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Jul 18 2019

Nor Diana, Lib Fantasy Incarnate

If you go by what you read at AFP, reality is turning into a hyperwoke comic book:

A hijab-wearing, diminutive Malaysian wrestler known as “Phoenix” cuts an unusual figure in the ring, a female Muslim fighter taking on hulking opponents in a male-dominated world.

Dressed in flame-patterned trousers, a black and orange hijab and top, Nor Diana uses sophisticated moves to throw and pin down her larger rivals in front of hundreds of cheering spectators.

The 5’1″” Nor Diana weighs just 95 pounds. Yet she can beat up men twice her size, just like actresses in Hollywood movies.

Wearing the hijab like a dutiful Muslim has been a burden for her…

But she has soldiered on, with her family’s full support, and enjoyed her greatest success so far in early July, defeating four men to be crowned Malaysian wrestling champion.

Wow, that is almost as impressive as the exploits of Islamofeminist Linda Sarsour — although AFP does admit in passing that the outcome of her Malaysia Pro Wrestling matches is predetermined.

When the moonbats at Sports Illustrated find out about Nor Diana, they are sure to do a cover story.

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Jul 15 2019

New 007 Is Black Woman

Cultural Marxism (aka political correctness) is a wrecking ball. Its sole purpose is to destroy a culture that has been slated for demolition — namely ours. Latest to be reduced to a heap of rubble by the wrecking ball is 007, who will now be played by a black woman.

This is not parody from the Babylon Bee. It is self-parody on the part of liberal social engineers. But even as we laugh at them, they get the satisfaction of knowing that the damage is done:

Since Daniel Craig announced he was standing down as James Bond, debate has raged whether the next 007 should be a woman, or black.

Now The Mail on Sunday can reveal that she will be both – thanks to the intervention of feminist TV writer Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

In what’s been called a ‘popcorn-dropping moment’, British star Lashana Lynch, will be given Bond’s licence to kill in the 25th movie in the franchise, currently being shot in Italy and the UK.

You can see why moonbats would hate 007, a suave womanizing remnant of a more heroic Britain who defeats the enemies of the West. As with a counterrevolutionary in a country that has succumbed to communism, it is not enough just to kill him. He has to be humiliated first. The Woman of Color 007 is the equivalent of forcing James Bond to confess to outrageous crimes against The People before he is taken out and shot.

In the movie, James Bond doesn’t actually have his sex and race changed. He is retired, and a conspicuously incongruous Woman of Color takes over as 007. Then Bond is called out of retirement and finds his politically correct replacement sexually irresistible but is rebuffed. Liberals will love it.

Ian Fleming was a countermoonbat. That is all the more reason to reduce the iconic character he created to farce in the name of moonbattery.

Stand by for the transsexual 007, which will follow if the Woman of Color 007 doesn’t kill off the franchise completely.

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Jun 29 2019

Alyssa Milano Publicity Stunt Flops

There is more to actress Alyssa Milano than vindictive hatred of whole regions of the country that she associates with opposition to abortion. She also stands militantly opposed to defense of the US border from foreign invasion. Being an excretion of Tinseltown, you would think she would know how to stage a spectacle. But this one went awry:

On Wednesday, actress Alyssa Milano showed up at an immigrant detention center in Florida in her “chauffeur-driven Mercedes,” as The Daily Mail reported, and attempted to get inside, boasting, “I’m Alyssa Milano. I’m an actress/activist and I would love to be let in based on a community visit.”

Maybe she planned a heart-wrenching photo op, like the one by AOC that provided countermoonbats with a hearty round of guffaws.

But rather than let her exploit the invasion to promote her woke image, authorities told her to get lost. Maybe Hollyweirdos are not royalty after all.

Milano retaliated by releasing the video below, in which she makes improbable allegations against Homestead, a shelter for the children dragged across the border by unlawful invaders that opened during the Obama Administration. She also rallies her followers to close down the shelters so as to facilitate the displacement of the American population by the Third World.

How do people with such massive egos manage to come across as so pathetic?

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Jun 27 2019

Clint Eastwood Stands Against Hollyweird’s Militant Degeneracy

Hollyweird still has one redeeming quality. His name is Clint Eastwood. While most everyone else in New Gomorrah flows along with the river of sewage toward the cataract to hell, Clint Eastwood stands virtually alone for decency and sanity. It’s as if he had been playing himself all along in those spaghetti westerns and Dirty Harry movies.

Imagine an industry so depraved that it would forgo generous tax credits to punish a state for not wanting to kill babies with beating hearts. That’s the industry that defines our culture for us from La-La Land. But just as it abandons itself completely to its militant debauchery, Tinseltown runs up against the Man With No Name, who slings back his poncho to free up his Peacemaker.

From CNS News:

Despite the boycott of filming in Georgia launched by Hollywood liberals angry over the state’s new pro-life “Heartbeat” law, legendary actor/director Clint Eastwood will be making his latest movie, “The Battle of Richard Jewell,” in Atlanta this summer, reported NBC Charlotte and other media.

The movie itself is an act of countermoonbattery.

The movie is about Richard Jewell, a police officer and security guard who discovered a bomb at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Ga., and saved countless lives. Jewell was initially hailed as a hero and then was viewed as a suspect.

They had it right the first time; Jewell was a hero. But he was the kind of guy liberal elitists in the media had a great time demonizing. Irresponsible journalists ran with the theory that this representative of a hated species (working class Southern white male) must have planted the bomb himself. Hats off again to Clint Eastwood for helping to set the record straight in the public mind.

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Jun 21 2019

MTV Pushes Gender-Fluid Degeneracy

Dating shows are cutting edge on channels aimed at impressionable teens and tweens like MTV. Here’s the official description of Are You the One?:

If your perfect match was standing right in front of you, would you even know it? On the history-making eighth season, 16 singles head to Hawaii to find their perfect matches and for a chance to split the $1 million prize, and for the first time ever, all the singles are sexually fluid, which means there are no gender limitations: The one could be anyone.

Why be so narrowmindedly speciesist? Next season, MTV may encourage kids to have sex with dogs.

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Jun 17 2019

First Victims of Netflix Central Park Five Agitprop

Historical accuracy isn’t the only victim of the appalling Netflix series When They See Us, which presents a fictional version of the Central Park Five rape case in which the rapists are oppressed angels and the prosecutors are the villains.

Inspired by this toxic example of agenda-driven historical revisionism, social justice warriors are out for blood. Unsurprisingly, they also want to release other violent criminals.

For the most part, the Manhattan District Attorney has been standing against this moonbattery in defense of justice and sanity:

D.A. Cyrus Vance has shot down a request from Public Advocate Jumaane Williams to reopen thousands of cases prosecuted by his office’s sex crime unit between 1976 and 2002.

He also refused Williams’ request to fire Elizabeth Lederer, a veteran assistant D.A. who worked on the Central Park Five case…

Williams and [Neighborhood Defender Service of Harlem, the Legal Aid Society, and the New York County Defender Services] last week asked Vance to review all the cases handled by Lederer and former assistant D.A. Linda Fairstein. Lederer was the lead prosecutor in the Central Park Five case, and Feinstein was head of the Manhattan D.A.’s Sex Crimes Unit.

Both are demonized as oppressing the put-upon Central Park Five in the Netflix series that Fairstein describes as “so full of distortions and falsehoods as to be an outright fabrication.”

Just in case anyone doesn’t get it that this is about race politics, not justice, the SJWs spell it out:

The letter from the three lawyers’ groups told Vance “[i]t is imperative that you investigate every case that has been led by Ms. Fairstein and Ms. Lederer to ensure that your office is not responsible for even one more innocent black or brown life sitting in prison today.”

Even Vance plays along with the politically required charade that the wilding youth who took part in the brutal rape of Trisha Meili that nearly killed her are somehow victims of injustice because they had to cool their heels in prison for a few years before collecting a $40+ million payoff from the odious Bill de Blasio.

The Netflix series has already inflicted damage at the personal level:

Dogged by bad publicity resulting from the series, Fairstein resigned from her positions on the board of trustees at Vassar College and on the boards God’s Love We Deliver and Safe Horizon, two nonprofits.

Dutton, an imprint of Penguin Books, dropped Fairstein after publishing her best-selling crime novels.

That’s her reward for racially incorrectly attempting to bring vicious thugs to justice.

Lederer, who has continued her career at the D.A.’s office, resigned as a part-time lecturer at Columbia Law School after a group of black students called on her to quit.

Ava DuVernay, who created the series, can congratulate herself on the damage done.

Fairstein and Lederer will not be the last people harmed by Netflix’s leftist agitprop. As Cultural Marxism (or “liberalism” as we are asked to call it) and the cowardice that causes otherwise decent people to play along with it destroy all semblance of order and justice, more Fairsteins and Lederers will be sacrificed to political correctness. There will be more Trisha Meilis too.

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Jun 16 2019

Meathead Suffers From Severe Idée Fixe

To the chagrin of his creators, Archie Bunker was usually right, especially when he called his son-in-law “Meathead.” Rob Reiner is a meathead to this day. Currently, Meathead is unable to function as a normal person thanks to his TDS having progressed to what psychopathologists call an idée fixe:

Everything revolves around a single bitter obsession for some moonbats.

On a tip from Kate P. Hat tip: Twitchy.

Jun 14 2019

HBO Teen Drama Euphoria Pushes Envelope

The Hollywood Reporter must be accustomed to degeneracy, given its chosen subject matter. But even it is aghast at the new HBO “teen drama” Euphoria, which conspicuously features erect male genitalia:

The male genitalia in the pilot is not attached to any of the largely 20-something cast. Instead, it’s care of actor Eric Dane, who commits statutory rape with a 17-year-old trans girl (newcomer Hunter Schafer, 20). Though the sequence uses a prosthetic, it’s still likely to shock most audiences — as will a handful of other graphic scenes in the pilot, from a gut-wrenching drug overdose by star Zendaya, 22, to a sex scene between teens involving choking. In one episode alone, close to 30 penises flash onscreen.

This depraved filth passes as adolescent entertainment in a world run by progressives. Meanwhile, Christianity is censored by social media giants.

Parents Television Council president Tim Winter argues that the series “appears to be overtly, intentionally marketing extremely graphic adult content — sex, violence, profanity and drug use — to teens and preteens.”

Imagine putting the scummiest drug dealer in the ghetto in charge of how kids view the world. That’s the situation we have with the entertainment industry.

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Jun 11 2019

Netflix Sanctifies Central Park Five

As George Orwell illustrated in 1984, progressives believe that it doesn’t matter what happens; it only matters what people think happened. To quote Orwell, “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.” The present is controlled by the sort of moonbats who run Netflix. This is bad news for the future.

People of the future will not know what happened. They will know what leftists want them to think happened, so as to advance the narrative that secures their power. A heinously false series on Netflix about the Central Park Five is a case in point.

In its vileness, the liberal media lauds Netflix’s When They See Us, which disgustingly portrays sociopaths as put-upon victims of America’s racist system. Ever digging for new lows, the New York Times actually ran a story praising the series under the headline, “The True Story of How a City in Fear Brutalized the Central Park Five.”

You want to see brutalized? Here is what actually happened:

Sometime between 9:00 and 9:30 on the night of April 19, 1989, a group of more than 30 black and Hispanic teenagers — including the aforementioned “Central Park Five” — attacked 28-year-old Trisha Meili while she was jogging in the park. One of the assailants — whose identity would remain unknown for the next 13 years — raped her with vaginal penetration, leaving his DNA inside the woman’s cervix. As Miss Meili screamed in agony, one or more of her attackers shut her up by fracturing her skull with a lead pipe and mutilating her face with a brick. Meili lost three-quarters of her blood in the assault, and her brain activity could scarcely be detected by medical equipment in the hospital emergency room to which she was later transported. So badly was Meili’s face mangled — one of her eyes had popped out of its socket — that even her boyfriend was able to recognize her only by a familiar ring on her finger. The District Attorney’s office initially assigned Miss Meili’s case to its homicide unit, because none of her doctors expected that the woman would survive for even a single night. Yet Meili did survive, though she spent nearly two weeks in a coma.

Meili wasn’t the only victim.

During the half-hour just prior to their attack on Miss Meili, the Central Park Five and their two-dozen-plus comrades participated in multiple random beatings of other passersby in the park.

The attacks were explicitly racially motivated. Yet the attackers are portrayed as the victims of racism. Liberalism isn’t just wrong. It is precisely 180° opposite the truth. Since liberals control the past through the present, the future will see these vicious thugs as martyred saints, just like Trayvon Martin.

Talk about adding insult to injury:

When the victim, still disfigured and unsteady, went to the courthouse to testify, groups of black demonstrators — led by Al Sharpton — taunted her, calling her a “white slut” and a “filthy white whore,” and claiming that her boyfriend was the real rapist.

Sharpton is a central figure in Democrat politics. Aspiring Democrat politicians have been kissing his ring obeisantly for years.

The Central Park Five confessed and served modest prison sentences. Nonetheless, the unspeakably loathsome Bill de Blasio actually paid the rapists a $41 million settlement in their suit against NYC for malicious prosecution, racial discrimination, and emotional distress. They became millionaires for what they did to Trisha Meili. That any decent person could support Democrats after learning this defies comprehension.

The evidence against the assailants was mountainous. No informed person doubts what really happened. So liberals simply lie.

It is not as if the public does not have access to the truth. In today’s Wall Street Journal, prosecutor Linda Fairstein details some of the many ways When They See Us deviates from what really happened. She was a supervisor of the team that prosecuted the Central Park Five. She describes Netflix’s propaganda as “so full of distortions and falsehoods as to be an outright fabrication.”

But how many people read WSJ compared to those who watch Netflix? Besides, filmmaker Ava DuVernay is a Woman of Color. It would be racist not to believe or at least pretend to believe whatever lies she tells. The future won’t know any better.

The assailants will continue to reap rewards for their horrific crime, thanks to social justice, which is the diametric opposite of what any morally sane person would regard as justice.

The future will regard these nauseating lies as the truth.

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Jun 10 2019

The Secret Life of Pets 2 as Thoughtcrime

Parents be forewarned. Children must be kept from viewing The Secret Life of Pets 2. It is thoughtcrime posing as children’s entertainment. We know this because it was revealed not by a biased left-wing website, but by the ostensibly neutral entertainment site The Wrap:

“The Secret Life of Pets 2,” … effectively acts as an animated ode to heteronormativity, toxic masculinity and patriarchal worldviews…

“Pets 2’s” descent into the bowels of what reads as conservative messaging begins as Katie (voiced by Ellie Kemper), Max’s owner, randomly meets a young man, quickly marries and has a child. In this fictional universe, that’s clearly the only natural progression of events in a woman’s life.

A normal family entailing a man, a woman, and children is the keystone of human civilization. That is why it must be destroyed, wiping the slate clean for Change. Any movie that fails to undermine the family is guilty of thoughtcrime. Yet Pets 2 does not include a single homosexual couple. This enrages the reviewer.

Equally problematic, Pets 2 reinforces the politically incorrect concept of masculinity:

Harrison Ford is cast as Rooster, a hyper-masculine shepherd dog brazenly teaching Max how to toughen up. Rooster shames Max for going to therapy and wearing a medical collar to prevent him from scratching himself out of stress. Ford’s character essentially stigmatizes mental illness and dismisses treatment as a made-up sign of weakness.

The proper attitude toward neurosis and mental illness is fawning indulgence if not adulation.

Rooster is the embodiment of phrases like “Men don’t cry,” and “Rub some dirt on it.” This alpha dog rejects vulnerability by preaching about how sissified city dogs are. The character is disturbing in his unapologetic validation of behavior society as a whole is trying to eradicate.

That last part should read, “behavior progressives are trying to eradicate.” Utopia is to be populated by whimpering soy boys.

Toward the end, the movie cruelly tricks the reviewer into thinking it is politically orthodox after all — only to plunge back into thoughtcrime:

Snowball’s owner dresses him in a pink princess attire, lipstick included, but just when we might think this is [voice actor] Kevin Hart’s way of saying, “Look, I’m not that homophobic; my character is a tough guy but he can also embrace femininity,” the bunny rips off the outfit and dons chains, baggy clothes and a hat to rap about how macho he actually is.

So much for the ostensibly neutral entertainment site. Actually, nothing is neutral. Moonbats set out in the 1960s to politicize everything. They succeeded. Now everything either advances moonbattery or defies it.

Not woke.

On a tip from Steve T. Hat tips: Hollywood in Toto, David Thompson.

May 25 2019

TDS Case Report: Julianna Margulies

Be careful not to accuse people with valid criticisms of Donald Trump of having Trump Derangement Syndrome. This makes light of a serious psychiatric condition. To get an idea of how disabling this illness can become, consider actress Julianna Margulies, who recently mistook Stephen Colbert’s stage for her psychiatrist’s office and ranted about her dreams:

“I was in a boardroom. There was a long table, and it was just the guy who’s in the Oval Office right now sitting there, and I walked in, and I was screaming, screaming, don’t you care about the next gen– I mean, I was going crazy at him and screaming and yelling, and that was 2016. I woke up in a sweat and I went, ‘Oh, my God I’ve gone insane and I have to stop reading the news at night.’”

By admitting that she has gone insane, she has at least taken the first step toward ameliorating her condition. However, she admits to backsliding by reading the New York Times and listening to NPR.

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May 23 2019

Trump’s Severed Head Used to Advertise Movie

Remember when unfunny moonbat “comedienne” Kathy Griffin destroyed what little was left of her career by posing with a prop representing Trump’s severed head? You would think that liberals would have learned not to step on that particular rake again. But then, political discourse has degenerated significantly just since 2017. Now we read about a movie being promoted with the same stunt:

It’s called When Women Rule the World and the poster image — circulating at the Cannes Market and in trade publications including The Hollywood Reporter — features a bikini-clad woman (a Melania Trump-type character called Maria Putin, played by actress Anna Hera) holding two decapitated heads. One is bloodied up to look like Trump in a Make America Great Again hat and a shaggy blond wig. The other, a gray-skinned, bug-eyed zombie.

At least they are even-handed, assuming that the bug-eyed zombie is meant to represent Nasty Pelosi. Or maybe the movie was made by and for moonbats:

[Writer-director-producer Sheldon] Silverstein says the film is a high-concept, sci-fi satire with sociopolitical themes that align with movements like #MeToo and Time’s Up and contain storylines that comment on toxic masculinity. He describes a key plot point: “Donald Trump gets in a fight with Putin over who has the biggest penis, and he pushes a button that starts World War III. … It’s kind of crazy.”

Kind of. Perfect for progressives though. No doubt Kathy Griffin can’t wait to see it.

Only a moonbat could sit through this.

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