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Aug 10 2019

Jeffrey Epstein Turns Up Dead in Cell

As widely predicted, Jeffrey Epstein has turned up dead. He couldn’t procure underage girls to be raped by monsters as powerful as Bill Clinton and expect to die of old age — not after he had finally been called to account and all sorts of sordid facts might spill out in court.

Maybe it was suicide, maybe not; either way, his death is about as kosher as the dating service for rich and powerful degenerates that he ran via the Lolita Express. Taking him off suicide watch was like leaving his cell door unlocked.

Paul Joseph Watson weights in:

What a relief that the FBI is investigating. Maybe James Comey, Peter Strzok, and Frank Figliuzzi can rejoin the bureau and team up to find out what happened.

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Jul 31 2019

Urinating on the Potatoes at Walmart

They are called progressives because they progress. Every new outrage opens the door to further outrages. In a society corroded by moonbattery, too far is never far enough. An example is the recent fad of licking ice cream, putting it back on the shelf, then posting video of the accomplishment on social media. Where do we go from there? A woman in western Pennsylvania has answered this question by urinating on the potatoes at Walmart.

KDKA in Pittsburgh reports that she has turned herself in:

Police identified that woman as Grace Brown. She is now being charged with criminal mischief, open lewdness, disorderly conduct and public drunkness.

Unless authorities start treating tampering with food as a serious crime rather than just mischief, this incident will serve as a challenge for some other sociopath to push the envelope farther still.

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Jul 31 2019

Woman Marries Golden Retriever

If Pete Buttwhatever can marry his homosexual inamorato, then there is no reason 49-year-old former swimsuit model Elizabeth Hoad cannot marry a golden retriever.

From the New York Post:

[A]fter a slew of unsuccessful dates over the years — some 221, she recalls — and giving birth to a son, now 25, Hoad decided the only man she could count on was her loyal Logan.

Logan is a 6-year-old dog she has owned for a year.

Congratulations, progressive social engineers. Holy matrimony has been reduced to farce. Now you can move on to the other pillars supporting civilization.

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Jul 28 2019

Dousing Police Is Now a Fad

It isn’t a matter of a couple isolated incidents. Persons of politically preferred pigmentation expressing their contempt for law, order, and civilization in general by dousing police officers has become a fad in New York:

The NYPD is drowning in humiliating water drenching videos.

Another video of a city cops getting doused with water surfaced Thursday — the fifth since the city began focusing on the disrespectful behavior.

So far the buckets dumped on police seem to contain only water, although as the Sergeant’s Benevolent Association notes,

“These buckets can contain ACID, BLEACH or other CHEMICALS.”

Where anarchy is tolerated, it escalates.

Already the ominous phenomenon has spread beyond Bill de Blasio’s dysfunctional moonbat dystopia. Here’s how much respect is displayed for those who put their lives on the line to maintain public order in Atlanta:

Because that could occur is why this can occur.

Happy, liberals? Your endless demonization has disabled the police. Your Cultural Marxist hogwash has empowered a nationwide mob of idiot savages. Do you really think only people you don’t like will be destroyed when society comes unraveled?

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Jul 26 2019

Tourist Brutally Attacked as DC Descends Into Jungle

It’s bad enough that in moonbat-ruled San Francisco, they can’t even hold medical conventions lest the attendees be accosted by the aggressively panhandling drug-addicted derelicts that the moonbats in charge cater to so obsequiously. In DC, the situation is far worse. Like Detroit, our nation’s capital has been subjected to demographic conquest by savages — as a tourist recently learned the hard way:

Police are hunting for 14 teenagers caught on video brutally beating a tourist outside a renowned hotel in Washington, DC.

Disturbing surveillance footage recorded at the entrance to the Washington Hilton Hotel at around 1am on July 14 shows the group of girls and boys believed to be around 13-14 years old attacking the man as he lies defenseless on the ground.

The victim suffered head injuries including a damaged eye socket but fortunately lived.

Fittingly, this took place at the same hotel where John Hinckley shot Ronald Reagan in 1981. Hinckley then escaped jail time by pleading mental illness and is currently on the loose. It’s almost as if someone were trying to demonstrate how public order breaks down when there are no consequences for criminal behavior.

The video displays what it is turning into out there:

The female savage spitting on the victim at the end is a nice touch. It demonstrates the gratitude that could be expected for financing her existence via the welfare state. The contempt for the victim extends to what he personifies: American civilization in general. The savages know they are unlikely to face meaningful consequences.

For now, tourists are probably safe so long as they do not step outside the lobby of the hotel. That won’t last though. The savages are like wolves that are losing their fear of the campfire. Soon they will come inside. Before long, they will be kicking down doors as the terrified guests hide under the bed.

Following the trajectory America has been on for the past 50 years, it seems likely that when a similar event occurs 50 years in the future, the tourist will be torn to pieces and eaten.

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Jul 26 2019

Paris Nudists Complain About Perverts Behaving Inappropriately

All they want to do is run around in public with no clothes on. But perverts keep spoiling the fun:

Naturists in a Paris park have complained that voyeurs and exhibitionists are spoiling their naked enjoyment.

The nudists complain about “perverts hiding in the bushes.” Imagine the horror: you are taking an innocent naked walk in the park when you hear an increasingly frenzied rustling sound; you look over to see Mayor Pete leering grotesquely from amid the foliage.

When [the nudist part of Bois de Vincennes] opened in 2017, City officials insisted no inappropriate behaviour would be tolerated, a message reiterated on a sign at the entrance to the zone.

But if walking around naked in Paris in broad daylight is not inappropriate behavior, what is?

Before long deviancy will be defined so far downward that no one will dare complain about anything except behavior that prior to the triumph of moonbattery was considered normal, like putting your clothes on before going out in public.

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Jul 24 2019

Law and Order Collapse in New York

By now you have probably seen video of what moonbattery has done to respect for law and order in New York. Police officers respond with total passivity as ghetto lowlifes dump buckets of water on their heads:

One clip even shows a soaked cop getting beaned in the back of the head with an empty, red plastic bucket while the cop and his partner were handcuffing a suspect on the hood of a black car.

One incident occurred in Harlem, another two blocks away from a precinct station house in Brooklyn. To respond to the assaults would of course have been racist.

A police source blamed the incidents on the NYPD’s “hands-off approach to these guys” under Mayor Bill de Blasio.

De Blasio — who like most liberals reflexively sides with the bad guys — obviously deserves blame for his city disintegrating into anarchy. But it doesn’t stop with him. The current climate was created by the liberal establishment constantly pushing a narrative that boils down to white police bad, black criminals good. The hostility of the liberal ruling class to civilization itself could not be more obvious than during the hype that ensues when criminals of color manage to get themselves killed by police. Here we see the unfolding consequences:

It won’t stop with buckets. Bricks will follow, then bullets.

How are police supposed to enforce law and order when they are shown zero respect and are assaulted at will without consequence? They are not supposed to. They are supposed to stand idly by while moonbattery does to the entire country what it did to Detroit and Baltimore.

This story indicates the respect the NYPD is shown when officers venture into the subterranean jungles that are the subways:

A subway rider was caught on video harassing a uniformed NYPD cop in front of amused straphangers and the officer’s own partner.

The 60-second clip shared Tuesday by the city’s largest police union shows a man who appears to be his late 20s or early 30s daring an officer to “put hands” on him, which would give the young punk “every right to defend himself.”

“Oh, you do?” the cop replied. “You think so?”

“Yeah, so put your hands on me,” the man continued before threatening to assault the cop. “I’ll f–k you up.”

From there, the situation went downhill, as the savage escalated his insults and the officers stood passively muttering obsequious platitudes. Language alert:

If the cops had lifted a finger to defend themselves, the progressives running the media and the City of New York would have served up their heads on a platter.

Secure in their snug bubbles, the liberal elitists who created this situation congratulate themselves on being so edgy as to side with the vermin who have been allowed to take over the streets and subways of New York. They don’t think the collapse of law and order applies to them in their nice neighborhoods. By the time they learn otherwise, it may be too late to reverse the decay.

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Jul 23 2019

Moonbat Rule and Blackouts in Venezuela and New York

Blackouts have been in the news lately. In leftist-ruled Venezuela,

Most of Venezuela was left in the dark Monday in the latest blackout to hit the beleaguered nation as it suffers from an economic collapse and a crumbling power grid.

Local media reported that power was out in at least 19 of Venezuela’s 23 states since around 4:45 p.m. local time.

Yankee attacks and sabotage are the usual official explanations when the lights go out in Venezuela. The country has the largest proven crude oil reserves in the world and ought to be able to keep the lights on. The actual reasons that it cannot are the incompetence and corruption that result when everything is run by Big Government.

That calls to mind an issue closer to home — the recent blackouts in leftist-ruled New York:

More than 50,000 New Yorkers lost power amid the weekend’s heat wave that strained the city’s power grid, one week after a transformer fire left 75,000 New Yorkers in the dark for five hours.

Just as Venezuela blames a phantom “electromagnetic attack,” Governor Andrew Cuomo predictably points the finger at Con Edison. Regardless of where the blame lies with these specific incidents, blackouts are a feature of leftist rule. The moonbats running New York have made them inevitable:

A new state law the Governor signed last week requires 70% of state electricity to come from renewables by 2030 and 100% from “carbon-free” sources by 2040. Meantime, the Governor has blocked three natural gas pipelines and mandated the premature shutdown of the Indian Point nuclear plant that supplies a quarter of New York City’s power.

The only thing more pernicious than corruption and incompetence is liberal ideology. Progressives literally believe that the fossil fuels that comprise the lifeblood of modern civilization are bad. They prove they are good people who care about the planet by pretending that wind and solar can meet New York’s gargantuan energy needs. This puts New York on a collision course with reality.

Cuomo is pushing more offshore wind, which even with federal subsidies is 2.5 times more expensive than natural gas. …

Wind power has barely increased since 2014 due to environmental headaches, and as of last month there were no projects under construction.

No matter how many hideous bird-chopping turbines eventually get built on the backs of taxpayers, wind power is not reliable, in contrast to the natural gas that Cuomo suppresses.

In the long run, Andrew Cuomo is about as likely as his fellow left-wing authoritarian Nicolas Maduro to keep the lights on.

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Jul 13 2019

Journey Into the Nightmare of Moonbat Modernity

Liberal social engineers have had alarming success at demolishing the foundations of Western culture. Already we can see what will take its place in the brief interval between our downfall and our displacement by Islam: utter lunacy. Paul Joseph Watson takes on a brief tour of the current state of moonbat modernity:

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Jul 08 2019

Disneyland Enriched

Diversity enriches everything. An infusion of subculture can make even a trip with the kids to Disneyland more entertaining, as you can see for yourself in the video below.

Via Fox 5 in San Diego:

The video, dated July 6, 2019, shows at least two men and two women involved in the fight at Mickey’s Toontown…

Anaheim police said everyone involved in the fight belongs to the same family and that they were uncooperative when officers responded.

The woman who hobbles out of her motorized wheelchair and ends up on the ground adds extra poignancy:

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Jul 07 2019

If Bruce Jenner Is a Woman…

…then this lady is a horse:

Self-indulgent eccentricity and its sibling insanity also take so many wondrous forms.

Another Norwegian woman identifies as a cat.

I knew it was only a matter of time until moonbattery had us back on all fours.

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Jul 06 2019

Flash Mob Loots in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

When diversity has sufficiently saturated the country, even small towns like Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin can enjoy the culturally enriched flash mob phenomenon. Via Kenosha News:

Police are looking for what has been characterized as a “flash mob” of males who entered the North Face store at Pleasant Prairie Premium Outlets Monday, taking more than $30,000 in merchandise from the business.

The incident happened … when “10 black males entered the store and each grabbed as much merchandise as they could carry before running to the cars and leaving the property,” said Sgt. Aaron Schaffer of the Pleasant Prairie Police Department.

At last word, the suspects remain at large, unsurprisingly.

Eventually, all stores will be like inner city liquor stores. No one will be allowed to touch the merchandise until after they have paid for it. Only then will the purchase be passed through multiple layers of bulletproof glass.

At least that way we won’t have to worry about people having licked the ice cream like in Lufkin, Texas — unless of course the employees do it.

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