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May 25 2023

Monty Python in the Age of LGBT Intolerance

Monty Python is a remnant of a better culture, before wokeness canceled our sense of humor:

Monty Python stars John Cleese and Eric Idle have been workshopping new scenes and plotlines for a blockbuster stage show based on the classic 1979 film Life Of Brian.

Cleese says he has “changed certain things.”

One exchange which has had to come out is the discussion between People’s Front of Judea members Stan (played by Idle) and Reg (Cleese). Stan says that he wants to be known as Loretta and to have babies. ‘It’s every man’s right to have babies if you want them,’ says Stan. Reg counters: ‘But — you can’t have babies.’ At which Stan responds: ‘Don’t you oppress me.’

What was comedy in the 1970s is now reality. It is currently forbidden in the entertainment industry to acknowledge that men cannot have babies, for the same reason that Winston Smith was not allowed to acknowledge that 2 + 2 = 4.

Cleese told an audience at his one-man show last week that when the scene (co-written with the late Graham Chapman) was performed at a read-through for the new show in New York last year, doubts emerged. ‘At the end, I said to the American actors: ‘What do you think?’ And they said: ‘We love the script, but you can’t do that stuff about Loretta nowadays.’

Watch the forbidden scene before Google’s YouTube stuffs it down the memory hole:

On a tip from Occam’s Stubble. Hat tip: Legal Insurrection.

May 05 2023

Paul Stanley Cravenly Caves to Child-Abusing LGBT Mob

Sometimes you can give progressives the benefit of the doubt by assuming they do not grasp the profound evil of their own ideology. This is harder to do with people who offer tepid resistance to liberalism, then revoke it in a cowardly attempt to appease the woke mob — like Paul Stanley of Kiss.

On Sunday, Stanley referred to the horrific practice of transsexualizing children — which leads to the ruination of their minds, their bodies, and their lives — as a “sad and dangerous fad.” He was credited with courage, given the rigidly intolerant degeneracy that characterizes the entertainment industry.

No one is praising Stanley for courage now:

It’s not as if he has no idea what transsexualism is doing to vulnerable children. Yet he parrots LGBT propaganda in defense of crimes against humanity, lest the depraved liberal establishment withhold its approval.

If only I were 13 years old again, I would have Kiss albums to throw in the garbage in disgust.

On tips from Chris Neilson, Lyle, and Varla.

May 02 2023

Rockers Have Qualms About Transsexualizing Children

During the heyday of Kiss back in the 1970s — when the band delighted rebellious teenagers and shocked parents with their outrageous makeup and outfits — who would have guessed that cofounder Paul Stanley would become an advocate for what has traditionally been known as sanity?

Although some clearly need treatment for mental illness, no one needs “reassignment” to the opposite sex at any age. However, calling the transsexualization of children “a sad and dangerous fad” takes guts in the current climate.

The liberal establishmentarians at Rolling Stone are incensed. They respond with doubletalk about sexuality versus gender identity, terms that are redefined on the fly as needed to prop up liberal nonsense.

Dee Snider, another outrageous rocker of yesteryear, backs up Stanley:

“You know what? There was a time where I “felt pretty” too. Glad my parents didn’t jump to any rash conclusions! Well said,” tweeted Snider.

Snider then watered this down by denouncing “the Right” for considering the LGBT fetish for transing kids to be a “fetish” and deliberately instilled gender confusion to be “confusion.” This is unsurprising, considering that Snider is a confirmed moonbat, who backs gun control, calls conservatives “MAGAT fascists,” et cetera.

That a self-described “libtard” in the decadent entertainment industry like Dee Snider would support Stanley in deviating from LGBT orthodoxy suggests liberals have pressed their advantage too far in the Culture War. Setting children on a path that will destroy their bodies, their minds, and their lives by transsexualizing them is so self-evidently wrong that it could cause fault lines even among leftists, hopefully instigating some true believers to question the whole diseased ideology.

On tips from Varla, StephaneDumas, and Ed McAninch.

Apr 23 2023

Cleopatra Gets a Race Change

Not many people read history books. Most of what they think they know about history they half-consciously absorbed from movies. This allows the leftists comprising the entertainment industry to erase the past and replace it with a narrative that supports woke ideology. They have become so ham-fisted about this that Cleopatra was now a Negress:

Tina Gharavi, director of the Netflix film “Queen Cleopatra,” spoke out about the wave of backlash she experienced for casting Adele James, a black actress, in the leading role.

If Anne Boleyn can be black, why not Cleopatra?

Barks Gharavi:

No amount of reasoning or reminders that Arab invasions had not yet happened in Cleopatra’s age seemed to stem the tide of ridiculous comments.

Arab invasions have nothing to do with it. Cleopatra was not black, and she was not an Arab either. Ethnically, she wasn’t even Egyptian.

Wait, Gharavi gets dumber:

So, was Cleopatra Black? We don’t know for sure, but we can be certain she wasn’t white like Elizabeth Taylor. We need to have a conversation with ourselves about our colorism, and the internalized white supremacy that Hollywood has indoctrinated us with.

The relentlessly leftist movie industry has indoctrinated us with white supremacy, as a filmmaker proves by making Cleopatra black so as express her disdain for Caucasians.

The capitalization — repeated throughout the piece at Variety — is not an accident. “Black” is capitalized as a show of respect. “White” is left uncapitalized as a show of disrespect.

Cleopatra’s family origins were in Macedonian Greece. She was European. Even Gharavi probably knows this and is lying to the public’s face out of sheer moonbattery.

The point is the same as when liberals pretend that blacks built the pyramids. Egyptian accomplishments are appropriated on their behalf so as to fabricate a Wakanda that would be thriving to this day if icky white people weren’t such racists. As proof, they point to a globe and shout that Egypt is in Africa, which is where blacks come from. Attempting to argue with this level of idiocy is like discussing physics with a hamster.

In the future, it will be common knowledge that Cleopatra was black — along with Mozart, Mother Teresa, and Einstein. As George Orwell foresaw, “The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became the truth.”

At least those who are posthumously transformed into blacks won’t be erased altogether.

On a tip from Franco.

Apr 13 2023

Profiles in Countermoonbattery: Nick Cave

Back in the day, The Birthday Party was the most over-the-top alternative rock band out there. Singer Nick Cave pushed the envelope straight off the table. He’s still pushing it. But being a grown-up now, he is pushing it in a more constructive direction.

Rebelliousness might have been a fashionable pose when Junkyard came out in 1982. But nowadays Cave is definitely a rebel for real:

Punk rock icon Nick Cave said the way to “f***” with people in 2023 is to “go to church and be a conservative.”

The Australian musician, best known as the frontman of “Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds,” has opened up about his journey back to his faith…

The Bad Seeds is a more restrained follow-up to The Birthday Party.

“There may now be a conservative edge to things, but that word I would use cautiously,” Cave said about his more recent creativity. “Certainly these days I still get similar delight, which I got in the early days, in sort of f***ing with people to some degree. There is something about living outside the expectations of other people that is energizing.”

Cave regards the self-censorship of political correctness as a “wet blanket [that] has been thrown over art in general.”

“What is the wet blanket?” the 65-year-old continued. “Well, a squeamish, censorious, merciless idea that there are certain things that you can get away with saying and certain things that you can’t get away with saying.”

Cave isn’t the only rock rebel from the punk era who has aged well. Johnny Rotten (a.k.a. John Lydon) of the Sex Pistols turned out to be a stand-up countermoonbat.

Unfortunately, the entertainment industry is no place for rebels anymore.

On a tip from KirklesWorth.

Apr 11 2023

Springsteen Guitarist Wants to “Exterminate” Republicans

Looks like the attitudes of limousine leftist Bruce Springsteen have rubbed off on his musicians:

Springsteen’s veteran E-Street band guitarist Steven Van Zandt issued a call to fans and supporters on social media Sunday to “Exterminate the (Republican) cockroaches.”

Don’t hold back, liberal elitists. Tell us what you really think of half of the American population.

Van Zandt explains why he deleted his original tweet calling for Republicans to be exterminated:

“To avoid spending half my day deleting Foxsucking scumbag Russian bots and MAGOTT cockroaches like you! Go take away some women’s rights, keep some Black people from voting, go harass a Trans event, go shoot some kids, do what Republicans do best and get the f[***] outta my feed!”

The reference to shooting kids comes in the aftermath of a transsexual terror attack on a Christian school that resulted in the murder of three 9-year-olds. Again we see that moonbats are not merely disconnected from reality but pointed 180° away from it.

Van Zandt previously ventured into politics after Springsteen demanded that men be allowed to use women’s bathrooms in North Carolina:

Springsteen announced he had abruptly canceled a show in Greensboro to protest North Carolina’s LGBT “bathroom law” and Van Zandt spoke to reporters about the band’s decision to pull the plug on its fans.

“It’s unfortunately the only way people understand. You have to hurt them economically in order to have them do the right thing morally, unfortunately,” Van Zandt told Rolling Stone backstage at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony in New York.

If you live in a part of the country where male perverts are not granted access to the ladies’ room, Steven Van Zandt wants to hurt you. Keep that in mind next time you go shopping for music.

In 2020, Springsteen proclaimed that he would leave the country that he famously denounced in the song “Born in the USA” if Trump was reelected. Maybe if the GOP prevails in 2024, he will leave and take Van Zandt with him. We can hope.

The Boss and the Big Guy.

On tips from Wiggins and Chris Neilson.

Apr 08 2023

Amazon Prime Abandons Audience in Favor of Moonbattery

America was about opportunity. People had the chance to rise or fall by their own merits. In contrast, effort makes less sense in the USSA under moonbat rule, because outcomes are predetermined by social engineers. Metrics of aptitude or achievement that do not reflect the desired results are abolished. That’s why colleges have been dropping the ACT, SAT, and LSAT. The reason most people have to go to college to find suitable employment is that a degree serves as a substitute for an IQ test, which employers have been forbidden from using for hiring purposes — for the same reason. The policy of abolishing metrics that do not produce the desired results applies also to programming on Amazon Prime.

Amazon is trying to produce a big series hit. It has the money, but woke ideology may get in the way. Via The Hollywood Reporter:

[A] complaint is that [Amazon head of television Vernon] Sanders relies heavily on feedback from focus groups, which tend to favor broad and less inclusive programming. Several Amazon insiders say the reliance on testing and data led to a clash late last summer, when an Amazon executive said in a marketing meeting for the series A League of Their Own that data showed audiences found queer stories off-putting and suggested downplaying those themes in materials promoting the show. Series co-creator Will Graham became greatly concerned about bias built into Amazon’s system for evaluating shows, which multiple sources say often ranked broad series featuring straight, white male leads above all others. One executive calls A League of Their Own “a proxy for how diverse and inclusive shows are treated.”

Graham launched into an interrogation of the system, questioning multiple executives about it. Amazon took the issue seriously and dropped the system of ranking shows based on audience scores.

Now programming can be based purely on what audiences are supposed to like in accordance with leftist ideology, as opposed to what they do like. Anheuser-Busch applies the same approach to marketing beer.

As Not the Bee observes, there is a massive market out there for entertainment that does not ram nauseating perversion and woke ideology down the audience’s throat:

The first company to successfully tap it will control the stories and culture of the generations to come.

Fox News exploited the gaping hole where non-left-wing news coverage needed to be and has overwhelmingly dominated cable news ever since. An alternative Hollywood could make a killing by steering clear of moonbattery.

On tips from Franco and Mr. Freemarket.

Apr 04 2023

Long March Through the Institutions Comes for Country

The Long March Through the Institutions has already claimed the bureaucracy, the media, education, major churches, the legal profession, the medical profession, and even sports. Now that radical moonbats are the establishment, they can finish off the last potential pockets of resistance — like country music:

The annual Country Music Television (CMT) Awards show Sunday night was infused with political messages from 29-year-old singer Kelsea Ballerini, who co-hosted the ceremony alongside musician Kane Brown.

Ballerini performed on stage with drag queens from a reality TV show in an apparent rebuke of GOP-backed legislation. She also seemed to push gun control measures while invoking the recent school shooting in Nashville, Tennessee, perpetrated by a former student, a 28-year-old woman who identified as a man.

The reference is to a Tennessee law protecting children from being groomed by drag queens.

You could almost admire the chutzpah of progressives who spin horrific violence from their own side as a pretext to disarm the law-abiding normal people they openly hate.

Behold the future of country music under moonbat hegemony:

Meanwhile, Democrats screech that transsexuals need more visibility.

Every cultural nook and cranny that may provide a refuge for people sick of leftist politics must be infiltrated, subverted, perverted, defiled, and destroyed before it becomes a platform for dissent. It’s not as if liberalism can withstand counterarguments.

On a tip from Franco.

Mar 27 2023

Hollywood Producer Heather Rae Is Fake Indian

Everything is fake in Tinseltown, so what better place to look for racial impostors? In 1973, the moonbat Marlon Brando put forward Sacheen Littlefeather in his place to turn down an Academy Award on grounds of cultural Marxism. The stunt got Sacheen blacklisted, but the Academy begged forgiveness for that, and thanked award-winning producer Heather Rae for brokering the apology. Sacheen turned out to be no more Indian than she looks. Now we learn that Rae is a fake Indian too:

Rae, 56, serves on the Academy of Motion Pictures’ Indigenous Alliance, previously headed up the Sundance Institute’s Native American program and claims “my mother was Indian and my father was a cowboy.” Multiple prior news reports have also cited her as having a Cherokee mother.

But a watchdog group called the Tribal Alliance Against Frauds is now demanding the Academy and the producer drop her “false claims” while activists insist she’s at best 1/2048th Cherokee.

Rae’s proof of being an Indian consists of getting a tattoo of the Cherokee corn goddess Selu.

Rae has cited her “Indian” ancestry throughout her successful producing and directing career…

She works as a “narrative change strategist” for IllumiNative, an “unapologetically ambitious and innovative Native women-led” racial and social justice organization which says it works to amplify “contemporary Native voices” while challenging the “invisibility” of Native Americans.

Moonbats have challenged the “invisibility” of Indians by getting the name of the Cleveland Indians changed, by changing the name of prominent Squaw Peak in Phoenix, by erasing the iconic Indian maiden from the Land O’Lakes butter packaging, et cetera.

Unsurprisingly, Rae’s work in Hollyweird highlights her faux Indian identity:

[H]er latest project, “Fancy Dance,” is a drama about a Native American woman who kidnaps her niece from the girl’s white grandparents that premiered at January’s Sundance Film Festival. It was partly funded by the Cherokee Nation.

Even if Rae really is 1/2048th Indian (which appears doubtful), this wouldn’t even qualify her to pow-wow with Elizabeth Warren, who climbed the career ladder as a law professor by pretending to be an Indian and who was found to have as little as 1/1,024th Indian blood.

More genuine Indians can be found standing outside cigar stores, but Rae does have notable ancestry:

On her father’s side, one ancestor arrived from England in Virginia before the Pilgrims.

However, this would not be a source of pride among our woke ruling class. Just ask communist black supremacist Angela Davis, who was horrified to learn she had ancestors on the Mayflower.

On a tip from Jack D.

Mar 20 2023

Eddie Izzard Is a Boy Named Suzy

It is no longer easy to tell when a comedian is joking. Consider Eddie Izzard, who says his name is now Suzy Eddie Izzard:

The actor-comedian revealed the name change during an appearance on “The Political Party” podcast. While reflecting on her [sic] relationship with pronouns, Izzard told host Matt Forde that she’s [sic] altering her [sic] name to better encompass her [sic] transgender identity.

This isn’t Izzard’s first gender reveal:

During an appearance on Sky Arts’ “Portrait Artist of the Year” in December 2020, Izzard announced that she [sic] is exclusively using she/her pronouns.

Obviously, if these pronouns applied to him, he wouldn’t have to announce them.

Says Izzard,

“I’m genderfluid. I just want to be based in girl mode from now on.”

The guy is a professional clown, so hopefully this is all a joke. But just to be on the safe side, you had better not laugh, lest you get canceled for transphobia. Not that hyperpolitical establishment comedians are funny anyway.

How can you tell when a moonbat is clowning?

On a tip from Lyle.

Mar 09 2023

Disney Memory Holes Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah

The moonbats running Disney are custodians of American popular culture. That has put them in a position to stuff another piece of Americana down the memory hole:

The iconic song “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah” has been removed from Disneyland’s Magic Happens parade, presumably because it originated from the controversial 1946 feature Song of the South.

Disney also closed the classic Splash Mountain ride at Disney World because it refers to Song of the South, which has been erased because it is now regarded as thoughtcrime.

“Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah” entered the American zeitgeist in 1946 when black American actor James Baskett performed it in the part-animated/part-live action movie Song of the South. Baskett would make history by becoming the first black man to win an Oscar for his portrayal of Uncle Remus and “Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah” would go on to earn its rightful place in the American songbook.

That rightful place has been revoked because “racism.”

On a tip from Wiggins.

Feb 26 2023

Woke Disney Bomb “Asked Too Much of the Audience”

Disney’s attempts to promote homosexuality to children (Lightyear, Strange World) have been bombing at the box office. Pixar’s chief creative officer Peter Docter explains why:

“I think probably what we’ve ended on in terms of what went wrong is that we asked too much of the audience.”

If the audience were more worthy, it would not object to a lesbian kiss or the axing of rare conservative actor Tim Allen.


…almost certainly lost money when marketing costs are factored in. …

By comparison, Toy Story 4, which featured Allen, generated over $1 billion at the box office against the same budget.

Despite its disdain for its audience, Disney isn’t incapable of learning lessons from the real world outside its corporate climate of pure moonbattery. It is bringing back Allen for the next Toy Story movie. We’ll see if it has learned to leave out the pushy LGBT activism.

On a tip from Ed McAninch.

Feb 09 2023

Madonna Wears the Face of the Liberal Establishment

Her garish embrace of degeneracy, sacrilegious posture, mental vacuity, and conspicuous decay make aging pop star Madonna the personification of what is thrust at us as our culture. It is fitting that she introduced the satanic ritual that defined her industry at this week’s Grammys. The face of the liberal entertainment establishment is her face. It is not a pleasant face to behold:

Plastic surgery has gone awry, rendering her appearance grotesque. The same thing happened to the face of the liberal political establishment, Joe Biden.

Madonna responded to public revulsion by heaping praise upon herself for being “strong-willed, hard-working, and adventurous,” for “trailblazing so that all the women behind me can have an easier time in the years to come,” and for “standing up to the patriarchy.” She lashed out against the society she has been excreting poison into for the past half century, shrieking that it is guilty of “ageism and misogyny” for being horrified by her ghastly appearance — which has attracted notice all the way across the Atlantic:

On a tip from KirklesWorth.

Feb 07 2023

Entertainment Establishment Serves Up Satanism

The degenerates comprising the entertainment industry are not quite as empty as they seem. They actually have a creed: self-worship. This is expressed in religious terms through satanism, as we were reminded when they got so carried away with their attempts to poke nondepraved people in the eye that they staged a satanic worship service as part of the Grammys spectacle on Sunday:

Viewers of the 65th Annual Grammy Awards slammed a performance on Sunday by Sam Smith and Kim Petras as “demonic” over its satanic theme.

The duo, who won the 2023 Grammy award for best pop duo/group performance for “Unholy,” was surrounded by red lights with a fire backdrop.

Smith wore a hat with horns and was encircled by dancers that used “props that had allusions to BDSM themes,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Have a look at what the liberal establishment presents to us as our culture:

Looks like it was produced by the same people who did Biden’s Dark Brandon speech.

If the Project Veritas exposés didn’t convince you that Pfizer is evil, maybe this will:

Sam Smith and Kim Petras’ hell-themed performance of their award-winning song, “Unholy,” immediately preceded a reminder that Pfizer was financially supporting the whole thing.

The leftists running CBS must have realized this was in bad taste even by Grammy standards. They deleted a tweet ejaculating that they were ready to worship Satan with Smith:

Smith and Petras were honored at the Grammys not for their meager creative talents but because they pretend not to be men. Satanic Idaho helps clarify the connection between satanism and transgenderism:

Members of a Satanist group in Idaho plan to oppose a proposed Idaho bill that would prohibit sex-change surgery and drugs for minors by holding a “gender affirmation ritual” on the grounds of the state Capitol. …

The Boise group that calls itself “Satanic Idaho” is pushing back against the proposed legislation by staging a “Hail Yourself: Gender Affirmation Ritual” on Feb. 13…

According to the text of the ritual, participants are invited to look at themselves in the mirror, count their breathing in three counts of six and say, “Thyself is Thy Master. I praise myself. I know myself. I love myself. Through self-affirmation, self-exploration and evolution I am able to become more of myself.”

They do this by disfiguring their bodies to help them make believe they are members of the opposite sex. Because moonbats are mentally ill.

Paul Joseph Watson offers some much-needed psychiatric advice to Sam Smith:

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