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Dec 13 2019

Iowa State University Imposes “Cultural Humility”

Campus indoctrination goes beyond instruction on which identity groups must be revered. If you are a member of the core population that created and still constitutes the main populace of American, you must be trained to hate yourself, your kind, and your heritage. Iowa State University calls this “cultural humility.” Students, educrats, and instructors alike are subjected to the brainwashing.

Via The College Fix:

In response to [radical] student demands, last month the school’s administration released a statement outlining the significant diversity initiatives the school will be implementing. Those include “cultural competency and cultural humility training before the start of spring semester 2020″ for the school’s president, senior vice presidents, deans and other high-ranking administrators.

As well, next semester, the school’s Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching will “conduct annual training for faculty in each academic department on the importance of, and approaches to, creating an inclusive classroom environment.”

“Inclusive” is Orwellian for rigidly exclusive of anything not in full compliance with the lunatic fringe of leftist ideology.

The school’s hiring and tenure processes will also be subject to “diversity, equity and inclusion training.”

You don’t want white male heterosexuals getting hired or promoted if you can help it. That would not be consistent with cultural humility.

As for the students,

Further, starting next semester, “everyone who lives in a residence hall will be required to take annual online diversity, equity, and inclusion training,” according to the university.

School officials were almost uniformly silent on the content of the proposed trainings.

The public is not ready for the extreme moonbattery inculcated on campus just yet. But if the universities churn out enough indoctrinated zombies, it soon will be.

Campus police will also be subjected to brainwashing, so that they know who they can expect to obey the law and who must be treated with special deference, under the rubric of “racial intelligence training.”

Surprisingly, a leftist student demand was no acceded to. Students Against Racism displayed its open-minded tolerance by demanding that the Students for Trump club be shut down. That won’t happen for now, so long as SfT follows the Student Organization Recognition policy, because “We cannot punish individuals for having bigoted or hateful thoughts.” Even if a club supporting the POTUS is not officially banned, no one is left wondering whose side the educrats are on.

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Dec 13 2019

Valedictorian Struggles with Remedial Math

We read that requiring standardized tests for college admissions is racist because “disparate impact.” The Los Angeles Times tells us that “high school grades are the strongest single predictor of college performance” rather than objective tests. Then we read that a Detroit high school valedictorian is struggling with remedial math at Michigan State:

“Marqell McClendon has struggled in the low-level math class she’s taking during her first semester at Michigan State University,” the news outlet Chalkbeat reported Nov. 15. McClendon, the valedictorian of her graduating class at Detroit’s Cody High School, was used to getting all A’s, but found herself asking strangers to help her with her college coursework, it said.

MSU has pushed for admitting more racial minorities in the name of diversity. Its “incoming freshman class is predicted to be the largest and most diverse in the school’s history, with more than 8,400 anticipated students,” the school stated in May 2018, noting that black enrollment was up 24%.

As for academic standards, let’s just say that a degree from Michigan State may be worth substantially less than students who don’t get financial aid for being “disadvantaged” have to pay for it.

Affirmative Action doesn’t go far enough. What is the use of accepting unqualified persons of politically preferred pigmentation at the expense of qualified whites if they just flunk out anyway? The freedom to fail is racist. If standards get in the way of equity, standards must go.

In 2016, MSU removed the requirement that all students at least take algebra in either college or high school. Algebra is taught in eighth grade in many schools. Meanwhile, Wayne State University in Detroit dropped its general-education math requirement altogether.

That’s okay. The experts tell us that math is a tool of racist oppression anyway.

Soon everyone will have a college degree. At that point, the general level of education will reach rock bottom. Americans will be unable to read their own useless diplomas.

In a world run by bleeding heart liberals, all meaning is leached out of everything so that it can be replaced with political correctness. A college degree becomes as meaningless as a beauty crown, or being chosen the Person of the Year or Sportsperson of the Year.

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Dec 12 2019

University of California Sued for Requiring Standardized Tests

The term “civil rights” has come to mean coercive favoritism for politically preferred minorities. Lawsuits have pushed the concept to the last extremes of absurdity. Now we read that the University of California is violating the civil rights of unqualified applicants by requiring them to take a standardized test, on the grounds that this has a disparate impact on people who can’t speak English and/or are too dumb to belong in college.

The lawsuits, filed on behalf of the Compton Unified School District, four students and six community organizations, demand that the 10-campus UC system eliminate the testing requirement. Any decision by UC to drop the tests — as some prominent UC officials themselves have urged — would play an outsized role in the future of standardized testing in the nation because of the size and status of the premier public research university system.

The suit alleges that the SAT and ACT “are demonstrably discriminatory against the State’s least privileged students,” by which they mean the most privileged students — i.e., members of politically preferred minority groups. Imagine trying to get into college by puling that having to take a standardized test discriminates against you because you are white/male/Christian/heterosexual/English-speaking/able-bodied or anything else liberals don’t revere.

Even if it is run by the barking moonbat Janet Napolitano, the University of California system would be wise to push back on this. Many students spend precious years of their life and tens of thousands of dollars obtaining a diploma only because the Supreme Court ruled in Griggs v Duke Power Co that it would be racist to give job applicants intelligence tests, since some races are obviously more intelligent than others. A college degree serves as an extravagantly expensive substitute for these forbidden tests. If colleges accept students on the basis of race regardless of merit, then let them coast through by taking idiotic social science classes along with their remedial reading instruction, a degree will no longer serve as a certification of intelligence. Instead of wasting their time and money, many young people will go straight from high school to productive jobs. This would be an immense benefit to the economy but would cripple the lucrative racket laughingly referred to as “higher” education.

However, the liberal establishment will never admit that some people are smarter than others, so the only permissible defense of standardized testing is to blather about “inequities in society” that someone else is to blame for, presumably racists and deplorables.

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Dec 05 2019

How South Africa Is Achieving Educational Equity

The moonbat utopia that has been established in South Africa continues to lead the world in education reform (see here, here, here, here, here). Now an ingenious method that draws on indigenous traditions opens the door to absolute equity in academic achievement. The genius of the plan lies in its simplicity. All the students get good grades, or they burn down the school.

Even now, some bureaucrats are not on board with the new approach…

The KwaZulu-Natal Department of Education has condemned the burning down of Zwelinjani Secondary School in Durban, after pupils allegedly became enraged over poor marks they had received.

As usual, no arrests were made.

“We … will not reward anarchy by building another school, when in fact it was destroyed deliberately”‘, MEC [Member of the Executive Council] Kwazi Mshengu said.

In the end, there is no other way to attain absolute equity in educational achievement than for there to be no education. Disintegrating South Africa is well on the way.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Nov 29 2019

Student Group Wants Limit on Materials by White Authors

The Notre Dame student group “End Hate at ND” demands fewer reading materials produced by white scholars so as to “eliminate the violence of only privileging white scholarship.” In the funhouse world of academia, “violence” can be used to mean, “failure to marginalize hated Caucasians.”

The College Fix reports:

The group describes itself as “an initiative for organizing civil action against racist, xenophobic, sexist, trans-exclusionary, & queer-phobic structures at Notre Dame.”

Other demands include more “diversity” indoctrination and an end to the proscription against spending the night in opposite sex dorms, on the grounds that this rule enforces “white, cis-heteronormative hegemony.”

As for the demand labeled “Decolonize Academia,” the student activists argue “cultural competence is key in building empathy for marginalized folks.”

“Cultural competence” means purifying the curriculum of our own culture, in the hope that one day America can be replaced by a utopia consisting of swarthy savages engaging in perverted sex acts on the floors of their dung huts.

End Hate at ND wants to advance toward this goal by evaluating all course materials through the lens of Cultural Marxism, and dictating that at least half of readings not be produced by male Caucasians. If the goal is to rescind civilization, they are on the right track.

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Nov 27 2019

Syracuse University Tailspins Into Moonbat Chaos

Syracuse University — where panic recently erupted due to a rumor that someone was using AirDrop to disseminate a “white supremacist” manifesto — continues to go off the rails.

As Lauren Chen notes in the video below, Syracuse University “is looking a lot more like a scene from Lord of the Flies than a place of higher education.” True, you could say that about most colleges these days. But after being triggered by various trivial incidents, most if not all of them likely the work of hate hoaxers or pranksters, SU has been making other campuses look almost adult by comparison.

If you can be suspended for allegedly shouting the forbidden N-word, why can’t you be suspended for seizing campus buildings and issuing ludicrous demands?

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Nov 26 2019

Campuses Achieve New Level of Hysterical Tyranny

Ideology can fester into a tyrannical form of mass insanity. It happened in the French Revolution, producing the Reign of Terror. It happened in communist China, producing the bloody Cultural Revolution. It is happening now on American college campuses, where so much as referring to something deemed politically incorrect results in harsh punishment.

At Washington College in Chestertown, Maryland, militant students shut down a play the day before it would have opened.

Via the Wall Street Journal:

The aggrieved students were upset that the play, Larry Shue’s “The Foreigner,” depicts the evil antics of the Ku Klux Klan. But the play doesn’t show Klan members in a sympathetic light—on the contrary, they’re the villains of the piece, and they get their comeuppance in the end. Yet students were deeply upset by the Klan costumes the actors would wear, so the play had to go.

This won’t stop with the KKK. Imagine the future 20 years from now when these students control the legislature, courts, and media. Already, the greatest figures in American history have undergone demonization. Next, they will be unpersoned. This process is already well underway with Thomas Jefferson (see here, here, here, here, here, and here). Before long, people will lose their jobs for saying “Thomas Jefferson” out loud. As soft tyranny inevitably transitions to hard, the punishment will escalate.

People have already seen their careers destroyed for uttering the forbidden N-word in the context of condemning others for using it. Papa John and Mary Beth Maxwell are not the only examples:

At Emory University, law professor Paul Zwier is facing major sanctions from his school because, in a few instances, he said the N-word. Mr. Zwier didn’t direct the word at anyone or anything; he merely mentioned it, first as part of a discussion of case law and then to illustrate a larger point during a private conversation.

This is like a pediatrician being made into a pariah for looking at a child’s privates in the context of treating a disease.

Students claimed Mr. Zwier threatened their “safety and emotional well-being.” Another student who heard Mr. Zwier use the word was reportedly “visibly shaken” after the experience, as if he had suffered a near-death experience. Faculty wanted Mr. Zwier barred from school events, lest they be forced to sit near him and risk their own reputations.

Hypersensitivity has been weaponized, which is why it is taken to such ludicrous extremes. Proclamations of feeling “unsafe” or “triggered” serve the same purpose truncheons did in the past.

More examples:

An employee at the University of North Texas lost her job after referring to the N-word as an example of constitutionally protected speech. Students demanded her firing, claiming that her use of the word proved she was racist. At Augsburg University in Minneapolis, a professor uttered the word while discussing a James Baldwin text that itself used the word. That professor was suspended after a student outcry. A professor at the University of Kansas got booted off the tenure track after referring to the word during a class session.

The free interchange of ideas that once characterized colleges is impossible in such an environment. This level of tyranny will smother American culture as a whole if effective pushback against political correctness does not begin soon.

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Nov 18 2019

Mob of Moonbats Crushes Free Speech at Binghamton

The leftists who hold sway on college campuses are so terrified of dissenting views that they will not allow even the most moderate of conservatives to have a say. At SUNY Binghamton in New York, the police had to be called to defend TPUSA members.

Via Campus Reform:

Lacey Kestecher, president of Binghamton University’s Turning Point USA chapter, was joined Wednesday by classmate John Lizak and Taylor Cisinski, a TPUSA regional manager, to recruit for their conservative group. The students also sought to advertise an upcoming College Republicans event featuring the prestigious economist Dr. Aurthur Laffer.

All hell broke loose.

After police arrived, students can be heard chanting “no justice, no peace, no racist police.” When a bystander asked what the police were doing to be considered racist, he was told to “shut the f*** up” as another student screamed “you’re white” as an explanation.

Lacey Kestecher was advised by police to avoid the middle of campus and to have someone with her at all times lest she be assaulted, now that she is known as a non–left-winger.

Welcome to the marketplace of ideas (LANGUAGE ALERT):

I rest my case against Affirmative Action admission policies.

Nov 10 2019

Horrific Beating by Substitute Teacher

The damage public schools inflict on students mainly consists of corrosive brainwashing and denial of a decent education. Occasionally, it is more physical. Look at the beating substitute teacher Tiffani Shadell Lankford inflicted on a 16-year-old sophomore girl at a public school in Kyle, Texas:

Good thing the races weren’t reversed. This would be a hate crime. Also, it would crowd out every other story in the news for the next 6 weeks.

Let’s hope that at least Tiffani helped the school to meet its diversity hiring quotas.

On a tip from Bluto.


Looks like the thought police at Google/YouTube don’t want you to see a black teacher beating up a teenage white girl who suffers from epilepsy. Must not fit the narrative. This is from the MSM, so hopefully it will stay up for awhile:

Compliments of Henry.

Nov 06 2019

Debate Instructor Ryan Wash: Whites Invented Outer Space

A homosexual person of politically preferred pigmentation does not need to be intelligent, eloquent, or even sane to work as a university debate instructor, as Ryan Wash demonstrates at Weber State University in Ogden, Utah. However, he does have to be a flaming moonbat.

Via Hot Air:

“Our argument will be that space is not real. It’s not real. Science, technology, it’s all fake. It’s a projection of white fantasies that has worked to control our interpretation of how the world works. … None of us have had the privilege of going to f**king space to verify that there’s these stars and these galaxies and these planets.”

Ryan Wash actually tells his class that outer space is not real, but was made up by the white people he openly loathes. When challenged that there have been black astronauts, he accuses them of colluding in whiteness.

Wash explains his reasoning:

“Imagine someone who grew up inner-city, Kansas City for instance, who never left a 20-block radius,” the professor suggested. He continued, “They can’t even fathom that there’s mountains in the world let alone that there’s something outside of that…And so structural inequity, to some degree, because of our lack of privilege in terms of mobility determines what we can understand to be real and falsifiable.

“Whiteness then works and then appropriates science and technology to say ‘This is true while this is not true because it’s not verifiable.’…It’s a hyperfocus on the experiential for those who does not capitulate with whiteness.”

For student Michael Mareno, this nonsense won’t wash. He recorded the circus of woke gibberish that Wash passes off as a debate class and called for him to be fired. Defenders cry that Wash doesn’t really believe that outer space is not real; he was just making a point, or something.

What Wash really believes other than that whites are bad is unclear. What we do know is that educational standards have hit rock bottom. Check out what Moreno recorded if you doubt it. This video consists mainly of audio taken in his class; it is a little on the long side but worth it if you have the time. This shorter follow-up video includes Wash in action, showing how he wins debating championships by being a foul-mouthed gay Person of Color:

Brad Pitt is helping to finance a movie about Wash. Knowing Hollyweird, it should come as no surprise that it will be a hagiography:

The story plays out almost like a re-telling of The Wizard of Oz. Only here, Dorothy is a gay black male debater from inner-city Kansas [City, I assume] who emerges from personal turmoil that includes the death of his mother, to set out on a life-long search to re-find home in the electrifying world of competitive debating. It is a world that simultaneously inspires and betrays him, until he embraces his own identity and revolutionizes the debate establishment. The ambition is an inspirational coming-of-age RuPaul-inflected debate-opera protest film with a sports-movie drive.

We are expected to revere gibbering lunatics, so long as they are black and gay, and most importantly, hate our guts.

Wash has his supporters on campus, too:

On tips from Kate P. Hat tip: College Fix.

Oct 31 2019

Anderson Cooper’s Gender-Fluid Preschool

Share the triumph of these progressive parents as they get their boy accepted to Anderson Cooper’s Gender-Fluid Preschool:

Getting kids out of government schools doesn’t solve everything. Even private schools can be run by moonbats like Burtreynolds.

On a tip from Kate P.

Oct 30 2019

Radical Agenda of Minnesota Educator Academy

Every October, Minnesota kids get time off school so that teachers can attend the Minnesota Educator Academy, a conference sponsored by the teachers’ union Education Minnesota. Frontpage investigates who indoctrinates the indoctrinators. This year’s MEA was held last week in St Paul:

The one-day conference kicked off with a keynote address by Dr. Eddie Moore Jr., the co-founder and director of The Privilege Institute and The National White Privilege Conference.

Moore, himself a person of politically preferred pigmentation, is an aggressive proponent of equity, as opposed to equality. Equity mandates equality of outcome, regardless of what coercive measures may be required to overcome natural disparities.

The term “privilege” denigrates success. If a society has positive qualities that allows it to succeed, it must be brought down in favor of societies lacking in those qualities, according to the ideology preached in public schools.

Moore explicitly associates “privilege” with being Caucasian, which he disapproves of vehemently.

“Moore will talk about why racial justice work is the work of all of us, no matter where we live or who we know,” states the conference itinerary, which lauds his organization for providing opportunities for “those committed to true social and institutional change.”

“Racial justice” is a euphemism for punishing whites out of racist hatred for them. The “social and institutional change” these maniacs have in mind will not be pleasant for those of pale complexion.

Moore’s diatribe was only the beginning of the moonbattery. The conference featured breakout sessions.

Among these is the ironically titled “Anti-Bias Education: The Foundation of Culturally Responsive Teaching” which claims to teach educators “ABE theory and practices that create identity safety, belonging and equity.”

The irony here is that imposing equity entails bias in favor of those deemed less likely to succeed (i.e., black kids) and against those deemed more likely (white kids).

It wasn’t all about hating Whitey. This being Minnesota, home of the large Islamic colony that spawned Ilhan Omar, the conference also promoted Islamophilia in a session on “Muslims in the Classroom.”

“The workshop is meant to help identify and address Islamophobia and Islamophobic bullying in the classroom.” According to FBI statistics, hate crimes against Jews are far more common than those committed against Muslims, but no comparable sessions on Judaism, Christianity, or other faiths were provided to educators at the MEA.

Like the racial equity crapola, portraying Muslims as sacred victims advances the Cultural Marxist agenda.

Two separate sessions provided instruction on how to brainwash students regarding global warming dogma. The presence of climate change in the context of hard left ideology emphasizes that this topic is about radical politics, not the weather — just as the conference overall was about indoctrination, not education.

On a tip from R F.

Oct 29 2019

Kamala Harris Blames Failure on Racism and Sexism

You wouldn’t have needed a crystal ball to predict what two things Kamala Harris blames for her presidential campaign floundering despite lack of viable competition. Racism and sexism:

As noted at the National Sentinel, Harris is not competing in a general election. She is competing for the votes of the rabid moonbats who determine the winner in Democrat primaries.

It is beyond obvious that far from making her less electable, her being a politically sacred Woman of Color is her only selling point. Since it is not enough, given her conspicuous lack of more meaningful qualifications, she plays the victim card — the only card she holds.

Good thing this subpar bureaucrat is never going to be POTUS. Every time she screwed something up, out would come the Racism & Sexism club to bash people on the head for not liking it.

On a tip from Kate P.

Oct 29 2019

College Students Require Trigger Warnings for Fairy Tales

The infantilization of college students is complete. They study Grimm’s fairy tales as if they were small children preparing for bedtime rather than young adults preparing for productive careers. But it’s worse than that. They cannot be exposed to these children’s tales without advance trigger warnings.

Daily Mail reports on a course Glasgow University runs in modern languages and cultures:

The lecturer in charge said: ‘When I teach my Grimms’ Fairytales class, I always say some of the material includes child abuse, incest and other violent material.

‘As we do psychological readings of the tales, this can be important to acknowledge.’ Trigger warnings are given verbally or on an internal website named Moodle so that students know about content that could upset them.

Possibly traumatizing tales include Snow White and Sleeping Beauty — material for Disney cartoons.

Greek and Roman classics are also subject to trigger warnings. They have not yet been purged of anything a snowflake might find racist, sexist, misogynistic, violent, et cetera.

Think of the money that could be saved if, instead of sending snowflakes to college at a cost of tens of $thousands per year, we just kept them in playpens. With pacifiers to suck on and teddy bears to make them feel safe, they would be perfectly content, so long as no one reads them any scary fairy tales.

On a tip from Kate P.

Oct 28 2019

Oxford Nixes Clapping Lest It Trigger Snowflakes

Seventy-nine years ago, when they still had an empire, the British withstood relentless waves of ferocious Nazi bombing in the Battle of Britain. Since then, some of them have degenerated into such fragile snowflakes that they cannot even withstand the sound of applause. From the land where dictionary definitions launch criminal investigations, Oxford — via the New York Post:

The University of Oxford has voted to nix clapping in favor of “silent jazz hands” at their future commencement ceremonies to show solidarity with the hearing-impaired.

This isn’t really about revering the deaf for having a sacred disability. After all, the blind can’t see the jazz hands.

“Loud noises, including whooping and traditional applause, are argued to present an access issue for some disabled students who have anxiety disorders, sensory sensitivity and/or those who use hearing impairment aids,” the UK student council representatives wrote in a statement on Oct. 23.

Anxiety disorders and sensory sensitivity are such pressing problems among young moonbats that chattering and “aggressive scents” need to be repressed at meetings of the Democratic Socialists of America.

The preferred ovation — silent jazz hands — is the British Sign Language translation for clapping.

Here I was thinking that the ostentatious sign language translations that accompany announcements by public officials are just made up on the fly, as at the big worship service for Nelson Mendela (see here and here).

During the school’s initial announcement, Oxford Sabbatical Officers Ebie Edwards Cole and Roisin McCallion wrote that “the use of British Sign Language clapping … [is] to make those events more accessible and inclusive for all, including people who suffer from anxiety.”

In the olden days, those who were such basket cases as to be unable to withstand the sound of clapping would be encouraged to pull themselves together. But then, in the olden days, Brits expected each other to withstand the boom of German bombs blowing up the building next door. Nowadays, infirmities are nurtured and encouraged.

On a tip from Steve T.

Oct 23 2019

Tracked Down, Arrested for Racial Slur

A warning to those who might find themselves in Connecticut. The state is apparently no longer subject to the US Constitution. University of Connecticut Police arrested two men on Monday for uttering a racial slur, apparently to no one in particular, after someone took video of them from an apartment window.

After the video made the social media rounds, the NAACP demanded that the police investigate. The utterers of the forbidden word were hunted down and arrested under a state statute that criminalizes “ridicule.”

Via Campus Reform:

The two men arrested were identified in a police report obtained by Campus Reform as Ryan Mucaj and Jarred Karal, both 21. The police report states that Mucaj and Karal “played a game in which they yelled vulgar words” after leaving an area business.

Arrest them for disturbing the peace if you like. But for the content of their speech? I thought this was America.

UConn President Thomas Katsouleas gives the bust two thumbs up:

“It is supportive of our core values to pursue accountability, through due process, for an egregious assault on our community that has caused considerable harm. I’m grateful for the university’s collective effort in responding to this incident, especially the hard work of the UConn Police Department, which has been investigating the case since it was reported.”

An egregious assault caused considerable harm, necessitating a major police investigation. You would think some actual violence had occurred. But I’m forgetting; speech that melts snowflakes is now regarded as violence.

Too bad the US Constitution is not supportive of their core values. It is living on borrowed time, if colleges are any indication of the future.

Here’s video of the crime that supposedly warranted the hard work of the police (the third guy apparently didn’t say the bad word):

Too bad for them they didn’t just break into a few cars instead. The odds of the police launching a major investigation would have been minimal.

On a tip from Bluto.

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