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Dec 11 2019

Evanston to Fund Slavery Reparations with Marijuana Sales

Some extremes of moonbat insanity can only be achieved in college towns — such as Berkeley, Austin, and Evanston, Illinois, home of Northwestern University, where local bureaucrats plan to use marijuana sales to fund slavery reparations.

The Northwest Ordinance abolished slavery in the region in 1787; Evanston did not become a city until 1892. But of course, reparations aren’t about slavery, since slaves and their masters have been gone for generations. It is about circumventing the welfare state middle man to pay people directly for being black. This is a high priority in Evanston, because to the horror of local liberals, the black population has been declining.

Imagine trying to produce infinite electricity by plugging a surge protector into itself. In Evanston, this principle will be put into practice. Blacks given free money to reward them for their politically preferred skin color will presumably spend some of it on marijuana, which will be taxed to provide them with more free money to spend on more marijuana. Ingenious, if only the numbers would add up. But with leftist economics, they never do.

Via Sultan Knish:

“We are at this point because we have done a lot in Evanston to acknowledge discrimination and oppression and racism, and we have had resolutions and various policies and different honorific actions over the lifetime of Evanston, and it has just not been enough,” Alderperson Robin Rue Simmons declared.

Continuing Affirmative Action and the $trillions flushed down the War on Poverty prove that nothing could ever be enough — especially not for a person of politically preferred pigmentation like Robin Rue Simmons.

“I’m offering no apologies,” Alderperson Robin Rue Simmons huffed. “This is for black Evanston residents.”

No word on what kind of racial certification would be required of residents to prove their eligibility.

Rachel Dolezal may or may not qualify for free money.

Regarding the numbers adding up,

The slavery reparations program expects to monetize its $10 million fund at a rate of $250,000 to $750,000 a year. …

Getting $750,000 on a 3% sales tax would require moving $25 million worth of legal marijuana a year. That’s a whole lot of drugs for a city of under 75,000 residents. Every person in Evanston would need to spend over $300 at drug dispensaries every year to fund racial reparations. …

The obvious revenue source for drug reparations for slavery would be the drug habits of Northwestern University students. But that’s also the group likeliest to cut costs by buying directly from drug dealers and bypassing Evanston’s racial pot taxes. …

Meanwhile, Evanston is still trying to figure out how to pay for its $321 million budget.

There is also the pension debt to deal with.

Maybe if Evanston’s City Council puffs the pot itself, reality will float away with the smoke, and everything will be okay.

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Dec 06 2019

Another New Kind of Family

When the social engineers on the Supreme Court took an axe to the institution of marriage, they gave us a hard shove along the road to this:

A polyamorous woman has fallen pregnant by one of her four partners after they went away together – but says they will raise the baby as a ‘family’.

The baby will bring their “family” to six. Like Shrillary shrieks, it takes a village to raise a child.

Twenty-year-old Tory Ojeda has announced her engagement to marry one of her “partners,” but not the one believed to be the father. Why shouldn’t she marry all four of them? Why should she be discriminated against because of whom or how many she loves?

Historically, polygamous situations have mainly involved one male and multiple females, possibly for the same reason that cattle breeders need more cows than bulls. But now that reproduction is mainly achieved by leaving the border open, one female shared by four males makes as much sense as any other abnormal arrangement.

Despite being in an open relationship, Tory is currently the only one who has multiple romantic partners.

That means there is still room for further “progress.”

Female moonbats who find speds attractive will be excited to learn that Tory would welcome another woman into the arrangement.

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Nov 27 2019

Pouring Diarrhea on Strangers Catches On

Licking ice cream and then putting it back in the freezer is passé now. The emerging new fad is to pour buckets of liquified fecal matter on the heads of random strangers. A horrifying incident in Los Angeles may have served as inspiration. From Toronto:

Police are searching for a suspect who they say dumped feces on a woman near a University of Toronto building before running away.

Officers believe the suspect is also responsible for two other incidents of fecal matter being hurled at people in the last five days. …

The previous incidents occurred at the University of Toronto’s Robarts Library and York University’s Scott Library. …

The suspect is described as a black male in his 30’s who was wearing a yellow construction hard hat, blue shirt and gloves at the time.

According to a witness to one of the attacks, the assailant “was laughing … like giggling loudly” as he ran off.

The story is emblematic of where civilization is heading, as all standards other than political correctness are abandoned, and we sink to the level of animals throwing crap at each other in the zoo.

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Nov 23 2019

The Truth About Suicide

The progressive establishment is eager to weep piteously over the slightest microaggression, yet shows little concern for the escalating suicide epidemic. This is largely because the group hardest hit has been designated as the scapegoat for all problems by the liberal elite: middle-age working class white men, aka “deplorables.”

It is also because the hopelessness driving suicide results from the progressive war on everything that gives life meaning, as well as from the hollow, degenerate nihilism that we are presented with in place of religion, tradition, family, patriotism, et cetera.

Paul Joseph Watson elaborates:

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Nov 21 2019

The Wages of Sin Is Anal Cancer

Depraved behavior has consequences, regardless of whether the authorities condemn it, endorse it, or even demand that you approve of it. One consequence of the rampant degeneracy that characterizes our times is anal cancer.

Via Medical Xpress:

Rates of new anal cancer diagnoses and deaths related to human papillomavirus (HPV), the most common sexually transmitted infection, have increased dramatically over the last 15 years…

[A new study] found that anal cancer diagnoses, particularly advanced stage disease, and anal cancer mortality rates had more than doubled for people in their 50s and 60s. The study also revealed that new diagnoses among black men born after the mid-1980s increased five-fold compared to those born in the mid-1940s. …

Nearly 90% of anal cancers are caused by HPV.

The researchers found that anal cancer rates and mortality went up by almost 3% per year from 2001 to 2016.

As CNN admits,

Since the 1950s, there have been substantial changes in risk factors for anal cancer, including shifts in sexual behaviors and an increased number of sexual partners, according to the study, both of which increase the likelihood of contracting HPV.

The emergence of the HIV epidemic, especially among men who have sex with men, may have also influenced anal cancer trends because HIV is a risk factor.

Since the ACLU now asserts authority over biological reality, it should step in and declare that anal cancer doesn’t exist, since this doesn’t sound like a pleasant way to die.

On a tip from Kate P. Hat tip: Washington Standard.

Nov 07 2019

Moonbats Denounce No Nut November

Moonbats embrace degeneracy as an end in itself. To them, even masturbation is sacred, precisely because it is self-indulgent and sordid. They actually object to No Nut November, which entails guys taking a pledge to avoid pornography and stop masturbating for a month.

In the video below, Paul Joseph Watson explains why pornography and masturbation are not good things. Please forgive the OFF-COLOR LANGUAGE AND SUBJECT MATTER:

Somebody is onto something here:

The onanism of modern society is connected with its supposed “hyper-sexualization” and its infertility. It’s not really hyper-sexualization, but the devolution of the spirit to the lassitude of a diffuse and weak sexuality.

No wonder moonbats revere masturbation. It is emblematic of moonbattery.

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Oct 31 2019

Truly Horrifying Halloween Display

Halloween was never supposed to be this horrifying. A New York drag queen calling himself Blair Back demonstrates how trick-or-treating is done in hell by dressing as a woman performing an auto-abortion. He cuts out a plastic fetus, pretends to drink his own blood, and then dismembers the baby as the song “Cannibal” by Kesha plays in the background.

WARNING – The video below is tasteless even by current standards. Do not view unless you really want to know what kind of world progressives are progressing toward.

Congratulations to Blair Back, who managed to make himself famous on the Internet for the promised 15 minutes by pushing the envelope just a little bit further. By next Halloween, this will be passé.

No doubt public libraries have this guy reading to small children. Imagine the stories he must select.

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Oct 29 2019

Clown World Order

Paul Joseph Watson attempts to keep up with our moonbattery-induced descent into Clown World:

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Oct 28 2019

Air Zimbabwe Loses Its Only Operational Aircraft

Zimbabwe — as we now call the starving husk of the Breadbasket of Africa, Rhodesia — continues to blaze a trail that will be followed by others. It established the template that South Africa is explicitly following and that Europe will follow in turn. Here, it demonstrates the near future of air travel:

The Airports Company of South Africa (Acsa) has impounded an aircraft owned by Air Zimbabwe over debt.

That was Air Zimbabwe’s only operational aircraft.

This comes as Air Zimbabwe was suspended from using the airport due to non-payment of debt.

Those who work in the airline industry could be in for a hard landing:

Retrenched workers at the national carrier, Air Zimbabwe, have yet to receive their severance packages a year after being let go.

At least they didn’t get paid off in worthless currency.

The seizure of the aircraft is a new low for the airline which has over the years broken records, including flying with only one passenger, as it struggles to restore customer confidence after successive years of mismanagement.

The good news for Air Zimbabwe is that before long mismanagement will be the new normal.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Oct 11 2019

Sexually Transmitted Diseases Explode in California

If the lights going out doesn’t make it obvious that moonbattery has shunted the erstwhile Golden State onto the wrong track, maybe the explosion of sexually transmitted diseases will get the message through:

Sexually transmitted diseases reached epidemic levels in California last year, with three STDs hitting their highest levels in the state in 30 years, according to a report released Tuesday.

For 2018, the California Department of Public Health saw an increased number of reported syphilis, gonorrhea and chlamydia cases.

The number of cases also rose significantly from a decade ago.

Iniquity punishes not only the guilty but the innocent. The number of infants born with potentially lethal syphilis has shot up 900% since 2012.

STD rates are rising all over California … with the highest number of cases reported among people between the ages of 15-24, African-Americans, and those who are gay, bisexual, or men who have sex with other men, according to the department.

Maybe Sodom and Gomorrah were not really destroyed by brimstone and fire in a paroxysm of violence. Maybe that was literary license to illustrate a slightly more subtle process of destruction — like what is happening to California.

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Oct 09 2019

Justin Trudeau and the Decline of Canada

The decline of Canada has a face. It is the pretty boy face of its laughing stock Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who is now relying more heavily than ever on sheer moonbattery to keep himself afloat.

Black Pigeon Speaks brings us up to date on the state of affairs north of the border:

South Africa won’t be the last country to die of moonbattery. Canada may be the next.

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Oct 08 2019

Why We Need Stigma

Stigma is like pain. We aren’t supposed to enjoy it. But we would be a lot worse off without it. People who are unable to feel pain cannot function normally. Societies that do not employ stigma can’t function either.

Hats off to Dave Morrison for understanding the value of stigma:

If stigma were not a good thing, progressive social engineers would not be trying to destroy it.

Oct 06 2019

British Police to Hand Out Free Heroin to Criminals

Progressives progress. Handing out free needles to help junkies wallow in degeneracy is no longer cutting edge; lots of liberal-run cities are doing it — most conspicuously San Francisco, which provides junkies with 4.45 million free needles per year. Proposing government-run shooting galleries is also old hat. So the social engineers went farther. Norway has announced plans to provide not merely free needles, but free heroin. Britain is following suit:

Fifteen of the most prolific offenders in Middlesbrough will be able to inject the Class A drug three times a day at a special NHS clinic from this month.

NHS = National Health Service, Britain’s national socialized healthcare system.

The scheme, the first of its kind in England, was created by under-fire Cleveland Police and Crime Commissioner Barry Coppinger.

Cleveland County’s police force is at the vanguard of dysfunction. It is “the first force in the country to be branded failing by watchdogs,” having been rated “inadequate in every area” in a recent report. Commissioner Coppinger is already stepping down in wake of the report, so he won’t be around to face the inevitable consequences of handing out free heroin to criminals at a projected cost to taxpayers of £440,000 per annum.

Internal reports from Mr Coppinger’s office reveal that the 15 people chosen to benefit from the pilot scheme are addicts with criminal records.

Just as no good deed goes unpunished, under moonbattery, no bad deed goes unrewarded.

The reasoning behind the program is that the junkies will stop stealing to finance their habit if Big Government does it for them.

At least if it were the Mafia taking our money and not Big Government, it wouldn’t be spent turning our cities into sewers. But from the bureaucrats’ point of view, it all makes sense. Sewer rats don’t vote Tory or Republican.

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Oct 01 2019

Guardian Denounces Physical Fitness

If it is healthy or constructive, it is only a matter of time before moonbats denounce it. Consider physical fitness. Zoe Williams at the Guardian already has. She is “angry as a bull,” as she puts it, because last Thursday was Fitness Day:

[T]he problem is with fitness itself.

I have been writing a fitness column for a year and in this time I’ve digested very little about what exercise does for your body. I still have to Google what counts as maximum-intensity every time I feel moved to talk about it, which is all the time – but I know everything about what it does to your personality, and none of it is pretty.

Leave it to the flagship publication of the British liberal media to have a fitness column written be someone who dislikes fitness.

Unavoidably, over time, this makes you more rightwing, as you descend into an aerobics-powered moral universe where only the weak need each other, and all the strong need is a waterpouch in their backpack that pipes straight into their mouths.

From the viewpoint of the liberal establishment, it would be better to degenerate into a rotting blob of suet than to become “more rightwing.”

This may point to why people become moonbats. It is easier to establish self-esteem by conforming to the officially correct ideology than it is to earn self-respect in ways that require effort and discipline.

Hat tips: Power Line, Maggie’s Farm.

Sep 10 2019


A near synonym for moonbattery is degeneracy. As one spirals out of control, so does the other.

In the video below, Paul Joseph Watson demonstrates how bad it has gotten already, and asks, “Would you give up an endless cycle of nihilistic barren distractions for authentic life-sustaining happiness?” If the answer is no, then congratulations; you have plenty of company nowadays. Just don’t call yourself a conservative.

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Sep 07 2019

Some Teachers Are Underpaid

The greed of teachers’ unions is appalling. Yet some teachers are underpaid, despite their copious time off and extravagant retirement benefits. A few ought to collect combat bonuses. They also ought to wear helmets:

She must have oppressed them by making some outrageous demand, like to sit at their desks and not shout obscenities.

Imagine trying to learn anything in that environment. Yet Democrats crush charter schools at every opportunity — almost as if they like being able to count on the votes of an underclass with minimal upward social mobility. Say, that would also explain paying women to have babies out of wedlock.


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