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Sep 17 2021

Fat Phobia Indoctrination as Medical Education

Cultural Marxism calls for subjugating and destroying America by playing off aggrieved identity groups against the core population. For it to succeed, ever more Americans must think of themselves as oppressed minorities with no stake in the success of the overall culture. This is accomplished by fabricating or grossly exaggerating grievances, by lavishly rewarding the allegedly oppressed with special privileges and favoritism (e.g., Affirmative Action), and by creating new victim groups.

By now anyone with even the most tenuous claim to oppression has already been mobilized to tear down their own country. Social engineers have been reduced to hyping the imaginary injustice of “fat phobia”:

What are future doctors learning about in med school? Well, at the University of Louisville they’re learning about “the oppressive history of the Body Mass Index (BMI) within the medical industrial complex.”

According to woke ideology, encouraging people to maintain a healthy body weight is now a form of oppression inflicted upon those who self-identify as fat. Never mind that obesity is one of the most dangerous risk factors for dying of Covid.

An online seminar promises to discuss “the impact of body terrorism on fat LGBTQ+ people.”

The event is titled “The Intersection of Fatphobia and LGBTQ+ Health.” It aims to identify “best practices to reduce the harm experienced by fat LGBTQ+ patients in healthcare settings,” according to organizers.

Practicing medical professionals will be granted continuing education academic credits for participating in this tasteless farce. The corruption of medicine by left-wing politics — which has been on graphic display complements of Anthony Fauci, Rochelle Walensky, et al. — does not bode well for our future health.

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Sep 16 2021

Portland Teacher Does Not Tolerate US Flag

Leftist teachers love the Progress Pride flag so much that they not only hang in on the wall but suggest students pledge allegiance to it. Old Glory, not so much:

A Portland-area teacher who opposes her district’s vote to ban Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ Pride symbols in schools told local media that she removed the American flag from her classroom because it represents “violence and menace and intolerance.”

Only the most demented Democrat could miss the irony. If any symbol perfectly symbolizes violence, menace, and intolerance, it is the Black Lives Matter flag, which stands for Marxism, wanton crime, arson, looting, and hatred of American heritage and of Caucasians. LGBT symbols represent degeneracy and sexual depravity; placing them in schools violates any remaining laws against corrupting the innocence of minors.

Gail Grobey, an English teacher at Newberg High School and former president of the Newberg Education Association, said her union is mobilizing against a newly approved resolution by Newberg Public Schools that bans overtly “political” imagery on campus, including the Black Lives Matter and Pride symbols.

But she wouldn’t have a problem with banning the American flag — not until the day comes that Democrats replace the red and white stripes with rainbow colors and the stars with black supremacists’ favorite slogan.

The irony — or rather mind-bending hypocrisy — gets heavier still. Grobey growls that not being able to ram her authoritarian brand of politics down children’s throats demonstrates that “Big Brother wants to control what we support or what we talk about.”

It is parents who would like some control over what left-leaning teachers talk about. That’s why cameras are needed in classrooms. Parents need to be able to monitor the video feed online.

Grobey reacts to her nation’s flag like a vampire to the Holy Cross:

“When I see [board member] Trevor DeHart sitting there at those board meetings with that giant American flag behind him, it’s terrifying.”

Maybe moonbats are right to be terrified. Maybe there will be a reckoning on behalf of the imperiled nation Old Glory represents. Maybe kooks like herself will soon find themselves muttering their deranged malice to squirrels from a park bench rather than getting paid with our money to impose it on impressionable children.

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Sep 16 2021

Ohio Mayor Threatens School Board With Criminal Charges

Parents have erupted in rage at school board meetings in response to the depraved ideology and moral rot inculcated into students (e.g., here, here, here, here). Hudson, Ohio Mayor Craig Shubert has joined the fight, threatening the local school board with child pornography charges if all five members don’t resign.

From the Akron Beacon Journal:

Shubert made the statement during Monday night’s board of education meeting after multiple parents complained about the content of some writing prompts contained in a book called “642 Things to Write About” provided to high school students who are taking a college credit course called Writing in the Liberal Arts II.

For example, one prompt requests presumably underage students to “write a sex scene you wouldn’t show your mom.”

Educators would prefer that quite a lot of what goes on in schools these days be kept away from the prying eyes of parents. That’s why cameras are needed in classrooms.

Join in the enthusiastic applause for Mayor Shubert:

There is no limit to what social engineers might inflict on children in the absence of firm pushback. At the current rate of decay, this might soon include graphic pornography depicting behavior championed by our liberal ruling class — if we aren’t there already.

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Sep 15 2021

Teacher: Students Behaving Is White Supremacy

White supremacy is the ultimate political crime. This intolerable affliction surrounds us everywhere. Even school children commit it, by sitting still at their desks and learning rather than running amok in the classroom — as a Virginia schoolteacher has revealed. Via Fox News:

“I stated that PBIS is White supremacy with a hug and a lot of y’all wanted to know more about that,” the teacher said in the video that was originally posted to his TikTok account in May. The teacher was referring to Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS), which is framework used by Virginia public schools “to support positive academic and behavioral outcomes for all students.”

The teacher appears to be Josh Thompson, an English teacher at Blacksburg High School.

Josh explains why it’s racist for children to behave:

“The idea of just sitting quiet and being told stuff and taking things in in a passive stance is not a thing that’s in many cultures. So if we’re positively enforcing these behaviors, we are by extension positively enforcing elements of White culture. Which therefore keeps Whiteness at the center, which is the definition of White supremacy.”

Here’s why we need cameras in the classroom:

I wonder if he has his students pledge allegiance to his Pride flag, as Kristin Pitzen would do.

This brand of pernicious lunacy pervades not only schools but the entire liberal establishment. The Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History & Culture confirms that any attributes that may have helped European civilization to succeed — regardless of whether they are characteristic of whites in particular — are white supremacism, including individualism, diligence, and rational thought:

It seems progressives hate not only Caucasians but the entire human race. Like jealous Satan, they want it to fail miserably.

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Sep 13 2021

Moonbats Oppose 9/11 Remembrances

At least we don’t have to worry about a Democrat president being an embarrassment on the 30th anniversary commemoration of 9/11. If we have not driven Democrats out of power by then, the date will be repurposed as Anti-Islamophobia Day.

Moonbattery has eaten away at the patriotism that once united us. For example, a 9/11 tribute was canceled for being “insensitive”:

Students at a Washington state high school wanted to mark the 20th year since the Sept. 11 attacks by wearing red, white and blue at a patriotic-themed game but were refused because the event could “unintentionally cause offense to some who see it differently,” according to a report.

Jason Rantz, a host on KTTH 770/94.5FM, reported that the event was canceled by an unnamed staffer at Eastlake High School in Sammamish “at the last minute.” A student told the show that he was informed that the “red, white and blue was going to be seen as racially insensitive and may affect people in a way that we will not understand and for that reason that we were to change our theme.”

As students transition from high school to college, the moonbattery gets deeper still, having been piled high by leftists like nutty professor Jenn Jackson. She took to Twitter to complain about 9/11 remembrances:

“It’s twenty years since 9/11 and I’m still really disturbed by how many white pundits and correspondents talk about it,” Jackson began.

From there, she went downhill, proclaiming that the terror atrocities were…

“…an attack on the heteropatriarchal capitalistic systems that America relies upon to wrangle other countries into passivity. It was an attack on the systems many white Americans fight to protect.”

If white people like it, you know it’s really bad. To suggest otherwise would be racist.

That a college professor believes radical Islamists are motivated by hostility to heterosexuality and patriarchy indicates the effect Affirmative Action has had on higher education.

Jackson’s website biography reads, “Jenn M. Jackson (they/them) is a queer genderflux androgynous Black woman, an abolitionist, a lover of all Black people, and an Assistant Professor at Syracuse University in the Department of Political Science.”

When her tweets resulted in pushback unlike anything she had ever heard in the faculty lounge, Jackson locked her Twitter account. But you can still see her appalling tweets here.

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Sep 09 2021

Military CRT Brainwashing Extends to 3-Year-Olds

Mark Milley and Lloyd Austin proved in Afghanistan that they can’t even lose wars competently, much less win them. However, under Biden and his handlers, war isn’t their job. They are there to promote the regime’s ideology, critical race theory, according to which we are not individuals but merely interchangeable representatives of our race, good races being darker than the bad race, which is white.

Austin advanced the mission from the moment he took office, with a military-wide stand-down to purge the ranks of “extremists” resistance to CRT ideology. Milley has advanced it by brainwashing West Point cadets and barking about “white rage.”

Although most Americans probably see both of them as useless stooges, they are succeeding so well at their task of imposing ideological homogenization that even 3-year-olds are subjected to indoctrination:

The goal of critical race theory and critical theory more broadly is to employ cultural Marxism to destroy America as it was founded so as to replace it with a totally different country that complies with an oligarchical collectivist conception of utopia.

Letting people devoted to our nation’s destruction take control of the military will not end well.

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Sep 06 2021

Professor Finds It Ethical to Call on Whites to Kill Themselves

Catholics believe that suicide is a mortal sin. But this may not hold true of people who are Catholic in the Biden/Pelosi sense, so long as you commit suicide to help rid the world of white people:

Duquesne University Professor Derek Hook said there are merits to the argument proposed by another professor who argued that it would be ethical for white people to kill themselves.

The learned professor shares his wisdom:

The full name of the college is Duquesne University of the Holy Spirit. It is a Catholic university. Yet it employs Derek Hook, who suggests that calling on people to commit suicide out of racial self-hatred is ethical.

Via Fox News:

In the lecture, which was presented to Baltimore-based American Association for Psychoanalysis in Clinical Social Work in June, Hook quoted a South African philosophy professor, Terblanche Delport, who has written about White people committing suicide in South Africa, before further discussing the comments and arguing “there was something ethical in Delport’s statements.”

Like many people promoting our state religion, critical race theory (i.e., anti-white race hate), Hook is white himself. You might wonder why he doesn’t prove what an ethical guy he is by killing himself so that there will be one fewer white person.

Among other reasons, he probably doesn’t believe a word of the poisonous moonbattery he spews. Wokeness is just a ruling class pose. Few could be delusional or gullible enough to literally believe liberal doctrine on race, climate, economics, sexuality, or anything else.

But that doesn’t stop people like Hook from helping the entire white race to commit suicide by promoting leftist policies intended to erase it.

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Sep 04 2021

Nutty Professor: Mask Resistance Is Whiteness

Looks like we will have to drop resistance to pointlessly tyrannical mask mandates. Leftists have brought out the big guns. Those who do not smother themselves with obedience masks are now said to be guilty of “whiteness”:

To persist in whiteness despite having been warned is to risk being denounced for white supremacy, the ultimate political crime.

The author of the tweet above is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at prestigious Stanford University, and furthermore a faculty affiliate with the Center for Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity. On racial matters, he is an Expert, and therefore must be obeyed, just like the health Experts.

As a sample of what students get for the $56,169 annual tuition at Stanford, Jefferson explains that anything other than mindless obedience to Big Government is whiteness:

Unless it is because the black folks are too busy looting the nearest Target.

Campus Reform asked him to further elaborate on his theory that not complying submissively with mask madness makes you guilty of whiteness:

“A reporter from Campus Reform reached out to ask if I have any comments on this tweet because they’re writing a story about my comments. I think the tweets speak for themselves. Wait until they hear how I teach about race and injustice in the classroom!” Jefferson tweeted.

No doubt the rhetoric he spews is as corrosive as it is delusional.

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Sep 03 2021

Moonbat Educrat Cancels Capital Letters

It is getting so hard to find new things to cancel in the name of political correctness that a Canadian educrat has denounced the use of capital letters.

Dr Linda Manyguns, PhD, is Associate Vice President of Indigenization and Decolonization at Mount Royal University in Calgary. Despite the excellent name, she is a moonbat:

Indigenous people have been actively engaged in a multidimensional struggle for equality, since time immemorial. we strive for historical-cultural recognition and acknowledgment of colonial oppression that persistently devalues the diversity of our unique cultural heritages.

Don’t bother calling in a copy editor. It is by design that the only word she will capitalize is “indigenous.”

the goal of equity, diversity and inclusion of all people is synonymous with the interests of Indigenous people. we support and expand the goal of equality and inclusion to all forms of life and all people. we … reject the symbols of hierarchy wherever they are found and do not use capital letters except to acknowledge the Indigenous struggle for recognition.

Note that despite her rejection of hierarchy, she promotes a linguistic hierarchy whereby the word “indigenous” has higher status than any other word.

No doubt this whacky lady who fails to present written English properly brings in a healthy six figures from the taxpayer-subsidized education establishment, which pays her to squawk about how oppressed she imagines herself to be.

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Sep 03 2021

Depraved Brainwashing Show & Tell

Let’s have a look at some of the teaching materials you can expect your children to be subjected to if you send them to the extravagantly expensive public schools you pay for:

There used to be laws against corrupting the innocence of children. Such laws may still be on the books. But who is going to enforce them, with Democrats in control?

The “Love Is Love” slogan on her shirt is apt. Prostasia types are likely to find it useful in pushing the liberal agenda to the next level of depravity.

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Sep 03 2021

College Course Spins Imperial Japanese as the Good Guys

Until the population has been displaced to the point that the USA is no longer a mostly white country, everything America ever did was wrong, because white people are inherently bad according to the ideology of our ruling class. We were even the bad guys in WWII for facing down Imperial Japan — or at least, that’s what students are learning in college:

The University of North Carolina is offering a class called “Global Whiteness,” which involves student presentations on Trump and interracial hookups on campus.

Any Trump presentations more respectful than the Kathy Griffin severed head display are unlikely to earn a gold star.

The course also offers some revisionist history:

Specifically, the syllabus appears to place blame for the Pacific Theater on America and the West. The course overview describes World War II in the Pacific as “the first global attack on white Anglo-American hegemony” and “Japan’s attempt to roll back Euro-American colonialism.”

Other presentation topics include “White Trash,” “1619 Project,” and “Should White People Pay Reparations for Slavery?”

UNC is a state university, funded in part by tax dollars. If we have to finance arming the Taliban, why shouldn’t we pay to have student’s heads stuffed with malicious garbage?

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Sep 01 2021

Education in China

While Chinese kids learn math and how to read and write, these subjects are deprioritized in the USA, because equity. While our kids are trained to masturbate and embrace sexual depravity, their kids learn how to fire mortars:

We have two options: (1) depose our degenerate liberal ruling class or (2) learn to speak Chinese so that we will be able to follow orders efficiently.

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Aug 31 2021

Henrico School Board Hilariously Pranked

Our moonbat rulers have brought in the police to bully dissidents at school board meetings, because the events have become a platform for resistance to the liberal agenda (see here, here, here, here, and here). Now the rebellion has escalated to a new level, challenging the public’s capacity to regard school boards with reverence. Watch and laugh as Phil McCracken, Eileen Dover, & Co fail to make their scheduled appearance before the masked morons comprising the Henrico County School Board in Virginia:

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Aug 31 2021

Covid Tyranny at Amherst College

Just how bad would Covid tyranny get if liberals had no opposition at all? To find out, we turn to the alternate realm of unmitigated moonbattery where the next generation’s opinions are installed — namely, college. From Amherst College in Massachusetts:

The restrictions include: indoor double-mask mandates, two Covid tests upon arrival, a bi-weekly testing requirement, limits on indoor gathering sizes, off-campus travel restrictions and an elimination of in-person dining services. …

Students will be permitted to visit the town of Amherst, masked when indoors, for the purpose of “conducting business” (i.e. opening bank accounts and picking up prescriptions). Students are not allowed to go to restaurants or bars.

Regarding athletic events,

Spectators are allowed but must be masked. No pre or post-game tailgating or celebrations will be permitted. Large events will be minimized and there will be no registered parties indoors on the campus grounds. No events with alcohol will be permitted at the beginning of the semester.

Those who don’t have fancy KN95 masks must attempt to breathe through double masks while inside campus buildings, including residence halls. However,

Students may unmask in their own dorm rooms. Alternatively, when indoors and outside of their residence halls, unvaccinated students must be masked at all times unless they are alone with the door closed. If outdoors, unvaccinated students must wear face coverings when a six-foot distance cannot be maintained.

But there won’t be many unvaccinated students, because vaccination is mandatory.

College kids are barely even at risk for Covid, which is a relatively mild disease on a par with the flu for young people.

No wonder Jane Fonda calls Covid “God’s gift to the Left.” If students learn nothing else at Amherst College, they will learn how to meekly obey irrational authorities. Students are charged $76,800 per year to be treated like zeks in a gulag.

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