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Oct 12 2021

The Truth About the “Green Economy”

Like everything else fed to us by the liberal establishment, the “green economy” that Biden and his handlers plan to waste $trillions on is a lie. Paul Joseph Watson prescribes a red pill of truth:

Leftist climate ideology is literally insane. Succumbing to insanity has consequences. In the case of enviromoonbattery, these will likely include freezing in the dark in isolation.

Our rulers aren’t nuts enough to believe global warming propaganda themselves. The moronic ideology that they promote through the media and impose through the government is a means to an end. That end is total control.

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Oct 11 2021

California Cracks Down on Lawnmowers, Chainsaws

The American dream used to have a home in California. It featured a single income financing a comfortable middle class home with a tidy lawn and two cars in the garage. Democrat policies have been eradicating the middle class in single-party California. On Saturday, Gavin Newsom signed a bill that will eradicate tidy lawns. Woke tyranny has reached the extreme of banning lawnmowers in the name of the planet:

The new law will ban the sale of all off-road, gas-powered engines, including generators, lawn equipment, pressure washers, chainsaws, weed trimmers, and even golf carts. Under the new law, these machines must be zero-emissions, meaning they will have to be either battery-powered or plug-in, according to the Los Angeles Times. …

The new law is expected to affect nearly 50,000 small businesses.

Those small businesses that survived the Covid lockdowns are at the center of the progressive crosshairs.

The National Association of Landscape Professionals also noted how zero-emission commercial equipment is both more expensive and less efficient than gas-powered equipment. A gas-powered riding lawn mower costs between $7,000-$11,000 while the zero-emissions version costs more than twice that amount, according to the outlet.

Wealthy elitists like Gavin Newsom will still have nice-looking lawns. Maybe the rest of us can rent goats to get our lawns under control.

Note that the outrageous law also targets chainsaws. This gives an idea of how seriously California’s rulers take forest management. Wildfires are a good thing, because they can be blamed on global warming, providing a pretext for further expansion of Big Government.

As for the two cars in the garage,

The governor signed an executive order in September 2020 mandating that all of California’s new car sales be zero-emissions models by 2035.

Electric cars are not only inefficient but expensive. But thanks to extravagant subsidies, you may still be able to afford one. Whether there will be enough electricity to keep it running is another matter. Green energy mandates have already caused rolling blackouts in California, and Democrats have only just begun to phase out the fossil fuels on which modern civilization depends.

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Oct 10 2021

Five Years Away From Wind Power

Just over a century ago, the Experts told us that wind power would soon save us from global cooling. Over the past 100+ years, we have proven that wind is not an efficient or reliable energy source. Despite this, the Experts still assure us that wind power will allow them to control the weather, which they now claim is too warm:

Covid has served as a pretext to develop modes of tyranny that will soon be applied to the permanent climate change crisis. Already Google/YouTube is cracking down on any opinion that contradicts the Democrat Party line on global warming, just as with the ChiCom virus. Tony Heller’s videos debunking the hoax may soon be unavailable on YouTube, so watch them while you can.

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Oct 07 2021

Cost of Heating Homes Set to Skyrocket Under Biden

Elections have consequences. Allow to power a leftist who had promised to abolish the fossil fuels without which modern society cannot function, and an easily predictable consequence was Biden’s war on energy, which has crippled the USA’s ability to meet its energy needs. An easily predictable consequence of suppressing drilling and closing pipelines will be hitting us this winter:

The National Energy Assistance Directors Association predicts gas bills in the U.S. could rise up to 30% this winter.

“Going forward this year, there are no signs of these prices coming down,” executive director Mark Wolfe told “GMA.”

Why would they come down? There is no indication the Biden Regime will take its boot off the neck of the energy industry. On the contrary, if it is able to ram through its gargantuan spending bills, we will be forced to rely more heavily on inefficient “green” energy.

Remember the dismal Jimmy Carter, wearing his cardigan sweater and telling us to bundle up rather than warm our homes to a comfortable temperature? Here we go again. The US Department of Energy, rather than getting out of the way so that we can produce energy, advises us to replace furnace filters — as if this would solve the problem of insufficient energy production.

Oh, and the Feds have another solution — socialism:

Wolfe said the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program is a “federal program that helps people pay their energy bills, they have enough money to do so — but it’s not just for poor poeple, a family can have to $40,000 a year and still qualify.”

As the impending spending bonanza with its vast expansion of the welfare state confirms, handouts aren’t just for the poor anymore. However, getting Big Government off the back of the energy industry is a more sensible solution than using Big Government to force someone else to pay your heating bill.

Recall that under Trump, America was energy independent. Energy exports exceeded imports.

If you think Biden’s approval numbers are low now, wait until the full implications of radical leftists taking power unfold. Merrick Garland will have to sic the FBI on pollsters the way he did on parents who speak out against moonbattery at schoolboard meetings.

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Sep 20 2021

Bill Coming Due for Green Energy Lunacy in UK

Meanwhile, as Democrats plot to ram through a version of AOC’s Green New Deal in the form of a crippling $3.5 trillion spending bill, other countries have begun to discover what it means to be forced by deranged tyrants to rely on green energy:

As energy prices in Europe go through the roof, factories are beginning to shut down and food is disappearing from the shelves. Welcome to green Britain, offering a foretaste of what life will be like under Net Zero conditions – poorer, colder, hungrier – unless Government changes course.

Government will not change course unless forced to. Not even Joe Biden is dim enough to think any of this will improve the weather. The green agenda is about increasing government power, nothing more.

The Times reports that a shortage of carbon dioxide caused by high gas prices may constitute a “black swan event”:

The closure of two fertiliser plants in northern England and others in Europe has left the food and drink industry facing a shortage of carbon dioxide, which is a byproduct of fertiliser manufacturing. The gas is critical to the production and transport of a range of products, from meat to bread, beer and fizzy drinks.

The meat industry estimates that businesses can carry on for less than two weeks before carbon dioxide stocks run out….

Turns out carbon dioxide is not a menace to the human race after all. Plants aren’t the only ones that need it. The CO2 shortage could cause Christmas to be canceled.


Natural gas and electricity markets were already surging in Europe when a fresh catalyst emerged: The wind in the stormy North Sea stopped blowing.

The sudden slowdown in wind-driven electricity production off the coast of the U.K. in recent weeks whipsawed through regional energy markets. Gas and coal-fired electricity plants were called in to make up the shortfall from wind. …

The electricity price shock was most acute in the U.K., which has leaned on wind farms to eradicate net carbon emissions by 2050. Prices for carbon credits, which electricity producers need to burn fossil fuels, are at records, too.

Food and energy on one hand, delusional left-wing climate ideology on the other. We are going to have to choose.

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Sep 10 2021

Biden Wants Jets to Use Sustainable Fuel

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal confirms that air travel will eventually have to be abolished for the sake of the climate. It calls for high-speed rail — presumably powered by sustainable pixie dust — “at a scale where air travel stops becoming necessary.”

Until enough high-speed rail projects along the line of California’s failed boondoggle are in place, we will still be able to fly, so long as we wear our Covid masks and the plane is powered by sustainable alternative jet fuels:

The Biden administration announced a goal Thursday of replacing all jet fuel with sustainable alternatives by 2050, setting forth a plan to dramatically boost production of fuels made from waste or plants to drive down the environmental cost of flying. …

Aviation accounts for about 3 percent of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions.

There is zero chance that eliminating air travel altogether would result in a perceptible change in the weather. But this is about ideology, not reality, so Biden is willing to print any amount of money to finance politically correct green jet fuel.

Currently, the alternative fuels have to be combined with conventional jet fuel, and eliminating fuel made from crude oil would require technological breakthroughs to allow engines to run entirely on the alternatives.

No problem; just mandate that all jet fuel has to be made entirely out of crabgrass. The technological breakthroughs will have to happen if they are mandatory.

Like the auto industry, airlines go along with green idiocy so as to receive carrots from Big Government instead of the stick. Biden’s budget calls for a $2/gallon tax credit for using fuels that reduce harmless carbon emissions.

The industry has also called for grants and loan programs to support investments in production facilities.

Until Biden issues the executive order mandating crabgrass fuel, “sustainable” aviation fuel will continue to consist of waste fat, oil, and grease mixed with real fuel from crude oil. Like more efficient normal fuel, it produces CO2 emissions.

The emissions savings come from either growing sources of carbon — which pulls carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere — or using waste as an ingredient. Determining the benefits requires a complicated analysis known as a life cycle assessment.

According to Nikita Pavlenko, a fuels researcher at the International Council on Clean Transportation, some sustainable jet fuel could actually produce higher emissions. But since emissions don’t do any harm anyway, it’s only the intention that counts.

Before the pandemic scrambled the industry, airlines paid about $2 per gallon for jet fuel. Airlines for America says the alternative fuels can cost at least three times as much.

That’s okay. We can just print the money:

Government subsidies could help bridge the gap.

Even with lavish subsidies financed through inflation, green fuel will make flying more expensive. Eventually, only the ruling elites will have the mobility and thereby the freedom enabled by air travel. That is the objective.

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Aug 18 2021

Open Thread

Much of the DOE green energy lending program is a scam. It is a slush fund of pork for paying back campaign contributors. - Dick Morris
Jun 22 2021

Thermostats Remotely Raised in Texas

As Democrats strangle the life out of the fossil fuel industry and force us to rely on politically correct but grossly inefficient power sources like wind and solar, we will be unable to keep our homes warm in the winter and cool in the summer. No worries; those in charge have a solution:

Power companies in Texas are remotely raising temperatures inside of some customers’ homes amid the state’s ongoing energy shortage.

Milton Friedman is quoted as saying that “if you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in 5 years there’d be a shortage of sand.” Likewise, if you put moonbats in charge of energy, it will be in short supply even in energy-rich Texas.

Houston resident Brandon English, whose home has an internet-connected smart thermostat installed, was shocked to learn of the practice after his wife and infant daughter “woke up sweating.” …

The issue comes shortly after the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), the state’s power grid manager, called on customers to reduce their energy usage and adjust their thermostats to 78 degrees or higher.

As fossil fuels are marginalized and energy becomes ever scarcer, 78° in the summer will come to seem like an extravagance.

Then come winter, Texans will freeze, despite sitting on a lake of oil, while hideous, extravagantly expensive, government-subsidized wind turbines and solar panels are incapacitated by ice, not to mention the tendency of the wind not to always blow and the sun not to always shine.

Even if the flourishing polar bears don’t appreciate the sacrifice, Democrat donors who are rewarded with Solyndra-style boondoggles do.

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May 20 2021

Even Greta Thunberg Ridicules John Kerry’s Ecomoonbattery

As Climate Czar, treasonous CO2-spewing mask hypocrite John Kerry is the Biden Regime’s main moonbat when it comes to exploiting the global warming hoax to inflict the Great Reset. Here’s how seriously someone who apparently believes in the hoax takes his duckspeak:

Great dig. However, Hanoi John Kerry gets the last laugh. At least he doesn’t actually believe the world is doomed unless Big Government controls the weather by inflicting leftist tyranny. He’s just in it for the tyranny.

Hat tip: Not the Bee.

May 18 2021

International Energy Agency Declares War on Energy

Our leftist overlords intend to have us freezing in the dark, without transportation and without jobs. From their flagship publication, the New York Times, via MSN:

Investment in new oil and natural gas projects must stop from today, and sales of gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicles must halt from 2035. These are some of the milestones that the International Energy Agency said Tuesday must be achieved for the global energy industry to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

The goal of net-zero carbon emissions is insane. To achieve it would require total collapse of the global economy. Hundreds of millions of people would die. No one would notice an effect on the climate, which is not a problem anyway. What leftists mean to impose is tyranny for its own sake, on a level that dwarfs Mao, Stalin, and Pol Pot.

These conclusions seem surprisingly stark for the agency, a multilateral group whose main mandate is helping ensure energy security and stability. But it has increasingly embraced a role in combating climate change under its executive director, Fatih Birol.

Yet another institution has been subverted by radical leftists. The last thing they want is energy security. They don’t like it that you have gas in your car and that the lights come on when you flip the switch. That gives you too much control over your own life.

The agency acknowledges that the disruption for the global energy sector, which produces three-quarters of greenhouse gas emissions, could threaten five million jobs.

Actually, it threatens all jobs, except of course government jobs. There is no way a modern economy can be supported by the minuscule and sporadic energy produced by wind turbines and solar panels. When leftists choke off the energy supply, as Biden’s handlers have already begun to do, everything will collapse. That’s the point. John Kerry and friends call it the Great Reset.

Yet the NY Times ends with this:

At the same time, Mr. Birol said, there would be major economic benefits from the trillions of dollars in investment in wind, solar and other sources of renewable energy. Doing so could create 30 million jobs, and add 0.4 percent year to world economic growth, he said.

Replacing efficient, reliable energy with inefficient, unreliable energy will generate less wealth. This will result in fewer jobs and economic decline. This is not debatable. To say otherwise is not wishful thinking. It is an arrogant lie. They believe us to be either stupid or powerless to stop them.

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May 13 2021

Let Them Eat Wind

When told the peasants had no bread, Marie Antoinette is said to have responded, “Then let them eat cake.” Our own ruling class is even more self-indulgent, arrogant, and contemptuous.

In a modern economy, what we need to live is energy. From Day 1, Biden’s handlers have gone out of their way to take it from us in the name of their demented ideology. Instead of real energy from fossil fuels and nuclear, we are told to make due with imaginary power that they pretend will be produced by their corrupt green energy boondoggles.

The skyrocketing price of gas is not an accident. This has been inflicted on us deliberately by the hostile liberal ruling class. The effects on the overall economy are inevitable.

The Texas freeze and Colonial Pipeline crises are mild foretastes of the misery in store for us if leftists are not dislodged from power.

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May 12 2021

Democrats Versus Pipelines

Parts of the country are running out of gas thanks to the cyberattack on the Colonial Pipeline, which normally transports 2.5 million barrels of fuel a day, comprising 45% of the fuel supply for the East Coast. This provides a mild taste of what Democrat rule has in store for us.

Democrats don’t like pipelines or the precious fuel that flows through them, so you could hardly expect them to take this crisis with the seriousness it deserves. Evil elf Jennifer Granholm, who farcically (and corruptly) serves as Energy Secretary, squeaks inanely that there is no gasoline shortage but only a “supply crunch.” She conveniently blames Covid for gas prices having already been sharply on the rise around the country as a result of Biden choking off oil production.

If a pipeline has been up and running for a while, you notice how valuable it is when it gets taken down. The Colonial Pipeline is not the first to be sidelined by evildoers since Biden took power. Among his first flurry of executive orders, Biden killed the Keystone XL pipeline out of sheer moonbattery, throwing thousands out of work.

It is hard to appreciate the loss of the many things we would have had if not for Democrats. The cost of letting them take power is incalculable.

Speaking of Democrats and pipelines,

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer threatened to seize profits from Canadian pipeline company Enbridge Inc. if the company continues to operate a pipeline through the Great Lakes after a Wednesday deadline.

Gauleiter Gretchen wants the pipeline completely shut down, so its permit was revoked. Whether Michigan has the authority to shut down the pipeline is being argued in court, and Enbridge wants to keep the energy flowing in the meantime. The pipeline supplies refineries in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Ontario, and Quebec in addition to Michigan.

Officials in Ottawa say closing the pipeline would cut off almost half the supply used to make gasoline, jet fuel and home heating oil for residents in central Canada. The closure could lead to higher fuel costs and thousands of job losses in refineries, officials said.

You can’t expect a Democrat to care about the jobs destroyed by the War on Energy.

A treaty prevents pipelines between the US and Canada from being closed except during an emergency. The only emergency here is Cruella Whitmer’s dangerous heavy-handedness. Yet Biden and Granholm refuse to intervene.

Michigan has said the pipeline poses an environmental risk and that any spill from it would threaten the Great Lakes. Enbridge has said that section of the 68-year-old pipeline has never leaked and that it is taking steps to protect the lakes after negotiating a plan with former Gov. Rick Snyder to encase the pipes in a tunnel below the lake bed.

This is not about leaks. It is about ideology. Like white skin, pipelines are inherently bad according to Democrat ideology. That’s why they will squeeze them out of existence. If you like the “supply crunch” caused by the Colonial Pipeline troubles, you will love America’s future under Democrat rule.

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Apr 14 2021

Energy Troubles in Texas Again

If there is one place you would think would never run low on energy, it would be Texas. But then, until recently, if there was one place you would think would never run low on freedom, it would be the USA.

Remember what happened last February when it got cold in Texas? Millions were left shivering in the cold, in part as a result of using unreliable green energy in a state that can produce plenty of energy that works.

We are not even halfway through April, but the weather is beginning to warm up. So Texas teeters on the verge of crisis again:

The governing body that manages the state’s power grid called on Texans to conserve energy Tuesday afternoon and evening as demand rose close to the available supply.

In 2019, the USA became a net exporter of energy for the first time since 1952. Among the states, Texas more than doubles the energy output of its closest rival, Pennsylvania. By some remarkable coincidence, left-wing extremists aggressively hostile to the energy industry take over the federal government and suddenly Texas has a hard time keeping the lights on.

High temperatures across much of North Texas Tuesday afternoon were in the upper 70s and low 80s.

Wow, scorching.

Energy consumers were encouraged to turn off unnecessary lights and equipment, turn up the thermostat, limit use of large appliances, close blinds, et cetera.

If Texas is having trouble in April, think what it will be like in July. If the country is having trouble after only 3 months of Biden’s handlers and their radical green agenda, think what it will be like after 3 years.

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Apr 09 2021

Happy Spin on Wind Turbine Fire

Via MSN, AccuWeather reports on a wind turbine bursting into flames in Mahanoy City, Pennsylvania last month with some positive spin:

Firefighters say it burned out on its own without causing brush fires.

Good thing there was snow on the ground.

Also, it’s a good thing they don’t construct these hideous, inefficient, bird-killing, extravagantly expensive, unsafe, but politically correct monstrosities in places prone to wildfires, like California and Arizona. Oh wait…

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