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Mar 03 2023

NIH Blows $241 Million to Discriminate Against Whites

Since Biden’s handlers took power, Democrats have been throwing money at “infrastructure” by the $trillions, causing both the national debt and inflation to explode. Yet we cannot even keep trains on our decaying tracks, as seen for example in Ohio and Florida.

This is possible because whatever Democrats pretend to spend money on, what they are actually spending it on is either graft, as with the money-laundering green energy boondoggles Obama pioneered, or moonbattery, as with the quarter $billion the National Institutes of Health is spending to advance not health but the twisted ideology that is tearing apart the country:

In 2020 the National Institutes of Health created the Faculty Institutional Recruitment for Sustainable Transformation program “to enhance and maintain cultures of inclusive excellence in the biomedical research community.” The program will give 12 institutions a total of $241 million over nine years for diversity-focused faculty hiring.

Somehow I doubt spending $241,000,000 of other people’s money to discriminate against Caucasians will result in a cure for cancer.

Under the terms of the grants, only candidates who demonstrate “a strong commitment to promoting diversity and inclusive excellence” can be hired through the program. To apply, candidates must submit a diversity statement.

That is, they must swear allegiance to cultural Marxism. As Daniel Greenfield puts it, the “express goal is to get candidates to disavow any notions of neutrality or equality, and to commit to viewing everything through the leftist lens of identity politics.”

Healthcare spending needs to be divested from the federal government — for the sake of our national health.

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Feb 26 2023

Black College Hit by Diversity

What goes around, comes around. Diversity is hitting everyone — even black colleges:

When Keylin Perez became the first Latina to be crowned Miss Coppin State University in Baltimore, she was thrilled. She had been named the university’s Miss Sophomore and Miss Junior previously and was eager to continue representing the school with pride as the 91st Miss Coppin State University queen.


she received backlash, including harassment, from online critics who said the role should be given to a Black woman, since Coppin State University is a historically Black university…

Miss Perez is Guatemalan by descent.

Perez, who turns 23 on Saturday, said the backlash online escalated as some of the comments turned vulgar, with some even suggesting she [harm] herself.

She ran unopposed, but now students are mad because she isn’t black like 81% of the student body.

Look on the bright side, Coppin Staters: at least she isn’t Anglo-Saxon. That would be way too diverse.

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Feb 23 2023

Harvard Decolonizes Medicine

The depraved ideology of our self-loathing ruling class is truly totalitarian. Every aspect of reality must be subordinated to it — including healthcare:

This past weekend Harvard played host to the sixth annual Black Health Matters confab, the theme of which was “Decolonizing Black Health.”

The objective was…

…to “‘challenge and transform’ approaches to health care that may have been shaped by ‘colonialism, racism, and other forms of oppression,'” The Crimson reports.

Like everything else, healthcare must be “decolonized.” As medical schools have made explicit, this entails rejecting modern medicine in favor of the practices of savages.

The practical effect of decolonization is regression … all in the name expunging the white man’s influence. Students at South Africa’s University of Cape Town even said exactly that — that science should be “scratched” because it is a “product of racism.”

One UCT student defined “decolonization” as “doing away with [Western science] entirely and starting all over again to deal with how we respond to the environment and how we understand it.”

Two and two may or may not make four. It all depends on whether a white guy was first to notice it:

Durham University’s decolonization efforts include professors asking themselves if they are citing too many “white or male mathematicians.”

Not even physics is safe from antiwhite race hate:

Scholars at Concordia University are working to decolonize light — “advancing other ways of knowing about light, science and physics.” Courses will be developed in conjunction with Native scholars to “elevate” indigenous knowledge … while “Eurocentric” science is “de-centered” and “scrutinized for its alleged past and present contributions to colonialism.”

Once universities were repositories of Western Civilization. Now they exist to eradicate it.

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Feb 23 2023

Countermoonbat Pushback at Virginia Military Institute

The Virginia Military Institute, alma mater of the great George Patton, tragically succumbed to the Long March Through the Institutions. A Moonbat of Color has been put in charge of subverting it to serve the leftist racial agenda. But an attempt is underway to restore the USA’s oldest public senior military college.

The New York Post reports:

Cedric Wins, 60, launched diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives after taking the helm of VMI in October 2020.

He laid out a five-goal plan for “Inclusive Excellence” by citing the mission to “achieve and maintain a more diverse and inclusive student body, faculty, staff, and administration.”

“Inclusive excellence” is a classically Orwellian oxymoron. The point is to sacrifice excellence to “inclusivity” — i.e., the exclusion of the core population of white male heterosexuals in accordance with cultural Marxism.

Wins’ classmates of 1985 are not ready to give the school up as lost:

Ex-Marine Matt Daniel, 60, a fellow “brother rat,” as VMI classmates are known, founded a political action committee dubbed “Spirit of VMI” to fight the 183-year-old school’s new progressive efforts.

The group is shining light on the lucrative scam that is exclusionary “inclusion”:

Spirit of VMI has questioned why the school’s Board of Visitors awarded Wins a $100,000 bonus on top of his annual salary of $656,000 — despite a 25 percent drop in enrollment.

Wins has in the past denounced Daniel as being “racist.” No doubt Daniel will be clubbed with the accusation again for trying to prevent his school from being flushed down the toilet.

Success is hardly assured, but a Marine doesn’t stop fighting a war that isn’t over. Neither should any of us.

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Feb 20 2023

SEAL Warns of Nation of Victims

Never be a victim. No matter what life throws at you, you are not a victim until you see yourself as one. That gives you a claim to pity, at the price of agency and self-respect. You become helpless and self-loathing, so that people might feel almost as sorry for you as you feel for yourself.

Because it is contemptible, moonbats revere victimhood. The highest honor in their inverted moral scheme is to be seen as a victim. This is the basis of their religion, cultural Marxism.

Of all the catastrophic consequences of liberals achieving hegemony, the worst is that we are becoming a nation of victims. Retired SEAL Mike Sarraille sounds the alarm:

Sarraille doesn’t blame young people for adopting a victim mentality — he said it’s been taught to them.

“The problem is us. It’s my generation,” he said, adding that politicians are setting a poor leadership example and that the public education system is ingraining victim mentality in kids, particularly through Critical Race Theory.

Freedom is for the strong, not victims. Consequently,

Young people are also much more likely to support cancel culture than older generations, according to the Manhattan Institute.

Victims submit. They lash out on behalf of their masters at those who do not submit.

“We’re not creating a generation of warriors,” Sarraille said. “Instead, we’re creating victims who think they’re entitled to certain things and that nothing is their fault.”

Authoritarians instill this infantile mentality deliberately. The purpose of victim-based ideology is to create a population that is easy to rule.

“But nobody can help you but you,” Sarraille said.

People who understand that will reject progressivism and hold onto their freedom. If there are not enough of them, America will continue to die.

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Feb 19 2023

Race Ideology Rammed Down Kids Throats at School

It isn’t only on the playground that kids have Black Lives Matter ideology imposed on them at school:

A woke teacher has sparked fury after mocking Florida’s CRT rules by forcing his white students to act as slaves for black pupils.

The Florida educator also hit out at the state’s recent push to ban certain books from classrooms by sarcastically screaming at the children while throwing their books around his classroom. …

His bizarre protests come as Governor Ron DeSantis has vowed to crack down on critical race theory in school curriculums across the state.

The education establishment lets this guy teach children:

In another Florida classroom, preschoolers were made to wear blackface in honor of the 28 days of neurotic self-flagellation by white liberals known as Black History Month.

The purpose of public education is to promote the twin obsessions of our cultural Marxist ruling class: LGBTism and critical race theory.

This is what passes for education with moonbats in control:

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Feb 11 2023

Vince Dao Flabbergasts Moonbats

A recent Vice News panel discussion demonstrated that enlisting Asians into the cultural Marxist coalition to destroy American civilization will encounter resistance:

It takes character to speak sense to moonbattery when you are hopelessly outnumbered, even though the woke hordes will always fall short regarding intellectual firepower. At least the admirable countermoonbat Vince Dao was not entirely alone:

We already knew that trying to cure blindness is ableist. Now we know that blaming violence committed by lunatics on lunacy rather than white supremacy is ableist too.

Attempting to spin anti-Asian violence as evidence of the iniquity of whites is duplicitous in the extreme. Virtually all of this violence is committed by blacks.

PJW tips his hat to Vince Dao:

Some of the facial reactions are priceless. Progressives cannot get their heads around the concept of people failing to submit to their toxic ideology.

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Feb 11 2023

Curing the Blind as Thoughtcrime

Jesus would not be welcome in a society dominated by moonbats. Not even curing the blind would win him favorable coverage from the liberal media. It would be denounced as thoughtcrime — more specifically, ableism.

Tech Crunch explains:

[T]he biggest problem with wanting to “cure” blindness is that it reinforces a moral superiority of sorts by those without disabilities over those who are disabled. Although not confronted nearly as often as racism and sexism, systemic ableism is pervasive through all parts of society. The fact of the matter is that the majority of abled people view disability as a failure of the human condition; as such, people with disabilities should be mourned and pitied. More pointedly … disabilities should be eradicated — cured.

Obesity is celebrated by moonbats despite being a morbidity likely to take many years off your life. Why not blindness?

The same goes for deafness:

If someone “cured” deafness, what would happen to the people? Deaf culture is real. The culture would fade away because there’d be no reason for sign language to exist and the experiences derived from it. …

Disabilities need no cure. What truly needs curing is society’s proclivity to view the disability community as little more than real-life characters from a Tod Browning film. Disabled people are not freaks. Disability isn’t a bad word. You can learn a lot from us.

Under cultural Marxism, being disabled isn’t a disability; it is yet another “marginalized” identity. It is power.

Anything bad, like sickness or disability, our moonbat overlords demand we embrace. Anything good, like curing the blind, they piously denounce. Modern liberalism could be defined as the pursuit of depravity as the ultimate end in itself.

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Feb 08 2023

Disney Attacks America and Censors for ChiComs

The wokest corporation in America corrupts impressionable children with more moonbat malice:

Disney has released the second season of “The Proud Family: Louder & Prouder,” a children’s show promoting a Critical Race Theory-inspired interpretation of history.

Clips from the colorful kids cartoon show an ensemble of characters repeating the phrase “slaves built this country,” in reference to the United States.

Slaves picked some cotton in the South going on 2 centuries ago. They did not build this country. America was built almost exclusively by the white men liberals demonize.

No constructive purpose can be served by telling vicious lies to stoke a sense of grievance in minorities. It is straight-up cultural Marxism, a tactic designed to destroy the country by turning it against itself.

Christopher Rufo reveals what children are fed by Disney, and who has been doing the feeding:

Disney has been brainwashing kids to despise their country, and to embrace anti-white race hate and sexual depravity. We couldn’t be worse off allowing the communist Chinese to take charge of children’s entertainment — which they eventually will, as Democrat rule renders us defenseless. Do not expect Disney to put up resistance:

Disney has cut an episode from The Simpsons that contains a reference to ‘forced labour camps’ in China from its streaming service in Hong Kong.

The episode two of season 34, ‘One Angry Lisa’, which first aired in October on television, is not available on the US company’s Disney Plus streaming service in Hong Kong…

In the episode, the character Marge Simpson is shown images of China’s Great Wall during an exercise class as her instructor says: ‘Behold the wonders of China: bitcoin mines, forced labour camps where children make smartphones.’

This isn’t the first time Disney has quietly complied with ChiCom censors:

In 2021, Disney removed an episode of ‘The Simpsons’ that made a reference to the 1989 Tiananmen Square crackdown when it first launched its Disney Plus service in Hong Kong.

The episode featured a visit to the square, which displayed a large sign saying ‘on this site, in 1989, nothing happened’.

Homer Simpson also called Chairman Mao a ‘little angel’ who killed millions.

Like Apple, Nike, the NBA, and the rest of the sanctimonious, morally rotten liberal establishment, Disney does not mind supporting oppression in China, righteously as they oppose the make-believe oppression of privileged minority groups.

No one will be surprised to read that the 1792 Exchange lists Disney as a maliciously liberal corporation:

The Walt Disney Company has fired employees, including celebrities, according to political views. Disney also threatened to move business out of Georgia if the governor signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act in 2016. The company also has used its corporate power and money to support ideological groups and policies, like the Equality Act and the Southern Poverty Law Center. Additionally, Disney weaponized its PAC against election objectors, ceasing all donations to anyone who voted not to certify the 2020 election. It has leveraged its vast resources to fight state policies as well, using its money, content, and networks to object to Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Act.

Esteemed countermoonbat Ron DeSantis steps forward to confront the leftist dragon:

DeSantis is relieving Disney of its control over a special tax zone in Orlando, Florida, ending the corporation’s 55-year-reign over the district…

“Florida is dissolving the Corporate Kingdom and beginning a new era of accountability and transparency,” DeSantis’ office said. “These actions ensure a state-controlled district accountable to the people instead of a corporate-controlled kingdom,” the statement added.

DeSantis is holding Disney legally accountable legally. It is up to customers to hold the evil kingdom accountable culturally.

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Feb 05 2023

Miami Police Drive Around in Ad for Afrocentrism

Black History Month is when the authorities stop doubling down on their obsessive worship of all things African and instead triple down on it. The cultural Marxist moonbattery is so excessive that Miami police are showcasing a vehicle transformed into a gaudy advertisement for the black supremacist ideology of Black Lives Matter sociopaths who riot against them.

This is actually on the level:

The raised fists have a dual meaning. Like Black Lives Matter itself, they represent both black supremacy and Marxism.

Via Daily Mail:

Mayor Francis Suarez presented the cruiser that was designed by the city police union on Thursday alongside Miami Police Chief Manuel Morales.

The car displayed the ‘Black Power’ symbol along with African flags and the slogan ‘Miami police support Black History Month.’

Maybe next year they will force officers to trade in their uniforms for loincloths.

The pandering is so tastelessly over the top that not even BLM can stomach it:

The Black Live Matter Twitter account also commented on the matter by posting a gif of Cardi B saying, ‘I just hate it.’

Blacks comprise 13% of the US population. Yet Afrocentrism has become our national religion — or at least, our state religion.

On a tip from Ed McAninch.

Feb 05 2023

Princeton Op Ed Denounces Honor Code as Racist

Pernicious rot seeps steadily down from the Ivy League to poison society. Now we learn that honor codes are racist. Emilly Santos writes in the Daily Princetonian:

American systems of legal administration enact violence against minority populations. Examining and re-considering these structures, such as the criminal justice system (CJS), is a crucial part of anti-racist action.

This is all settled social science. That’s why criminals are allowed to run loose wreaking havoc where liberals have achieved total dominance. Emilly applies the principle to her own world:

Princeton’s Honor Code, tasked with holding students accountable and honest in academic settings, mirrors the criminal justice system in its rules and effects. … [I]t is often most damaging for … students who also often belong to racial minorities.

Many minority students are allowed into Ivy League schools not because they are qualified but because they belong to preferred racial groups. Plunged in over their heads, some must resort to cheating in an attempt to keep up.

The University should lead by example by dismantling the Honor Code system, which acts as a barrier to social mobility and a more equitable society. Only once such internal injustices are addressed can we make real-world changes.

Today Princeton, tomorrow the world.

Miss Santos says getting suspended for cheating is especially hurtful to minorities because they are more likely to be attending school at other people’s expense, and are not eligible for financial aid for the repeated term. They might have to take out a loan and have to wait for Democrats to cancel their debt.

Like BIPOC criminals, BIPOC students should not have to live with the consequences of their behavior:

In the same way a criminal record haunts previous convicts, any Honor Code violation for which a student is found responsible follows them in their transcript, overshadowing the accomplishments of attaining a Princeton degree and making it difficult for students to find employment opportunities.

How attaining a Princeton degree counts as an accomplishment for people who are accepted due to their skin color and then allowed to get through by cheating is not explained.

Apply equity to academia, and standards collapse, reducing everything to farce. Let’s see what happens when you apply equity to a fashion runway:

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Jan 19 2023

Green Party Justice Minister Replaced for Being White Guy

What goes around, comes around. Lefty intellectuals are liable to find themselves in front of firing squads once their political objectives are achieved. In the soft tyrannies we still have in the West, they don’t get shot. But they may lose their positions to those less qualified, in accordance with their own ideology:

[T]he Green party dismissed its own justice minister, Dirk Adams, in the German state of Thuringia. He was not found guilty of any wrongdoing, but instead was simply a male of the wrong skin color, which, by the Green party’s own admission, was the entire basis for his dismissal.

Adams will now be replaced by Afro-German Doreen Denstädt. Thuringia’s Minister-President Bodo Ramelow, of the Left Party, fired Adams, who was the Minister for Migration, Justice and Consumer Protection. The dismissal came about after the Green party directly requested him to be replaced by Denstädt, who has no law degree or political experience.

She doesn’t need no stinking law degree or political experience. She is a Woman of Color.

Denstädt only served as a clerk in the police trust office in the Thuringian Ministry of the Interior. Her lack of experience in any real substantive role means her improbable career leap to her new position as justice minister for an entire German state appears to have been due to her skin color and gender.

If that is qualification enough to be Vice President or a Supreme Court Justice in the USA, it ought to qualify Denstädt for her new position.

The dismissal came about after a number of retirements and reshuffled positions would have left both Green ministers in the state as men, which is incompatible with the Green party’s position on gender quotas in governments.

The Greens bark that Adams’s replacement shows the “importance that the topics of integration and migration have for us Alliance Greens” — i.e., it showcases their commitment to the ongoing displacement of Germans from Germany, and the sacrifice of merit to leftist racism and sexism.

Behold the face of woke Germany:


This clown regime is really unbeatable!
In Thuringia, the Green Minister of Justice must go. Doreen Denstädt becomes minister. She has no experience in politics and has not studied law for a single semester, but has so far worked as a simple clerk.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Jan 17 2023

Texas A&M School of Medicine Erases White Males

Marginalizing America’s core population is not the ultimate objective. To actualize the liberal conception of utopia, those of European ancestry must be erased. This is already underway in academia:

The Texas A&M School of Medicine bragged that removing photos of white male alumni was an example of its institutional commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, new documents reveal.

Good thing liberals can erase white males without erasing their accomplishments, or people of all skin tones would be lying cold, hungry, and sick in the dark.

The institution included the response in a survey it completed for the Association of American Medical Colleges last year, which the organization used for its Diversity, Inclusion, Culture, and Equity Inventory. The school’s survey responses were obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request by the medical watchdog group Do No Harm and shared with the Washington Examiner.

The accomplishments referred to above will be scaled back if the medical profession continues to succumb to moonbattery. The University of Minnesota Medical School already places the practices of witch doctors on a par with advanced medicine.

In response to a question that asked schools if they had modified branding and communications displays to eliminate aspects that could be “perceived as noninclusive,” the Texas A&M School of Medicine said it removed “the predominantly white male photos of [the] graduating class prominently displayed on the entrance” to the school.

Other avowed DEI efforts at Texas A&M include discriminating against white males in admissions and salaries. Where liberals dominate, as they do in education, systemic animosity is virtually unrestrained.

When the statues of Robert E. Lee started coming down in the South, most knew it was only the beginning. But even now, few realize how far wokeness will go if it is not turned back.

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Dec 23 2022

Obesity as Identity Entails Risk as Well as Privilege

Like the gay lifestyle, obesity as an identity offers privilege but also risk:

Jamie Lopez, founder of Babydoll Beauty Couture and star of the WE tv reality show “Super Sized Salon,” has died. She was 37.

As often happens with the morbidly obese, her heart did her in.

Lopez’s Las Vegas business, founded in 2017, claims to be the world’s first plus-size salon.

“People just don’t like fat people, they treat us horribly,” she told the Mirror in 2019 regarding her drive to foster inclusivity. “They want to make us feel like we’re unwelcome or feel like we don’t belong here.”

According to the principles of Cultural Marxism, this lived experience of oppression entitles the overweight to privileged status. To earn it, however, they must fully embrace obesity as an identity. The health effects are predictable.

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