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Nov 27 2022

Personnel Is Policy Part II

Collapsing test scores are no surprise when you consider that schools are controlled by Big Government. Atop it sits the Biden Regime, which is comprised of deranged leftists like Office of Educational Technology Deputy Director Kristina Ishmael in the Department of Education. Her Twitter account has been put to private, but not before Fox News discovered alarming moonbattery in profusion.

For example,

Ishmael responded to a tweet which claimed the Evangelical church welcomed “hate” and “white supremacy” into its institution.

She replied, “Amen.”

Evangelicals make up between a quarter and a third of the American population. The minority groups subjected to systemic bigotry are not the ones that have achieved a position in the Cultural Marxist power structure.

You don’t have to be a minority for bigots to hate you:

The Biden official said she walked away from a discussion because “a white male dominated the conversation.” In another instance, Ishmael said she was tuning out voices from White people.

Ishmael herself looks pretty pale…

…but then, some of the most fanatical haters of whites are themselves white. This is because leftism is grounded in depravity.

In other instances, Ishmael blasted the “white perspective” in curriculum.

“[M]ost of my curriculum was written from a very narrow and white perspective,” she said.

Only nonwhite perspectives are welcome under a regime that has instituted Critical Race Theory as the state religion.

According Ishmael, being overweight is not a health issue. Like everything else, it is a white supremacy issue:

She said, “Learning to be comfortable in my own skin & weight and really ready to reject the White supremacist ideal body? F*ck yes.”

Moonbats are often incapable of expressing themselves without resorting to obscenity.

“Fatphobia is real. The ‘ideal’ weight, shape & look is white supremacy baked into our everyday lives. I’m so over it. We deserve more than diets,” she said.

Only a white supremacist would strive not to be overweight or advise others to do so, and nothing could be worse than a white supremacist. So why not have that second jar of peanut butter for lunch?

Ishmael is a self-declared fan of Ibram X. Kendi…

Kendi is not very bright, yet he has an idiot savant’s genius for converting his maniacal hatred of Caucasians into piles of cash.

Not even being a Democrat redeems hated whites. Barks Ishmael:

“Dear fellow white people, defending the percentage of us that did vote for Biden is not helpful right now. Read the room. Just don’t.”

Ishmael’s wokeness is extreme, yet she is no outlier at the Department of Education.

Fox News Digital previously reported that another Biden official at the DOE – Kayla Patrick – claimed that “school discipline” is part of a “racist system,” blaming so-called “whiteness,” while she worked for a left-wing education organization.

Kooks like this have reduced inner city classrooms to zoo cages. The objective for those forced to enter them is no longer to learn or to teach but to escape physically unharmed.

Nothing corrupted by moonbattery remains unruined for long. This is why education must be pried loose from the clutches of a government run by moonbats.

Hat tip: Not the Bee.

Nov 26 2022

Teachers Inflict Horror on Special Needs Kid

If LGBT grooming, critical race theory indoctrination, and unhealthy Covid lunacy have not convinced you that government schools are not a safe place for kids, maybe this will work:

A Texas teacher and two school assistants have been arrested after they allegedly locked a five-year-old special needs boy up for so long he started eating his own feces.

Melody LaPointe, 47, and teaching assistants Tarah Tinney, 33, and Augusta Costlow, 27, were charged earlier this week with abandoning or endangering a child over the shocking incident in April 2021.

They kept him locked in an isolation room in a Liberty Independent School District facility.

He was locked up until he started eating his own feces and drinking his urine.

Maybe they were teaching recycling, which is among the subjects that have replaced the three R’s, along with climate hysteria, critical gender theory, perverted sex practices, and race hate.

You wouldn’t trust the government to spend your money for you. Why would you trust it to raise your kids?

On a tip from R F.

Nov 25 2022

Now Teachers Unions Are Against Lockdowns

Teachers unions constitute a central pillar of the liberal establishment, brainwashing children with leftist ideology, strategically keeping them ignorant, and funneling vast amounts of money that originated with taxpayers into the Democratic Party. On orders from Randi Weingarten’s American Federation of Teachers, Biden’s handlers ordered the CDC to advise the Covid lockdowns that allowed teachers to avoid work.

Now that even liberals are starting to understand that the lockdowns were not only tyrannical and unnecessary but profoundly destructive, teachers unions are against lockdowns. Weingarten keeps a straight face while making an impassioned case:

Rank and file Democrats will use doublethink to erase from their minds that unions took the diametric opposite stance when it mattered. They think whatever they are told to think, whenever they are told to think it. To quote Occam’s Stubble,

We have always been at war with East Schoolclosia.

Nov 21 2022

School Board Follies

You can learn a lot about the corrosive effect moonbattery is having on society by sitting in on school board meetings.

In this graphic clip, a parent in Frisco, Texas is chastised for reading from the porn they stock the school library with — because a child is present in the board room:

Surprisingly, the sex described was heteronormative. No doubt Frisco Independent School District will promptly replace it with something more LGBT-compliant.

This Central Bucks School District meeting in Doylestown, Pennsylvania clarifies why it is okay that girls can’t win when boys are allowed to compete as girls to mollify LGBT bullies. Who cares about winning? The purpose of sports is inclusion — that is to say, moonbattery:

Alarmingly, the same policy has been adopted by the Pentagon. It doesn’t matter if the ChiComs drub us, so long as pronoun dictates are obeyed and lots of gay sex occurs in the barracks.

Of all the institutions leftists have infiltrated, infested, subverted, and subordinated to their warped ideology, none has provided a greater opportunity to inflict damage on society than school boards. Liberal social engineers have been exploiting them to create a generation of morally vacuous, sexually confused, self-hating moonbats.

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Nov 18 2022

Princeton Course on “Black + Queer” Sadomasochism

To get it an idea of what it means to the future of healthcare that medical education has succumbed to moonbattery, consider what this same ideology has done to Ivy League education. In the spring, Ivy League Princeton will offer a course entitled, “Black + Queer in Leather: Black Leather/BDSM Material Culture.”

Looks like it will consist of pornography coated in a veneer of pretentious duckspeak:

“Black Queer BDSM material culture resists contextualization in relationship to biographical narratives because of the underground elements of the community,” according to an alternate description on the Princeton Lewis Center for the Arts website, which added it will have “a significant research focus on finding and presenting new materials.”

It is doubtful that these materials would be suitable for children — or for a college classroom.

In the dark days of unenlightened political incorrectness, students studied the timeless classics that define Western Civilization. Here’s what they read nowadays:

The reading list includes “Sensational Flesh: Race, Power, and Masochism” by Amber Jamilla Musser, “The Color of Kink: Black Women, BDSM, and Pornography” by Ariane Cruz, “The Black Body In Ecstasy: Reading Race, Reading Pornography,” by Jennifer Nash, and “A Taste for Brown Sugar: Black Women in Pornography” by Mireille Miller-Young.

Background on one of the authors:

Miller-Young is an associate professor of feminist studies at UC Santa Barbara whose area of focus is black studies, pornography and sex-work. She got in a physical altercation with a pro-life teenager in campus in 2014 after she was “triggered” by pro-life demonstrators’ signs.

The psycho professor was sentenced to community service and anger management classes, in addition to having to pay restitution.

That’s the kind of person the liberal elite puts forth to define fundamentally transformed America.

Tuition at Princeton is over $56,000, a steep price to pay for pornography, no matter how pretentiously presented. No worries; students can just go into debt and then wait for Democrats to force the rest of us to pay it off.

On a tip from Jack D.

Nov 17 2022

Leftists Subvert Medical Education

Moonbattery destroys everything it infiltrates. Now it is subverting medical education:

The [Association of American Medical Colleges] surveyed 101 institutions, representing almost two-thirds of American medical schools (two are in Canada), asking for audits of their DEI-related policies and programs.

DEI is short for hardcore Cultural Marxist moonbattery. D for Diversity translates to antiwhite racial discrimination. E for Equity implies the level of authoritarianism necessary to dictate that no blade of grass can grow taller than another. I for Inclusion emphasizes the promotion of sexual depravity.

The AAMC asked medical schools to answer 89 yes-or-no questions on whether they have specific DEI activities. The results are shown as a kind of report card. Schools that score 80% are colored green, and those that score between 61% and 80% are yellow. Institutions below the 60% threshold are red — a sign of failure.

The leftist social engineers at the AAMC have power because they are involved in the accreditation of medical schools.

We have gotten used to test scores plummeting, but this time scores are high:

All told, more than six out of 10 medical schools scored 80%. … Crucially, no institution scored lower than 50% — meaning virtually every medical school is implementing at least half the policies woke activists want.

Among the most favored of these policies is Affirmative Action, which promotes less qualified individuals based on their membership in preferred identity groups.

100% have “admissions policies and practices for encouraging a diverse class of students.” Fully 85% have leaders who’ve “used demographic data to promote change” within their institution.

To state the obvious,

This approach risks de-prioritizing merit, leading to a lower quality of medical students.

As if this were Stalinist Russia, students learn in a climate of political fear and ubiquitous ideology:

Some 98% have created a system for students to report bias, which risks self-censorship from educators who fear reprisals for teaching health care’s more difficult topics. The same percentage have launched new initiatives or funding streams for DEI, while 97% have “a dedicated office, staff, and resources.”

The Long March Through the Institutions has claimed medical education, the primary purpose of which is no longer to train health professionals but to promote moonbattery.

The AAMC is pushing 100% of medical schools to score 100% in each category, and most are trending in that direction. This doesn’t bode well for the future of health care. Medical schools are broadly lowering standards for admissions, faculty and research while devoting a higher share of resources to political lobbying, politicized bureaucracy and public virtue signaling.

Moonbattery works fast and has been picking up speed. It took only 3 centuries to reduce Dutch art from Rembrandt to Willem de Kooning. It took only 2 centuries to reduce American government from James Madison to Joe Biden. Unless reversed, it will take less than 1 century to reduce the medical profession to uselessness.

On a tip from R F.

Nov 04 2022

Covid Tyrant Teacher Collects Award

Even now, as liberal establishmentarians call for amnesty for the damage they inflicted in the name of Covid, they collect awards:

Bobson Wong, a 17-year veteran math teacher, was just awarded $20,000 and the MfA Muller Award for Professional Influence in Education for “influencing the teaching profession in exceptional ways” and his “ability to have a positive impact within [his] school community and drive change outside of [his] own classroom.”

On Twitter, meanwhile, Wong regularly and publicly shares his disdain for the parents of his students who advocated opening schools — in Marxist, classist language.

“When I see the ‘keep schools open’ screaming about ending mask mandates from the comfort of their home offices in their posh neighborhoods unaffected by COVID, I shake my head. Centering your convenience at the expense of everyone is the embodiment of privilege.”

The irony could warp time and space. No one was more privileged during Covid hysteria than teachers whose politically favored unions kept them from having to work, even though everyone knew the virus posed a minimal risk to children. These kids have now fallen behind, their health was damaged by the senseless masks, they face a mental health crisis, and their parents may have been forced to leave the workforce due to unnecessary school closures.

On a tip from Jack D.

Oct 28 2022

Cultural Marxism Taught in Spanish Class

Whatever students are supposed to be learning, with moonbats in charge, they are learning moonbattery. No topic remains uncorrupted. At Langley High School in the Swamp suburb of McLean, Virginia, students are indoctrinated in Cultural Marxism even in Spanish class:

For these teens as young as 14, they faced the task — in the early morning class of Spanish II on Thursday, Oct. 13 — of identifying their “Social Identity Groups,” including their “Sexual Orientation,” with this wide array of confusing choices: “Lesbian,” “Gay,” “Bisexual,” “Heterosexual,” “Pan-Attractional,” “Attractionality” and, in case those didn’t cover it, “Questioning.”

By definition, a totalitarian ideology is ubiquitous. That’s why children are confronted by politically driven sexual depravity whichever way they turn.

Kids in this Spanish class must choose their gender from the options “Woman, Man, Transgender, Post-Gender.” Looks like it is not always thoughtcrime to suggest that “transgender women” (i.e., men who pretend to be women) are different from real women.

To cap off this exercise, their teacher, Teresa Quigley, instructed them to ponder if they were in a “marginalized group” that is “disenfranchised and exploited” or a “privileged group” with “unearned privileged” status in society.

Here the rubber meets the road, with the division of students into the sacred “marginalized” versus those born with “unearned privilege.” The latter are designated for depersonalization.

According to liberal dogma, white men are not entitled to opinions of their own, because of their “unearned privilege.” They have been depersonalized.

Another group that has been depersonalized by liberals is unborn babies. That is how liberals justify killing them by ripping them to pieces or by crushing their skulls and vacuuming out their brains.

Under totalitarian rule, depersonalization is a terrifying fate. Ask a Jew who survived the Nazis or a kulak who survived Stalinism.

Meanwhile, even the federal Department of Education admits that math and reading scores are in freefall. As the USA is fundamentally transformed, malevolent indoctrination has replaced education.

On a tip from Blackjack.

Oct 27 2022

Woke Educrats Let Armed Criminals Into School

Too bad school shootings provide such a powerful pretext to attack our right to bear arms. Otherwise, there might be greater emphasis on school security. Instead, we read stories like this:

Four masked, openly-armed black teens rolled up in front of a Cleveland high school in three stolen cars. They approached the school in an effort to evade capture by police who were hot on their heels.

What do the school’s administration do when faced with four masked armed individuals? Two assistant principals over-ruled the school security officer and let the armed thugs into the first set of secure doors “to protect the suspects from the police.”

What do you expect? According to the ideology of the liberal establishment, criminals are the good guys and police are the bad guys, because “systemic racism.” Refer to the media-, corporate-, and Democratic Party-approved Black Lives Matter phenomenon for details.

The incident occurred last month at Garrett Morgan High School. Sometimes it takes a while to find out about stories that do not support the liberal narrative.

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Oct 21 2022

Open Thread

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Oct 18 2022

Sexualization of Education Leads to Sex Crimes Against Kids

Once an institution has been infiltrated by moonbats it is soon subverted. This has entailed the perverted sexualization of primary education. As Christopher Rufo has documented, this now features drag performances and hardcore pornography. This has done wonders to advance the LGBT aspect of the liberal agenda, with transsexual identification among children up by as much as 582% in 2 years. The resulting climate has led to an explosion in sex crimes against children by school personnel:

An analysis conducted by Fox News Digital found that from Jan. 1 to Sept. 30, at least 269 educators were arrested, which works out to roughly one arrest a day.

The 269 educators included four principals, two assistant principals, 226 teachers, 20 teacher’s aides and 17 substitute teachers.

At least 199 of the arrests, or 74%, involved alleged crimes against students. …

Arrests that weren’t publicized were not counted in the analysis, meaning the true number may well be higher.

Although these numbers represent a small percentage of education workers, Rufo reports that “nearly 10% of public school students suffer from physical abuse between kindergarten and twelfth grade.”

At least we don’t have to worry about our schools producing any homophobes, transphobes, or prudes.

Educators whose sexual abuse of children becomes known are allowed to move quietly along to different schools in a practice known as “passing the trash.”

Rufo notes that “the scale of sexual abuse in the public schools is nearly 100 times greater than that of the Catholic Church.” However, it is unlikely to generate as much attention from the media, for ideological reasons.

This intolerable situation has produced fissures in the Cultural Marxist coalition, generating a new coalition that aligns Christians, Muslims, and everyone decent against the degenerate social engineers running our schools:

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Oct 18 2022

Open Thread

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Oct 15 2022

Notre Dame Prof Pushes Abortion on Campus

Leftists have been able to impose their psychotic ideology through a strategy they call the “Long March Through the Institutions.” They target an institution that has achieved a position of influence, infiltrate it, subvert it, and subordinate it to moonbattery. As Christian Heritage Fellowship notes, Harvard itself “was established for the sake of educating the clergy and raising up a Christian academic institution to meet the needs of perpetuating the Christian faith.” It has become the opposite of Christian. Likewise, Notre Dame was a Catholic School. Now look at it:

A professor of Global Affairs at the University of Notre Dame has been offering help to students seeking abortions, going so far as plastering advertisements across her on-campus office door so students can be aware.

The Catholic church strictly forbids the taking of innocent life through abortion. However, Professor Tamara Kay adheres to a different faith.

Evidently, so do the educrats running Notre Dame:

Kay noted during a “Post-Roe America” panel discussion last month, that her promotion of abortion has been cleared by the university because she is doing it in her capacity as a private citizen.

She is clearly using her position at Notre Dame to promote and facilitate abortion. If the advertisements plastered on her office door contradicted political correctness rather than Catholic principles, they would not be tolerated.

They start by whimpering for admittance. From there, they progress as rapidly as possible to throwing you out of your own house. Before long, opposing abortion will cost Notre Dame professors their jobs.

On a tip from Franco.

Oct 12 2022

Sex Change Surgeons Sponsor “Child-Friendly” Drag Show

First, they use their control of the schools to brainwash vulnerable children into embracing the depraved concept of transsexuality. Then they chemically deform and surgically mutilate them, making them dependent for life on expensive medical and psychiatric treatment. Since scarcely anyone dares raise a whisper against the LGBT agenda, they do this openly:

Parents in San Diego, California, are outraged over a flyer that was sent to public school children advertising the “queerest” Halloween party with a “family-friendly” drag show and sponsored by a gay bar and a gender reassignment surgery center.

Next after family-friend drag shows, our degenerate ruling class will organize polysexual orgies for all ages.

The flyer for the show was sent to parents of students in the Encinitas Union School District using its email platform.

Arrogant educrats assume that parents will submit to their children being recruited into LGBT subculture.

Those who objected were denounced as “homephobes.” The most politically incorrect kind of homophobe is one who stays home to raise her children.

Attorney Paul Jonna notes that…

…the event was sponsored by Align Surgical Associates, which advertises as offering “gender confirmation surgery for transwomen, transmen, non-binary, and gender diverse individuals.” He said another sponsor, Rich’s San Diego, advertises itself as “San Diego’s largest and most popular gay nightclub.”

Gay night clubs, drag shows, sex change surgeons, and public schools. They all go together in the satanic freakshow liberal social engineers are making of our country.

Despite pushback from parents, the organizers at Trans Family Support Services are pressing forward with this grooming event.

Remember beauty queen Carrie Prejean, who was stripped of her Miss California crown for admitting support for the institution of marriage? She is still a countermoonbat:

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