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Apr 05 2021

Buttigieg’s Phony Green Posturing Exposed

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s recent bike buy was a hypocritical farce, but not as phony as this:

Buttigieg seemingly “biked” to a high-profile cabinet meeting [last Thursday] as an eagle-eyed reporter caught the former presidential candidate exiting his SUV just blocks from the White House.

Watch and laugh:

Not even Buttigieg’s bicycle antics are as phony as looting the country for $trillions to be laundered through green energy boondoggles, then calling it “infrastructure.” Phonier still is anyone with an IQ above 60 who claims to believe that the weather is a problem and that people like Biden and Buttigieg can fix it with wasteful spending and virtue signaling.

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Apr 04 2021

Moonbat Falls Off Chase Bank

No matter how repressively left-wing their posturing, major corporations will continue to be targeted by moonbats like Kevin Clarke, who unsuccessfully attempted to climb up the side of a Chase bank in Manhattan during a protest on Friday.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes:

Clarke, 32, is screaming for pain meds and handcuffed to his hospital bed in Bellevue, his pelvis shattered from the caught-on-video, 30-foot plunge, sister Nicole Clarke said by phone from Los Angeles.

At least he gets to be famous for a few seconds:

No, moonbats don’t have black blood. The fluid leaking out is paint, with which he evidently intended to vandalize the bank.

Online observers billed the ersatz Spider-Man an “anti-capitalist protester,” but his sister insisted the next day that he had joined a protest group Extinction Rebellion because he wanted to fight climate change.

Like tax money given to Planned Parenthood but not for abortions, moonbattery is fungible. It doesn’t matter whether you hate capitalism, fossil fuels, white people, or civilization in general — the behavior is the same.

Chase was targeted because it “is the biggest funder of fossil fuel investments in the world,” she said.

Despite his moral opposition to businesses that use energy generated from fossil fuels (i.e., all businesses), Clarke was a business owner himself, though his sister would not describe its nature.

“What I can tell you is that he was a small business owner in Manhattan whose business was devastated by the COVID crisis,” she said.

If not for moonbattery, which caused both the draconian Covid lockdowns and his misguided foray into activism, Clarke could be running his business now, generating wealth and the sense of satisfaction that comes from not being a useless person.

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Feb 22 2021

Profiles in Ecohypocrisy: Bill Gates

The truth about social engineer Bill Gates, who sees fit to tell the rest of us about the sacrifices we must make for the sake of the climate (including eating synthetic meat), is that he is an ecohypocrite extraordinaire:

On behalf of Earth’s plant life, let’s thank Gates for all the beneficial CO2 he has been emitting. Unfortunately, the influence of zillionaire moonbats like himself on government policy has been less beneficial.

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Feb 10 2021

Making Roads Out of COVID Masks

Some green jobs may actually materialize to replace a little of the productive employment that was nixed when one of Biden’s executive decrees killed the Keystone XL pipeline. If you don’t feel like defecting to communist China to make solar panels, as John Kerry suggests, you might be able to secure a position sorting through garbage for discarded and potentially contaminated COVID-19 masks for recycling purposes:

With millions of disposable masks being used around the globe each day, engineers from RMIT University in Melbourne say they have developed a new material made from shredded single-use masks and processed building rubble from demolished buildings that can be used to make roads. The material could help reduce the vast amount of litter currently being generated from coronavirus personal protective equipment (PPE).

A study published in the journal Science of the Total Environment found using the material to make 1 kilometer of a two-lane road would use approximately 3 million masks.

To think some people have regarded these masks as useless.

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Feb 02 2021

Portland to Destroy Recycling Plant for the Planet

If Portland did not already exist, we would have to invent it, so as to demonstrate how crazy things can get when liberals are offered no resistance. The moonbats running the city are destroying a recycling plant in the name of climate piousness.

From the Wall Street Journal:

Portland declared a climate emergency last year, and the City Council voted to achieve net zero CO2 emissions by 2050. To meet this goal that would have no effect on the climate, Portland’s Bureau of Planning and Sustainability wants to impose some $11 million in annual fees on city businesses. Facilities deemed “major stationary sources of air pollution” would pay an annual surcharge of up to $40,000, and Portland would also impose a per-ton fee on any facility that emits more than 2,500 metric tons of C02 a year.

Chuck Schumer has called for the White House to declare a climate emergency too, so that similar measures can be inflicted at the national level, scaled up to gargantuan size.

The carbon taxes would fall especially hard on Portland’s Owens-Brockway Glass Container plant, which handles all of the state’s glass-bottle recycling and processes the equivalent of 440,000 beer bottles a day on average. If the City Council adopts the proposal, the plant would have to pay an estimated $1.1 million a year, more than any Portland facility except the Evraz steel mill, according to the newspaper Willamette Week. The recycling plant pays $1.6 million in income, real-estate and property taxes.

When it goes under, that $1.6 million will have been lost because greedy bureaucrats demanded $1.1 million more.

The plant has 115 employees. Their tax contributions will be lost too when they join the swelling ranks of the eco-unemployed, putting Big Government even farther behind. Enviropolitics isn’t about numbers that add up. It is about striking poses while inflicting tyranny for its own sake.

Jules Bailey of the Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative said that if the plant went bust, the state’s glass bottles would end up in landfills or be shipped out of state.

Leftist pols are not concerned with improving the environment, or they would back nuclear energy. Better the garbage should end up floating in the sea than they should miss out on a chance to loot and persecute in the name of the planet.

The contradictions of progressive climate policy are multiplying, but one constant prevails: The costs fall on workers and consumers in return for no benefit for the climate.

However, the benefit of climate ideology to our rulers is immense. It may even allow them to impose the Great Reset.

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Jan 14 2021

Environmentalists: Treat Fossil Fuels Like Nuclear Weapons

Single-party Democrat rule will mean crazy people in charge of energy policy, because the environmentalist Left is truly insane. Fossil fuels keep us alive by making everything go. Enviroleftists consider these precious sources of energy to be as dangerous as nuclear weapons.

From Grist:

For decades, the potential for a nuclear catastrophe felt like a waking threat, just around the corner. Then, in 1968, many of the nations once responsible for pushing the world to the brink of nuclear war collectively agreed to reverse course, signing the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons. …

Half a century later, the nations once stockpiling nuclear weapons are now stockpiling fossil fuels, which are already upending life on earth as we know it.

Progressives believe — or pretend to believe — that fossil fuels make the weather warm, and that warm weather is somehow a threat to life on earth, despite the climate having been far warmer in the past.

That’s why a group of activists, policy experts, and academics are beginning to push for a Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty, modeled off its predecessor on nuclear weapons. Both treaties are rooted in the idea that “there are certain technologies and certain substances that pose such a global risk to humanity that we have an obligation to address that risk together,” explained Carroll Muffett, the president of the Center for International Environmental Law.

Only spittle-spewing maniacs who live under overpasses or work for irrelevant NGOs believe that natural gas is the equivalent of nuclear missiles, right? Wrong:

In mid-December, the New York City Council held a virtual hearing to consider endorsing a resolution for a Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty. It could become the second city in the world to do so, following Vancouver, Canada — assuming another city doesn’t get there first. The Los Angeles City Council is poised to endorse the treaty… By adopting the treaty, cities could build momentum for a multinational agreement to wind down the dangerous production of fossil fuels — not just curbing emissions — in a similar approach to the global disarmament of nuclear weapons.

The same radicalized party that controls New York and Los Angeles will soon have control of the federal government.

The United States, the largest oil and gas producer in the world, is in a position to become a first mover. As President-elect Joe Biden moves to rejoin the Paris Agreement … he will also have an opportunity to put the country on a pathway to phasing out fossil fuels.

They don’t plan to replace fossil fuels with nuclear energy, but with wind and solar, which are capable of meeting only a tiny fraction of our energy needs.

What they are talking about is limiting electricity and modern transportation to the point that these will be luxuries to be enjoyed on a regular basis only by the elite. The rest of us will live like serfs in the Middle Ages, a way of life that could only support a much smaller population.

The effect on the economy would be total collapse, resulting in the starvation of millions. To progressives, this is not a bug but a feature. Like fossil fuels, human beings emit CO2 and thereby make the weather warm. The fewer of us, the better.

An ideology more conspicuously insane and evil would be difficult to imagine.

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Dec 31 2020

Leftist Terrorists Attack Gas Lines in Colorado

For months on end, the liberal media establishment and local Democrat authorities not only tolerated but supported politically motivated violence — i.e., terrorism — by leftists affiliated with or inspired by Black Lives Matter and Antifa. Leftists were rewarded with greater control of the federal government, not to mention many $millions in donations from major corporations. Is anyone surprised to see more left-wing terrorism?

Thousands of residents in Aspen, Colorado were left without heat during near-zero degree weather after vandals — possibly green activists from an environmental group — attacked the city’s gas system, authorities said Monday.

The attack on three separate gas lines left 3,500 in the cold.

The Aspen Police Department said the words “Earth first!” were written on one pipe near Aspen.

No worries. The politicized FBI is investigating the matter. After Biden’s handlers put another James Comey type in charge, they will have no problem discovering that the damage was caused by systemic racism.

This terror attack reminded Tony Heller of Real Climate Science why there are so many trees in Colorado:

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Nov 24 2020

The Green New Deal Song

There is at least one difference between the Green New Deal and the lunatic social engineering schemes the Khmer Rouge used to depopulate Cambodia. Pol Pot never thought to set his policies to music. Clap along with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as moonbats sing the Green New Deal Song:

The purpose of the event was to remind Joe Biden that radicals like AOC expect to call the shots within the Democratic Party. They have run roughshod over Nancy Pelosi. Steamrolling befuddled Biden should be child’s play — perfectly suited to their childlike mentality.

Just because these people are absurd doesn’t mean they can’t destroy the country.

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Nov 23 2020

Moonbats Reduce Human Bodies to Compost

Moonbats overflow with condescending reverence for the allegedly oppressed, but when it comes to respect, they have none for anyone. They don’t even respect the dead:

Washington State University helped to launch a startup that will turn human remains into compost for a fee of $5,500.

Recompose, which seeks to replace traditional funeral care with “natural organic reduction,” will open for business in November 2020. CEO Katrina Spade launched the concept in 2014, which has since raised $6.7 million in investment capital and convinced the state of Washington to become the first to legalize human composting.

From the leftist point of view, a human corpse is no different from horse manure.

Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee signed the bill into law.

That figures. Inslee has one position on everything: enviromoonbattery cranked to the furthest extreme. He actually ran for president on this platform. Still more amazingly, the nomination went instead to someone arguably even less suitable than Inslee.

The organization promises investors that their money will go toward helping to “reimagine our relationship with death,” “create a framework for ritual,” and “create healthy soils,” as well as to reduce toxins in the environment and greenhouse gases.

The History page at the Recompose website confirms that yes, these people are moonbats:

From its germination, Recompose has been a progressive company. We draw upon the work of queer feminist practices of inclusion and equity and are committed to advocating and protecting for the rights of BIPOC, religious minorities, and undocumented people.

Their “framework for ritual” must produce some truly exotic alternatives to a Christian funeral service.

Again and again, throughout the world, leftist ideology has led to massive quantities of dead bodies. When the corpses pile up as the Great Reset is imposed, progressives will know just what to do with them.

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Oct 28 2020

Open Thread

Only people with full stomachs become environmentalists. - David Brin
Sep 26 2020

Religion of Green

California cannot keep the lights on, unable to meet its energy needs due to green energy policies fancifully intended to alter the world climate. Governor Gavin Newsom responds to this alarming situation by announcing a ban on nonelectric vehicles with the same chimerical intention. This underscores that global warming zealots are not grounded in reality. Their creed is not so much an ideology as a false religion, comprised of fear, doctrine, superstition, apocalypse, and a priesthood. However, its objectives are ideological: authoritarian world government and the reduction of the human race.

PragerU investigates the pernicious doomsday cult currently known as Climate Change:

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