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Oct 16 2020

Bruce Springsteen Promises to Leave if Trump Is Reelected

In case you didn’t already have enough reasons to vote for Trump, tiresome leftist Bruce Springsteen promises to leave the country if the election results don’t favor the liberal establishment he personifies.

Look out, Australia. Springsteen could be headed your way:

“If Trump is re-elected – which he will not be; I’m predicting right now he’s gonna lose – if by some happenstance he should be, I’ll see you on the next plane,” Springsteen stated.

Australians are forewarned that like most limousine liberals, Springsteen does not like paying taxes.

Now for the bad news. Every election, members of the glitterati threaten to leave in a huff if they don’t get their way. They hardly ever do leave, nor should they be expected to. Their entire world consists of empty posturing, devoid of substance.

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Oct 08 2020

Jane Fonda Calls COVID-19 “God’s Gift to the Left”

The ChiCom virus that has killed over 200,000 Americans is the best thing to happen for progressives since the 2007–2008 economic crash that swept Obama into office, if not since the Great Depression that kept FDR in power for so long. It turned Trump’s reelection from an easy layup into a longshot. It expanded our reliance on Big Government. It dug the government $trillions more into debt, enslaving future generations. It served as the pretext for encroachments on our liberties that no previous generation of Americans would have tolerated. It led indirectly to the hundreds of riots that have laid the groundwork for leftist rule by terror. No wonder Hanoi Jane Fonda is so euphoric that she cannot contain herself, ejaculating that COVID-19 is “God’s gift to the left.”

The far-left star was busy urging Americans to vote for Democratic nominee Joe Biden and said the upcoming election is a crossroads for the nation.

The blind squirrel has found a nut. It’s a crossroads, all right.

“We are people who can help determine which way humanity goes. What a great gift, what a tremendous opportunity, we’re just so lucky, we just have to use it with every ounce of intelligence and courage and wherewithal we have,” Fonda said in a video published online.

The many millions of Americans grieving lost relatives, lost businesses, and lost jobs feel less fortunate than quintessential limousine leftist Hanoi Jane.

“I just think COVID is God’s gift to the left,” Fonda continued.

If she is remembered for one thing other than posing during the Vietnam War with communist troops and an antiaircraft gun used to kill Americans, that quote should be it. It sums up the attitude of her entire class. The suffering of the little people is irrelevant. Radical chic posturing is all that matters.

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Sep 23 2020

Defund the Police Activist Alyssa Milano Calls Cops Over Nothing

Hollywood isn’t good for much anymore, but at least moonbat starlets like Alissa Milano can still lift our spirits by providing a good laugh. This righteous activist who demands that the police be defunded so that anarchy may reign called the police herself recently. Fittingly, it turned out to be over squirrels.

From the Daily Mail:

Alyssa Milano was quick to call cops when she believed an armed gunman was on her Bell Canyon property on Sunday morning.

The call ignited a response that included seven Ventura County Sheriffs’ vehicles, one K-9 unit, a police helicopter and one Los Angeles Fire Department team that sat down the street on standby.

Sounds like quite the operation. Must have cost taxpayers a fortune.

The “armed gunman” turned out to be a neighborhood teen shooting at squirrels with an air gun.

Here’s why calling the cops was classic liberal hypocrisy:

In July, the left leaning activist Alyssa tweeted out to her 3.7 million followers a link, urging them to sign the ‘People’s Budget L.A.’ that demands a 90 percent reduction in police funding.

A 90% reduction would not leave resources to maintain basic public safety, much less to investigate teens hunting squirrels with air guns. However, Alyssa doesn’t live in crime-ravaged Compton or Watts, but 20 minutes north of the city in a secure $2.5 million home.

A neighbor explains the discrepancy between Milano’s activism and behavior:

“She can tweet those things because at the end of the day she lives behind gates in a gated community. She knows the police will come to save her. But what about all those people who don’t have that luxury and live in unsafe neighborhoods? She obviously doesn’t care.”

#AlyssaMilanoIsALie previously trended on Twitter when she abandoned the #MeToo movement to side with Joe Biden against Tara Reade, who has accused him of sexual assault. Looks like it is making a comeback.

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Sep 15 2020

Meghan Markle and Netflix Team Up to Glorify Marxist Black Lives Matter Cofounder

If Cuties didn’t persuade you to cancel your Netflix subscription, maybe this will do the trick. Meghan Markle has pitched the infamously far-left company a new concept allowing her to cash in both on her connection to British royalty and on the Black Lives Matter phenomenon that has reduced parts of major American cities to smoking ruins.

Via Mirror Online:

Meghan’s proposed movie is about Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors, who is said to have “hugely inspired’ the duchess.

If it gets the green light it will be part of a £120million deal she and Prince Harry signed with the streaming giant.

The price of celebrity moonbattery has gone up since Netflix threw $50 million or maybe $65 million at the Obamas.

A source said: “Meghan has been blown away by the incredible work Patrisse has done. She thinks her story needs to be told – and she would love to be the one to make it.”

It’s all part of the plan for Meghan and her prince. Via Breitbart:

After announcing that the couple would be stepping aside from their official royal duties — though retaining their honorary titles Duke and Duchess of Sussex — Prince Harry and Meghan Markle moved to Los Angeles, where they reportedly intend to focus on activism and “leading the movement” of young people into woke politics.

By starting the Black Lives Matter movement that is tearing the country apart, Patrisse Cullors has done as much damage to the USA as anyone alive. She describes herself as a “trained Marxist.” Some of her training was provided by Eric Mann of the domestic terror group Weather Underground, who mentored her for over a decade. Her deranged and corrosive ideology is explicitly anti-white, anti-West, anti-family, and pro-communist.

Cullors describes the Labor/Community Strategy Center as her foundation. This outfit epitomizes the most dangerous extremes of leftist ideology. Also from Breitbart:

The center teaches and studies the history of the “Indigenous rebellions against the initial European genocidal invasions,” the “Great Slave Haitian Revolution of the 1790s,” and the “Great Slave Rebellions that won the U.S. civil war for the racist north.”

The Haitian Revolution prominently featured genocide against whites. Even whites who supported the black uprising were systematically exterminated. That’s why you won’t find anyone of French ancestry in that former French colony.

The center also expresses its appreciation for the work of the U.S. Communist Party, “especially Black communists,” as well as its support for “the great work of the Black Panther Party, the American Indian Movement, Young Lords, Brown Berets, and the great revolutionary rainbow experiments of the 1970s,” while flaunting its roots in the new communist movement.

Patrisse Cullors personifies the evil that is destroying our country from within. Evil is chic these days. Meghan Markle knows how to make a buck on it.

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Sep 12 2020

Babylon Bee Manages to Parody Even Netflix

It’s as if we have entered the endgame. Leftists have been thrusting their toxic agenda down our throats with such arrogance, they must believe we are powerless to push back. Everywhere you look, moonbattery has gone over the top. This makes parody a difficult tool to use.

For example, the social engineers at Netflix produce degenerate filth so outrageous that we read this:

Texas Rep. Matt Schaefer (R) is calling for the state’s attorney general to investigate the Netflix film, “Cuties,” for potential violations of child exploitation and child pornography laws.

The award-winning French film and its Netflix distributor have been under fire for the last several weeks over the film’s decidedly graphic depiction of a troupe of 11-year-old “sensual” dancers.

Can even the Babylon Bee satirize Netflix at this point? Yes it can:

The story invents an apt quote by Netflix co-CEO Reed Hastings:

“We started to realize we were paying people millions of dollars to produce expensive septic waste for the family to enjoy and consume unquestionably. As it turns out, you can get the putrid sludge straight from an underground tank for free! Who would’ve guessed! This will cut billions of dollars from our expenses and enable us to deliver more sewage to your home than ever before!”

This wouldn’t have much effect on the quality of the content.

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Sep 11 2020

DC Comics to Feature Leftists Like AOC, Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Back in its day, DC Comics used to promote “truth, justice, and the American way.” Having been subverted by leftist social engineers, it now promotes the opposite. The political hijacking of comics could not be more obvious than this:

“Not all heroes wear capes,” DC Comics announced on its website. “Wonder Woman has been an inspiration for decades, and while not everyone would choose her star-spangled outfit for themselves, her compassion and fairness are worthy of emulation. We’ll be presenting tales of the real-world heroes who take up Diana’s mantle and work in the fields of science, social justice activism, diplomacy and more!”

Just what kids love to read comics about.

The $16.99 “Wonderful Women of History” anthology will feature anti-Constitution Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, anticapitalist Senator Elizabeth Warren, avowed socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, unhinged leftist Rashida Tlaib, and transsexual activist Malcolm Michaels Jr, who now goes by the name Marsha P. Johnson.

The point is not to entertain children, but to indoctrinate them.

Getting kids to read this stuff will not be easy. Like much of American popular culture, comics are dying of contrived social engineering.

From corners the liberal establishment hasn’t thought to seize control of, genuine American culture will reemerge. Kids will seek it out, because it will be vastly more interesting than hagiographies of leftist politicians.

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Sep 09 2020

PC Quotas for Best Picture Oscar

If you doubt that the movie industry is more about inflicting moonbattery than it is about making money, much less making art, consider the new “representation and inclusion” mandates that must be met to qualify for the Best Picture Oscar:

For the 96th Oscars (2024), a film must meet TWO out of FOUR of the following standards to be deemed eligible:

To achieve Standard A, the film must meet ONE of the following criteria:

A1. Lead or significant supporting actors

At least one of the lead actors or significant supporting actors is from an underrepresented racial or ethnic group.
• Asian
• Hispanic/Latinx
• Black/African American
• Indigenous/Native American/Alaskan Native
• Middle Eastern/North African
• Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander
• Other underrepresented race or ethnicity

A2. General ensemble cast

At least 30% of all actors in secondary and more minor roles are from at least two of the following underrepresented groups:
• Women
• Racial or ethnic group
• People with cognitive or physical disabilities, or who are deaf or hard of hearing

The document goes on in this vein for too long to repeat here. Not only the actors but themes, narratives, creative leadership, project team, industry access and opportunities, and audience development are expected to meet quotas.

It’s nice to know that being hard of hearing qualifies a person as “diverse.” Listening to too much rock music as a teenager may pay off in the end. Joe Biden will like the mention of cognitive disabilities.

As Richard Grenell observes, Best Picture no longer means “best picture.” It means “most politically correct picture.”

Hollywood is a political organ, as surely as the nationalized film industry in the Soviet Union. Don’t expect its output to be any more interesting.

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Aug 25 2020

John Oliver Memorial Sewer Plant

It used to be that you could relax at the end of a tiring day with late night talk shows. Now these too have been absorbed by the belligerent left, so that the shows leave you more wound up than ever by grinding moonbattery in your face. Honest laughter has been replaced by a Two Minutes Hate format targeted at normal people. Finally, there is some pushback against the sneering liberal comedians propagandists who clog up the TV at night. Danbury, Connecticut will soon feature the John Oliver Memorial Sewer Plant.

Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton decided to rename the plant in honor of John Oliver after the comedian dragged the town during a segment on his show last week about how computer algorithms in several states, including Connecticut, allegedly exclude black and Hispanic people from jury candidacy at a disproportionate rate.

Boughton made the announcement in a Facebook video Saturday in which he argued the new name is fitting because both the sewer plant and Oliver are “full of crap.”

Oliver’s main problem with Danbury appears to be that it is a decent place. He screeched:

“If you are going to forget a town in Connecticut, why not forget Danbury, because, and this is true, f*** Danbury! From its charming railway museum to its historic hearthstone castle, Danbury, Connecticut can eat my whole ass. … [I]f you’re from there, you have a standing invite to come get a thrashing from John Oliver, children included, f*** you.”

That is what passes for humor now.

Oliver is better at dishing out abuse than taking it. After news of the sewer plant broke, he denounced the town with renewed bitterness:

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, f*** Danbury. Babies. Elderly. Pets. Buildings. All of you can go f*** yourselves.”

Considering the language Oliver employs in an attempt to seem edgy, the sewage plant is especially appropriate.

Earlier, Oliver ridiculed a promotional video encouraging Amazon to invest in the area. The campaign turned out to be successful. Danbury ought to do another promotional video to attract tourists. It can pitch itself as the town John Oliver hates. That definitely enhances its appeal.

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Aug 13 2020

Actress Alleges That Trump Supporters Are Stealing Mail Trucks

No need to worry about Democrats stealing the election with vote by mail and the ballot harvesting that worked so well for them in 2018. Turns out it is actually Republicans who are planning to steal the election. Hollywood’s Jamie Lee Curtis has proof:

I swear, in broad daylight, the driver of the red truck had a red cap on with white letters. Conspiracy? Outright attempt at stealing the election by denying the access of the @USPS ? Let’s not let it happen!

The evidence:

Celebrities know best. That’s why we take their political opinions so seriously.

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