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Nov 29 2019

Student Group Wants Limit on Materials by White Authors

The Notre Dame student group “End Hate at ND” demands fewer reading materials produced by white scholars so as to “eliminate the violence of only privileging white scholarship.” In the funhouse world of academia, “violence” can be used to mean, “failure to marginalize hated Caucasians.”

The College Fix reports:

The group describes itself as “an initiative for organizing civil action against racist, xenophobic, sexist, trans-exclusionary, & queer-phobic structures at Notre Dame.”

Other demands include more “diversity” indoctrination and an end to the proscription against spending the night in opposite sex dorms, on the grounds that this rule enforces “white, cis-heteronormative hegemony.”

As for the demand labeled “Decolonize Academia,” the student activists argue “cultural competence is key in building empathy for marginalized folks.”

“Cultural competence” means purifying the curriculum of our own culture, in the hope that one day America can be replaced by a utopia consisting of swarthy savages engaging in perverted sex acts on the floors of their dung huts.

End Hate at ND wants to advance toward this goal by evaluating all course materials through the lens of Cultural Marxism, and dictating that at least half of readings not be produced by male Caucasians. If the goal is to rescind civilization, they are on the right track.

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Nov 27 2019

Women Beaten for Being White in New York

There isn’t much punishment for pimps who dismember their “girlfriends” in New York, but the penalty for the more serious crime of being white keeps getting stiffer.

Via the New York Post:

Actress Jennifer Agostini, 43, and swimsuit model Prendinellys Garcia, 47, ran up a nearly $1,000 tab at Midtown lounge Sky Room for their friend’s birthday Saturday night before leaving around 3 a.m. Sunday, their Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit says.

But on their way out of the West 40th Street club, they got jumped and beaten to the ground by a group of 10 to 15 people who were yelling “white motherf—ers,” “dirty white b—-es” and “f—k those white b—-es and their money,” the court papers say.

Their suit is to force the bar to “keep surveillance video and other records of the incident” on the off chance that they can get some justice even in the moonbat dystopia New York. Good luck to them.

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Nov 10 2019

Horrific Beating by Substitute Teacher

The damage public schools inflict on students mainly consists of corrosive brainwashing and denial of a decent education. Occasionally, it is more physical. Look at the beating substitute teacher Tiffani Shadell Lankford inflicted on a 16-year-old sophomore girl at a public school in Kyle, Texas:

Good thing the races weren’t reversed. This would be a hate crime. Also, it would crowd out every other story in the news for the next 6 weeks.

Let’s hope that at least Tiffani helped the school to meet its diversity hiring quotas.

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Looks like the thought police at Google/YouTube don’t want you to see a black teacher beating up a teenage white girl who suffers from epilepsy. Must not fit the narrative. This is from the MSM, so hopefully it will stay up for awhile:

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Nov 06 2019

Debate Instructor Ryan Wash: Whites Invented Outer Space

A homosexual person of politically preferred pigmentation does not need to be intelligent, eloquent, or even sane to work as a university debate instructor, as Ryan Wash demonstrates at Weber State University in Ogden, Utah. However, he does have to be a flaming moonbat.

Via Hot Air:

“Our argument will be that space is not real. It’s not real. Science, technology, it’s all fake. It’s a projection of white fantasies that has worked to control our interpretation of how the world works. … None of us have had the privilege of going to f**king space to verify that there’s these stars and these galaxies and these planets.”

Ryan Wash actually tells his class that outer space is not real, but was made up by the white people he openly loathes. When challenged that there have been black astronauts, he accuses them of colluding in whiteness.

Wash explains his reasoning:

“Imagine someone who grew up inner-city, Kansas City for instance, who never left a 20-block radius,” the professor suggested. He continued, “They can’t even fathom that there’s mountains in the world let alone that there’s something outside of that…And so structural inequity, to some degree, because of our lack of privilege in terms of mobility determines what we can understand to be real and falsifiable.

“Whiteness then works and then appropriates science and technology to say ‘This is true while this is not true because it’s not verifiable.’…It’s a hyperfocus on the experiential for those who does not capitulate with whiteness.”

For student Michael Mareno, this nonsense won’t wash. He recorded the circus of woke gibberish that Wash passes off as a debate class and called for him to be fired. Defenders cry that Wash doesn’t really believe that outer space is not real; he was just making a point, or something.

What Wash really believes other than that whites are bad is unclear. What we do know is that educational standards have hit rock bottom. Check out what Moreno recorded if you doubt it. This video consists mainly of audio taken in his class; it is a little on the long side but worth it if you have the time. This shorter follow-up video includes Wash in action, showing how he wins debating championships by being a foul-mouthed gay Person of Color:

Brad Pitt is helping to finance a movie about Wash. Knowing Hollyweird, it should come as no surprise that it will be a hagiography:

The story plays out almost like a re-telling of The Wizard of Oz. Only here, Dorothy is a gay black male debater from inner-city Kansas [City, I assume] who emerges from personal turmoil that includes the death of his mother, to set out on a life-long search to re-find home in the electrifying world of competitive debating. It is a world that simultaneously inspires and betrays him, until he embraces his own identity and revolutionizes the debate establishment. The ambition is an inspirational coming-of-age RuPaul-inflected debate-opera protest film with a sports-movie drive.

We are expected to revere gibbering lunatics, so long as they are black and gay, and most importantly, hate our guts.

Wash has his supporters on campus, too:

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Nov 05 2019

Justice Democrats Push Racist Radical Jamaal Bowman

Other than pushing authoritarian moonbattery to the last extremes of insanity, Squad members Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Pressley have something else in common: all were backed by the sinister Justice Democrats. This radical outfit is not through using our own elections to destroy America from within. Now they are pushing the congressional candidacy of Jamaal Bowman, who is even more explicit in his hostility toward the USA and its core population.

Bowman regards regular Americans as the number one threat the federal government should address. He takes a much more favorable view of the foreign invaders who pour across the border in contravention of our laws.

Via Washington Free Beacon:

“There’s no evidence that the crime in this country, particularly the heinous crime, is committed by our immigrant neighbors. So again, it’s a false narrative,” Bowman said. “The biggest issue in our country is white male domestic terrorism. That’s the biggest issue and that’s what we need to deal with straight away.”

When demagogues started portraying Jews as the biggest issue, Germans were slow to take them seriously.

Bowman, a Bronx middle school principal, is running an insurgent bid to unseat incumbent Democrat representative Eliot Engel in New York’s 16th district.

It’s the same strategy that put maniacal Marxist bartender AOC in power: present a hard left Fanatic of Color to challenge a comparatively moderate incumbent in a white minority district. New York’s 16th district is only 32.01% white. Politically incorrect as it may be to point it out, this means Democrats could run the moldering corpse of Fidel Castro and be assured victory over Republicans.

Responding to the criticism that Democrats are weak on borders, Bowman claimed that “99.9 percent of our immigrant neighbors that come here, come here in peace and come here looking for asylum.” He touted an open borders policy, arguing that “so-called immigrants are coming” into the United States “because we were in their backyards causing havoc and destruction in their homes.”

They only invade our country because it is bad. But when we make it into their country, everything will be wonderful. If not, we will just have to live with the consequences, because there is no going back from demographic transformation.

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Nov 04 2019

FBI Investigates “It’s Okay to Be White” Flyers

As cultural Marxists have been yelling at us for at least a generation now, it is not okay to be white. It is particularly not okay to say that it’s okay to be white, which might literally constitute a crime.

From Danbury, Connecticut:

Western Connecticut State University President John Clark said he is shocked and saddened about [allegedly “hate-filled”] flyers and inscriptions found on university property.

The flyers had “It’s Okay to be white” written on them, according to WCSU officials.

No worries, moonbats; law enforcement is on the case, at every level up to federal:

An investigation is underway involving Danbury police, CT State Police, and the FBI, where surveillance footage will be reviewed.

So far the situation seems to be under control, because the United Nations has not yet been called in to secure Danbury.

Police admit that no property was destroyed. Nonetheless, Clark promises that the fiend or fiends who think it’s okay to be white will be “caught and properly punished.”

Give it up, Babylon Bee. It is no longer possible to parody totalitarian leftism.

Ironically, the absurd overreaction to the flyers proves the point the flyers are intended to make: that the liberal establishment is hostile toward America’s core population.

Readers are advised that just because it’s not okay to be white does not mean it is okay to wear blackface.

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Nov 01 2019

London Billboard Urges Whites to Get Sterilized

Any advertisement featuring several people or more must include nonwhites, preferably at least 50%. But an exception has been discovered. See if you can figure out why this London billboard includes only white faces:

Already the white birth rate has fallen below replacement levels. This has been used as a pretext to import massive numbers from the Third World. Speaking of which, here’s a message Londoners were treated to 2 years ago:

You might call what they are doing “soft genocide.” The results will be the same as if they rounded up all Caucasians, herded them onto cattle cars, and sent them off to Auschwitz. But with the soft technique, people are less likely to fight back. The more gullible may even display smug self-righteousness as they participate in the demise of their kind.

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Oct 28 2019

Oak Park Trustee Denounces White Males

Just how much do the sort of moonbats who infest local government hate white males? Let’s ask Trustee Susan Buchanan of the well-to-do Chicago suburb Oak Park, who shrieks that white men must “shut up” because they are not entitled to opinions regarding the sacred topic of equity:

Among the targets of her diatribe was Mayor Anan Abu-Taleb, an Arab born in the Gaza Strip. If his “skin is light enough,” he is no more a real person than an unborn baby is, so there is no need to listen to what he has to say.

The concept of working together toward shared goals with moonbats becomes more absurd with each passing day.

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Oct 27 2019

Indians Are Mean to Blacks, Libs Blame Whiteness

The New York Times is the flagship publication of the liberal establishment. It publishes cultural Marxist writers who insist that literally everything be viewed through the myopic prism of their hatred of “us” and their worship of “them.” America is bad because it is us. Whiteness is bad because historically the vast majority of Americans have been white. If the offspring of immigrants from India are nasty to sacred Persons of Politically Preferred Pigmentation, whose fault is it? Whites’ fault.

The demented obsession with blaming all bad things on Caucasians crossed into the Twilight Zone in yesterday’s opinion piece, “A Racist Attack Shows How Whiteness Evolves, ” which responds to an incident that occurred at a high school football game in Lawrence Township, New Jersey a week ago Friday.

What follows is not parody but actual excerpts:

Two 17-year-old boys accused of harassing four African-American middle schoolgirls — using racial slurs and urinating on one of the victims — are facing charges including bias intimidation and lewdness. …

Police say the boys are of Indian descent.

While it’s tempting to see the reported ethnicity of the boys suspected in the assault as complicating the story and raising questions about whether the assault should be thought of as racist, I look at it through a different lens. Instead of asking what the boys’ reported racial identity tells us about the nature of the attack, we should see the boys as enacting American whiteness through anti-black assault in a very traditional way.

If people act racist, they are acting white. Whiteness made them do it. If not for whites, everyone would live in perfect harmony.

Anything whatsoever can be shoehorned into the box labeled AMERICAN WHITENESS IS RACIST AND BAD.

In the New Jersey incident, the heritage or skin color of the boys suspected of the assault doesn’t matter. What matters is that they were … enacting whiteness…

If the media ever manages to find white people acting like these Indian-American kids, their heritage and skin color not only will matter, it will keep them on the front page of the New York Times for the next 6 months.

Imagine if the New York Times hated blacks half as much as it hates whites. They might rename it the Ku Klux Klan Gazette.

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Oct 02 2019

Shocking Exposé: NYC Ferry Used by Middle Class Whites

The New York Daily News unmasks an alarming problem with the NYC Ferry service: it is utilized by hated middle class whites.

The city’s nonprofit Economic Development Corporation, which runs the ferry network with private cruise company Hornblower, conducted a survey of more than 5,400 riders over a two-week period in May and June. The agency’s analysts determined that 64% of the boat users are white, and that riders’ median annual income falls in the $75,000 to $99,000 range.

That hardly constitutes the upper crust in New York, where salaries are inflated and the cost of living is even more inflated. But subway riders make less, and more importantly are two-thirds nonwhite.

Therefore, the subterranean hellscapes that are the NYC subways (see here, here, and here) are good, and the NYC Ferry service is bad. Never mind that the same data suggests that ferry riders carry a greater share of the tax burden per capita.

Whether the city should spend a lot of money subsidizing NYC Ferry is debatable; to suggest that it should not on the grounds that too many riders are Caucasian is appalling.

The Daily Snooze may have helped launch a campaign to abolish the ferry. Progressives cannot impose utopia without ridding the country of the white middle class; preventing this despised group from getting to work is a step in that direction.

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Oct 01 2019

Whites Banned From Speaking at Event in Scotland

Every corner of whiteness must be infiltrated and obliterated. That’s why white people are banned from speaking at a Resisting Whiteness event in Scotland:

The University of Edinburgh has been criticised for hosting an “anti-racism” event in which white people were due to be banned from asking questions.

Whites are still an overwhelming majority in Europe. Imagine how marginalized they will be when they are not.

The conference has been organised by the Resisting Whiteness group which opposes racism and describes itself as a QTPOC (queer and trans people of colour) organisation.

Even now, it is hard not to choke on the blatant, belligerent antiwhite racism of militants who define themselves as opposing racism.

There will be two “safe spaces” at the event one of which white people will be barred from entering.

Because Resisting Whiteness is against racism.

If whites ever resume the colonization of Africa and advance it with Resisting Blackness events from which native Africans are banned, no one will expect Africans to like it. Yet Europeans will endorse their own marginalization and eventual obliteration in exchange for the rush of satisfaction they appear to achieve by dutiful bowing their heads before political correctness.

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Sep 26 2019

ADL Declares Okay Sign to Be Racist

Like desperate seamen leaping from their sinking ship into shark-infested water topped with flaming gasoline, liberal institutions plunge one after another into a sea of absurdity, leaving behind any claim on being taken seriously. Watch out for the splash; there goes the ADL:

On Thursday, the Anti-Defamation League is adding 36 entries to its longstanding online catalog of extremist symbols, many of which are built around racist stereotypes that have been spread about African Americans and Jews.

The symbols indicate “that someone might be drawn to violence,” so obviously they must be repressed or at the very least closely monitored.

These sinister symbols include the numbers 109 and 110, as well as the familiar okay sign.

The O.K. symbol created by touching the forefinger to the thumb, for example, is seen by extremists as forming the letters “WP,” or “white power.”

Moonbats, you have been trolled. Pretending that the okay symbol has something to do with people being proud to be white was a deliberate and successful attempt by 4chan pranksters (Operation O-KKK) to make fools of the thought police.

Confirming that these prigs have no idea when they are being trolled, they also whimper in terror that Dylann Roof’s goofy-looking bowl haircut is a symbol of white power, “revered by extremists” as “The Final Bowlution.”

The okay symbol was firmly established in the mainstream culture before it became racist as the result of a joke. But then, the same is true of the Betsy Ross Flag, the joke in that case being a professional moonbat named Colin Kaepernick. The Chicago Cubs have already indefinitely banned a fan from Wrigley Field for making an okay sign.

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Sep 22 2019

Democracy According to Joy Reid

MSNBC propagandist Joy Reid is the offspring of colonists from the Third World, so she does not have what she calls “this gauzy vision” of American history — i.e., respect for American tradition. This allows her to see clearly that “wealthy white Christian men” are a menace, and therefore we must sacrifice democratic elections in favor of “majority rule.” See if you can make sense of it:

There is a grain of truth embedded in her steaming pile of Cultural Marxist BS. Reid is correct that democracy becomes less sustainable as a society becomes more multiracial. It becomes increasingly impossible to select leadership that a large percentage of the population does not regard with extreme hostility, as we are already beginning to learn.

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Sep 22 2019

Purging Whites From Cultural Institutions in NYC

Having abandoned his farcical presidential aspirations, Bill de Blasio can now turn his full attention to waging Cultural Marxism against New York City.

Whites are apparently disproportionately likely to pursue employment in museums and the like. This could impede the goal of marginalizing Caucasians. The de Blasio solution: choke off the money supply to cultural institutions that do not sufficiently discriminate against the pigmentally incorrect:

From the New York Post:

On Tuesday, Tom Finkelpearl, head of the city’s Department of Cultural Affairs, admitted that the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall and other city treasures aren’t meeting the mayor’s de-facto quotas for their workforces.

In all, 33 cultural nonprofits get $117.2 million a year in taxpayer money. Any institution that falls short is supposed to see a 10% cut.

To keep the money, institutions might have to start firing people because of their race. Don’t even bother submitting a résumé if you are white. You will only be hired if it has been proven to be impossible to get someone who is not white to do the job.

Yet again we see that antiracism is racism at its most outrageously unjust.

Maybe New York should impose an antiwhite quota on the Office of the Mayor. At least then the city would be rid of Bill de Blasio.

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