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Jun 22 2024

Confirmed: Disney Discriminates Against Whites

There are no negative consequences in this society for pushing sexual depravity at children, but who knows? Maybe Disney will get in trouble for systematically breaking the law against racial discrimination:

During a series of undercover videos made by investigative journalist James O’Keefe’s O’Keefe Media Group, a Disney senior vice president named Michael Giordano appeared to detail a series of questionable hiring practices and beliefs ingrained at the company.

These can be summarized as “heterosexual white guys need not apply.”

It’s not enough to be nonwhite. You have to look it. Giordano shared an anecdote:

“We wanted to hire somebody in a department from a few years ago now, who was half black but didn’t appear half black. And there was a creative executive who was like, ‘That’s not what’s wanted.’ They wanted somebody in meetings who would appear a certain way and he wasn’t gonna bring that to the meeting.”

Coded language is used to avoid discrimination lawsuits. However:

As Breitbart News reported, Disney is facing a federal civil rights complaint alleging the company’s DEI policies are unlawful and discriminate against white American men, Christians, and Jews. America First Legal filed the complaint against Disney in February.

Elon Musk published leaked internal Disney documents that show diversity quotas being implemented across the company.

If the worm ever turns, hyperwoke Disney will be among the first to know. It may be in for a massive class action lawsuit.

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Jun 21 2024

Racism Causes Cancer

Cancer is not caused by global warming or homophobia. That leaves racism:

NBC’s medical drama New Amsterdam has been ripped to shreds for a woke episode in which a patient develops a tumor from ‘internalized racism.’

The episode is from 2020, but apparently only liberals watched the show, because it has just now come to light as a fit subject for ridicule.

Tragically, a teen is diagnosed with tumors. A psychiatrist explains why the imaginary oppression of non-Caucasians is to blame:

‘Your son feels threatened on a daily basis, like everything he’s earned can be taken away. He’s disenfranchised,’ the psychiatrist says.

‘But because his life is seemingly free from all this, because he can’t name it, he’s internalizing it.’

When the mother seems confused, the psychiatrist says: ‘Racism – I think your son’s tumor was caused by racism.’

Mainstream entertainment is almost becoming entertaining again — but only if you enjoy laughing at liberals:

Regarding the UNREST test mentioned by the moonbat shrink:

The episode appeared to be referencing an actual questionnaire by the group UNREST, which developed a ‘social resistance framework.’

It ‘suggests that power relations within society may encourage members of non-dominant minority groups to actively engage in acts of everyday resistance, which may include risky and unhealthy behaviors.’

Academia elaborates on how pseudo-oppression is relevant to medicine:

A 2019 study from scientists from the University of Southern California and University of California at Los Angeles also determined that African-Americans had higher levels of inflammatory molecules than their white counterparts.

Presenting the study’s summary:

Researchers have long known that racism is linked to health problems, but now results from a small study using RNA tests show that racism appears to increase chronic inflammation among African Americans.

It isn’t just the tedious rubbish on TV. Everything the liberal establishment tries to feed us is crap.

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May 30 2024

Robert De Niro Stars in Remake of Liar Liar

The career of leftist Hollyweirdo Robert De Niro petered out decades ago. Maybe he could revive it by starring in a remake of the 1997 movie Liar Liar, in which the protagonist finds he cannot help but speak the truth. It might require a LANGUAGE WARNING, but it would certainly be entertaining:

On a tip from WDS 2.0.

May 29 2024

Man Wins Best Actress Award at Cannes

Maybe the moonbats are right that we live in a patriarchy. Men usurp everything — even best actress awards:

Transgender performer Karla Sofia Gascon — a biological male who identifies as female — won best actress at the Cannes Film Festival over the weekend.

“Biological male.” Please. Next we will be required to say “biological human.”

Considering that the award was no doubt granted for the purpose of social engineering, it should come as no surprise that he gave a lengthy acceptance speech consisting of belligerent crybullying:

Gascon said, “To every trans person suffering every f***ing day with hate. With hatred … they denigrate us … this is for you,” the [Telegraph] reported, adding that Gascon also preemptively pushed back against “terrible” critics’ potential backlash over choosing a trans performer and told them, “Change, you bast**ds.”

I wonder what his 13-year-old daughter thinks of this disgusting spectacle. The chance at a normal, healthy life has likely been self-indulgently stolen from her in the name of the sickest ideology ever devised.

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May 22 2024

Jane Fonda’s Strategy to Perfect the Weather

When she was relevant, more than half a century ago, Jane Fonda was an obnoxious and treasonous fool. She has not aged well:

Maybe the climate will be rescued from its imaginary peril if Hanoi Jane turns her strategy around by threatening to have sex with anyone who partakes of the fossil fuels that make everything go.

On a tip from Wiggins.

May 20 2024

Rapper Demonstrates Darwinism

The point of rap is to entertain. Normally watching sociopathic cretins posture foolishly while chanting obscenities is interesting only to those with the most debased tastes. But Rylo Huncho managed to expand the genre’s audience by taking its self-destructive nature to a new extreme:

Virginia’s drill rap scene was shaken by the tragic news of 17-year-old rapper Rylo Huncho. He wound up fatally shooting himself in the head while recording a TikTok video.

That’s why children should not play with guns.

Rylo Huncho’s real name has not been disclosed. However, he was known for his energetic performances and promising music career.

VIEWER DISCRETION — Darwinism in action can be disturbing:

A GoFundMe page set up by a cousin describes the incident as “suicide/accidental.” The latter seems more likely. If you think no one could be dumb enough to put a gun to their head and pull the trigger out of sheer stupidity, you are to be commended on your ability to avoid the rap world.

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Apr 27 2024

Portraits in Countermoonbattery: Cherie Currie

Not all rock rebels turn out to be fad-following poseurs. If their rebelliousness is for real, it matures as they get older. Examples include Johnny Rotten/John Lydon, Nick Cave, and Cherie Currie of the Runaways:

Nowadays, the only meaningful rebellion is against the decadent liberal establishment.

The Blaze has more Cherie Currie countermoonbattery.

Mar 22 2024

Video Games Linked to Erectile Dysfunction

One reason we have degenerated into a society that tolerates liberal rule is that boys grow up playing video games instead of developing normally by interacting with reality. This makes them soft — in more ways than one:

That’s the implicit message of a new study published in the science journal Andrology: scientists from China have found a strong association between “extended computer usage for leisure” and the risk of developing erectile dysfunction, based on genetic and statistical analysis on data from more than 220,000 subjects.

Add to that the leftist indoctrination for which video games are used as a vehicle and you can see why we have such an overabundance of liberal soy boys.

On a tip from Mike B.

Mar 11 2024

How a Perverted Freak Earns a Pat on the Head

If you have the stomach to take the culture of our ruling class in concentrated form, subject yourself to a liberal “comedian” — like the guy calling himself Dahlia Belle:

Unless it’s a Biden gaffe (like calling an illegal alien charged with murder “illegal” before apologizing), the only way a moonbat will tell the truth is as a laugh line. Blacks and transsexuals comprise a small percentage of the American population, despite what the media would have us believe. Everything centers on them through the distorted prisms of Critical Race Theory and LGBTism because they are being exploited to achieve an underlying objective — as Mr Belle puts it, “to destroy the fabric of Western Civilization as we know it.”

“Ha ha ha!” chuckle the thieves. “They think we would steal!”

Sneers Mr Belle,

“I do also realize of course, that that last joke may offend some Christians, and it is very important to me that you know that I don’t care.”

Why would he care? There are no negative consequences for licking the hand of the establishment by urinating on everything disfavored groups hold sacred.

Say something a pervert like Belle finds offensive; then there will be trouble — in places like Michigan, even felony charges.

On a tip from Varla.

Mar 07 2024

Terrify Them

DEI is still imposed mainly by soft tyranny for now. Yet it is based on terror, just like the varieties of leftism imposed in the aftermath of the French and Russian revolutions. The main difference is that people are a lot easier to terrify these days. Via Niche Gamer:

A recent panel from the 2019 Game Developers Conference has surfaced showing Kim Belair, the current CEO of Sweet Baby Inc. encouraging employees to “terrify” their marketing teams.

In the panel, Belair is discussing the importance of writing consultancy and inclusion, and when discussing AAA developers she had this to say…

Take it away, Kim Belair:

AAA refers to games distributed by midsized to major publishers. What will happen to those who resist is the cancel culture mob will be sicced upon them.

Like what you see on television, video games constitute an alternate reality that is largely designed by leftist social engineers with the purpose of brainwashing. This is implemented at all levels of subtlety, from fist in the face to barely perceptible.

On a tip from Jester.

Mar 02 2024

Tinseltown’s Terrence Howard Too Oppressed to Pay Taxes

Rich and famous black guy Terrence Howard says it is “immoral” for people like him to have to pay taxes. Maybe the moonbattery that prevails in Hollyweird has rendered him insane. Or maybe he just doesn’t like paying taxes. But sometimes even the oppressed have to cough them up anyway:

A federal judge in Philadelphia has ordered Academy Award-nominated actor Terrence Howard to pay nearly $1 million in back taxes, interest, and penalties after he allegedly threatened a Justice Department lawyer and maintained that it was “immoral for the United States government to charge taxes to the descendants of slaves.”

The Tinseltown One Percenter attempted to crybully a tax collector by voicemail:

“Four hundred years of forced labor and never receiving any compensation for it,” the actor said in the message. “Now you have the gall to try and prosecute and charge taxes to the descendants of a broken people that you are responsible for causing the breakage.”

Al Sharpton feels his pain. But last I knew, that zillionaire professional racist doesn’t have to pay taxes. He’s even more oppressed than Howard — by which I mean he has more powerful friends.

Howard’s demands go beyond not having to pay his fair share:

“In truth, the entire United States should, by default, become the property of the descendants of slaves,” he said.

Great idea for next time they update the Democratic Party platform.

On tips from Wiggins and Franco.

Feb 26 2024

Professor Screeches That Liking Taylor Swift Is Racist

Here I was thinking the formerly apolitical Taylor Swift had been recruited by the Democrats. Turns out that liking her is racist:

“Why do I feel like it’s slightly racist to be a Taylor Swift fan?” Melina Abdullah posted to X on Super Bowl Sunday.

Abdullah is not just any barking moonbat but an impressively credentialled member of the Intelligentsia:

Abdullah, a professor of Pan-African Studies at Cal State University Los Angeles, is a self-described “#BlackLivesMatter organizer, Pan-Africanist, Hip Hop scholar, daughter of God, womanist, truth-teller, mama,” according to her post on X. She is also listed as a co-founder of the Black Lives Matter’s Los Angeles chapter and co-director of the activist wing of the advocacy organization, Black Lives Matter Grassroots.

In addition to her impressive credentials, there is the unassailable logic of her assertion. Taylor Swift is white. Failure to hate whites is racist. Therefore, Swifties are racists.

Abdullah confirms that liberalism is about feeling, not thinking — and entails bad feelings regarding America:

When one user asked her to elaborate on her opinion she replied: “I said FEEL, not think. Kind of like that feeling I get when there are too many American flags.”

More feelings from Professor Abdullah:

A few hours later, she followed up in another post on X after the Kansas City Chiefs had won the game: “Why do I feel like this was some right-wing, white-supremacist conspiracy?!?! Booooooo!!!! #SuperBowl.”

Is Melina Abdullah a malicious moron who was granted a position in academia solely for being a Left-Wing Woman of Color? Even to suggest it would be a microaggression. Therefore, we must take seriously the possibility that white privilege determines who wins football games.

She must have been rooting for the 49ers. No wonder she won’t let white people come to her cookouts:

“Attention white people… Please don’t ask if you can come to the cookout… #Juneteenth is freedom day for Black folks,” she posted to Twitter in June 2022. “It should be #Reparations day for white folks.”

Diversity/equity/inclusion doesn’t include those designated for exclusion.

Moonbats like this are brainwashing impressionable youth at taxpayer expense, causing the future to swirl down the drain.

On tips from Jack D and Varla.

Feb 16 2024

Jamaal Bowman Introduces Hip Hop Task Force

After the way congresscritter Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) yelped that there would be a civil war if Republicans regained Congress, proclaimed that economic freedom is slavery, pulled a fire alarm to delay a congressional vote, and bitterly denounced Netanyahu for rescuing elderly hostages from Hamas, you might be tempted to dismiss him as a deranged moron with nothing to offer but moonbattery. On the contrary, Bowman has solutions to the country’s pressing problems — like his recently announced Congressional Hip Hop Power and Justice Task Force.

The purpose is to impose socialism and “racial justice.” Bowman made specific reference to promoting the anticivilization agenda of Black Lives Matter and to “the Ceasefire movement” — a leftist euphemism for siding with Muslim terrorists. The task force follows his support for the Restoring Artistic Protection (RAP) Act, which would prevent lowlifes who rap about the crimes they have committed from having this used against them in court.

Hats off to Bowman for demonstrating just how pernicious rap culture has been:

Artists like Eric B. & Rakim, Queen Latifah, Chuck D and Public Enemy inspired the New York lawmaker throughout his life, he said, including during his time as an educator.

During his time as an “educator,” Bowman honored racist murderer Assata Shakur at an NYC middle school.

“They were very instrumental in creating a curriculum and blueprint for my life,” Bowman told The Hill.

That rap is a cultural toxin has been confirmed. The same goes for single motherhood:

Bowman, who grew up in a single mother household, said his mother used to listen and enjoy hip hop with him as he grew up.

Get married and protect your kids from poison like rap — unless you want them to turn out like Jamaal Bowman.

On a tip from Ryan H.

Feb 10 2024

Our Culture, What’s Left of It

If politics is downstream of culture, this would explain the Democratic Party:

The Grammy Awards’ Best New Artist nominee Ice Spice performed her Top 40 hit song, “Think You the Sh*t (Fart)” at a recent Spotify event.

Ice Spice was nominated for four Grammys. She is making history:

Additionally, the rapper’s new song hitting the Top 40 charts of Billboard Hot 100 means that the United States officially has, for the first time ever, a Top 40 hit with the word “fart” in the title of the song.

See for yourself what liberal social engineers have done to American culture, if you have the stomach:

On a tip from Barry A.


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