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Oct 23 2020

Biden Is Lying, Has Repeatedly Opposed Fracking

The good news is that in the debate last night, Joe Biden vehemently denied that he opposes the energy production that is the lifeblood of the economy. The bad news is that, as usual, he was lying.

Of all the insolently brazen lies Biden told last night, “I never said I oppose fracking” was among the easiest to disprove.

Via the Blaze:

Trump reacted by saying, “You said it on tape.”

Biden responded, “Show the tape, put it on your website.”

“I’ll put it on,” Trump declared.

Another promise kept by Trump:

By the time Thursday night’s presidential debate had ended, the Trump campaign released a video compilation of Biden and running mate Sen. Kamala Harris (Calif.) making remarks opposing fracking. By Friday morning, the video had over 10 million views and over 325,000 Likes.

Here you go, Joe:

You know Biden’s compulsive lying has gotten out of hand when even CNN calls him on it:

CNN did a fact check on Biden’s history of fracking comments and admitted: “Biden falsely claims he never opposed fracking.”

Fortunately, we do not yet live in a dictatorship where an insane or treasonous president can destroy the economy by unilaterally banning all efficient energy production.

Despite several Democrats promising to ban fracking, including Sens. Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and Kamala Harris, the president can not issue an outright ban on fracking across the United States.

However, they can repress this highly beneficial practice via hyperregulation and a ban on federal land. After they have packed the Supreme Court — an option Biden explicitly leaves open — anything is possible.

Despite his self-praising rhetoric, Biden conspicuously does not best Trump in character. The only reason to vote for him would be policy preference. His election would mean people can be manipulated into preferring economic stagnation at best (and a genuine depression if not absolute economic collapse if Democrats inflict their Green New Deal promises) to a return to the vibrant economy we had under Trump before the ChiCom virus hit. The leftists running the establishment media and Big Tech might be that powerful.

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Sep 26 2020

Religion of Green

California cannot keep the lights on, unable to meet its energy needs due to green energy policies fancifully intended to alter the world climate. Governor Gavin Newsom responds to this alarming situation by announcing a ban on nonelectric vehicles with the same chimerical intention. This underscores that global warming zealots are not grounded in reality. Their creed is not so much an ideology as a false religion, comprised of fear, doctrine, superstition, apocalypse, and a priesthood. However, its objectives are ideological: authoritarian world government and the reduction of the human race.

PragerU investigates the pernicious doomsday cult currently known as Climate Change:

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Sep 15 2020

What’s Wrong With Unobtanium?

Other than the gargantuan expense, the two main reasons we cannot rely on wind and solar are (1) they will never be capable of meeting our energy needs; and (2) they are harmful to the environment, the machines for collecting renewable energy being manufactured of nonrenewable materials.

Mark Mills of the Manhattan Institute has the numbers:

So that’s why wind and solar still only provide only 3% of the world’s energy, after 20 years of fevered research and $billions wasted on subsidies.

Renewable energy is a ruse. The purpose is not to keep the lights on or even to fight pollution, but to virtue signal and to funnel money from taxpayers to Democrat donors.

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Aug 21 2020

California Blackouts Presage Green Energy Future

It’s not as if Democrats want to take a chance on green energy, as if maybe it will work. They already know what will happen if we are forced to rely on it. It is already happening, right in front of everyone in California:

Millions of Californians have lost power in recent days amid a brutal heat wave, and state regulators warn of more outages in the days and perhaps years to come.

Democrats reflexively scapegoat the power companies, which have been hamstrung by hyperregulation and ideologically driven green energy mandates to the point that they are no longer able to keep the lights on.

California’s Independent System Operator (Caiso) has been warning for years that the state’s increasing dependence on intermittent renewables, especially solar, is making it harder to ensure reliable power. Renewables currently make up about 36% of California’s electric generation, and Democrats have set a 60% mandate for 2030 and 100% for 2045.

Absent some revolutionary scientific breakthrough that probably won’t happen, there is no possibility that green energy can meet 100% of California’s power needs. It can’t even handle 36%.

Caiso in part blamed cloud cover, weak winds and failures at a couple of power plants for this weekend’s power outages.

Society cannot function if there is only a reliable power source when it is sunny out and the wind is blowing.

California is forced by its own moonbattery to import power from other states. But during a heatwave, and with green energy lunacy metastasizing throughout the country, other states won’t always have enough to spare.

[Governor Gavin] Newsom on Monday waived the state’s emissions standards to allow businesses and utilities to run fossil-fuel generators, many procured for emergency power outages during wildfire seasons.

This proves Newsom knows that reliable power does not come from solar panels, wind turbines, or pixie dust. Yet California continues to shut down clean and efficient natural gas and nuclear plants out of sheer moonbattery.

Even now, Newsom proclaims that single-party California remains “committed to radically changing the way we produce and consume energy.”

Power to keep the lights on takes a back seat to the power they will have over us if they can impose the Green New Deal. Get used to sweltering in the dark if Democrats prevail.

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