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Nov 24 2023

Perverted Men Welcome at Catholic Women’s College

If there were one place young women might be safe from sexually deranged men, it would be an all-women’s Catholic school like Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame, Indiana. But under liberal domination, there is to be no respite anywhere:

President Katie Conboy told faculty in an email sent Tuesday afternoon that “Saint Mary’s will consider undergraduate applicants whose sex assigned at birth is female or who consistently live and identify as women.”

The concept of “sex assigned at birth” is blasphemous. According to the Christian religion, our sex is not arbitrarily assigned at birth by pediatricians but determined at conception by our Creator. As Genesis 1:27 puts it, “male and female He created them.” Our chromosomes confirm the Bible’s accuracy.

Speaking of the Bible, let’s review Deuteronomy 22:5:

The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God.

For an explicitly Christian institution to facilitate such an abomination is also blasphemous — and par for the course in the cesspool higher education has become under the control of moonbats:

“We are by no means the first Catholic women’s college to adopt a policy with this scope,” Conboy wrote in the email. “In drafting the language for this update, I have relied on the guidance of the Executive Team and others to ensure that our message is not only in line with best practices for today’s college students, but that it also encompasses our commitment to operate as a Catholic women’s college.”

Let’s hope they have women’s colleges in hell, so Conboy doesn’t face unemployment in the afterlife.

In the meantime, here’s an excellent idea:

“St. Mary’s College is no longer Catholic,” junior Saint Mary’s student Claire Bettag told The Daily Signal. “It is no longer a women’s institution. This is fraudulent misrepresentation at best. Every student should be entitled to a refund for fraudulent misrepresentation. An attorney should file a class action lawsuit against the college. They have abandoned their faith, and they’ve abandoned the women. No woman should be forced to share a bathroom or living quarters with a man.”


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Nov 16 2023

Scholastic Says No More Opting Out of LGBT Kids Books

Even the most trusted institutions have been subverted by social engineers bent on corrupting children — including the book company Scholastic:

Scholastic promotes the LGBTQIA+ agenda. The company has long published books that embrace the movement. Its website includes a “Resource Guide” titled Read with Pride: Educator, Caregiver, and Advocate Resources for Supporting LGBTQIA+ Youth and Books.

At least Scholastic used to let individual school administrators opt out of the LGBT agenda by excluding books that promote sexual perversion. However, the forces of tolerance found this unacceptable:

A far-left website, The Intercept, titled its article, “Scholastic Makes It Easy to Ban Black and LGBTQ+ Books.” Another site, Popular Information, labeled the company’s practice as “Scholastic’s ‘bigot button.’” …

Similar coverage came from the ultra-liberal NPR, The New York Times, USA Today, Slate and others. Lest anyone think that the timing of these attacks was coincidental, all of the articles mentioned above ran on October 16 or 17, 2023.

The liberal media establishment is a coordinated campaign.

Because these days everyone always does,

Scholastic caved in to the pressure. The company wrote a groveling press release that stated its new position.

Not listing the books that promote homosexuality/transsexuality to little kids caused “feelings of exclusion.” So there will be no more opting out.

Once upon a time, attempting to sexually corrupt children was punished as a crime. Then it was tolerated. Now it is mandatory.

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Nov 03 2023

Loudoun County Students Push Back Against LGBTism

Young people grow up emersed in moonbattery. Can we hope they will rebel before leftist social engineers have finished flushing society down the toilet? Maybe yes:

A group of high school students walked out of their classroom in Loudoun County, Virginia, on Wednesday in protest at the district’s policy on transgender bathrooms.

Loudoun County Public Schools, which saw ugly scenes at board meetings following a May 2021 sexual assault by a boy in the girls’ bathroom, adopted the trans bathroom policy in August 2021.

The policy, officially termed 8040, was approved 7-2, and allows transgender students to use the bathrooms and locker rooms of their choice.

On Wednesday, a group of students at Woodgrove High School in Purcellville marched out of class in protest at 8040, arguing it made them feel unsafe.

When moonbats bark that they feel “unsafe,” it means they are crybullying to impose yet another unreasonable demand. In contrast, teenage girls really are unsafe when boys are allowed into their bathrooms and locker rooms. This was confirmed when Scott Smith was publicly roughed up by police and arrested for complaining at a school board meeting about his 14-year-old daughter being sexually assaulted by a boy in a skirt in the girls’ bathroom.

LGBT bullies and their liberal enablers had better enjoy their upper hand while they can. Sooner or later, the worm will turn.

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Nov 02 2023

Teacher Shouts “Hail Satan” While Waving Pitchfork

Mesa, Arizona has been said to be to conservatives what San Francisco is to liberals. But moonbats have been making inroads:

Sophomore Nathaniel Hamlet told KPNX-TV he walked into his Mesa High School class last Wednesday and noticed his teacher wearing devil horns and carrying a pitchfork.

Hamlet alleged to the station that his teacher proceeded to wave the pitchfork over students’ heads as they entered the classroom and said “hail Satan” to them.

The teacher appears to favor repetition as an instructional approach:

“I said, ‘Don’t do that to me,’ and I pushed [the pitchfork] away, maybe three or four times, and he still said it and still did it,” Hamlet recounted to KPNX.

No doubt this was supposed to be funny, but given the depraved sexual ideology public schools have been pushing on kids, not everybody was laughing. It could be that Hamlet was targeted for special attention because his father has run as a conservative school board candidate.

This being Mesa and not San Francisco, the teacher was placed on paid administrative leave. If it were San Francisco, he would have gotten a promotion and Hamlet would have been suspended for complaining.

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Oct 30 2023

German Students Demand Gloryholes in Lecture Halls

To see what’s next as progressivism progresses, let’s plug into Bing Translator a German news story about students at the University of Augsburg demanding gloryholes in lecture halls:

“Three gloryholes are to be installed in the lecture hall center opposite the entrance, by the information boards. These are to be approved by the Department of Space and Construction and cleaned by the building management. In addition, they should be soundproof and opaque. The gloryholes should be designed to be as barrier-free as possible – the height should be adjustable, there should be wall handles that can be held onto. The lights should be dimmable and a possible knee padding should be installed. In addition, condoms, licking wipes, lubricants and disinfectants and wipes are to be provided free of charge in the gloryholes; trash cans are also needed,” the application reads.

The stated purpose is to reduce stress, but when use of the gloryholes inevitably becomes mandatory, it will be so as to display solidarity with the LGBT community.

On a tip from R F.

Oct 27 2023

UK University Teaches Witchcraft

Centuries ago, universities led society out of the darkness of superstition and into the light of rationality. Now they want to take us back the other way:

A university in the United Kingdom will be offering the country’s first ever postgraduate degree in magic and occult science, according to a report.

The University of Exeter will be offering the Master’s degree beginning in September 2024 amid a recent surge of interest in the history of witchcraft and magic, Emily Selove, an associate professor in medieval Arabic literature who is heading the program, told the New York Times.

No need to complain. Emulating the curriculum at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is only a little worse waste of time than studying medieval Arabic literature, and less pernicious than identity group victimology studies. Oh wait:

[T]he program offers unique courses such as a study of dragons in Western culture, literature and art and the depiction of women and witches in the Middle Ages.

It is doubtful that students will learn any spells useful enough to compensate for not being prepared for gainful employment. But at least they will know all about how witches were oppressed.

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Oct 27 2023

Never Again Becomes Maybe Soon

After the horrors of the Holocaust were revealed, everyone agreed that we would never let it happen again — for few decades.

Now, in the heart of heavily Jewish New York City, Jews are laid siege to in broad daylight by hostile mobs:

Cooper Union sophomore Taylor Roslyn Lent is reassessing reality Thursday, a day after she and other Jewish students were locked inside the East Village university library as pro-Palestinian protesters pounded on doors and windows. Lent, 20, said she and roughly 50 other students were barricaded inside the library after a staffer at the private college locked a door as protesters stormed past security. …

Police said on Thursday that around 20 of the 70 pro-Palestine protestors, “all students,” bypassed the point where entrants are supposed to scan their IDs. …

A senior at Cooper Union who asked not to be identified accused demonstrators of yelling “antisemitic rhetoric” as they pounded on a large library window.

The siege reportedly lasted for 40 minutes despite repeated 911 calls. As Riley Gaines could tell you, the experience surely wasn’t pleasant.

In light of the leftist practice of projecting their own crimes on their victims, accusations of “genocide” are increasingly alarming.

What kind of country will we live in when these students are in charge? California already gives a good idea:

[A] resolution passed by the Richmond City Council around 1 a.m. Wednesday states, in part, that Palestinians in Gaza “are currently facing a campaign of ethnic cleansing and collective punishment by the state of Israel.”

That “is considered a war crime under international law,” the resolution states.

Richmond is in the ultraliberal San Francisco Bay Area.

Accusing the victims of war crimes is a revealing way to respond to a Hamas terror atrocity that killed 1,400, including the torture, mutilation, and beheading of toddlers.

The moonbattery that has been festering in American universities is not merely foolish but evil. As it continues to metastasize, we will find out how evil. Jews aren’t the only ones in danger.

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Oct 26 2023

Zionists Barred From Columbia Black Lesbian Film Event

Readers who side with Israel against the bloodthirsty barbarians laying siege to it may have to alter their plans for this weekend. Demonstrating support for the recent terror atrocities by Hamas, the Columbia University LGBT group LionLez forbids “Zionists” from attending a “Black Lesbian Film” event:

“It’s FREE PALESTINE over here. Zionists aren’t invited. See you soon, Lion Lez,” read the promotion for the Friday night showing of the two flicks, including one called “Shakedown” which “chronicles explicit performances in an underground lesbian club in Los Angeles.”

The missive, sent by group founder and leader Lizzy George-Griffin, also included a rambling message that noted “THE HOLOCAUST WASN’T SPECIAL,” according to a copy of the ad obtained by the Post.

No one who doesn’t agree that the Holocaust was no biggie is likely to be welcome at the event. In the aftermath of the horrific October 7 terror atrocities, Jews have fallen into disfavor at Ivy League institutions like Harvard, Cornell, Columbia, et cetera.

Too bad LionLez doesn’t show its perverted movies in Gaza. Watching moonbats flying off a rooftop would add zest to a bag of popcorn.

Thanks to race-based admissions, they don’t make Ivy League students like they used to:

On a tip from Jack D. Hat tip: Post Millennial.

Oct 24 2023

Oregon Schools Suspend the Three R’s

“Equity” is a sacred concept among liberals. Oregon demonstrates what happens when you apply it to education:

Oregon school chiefs have again suspended the need for high schoolers to prove their math, reading and writing skills in order to graduate.

The State Board of Education voted [unanimously] last week to continue the suspension for another five years amid claims they are unfair on minority students who don’t test well.

To achieve a perfectly manicured lawn, see to it that not a single blade grows higher than the shortest blade.

In order to earn a diploma, graduating students were previously required to earn standardized test scores indicating proficiency in reading, writing and math.

But this was put on pause during the pandemic as standardized tests weren’t happening amid school closures.

As Jane Fonda put it, Covid was “God’s gift to the left.” It allowed progressives to put various aspects of their agenda into overdrive. Liberalism works like a ratchet; once they have gained ground on whatever pretext, they keep it.

Those who think students should learn are denounced as racists:

Board Chair Guadalupe Martinez Zapata … likened ‘rhetoric about cultural and social norms being the underlying reason for underperformance on assessments by systemically marginalized students’ to ‘racial superiority arguments.’

The three R’s have been discarded in favor of DEI. You don’t need reading or math skills under Bidenomics. You just need to know which party to vote for to keep your EBT card loaded.

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Oct 20 2023

Portraits in Public Education: Ezra Fry and David Acevedo

Public schools offer job security, undemanding work, plenty of time off, and generous benefits. For degenerates, they now offer even more: a climate conducive to their lifestyle, into which the liberal establishment encourages them to induct children. That’s why so many public school teachers get arrested for sex crimes. It’s why guys who should not be allowed within 10 yards of a child are put in charge of classrooms — like Ezra Fry and David Acevedo.

From Daily Mail:

A trans and queer activist couple who are substitute teachers for a Tennessee school district were recently busted for prostitution in Tennessee after an undercover sting by police.

Ezra Fry, 22, and David Acevedo, 25, were cited in late August when Chattanooga Police Narcotics and detectives went undercover in a prostitution sting. …

‘I don’t care, everyone has seen my [privates],’ Fry allegedly said to an officer.

Let’s hope that doesn’t include kids at school. Teachers unions have blocked cameras in the classroom, so who knows?

Officers also found ‘a large amount of drug paraphernalia’ inside the home…

Drugs go with the lifestyle.

The couple both worked as special education teachers in the Hamilton school district.

Kids with special needs are in special hands.

The Tennessee Conservative reported last April on Fry showing up for work dressed as a woman with bright pink hair and making kids call him “Mrs.”

Fumes Hamilton County resident Mark Caldwell,

“[P]arents of these first graders had no advance knowledge about this ‘teacher,’ and did not consent to their children being exposed to this gender-dysphoric indoctrination. For the record, I believe how an adult wants to “identify” is their personal business, but it becomes all of our business when they take that identity public in order to groom young children with their identity disorder.”

Tennessee Conservative notes that math proficiency at East Ridge Elementary School is 22%. But no doubt the kids are plenty proficient in LGBT ideology.

Regarding the pair’s qualifications to teach:

Fry’s Instagram bio lists [him] as “Rabid Queer, Gender Anarchist, College Dropout,” while Acevedo’s account, which is private, lists him as a “Trans, Disabled, Queer, Puerto Rican, ExEd Teacher.”

If their teaching careers in Tennessee don’t pan out, they ought to apply for top positions in Biden’s Department of Education.

On a tip from Steve T.

Oct 16 2023

What They Are Force-Feeding 9-Year-Olds in Wisconsin

The reason youth come out of public schools barely able to read or do basic math is that under liberal rule, the purpose of school is not to educate, but to disorient, indoctrinate, and recruit. Lest you think you can protect you children’s innocence and sanity by escaping to the heartland, here’s what they are force-feeding to 9-year-olds in Wisconsin:

Remember kids, reality isn’t real. Only depravity is real.

Nice how they worked in the gender unicorn.

In the olden days, anyone trying to pervert little kids would have been chased down by an angry mob and run out of town — if they were lucky. This isn’t because people only recently started to be nice, but because they intuitively understood that moonbattery had to be nipped in the bud lest creeps, lunatics, and degenerates end up in charge — as is currently the state of affairs.

On a tip from Mr. Freemarket.

Oct 15 2023

Decolonization Is Why Leftists Support Hamas

Hamas murders innocents to advance Islam. Islam is repressive, theocratic, imperialistic, oppressive of women, and violent toward homosexuals — just like progressives bitterly accuse conservatives of being. So why do liberals support Hamas, even in the aftermath of horrific terrorist atrocities? Decolonization is why.

Just as the liberal establishment discriminates against Asians because they are “white-adjacent,” it supports Hamas because Israel is America-adjacent. Despite the Jewish nation existing long before Islam, it is seen as an expansion of Western Civilization, which leftists hate.

They speak in euphemisms, lest regular people figure out what they are up to. The euphemism for eradicating Western Civilization is “anticolonialism.”

Democrat pols may recite dutiful denunciations of Hamas, but the high priests of their religion — i.e., college professors — make clear whose side the ruling class is on. At UCLA, students can reportedly earn extra credit by imbibing pro-Hamas propaganda:

The “Emergency Teach-In On The Crisis in Palestine” was convened Wednesday on the Los Angeles campus by professors Saree Makdisi of the school’s English department and Sherene Razack, chair of the gender studies department.

Promoting Islamic terrorism and the genocidal war on Israel might seem to have nothing to do with English or gender studies. But where moonbattery prevails, the purpose of all fields of study is to advance the leftist agenda.

A 2015 alumna of UCLA, Davina Farahi, 31, who works with the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces, heard about the presentation and signed on to Zoom to watch it.

She reports:

“It started out as Makdisi representing Israel as a colonial power and compared it to a colonizing apartheid state.”

Refer to the ruins of South Africa to see what progressives do to apartheid states.

Razack did not dispute claims about the tone and content of the talk.

On the contrary, in an emailed statement to the New York Post she denounced Israel as “a settler colonial society that came into existence through the dispossession of Palestinians.”

As we have come to expect, students are being told lies. Robert Spencer provides a brief history lesson:

In the early 1920s, just before the [crumbling Ottoman Empire] fell altogether, it conceded control of Palestine and the land that came to be known as Transjordan and now as Jordan to the League of Nations. On July 24, 1922, the League granted administrative control over these territories to Britain with specific instructions to create a “national home for the Jewish people.”

Britain immediately turned over 77% of the Mandate to the Arabs to create Jordan but remained generally committed to establishing a Jewish national home in the remainder. This was known as the Mandate for Palestine. …

When the State of Israel was founded in 1948, it immediately had to fight a war for its survival against the surrounding Arab nations that had vowed to destroy it. Then there was finally an occupation — in fact, two: Egypt occupied Gaza and Jordan occupied Judea and Samaria (which it renamed the West Bank). Israel won back those territories in the Six-Day War of 1967, but that was actually ending an occupation, not starting one: the only international law governing sovereignty over those territories stipulated that they were to be part of a national home for the Jewish people.

Moonbats bark that Israel exists on stolen land, just like America.

So from whom was the land stolen? Not from the Ottomans, who had ceded it to the League of Nations. Not from the league, which had granted administrative powers over it to the British. Not from the British, who only had it in order to help create a Jewish state there. And not from the Palestinians, who didn’t even exist until the 1960s, when the KGB and Yasir Arafat bestowed Palestinian nationality upon a group of Levantine Arabs as a rhetorical weapon to use against Israel.

“The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became the truth,” wrote George Orwell. The Palestinian lie hasn’t become the truth just yet. A lecturer at Stanford got carried away and had to be suspended for the sake of appearances:

The lecturer’s identity has been kept anonymous by Stanford, but according to Campus Reform and The Daily Mail, students identified him as 46-year-old Ameer Hasan Loggins. Loggins was close to former NFL quarterback and social justice activist Colin Kaepernick and helped radicalize Kaepernick. Earlier this week, students said Loggins singled out Jewish students in his class and told them to grab their belongings and stand in a corner, saying, “This is what Israel does to the Palestinians,” The Forward reported.

“He asked how many Jews died in the Holocaust,” and when students said 6 million, “he said, ‘Yes. Only 6 million,’” Nourya Cohen, who spoke with Jewish students in the class, told The San Francisco Chronicle. Loggins reportedly proceeded to downplay the Holocaust by comparing it to European colonization, which he said killed more people than the Holocaust.

There’s that term “colonization” again. From the woke viewpoint, it is the ultimate evil, far worse that Nazi death camps and Hamas terrorists beheading small children.

The solution to colonization is decolonization. That term equates directly to the eradication of Western Civilization. Leftists support Hamas because they see Islam as a tool to achieve this.

On tip from Kevin R, Jack D, Occam’s Stubble, and ABC of the ANC.

Oct 15 2023

Excluded Asian Saves Time and Money

Asians give the lie to the liberal tenet that favored identity groups are less successful as a result of hated whites being privileged and bigoted. For this, they are denounced as white-adjacent and systematically discriminated against by the liberal establishment:

An outstanding Bay Area high school graduate was rejected by 16 of the 18 colleges he applied to. Despite all those rejections, he impressed Google so much so that he got a full-time job offer as a software engineer.

Stanley Zhong got the job without going to college, saving him years of time and tens of thousands of dollars.

“My GPA was 4.42 weighted and SAT score was 1590,” said Zhong.

Not good enough, for those unlucky enough to be Asian or white. In contrast, the racially correct are accepted to top schools with much lower scores.

The story leaves us with three takeaways: (1) Asians are wise to reject moonbattery, as they place near the bottom of the Cultural Marxist hierarchy; (2) being run by liberals, universities prioritize moonbattery over merit; and (3) a college education is often not necessary.

On a tip from Anonymous.

Oct 11 2023

Ivy Leaguers Side With Baby Beheaders

For insight into the satanic evil that defines Hamas, consider this:

Israeli military forces reportedly discovered at least 40 babies that were brutally murdered by Palestinian terrorists in a kibbutz in southern Israel after they drove the terrorists out of the area.

Los Angeles Times propagandist Adam Elmahrek commanded us not to believe that Hamas has been beheading babies. He says the Israeli military is “widely known to spread lies and disinformation.” However:

French journalist Margot Haddad confirmed reports of Hamas killing and beheading children and infants under 2 years old.

All of civilization should unite against this eruption of pure evil from the bowels of hell. Unfortunately, these days evil is widespread, and as Alexandr Solzhenitsyn observed, “Evil people always support each other; that is their chief strength.”

That support goes beyond the LA Times lamely attempting to discredit reports of Hamas atrocities. Friends of Hamas in the wake of the atrocities include Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Code Pink, and Adin Ross.

Soon the liberal ruling class will be even more forthright about its advocacy of pure evil. Its upper echelons are staffed by the Ivy League. As noted earlier, students at Harvard noisily support the terror atrocities. Same at Columbia:

A Columbia University student group celebrated Hamas’s “historic” massacre of Israeli civilians, characterizing it as a long-overdue “counteroffensive” against Israel’s purported apartheid regime. It also urged the university to respond to the situation by cutting off its partnerships with higher-learning institutions in Israel and slammed university administrators’ messages condemning the terrorist attacks.

Considering the prevailing ideology, the educrats’ messages may have consisted of dutiful platitudes. In contrast, the demonic screeching of the students is no doubt heartfelt.

Hamas has friends at Cornell too:

Derron Borders, of the Cornell Johnson Graduate School of Management, voiced his support for the Palestinians and criticized Israel following the devastating invasion by Hamas terrorists who killed more than 900 people.

“When you hear about Israel this morning and the resistance being launched by Palestinians, remember against all odds Palestinians are fighting for life, dignity, and freedom — alongside others doing the same — against settle colonization, imperialism, capitalism, white supremacy, which the United States is the model,” Borders wrote on his Instagram Story.

“F–k your fake outrage at Palestine when you’ve literally been silent about the violence perpetuated by Israel against Palestine every day,” Borders wrote on the day of the Hamas invasion.

Fighting evil starts at home. It requires prying our morally depraved ruling class from power.

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