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Oct 19 2020

Boston Moonbats Burn Old Glory, Eat Bloody Heart

Mostly peaceful protesters have established a street presence for the Democrat Party. This serves to compensate for the conspicuous absence of crowds at Joe Biden events. It also serves to let us see just what will be taking power if the Democrat base does.

This scene from a moonbat spectacle in Boston yesterday would have been more appropriate on Halloween:

As with Saturday’s violence in San Francisco, this was not actually a protest but a counterprotest. Via

[A] “Peaceful Protest Against Democrat Violence,” was hosted by “Super Happy Fun America,” which also organized the controversial “Straight Pride Parade” in Boston last year.

From the “mainstream” media’s viewpoint, affirming heterosexuality is controversial; the outlandish displays of perversion and degeneracy that characterize gay pride parades are not.

“We will peacefully demonstrate with speeches and patriotic banners in order to send a message that our group will not be intimidated into silence by the leftist mob,” organizers wrote on Facebook.

Liberals accepted the challenge:

At least three counter protests were scheduled in response to SHFA’s event.

The “Freedom Fight Coalition” proclaimed that Bostonians “must not allow racists [to] come to our city to spew negativity and hatred.” That is, countermoonbats must be intimidated into silence by the leftist mob.

Another group entitled “Solidarity Against Hate – Boston” set up a “Kick Fascists Out of Boston” demonstration…

As Philip Anderson can tell you, anyone who puts up opposition to the militantly woke is a “fascist”; i.e., has been targeted for intimidation and possibly violence.

Refuse fascism new england also joined the counter-protest crowd.

Fortunately, Boston police seem to have been able to prevent the moonbats from inflicting the sort of violence on the SHFA patriots that they inflicted on Old Glory in the video above.

On a tip from Kate P. Hat tip: Independent Sentinel.

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