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Mar 09 2019

What Indigenous Peoples Day Celebrates

When liberals bellow that Columbus Day must be replaced by Indigenous Peoples Day (as has been done in Seattle, Phoenix, Portland, and Bloomington, IN, among many other cities), their complaint is that Western Civilization in all its glory replaced this:

Anthropologists have found evidence of a mass ritual killing that involved the deaths of more than 140 children, three adults, and at least 200 young llamas on the northern coast of Peru. …

The sacrificial victims ranged in age from 6 to 14, and appear to have been killed in a well-planned and choreographed event on a single, horrific day. …

The children, both boys and girls, all appear to have been killed in the same way — with a single horizontal slice across the sternum.

As if all this wasn’t gruesome enough, researchers say that many of the children’s rib cages appear to have been pried apart. This suggests that their hearts were removed shortly after they died.

The idea was probably to get the heart out while it was still beating, the better to appease the weather gods.

This happened during an apex of pre-Columbian culture:

[T]he sacrificial event took place around 1450, when the complex and hierarchical Chimú empire ruled the region. …

The Chimú oversaw an agricultural society that relied on a sophisticated network of hydraulic canals to irrigate fields. The capital city Chan Chan … was one of the largest urban settlements in the Americas.

Industrial scale human sacrifice was not limited to Peru. Aztecs are infamous for their assembly line heart excisions that killed victims by the tens of thousands.

Only among the pathologically delusional could Stone Age savagery seem preferable to the civilization brought by Columbus. Unfortunately, the pathologically delusional and those who exploit them have the whip hand these days.

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Mar 07 2019

Pelosi Denounced as White Supremacist

The Frankenstein monster has turned on its creators. Now even Nancy Pelosi has been dehumanized as a “white supremacist” by Cultural Marxists:

Saira Rao, a “Justice Democrat” who ran for office in Colorado (and lost), has been active in supporting Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) following an outcry over clearly anti-Semitic statements Omar made last week at an event for progressive activists.

Pelosi, the grownup in the room at this point, wants to distance the Dems from Omar’s anti-Semitism. But Omar’s fellow Jacobins are not having it.

“I am going to unfollow anyone who posts anything positive about Nancy Pelosi,” Rao tweeted. “Nancy Pelosi is a white feminist. White feminists are white supremacists. Nancy Pelosi is a white supremacist. And if you idolize Nancy Pelosi, you may as well declare allegiance to David Duke.”

She doubled down by accusing Democrats made uncomfortable by Omar’s anti-Semitism of “racism.”

Saira Rao is of course insane, but she is hardly alone in today’s Democrat Party.

The sentiment echoes a statement made earlier in the day by Women’s March founder, Linda Sarsour, who also accused Pelosi of being a “white feminist,” and suggested that the Speaker of the House was merely a tool of the “patriarchy.”

Even if Rao is not in power yet herself, others like her are.

[S]he was part of the “Justice Democrats” movement that got the “new generation” of Democratic leaders — people like Omar, Ocasio-Cortez, and Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) — elected and is emblematic of the more progressive wing of the party which is struggling to take the reins from people like Pelosi.

They are winning. The measure intended to chastise Omar for being so noisy about hating Jews was scuttled in defiance of Speaker Pelosi, no doubt leaving Omar with an even smugger look on her face.

Caucasian Democrats should not be surprised at what is unfolding. According to the ideology they have wielded to achieve power, any trait shared with the core population that created America makes you bad. That prominently includes being white. No matter how vociferously white liberals hate their own race, they are still white and will be judged accordingly.

Only women of color are pure; everyone else is sexist or racist. When AOC, Ilhan Omar, Saira Rao, and the rest have destroyed their competition, the focus will tighten still further. Only Muslim women of color will avoid the guillotine, or maybe it will be only lesbians of color. From the French Revolution forward, leftist revolutions eat their own.

White Cultural Marxists like Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden will soon find themselves unelectable per their own ideology. The irony is especially sweet regarding Biden, who crows with triumph that America will become a white minority country, but who will find his ambitions capped as Democrats become a white minority party.

A Caucasian has no more future in the Democrat Party than a Jew would have in the Nazi Party.

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Mar 05 2019

British Educrats Pull LGBT Program to Placate Muslims

Educrats couldn’t care less if Christians object to their children getting brainwashed with LGBT ideology, but what about Muslims? Let’s find out:

Parkfield Community School in Birmingham, England had classes in which a program titled “No Outsiders” taught that “families look different,” in an effort to teach schoolchildren about homosexuality. … In the program, the students read books with titles such as “Mommy, Mama and Me” and “King & King.”

A stop was put to this depraved social engineering for now — but due only to Cultural Marxism.

The community has a great number of Muslims; the program was pulled after the school received a petition last month with over 400 signatures from parents, mostly Muslim, who have withdrawn their children from the school in protest. … [P]arents protesting the “No Outsiders” program have held signs stating, “Say no to promoting of homosexuality and LGBT ways of life to our children,” “Stop exploiting children’s innocence,” and “Education not indoctrination.”

They sound like conservatives. Progressives will come to regret importing so many of them.

The treasonous impulse at the root of liberalism requires always siding with the other. The group that is most alien gets highest priority. For example, liberals will side with Eskimos against Canadians, but with polar bears against Eskimos. If diaphanous squid creatures invade from outer space, liberals will side with them against polar bears. Tough luck for homosexuals that British educrats regard them as less alien than Muslims and therefore of lower stature.

We see again that a Cultural Marxist coalition can be used to destroy a society, but never to build a new one. Social engineers have not finished eradicating the culture that made Britain great, and already the identity groups exploited to tear it down are at each other’s throats.

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Mar 04 2019

When a Hate Crime Is Not a Hate Crime

Question: When is it not a hate crime to yell at a nonagenarian Mexican, “Go back to your country” and then bash him in the head from behind with a brick?

Answer: When your name is Laquisha Jones.

From Willowbrook, in Los Angeles County:

Prosecutors said Jones attacked the man, who is now 92 years old, without provocation on July 4, 2018, near 118th and Robin streets. Family members said the man, whom they identified as Rodolfo Rodriguez, was out on his daily walk around the neighborhood when he came across a woman and a girl on the sidewalk. …

Authorities said he was struck with the brick from behind and was left unconscious on the sidewalk, his face bloodied and bruised.

He wound up in the hospital with multiple injuries. Jones was sentenced to 15 years for elder abuse.

Misbel Borjas, who lives near Rodriguez, said she was passing by in a car when she saw Rodriguez walking and trying to pass the woman and girl. Then, Borjas said, she saw the woman push Rodriguez and start to hit him.

“She was yelling at him, ‘Go back to your country,’ or ‘Go back to Mexico,’ ” Borjas told The Times in July.

Rodriguez is a legal permanent resident of the USA who does not speak English.

Jones was not charged with a hate crime, possibly because the concept of hate crimes establishes a racial hierarchy not only for victims but also for perpetrators. To be charged with one, it helps to be white.

If you have not heard of this case, much less have every detail memorized, it is because Laquisha Jones is not a white guy in a MAGA hat.

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Mar 03 2019

Fondness for India Denounced as Racist

You might think that someone running a knitting blog like Fringe Association would be safe from the depredations of the Thought Police. But then Karen Templer expressed her affection for India. Down came the hammer:

[Templer] blogged excitedly about her upcoming trip to India. She wrote that 2019 would be her “year of color.” She said that as a child, India had fascinated her, and that when an Indian friend’s parents offered to take her with them on a trip, it was “like being offered a seat on a flight to Mars.” She spoke of her trip as if it were the biggest hurdle anyone could jump: “If I can go to India, I can do anything — I’m pretty sure.” Templer, it should be noted, is white.

As someone who is mixed-race Indian, to me, her post (though seemingly well-meaning) was like bingo for every conversation a white person has ever had with me about their “fascination” with my dad’s home country; it was just so colorful and complex and inspiring. It’s not that they were wrong, per se, just that the tone felt like they thought India only existed to be all those things for them.

At first commenters at the blog supported Temper’s enthusiasm. But then they realized that they had witnessed a thought crime.

“Karen, I’d ask you to re-read what you wrote and think about how your words feed into a colonial/imperialist mindset toward India and other non-Western countries,” wrote commenter Alex. “Multiple times you compare the idea of going to India to the idea of going to another planet — how do you think a person from India would feel to hear that?”

They might feel proud that other people find their culture so fascinating. But that would be unwoke. The correct response is to be offended — because adopting the pose of belligerent victim on behalf of Cultural Marxist ideology is a way to make hated Westerners grovel.

Templer has of course obsequiously apologized…

But her post triggered a wave of conversations about racism and prejudice in the fiber arts world, which thus far shows no signs of slowing down.

Click through to Vox if you really want to know why even knitting is now regarded as racist. Be forewarned that the moonbattery is potent enough to raise blisters.

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Feb 27 2019

British Police Force Succumbs to Moonbattery

Whatever it touches, moonbattery rots and destroys. The British police force is no exception. That’s why it doesn’t welcome straight white men anymore, and is more oriented toward imposing Cultural Marxism than maintaining public order.

The Iconoclast has details:

Feb 26 2019

Intersectionality and Decriminalizing Prostitution

State Senators Jessica Ramos and Julia Salazar are using intersectionality to turn their New York City districts into more of a cesspool. Their cause of the moment is to accelerate decay by decriminalizing prostitution. Their justification for doing this presents an entire buffet of identity politics:

Criminalization does not address why people trade sex, because most people trade sex out of economic need: to pay bills, make rent, and put food on the table. People often turn to sex work after a life event such as a major health-care bill leaves them economically vulnerable. LGBTQ, black and brown, immigrant and disabled communities engage in sex work at higher rates because they are locked out of jobs in the formal economy.

They pack 10 pounds of intersectional moonbattery into that 5-lb paragraph. The poor, check. Sexual deviants, check. Sacred blacks, check. Hispanics, check. The handicapped, check. (Note also the incongruous socialized medicine pitch, as if failure of the government to force other people to pay for your healthcare causes prostitution.) Soon they bring in illegal aliens and Asians:

Nine out of ten people arrested in sex-work-related massage parlor raids are immigrants, most of them undocumented Asians. … ICE uses these courts to stalk and deport immigrant sex workers.

Somehow, they forgot to mention Muslims.

The idea that protected identity groups that qualify for Affirmative Action are “locked out of jobs” does not pass the laugh test. But in NYC politics, passing the laugh test is not a requirement, as evidenced by the success of Bill de Blasio and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Manichean ideologies require demons to counterbalance the angels. Non-Caucasians, sexually aberrant degenerates, and illegal aliens are angels. The police are demons:

Criminalization encourages rampant abuses by law enforcement. An estimated 94% of people arrested for the loitering for the purposes of prostitution in Brooklyn and Queens are black women. Police so often use the statute to target trans people, including individuals who aren’t trading sex, that Legal Aid filed a lawsuit challenging its constitutionality. … We need more youth services, healthcare and housing that affirm their LGBTQ identities — not policing…

In utopia, there won’t be any police. No longer targeted, psychosexually deranged trans people will at last be free to be who they aren’t.

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Feb 24 2019

Racism of Rainbow Flag Corrected

Way of the World offers insight into the imposition of black and brown stripes to racialize the homosexual supremacist rainbow flag:

This is such a good metaphor for the Left’s modus operandi: destroy everything attractive in favor of the bland, the mediocre, and the dysfunctional.

This is good too:

The entire philosophy and purpose of the Left is mindless destruction. It will always have a target and will turn on its own without notice to satisfy its destructive purpose. Its main target of course is the destruction of the West. But, like a Terminator, it will never stop destroying things until it is dead, and that includes groups thought to be a part of itself.

Along with the inherently unsustainable structure of Cultural Marxism, which is designed only to destroy, not to create, this explains why the Left will eat itself.

We will not have a progressive future if progressives prevail. We will have a Muslim future, a communist Chinese future, maybe a hand-to-mouth African diaspora future. Like other lethal parasites, the ideology currently posing as “liberalism” will die with the host it is killing.

In case you missed this video, it is well worth 10 minutes of time:

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Feb 16 2019

The N-Word

Using the forbidden n-word is the ultimate thought crime among whites; uttering it once would end most careers. Yet the word is used freely and constantly in the mainstream culture by blacks. Currently, we are not allowed to say “Negro” for some obscure reason. Dave Morrison calls this “moving the tiles around in a game of Oppression Scrabble.” He doesn’t like the currently permissible terms “black” and “white”; if liberals see the video below, those too will be struck from the Newspeak Dictionary:

Beyond the crude assertion of dominance, the motive for liberals dictating what words we can use is to advance their religion, Cultural Marxism. They need for blacks to be marginalized, so as to worship them — and so as to exploit them. As stated in the video, “progressives have no reason to exist politically other than to battle oppressors on behalf of the oppressed.”

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Feb 11 2019

Yale Student Paper Advises Stasi Tactics to Destroy “White Boys”

Yale Daily News opinion editor Isis Davis-Marks is still enraged that Brett Kavanaugh survived a disgraceful smear campaign to be confirmed on the Supreme Court. To prevent something like this from ever happening again, she has published an alarming editorial aptly titled “Evil Is Banal”:

Everyone knows a white boy with shiny brown hair and a saccharine smile that conceals his great ambitions. …

One day, I’ll turn on the television … and I’ll see him sitting down for his Senate confirmation hearing. … [T]hat smile, that characteristic saccharine smile, will remain the same.

Nick Sandmann could tell you how much progressives hate smiles on white male faces.

When I’m watching the white boy — who is now a white man by this point — on CNN, I’ll remember a racist remark that he said, an unintentional utterance that he made when he had one drink too many at a frat party during sophomore year. I’ll recall a message that he accidentally left open on a computer when he forgot to log out of iMessage, where he likened a woman’s body to a particularly large animal. I’ll kick myself for forgetting to screenshot the evidence.

And, when I’m watching him smile that smile, I’ll think that I could have stopped it.

Next time, she will have the means to smother the hated smile of white males:

I’m watching you, white boy. And this time, I’m taking the screenshot.

The idea is that everyone says or does something in their immature college days that will be politically incorrect at some point in the future. Ralph Northam surely agrees.

As Monica Showalter observes, Ms Davis-Marx is urging the use of Stasi tactics:

She’s urging her fellow students to follow white males around, monitor them, spy on them, screenshot them, and document everything they do, in the hopes of ruining their careers at some point 30 years down the line. If she knew anything about the history of socialism or communism, which, to make charitable assumptions, she doesn’t, she’s in fact calling for a Stasi-like atmosphere, as seen in The Lives of Others, all because she was so inspired by the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, with the Senate Democrats’ last desperate tactic of bringing up false stories dating from college as a means of sinking Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination.

The mentality that gave us Stalin and the Soviet puppet slave state East Germany is alive and well in the Ivy League.

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Feb 01 2019

Christopher Columbus Accused of Causing Climate Change

No wonder liberals hate Christopher Columbus so much for infecting the Western Hemisphere with Western Civilization. According to malevolent kooks in academia who are eagerly amplified by the malevolent kooks at CNN, he caused climate change:

European settlers killed 56 million indigenous people over about 100 years in South, Central and North America, causing large swaths of farmland to be abandoned and reforested, researchers at University College London, or UCL, estimate. The increase in trees and vegetation across an area the size of France resulted in a massive decrease in carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere, according to the study.

If you believe that European settlers killed 56 million people, that the Stone Age savages they encountered were involved in agriculture on this scale, that there was less agriculture after Europeans came than before, or that any of this had any measurable effect on the constantly fluctuating climate, you might just be a Democrat.

Until Columbus arrived in 1492 to spoil paradise for the noble savages,

“CO2 and climate had been relatively stable until this point,” said UCL Geography Professor Mark Maslin, one of the study’s co-authors. “So, this is the first major change we see in the Earth’s greenhouse gases.”

That is a flat out lie. Anyone with even a vague awareness of the planet’s history knows that both temperatures and CO2 levels have varied tremendously. This is probably because higher temperatures allow for more life; life produces CO2. But then temperatures fall, so afterward there is less CO2.

However, we are now asked to believe that the Little Ice Age was caused by Christopher Columbus.

Since reforestation supposedly resulted in global cooling, look for “experts” to advise that farms be left fallow so as to cool the allegedly overheated planet. That would be consistent with the antihuman agenda of the liberal establishment.

Confirming that this is about Cultural Marxist hatred of European Civilization, not science, Maslin raves bitterly that the “genocide” of American aborigines “allowed the Europeans to dominate the world.”

It is doubtful that the propaganda Nazis generated to defame Jews ever reached the level of viciousness the liberal establishment continuously vomits upon Caucasians. Terrifyingly, gullible people take these insidious calumnies at face value and incorporate them into a dangerously delusional understanding of the world.

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Jan 31 2019

University of Michigan Wastes Fortune on Diversity Officers

Even ostensibly private schools like those comprising the Ivy League float luxuriantly on a warm sea of coercive financing compliments of Big Government. Taxpayers pay even more to state schools like the University of Michigan. One thing they get for the money is plenty of Cultural Marxism, which is inflicted at the expense of the hated core population by overpaid apparatchiks known as “diversity officers”:

UMich is currently paying $10.6 million each year for its 82 “diversity officers,” MLive reported. Further scholarships and a new $10 million multicultural center are all part of a five-year strategic plan, launched in 2016 to diversify the campus.

According to UM-Flint professor of finance Mark Perry,

“For that amount of money, more than 700 students could receive full in-state tuition.”

No doubt the campus is already plenty diverse, thanks in part to Affirmative Action admission preferences. But it won’t be diverse enough until the last heterosexual white male has been excluded in the name of inclusion.

Prior to 2003, there was no Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion staff at University of Michigan. Now there are 76 of these pernicious barnacles at the main Ann Arbor campus. They are paid handsomely to impose systematic discrimination against regular Americans. Vice Provost for Equity and Inclusion & Chief Diversity Officer Robert Sellers rakes in a staggering $407,653 per year.

U of M is not alone. Columbia University has spent $185 on faculty diversity since 2005. Unsurprisingly, a 2018 internal report found that the school still isn’t diverse enough. Too much is never enough for progressives when it comes to marginalizing the core population.

Hat tip: Legal Insurrection.

Jan 27 2019

The Architects of Western Decline: The Frankfurt School

The depraved anti-American ideology with which leftists have been deliberately destroying our country for the past several decades did not spring up spontaneously. It was contrived and imported from abroad. To make any sense of moonbattery, you have to understand the Frankfurt School and the ideological weapon it brought to our shores, namely Cultural Marxism. The following video is well worth a half hour of a countermoonbat’s time:

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Jan 16 2019

CNN Analyst Denounces Black Guy for His White Privilege

The concept of white privilege is so meaningless that anyone can be denounced for it — even a black guy:

CNN analyst Areva Martin accused Sirius XM radio and Fox Nation host David Webb of benefitting from “white privilege” because of his views on race Tuesday morning, to which Webb responded… that he’s black.

It appears that Martin did not know who David Webb is and did not go to the trouble to find out before coming on his show. Guzzling the Cultural Marxist Kool-Aid led her to assume that he owes his position to white privilege. It is more likely that she owes her own position to black privilege, considering that her other qualifications — aside from being a moonbat — are not immediately obvious.

On tips from Jester, 1-Bodhisattva, and ABC of the ANC.

Jan 15 2019

Suffocating Moonbattery from

There is no escape. Say you want to look up a word on Lately a large graphic has dominated the homepage featuring the unlovely grimace of the congresskook who made the news recently by screeching of the President of the United States that she would “impeach the motherf***er” on an unspecified charge. The caption reads, “Rashida Tlaib Backlash Raises the Question: Why Can’t Women Swear?”

Surely, they aren’t insisting, on what you would expect to be a politically neutral site, that we approve of Tlaib’s appalling behavior. After several days, morbid curiosity compelled me to click on the graphic. This reckless mistake plunged me into a realm of sheer moonbattery.

The link leads to a 1,000+-word article right there on the site championing Tlaib’s obnoxiousness. The arguments, by necessity, are moronic. They boil down to: some men use foul language in public, so you are a sexist if you don’t like it when women do it too.

In support of this viewpoint, they present readers with a tweet by leftist Hollyweirdo Samuel Jackson that is too obscene to reproduce on a respectable website.

After defending Tlaib, the piece goes on the offense. Not only is it not bad that she calls the President a “motherf***er,” it is positively good — because moonbattery:

Feminist writer Mona Eltahawy summed it up succinctly when she wrote that, as a Muslim woman, she swears specifically because she “isn’t supposed to.” She does it to “make the patriarchy uncomfortable.” And that’s likely what Tlaib did, too.

Islamofeminism is inherently absurd. That could be why Islamofeminists are at the cutting edge of intersectional moonbattery (refer to Linda Sarsour).

The piece finishes on a note of triumph:

Forty-two members of the 2019 congress are women and 24 of them are people of color. Many of them are also younger than the average congressperson, such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who is 29, or Ilhan Omar, who is 37.

Moonbattery readers are familiar with Ocasio-Cortez and Omar, both of them ultramoonbats that no sane person would trust in a position of authority. But they are women of color, so they are qualified to rule over us.

The newest congressional class seems poised to speak for all Americans, swearing and all, and that’s proving to be an unsettling prospect to many older, white, and mostly male Americans who have traditionally functioned under the belief that they would always have the loudest voices in the room.

Swearing isn’t just swearing when moonbats like Rashida Tlaib do it. It is a righteous attack on old people, white people, and men. Every F-bomb is a blow for social justice!

That’s what you get fed when you just want check on how to spell a word, so thoroughly has belligerent moonbattery saturated every nook and cranny of society.

Jan 13 2019

State Department Okays Importation of Child Brides

There is no value that the liberal establishment will not sacrifice to political correctness (a.k.a. multiculturalism a.k.a. Cultural Marxism) — not even the protection of children. Foggy Bottom, ever a hotbed of moonbattery, has approved thousands of requests to bring child brides into the USA:

The State Department approved 5,556 requests made from adults who were looking to bring minor spouses or fiancées to the United States and 2,926 requests made by minors that were seeking to have older spouses brought in. The agency also reportedly approved 204 requests made by minors seeking to bring in spouses who were also minors. …

In nearly 150 cases, the man seeking to bring minor spouses or fiancées to the U.S. was over the age of 40.

If liberals would promote homosexual adoption, despite it predictably leading to perverts acquiring little boys as sex slaves (see here, here, here, here, and here), you can’t expect them to be squeamish about letting middle-aged men import child concubines.

The child brides and their newly American sponsors are mainly Muslim and presumably exclusively from the Third World, so helping them to establish their culture and mores in America advances Cultural Marxism. In addition to diluting the culture and demographic preponderance of the core population, there is the more immediate benefit to progressives that the more of these people are brought into the country, the more votes there will be for Democrats.

On a tip from Lyle.

Jan 11 2019

Profiles in Moonbattery: Tim Walz

The administration of Minnesota’s new governor Tim Walz is not off to a good start — unless you like moonbattery. His first official act was to officially certify his allegiance to Cultural Marxism:

Walz signed an executive order creating the “One Minnesota Council on Diversity, Inclusion and Equity” on Wednesday at the Capitol.

Walz himself will lead the council, rather than constructively attending to his responsibilities as governor.

“Disparities in Minnesota, including those based on race, geography (and) economic status keep our entire state from reaching its full potential,” Walz said.

Looks like geography has been added to the list of factors that enable the “oppressed” to demand special treatment at the expense of the nonoppressed. However, that was just a sop to rural voters, who invariably get screwed by leftists like Walz.

The Dayton administration put a priority on growing the state’s hiring of people of color and those with disabilities and contracting with firms owned by women and minorities.

Tough luck for nondisabled white men other than the governor. If citizens were treated equally, that would constitute discrimination, according to moonbat ideology.

Walz announced that…

…the council would influence all the work of his administration, including how policy is drafted and how spending plans are prioritized.

However, hated white males will not face discrimination when it comes to the privilege of getting taxed to pay for these spending plans.

Liberals crow that Minnesota is becoming more diverse. The black population is exploding, with an estimated 31% jump from 2010 to 2017. No doubt the Somali colony that has been established in Minneapolis, displacing the local population, is a major factor.

Under Walz, Minnesotans can look forward to more of the favoritism that led to the hiring of Somali refugee police officer Mohamed Noor, who shot to death the nondiverse Justine Damond for no particular reason.

On a tip from Becky in Washington.

Jan 09 2019

Men Get a Raw Deal in Most Countries

Liberalism is dedicated to imposing preferences for preferred groups. This is discrimination. If the rhetoric about ending discrimination were sincere, efforts would be made to lighten the burden on men:

A method that assesses the forms of hardship and discrimination facing men and women has revealed males have it harder in 91 countries out of 134.

Countries found to discriminate against men include the entire Anglosphere: the USA, Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and South Africa.

Researchers say this is due to men receiving harsher punishments for the same crime, compulsory military service and more occupational deaths than women. …

The index is based on three factors: educational opportunities, healthy life expectancy and overall life satisfaction.

Not to mention that men as a group do not benefit from Affirmative Action hiring, and as a rule cannot use #MeToo allegations to loot and destroy their enemies.

Here’s a little irony:

The University of Essex, which performed the research, made headlines in 2016 when it gave female staff a one-off pay rise in order to close the gender pay gap.

The gender pay cap is utter B.S., as has been thoroughly documented.

Will male employees get a raise at Essex in light of the new research? Not likely.

On tips from 1-Bodhisattva and Artfldgr.

Jan 03 2019

Another Women’s March Canceled

They canceled a Women’s March event in Eureka, California, on the grounds that participants in the 1.8% black town would be too white. They don’t have that excuse in the Chocolate City of New Orleans.

Organizers for the Women’s March in New Orleans have decided to cancel this year’s event, which was scheduled to take place Jan. 19, due to “drastically” low fundraising and participation interest. …

In the announcement, organizers said controversy with Women’s March national leaders has led to a steep decline in overall interest, including fundraising and participation. Last month, devastating exposés in Tablet Magazine and the New York Times revealed the deep anti-Semitic ties among the most prominent leaders in the Women’s March movement.

Conspicuous among these leaders is hate-hoaxing Islamofeminazi grifter Linda Sarsour.

It’s okay to hate white people, as the Eureka business confirmed. But hating Jews defeats the purpose of Cultural Marxism by fracturing the anti–white male heterosexual Christian alliance. That’s why the Woman’s March is losing even Tinseltown moonbats like Alyssa Milano and Debra Messing.

As goes the Women’s March, so will go intersectionality in general, as identity groups competing for the spoils of victimhood inevitably turn on each other.

Another ready to abandon the sinking ship.

Hat tip: Legal Insurrection.

Jan 02 2019

Will Harvard Have to Stop Being Racist?

Diversity could suffer a big setback if Harvard is forced to stop being racist against Asians:

Forbidding discrimination against Asians could set an alarming precedent. What if universities were forced to either stop being racist against whites or give up sucking at the government teat? Even private schools like Harvard are lavishly supported by taxpayers. The entire diversity industry could be threatened. What will happen to the extravagant salaries of diversity educrats?

Although this would no doubt be seen as a cataclysm on college campuses, at least Affirmative Action students would no longer be doomed to failure after being accepted to programs beyond their capacity on the basis of their politically fashionable race.

On a tip from Lyle.

Dec 26 2018

Lazy White Men, Industrious Black Women

White men are lazy. Black women are industrious. Don’t believe me? Watch the movies:

Or watch TV:

These characteristics must explain the success disparity between Europe and Africa.

The people who control everything you see on a screen don’t have the least problem with stereotypes, so long as they are contrived and false. They hammer you over the head with them until you subconsciously accept their validity, even when they don’t make sense.

On a tip from Dave.

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