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Jun 03 2023

Pushback Against Corruption of Children Is Still Possible

A teacher at El Dorado High School in Placentia, California demonstrates what kids are learning in public schools nowadays by promoting the perverted pleasures of gay sex and telling the children where to buy sex toys (at Target, naturally):

I was going to post the YouTube version of this video, but it turns out to be age restricted, appropriately enough.

Note that the kids aren’t snickering or gasping in astonishment like they would have at any point in history up until the past couple of years. They seem bored, as if they have heard it all many times before, probably starting in kindergarten.

However, because this video happened to go viral, this time there was pushback:

A teacher at a California high school was placed on administrative leave following a video surfacing of her instructing students about where to find sex toys.

“The individual involved has been placed on administrative leave pending a thorough investigation,” Alyssa Griffiths, the director of communications for the Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District…

She will be back on the job as soon as attention moves on. There are thousands of other teachers giving the same lesson. But at least the educrats who put them up to it still have to pretend to disapprove. Once the pushback stops, the rising tide of depravity and degeneracy will submerse us completely.

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May 24 2023

Profiles in Liberal Education: Shellyne Rodriguez

Where moonbats prevail (e.g., the federal government under Democrat rule, the education establishment), being a left-wing black woman is the only qualification needed to attain any job. If it is enough for the Supreme Court, it is enough for a college professor — even for psychopaths like Shellyne Rodriguez:

A Manhattan college professor flipped out on a group of students who set up an information table opposing abortion inside the school building — cursing and tossing their pamphlets…

Shellyne Rodriguez, an adjunct professor, told the pro-life students they were “triggering” her students by tabling inside Hunter College in Manhattan earlier this month. …

“You’re not educating s–t. This is f–king propaganda,” the art professor told the students tabling on May 2. “What are you going to do like anti-trans next?”

Resisting the transsexual agenda would be an even greater thought crime than opposing abortion.

She then pushed the anti-abortion materials off the table toward the students while exclaiming “f–k this s–t” and walked off…

The PSC Graduate Center is a labor union representing City University of New York professors. On behalf of the liberal establishment, it endorsed Rodriguez’s behavior:

“Her actions to shut down the tabling were fully justified, and are part of a long and celebrated CUNY legacy of confronting groups such as military recruiters who disseminate misleading information,” the group said in a letter of support.

Affirmative Action hires can still get fired, but they have to push the envelope farther still:

The Post knocked on the door of [Shellyne Rodriguez’s] Bronx apartment Tuesday morning — a day after she made headlines for flipping out on pro-life students at Hunter College.

“Get the f–k away from my door, or I’m gonna chop you up with this machete!” the manic adjunct art professor shouted from behind her closed door just moments after veteran reporter Reuven Fenton identified himself.

Seconds later, Rodriguez barged out and alarmingly put the blade to the reporter’s neck.

The reporter wasted no time getting out of there, but Rodriguez followed, brandishing the machete, shrieking,

“Get the f–k off the block! Get the f–k out of here, yo!”

She chased him all the way to his car. No worries about police interfering; this happened in New York City under Eric Adams.

However, the optics were bad enough for Rodriguez to be viewed by educrats as a liability to the cause of moonbattery, so she was fired. She may turn up in DC next time Biden has an open cabinet position.

In the meantime, she is suing the NYPD for oppressing her during the Black Lives Matter riots, in which she unsurprisingly participated. She says she suffered nerve damage when police had to restrain her with zip ties.

The lawsuit adds that the injuries also impacted “her ability to make art.”

So she won’t be hurting moneywise. A jury of NYC liberals will see to that by looting themselves on her behalf.

On tips from Veritas100, Barry A, seaoh, MrRightWingDave, and Franco.

May 24 2023

More Mandatory LGBTism

It isn’t only Down Under that compliance with LGBTism is now mandatory. Examples abound throughout the Anglosphere, particularly in the realm of education. In Britain, 4-year-olds are required to take part in festivities celebrating sexual perversion:

Christian parents Izzy and Shane Montague are to appeal their case after the Central London County Court dismissed their claim against their child’s former school, Heavers Farm, for attempting to force him to participate in an LGBT themed Pride Parade.

At 4 years, their son is of age for sexual indoctrination, which could not be more ham-fisted in a North Korean reeducation camp:

Parents were informed about the LGBT themed Pride celebration only days in advance when they received a rainbow-coloured invitation to attend the event. In preparation for the parade, children were taught the popular ‘gay anthems’, ‘We are Family’ and ‘True Colours’, which they had to sing while marching around the school.

The children were also required to create rainbow themed art, which the school’s lesson plan held out as an assignment to show support for the diverse LGBT community. The march also featured several large and conspicuous Pride flags. A number of members of staff were photographed at the event wearing LGBT campaigning themed t-shirts, with one teacher wrapping himself in a Pride flag.

The school told all parents that holding the parade was a legal requirement and even said to one parent it was against the law for their son not to attend.

Elsewhere in the UK,

[A] Christian maths teacher has been banned by the Secretary of State for Education for “bringing the profession into disrepute” for not using the preferred pronouns of a female student who identified as a boy.

A Teaching Regulation Authority (TRA) professional conduct panel has, with the backing of Education Secretary Gillian Keegan, ruled that Joshua Sutcliffe was guilty of unprofessional conduct and has banned him from teaching in any capacity for at least two years and potentially indefinitely.

Education is the primary front in the war to impose LGBTism also in the USA. The University of Colorado instructs students to assume everyone is transsexual and to use grammatically incorrect they/them pronouns by default.

Modern liberalism grew out of postmodernism, which holds that objective reality is irrelevant, and that power can be achieved by creating a new reality through language. By controlling words, our rulers control our thoughts, and thereby control this artificial reality. Here is how it works:

Leftist ideology has to be rigid because it is sick and insane. No reasonable person will embrace it unless out of weakness because it has been imposed on them or cluelessness because they have been brainwashed.

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May 22 2023

Education Secretary: Teachers Know What’s Best for Kids

The wealth you create is not yours. It belongs to Big Government. That’s why Democrats refer to tax cuts as an expenditure. The children you create and raise are not yours either. They too belong to the federal behemoth, to be molded in accordance with our rulers’ ideology.

MSNBC propagandist Melissa Harris-Perry put it this way:

“[W]e have to break through our kind of private idea that kids belong to their parents, or kids belong to their families, and recognize that kids belong to whole communities.”

Her fellow socialist Adolf Hitler concurred:

“When an opponent declares, ‘I will not come over to your side,’ I calmly say, ‘Your child belongs to us already… What are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing else but this new community.’”

After all, your “rights as a parent … are gone when your child is in the public school system,” as fifth grade teacher Jenna Barbee confirms to CNN.

Biden’s Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona weighs in:

Teachers know what’s best — even if the emphasis on sexually deranging children has been flooding the profession with sex criminals. They know the kids better than parents, who might not even be aware that their children are on track for a sex change.

Cardona’s fatuous remark comes in the context of an intensifying battle to secure parents’ rights against agenda-driven teachers who subject children to perverted hardcore pornography.

The USA managed to get along fine without a Department of Education for over 2 centuries until the trainwreck Jimmy Carter signed it into existence in 1979. We would not have to keep jacking the debt ceiling ever higher into the stratosphere if we eliminated just those parts of the federal government that are entirely pernicious. Cardona’s department would be a place to start.

On a tip from Franco.

May 17 2023

Transsexualism Imposed at Catholic and Red State Schools

Given that children are not safe from aggressive transsexualism in public schools, it should surprise no one that young adults are prey to it in college — even at schools that are nominally religious or located in relatively uncorrupted parts of the country.

At Catholic University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, girls are not told when they are assigned to room with boys who choose for whatever reasons to identify as girls:

Alpha News reports:

Associate Director of Residence Life Zoe Chang … said the school doesn’t reveal the identities of transgender students to the girls they are rooming with.

University of St. Thomas is the largest private university in Minnesota and one of the largest Catholic colleges in the USA.

Even left-leaning Pope Francis has called transgenderism “one of the most dangerous ideological colonizations.” But educrats answer to only one religion: moonbattery. At University of St. Thomas, they shove it down students’ throats with a Queer Straight Alliance, a Lavender Graduation Celebration, and faculty indoctrination intended to impose “a more LGBTQ+-inclusive community.”

Chang also confirmed that transgender students can qualify for lower room rates, since the school would “consider this an accommodation,” and be prioritized for in-demand rooms.

“Oh so you charge less, because she’s transgender?” the undercover journalist asked. Chang nodded in agreement.

You can see why so many unscrupulous people sign up for transsexual “oppression.” Some of the benefits inspired one randy young man to bully his way into a sorority:

A group of sorority sisters who are suing the University of Wyoming for accepting a transgender woman into their group have broken cover to describe how they “live in constant fear in our home” — after the hulking student has become physically aroused around them.

The seven women from the Kappa Kappa Gamma house have filed a lawsuit against the university and Artemis Langford, 21, a 6-foot-2, 260-pound trans student who joined their chapter in September 2022.

Shudders one of the sorority sisters,

“It’s a weird feeling just to know that I could run into him anytime … (he has) full access to the house. But this just goes to show like we need women’s spaces for that reason.” …

Another student said the situation is particularly distressing because some of her sisters have been “sexually assaulted or sexually harassed” and want to feel safe inside the home.

They must not have gotten the message that women have been canceled in favor of more highly valued transsexuals.

The lawsuit alleges that Langford stared at the women without talking for hours. …

“[Langford] has, while watching members enter the sorority house, had an erection visible through his leggings,” the suit says.

The self-indulgent sexual gratification of creepy freakazoids is the top priority in our society. Normal people must adapt to it — or overthrow the degenerate ruling class.

On tips from ABC of the ANC and Varla.

May 17 2023

Battle Over LGBT Grooming in Classroom Continues

Liberals don’t like it when we call them groomers for using their control of schools to recruit children into the LGBT cult. They like it even less when parents push back in the time-honored fashion by calling the police on weirdos who attempt to corrupt children. Weep their enablers at NBC News:

Sarah Bonner has been an Illinois middle school teacher for 20 years, and she has always tried to offer her students a diverse collection of books. …

One of those books was Juno Dawson’s “This Book is Gay.” It’s a bestselling nonfiction book that’s billed by its publisher as an entertaining and informative “instruction manual” for anyone coming out as lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans.

“By Wednesday, I received notice that parents had gotten a hold of pictures from that book that their child had taken in class,” Bonner says. “By Friday, I was told that parents had filed a police report against me for child endangerment.”

Stand by for more of the bizarre inversion that characterizes LGBT propaganda:

“The notion that I was putting children in danger because of books — I didn’t feel safe,” Bonner says.

She “didn’t feel safe” because not everyone approves of their children being brainwashed into embracing sexual perversion and the life-destroying transsexual fad. Bonner was the only safe person in her classroom.

Pushback still works. Blessedly, Bonner was placed on administrative leave. She responded by resigning in a huff.

Sneers NBC News,

Those in favor of banning books in school often argue they’re protecting children from inappropriate content and advocating for parental rights in school.

Left-wing journalists are not the only ones to hold the concept of parental rights in contempt:

Until such a time as we can stop being looted to finance the cancer that is public education, we should at least stop subjecting our children to it. It is equivalent to turning kids over to the moonbats running the media for indoctrination.

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May 16 2023

Driven Out of Teaching for Not Transsexualizing a Child

Imagine a society so depraved that teachers are driven out of the profession for not complying with indisputably unreal delusions implanted into 8-year-olds. The UK is already there:

A primary school teacher has claimed that she was sacked after refusing to use an eight-year-old’s preferred pronouns.

Her school, run by Nottinghamshire County Council, had decided to transition the girl into a pseudoboy.

The school instructed all staff to always refer to the girl with male pronouns and a male name, and said that she should use the boys’ toilets and dressing rooms.

The teacher said that she repeatedly raised concerns about the pupil’s welfare and followed the school’s whistleblowing procedure to raise safeguarding concerns about the girl’s social transition.

The school responded by writing to the teacher to inform her that the child would be moved to a different class “to safeguard him [sic] from any potential harm”, according to the teacher’s employment tribunal claim.

Motivated by concern for the girl as well her own Christian beliefs, the teacher continued to defend objective reality from transsexual psychosis.

She then raised safeguarding concerns with the school’s governors and the local authority, citing scientific evidence that encouraging young children to socially transition carries significant risks for their health and welfare.

Dangers include irrevocable psychological as well as physical damage.

The teacher, who is now working in a sandwich shop, claims that she was sacked for gross misconduct after she shared information about the child with her lawyers in preparation for a judicial review claim against the school and the council. She said that the school has reported her to the Teacher Regulation Agency for an alleged confidentiality breach, which means she could face a lifelong ban from the profession.

Let that be a lesson to any teacher who deviates from the LGBT agenda.

Forced compliance with this agenda is changing the nature of educators, as those who don’t belong in a profession that exists largely to recruit children on behalf of LGBTism are driven out.

On a tip from Franco.

May 15 2023

Special Needs Kid Bullied for Resisting LGBT Indoctrination

It isn’t easy to get your head around the depravity prevailing at government schools. This story might help:

A special needs student at a California high school was allegedly called a “bigot” by her teachers for mistakenly not using preferred pronouns, objecting to participating in a lesson about “scissoring” and refusing to get undressed near male teachers.

Scissoring is a perverted sex act that children are taught about in public schools — whether their parents like it or not:

When Marina Vivar signed her daughter, Thelma Gonzalez, up for a course on health and relationships at Glendale High School, she checked a box excusing her from being taught about “anything LGBTQ+ or about sexual acts which were gay in nature.”

The exemption was ignored. One size fits all where leftists are in control.

When Thelma observed that she should not be in a class teaching lesbian sexual techniques, teachers denounced her not only as a “bigot” but also as “intolerant and homophobic.”

Vivar told the Glendale City Council that this terminology would have been unfamiliar to Thelma, since it isn’t used in their home.

She added her daughter would not have known the words unless she learned them at school and that her disability prevents her from coming across them organically.

No worries; school authorities are on top of it:

Glendale High’s principal Benjamin Wolf conducted an investigation and concluded nothing happened.

With a name like Wolf, he should have been among the men alleged to be in the girl’s locker room when Thelma was expected to take her clothes off.

Another educrat reveals that it is Thelma who did wrong. Snarls Glendale High Communications Director Kristine Nam,

“The lesson Ms. Vivar is referencing was a general lesson from the health textbook about making healthy decisions in your relationships. The teacher did ask Ms. Vivar’s daughter to refrain from making inappropriate remarks in response to a reference to LGBTQ+ relationships.”

You can see why she was denounced as a bigot.

On a tip from Ed McAninch.

May 11 2023

Cultural Marxist Brainwashing Now Mandatory at SUNY

Leftism has subverted every college subject, including even medicine (see here, here, here, here, here, here, etc.). But that’s no reason not to put each and every student through reeducation bootcamp. If North Korea’s rulers were in charge of American universities, they would run them like SUNY:

The State University of New York will institute a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Social Justice course into its core curriculum across its 64 campuses beginning next fall for every incoming student.

There is to be no escape. Only by taking other classes in leftist radicalism can students avoid this one.

Students are not there to receive the education they want in exchange for tuition payments (plus lavish taxpayer subsidies). They are there to be put through a meat grinder and come out the other end as intellectually homogenous moonbats ready to serve the liberal establishment.

The new course will “explore race, class, and gender identity,” according to SUNY officials.

They will not be told anything bad about favored groups (blacks, homosexuals, women, Muslims) or anything good about disfavored groups (whites, nonperverts, men, Christians). They are to be trained on who to love and who to hate. Unless they spout the correct rhetoric, their GPAs will suffer.

Professors are not allowed to deviate from the socially corrosive leftist viewpoint. According to a fact sheet provided by SUNY educrats,

In fulfilling the learning outcomes for the DEISJ category, courses must explicitly address how institutional and societal structures lead to inequities across groups.

Dissident professors who stress forbidden concepts like liberty, individuality, merit, and personal responsibility are likely to lose their jobs.

The stated purpose is “closing racial equity gaps.” That can only be achieved by holding us down to a lowest common denominator. Refer to the black majority country of your choice to see what the social engineers have in mind for America’s future.

Mandatory diversity/equity/inclusion (i.e., cultural Marxism) indoctrination is already imposed on the 23 campuses of the California State University system.

Some ideologies can’t stand on their own. They have to be imposed by force.

Small wonder that recent college graduates are unprepared for work. Work is oppression anyway.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

May 09 2023

First Grade Girl Forced to Perform in Porn During Class

It is no longer conscionable to entrust children to union-controlled public schools:

In Plainview ISD (Plainview South Elementary School in in Plainview, Texas), a first grade little girl was sexually assaulted by multiple boys in her classroom, with the teacher in the room. It was filmed on a school iPad. …

The school decided to NOT tell the family of the victim.

If parents are not told that their children are being transsexualized, why would they need to know when they are raped on video during class?

Concerned by changes in the 6-year-old’s behavior, her parents asked the right questions to learn what happened.

After approaching the school, the staff revealed that they knew.

Now that this has gotten out to the public, Joe Biden’s FBI is stepping in. That would be the same leftist apparatus that terrorized parents for speaking out at schoolboard meetings about the depraved sexualization of their children by government schools.

Plainview parents say it isn’t an isolated incident:

According to [a] Plainview South Elementary parent, multiple parents and guardians of students at that campus have made reports regarding their kids being pressured to perform sexual acts. …

“There have been multiple moms coming out about stuff that has been happening all year and nothing is being done about it,” a parent said…

Our society weans kids on ubiquitous hardcore pornography (with the UN’s approval), bombards them with perverted sex ed from kindergarten, then lets them run riot in the classroom. What other outcome were we expecting?

In other education news,

More than 25 school employees were arrested for sexual misconduct with students over the past week alone…

In what has become a surging nationwide epidemic, teachers, counselors, and other staffers — both men and an increasing number of women — are targeting students for sexual gratification.

Schools have been repurposed and now serve largely as a means for recruiting children into LGBTism. This is bound to affect what sort of people go into teaching.

Bad enough we are forced to pay for public schools. Worse still would be subjecting children to them.

On tips from ABC of the ANC, Steve T, and Bluto.

May 09 2023

Open Thread

Of all political sacred-cows, education is the most sacred and the most cow-like. - Enoch Powell

May 04 2023

University of Texas Educrats Push Woke Vocabulary

Another word for “Liberalese” is “Orwellian.” When wokesters say one thing, they mean the opposite. For example, when they bark about the need to impose “inclusion,” what they mean is “exclusion.” Excluding those they hate in the name of tolerance transports progressives into a delirious ecstasy of vindictiveness. Some get so carried away that, apparently oblivious to the derisive laughter they inspire, they try to exclude the syllable “men” from the word “women.”

From the University of Texas at the moonbat foothold Austin:

The Office of Financial and Administrative Services at the university lists a glossary of terms on a webpage embedded within its “Diversity Commitment,” denoting them all as “language [that] matters.” Among the terms listed are “Wimmin,” “Womyn” and “Womxn,” which the glossary says are all alternatives to the traditional spelling of the word “Women.”

“Wimmin: A nonstandard spelling of the word ‘women’ used by feminists to avoid the word ending ‘-men,'” the University of Texas glossary of terms lays out.

The point of made-up words like “womxn” is “to get away from patriarchal language,” according to the University of Texas. Not being in favor of using such a foolish neologism is denounced in the harshest terms as “a very white thing.”

Maybe educrats are not oblivious to our laughter after all. The glossary has been deleted from UT’s Financial and Administrative Services website.

On a tip from Franco.

May 03 2023

Transsexualization Meets Infantilization at Portland State

Educrats have made impressive progressive in their efforts to infantilize and transsexualize the overgrown children in their care. At Portland State University, some students experience the violence of knowing there are people out there who are not fully on board with the LGBT agenda. These oppressed souls are coddled in their campus safe space with cotton candy and coloring books.

The following text apparently is not a parody of liberal snowflakery and intolerance, but was taken from a letter addressed to the “Campus Community” by PSU President Stephen Percy and Vice President for Global Diversity and Inclusion Ame Lambert:

Recent headlines have pointed out that anti-trans bill in legislatures across the country have doubled since last year, with 469 bills introduced and 38 new laws on the books in 13 states.

The main purpose of these laws is to protect children from horrific sex change procedures and from grooming by perverts who prey on them.

We recognize the toll this campaign, and the media that surrounds it, has on the queer and trans members of our community…

Assuming that PSU students are adults (if only in the legal sense), few of these laws would apply to them even if they lived in parts of the country where they are enacted. At worse, men might have to refrain from invading private facilities like locker rooms designated for women. But any resistance to anything LGBT anywhere is framed as an attack on all LGBTers everywhere. Unlike the normal people they incessantly bully, they have solidarity.

Please know that there are resources that all [i.e., transsexual crybullies and their woke allies] may find supportive in the current environment.

Many of these resources are provided by PSU’s Queer Resource Center (QRC). Among those planned:

“Trans and Gender Expansive Celebration and Community Hour” Monday-Friday 12pm – 1pm in the QRC. Cotton candy, temporary tattoos, and coloring will be available. Please bring your PSU ID.

It isn’t all cuddles and hugs. In the unlikely event that anyone who deviates from LGBT ideology dares open his mouth on campus, stern measures will be applied:

PSU community members who have experienced discrimination, harassment, or bias based on gender identity or sexual orientation are encouraged to make a report with the Office of Equity and Compliance.

Who would want to be called before the Office of Equity and Compliance?

No doubt turning down a transsexual hookup proposition would qualify as bias based on sexual orientation.

On a tip from Mr. Freemarket.

May 01 2023

LGBTism Featured at Formerly Christian Schools

Sexual deviants used to tell us they just wanted to be left alone to live their lives. Then they gained political power, compliments of the liberal establishment. Leaving people alone is no longer on the agenda. There is to be no refuge from LGBTism, even in Christian schools.

Villanova is a Catholic university — and yet:

Jennifer Joyce teaches the Core Literature and Writing Seminar Class at Villanova, ENG 1975-020, titled Narratives of Belonging in Contemporary Irish Literature. The specific class is one of several options for students who are required to take the core seminar, though students may be forced to take the class if the other class options have been filled.

On Tuesday, Joyce led discussions of the play “Scorch” by Stacey Gregg.

The play advocates transgenderism and includes a homosexual sex scene involving minors.

A student reports being…

“…uncomfortable throughout the whole discussion as the teacher offered no opportunity for dissent and was oblivious to the members of the class who were clearly [made] uncomfortable by this transgender sex scene.”

Not reading the material would result in failing a quiz.

Meanwhile Baylor, the largest Baptist university, hosted an extravaganza called Queer Sex Ed.

Check out the Planned Parenthood logo in the corner of an ad for the event. Planned Parenthood snuffed out 383,460 lives last year. This is about as Christian as a satanic black mass.

Villanova and Baylor have been infiltrated and subverted, in accordance with progressive strategy.

On tips from Franco.


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