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Jul 06 2024

Muslim–Moonbat Alliance Burns Old Glory on 4th

They had already made clear what they think of our country by screaming “Death to America!” and desecrating statues symbolizing our heritage across from the White House. Muslims and their moonbat allies underscored their anti-Americanism on the Fourth of July:

No wonder Democrats want to import more Muslims.

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May 27 2024

Moonbats Not Into Memorial Day

Our moonbat ruling class is less than enthusiastic about honoring the veterans who died not for the government but for the country leftists are systematically destroying:

Background on Brooke Merrell, who appears not to be caught up in the spirit of Memorial Day:

She is one of those female “firsts” who, according to her LinkedIn profile, has spent her career in government administration of one kind or another, the last 15 of those in Alaska, working her way up the chain. Her CV is chock full of left-leaning advocacy and activist work: DNA People’s Legal Services on the Navajo Nation, the City of Portland, Columbia Riverkeeper, and Gulf Islands National Seashore. As one crewman told Alaska Watchman: “When these liberals get in charge of these parks, that’s how it is.”

The next generation of liberals to be in charge is currently undergoing accreditation in the Ivy League. This was the scene at Princeton yesterday:

After Islamists have eradicated Israel with the support of liberals, guess which country comes next? Iran’s nuclear program offers a clue.

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May 11 2024

Cuba and the Pro-Hamas Kooks

It appears barely more than half of the lowlifes agitating in favor of Hamas on college campuses are spoilt students with nothing better to do while they stave off adulthood. Some may even have jobs — as professional moonbats trained by a hostile foreign power:

Some of the anti-Israel protests taking place at U.S. college campuses, including the recent demonstrations at Columbia University, have been supported by organizations that traveled to communist Cuba to receive resistance training, an ADN investigation has uncovered.

ADN’s investigation coincides with a recent Sunday report published by the New York Post that revealed a radical NYC based organization known as The People’s Forum familiarized anti-Israel activists with Black Lives Matter protest techniques just hours before they stormed Hamilton Hall at Columbia University, and that the group was incited by Manolo De Los Santos–a radical activist organizer with deep ties to communist Cuba.

The issue is never the issue; the issue is always the revolution — specifically, the Marxist revolution:

The People’s Forum is known for having sympathies to the Chinese and Cuban communist parties, and describes itself as “an incubator of movements for the working class and marginalized communities,” and has been a cornerstone of anti-Israel protests since Hamas’ attack on the Jewish state on Oct. 7, 2023.

As noted previously, the People’s Forum is lavishly financed by American zillionaire Neville Roy Singham.

Manolo De Los Santos arrived in South Bronx from the Dominican Republic at age 5.

He later studied in Cuba at the Matanzas Evangelical Seminary in the area of Marxist-driven liberation theology on the island, an ideology that former Romanian intelligence officer Ion Mihai Pacepa says was created by the KGB “to enroll Latin leaders” in the Soviet Union’s espionage operations.

The USSR is gone now, but its insidious attack against the USA remains in motion, in part thanks to its rabidly anti-American ally Cuba.

For decades the Cuban regime has been training radical groups in the United States under the auspices of ‘solidarity movements,’ such was the case of the Weather Underground, a militant antiwar organization, in the late 1960’s.

This bore particularly evil fruit when prominent Weather Underground terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn launched the career of Barack Obama from their Chicago home.

History buffs may recall that Cuba tried to persuade the USSR to attack the USA with nuclear weapons. The regime is a mortal enemy — giving it common ground with Hamas fans on college campuses.

You don’t want to live in the future they are building.

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Apr 24 2024

A Warning to America

The liberal establishment aims to destroy America so that a society more conducive to oligarchical collectivist rule can be engineered upon its ashes. Meanwhile, it consolidates authoritarian control. The means of accomplishing these objectives are not secret. The video below spells out most of them in under 2 minutes.

Tactics include:

• Open borders and illegal immigration

• Rampant crime and unsafe cities

• Election insecurity and interference

• The educational indoctrination of children

• The asymmetrical weaponization of justice

• The destruction of private property rights

• Inflation and debt

• Destruction of the nuclear family and parental rights

• DEI and the new racism

• Moral and societal decay

Those at the wheel do not mean us well. If they remain in control, this country is doomed.

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Apr 22 2024

Open Thread

American supremacy is the greatest threat to the world today. - George Soros

Apr 20 2024

Joe Scarborough Says You Hate America

It’s cliché to say it because it is true: liberals incessantly accuse their opponents of what they themselves are guilty of. To take a comically obvious example, the pernicious kooks at MSNBC accuse patriots of hating the country that leftists have been systematically destroying in accordance with their ideology:

This from the party that refuses to repudiate Muslim colonists chanting “Death to America!” in Michigan.

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Apr 17 2024

“Death to America” Chanted at Teamster Headquarters

Joe Biden describes himself as the “the most pro-union president in American history.” It is largely on behalf of unions that his regime aspires to throw millions of Americans out of work by making freelance work illegal in the erstwhile Land of the Free. As with the civil rights movement, any good unions accomplished in the past is overshadowed by their current perniciousness. To get an idea of how malevolent unions have become, let’s peak through the basement windows at the headquarters of the largest private sector union in the country — the Teamsters:

“Death to America,” far left activists chanted as they convened in the basement of the Teamsters Union’s headquarters on Saturday to discuss plans on how to disrupt the Democratic National Convention on August 19…

They even learned to chant it in Farsi/Persian, the language of Iran, which has been at war with the USA since Islamists took over in 1979.

It was reportedly Shabbir Rizvi, an organizer with Anti-War Committee Chicago, who led the Farsi lesson.

As usual, it started with a denunciation of the Little Satan and quickly moved on to the main target. Rizvi’s audience of left-wing activists took up the chant with enthusiasm.

There isn’t any nuance here. These are the bad guys.

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Mar 15 2024

Equity Bureaucrat Calls for Burning Down America

DEI has led to liberals hiring people to implement their ideology who are so dumb, they express their views openly and state the game plan out loud. From College Park, Maryland:

Kayla Aliese Carter supports “Black liberation” through revolutionary means and said she is working with some activists to plan “how we will eat and live and grow after we burn it all down.” She was hired to be a “Racial Equity Officer” under former Mayor Patrick L. Wojahn, who resigned from office after being arrested for child pornography.

Democrat leadership entails a distinctive moral character. As mentioned previously, Wojahn is a protégé of our Secretary of Transportation.

According to the city’s website, [Carter] assembled a team tasked with implementing a “racial equity” agenda across all city departments, affecting policies, practices, programs and budgets.

Her position resulted from leftists pressing their advantage during and after the Black Lives Matter race riots.

Carter was hired after former Mayor Wojahn signed into law “Resolution 20-R-16,” “which renounced systemic racism, declared support of Black lives, and called for the ongoing explicit and conscious confrontation of racism,” in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd in 2020. …

For her work in the city government, Carter makes $75,600, which is slightly above the average salary for the state at $69,750.

That’s a lot of money, considering how unlikely it is that this parasite has ever provided the public any benefit whatsoever. Taxpayers don’t even get gratitude:

According to her posts on X, Carter doesn’t appear to be enthusiastic about her role, and blames “capitalism” for forcing her to be in the workforce. She’d rather be a “collage artist” or a “lady of leisure,” she said on X in March and July 2023, respectively.

“Tired of being so underpaid also tired of applying to new jobs. I don’t wanna go back to s*lling dr*gs but this economy is getting desperate,” Carter wrote in October.

Wojahn must have been too busy masturbating to pictures of naked schoolboys to instruct Carter not to say stuff like this out loud:

The header for her X account says the following: “I can’t wait for society to collapse so MY ideology can rise from the ashes!”

That is the liberal plan for America in a nutshell.

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Dec 24 2023

Pro-Hamas Prof: USA and Israel Are “One and the Same”

It’s not that progressives are anti-Semitic. Some pro-Hamas moonbats are Jewish themselves. They hate Israel because they see it as an outpost of Western Civilization. They want it wiped off the map because they want America wiped off the map. Academia is the source of the ideological poison that is killing our country. It provides confirmation:

Earlier this month, University of Minnesota liberal arts professor Melanie Yazzie took the stage with several other speakers as part of the anti-capitalist Native American advocacy group the Red Nation’s “teach-in” on the Israel-Hamas war.

The event was one of many in academia serving to support the Islamic propaganda initiative of October 7. Without spin from progressives, we would be left thinking the terrorist attack was nothing more than a horrific crime against humanity.

Regarding Israel and USA, Yazzie proclaimed:

“They’re one and the same, really.”

In the context of her agenda, that means both must be eradicated — especially America, which Yazzie calls “the greatest predator empire that has ever existed.”

As with January 6, 2021, moonbats have seized on October 7 as a date to be exploited:

Yazzie also appeared to imply she saw the “entire world” change after the Oct. 7 attacks by the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas on innocent Israeli civilians and claimed that “Palestine is the alternative path for native nations.”

Do you ever get the impression that lefty academics are not entirely benevolent?

“Lean into the fact that colonizers are scared,” she said, laughing. “Lean into scaring them and making them feel uncomfortable!”

By “colonizers,” she means whites, who have been slated for elimination so that sacred BIPOCs can restore a Stone Age state of bliss.

“I hope you seek to dismantle the United States,” Yazzie added to applause from the audience.

From the leftist viewpoint, the women raped and children tortured on October 7 deserved to die their horrific deaths because Israelis are white-adjacent. By the same token, American women and children deserve it even more.

Watch as Professor Yazzie demonstrates what Joe Biden defied the Supreme Court to force us to finance ever more generously:

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Dec 02 2023

UN Demands USA Forsake Meat and Natural Gas

The #1 bankroller of the United Nations is the United States. While overtaxing us and inflating our savings toward worthlessness through spending, our government bestows over $12 billion per year upon the left-wing globalist organization. In return, the UN schemes to deny Americans food and energy.

Regarding food:

The United Nations wants Americans and other Westerners to eat less meat. Although the alleged purpose of the internationally requested diet is to futilely attempt to arrest global weather patterns, there appears to be more at play than just so-called distributive justice and climate alarmism.

After all, the director-general of the specific U.N. agency expected to issue this demand during the COP28 summit next month happens to be a top Chinese Communist Party member whose nation, the number-one source of greenhouse gas emissions in the world, will likely be among the so-called developing nations exempted from the guidance.

Complying would not improve the weather, even supposing that producing meat makes it be too warm outside as leftists claim. As House Agriculture Committee Chairman Glenn Thompson (R-PA) observes,

“Regulating producers out of business in the U.S. will not effectively address global climate change, but export production to foreign countries with hostile regimes and worse emissions profiles while harming food security and affordability. Simply put, the world needs American farmers and ranchers more than the U.N.”

Regarding energy:

Global delegates heading to the annual United Nations climate change summit are circulating a letter calling for the U.S. and other Western nations to immediately ban new natural gas infrastructure projects.

Our enemies without have the assistance of leftist enemies within:

Sen. Ed Markey, D-Mass., is among the lead architects of the effort…

Despite moonbat rhetoric, this is not about the supposedly problematic climate. Natural gas is not only plentiful but clean.

It is also a primary source of our energy. Without it, the economy would collapse.

For the sake of national security, we need to bulldoze the United Nations building into the East River — preferably while it is full of globalist moonbats.

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Nov 06 2023

Muslim–Moonbat Alliance Attacks Ben Franklin

On the topic of how much the pro-Palestinian mob hates Jews, media darling Ahed Tamimi shrieks:

“What Hitler did to you is a joke [compared to what we’ll do to you], we will slaughter you, drink your blood and eat your skull.”

Jews happen to be on the front lines, but this applies to all of us who consider ourselves part of Western Civilization. We are infidels/colonizers and we must be eradicated. Here’s the alliance at work closer to home:

At least they didn’t splatter it in red paint and then smash the statue to bits, like Black Lives Matter peaceful protesters would have done. But give it time. All remnants of Ben Franklin and rest of the Founding Fathers will share the fate of the great Robert E. Lee. American heritage will be erased if unadulterated evil as represented by the alliance of Muslims and leftists prevails.

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Oct 15 2023

Decolonization Is Why Leftists Support Hamas

Hamas murders innocents to advance Islam. Islam is repressive, theocratic, imperialistic, oppressive of women, and violent toward homosexuals — just like progressives bitterly accuse conservatives of being. So why do liberals support Hamas, even in the aftermath of horrific terrorist atrocities? Decolonization is why.

Just as the liberal establishment discriminates against Asians because they are “white-adjacent,” it supports Hamas because Israel is America-adjacent. Despite the Jewish nation existing long before Islam, it is seen as an expansion of Western Civilization, which leftists hate.

They speak in euphemisms, lest regular people figure out what they are up to. The euphemism for eradicating Western Civilization is “anticolonialism.”

Democrat pols may recite dutiful denunciations of Hamas, but the high priests of their religion — i.e., college professors — make clear whose side the ruling class is on. At UCLA, students can reportedly earn extra credit by imbibing pro-Hamas propaganda:

The “Emergency Teach-In On The Crisis in Palestine” was convened Wednesday on the Los Angeles campus by professors Saree Makdisi of the school’s English department and Sherene Razack, chair of the gender studies department.

Promoting Islamic terrorism and the genocidal war on Israel might seem to have nothing to do with English or gender studies. But where moonbattery prevails, the purpose of all fields of study is to advance the leftist agenda.

A 2015 alumna of UCLA, Davina Farahi, 31, who works with the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces, heard about the presentation and signed on to Zoom to watch it.

She reports:

“It started out as Makdisi representing Israel as a colonial power and compared it to a colonizing apartheid state.”

Refer to the ruins of South Africa to see what progressives do to apartheid states.

Razack did not dispute claims about the tone and content of the talk.

On the contrary, in an emailed statement to the New York Post she denounced Israel as “a settler colonial society that came into existence through the dispossession of Palestinians.”

As we have come to expect, students are being told lies. Robert Spencer provides a brief history lesson:

In the early 1920s, just before the [crumbling Ottoman Empire] fell altogether, it conceded control of Palestine and the land that came to be known as Transjordan and now as Jordan to the League of Nations. On July 24, 1922, the League granted administrative control over these territories to Britain with specific instructions to create a “national home for the Jewish people.”

Britain immediately turned over 77% of the Mandate to the Arabs to create Jordan but remained generally committed to establishing a Jewish national home in the remainder. This was known as the Mandate for Palestine. …

When the State of Israel was founded in 1948, it immediately had to fight a war for its survival against the surrounding Arab nations that had vowed to destroy it. Then there was finally an occupation — in fact, two: Egypt occupied Gaza and Jordan occupied Judea and Samaria (which it renamed the West Bank). Israel won back those territories in the Six-Day War of 1967, but that was actually ending an occupation, not starting one: the only international law governing sovereignty over those territories stipulated that they were to be part of a national home for the Jewish people.

Moonbats bark that Israel exists on stolen land, just like America.

So from whom was the land stolen? Not from the Ottomans, who had ceded it to the League of Nations. Not from the league, which had granted administrative powers over it to the British. Not from the British, who only had it in order to help create a Jewish state there. And not from the Palestinians, who didn’t even exist until the 1960s, when the KGB and Yasir Arafat bestowed Palestinian nationality upon a group of Levantine Arabs as a rhetorical weapon to use against Israel.

“The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became the truth,” wrote George Orwell. The Palestinian lie hasn’t become the truth just yet. A lecturer at Stanford got carried away and had to be suspended for the sake of appearances:

The lecturer’s identity has been kept anonymous by Stanford, but according to Campus Reform and The Daily Mail, students identified him as 46-year-old Ameer Hasan Loggins. Loggins was close to former NFL quarterback and social justice activist Colin Kaepernick and helped radicalize Kaepernick. Earlier this week, students said Loggins singled out Jewish students in his class and told them to grab their belongings and stand in a corner, saying, “This is what Israel does to the Palestinians,” The Forward reported.

“He asked how many Jews died in the Holocaust,” and when students said 6 million, “he said, ‘Yes. Only 6 million,’” Nourya Cohen, who spoke with Jewish students in the class, told The San Francisco Chronicle. Loggins reportedly proceeded to downplay the Holocaust by comparing it to European colonization, which he said killed more people than the Holocaust.

There’s that term “colonization” again. From the woke viewpoint, it is the ultimate evil, far worse that Nazi death camps and Hamas terrorists beheading small children.

The solution to colonization is decolonization. That term equates directly to the eradication of Western Civilization. Leftists support Hamas because they see Islam as a tool to achieve this.

On tip from Kevin R, Jack D, Occam’s Stubble, and ABC of the ANC.

Sep 21 2023

New York May Cancel George Washington

Everyone knew when Robert E. Lee was canceled that it was only the beginning. George Washington was also a great man and a Virginian, and also lived back when people had owned slaves throughout the world since before recorded history; therefore, in New York:

The city’s Cultural Affairs Committee has demanded the eviction of George Washington and Christopher Columbus and others from public spaces because of links to slavery, along with the establishment of a reparations task force.

Meanwhile, the city is flat broke, having flushed away $12 billion on being a sanctuary for illegal aliens at the expense of the native population. Ten thousand grasping invaders pour into the declining city every month. No worries; federal taxpayers are sure to bail it out.

The Committee plans to remove any public statue or work of art that ‘depicts a person who owned enslaved persons or directly benefited economically from slavery, or who participated in systemic crimes against indigenous peoples or other crimes against humanity’.

From the liberal viewpoint, that means anyone who lived at the time of the nation’s founding.

Dozens of prominent statues across the city are at risk including those depicting Thomas Jefferson and former governor Peter Stuyvesant.

By erasing our history, they erase our identity. Then they can create a new identity as a nation of farm animals content to stay in their pens so long as they are fed free slop until it is time for a trip to the slaughterhouse.

As Todd Starnes jokes,

There are multiple statues and monuments to Washington, including Washington Square Park and the George Washington Bridge. It’s unclear whether the park and bridge will be leveled or just simply renamed.

At this point, maybe they should level the whole city and start over.

After the Father of Our Country has had his hero status revoked, he will be defiled and demonized before he is frog-marched to the memory hole and forgotten. Maybe the authorities will decide he impregnated a slave. That is a favorite liberal calumny against the author of the Declaration of Independence, whose statue leftists have already removed from City Hall.

This is cultural genocide. If we fail to defeat liberalism, Americans will soon cease to exist in any meaningful sense.

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Sep 11 2023

Biden Blows Off Traditional 9/11 Services

Today is the day Americans fly their flags at half mast in memory of those who perished in a dishonorable terror attack on our country. It is the day we recall where we were and what we were doing when we found out what was happening on September 11, 2001. It is the day our leader has traditionally represented us in mourning at one of the three sites of attack. It is a day Joe Biden spends in the most distant part of North America, signaling how seriously he takes this date.

As AlaskaWatchman reported:

Biden will be in Alaska on Sept. 11, thereby becoming the first sitting president to skip out on one of the traditional 9/11 memorial services that are held each year in New York City, Virginia or Pennsylvania. …

The White House announcement offered no explanation as to why the president chose to forgo participating in the most prominent ceremonies that mark the worst terrorist attack on American soil and the loss of nearly 3,000 lives.

Earlier this month, however, more than 2,000 family members of those who died in the attacks signed a letter to the president, protesting news of a possible plea deal between the U.S. and five suspected 9/11 masterminds who are being detained at Guantanamo Bay. …

“We cannot have the greatest terrorist attack in the history of this country fade away with plea deals for the last remaining prisoners in Guantanamo,” Politico quoted Brett Eagleson, who leads the 9/11 Justice advocacy group.

They shouldn’t expect much support from the guy who advised against killing Osama bin Laden and who got Americans killed in the process of gifting Afghanistan to the Taliban, which had provided a base of operations for Al Qaeda. Biden is past pretending to be on America’s side.

No matter; we have the cackling cretin Kamala Harris to solemnly honor 9/11:

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