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Jul 21 2024

What We’ll Have Instead of Drug Stores

The big drug store chains have been forced to close stores due to end stage liberalism resulting in an ongoing looting spree by shoplifters. There are plans to close thousands of Walgreens alone by 2027. But it’s not as if social engineers have nothing to offer in their place. Consider a closed store in New York City:

A former Rite Aid in Queens has been transformed into a nightmare out of “Mad Max,” overrun by booze-swilling hobos, zonked-out junkies and migrants who have transformed the forlorn spot into their own dystopian social club.

Fundamentally transformed, as Barack Obama might put it.

The mostly middle-aged derelicts laid claim to the 25,058-square-foot Astoria plot seven months ago, neighbors say…

Excuse me, I think you mean “the housing deprived” or “the residence challenged,” not “derelicts.”

They’ve since turned the site into a blight, dangling bizarre items from the roof’s edges. …

“It’s got a real ‘Mad Max’ vibe going on,” said one neighbor, who declined to give her name out of fear of retaliation from the vagrants.

Keeping people in fear may be the point of the policy of spending $billions to grow the homeless population. Democrats are building a zombie army. The future they have in store for us may be closer to Dawn of the Dead than Mad Max.

One man flashed an eight-inch knife when approached by The Post, while another reached for what appeared to be a loose table leg.

They didn’t appear to speak English.

Much of the zombie army has been imported across Biden’s open border.

Capitalist exploiters tried to do something constructive with the property…

Permits have already been filed to expand the one-story building into a five-story mixed-use structure, with housing and retail.

…but bureaucrats put the kibosh on it:

The city’s Department of Buildings objected to the plans in March, citing, among other things, non-compliance issues.

Here’s one possible future:

The Post watched as a man seated on a soiled blue couch behind the building appeared to sell drugs.

Another urinated out in the open as two teenaged couples walked by, while a third, heavily tattooed man stripped to his boxer shorts and bathed himself with a half-filled five-gallon water bottle.

In the other possible future, we pry leftists from power.

On a tip from Steve T.

Jun 14 2024

Fundamentally Transformed Aquatica Orlando

There aren’t many places left where it is safe to bring your kids as America continues to descend into savagery:

The chaos is not a bug but a feature of liberal social engineering. They don’t want normal American families going out and about, interacting with others. They want us sealed up in our own homes for safety, isolated, atomized, with minimal exposure to the outside world except via television, which they control and exploit to fabricate an artificial reality that supports their ideology.

On a tip from WDS 2.0.

Apr 11 2024

Dumbed-Down Version of Scrabble

American culture is so rotted through with moonbattery that for the time being it cannot produce anything new. So we busy ourselves dumbing down the creations of the old culture to fit our current standards. This applies not only to movies and songs but to games:

For the first time in 75 years, Mattel is making a major change to the iconic board game Scrabble — and touting a “No More Scoring” gameplay option.

The new launch is a double-sided version of the famous board game — one side with the original game for those who want to stick to the long-time traditional version, and one side with a “less competitive” version to appeal to Gen Z gamers.

The flip side of the classic game, called Scrabble Together, will include helper cards, use a simpler scoring system, be quicker to play and allow people to play in teams.

That goes nicely with our declining national IQ, our shrinking attention span, and the rejection of the individualism that once defined Americans in favor of oligarchical collectivism.

Ray Adler, Vice President, Global Head of Games, has issued a statement:

“Scrabble has truly stood the test of time as one of the most popular board games in history, and we want to ensure the game continues to be inclusive for all players.”

Looks like utopia has not yet been achieved. Not everyone is enthused about inclusion:

[S]ome naysayers objected to the changes, calling it “Scrabble for Snowflakes” and “Woke Scrabble” on X.

Leave liberals in charge of education much longer, and we will need a dumbed down version of tic-tac-toe.

On tips from Jack D, WDS 2.0, and ABC of the ANC.

Mar 04 2024

Family Fun in Fundamentally Transformed America

As civilization collapses into savagery under liberal rule, we won’t even be able to have stores. So you can hardly expect to have amusement parks. Presenting Opening Day at Six Flags Over Georgia:

Western Journal reports:

The spiral of violence began when teenagers were seen running rampant in the park. …

According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigations, between 500 and 600 people ran and fought within the amusement park…

Police were fired upon. They returned fire…

…ultimately striking a 15-year-old within the group who is currently in critical condition at Grady Memorial Hospital.

Imagine bringing small children into such an environment. Yet that is what we are doing by allowing Democrats to fundamentally transform the country.

On a tip from WDS 2.0.

Mar 03 2024

WaPo Spins Shoplifting Epidemic

Liberals have effectively legalized shoplifting in ever more areas they control, forcing stores to close as empowered lowlifes steal whatever comes to hand. Let’s see how the Washington Post spins the intolerable situation:

Post culture reporter Maura Judkis authored [a] piece in the paper’s Style section on Friday, with the headline “The zombie CVS, a late-capitalism horror story.”

The term “late-capitalism” implies WaPo propagandists think the goal of ending economic freedom and reducing us to collectivist poverty has nearly been achieved.

Judkis noted how a Columbia Heights, D.C. CVS had been looted and shoplifted from so much that there was hardly anything of value on store shelves until it was shut down this week.

But we are told it is no big deal that American cities are no longer sufficiently civilized for stores to operate. The USA deserves worse:

Judkis wrote, “America is a sticky-fingered nation built on stolen land, and its current moral panic is about shoplifting.”

We need to focus on the real villain, which is not mobs of looting savages and the progressives who enable them, but the once great country they are looting to death.

On a tip from Jack D.

Mar 01 2024

Social Engineers Promote Polyamory

The march of progress has allowed moonbats to achieve the ethical level of feral cats. They have discovered polyamory:

[D]espite what many believe, polyamory isn’t just about sex. It’s a form of ethical non-monogamy that’s defined as having multiple intimate relationships—sometimes sexual or romantic, but not always—with the full knowledge and consent of everyone involved.

The Experts endorse the swinger lifestyle:

According to Elisabeth Sheff, who has studied polyamorous families for decades and is the author of The Polyamorists Next Door: Inside Multiple-Partner Relationships and Families, the kind of transparency that typically occurs in poly families can bring them closer together.

Intones Sheff:

“It’s the fundamental basis of polyamory, one of the core values, to tell each other the truth about what you’re doing and to tell yourself the truth.”

The fundamental basis of sleeping around is truthfulness. The Experts know all kinds of stuff.

This trickles down to their children.

Sheff says one thing many children in poly families have shared with her is that they appreciate that their parents can admit when they’re wrong and even apologize. …

That helps develops trust between parents and children, which helps children feel safe.

Chirps Robyn Trask, executive director and editor of Loving More nonprofit and magazine:

“Kids, whose parents have shared their choices honestly and included poly partners in their family life, are amazing. They exude confidence, are honest and curious, are not afraid to ask questions, and seem to be interested in life beyond their peer group.”

Sexuality educator Jacki Yovanoff strikes a final blow against the institution of marriage by confirming that degenerate nonmonogamous arrangements produce better children:

“The priority put on openness, honesty and emotional literacy can foster an environment where children develop a tendency for higher emotional intelligence,” she writes. It also can lead to “a higher degree of maturity, self-confidence and self-reliance, as well as great interpersonal skills.”

At least copulating tomcats don’t yowl pretentious lies.

On a tip from Mike B.

Feb 10 2024

Children’s Play Center Turned Over to Adult Babies

Leftism entails infantilization, so no one should be surprised that as society succumbs to moonbattery, paraphilic infantilism is rising toward prominence, from southern New Hampshire to Lancing, England:

Wild Wonderland is a play centre for children aged zero to 12 years old, but on December 2 it was hired for an event advertised on a fetish website.

“A space themed soft play exclusively open to all age players. SoLittles, Middles, Carers, Mummies, Daddies, Siblings, Furries, Kittens, Puppies, their handlers and wet only ABDL,” the advert on Fetlife read.

FetLife is social media explicitly for perverts. ABDL = “adult baby/diaper lover.”

The over-25s event offered a “nappy change room”, baby food and “a lovely story time” with milk and biscuits, but organisers reminded attendees to bring their own nappies and wipes.

Gasped one disgusted mother,

“How many bodily fluids are going to be on the things in there? That’s an awful thing to have to ask myself.”

No worries:

Organisers stated they operated a strict “no wet accidents” rule and banned nudity, sexual acts, BDSM/fetish clothes and faeces.

This time, anyway.

Barks a spokesman for Wild Wonderland,

“Who are we to judge and discriminate?”

Judgment and discrimination are wrong, unless directed against those disfavored by the liberal establishment. Soon disapproval of defecating in diapers for the purpose of sexual gratification will be classified as hate speech.

The spokesman continues:

“The staff who worked felt happy they had given a non-judgemental safe space to people to be who they want to be.”

Down the slippery slope we slide, ever deeper into the depravity and decay that we are told to regard as progress.

On a tip from Mike B.

Feb 04 2024

Diaper Spa

When transsexuality finally fades among liberals, what will be their next hot fad? Maybe diaper spas. From southern New Hampshire:

The Diaper Spa website lists it as the “only physician-owned Diaper Spa in the world” and says it is open to “all diaper-wearing individuals who seek acceptance, respite, and care”.

Having endured LGBTism, we know the drill: first acceptance, then normalization, then superior status.

Services include ABDL (Adult Baby/Diaper Lover) nursery spa care, therapeutic support and life coaching, and a 24-hour stay called the Diaper B&B. All clients are required to wear adult diapers.

No worries,

Colleen Ann Murphy, the owner of the spa, said the spa and its services are non-sexual and do not cater to any fetish, but instead are catered to individuals looking to regress and heal.

She ought to do well. There is no shortage of moonbats looking to regress.

On a tip from R F.

Feb 01 2024

Oregon Drug Policy Results in State of Emergency

Anyone might accidently step on a rake so that the handle flies up and whacks them in the face. But to deliberately stomp on the rake and then be surprised by the consequences takes a special kind of stupid — which characterizes the moonbats running Oregon:

Oregon Gov. Tina Kotek (D) declared a state of emergency in Portland on Tuesday for a rising number of fentanyl deaths as some state Democrats move to roll back a drug decriminalization law.

It must not have occurred to Kotek et al. that decriminalizing recreational drugs would lead to more widespread use of them, inevitably resulting in turn in the accelerated decay of society.

The emergency declarations were a recommendation from a Portland task force last year, aimed at revitalizing the city’s downtown.

Anyone who really wants to reclaim Portland on behalf of civilization first needs to pry liberals out of power. Only then will the drug-fueled zombie apocalypse that has made Left Coast cities unlivable end.

Oregon has struggled with increasing overdoses in recent months, specifically from synthetic opioids, causing backlash against a 2020 law that decriminalized small amounts of most drugs.

The Democrats who have made fentanyl readily available throughout the country through lax drug and border policies are more responsible for the death of career criminal/liberal demigod George Floyd than Derek Chauvin is.

On a tip from Lyle.

Jan 18 2024

Social Engineering From Pornhub

Social engineering intended to promote degeneracy and sexual perversion has become prevalent in public schools. An undercover investigation unsurprisingly revealed that it can also be found at the USA’s largest pornography distributor, Pornhub:

Multiple employees were caught on camera admitting non-existent enforcement of age requirements to view or participate in homemade pornography.

Children have taken part not only as spectators:

Despite a 2020 investigation that uncovered millions of child sex abuse videos, Pornhub has done little more than crisis PR to protect victims. After removing 9 million videos that year, the company admitted to covertly inserting more sexually deviant material into mainstream content to expand its reach and create new audiences.

Porn is said to be the gateway to the grotesque LGBT lifestyle. The explicit goal is to “convert” viewers to more depraved tastes that will bog them down in the realm of pornography. Progressivism applies to more than politics.

According to Product Coordinator Sylvain Fernandez…

…LGBTQ pornography specifically helps pre-teens “find themselves” and their “kink.” Viewing pornography at age 11, he said, is “normal” and “religious groups” are wrong to discourage exploration.

No wonder liberal establishmentarians like Joy Reid, Rob Reiner, and the apparatchiks at NBC hate Christians so much. They might interfere with an agenda likely to generate not only more clicks for Pornhub but more voters for the Democratic Party as decency is rejected in favor of debased self-indulgence.

It’s no surprise, then, that technical product manager Mike Farley acknowledged that pornography is “addictive” and Pornhub is “not really” worried about ethics. On that note, one study found that over half of divorce cases included one spouse having an “obsessive interest in” pornography.

This is great news for leftists, who have targeted the family for destruction from Karl Marx to Black Lives Matter.

To sum up, pornographers are…

…unapologetically promoting personal destruction in a culture already suffering from extreme moral decay.

As a society, we have fallen into a cesspool. We are running out of time to pull ourselves out of it before we drown.

Meet the people who are shaping the next generation:

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Dec 21 2023

Normalization of BDSM Is Underway

“Love is love!” according to the slogan. This means all forms of sexual gratification are equal in their supreme importance. From this, it follows that fetishes like sadomasochism are as sacred to the liberal establishment as sodomy. Sure enough:

In a new study published in the Journal of Sex Research, researchers have mapped the intricate journey of individuals engaging in Bondage/Discipline, Domination/Submission, and Sadism/Masochism (BDSM), highlighting the diverse paths and motivations behind these practices. …

There has been a growing awareness and acceptance of BDSM as a non-pathological part of social and cultural activities, but there’s been a lack of detailed understanding of the motivations, experiences, and demographics of those involved in these practices. By conducting this study, researchers aimed to provide insights into the prevalence and nature of BDSM participation, breaking down stereotypes and misconceptions.

As we learned during the top-down normalization of homosexuality, this process is called “destigmatization.”

“While depictions within popular culture have reduced stigma experienced by those who engage in BDSM, it is still often looked at as taboo and even criminal in some regions of the world,” said study author Bryce Westlake, an associate professor at San Jose State University.

Your tax dollar helps erase this taboo via publicly funded universities like Westlake’s. When utopia has been achieved, only moral decency will be taboo.

He makes his mission clear:

“My interest comes from a desire to provide a more well-rounded depiction of BDSM to help further reduce stigma and describe BDSM beyond sex.”

As with LGBTism, there is a whole lifestyle to be promoted.

The erudite scholars…

…took extra steps to ensure that the language used in the survey was inclusive and sensitive to various cultural, racial, gender, and sexual identities.

The inclusive and sensitive survey yielded unsurprising results:

A notable portion of participants … viewed BDSM as an essential part of their identity.

This means if you don’t affirm their warped activities, you are a bigot who hates them for who they are. It also means they will soon have official protected status, like homosexuals, pedophiles, morbidly obese people, and potheads.

The study also unsurprisingly found…

…transgender individuals often beginning private BDSM participation earlier.

Sexual sickness is fungible. Love is love, after all.

As an Expert in a position to tell us what we should regard as normal, Westlake explains why mixing violence, coercion, and humiliation with sex is healthy and good:

“BDSM also functions to help build stronger connections between romantic partners, including increased trust, intimacy, communication, and needs/wants fulfillment.”

The study opens the door to further taxpayer-subsidized research. Squeals Westlake:

“[W]e have plenty of additional questions that we will be exploring over the next couple of months. One is the role of pornography in initially learning about BDSM…”

If universities don’t offer degrees in pornography yet, it is only a matter of time.

The main purpose, in keeping with the broader liberal agenda, is to prove that depravity is good:

“Another [aspect to explore] is the benefits participants experience engaging in BDSM, including relief from chronic pain, coping with mental health difficulties, processing prior trauma, and self-growth/esteem/confidence.”

BDSM is so good for you, it ought to be mandatory. At the very least, bondage gear, torture devices, and sessions with a dominatrix should be covered by ObamaCare.

As demonstrated recently, the US federal government is a clogged toilet overdue to be flushed. The same holds for academia.

On a tip from Mike B.

Dec 16 2023

Dem Senate Staffer Produces Gay Porn at Capitol

To get an idea of the caliber of people we are ruled by, consider that a Democrat senator’s staff has been producing homosexual pornography at the US Capitol:

The graphic pornographic video was obtained by the Daily Caller and published Friday after the Spectator reported that an unnamed staffer to Democrat Sen. Ben Cardin of Maryland was posting the sexually explicit images and videos to social media.

Democrats have been using their control of public schools to promote homosexuality to children. At least they practice what they preach.

One video appears to be from a conference room in the Hart Senate Office Building, where Cardin’s office is located.

Cardin is a member in good standing of the Swamp:

Cardin was first elected as a U.S. senator from Maryland in 2007, and prior to that, he served for 20 years in the U.S. House of Representatives.

As he is a Democrat, it goes without saying that Cardin is on board with the agenda:

In 2018, Cardin released a statement firmly supporting LGBTQ rights.

“Love is love,” recites Cardin’s statement, a slogan that endorses literally all sexual depravity. It is Liberalese for “Nothing is true; everything is permitted — and so long as it is sick, encouraged.”

The District of Corruption is a toilet that has clogged. Even if we somehow manage to flush it, it will just fill up again so long as liberals continue to infuse the culture with degeneracy.

It took progressives generations to reduce America to perverts filming themselves having sex in the halls of government. It will take patriots generations of determined effort to restore it.

On tips from Heckrules, Ryan H, CDaJFunk, and Ed McAninch.

Nov 27 2023

Government-Funded BDSM for Children

Look at the bright side. Even with Biden’s handlers in power, our rulers are not yet as aggressively depraved as the moonbats running Germany.

Lambda Bundesverband receives generous funding from the federal government. It provides youth sexuality counseling services, workshops, summer camps, and the magazine Out!, which is produced for children as young as 14.

Reduxx reports:

In issue No. 59 of “Out!, the majority of the zine is dedicated entirely to discussing sexual fetishes.

According to the publication’s editor Fabian,

“Fetishes are possible variations of our sexuality and are therefore neither reprehensible, disreputable or perverse.”

War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Perversion is not perverse.

The perversions promoted at Germany taxpayer expense include DDLG. Out! writer Sofie elaborates:

“DDLG stands for Daddy Dom Little Girl. It’s mostly about a female person putting themselves in the role of a little girl. She wears diapers and enjoys playing children’s games. If she does something naughty, her daddy can punish her.”

She describes playing DDLG at the age of 16:

“Finally he put diapers on me like a daddy. When I was finally allowed to urinate in the diaper for the first time, I just felt free and overjoyed,” Sofie writes.

Carry the trajectory of the past few years forward. Within 5 years this behavior will be encouraged in public schools in the USA. Another 5 years and you will be imprisoned for disapproving.

Only the Devil could guess what will be going on in Germany by then.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Nov 12 2023

What Satanists Do When Not Pushing Democrat Agenda

Although they often promote the liberal agenda (e.g., abortion [here, here], transsexualizing children [here, here]), Satanists differ from traditional Democrats in that they are not political 100% of the time. This behavior does not seem to promote the agenda:

A janitor at a New Jersey elementary school went online to brag about how he had contaminated food being served to children with bleach, bodily fluids, and even his own feces in order to get them sick, it is alleged.

Giovanni Impellizzeri, 25, claimed online to be a Satanist ‘doing the devil’s work’, has been charged with child endangerment, aggravated assault and tampering with the food at Elizabeth F. Moore School in the Upper Deerfield School District.

Boasts Impellizzeri:

“They had taco meat before, and I put some … poop in there and mixed it in and nobody knew the difference. They ate the s*** right up.”

Fittingly, the Satanist was arrested on Halloween.

Maybe Impellizzeri’s crimes were political after all. The kids might have been guilty of white privilege, like the 9-year-olds executed by Audrey Hale.

On a tip from seaoh.


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