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Jan 11 2024

Engineering an Energy Crisis

If the destruction of hydroelectric dams doesn’t strike you as an act of war, consider it in the context of this:

Mike Sommers, president of the American Petroleum Institute (API), issued a stark warning that the White House was dragging its feet on allowing energy firms to drill on federal lands, threatening the economy and jobs. …

‘Washington is on the cusp of spoiling the American energy advantage, undermining it with short-sighted policies and hostility toward US oil and natural gas,’ Sommers told the API’s annual meeting in Washington, DC, on Wednesday.

Sommers observes that the Biden Regime is “sowing the seeds for the next energy crisis.” Never let a crisis go to waste; if there is no crisis, create one.

Not that we haven’t had plenty of real crises since Biden’s handlers took power, thanks to the vacuum created by America’s decline:

The energy boss spoke as wars raged in Ukraine and Gaza, threatening global energy flows and making prices volatile. …

‘Our adversaries have shown time and time again their willingness to weaponize energy,’ Sommers said.

This includes the adversaries who have taken control of our government.

On a tip from Ed McAninch.

Dec 23 2023

EV Mandates Loom With Power Grid Under Siege

Sometimes storms have silver linings:

A top Maine state environmental agency delayed a highly-anticipated vote to approve a sweeping electric vehicle (EV) mandate amid a storm that caused widespread power outages.

The Maine Board of Environmental Protection…

…voted in late October to approve the Advanced Clear Car Program, which would mimic regulations in California mandating that more than 40% of new car purchases in the state be electric by 2027 and 82% be electric by 2032. The agency was expected to finalize that mandate during the meeting on Thursday.

After they have the lights back on, leftist tyrants like Democrat Governor Janet Mills will go right back to making transportation dependent on the increasingly undependable power grid — speaking of which:

Natural gas power generation has become increasingly crucial as more unreliable wind and solar have been added to U.S. power grids. Yet, the EPA seems even more determined to destabilize U.S. power grids by imposing severe restrictions on U.S. natural gas production through methane reduction rules that could shut down a significant portion of U.S. natural gas production.

At the same time, the EPA is also coming after coal with regulations intended to prevent its use.

Coal retirements are increasing the prospect of an electric reliability crisis. Already, utilities have announced plans to retire some 81,000 megawatts (MW) of coal-fired generation (almost half the existing coal fleet) within the next six years.

The two-pronged attack will have a devastating attack on our electricity supply.

Alarm bells that U.S. power grids have become increasingly destabilized have been sounding for years. [The North American Electric Reliability Corporation] has repeatedly stated that U.S. grid instability has already reached dangerous levels. Yet, EPA has ignored the warnings and continued to march forward with rules that will cause U.S. power grids to fail.

Back in Maine, Rep Jared Golden observes the obvious:

“Forcing Mainers to purchase cars and trucks powered by electricity when our grid is insufficient, charging stations are few and far between, and a storm like yesterday’s would render 80% of cars useless is, to say the least, ill-advised.”

Unless the objective is to immobilize the population.

Mobility is freedom. The Soviet Union used internal passports to prevent it. Democrats use the global warming hoax.

On tips from Chuck A, R F, and ABC of the ANC.

Dec 11 2023

Biden Promises to Shut Down 60% of US Electricity

Last week we acknowledged Pearl Harbor Day. The point was not only to mourn those who died, but to remind ourselves never again to let our enemies sneak up on us. Imagine if the Japanese had been able to inflict something truly devasting — like shutting down 60% of our electric power:

Team Biden announced it will stop production of all new coal plants in the United States.

This comes on the heels of President Biden’s Environmental Protection Agency saying this year it would impose new power-plant emission regulations that are virtually impossible for coal plants to comply with.

That’s only one prong of the attack. They are also coming after natural gas:

Kamala Harris trumpeted the next day new rules to “sharply reduce methane from the oil and natural gas industry.” …

Eliminating methane is a de facto ban on natural-gas power plants.

Natural gas is relatively clean and plentiful. It is largely responsible for keeping the lights on.

These regulations will cause rolling blackouts and brownouts across the country, much like we’ve already seen in California — America’s forerunner of radical anti-fossil fuel policies.

The lights will go out intermittently, and home heating in the winter and air conditioning in the summer will have to be turned off or rationed.

Coal provides 20% of our electricity. Natural gas provides 40%. Green energy boondoggles are highly effective at laundering taxpayer money to pay off Democrat campaign donors, but they do not reliably generate energy. Consequently,

Without gas and coal plants, hospitals, schools, the Internet, construction projects and factories will be routinely shut down when unreliable alternative-energy sources like wind and solar power aren’t delivering enough juice.

We could use generators for when there is no power — except that Democrats are coming for those too.

Meanwhile, Democrats are progressively banning real cars, so that transportation will be reliant on the overburdened power grid.

The Biden administration, in other words, wants to nearly double the demands on the electric-grid network at the same time it wants to shut down more than half of the nation’s power generation — and the most reliable sources at that.

The imperial Japanese — like every other enemy America ever faced — were downright benevolent by comparison. But at least Democrats are launching their attack right out in the open. If we don’t stop them, we have no one to blame but ourselves for the pointless poverty, tyranny, and misery they have planned for us.

On a tip from Jack D.

Dec 01 2023

Canadian Pushback Against Federal Energy Moonbattery

Canada has vast energy resources. But then, so does Venezuela. That’s no guarantee the lights will stay on with moonbats in control. Fortunately, Alberta is pushing back against Justin Trudeau and the rest of the leftists running the federal government, who want Canadians to freeze in the dark in obeisance to their climate cult:

Alberta’s United Conservative government has invoked its controversial Sovereignty Act for the first time by introducing a resolution to push back against the federal government’s proposed Clean Electricity Regulations.

The resolution calls for ignoring insane federal energy mandates to the extent law allows.

The Clean Electricity Regulations, currently in draft form, lay out the rules for getting Canada’s electricity grid to net zero emissions by 2035.

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith says the deadline is impossible for the province to meet without risking blackouts and high costs for consumers.

Blackouts and high costs will be par for the course if liberals maintain control. See California for details.

Hats off to Danielle Smith:

If pushback continues, Trudeau may fall back upon the Emergencies Act to impose martial law, as he did when there was resistance to his Covid tyranny.

At least Covid actually existed. The climate crisis that supposedly necessitates depriving Canadians of reliable and affordable energy is an imaginary contrivance.

Expect similar conflict on the US side of the border — unless Americans are content to go without electricity for the sake of liberal ideology.

On a tip from Lyle.

Nov 19 2023

Bottom Line on Offshore Wind

Energy expert David Blackmon has revealed that when the government chooses wind projects to shovel other people’s money at, capacity to actually produce electricity is hardly even considered.

For example, at the state level…

…the wind resource constitutes less than 1% of what [New York State Energy Research and Development Authority] considers important for offshore wind projects.

They know in advance that wind projects will not generate anywhere near the electricity promised. That’s why they avoid performance guarantees regarding output.

Sweden just proved what happens you actually have performance guarantees for wind. Markbygden Ett is the largest onshore wind farm in Europe, located in Sweden and owned by China. Its electricity contract with Norwegian Hydro Energi requires that Markbygden provide a fixed amount of electricity at a fixed price for 19 years. When the wind doesn’t blow, they still have to provide the contracted amount of power, at the contracted cost, regardless of the price they pay on the electricity market to cover the shortfall. The result is that Markbygden’s forecasted expenses far exceed revenues, and the company has been experiencing large losses for several years.

The more whalekilling offshore wind projects are constructed, the less electricity they produce:

It’s called the wind wake effect. Any sailor is well familiar with this- a sailboat in front of you will steal your wind, and make your sailboat go slower if you stay behind it. …

In 2018, Harvard University flagged this and found that the average power density of a wind farm was up to 100 times lower than estimates by some leading energy experts because previous estimates failed to account for the wind wake effect.

They found a transition to wind power would require 5 to 20 times more land than previously thought, require one third of the continental U.S. to be covered by windmills in order to meet present day U.S. electricity demand, and that since the wind would get sucked out of the air surface temperatures would rise by about 0.24 degrees Celsius, with an up to 1.5 degree Celsius increase at night.

Meanwhile, the alleged point of the wind turbines is to lower supposedly excessive temperatures. As for the actual point: they are boondoggles. Their function is to launder taxpayer money to pay Democrat donors, thereby creating a massive return on investment for political contributions. This form of graft was pioneered by Joe Biden’s mentor and probable primary handler, Barack Obama. Under his administration, 80% of Department of Energy green energy loans reportedly went to his donors, confirming that the not only useless but pernicious DOE must be abolished at once.

Also, the output of offshore wind projects has been predicted to decrease by 4.5% annually. The ocean is not big enough for all the wind turbines that would be required to meet our future energy needs.

Blackmon presents the bottom line:

[O]ffshore wind doesn’t work. It’s not designed to work, or to be economically feasible in real life. It’s a giant Ponzi scheme wholly dependent on government subsidies and political “climate change” brownie points.

Yet our rulers are bankrupting the country to pay for it. This intolerable situation has resulted from insufficient pushback against climate change hogwash and a lack of consequences for the political corruption that inspires it.

On a tip from R F.

Oct 18 2023

Ironic Funding for Propaganda War on Natural Gas

Natural gas is clean and abundant. Consequently, liberals oppose it. Democrats even want to ban gas generators, leaving us helpless during the coming blackouts that their militant green energy policies make inevitable. Leftist nonprofits have been waging a propaganda war against gas.

Examples include Rewiring America, Make the Switch, and Gas Leaks. The latter goes over the top with fear porn to achieve the objective of making our homes entirely dependent on electricity, which according to liberal theory is to be generated not by fossil fuels as it overwhelming is in real life, by nuclear, or even by hydroelectric (see here, here, and here), but by inefficient, unreliable, and extravagantly expensive “green” technologies like wind and solar that cannot meet more than a small fraction of our energy needs. Never mind that without crude oil there can be no electricity.

This destructive agenda is largely funded by big money foundations. Stand by for some irony:

Gas Leaks is a sponsored project of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, a 501c(3) that helps individuals, trusts, foundations, and corporations achieve their philanthropic goals.

Philanthropist John D. Rockefeller made his fortune by providing America with the fossil fuels required for it to grow into an economic powerhouse. It is doubtful he would approve of Gas Leaks, any more than the esteemed countermoonbat Henry Ford would approve of the Ford Foundation’s left-wing agenda.

On tips from Barry A and R F.

Oct 18 2023

As Weather Turns Cold, Germans Fall Back on Coal

Since the climate isn’t a problem at present, global warmists do most of their shrieking about the future. But even as they warn us about increased viral infections in the year 2060, a formerly future event has caught them off guard. The arrival of autumn has forced Germany to reopen a coal-powered plant that was closed down to appease the climate:

A unit of a power plant in the eastern part of the country — LEAG’s Jänschwalde block F — started generating on Sunday, according to the operator. The facility, which has a capacity of 500 megawatts, was operational last winter, put in reserve in July, and is now fully available in the market to help boost supplies.

Last year’s historic energy crisis forced Germany to temporarily increase its reliance on the dirty fuel after supplies of Russian pipeline gas were shut off.

Affordable energy is “dirty” if generated in the West. However, the climate does not mind fossil fuels so long as they are acquired from Russia or the Middle East. This explains Joe Biden’s war on American energy production.

A cold snap took hold of northern Europe on Monday, with temperatures plunging below seasonal norms in a first test for the region’s energy infrastructure.

This must be the Climate Chaos we hear so much about. If it’s as bad as some say, cold weather may persist into winter.

On a tip from Anonymous.

Oct 02 2023

Hydroelectric Power No Longer Green Enough

No matter how energy is produced, if it is sufficiently affordable and reliable to meet our needs, liberals will oppose it. Not even hydroelectric is green enough, according to a lengthy screed in the Los Angeles Times.

Hydroelectric requires none of the fossil fuels that liberals demand we reject for ideological reasons. However, dams…

…have devastated salmon and steelhead trout populations, blocking many of their historical spawning grounds and depriving Indigenous tribes of fish central to their nourishment and cultures. …

Across the American West, dams have reshaped ecosystems for the worse, raising water temperatures, diminishing downstream flows and driving fish species toward extinction. From Grand Coulee Dam on the Columbia River to Hoover Dam on the Colorado, reservoirs have fueled toxic algae blooms, increased evaporation and flooded land that was home to Native Americans for millennia.

As far as some tribal and environmental activists are concerned, many of those dams never should have been built.

Maybe they should even be dismantled.

Yes sir, Mr. Moonbat. We will tear down the dams at once. The sacred Indians didn’t need electricity, so neither should we. We can just run around in loincloths throwing sticks at bison. That would be sure to support a population of 340 million. At worse, we’ll all die off, which according to liberal establishment dogma would be pleasing to the climate.

On a tip from Lyle.

Sep 26 2023

Wealthy Leftists Wage Lawfare Against Energy Industry

Leftists are systematically destroying the American energy industry, the better to reduce us to shivering in the dark. As with most devastation inflicted by Democrats, this has been accomplished largely through regulation, which is increasingly driven by lawfare — as practiced by the California firm Sher Edling.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Rep. James Comer (R-KY) pull back some drywall to reveal the termites busily destroying the framework of the economy:

Cruz and Comer noted that Ann Carlson, the current acting administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), worked as a consultant for Sher Edling before she joined the Biden administration.

Carlson has pushed regulation meant to deprive us of proper automobiles and force us into unsafe, unaffordable, unreliable, and often unusable glorified golf carts, as an intermediary step toward abolishing independent transport for the hoi polloi altogether.

Fox News Digital previously reported that she helped raise money from donors for the firm’s litigation, a scheme that involved famed actor Leonardo DiCaprio

Rich leftists like DiCaprio travel by superyacht while demanding the rest of us live like peasants because the climate.

Regarding the lawfare,

Since 2016, the year Sher Edling was founded, the firm has pursued aggressive climate-related litigation on behalf of Delaware, Minnesota, Rhode Island, New Jersey, New York City, Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Baltimore, Honolulu and several local governments across the country. The first-of-their-kind lawsuits allege major oil companies like Chevron, ExxonMobil and Shell have deceived the public about climate change.

Leftist ideology dictates that the fossil fuels that keep us alive by serving as the lifeblood of the economy make it be too warm outside. Anyone who fails to echo this dogma is a purveyor of misinformation.

This attack on our standard of living has been funded by dark money:

According to tax filings, between 2017 and 2020, the secretive Collective Action Fund for Accountability, Resilience, and Adaptation (CAF) wired more than $5.2 million to Sher Edling. Then, in 2021 alone, CAF funneled another $3 million to the firm.

Like the MSM, CAF appears to be an unofficial branch of the Democratic Party:

CAF switched its fiscal sponsorship from the Resources Legacy Fund to the New Venture Fund (NVF), a nonprofit that is part of the left-wing Arabella Advisors network and which boasts deep connections to big-dollar Democratic Party donors, sometime in 2021.

Money pours into CAF from pernicious left-wing foundations, of which there are many, including the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation.

“Some left-wing groups funnel millions to law firms to sue companies across the country on questionable legal grounds,” Comer remarked during a Sept. 13 Oversight Committee hearing on third-party litigation funding. “They are trying to use the courts to put these companies out of business or limit their ability to bring new products to market.”

Comer continues:

“These groups know that their tactics and goals are too extreme for the American people to support. So, rather than use the electoral process, they are implementing their agenda through litigation against both the public and private sectors.”

Democrats favor the democratic approach only so long as they find it expedient. Their agenda is so conspicuously malevolent that not even the complicit media can make it palatable to voters.

On a tip from Chuck A.

Aug 28 2023

British Quango Recommends No Heat in Evening

We will have to bundle up if moonbats prevail. The Climate Change Committee, a British quango, proclaims that Britons should heat up their homes in the afternoon, then shut the heat off in the evening.

Too hot in the afternoon, too cold in the evening. If we aren’t suffering pointlessly, we have no claim to climate righteousness.

As with Biden’s crackdown on ceiling fans, this will supposedly save people money.

Some critics, however, have argued the real reason is because renewable energy forms would not be able to cope with demand at peak times.

No serious person thinks a modern society can get by on green energy. But our rulers’ ideology dictates that they force us to try.

On tips from Wiggins and Chuck A.

Aug 27 2023

Green Energy Memorial Under Construction

A memorial is needed so that future generations can remember the insane waste of trillions of dollars on green energy boondoggles that will be a major component in America’s downfall. We wouldn’t want whatever civilization replaces us to make the same mistake of giving corrupt profligate fools too much power. Such a memorial is already under construction in Sweetwater, Texas:

About forty miles west of Abilene on Interstate 20, Sweetwater has unwittingly become home to what is possibly the world’s largest collection of unwanted wind turbine blades. When forklifts deposited the first of these in a field behind the apartment complex where Pamala Meyer lives, on the west side of town, in 2017, she wasn’t initially bothered. But then the blades—between 150 and 200 feet in length and mostly made of composite materials such as fiberglass with a binding resin—kept coming. Each was cut into thirds, with each segment longer than a school bus. Thousands arrived over several years, eventually blanketing more than thirty acres, in stacks rising as high as basketball backboards.

Like all problems created by the government, the problem was then made worse by the government:

The Sweetwater piles are also at least partly the indirect result of a rule clarification the Internal Revenue Service issued in 2016. Before then, a wind farm could collect valuable federal tax credits for only its first ten years of operation. But the IRS determined that it would restart the clock on the credits if a wind farm “repowered” its turbines—replacing most of their equipment with newer parts. So, despite the expected two-decade lifespan for turbine blades, wind farms across Texas and other states began replacing many that remained in good shape years early.

At least the incipient mountain range of useless blades provides breeding grounds for the rattlesnakes the town is known for. Since rattlesnakes feed on rats, it’s too bad we can’t move the memorial to the District of Corruption where it belongs.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Aug 11 2023

California Backup Power Plan: Drain EV Batteries

As the Democrats running California continue to wage the progressive War on Energy, the rolling blackouts associated with Gavin Newsom’s rule will become more frequent, because no amount of other people’s money will make wind and solar reliable. At least they have a backup plan. Too bad it is insane:

California’s largest electric utility PG&E wants to suck the batteries of electric-vehicle owners plugged into charging stations to stabilize the grid during unstable periods. The Ford F-150 already allows for bidirectional charging, but that was sold as a benefit to the owner as a kind of independent generator for households during blackouts. PG&E wants to use it to commandeer all EV batteries and use their power to prevent grid collapse.

Bidirectional charging functionality will add an estimated $3,700 to the already excessive cost of EVs, as well as shorten their lifespan. No worries; the government can just provide more subsidies.

This will not be voluntarily:

Lawmakers in Sacramento are helping to move things along. For example, Senate Bill 233 would make bi-directional charging mandatory for all new electric vehicles.

As with Biden’s attack on gas generators, the objective is to prevent independence. We need to be completely reliant on the grid; then they can not only deny us energy but confiscate the energy we have already acquired.

Our rulers want us driving unreliable, dangerous, and combustion-prone electric vehicles because they do not want us driving any vehicles. When it all hits the fan — and it will, if Democrats get any more entrenched — they will need to deprive us of transportation to prevent organized resistance.

Newsom has signed an executive order banning non-electric vehicles by 2035.

“It is easier to resist at the beginning than at the end,” said Leonardo da Vinci. We will soon be past the easy part.

On a tip from Jack Bauer.

Aug 08 2023

Michelle Wu Introduces Boston to Democrat Death Spiral

One problem with putting people in positions of authority based exclusively on their status as left-wing Women of Color is that you end up having to live under the likes of Kamala “Heartbeat Away” Harris, Ketanji “I Dunno What a Woman Is” Brown Jackson, and Boston Mayor Michelle Wu:

Wu signed an executive order that prohibits city-owned buildings from being constructed or renovated in a way that allows for the use of fossil fuels.

As with her extravagant electric bus campaign, taxpayers will be saddled with the cost.

Fossil fuels are the lifeblood of modern civilization. Without them, society would collapse. Most of us would perish of starvation. Yet liberals have decreed that fossil fuels are politically incorrect.

While the new order only applies to city-owned buildings, Wu is moving forward with a plan she announced last year that would ban fossil fuels in new residential building projects throughout Boston.

Warns Greater Boston Real Estate Board CEO Greg Vasil:

[I]f Boston is not a conducive business environment for development, I am sure other nearby communities would welcome the enhancement this would mean to their property tax base.

Like Chicago, New York, and before them the slum that was once the wealthiest city in the USA, Boston has entered the Democrat Death Spiral.


Chicago’s far-left Mayor Brandon Johnson praised the move.

Wu’s election suggests that Boston has already passed the tipping point:

Wu is a self-professed “progressive” who campaigned on so-called “climate justice.” While delivering her victory speech in November 2021, she said that Boston was “ready to become a Green New Deal city.”

Difficult as it may be to imagine, those who follow Wu will be worse still. As productive citizens are driven out, ever more radical leftists will be elected by a population comprising an ever-rising percentage of kooks and parasites.

On tips from Franco and MrRightWingDave.

Aug 01 2023

Government Is Shutting Down Hydroelectric Power

One way you can tell that not even leftists are nutty enough to believe their own climate ideology is that they oppose nuclear energy, which unlike solar and wind is efficient, and which produces virtually no allegedly deleterious carbon emissions. Moonbat-ruled Germany is shutting down nuclear altogether. Another clue is the US government’s hostility to hydroelectric power.

DailyO reports approvingly on the tearing down of dams throughout the USA:

This ambitious effort seeks to reinstate the natural flow of rivers, enhance fish habitats, and restore ecosystems in collaboration with Native American tribes.

How woke. But the energy lost due to this posturing will have to be made up by burning fossil fuels, thereby imperiling the global climate according to liberal dogma.

The United States has witnessed over 2,000 dam removals so far, with a majority occurring in the last 25 years, reflecting a growing national consensus to restore the natural flow of rivers.

• The recent focus has been on the Klamath River, where four hydroelectric dams were built starting in 1918 to generate electricity. …

• In 2022 alone, the authorities in 20 different states undertook the removal of 65 dams as part of their initiatives to restore the connectivity of streams and rivers.

The pose doesn’t come cheap. The Klamath River dam removal project will cost $500 million, not counting the cost of lost energy. No doubt blowing up Hoover Dam will cost even more when they get to it.

Whatever green energy is about, it isn’t the climate. Hopefully forcing reliance on unsuitable wind and solar is mainly about Obama-style money laundering, and not a strategy for solidifying control by dramatically lowering our standard of living.

On a tip from Bluto.


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