon. “It completely disregards grades and achievements.”

Surely if Kamala Harris is qualified to be vice president, any Woman of Color is qualified to be a doctor. Those who feel differently are treated harshly:

Lucero hasn’t been kind to dissenters. … She has lashed out at officials who question the qualifications of minority candidates, five sources said, suggesting naysayers are “privileged,” implying that they are racist, and subjecting them to diversity training sessions.

This is how admissions committees spend their time with leftists in charge:

After a Native American applicant was rejected in 2021, for example, Lucero chewed out the committee and made members sit through a two-hour lecture on Native history delivered by her own sister, according to three people familiar with the incident.

Meanwhile, instruction increasingly emphasizes kooky woke crapola at the expense of physiology and anatomy. No sane person would let a social worker or sociology professor come at them with a scalpel. Yet the education UCLA provides doctors is becoming similar, featuring mandatory classes like “Structural Racism and Health Equity.”

The price of moonbattery is high. When you come to rely on the expertise of medical professionals, it could cost you your life.

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May 23 2024

Rule by Racists: Taxation by Race

Criminal justice is not the only fundamental aspect of government to be corrupted by the racist ideology of America’s leftist rulers. Another is taxes.

Consider a report from the US Treasury entitled “Advancing Equity Through Tax Reform: Effects of the Administration’s Fiscal Year 2025 Revenue Proposals on Racial Wealth Inequality.” Comments Roger Kimball:

Beginning with its title, this report bristles with loaded buzzwords —“equity,” “racial wealth inequality.” Behind those abstractions, however, is a malevolent plan to destroy middle-class prosperity by brandishing the chief shibboleth of the age: race.

The intent is to manipulate the tax code so as to reward blacks and punish whites. An example of how the Biden Regime plans to do this is by dramatically increasing capital gains taxes. This achieves “racial justice” because whites are more likely to invest.

For a people to live as despised second class citizens in the country they created and maintain is intolerable. What does it take to get the worm to turn?

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May 23 2024

Rule by Racists: Racial Justice Act

Under moonbat rule, everything is rigged to favor blacks at the expense of whites — including fundamental aspects of government like criminal justice. Once again, California leads the way into insanity:

The Racial Justice Act, passed in 2020 without meaningful public review, turns long-standing academic tropes about implicit bias and white privilege into potent legal tools. And the floodgates are about to open. Starting this year, the RJA allows anyone serving time in a California prison or jail for a felony to challenge his conviction and sentencing retroactively on the ground of systemic racial bias.

War is peace. Freedom is slavery. The system is biased not in favor of blacks but against them:

The Racial Justice Act operationalizes the proposition that every aspect of the criminal-justice system is biased against blacks. But according to the act’s legislative authors, it’s too hard to prove such bias in the case of individual arrests and prosecutions. Therefore, the act does away with the concept of individual fault and individual proof.

Mark Twain listed three kinds of lies in escalating order of their perniciousness: lies, damned lies, and statistics:

From now on in California, statistics purporting to show a pattern of bias in the past are enough to invalidate a current arrest, criminal charge, or judicial sentence.

Effectively this means that since blacks are more likely to commit crimes, they cannot be punished, because that would have a disparate impact.

Big Government’s thumb is heavy upon the scales of justice:

The California legislature gave the Office of the State Public Defender over $5 million in 2023 to litigate RJA claims. No money was allocated to district attorneys’ offices to defend against those claims.

Blacks are 17 times as likely as whites to be murdered in Los Angeles. That figure will rise as ever more black criminals are unleashed upon their communities, since they are the ones doing the killing. Liberals will happily seize on this as further evidence that blacks are oppressed and deserve even more favoritism.

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May 22 2024

RFK Jr Offers Blacks $5 Billion to Vote for Him

Biden has taken the Cultural Marxist strategy of stoking black resentment and then pandering to it to such pernicious extremes that even some liberals are disgusted. Yet he can hardly keep ahead of Robert F. Kennedy Jr:

In a recent episode of his podcast, which featured John Boyd Jr., the founder of the National Black Farmers Association, RFK Jr. vowed to give black farmers $5 billion in reparations should he win the 2024 presidential election.

According to the Democrat brand of race-based Marxism, other people’s property belongs to those of preferred pigmentation because “discrimination.” You might as well vote for Patrisse Cullors for POTUS.

It isn’t just RFK Jr.:

Interestingly, his proposal was part of President Biden’s American Rescue Plan, aka the COVID-19 Stimulus Package, which a court reportedly struck down as unconstitutional when white farmers pushed back.

Biden has been proving that it doesn’t matter what courts rule unconstitutional by continuing to force us to pay off $billions of other people’s student loans.

More potentially pricey pandering from RFK Jr:

The candidate also promises “increased access to investment capital for a robust, self-sustaining Black business infrastructure,” along with “low interest microloans to invest in approved business plans with flexible repayment terms.” He also vows to “push to make student debt dischargeable in bankruptcy and move to cancel student debt.” On criminal justice, RFK Jr. promises to “expand reintroduction to the community for non-violent offenders.”

More free money for being black and more criminal scumbags unleashed on the public are not a recipe for a healthier country.

No wonder the Biden Regime has denied RFK Jr Secret Service protection. His pressure from the left will draw Creepy Joe’s handlers ever deeper into the moonbat fever swamps of the Democrat base, alienating all reasonable Americans. Drawing votes from Trump becomes less likely every time RFK Jr. opens his mouth.

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May 19 2024

Bullying Crisis Among Astronomers and Geophysicists

No field of endeavor is safe from subversion by moonbattery. Refer to an on-the-level article from to see what the Royal Astronomical Society concerns itself with rather than attempting to unravel the mysteries of the universe:

A survey commissioned by the society showed that disabled people, women, Black and minority ethnic, and LGBTQ+ people are much more likely to be bullied and harassed than men and white, straight, and non-disabled people.

Capitalization of “Black” and “white” as in original.

When faced with a crisis of these proportions, the only sensible course of action is to panic:

50% of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and queer astronomers and geophysicists were bullied in the 24 months preceding the survey, and 12% of bisexual astronomers reported being bullied at least once a week.

What horrific forms of abuse were inflicted? Were their pigtails pulled? Was their lunch money stolen? Were they pushed down on the playground during recess and their faces washed with snow? No one knows…

…because those who took part in the survey were not asked the nature of the bullying and harassment they suffered.

It is safe to assume that the “bullying” consisted of “microaggressions.” These are imaginary slights members of favored identity groups are taught to perceive so as to exert power over disfavored groups.

Here’s how this ostensibly scientific organization managed to reach its asinine findings:

The RAS Committee on Diversity in Astronomy and Geophysics commissioned the survey, which was then carried out by the society’s education, outreach and diversity officer Dr. Sheila Kanani and then RAS diversity officer Dr. Aine O’Brien.

No doubt Drs. Kanani and O’Brien are well paid to discover the oppression of favored groups. They could even find microaggressions on Mars — except that would require looking to the stars, when they are more inclined to examine their own navels in search of racist lint.

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May 16 2024

Ayanna Pressley Denounces White Men

Considering that the ideology of our ruling class is based largely on demonization of white men, you can’t expect them to be treated respectfully by the government. Still, it is a little much to have to hear about the white males who are systematically discriminated against at every level of society “failing up” from a conspicuously dim-witted Woman of Color who is in Congress instead of cleaning hotel rooms due to DEI:

No white guys in Congress would be allowed to complain that poster children for Affirmative Action like Kamala Harris, Ketanji Brown Jackson, Karine Jean-Pierre, Claudine Gay, Jasmine Crockett, Ayanna Pressley, et alia hold positions for which they are unqualified, because it is true.

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May 14 2024

Male Mexican Pols Run as Women to Meet DEI Quotas

The nice thing about men being encouraged to identify as women is that it allows men to find jobs despite DEI. From Mexico:

[T]wo progressive political parties – the Green Ecologist of Mexico (PVEM) and the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) – are being condemned by other progressives for nominating a number of men to run as women in the municipal elections in the state of San Luis de Potosí. Mexico’s Constitution contains the Gender Parity Law, passed in response to the country’s sexual violence crisis, which requires that 50 percent of elected positions be held by women.

The PRD is proud of its transgender candidates, telling a newspaper,

“This year’s process opens the door to a historic opportunity to build equality and inclusion where all social groups such as women, indigenous peoples, the LGBTQ+ community and people with disabilities can have guaranteed participation and have their voices heard in every space.”

These days becoming transsexual is as easy as declaring alternative pronouns:

It should be noted that the four male candidates running in these municipal elections have made no attempt whatsoever to present as female; none have legally changed their names to feminine names, and none have legally changed their sex.

Since men are women if they say they are, there is no logical reason that white guys in the USA can’t identify as oppressed African Americans as well as women. Think of the job opportunities!

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Apr 29 2024

UCLA Med School Mandates Fat Positivity Indoctrination

The price of allowing liberals to subvert the healthcare field and subordinate it to their warped ideology is nowhere more obvious than at UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine, where students are required to kneel to moonbat deities while a crazy lady denounces modern medicine as “white science,” where committing suicide to advance political objectives is encouraged, and where students are required to undergo “fat positivity” indoctrination.

All first-year medical students must take the course “Structural Racism and Health Equity”:

The Washington Free Beacon has obtained the entire syllabus for the course…

One required reading lists “anti-capitalist politics” as a principle of “disability justice” and attacks the evils of “ableist heteropatriarchal capitalism.” Others decry “racial capitalism,” attack “growth-centered economic theories,” and call for “moving beyond capitalism for our health.”

Health isn’t about health with leftists at the helm; like everything else, it is about imposing Marxism in its various applications. To get an idea of how healthy that is, consider the 100 million people killed by their own Marxist governments during the 20th century.

Students are required to read an essay by self-described “fat liberationist” Marquisele Mercedes.

The essay by Mercedes “describes how weight came to be pathologized and medicalized in racialized terms” and offers guidance on “resisting entrenched fat oppression,” according to the course syllabus. Mercedes claims that “ob*sity” is a slur “used to exact violence on fat people”—particularly “Black, disabled, trans, poor fat people”—and offers a “fat ode to care” that students are instructed to analyze, taking note of which sections “most resonate with you.”

Obesity is not a slur or an oppressed identity but a medical disorder that will take years if not decades off your life. It is associated with heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, osteoarthritis, gout, depression, gallbladder disease, and obstructive sleep apnea, among other conditions.

Yet even as the nanny state anarchotyrants running New York require warning labels on hot chocolate lest someone pack on a few extra ounces, doctors are trained to revere obesity rather that to help their patients overcome it — because cultural Marxism.

Admittedly, there is one advantage to being obese. It can help a “trans woman” evade punishment for exposing his genitalia to children. Actual headline from the bizarro world liberals have inflicted on us:

Trans Woman Is Cleared of Flashing Her Penis at Three Women Using Ohio YMCA After Judge Ruled She’s Too FAT for Her Genitals to Be Visible

Nothing tops transsexualism for depravity. But using a medical school to promote obesity comes close.

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Apr 23 2024

Sheetz Set Upon by Feds for Not Hiring Criminals

Running a business? Prefer not to hire criminals? Hire them anyway — or our Democrat rulers will smash your kneecaps with the racism club:

Sheetz Inc., which operates more than 700 stores in six states, discriminated against Black, Native American and multiracial job seekers by automatically weeding out applicants whom the company deemed to have failed a criminal background check, according to U.S. officials.

That’s the beauty of the “disparate impact” ploy. Since blacks are more likely to commit crimes, you have to hire criminals or you are discriminating against blacks.

Criminals may be the only identity group more likely than blacks to support Democrats. That’s why they get special treatment at everyone else’s expense.

The feds aren’t going to haul you into court for hiring someone who isn’t a criminal. So play it safe and hire the guy with a record. When the crook cleans out the till, chalk it up to the price of doing business in a country ruled by liberals.

The Feds explicitly do not allege that Sheetz has committed racial animus. They just cite the disparate impact.

They are going to make this hurt:

The EEOC, an independent agency that enforces federal laws against workplace discrimination, is seeking to force Sheetz to offer jobs to applicants who were unlawfully denied employment and to provide back pay, retroactive seniority and other benefits.

Some coincidence:

The lawsuit was filed in federal court on Wednesday, the day Biden stopped at a Sheetz market on a western Pennsylvania campaign swing, buying snacks, posing for photos and chatting up patrons and employees.

The absurdly hypermanaged Biden evoked facepalms at this event, which invited comparisons to Trump that did not favor Creepy Joe:

[T]he overall response to his presence seemed incredibly tame for a sitting president only a few months away from his re-election bid.


On Tuesday evening, Trump had visited a bodega in Harlem, New York, where he was met with cheering, energetic crowds.

It makes quite the contrast:

At least he managed to refrain from sniffing the little girls. The sunglasses indoors are a reminder that he needs to be heavily drugged even to shuffle across a floor; behind them, his eyes probably look like spinning pinwheels.

Then there is Trump, behind enemy lines in deep blue New York:

This underscores that Trump represents the American people, whereas Biden personifies the hostile liberal establishment.

Maybe the bodega will be accused of civil rights violations by the federal bureaucracy too. A worker there has already been prosecuted persecuted by Soros stooge Alvin Bragg for defending himself from a criminal.

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Apr 18 2024

Surgical Oncologists Required to Be DEI Compliant

To work as a surgical oncologist, you must meet certain requirements. Prominent among these at UC Davis is compliance with DEI ideology:

Applicants for a job as a surgical oncologist must submit a “Statement of Contributions to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion,” to be considered at the University of California Davis.

“Contributions to diversity, equity, and inclusion documented in the application file will be used to evaluate applicants,” the job listing for an “academic surgical oncologist/breast surgeon” states.

Iran is considered a totalitarian theocracy because everyone is required to comply with Islam. But I doubt you need to submit a statement detailing your contributions to jihad to work as a surgeon. The ayatollahs running the place are fanatical, but not compared to the moonbats running our schools.

[W]hile a DEI statement is mandatory, a “Statement of Teaching” and “Statement of Research” both are listed as optional under the job application instructions.

You can’t prioritize everything.

The effect on patients’ well-being of surgeons being chosen on the basis of social engineering and/or political orthodoxy rather than professional skill is irrelevant to educrats.

It isn’t just UC Davis:

For example, San Diego State University’s job listing in 2022 for a cancer biologist also required a DEI statement, as reported by City Journal.

The subversion of the medical field by leftists and its subordination to moonbattery will lower the quality of healthcare and cost lives.

Then again, if janitors have to submit DEI statements to get hired, equity demands that surgeons should too.

On a tip from R F.

Apr 03 2024

Seattle Schools Shut Down Gifted Programs Because Equity

To achieve equity, excellence must be suppressed. In Seattle, liberals characteristically achieve this on a racial basis:

Seattle has shuttered its gifted and talented programs because the school board determined they had too many white and Asian students.

The district began phasing out its Highly Capable Cohort schools and classrooms for advanced students in the 2021-22 school year because they found it had too many racial inequities. School bosses said black and Hispanic students were underrepresented at the schools.

Not even Affirmative Action insanity suffices:

During a January 22, 2020, school board meeting, parents of black students in the Highly Capable Cohort asked the board to consider finding ways to incorporate students of color into the gifted program rather than shut it down.

Then school board vice president Chandra Hampson slammed those parents saying, ‘this is a pretty masterful job at tokenizing a really small community of color within the existing cohort.’

No more tokenizing by including students based on their skin color who won’t be able to keep up. From now on, no more excellence for anyone.

Too bad for any black kids who actually belonged in gifted programs. They get screwed like the other overachievers.

Three elementary schools, five middle schools and three high schools are currently highly capable cohort schools – all of which will be phased out by the 2027-28 school year. …

According to Seattle Public Schools, the new model will be ‘be more inclusive, equitable and culturally sensitive.’

Americans did not master air travel and 65 years later make it to the moon by being inclusive, equitable, and culturally sensitive, but by encouraging excellence.

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Apr 01 2024

Skinny Guy Tries to Join Queer Fat Club

Moonbats noisily take pride in their devotion to inclusion. Yet they are not so inclusive of a skinny guy who identifies as queer and fat and wants to join a queer fat club:

The liberal establishment has no problem letting people identify as members of the opposite sex. If he were to commit ghastly homicides and then declare himself a woman, the media would obsequiously bestow feminine pronouns upon him, as reference to the Transsexual Violence Hall of Horrors can confirm. The difference is that “fat” is relative. Compared to a starving zek in a communist gulag, this guy really is fat. In contrast, calling a man a woman is not just a mischaracterization; it is a unequivocal lie.

On tips from Varla and seaoh.

Mar 15 2024

Equity Bureaucrat Calls for Burning Down America

DEI has led to liberals hiring people to implement their ideology who are so dumb, they express their views openly and state the game plan out loud. From College Park, Maryland:

Kayla Aliese Carter supports “Black liberation” through revolutionary means and said she is working with some activists to plan “how we will eat and live and grow after we burn it all down.” She was hired to be a “Racial Equity Officer” under former Mayor Patrick L. Wojahn, who resigned from office after being arrested for child pornography.

Democrat leadership entails a distinctive moral character. As mentioned previously, Wojahn is a protégé of our Secretary of Transportation.

According to the city’s website, [Carter] assembled a team tasked with implementing a “racial equity” agenda across all city departments, affecting policies, practices, programs and budgets.

Her position resulted from leftists pressing their advantage during and after the Black Lives Matter race riots.

Carter was hired after former Mayor Wojahn signed into law “Resolution 20-R-16,” “which renounced systemic racism, declared support of Black lives, and called for the ongoing explicit and conscious confrontation of racism,” in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd in 2020. …

For her work in the city government, Carter makes $75,600, which is slightly above the average salary for the state at $69,750.

That’s a lot of money, considering how unlikely it is that this parasite has ever provided the public any benefit whatsoever. Taxpayers don’t even get gratitude:

According to her posts on X, Carter doesn’t appear to be enthusiastic about her role, and blames “capitalism” for forcing her to be in the workforce. She’d rather be a “collage artist” or a “lady of leisure,” she said on X in March and July 2023, respectively.

“Tired of being so underpaid also tired of applying to new jobs. I don’t wanna go back to s*lling dr*gs but this economy is getting desperate,” Carter wrote in October.

Wojahn must have been too busy masturbating to pictures of naked schoolboys to instruct Carter not to say stuff like this out loud:

The header for her X account says the following: “I can’t wait for society to collapse so MY ideology can rise from the ashes!”

That is the liberal plan for America in a nutshell.

On a tip from Barry A.


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