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Jul 10 2024

Satanists Want to Be School Counselors

The Republican Party is often associated with Christianity, for example, by moonbats who sputter venomously about “christofascists,” the “religious right,” and “Christian nationalists.” What religion do you suppose could be associated with Democrats? Here’s a hint:

Florida Satanists are volunteering to fill school counselor roles after Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) signed a law allowing religious chaplains into public schools amid staffing shortages.

If gay marriage is the equivalent of holy matrimony, then devil-worshipers are the equivalent of chaplains.

Back when DeSantis signed the bill in April, he described Satanism as “not a religion” and said its members would not be allowed to participate in the program.

But Lucien Greaves of The Satanic Temple says it is so a religion, protected by the First Amendment.

Maybe I could get out of paying taxes by declaring countermoonbattery to be a religion.

The Florida move allowing chaplains to serve as public school counselors comes as more states are aiming to inject Christianity into public school environments, including by mandating that the Bible or Ten Commandments be taught in classrooms.

The idea of presumably using the courts to impose satanic school counselors is to counter this encouraging trend on behalf of the Democrat base.

Considering the transsexualization of children that occurs in public schools, there may be some satanic counselors already.

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Jun 11 2024

Open Thread

Until the Left took over American public education in the second half of the 20th century, it was generally excellent - look at the high level of eighth-grade exams from early in the 20th century and you will weep. The more money the Left has gotten for education - America now spends more per student than any country in the world - the worse the academic results. And the Left has removed God and dress codes from schools - with socially disastrous results. - Dennis Prager

May 25 2024

DEI Is Destroying UCLA Medical School

Long considered among the best medical schools in the world, UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine accepted only 1.3% of applicants in 2023. Unfortunately, under dean of admissions Jennifer Lucero, the selectivity is based less on merit than on moonbattery:

In interviews with the Free Beacon and complaints to UCLA officials, including investigators in the university’s Discrimination Prevention Office, faculty members with firsthand knowledge of the admissions process say it has prioritized diversity over merit, resulting in progressively less qualified classes that are now struggling to succeed.

Discrimination Prevention Office. The inspiration for the name must have been the Ministry of Truth and the Ministry of Love. Progressives really are using 1984 as an instruction manual.

Race-based admissions have turned UCLA into a “failed medical school,” said one former member of the admissions staff.

Per California law and a Supreme Court ruling, it is illegal to consider race in admissions. But under liberal anarchotyranny, laws are enforced selectively. Consequently,

Within three years of Lucero’s hiring in 2020, UCLA dropped from 6th to 18th place in U.S. News & World Report’s rankings for medical research. And in some of the cohorts she admitted, more than 50 percent of students failed standardized tests on emergency medicine, family medicine, internal medicine, and pediatrics.

Those tests, known as shelf exams, which are typically taken at the end of each clinical rotation, measure basic medical knowledge and play a pivotal role in residency applications. Though only 5 percent of students fail each test nationally, the rates are much higher at UCLA, having increased tenfold in some subjects since 2020, according to internal data obtained by the Free Beacon.

The ultimate test is in the operating room:

One professor said that a student in the operating room could not identify a major artery when asked, then berated the professor for putting her on the spot.

What else would you expect in a world where you get ahead not by working hard or knowing what you are doing but by belligerently whimpering that you are a victim?

“All the normal criteria for getting into medical school only apply to people of certain races,” an admissions officer said. “For other people, those criteria are completely disregarded.”

The effect is that the candidates most likely to succeed are weeded out in favor of those least likely.

Led by Lucero, who also serves as the vice chair for equity, diversity, and inclusion of UCLA’s anesthesiology department, the admissions committee routinely gives black and Latino applicants a pass for subpar metrics, four people who served on it said, while whites and Asians need near perfect scores to even be considered.

The bar for underrepresented minorities is “as low as you could possibly imagine,” one committee member told the Free Beacon. “It completely disregards grades and achievements.”

Surely if Kamala Harris is qualified to be vice president, any Woman of Color is qualified to be a doctor. Those who feel differently are treated harshly:

Lucero hasn’t been kind to dissenters. … She has lashed out at officials who question the qualifications of minority candidates, five sources said, suggesting naysayers are “privileged,” implying that they are racist, and subjecting them to diversity training sessions.

This is how admissions committees spend their time with leftists in charge:

After a Native American applicant was rejected in 2021, for example, Lucero chewed out the committee and made members sit through a two-hour lecture on Native history delivered by her own sister, according to three people familiar with the incident.

Meanwhile, instruction increasingly emphasizes kooky woke crapola at the expense of physiology and anatomy. No sane person would let a social worker or sociology professor come at them with a scalpel. Yet the education UCLA provides doctors is becoming similar, featuring mandatory classes like “Structural Racism and Health Equity.”

The price of moonbattery is high. When you come to rely on the expertise of medical professionals, it could cost you your life.

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May 22 2024

Hormone Treatments in Seattle Public Schools

In case any parents were short on reasons to keep their kids out of public schools:

Neighborcare Health, a healthcare organization that runs clinics in middle and elementary schools in the Seattle Public Schools district, announced in January 2023 that hormone treatments were now included in the “gender-affirming care” it could offer.

The point of these treatments is to disrupt the normal maturation of a child in an attempt to support the psychotic delusion that they are members of the opposite sex.

The offerings mark one of the boldest efforts to create what Manhattan Institute Fellow Leor Sapir has dubbed the “school-to-clinic pipeline” whereby young school children are encouraged to undergo irreversible medical interventions that seek to change their sex.

The sex change procedure will supposedly only be offered with parental approval. However, by now we are familiar with the incremental strategy from which progressives take their name.

The company defended its decision to offer cross-sex hormone therapy to children in a comment to The Daily Wire, claiming that it was a form of “life-saving care.”

Leftists frequently recite the lie that inflicting sex change procedures on the mentally disturbed makes them less likely to commit suicide. The reverse is true.

It isn’t just Seattle. Public schools in Los Angeles and Chicago have conspired with medical facilities to subject children to transgenderism.

When you send your kids off to school in the morning, you are entrusting the institution with not only their education but their physical safety. Considering that public schools are controlled by moonbats, this is not wise.

On a tip from Barry A.

May 20 2024

Mandatory LGBTism in Public Schools

There was a time when subjecting children to perverted sexual material would get sickos thrown into prison or worse. But that was before they took over the schools and courts.

From wokefied Colorado:

On April 19, Campus Middle School in the municipality of Greenwood Village required staff to show a video and distribute worksheets and a list of activities encouraging students to participate in the LGBTQ+ “Day of Silence,” documents obtained by The Daily Signal show.

That is, students are compelled to undergo indoctrination to promote unnatural sexuality.

In a Day of Silence, created by LGBTQ+ activists, participants are encouraged to remain silent for the day “in solidarity” with those whom activists claim are “bullied,” “marginalized,” and “harassed” for being gay, bisexual, nonbinary, transgender, or another sexual expression that became trendy in the past decade.

The concept of the supremely privileged Alphabet People being oppressed by the culture that currently places them on a pedestal does not pass the laugh test. Shrieking that anyone suspected of disapproving of their revolting behavior is “bullying” them is itself bullying.

On April 12, one week before its celebration, Campus Middle School administrators notified staff that the entire school would participate in the solidarity event sponsored by the school’s extracurricular LGBTQ+ group, called the Campus Spectrum Club.

Having been sidelined by social engineers, parents were not told.

If you think you have a strong stomach, try sitting through the most nauseating song ever composed, reworked in the context of promoting sexual deviance to children. Be forewarned that I can’t promise the liberals don’t start fornicating in video below, since I couldn’t make it past the first 30 seconds:

To experience real bullying, try opting out of mandatory LGBTism. From moonbatty Maryland:

A divided federal appeals court on Wednesday rejected a bid by a group of Maryland parents to force a school district to allow them to opt their elementary school children out of being assigned to read books that include LGBTQ characters.

In the entire history of the human race, few would have guessed that government would one day require elementary school children to be indoctrinated to embrace perversion in opposition to the expressed will of their parents. Sodom and Gomorrah are the closest parallels the past has to offer to the USA under moonbat rule.

The parents, who are Muslims, Christians and Jews, argued alongside the parental rights organization Kids First that by not providing an opt-out option, the board’s policy infringed their religious rights under the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment.

Sorry parents. Even Muslims rank below LGBT militants in the progressive pecking order.

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May 10 2024

Open Thread

The education of all children, from the moment that they can get along without a mother's care, shall be in state institutions. - Karl Marx

On a tip from Jester.

May 09 2024

Open Thread

Education is a weapon the effect of which is determined by the hands which wield it, by who is to be struck down. - Joseph Stalin

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May 06 2024

Welcome to Harvard Medical School

There is nothing that moonbattery cannot render useless and contemptible en route to destroying it completely. Not long ago, it would be hard to imagine a more prestigious institution than Harvard Medical School. Behold what liberalism has done to it:

How diverse.

I wonder why someone who checks the correct identity boxes would be so confident she will pass her tests despite just skimming the reading.

Before undergoing a medical procedure, make very sure that the surgeon is not a recent graduate from Harvard Medical School.

On a tip from Wiggins.

May 06 2024

Chicago Teachers Union Displays Astonishing Greed

Where pathological greed meets radical leftism, there you will find teachers unions. In Chicago — launchpad of Barack Obama’s political career — the union has degenerated into a mob of looters:

The Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) is negotiating a new contract with the public schools system and is understood to be calling for an extra $50 billion to pay for wage hikes as well as other demands such as fully paid abortions for its members, new migrant services and facilities and a host of LGBT-related requirements and training in schools.

To put the figure into context, the total base tax receipts for the state of Illinois last year were $50.7 billion.

Only 21% of Chicago 8th graders are proficient at reading. But no doubt they are well versed in alternative pronouns and know how to put a condom on.

Uselessness pays well where the woke are in charge:

Union President Stacy Davis Gates’ audacious plan calls for members to bank at least 9% wage increases each year through fiscal year 2028.

The average salary of a teacher in Chicago Public Schools is $93,182, according to research by the Illinois Policy Institute, a conservative nonprofit think tank. Therefore, the average teacher’s pay will increase by half to $144,620 in the 2027-2028 school year, it says.

Not bad for unskilled part-time babysitters who take summers, weekends, and every conceivable holiday off.

That figure would equate to more than double the median household income in Chicago, according to Census Bureau statistics.

Yet the media bleats piteously that teachers are unpaid.

If you think the outrageous demands will be laughed off, consider that the mayor is ultraleftist Brandon Johnson:

Johnson, a former CTU legislative coordinator who was put forward by the union to run for mayor. As of June 30, 2023, CTU had funneled more than $2.6 million into Johnson’s campaign while he received more than $6 million from teachers unions altogether, according to the Illinois Policy Institute.

Chicago already spends $21,000 per year per student, producing so little benefit for the money that Davis herself sends her son to private school — though the preferredly pigmented Davis has proclaimed that school choice is racist.

Meanwhile, Illinois State Comptroller Susana Mendoza reports on what the liberal locust swarm has been doing to the state’s finances:

Illinois is on pace to spend an additional $6.2 billion more than it receives in revenue this fiscal year alone if the state continues its current rate of spending without a budget.

She observes that “the spending is open-ended and our fiscal path is catastrophic.”

Progressives interpret this to mean they had better grab fast before Illinois collapses and there is nothing left to grab. Those in charge in Chicago are the equivalent of a Black Lives Matter mob going through a department store.

On tips from Varla, Jack D, and WDS 2.0.

May 02 2024

A Future Ruler Makes Her Alimentary Demands

Though there may be nothing more loathsome than pampered Ivy League leftists, even they can brighten our day with a laugh. Johannah King-Slutzky, instructor, PhD candidate, and anticolonialist revolutionary at Columbia, makes her alimentary demands:

The original is no less absurd:

Via Fox News:

A Columbia University graduate student went viral online after telling members of the media that protesters were at risk of dying or becoming severely ill if authorities did not deliver food and water to them.

This while the protesters had been breaking windows and barricading themselves inside an illegally occupied building as part of a spectacle supporting Islamic terrorists in their war on civilization.

“I guess it’s ultimately a question of what kind of community and obligation Columbia feels it has to its students,” King-Slutzky said. “Do you want students to die of dehydration and starvation or get severely ill, even if they disagree with you?”

Personally, what I would want for King-Slutzky and the light in the loafers jihadist with the belly button behind her would involve a giant can of bug spray. We can dream, can’t we?

She continued: “If the answer is no then you should allow basic — I mean, it’s crazy to say since we’re on an Ivy League campus — but this is like, basic humanitarian aid we’re asking for, like could people please have a glass of water?”

As if there were no running water in Hamilton Hall.

When it comes to “humanitarian aid,” at least her Door Dash demands would be less expensive than the $320 million of our money Biden is spending on a floating pier for Hamas to reward it for the October 7 terror atrocities.

King-Slutzky presents her curriculum vitae:

My dissertation is on fantasies of limitless energy in the transatlantic Romantic imagination from 1760-1860. My goal is to write a prehistory of metabolic rift, Marx’s term for the disruption of energy circuits caused by industrialization under capitalism. I am particularly interested in theories of the imagination and poetry as interpreted through a Marxian lens in order to update and propose an alternative to historicist ideological critiques of the Romantic imagination. Prior to joining Columbia, I worked as a political strategist for leftist and progressive causes and remain active in the higher education labor movement.

The point of the Ivy League is to staff our leftist ruling class. Hats off to Ms. King-Slutzky for reminding us how useless these people are.

On tips from Varla and OldSailor.

Apr 29 2024

What Tentifada Reveals About Democratic Party

If anyone has a hard time grasping that the Democratic Party is not merely wrong but evil, the Tentifada show of support for the Hamas terror atrocities of October 7 might help.

Participants are vicious sociopaths like organizer Khymani James:

One of the most vocal student activists leading the anti-Israel Gaza Solidarity Encampment at Columbia University, Khymani James, openly stated in an live-stream of an official university inquiry in January that “Zionists don’t deserve to live.”

In the context of current events, the term “Zionist” generally means a Jew or anyone who doesn’t agree that Jews should be driven from their ancient homeland.

“I feel very comfortable, very comfortable, calling for those people to die,” James says.

Once again, we see that liberals are incapable of both self-awareness and irony:

He compared the need to kill Zionists to killing Hitler…

James expands the definition of Zionist in accordance with progressive doctrine by proclaiming,

“What is a Zionist? A white supremacist.”

A white supremacist is someone who does not agree that Caucasians and Western Civilization should be eradicated.

As you might expect, Khymani James is a pervert who goes by the pronouns “he/she/they.” If he ever set foot in Gaza, he would be chucked off a rooftop by the Islamists he strategically champions.

At last word, Columbia won’t say whether Khymani James has been expelled, despite his open attempts to engineer racial violence.

Countermoonbat Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) wants the National Guard to be called in to protect Jews from these psychos — though he knows it won’t happen because the ruling party is on the maniacs’ side:

Next after Jews will be Christians, who are hated by both members of the Muslim–moonbat alliance, and who are already under increasing attack.

Bernie Sanders reacts predictably to Tentifada by denouncing Bibi Netanyahu:

Sanders is the heart and soul of the Democratic Party. Top donor George Soros is its brain. He has been bankrolling Tentifada.

As the leftist saying goes, the issue is never the issue; the issue is always the revolution — specifically, the Marxist revolution, as this campus speaker confirms:

Many Tentifada participants are neither students nor faculty. But leftist revolutionaries know where to secure a sympathetic audience.

To see where this is headed, and to get the education you were deliberately denied by our leftist-dominated schools, please read The Gulag Archipelago by Alexander Solzhenitsyn. It documents the sort of society we will live and die under if their top-down revolution succeeds.

Assuming the officer in the video below is headed toward the nearest Dumpster, all Tentifadists need to be dealt with like this:

The next essential step is to drive the party that supports them out of power in a comparable manner.

On tips from Steve, Anonymous, ABC of the ANC, and WDS 2.0.

Apr 23 2024

Zionist Spotted at Columbia

A Zionist is someone who believes the ancient nation Israel should continue to exist. Or maybe, on the campus of an Ivy League university like Columbia, it just means a Jew. Here’s how they are welcomed:

The Ivy League serves to provide accreditation for members of our ruling class. Unless something changes, these evil drones will soon be in charge.

On a tip from seaoh.

Apr 21 2024

Student Menaced by Educrats Over Overheard Phone Call

When at college, be careful not to criticize moonbattery even in a private setting. Someone might eavesdrop on your disapproved sentiments through the wall and turn you in to the woke Stasi:

A philosophy student overheard through the wall of his room saying ‘veganism is wrong’ and ‘gender fluidity is stupid’ was threatened with expulsion by his university…

Robert Ivinson said he was disciplined after a student next door in halls of residence at Exeter University heard the comments then complained he had been offensive and ‘transphobic’.

Ivinson was alone in his room with the door closed. He expressed the forbidden opinions in a phone call with a friend.

He was warned he could be expelled if the university thought he had done anything else wrong, and told by letter he had been found guilty of harassment.

Leftists are drawn to the education field because it gives them an opportunity to engineer the future. If they succeed, it will not be a future anyone but a moonbat will want to live in.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Apr 20 2024

How an “Anti-Racist” Feels About Jews

Lest you think Naziesque anti-Semitism won’t get as bad in the USA as in the UK, consider the current climate in academia under the regime of DEI:

As observed by Western Journal,

Her insidious remark drew a look of astonishment but also an open-mouthed smile from an androgynous-looking person seated to her left. The male-looking person to her right wore the cloth mask of the COVID cult. His reaction, therefore — perhaps thankfully — remains a mystery.

Our radicalized universities are excreting tomorrow’s political leaders.

On a tip from Anonymous.


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