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May 06 2023

Post-Covid Ghost Cities

The Democrat Death Spiral has been destroying American cities. Democrat policies drive out productive citizens, resulting in a population that elects increasingly left-wing Democrats, resulting in still more insane policies in a vicious circle. Eventually, no one is left but a core Democrat constituency living like rats and cockroaches amid decaying ruins (e.g., our formerly wealthiest city, Detroit). Covid tyranny has accelerated this tragic process:

The downtown areas of San Francisco, St. Louis, Portland, Oregon, and other North American cities remain deserted months after the pandemic waned, despite many urban areas bouncing back to life, new data show.

Researchers tracked smartphone use across 63 cities and found that San Francisco, which is battling waves of crime and homeless addicts on its streets, only has 32 percent of the activity that was recorded before the pandemic.

Other cities were able to put Covid behind them when people came back to work:

Salt Lake City has bounced back strongest, with 139 percent more cell phone activity nowadays than was seen before COVID-19 arrived…

This is about more than Democrats paralyzing local economies in the name of Covid:

The research adds to fears that soft-on-crime policies in ultra-liberal cities like San Francisco and Portland have driven up rates of lawlessness and other social problems, leading to an exodus of people as part of a longer-term decline.

A healthy city can recover from setbacks like the hysterical Covid overreaction. Cities run by moonbats tend not to be healthy.

On a tip from Dennis in Seattle.

Apr 15 2023

United Nations Pushes Degenerate Agenda

In case anyone hadn’t noticed that next up for normalization after homosexuality and transsexuality is pedophilia, or that the United Nations is not just irritating but evil:


The International Committee of Jurists (ICJ) along with UNAIDS and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) officially launched a new set of expert jurist legal principles to guide the application of international human rights law to criminal law.

UNAIDS and OHCHR are part of the United Nations. “Human rights” in this context is Liberalese for “decay.”

Ian Seiderman, Law and Policy Director at ICJ, complains that “there has been a growing trend towards overcriminalization.” This applies to a variety of degenerate behavior that meets with globalist approval:

The ‘8 March principles’ … were finalized in 2022. Initially, the principles focused on the impact of criminal laws proscribing sexual and reproductive health and rights, consensual sexual activity, gender identity, gender expression, HIV non-disclosure, exposure and transmission, drug use and the possession of drugs for personal use. Later, based on the inputs of civil society and other stakeholders, criminalization linked to homelessness and poverty were also included.

That is, the UN promotes the legalization of abortion, corrupt sex (explicitly including prostitution, homosexuality, and pedophilia), transsexualism (implicitly including sex change operations, presumably on children as well as mentally ill adults), knowingly spreading HIV without telling sexual partners, and recreational drug use. The “criminalization” of homelessness likely refers to derelicts not always being allowed to reduce public areas to 24-hour open air drug dens.

Laws against these approved activities “perpetuate stigma, harmful gender stereotypes and discrimination based on such grounds as gender or sexual orientation.”

Yes, the debauchery applies to children. Presenting Principle 16 (starting on page 22):

Consensual sexual conduct, irrespective of the type of sexual activity, the sex/ gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression of the people involved or their marital status, may not be criminalized in any circumstances. Consensual same-sex, as well as consensual different-sex sexual relations, or consensual sexual relations with or between trans, non-binary and other genderdiverse people, or outside marriage – whether pre-marital or extramarital – may, therefore, never be criminalized.

With respect to the enforcement of criminal law, any prescribed minimum age of consent to sex must be applied in a non-discriminatory manner. Enforcement may not be linked to the sex/gender of participants or age of consent to marriage.

Moreover, sexual conduct involving persons below the domestically prescribed minimum age of consent to sex may be consensual in fact, if not in law. In this context, the enforcement of criminal law should reflect the rights and capacity of persons under 18 years of age to make decisions about engaging in consensual sexual conduct…

The sexual molestation of children by adults is never consensual in any meaningful sense.

If we can’t at least all agree that the United Nations must be abolished and the UN building bulldozed into the East River, there is no hope for unity.

By the way, American taxpayers are forced to provide this pernicious globalist institution a staggering $12.5 BILLION per year, even as we struggle to pay our own debts.

On tips from Occam’s Stubble and Bluto.

Mar 29 2023

Open Thread

Nations do not die from invasion; they die from internal rottenness. - Abraham Lincoln

Feb 20 2023

Spain Decriminalizes Sex With Animals

Spain was a great nation. It threw off Muslim occupation and spread an empire across the globe, from Mexico to the Philippines. But it fell into decline, and cultural rot set in. Instead of taking the lead in spreading Western Civilization, Spain now leads in hastening its collapse through moonbattery:

On Thursday, the Spanish Parliament approved a new Animal Welfare Law that decriminalizes bestiality so long as the creature does not receive “an injury that requires veterinary treatment.”

According to Mundotoro, “Bestiality will no longer be considered a criminal offense if there are no injuries to the animal. This is established by the new Penal Code through the new Animal Welfare Law promoted by Minister Ione Belarra that was approved in Congress on February 9.”

If a pervert figures his dog doesn’t need a veterinarian to stop the anal bleeding, all is copacetic — or at least, inclusive.

Ione Belarra is Minister of Social Rights. Liberals have done to the word “rights” what they did to the word “liberal.”

On pain of cancelation, we are now required to revere perversions that were universally reviled only recently. How long before bestiophobes lose their jobs for not approving of raping animals?

On a tip from Occam’s Stubble.

Feb 15 2023

Profiles in Moonbattery: Erin Healy

Erin Healy is a Democrat state legislator not in some woke wasteland but in relatively based South Dakota. She presents the liberal view on family cohesion:

Like the word “fascism,” the word “un-American” has been repurposed to best advance the progressive agenda.

Healy says she is “disgusted” by the “extremist position” of defending the nuclear family.

People like this have power over us. Their degenerate ideology is destroying American civilization before our eyes.

On a tip from Occam’s Stubble.

Feb 09 2023

Madonna Wears the Face of the Liberal Establishment

Her garish embrace of degeneracy, sacrilegious posture, mental vacuity, and conspicuous decay make aging pop star Madonna the personification of what is thrust at us as our culture. It is fitting that she introduced the satanic ritual that defined her industry at this week’s Grammys. The face of the liberal entertainment establishment is her face. It is not a pleasant face to behold:

Plastic surgery has gone awry, rendering her appearance grotesque. The same thing happened to the face of the liberal political establishment, Joe Biden.

Madonna responded to public revulsion by heaping praise upon herself for being “strong-willed, hard-working, and adventurous,” for “trailblazing so that all the women behind me can have an easier time in the years to come,” and for “standing up to the patriarchy.” She lashed out against the society she has been excreting poison into for the past half century, shrieking that it is guilty of “ageism and misogyny” for being horrified by her ghastly appearance — which has attracted notice all the way across the Atlantic:

On a tip from KirklesWorth.

Jan 11 2023

An Argument for Identifying as a Dog

Now that objective reality has been subordinated to moonbattery, you can change your gender. You can change your race. Why not change your species? A Knotty Princess might be able to get back on OnlyFans by declaring herself to be a dog:

A woman who had been posting sexually explicit content to OnlyFans claims she has been banned from the platform after users reported her for bestiality. …

Though she denies that there is “proof” that she has engaged in sex with dogs, several recent tweets posted to her account suggest otherwise. “I have made a decision to come out. … I have been with 6 dogs this past year and only 2 men my entire life,” she wrote on Jan. 2. A few days later, she compared herself favorably to those who go “trophy hunting animals”: “You bring animals deaths , I bring them orgasms. I’m a better alternative.”

A Knotty Princess is only slightly ahead of her time:

Gina Florio of Evie Magazine characterized Knotty Princess’ content as “degenerate in nature” and argued that it comes as a direct result of the American culture’s emphasis on tolerance. “When a society claims that tolerance is the most important characteristic in our culture,” Florio stated, “we will end up tolerating anything,” including bestiality.

By “tolerance,” she means “liberal tolerance,” which often equates to degeneracy. Actual tolerance has been rare since moonbats achieved dominance. Fail to conform to the ideology of the progressive ruling class and you are likely to be canceled. Those belonging to disfavored identity groups are regarded as unworthy to hold opinions.

American Society is catching up with A Knotty Princess:

Content creator @bodittle has interviewed several people at LGBTQ events who have voiced support for bestiality in the name of acceptance. A video posted to his Instagram account in November shows a woman wearing pride-themed attire who claims she began watching porn “at, like, 8 years old” affirming bestiality for those who “want” to participate in it.

Bestiality would be an unsurprising progression from the mainstreaming of homosexuality, if not as inevitable as pedophilia.

“If that’s what you want,” she states tautologically, “then that’s what you want.”

That tautology isn’t much of a jump from the dog-eared Democrat bumper sticker slogan “Love is love.”

A Knotty Princess identifies as “TransCanine,” tweeting the following:

Human men can kiss me feet. I am TransCanine. I can’t have sex with anything that isn’t Canine. It’s actually bestiality for me to have sex with human men.

However, she has admitted that she is not actually a dog:

“Please just remember,” she wrote on Jan. 7. “I lost my job because of you guys. And now you guys got me removed off onlyfans. Just let me have this one thing. I want to have a nice life. Sharing my links with negativity harms me. Just remember, I’m a human too. I have feelings.”

Although identifying as a dog might exculpate her on the bestiality charge, the surest bet is to identify as a victim.

On a tip from Varla.

Jan 05 2023

Face Chewed Off on Train Platform in Portland

Seattle isn’t the only Left Coast city where civilization appears to be collapsing. From the next state south:

A suspect has chewed off an elderly man’s ear and some of his face in a horrific attack on a Portland train platform.

The injuries were so severe that some of the 78-year-old man’s skull was exposed after the violent attack in the suburb of Gresham in the state of Oregon on Tuesday morning.

If you can reach it from the city by train, so can the riffraff that has taken over the city.

Police arrested 25-year-old suspect Koryn Kraemer and booked him on an accusation of assault in the second degree

Drugs were involved, including fentanyl and marijuana. Kraemer says he believed his victim to be a robot. He is likely to be or to eventually become a member of the homeless community that liberal policies have encouraged to flourish in places like Portland, where psychosis and drug use are the norm.

Our progressive future is unfolding like a horror movie along the lines of John Carpenter’s In the Mouth of Madness.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Dec 24 2022

Open Thread

The Roman government appeared every day less formidable to its enemies, more odious and oppressive to its subjects. - Edward Gibbon

Dec 14 2022

America Desecrated Along With Marriage and Innocence

In the spirit of the “Inflation Reduction Act,” a blowout spending binge guaranteed to exacerbate inflation, Democrats named a law formalizing the desecration of holy matrimony the “Respect for Marriage Act.” Biden’s signing of the obscene bill into law was accompanied by appropriate pageantry, including two drag queens:

Marti G. Cummings, a New York City-based drag queen and activist, was pictured at the event alongside fellow drag queen, Brita Filter…

Earlier this year, Cummings tweeted: ‘The kids are out to sing and suck d!’ In another message [he] said: ‘Anyone who thinks drag isn’t for children is wrong.’

The corruption of innocent children is an ongoing theme:

Also this year, Cummings posted a photo showing [him] with three fellow drag queens and a young child. The message read: ‘He wants to perform with us next year.’

In 2019, Cummings went viral after [he was] recorded singing the children’s song Baby Shark to a 2-year-old while wearing thigh-high boots and shorts.

Cummings is an all-purpose moonbat who also wants to impose anarchy and open borders by defunding local police and abolishing ICE. He is the kind of guy who has access to the White House and who is ostentatiously promoted by it.

As for Filter,

In August, Brita Filter performed for students at Grace Church High School, an independent Episcopal school that costs $57,000 a year.

‘There was tons of social pressure to dance along and pretend like it was normal for sure,’ one unnamed student told The Post Millennial, ‘whether it be people tapping on shoulders and telling them to stand up or just a collective staring contest at whoever wasn’t totally participating.’

Another student said: ‘Immediately upon entering, there was a person handing out stickers with Pride flags on them unironically saying “take one or you’re homophobic.”‘

Kids know that to be designated as “homophobic” is to be canceled as a thought criminal.

Homosexual marriage — which was almost universally opposed until recently — has already been imposed on the states by the Supreme Court. What then is the point of the Desecration I mean “Defense” of Marriage Act? Catholic Vote President Brian Burch explains:

“President Biden’s celebratory signing of the so-called ‘Respect’ for Marriage Bill will inevitably be used to marginalize people of faith who seek to live out their beliefs in public life,” he added. “The bill lacks any tangible protections for people of faith who are already facing a hostile administration which is openly weaponizing the government against those who fail to perfectly align with its radical agenda.”

Democrats like plenty of tyranny to go with their anarchy. That’s why the form of government they inflict is known as anarchotyranny.

With drag queens prancing on the White House lawn, you can imagine what the streets of moonbattery-addled New York City look like. In case you can’t:

Waiting for the meteor is no good. We need to push back.

On tips from Chuck A, MrRightWingDave, Franco, and ABC of the ANC.

Dec 08 2022

Shoplifting Drives Up Prices at Walmart

The death of shame, the collapse of morality, and the ghettoization of American culture have combined with Democrat control of the justice system to produce a tsunami of shoplifting. Where liberalism is the most advanced, as in California and New York, the five-finger discount is effectively legal.

There is a price to pay for letting society succumb to moonbattery. Contrary to what liberal doctrine preaches, it isn’t greedy fat cats who pay it. You pay it.

Via Daily Mail:

Walmart’s CEO has warned that the retail giant may have to hike prices and shutter some stores amid ‘historically high’ thefts. …

[Walmart CEO Doug] McMillon did not specify in the interview which locations have experienced this record-high level of shoplifting, but his announcement comes after Walmarts in Los Angeles resorted to locking up most of their inventory to prevent further thefts.

California is a lost cause. The state has entered the terminal phase of the Democrat death spiral, whereby enough productive citizens have left to escape high taxes and societal decay that ever more liberal politicians are elected, resulting in still higher taxes and still more appalling decay, driving out the rest of the productive citizens, leaving only Democrats. That’s how the country’s formerly wealthiest city Detroit rapidly decayed into the hellhole it is today. The erstwhile Golden State is becoming a vast slum as any business that can leaves.

Los Angeles is especially anarchic, due to Soros-installed pro-criminal District Attorney George Gascon. There are plenty more like him throughout the country.

It isn’t only Walmart:

Just one month ago, the chief financial officer at Walmart’s biggest rival, Target, also revealed that shoplifting at its stores had jumped more than 50 percent year on year, leading to more than $400 million in losses in 2022 alone.

As for small businesses, they don’t have the option of closing branches. They just die. The eradication of small business is part of the Democrat agenda. Anything independent must be destroyed.

Walmart executives have been notoriously secretive about how much of an issue shoplifting is for the company, though Forbes has previously estimated that the chain loses about $3billion a year due to thefts.

It often manifests itself as looting of the kind that became fashionable during the liberal establishment-endorsed Black Lives Matter riots:

On November 22, a group of more than 20 shoplifters were caught on surveillance camera entering a Walmart in Memphis, Tennessee and running away with their arms full of expensive merchandise.

Police said 22 armed shoplifters entered the store after allegedly throwing a tire iron through a window.

The thugs were then able to leave the scene with two speakers, two flat-screen televisions, shop vacuums, car batteries and two Black Panther scooters worth a total of $7,715.80.

There is no such thing as a free lunch. When lowlifes steal from Walmart, they are stealing from you. When the liberal establishment encourages theft in the name of its degenerate, quasi-Marxist ideology, this comes at your expense.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Nov 18 2022

Princeton Course on “Black + Queer” Sadomasochism

To get it an idea of what it means to the future of healthcare that medical education has succumbed to moonbattery, consider what this same ideology has done to Ivy League education. In the spring, Ivy League Princeton will offer a course entitled, “Black + Queer in Leather: Black Leather/BDSM Material Culture.”

Looks like it will consist of pornography coated in a veneer of pretentious duckspeak:

“Black Queer BDSM material culture resists contextualization in relationship to biographical narratives because of the underground elements of the community,” according to an alternate description on the Princeton Lewis Center for the Arts website, which added it will have “a significant research focus on finding and presenting new materials.”

It is doubtful that these materials would be suitable for children — or for a college classroom.

In the dark days of unenlightened political incorrectness, students studied the timeless classics that define Western Civilization. Here’s what they read nowadays:

The reading list includes “Sensational Flesh: Race, Power, and Masochism” by Amber Jamilla Musser, “The Color of Kink: Black Women, BDSM, and Pornography” by Ariane Cruz, “The Black Body In Ecstasy: Reading Race, Reading Pornography,” by Jennifer Nash, and “A Taste for Brown Sugar: Black Women in Pornography” by Mireille Miller-Young.

Background on one of the authors:

Miller-Young is an associate professor of feminist studies at UC Santa Barbara whose area of focus is black studies, pornography and sex-work. She got in a physical altercation with a pro-life teenager in campus in 2014 after she was “triggered” by pro-life demonstrators’ signs.

The psycho professor was sentenced to community service and anger management classes, in addition to having to pay restitution.

That’s the kind of person the liberal elite puts forth to define fundamentally transformed America.

Tuition at Princeton is over $56,000, a steep price to pay for pornography, no matter how pretentiously presented. No worries; students can just go into debt and then wait for Democrats to force the rest of us to pay it off.

On a tip from Jack D.

Oct 18 2022

Crime Emerges as Major Midterm Issue

Under Democrat rule, civilization is collapsing. This can be seen everywhere: in the quality of our political leadership, in the filth children are exposed to, in the unwatchability of entertainment, in the subversion of formerly trusted institutions like the military and medicine, and most conspicuously of all, in the crime crisis that predictably followed in the wake of Black Lives Matter.

A typical story from New York:

Dramatic surveillance video shows the moment a trio of robbers — one swinging a sledgehammer — smashed their way into a high-end Park Avenue jewelry store over the weekend.

The video:

Not even the nicest parts of town are safe from the collapse of law & order that began under Bill de Blasio and continues uninterrupted under Eric Adams.

At last word there were no arrests in the looting of Cellini Jewelers, which lost over $500,000 in merchandise.

According to NYPD’s latest crime statistics, burglaries and grand larcenies were up more than 31% and 41% respectively, while robberies have seen an increase of 35.5%, compared to the same time last year.

Last year crime rates were already stratospheric in New York and nationwide.

Republican campaign ads have enraged liberals by calling them on it. Will Bunch of the Philadelphia Inquirer says drawing attention to crime is “vile” and “racist.” Illinois Governor J. B. Pritzker and Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot got this ad pulled for showing what has been going on in Chicago:

But Pritzker and Lightfoot have not been able to suppress public awareness of how fellow thugs have exploited the carte blanche offered them by liberal rule. Crime has emerged as a major issue in the midterms — and people know who to blame for it.

In contrast, Republicans offer solutions. They are outnumbered more than two to one in New York, yet Lee Zeldin is running neck and neck with incumbent Governor Kathy Hochul. Zeldin says he will immediately declare a state of emergency to combat crime:

“I’m going to suspend New York’s cashless bail laws and some other pro-criminal laws that have been passed, force the legislature to come to the table to negotiate an improvement because we have to take back our streets.”

He plans to remove Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg for refusal to enforce the law. Like George Gascon (Los Angeles), Kim Foxx (Chicago), Larry Krasner (Philadelphia), Chesa Boudin (San Francisco), and Kim Gardner (St Louis), and Marilyn Mosby (Baltimore), Bragg was placed in office by sinister leftist financier George Soros.

Weather Underground scion Chesa Boudin has been recalled. The rest need to follow. But to properly clean house, Democrats must be pried from power.

On tips from Wiggins, ABC of the ANC, and MrRightWingDave.

Sep 27 2022

Watch Civilization Collapse in UK

Until recently, not only was Britain a civilized country, it defined civilized countries. It earned the vicious hatred of leftists by exporting civilization throughout the world. But moonbattery put an end to that. Through mass immigration, it is putting an end to Britain itself.

Watch the wolves close in as the campfire dwindles:

The nation might still be saved, with the right leadership. The seemingly hopeless Battle of Britain was won thanks to the greatest leader of modern times, Winston Churchill.

Unfortunately, Liz Truss is not Winston Churchill:

Truss appears to be an overall improvement on Boris Johnson. But that isn’t enough.

The song had it wrong. Unless something radical changes, there won’t always be an England.

On tips from Wiggins and KirklesWorth.


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