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Dec 29 2023

Gen Z Approval of Osama bin Laden

Until recently, Adolf Hitler served well as the personification of evil. But as Nazism fades into history, he has lost his relevance. He inflicted his horrors in a different age against different people. A more poignant incarnation of evil for current times is Osama bin Laden, the maniac associated with the terror atrocities of 9/11. These were witnessed first-hand by many alive today (including yours truly) and represent a threat that has only escalated since. That we now live under a Commander in Chief who opposed killing bin Laden is alarming — but not as alarming as this:

One in five young Americans has a positive view of 9/11 mastermind and Al Qaeda founder Osama Bin Laden, according to disturbing results of a poll.

The alarming survey also found three in 10 Gen Z voters believe the views of the anti-Semitic terrorist leader who slaughtered thousands of innocent people were a ‘force for good’.

This explains how it is possible that demonstrations in support of Islamic terrorism could dominate the streets of the same city that saw the World Trade Center fall.

Why should we be surprised? Bin Laden shared a main objective with the leftists who control our schools and the media: to eradicate Western Civilization. As we have seen in the aftermath of October 7 Islamic terror atrocities, “anticolonialism” aligns naturally with Islam — at least until the common enemy is destroyed.

If we cannot even agree that Osama bin Laden was a bad guy, unity is not a short-term possibility. All we can hope for is to limit the power of those who have succumbed to leftism, prevent the media/schools from creating more of them, and counter the cancerous ChiCom tool TikTok, which has been instrumental in glorifying Osama bin Laden.

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Dec 28 2023

Another American Hostage Dead in Gaza

The Biden Regime spews Islamist propaganda and shovels our money at Hamas. Meanwhile:

Judy Weinstein Haggai, a 70-year-old American-Israeli dual citizen, was confirmed dead on Thursday, roughly a week after her husband, Gadi, was also declared to have died, Israel National News reported. There are approximately six American hostages remaining in Gaza, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Both had been shot by Hamas terrorists making Palestine free from the river to the sea, with the blessing of leftists, who cheer on the “decolonization.”

Dec 25 2023

Muslim–Moonbat Alliance Attacks Christmas

Following the terror atrocities of October 7, Hamas is riding high on surging support from leftists. The Muslim–moonbat alliance has teamed up to attack Christmas:

Thousands of pro-Palestinian protesters waved the pan-Arab-colors flag and wore the symbolic Palestinian keffiyeh in a series of coordinated “No Xmas as Usual in a Genocide” rallies and marches across the US on Saturday.

They mean “genocide” in the Orwellian sense; specifically, genocide = opposition to the genocide of Jews in the Holy Land as advocated in the slogan “From the river to the sea.”

Organizers with Shut It Down for Palestine said the organization had focused its protests on the second-most popular shopping day of the year – the day before Christmas Eve – as part of ongoing civic and commercial disruptions. …

Posts on social media channels showed protests in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Toronto and in Chicago, where a convoy of cars temporarily blocked a highway and entrance to Chicago O’Hare airport.

In New York, protests organized by pro-Palestinian groups the People’s Forum and Palestinian Youth Movement held a rally at Fifth Avenue and 59th Street – the apex of Manhattan’s luxury shopping district…

In San Francisco … protesters gathered to call for a permanent ceasefire as well as an end to US spending on the war.

“Ceasefire” means unconditional surrender to Hamas. Terrorists are not expected to abide by ceasefires. The US spending they object to is aide for Israel; Biden will continue to shovel mountains of our money at Hamas with their approval.

Nothing is beneath these demons:

In what has become a running trend across the globe throughout December, pro-Hamas protesters once again crashed a Christmas production, this time in Melbourne, Australia. Named “Carols by Candlelight,” the event is held to raise money for blind children.

No matter, though, the group of pro-Hamas fanatics stormed the stage anyway, waving Palestinian flags while attempting to grab the microphone and shouting “Free Palestine.”


Bonchie hits the nail on the head:

They don’t just hate Israel. They don’t just hate Jews. They hate you and your way of life. They hate that you celebrate Christmas. They hate that you care enough to raise money for children. They hate that you spend time with your family. What is happening across the West is a soft revolution meant to shame and suppress those who would dare partake in the traditional aspects of society, and the revolutionaries are winning.

Modernity offers an indication of what the future will look like if we don’t turn the tide quickly:

Security services in Germany, Spain, Austria have beefed up their presence outside churches and other major landmarks after learning terrorists had schemed to bring chaos to major cities over the Christmas period.

Concern was particularly high around Cologne Cathedral in Germany, site of the infamous New Year’s Eve 2015 mass molestation of women by huge gangs of migrants from North Africa. …

Counter-terror operations are also underway in Vienna and Madrid, with St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna being mentioned as a specific target as well as Christmas markets. …

Authorities in Austria made several arrests [Saturday] night of ISIS-linked terrorists who were planning mass casualty attacks, according to reports.

Given current demographic, cultural, and political trends, it will be impossible to hold them off for long.

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Dec 18 2023

Nativity Scene Beheaded in Germany

Nativity scenes are under siege in occupied Europe. From Germany:

The people of Rüsselsheim are shocked: the nativity scene is located at the Protestant market church in the heart of the city, right next to the town hall, during the Advent season. The figures of the Holy Family with Jesus are life-size. …

But on the morning of December 17, the nativity scene looks like a battlefield. All the figures have had their heads cut off. Joseph has been kicked over, Mary beaten away. Jesus is first missing, later found under the rubble.

The local trade association attempted to play this off as “a macabre joke.” Not many get the humor.

The perpetrators could be moonbats; more likely, they are Muslims imported by moonbats.

For Europeans considering a traditional ham for Christmas dinner, better sniff it first before you buy. Muslims disapprove of pork:

On a tip from Wiggins.

Dec 17 2023

North African Torches Nativity Scene in Italian Church

The Christmas spirit of Europe’s Islamic conquerors isn’t limited to beating up Santa Claus. Festivities also include setting fire to nativity scenes — and the churches that house them.

From Italy:

On Friday afternoon, the Church of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Santa Elisabetta di Villastanza, a district of the municipality of Parabiago, was badly damaged by an arson fire.

The flames are said to have started from the nativity scene housed in the church building, which was set alight by a man of North African origin who then fled from the church on foot…

The nativity scene caused large flames and smoke, which damaged the wooden parts and a 17th century organ.

The organ will not be the last treasure of European heritage to be damaged.

As Mayor Raffaele Cucchi observes,

“This is an attack on our traditions, our religion and our culture.”

That is the most likely motive not only of the vandal but of the leftists who imported millions like him, knowing they have no intention of assimilating into a culture they despise and have been waging a war of eradication against for the past 1,400 years.

Dec 13 2023

Muslims Assault Santa Claus in Germany

Some traditions still survive. Rainer B. was hired to appear as Saint Nicholas in Kassel, Germany. But on his way there…

…five to six youths approached him from the other side of the street. They were around 15 years old and had a migrant background, according to Rainer B. They insulted him as a “son of a bitch” and a “fat bastard” and asked him to take off his Father Christmas costume. The young people had said that they were Muslims and that this was their country. They also pulled on his costume. The costume was torn in the process. …

Several people on Untere Königsstraße witnessed the attack on him, reports Rainer B. But many just laughed, some even applauded. Nobody came to his aid.

If diversity is our strength, imagine how weak we would be without it.

Dec 11 2023

Red Cross Snivels on Behalf of Hamas

Remember when the Red Cross used to be the good guys? That was before it was evidently subverted by progressives. Now it sides with terrorists who kidnap, rape, torture, and murder women and children against their family members:

Roni and Simona, the parents of Doron Steinbrecher who was kidnapped by Hamas terrorists from Kfar Azza on October 7, were invited to a meeting with the Red Cross earlier this week.

Doron needs a medication she takes daily and her parents thought that the Red Cross was finally willing to transfer the medication to her, but instead they were sat down and reprimanded by representatives of the Red Cross.

“Think about the Palestinian side,” the representatives of the Red Cross told Simona, according to KAN. “It’s hard for the Palestinians, they’re being bombed.”

The moral equivalence moonbats use to justify the pure evil they advocate has been taken to the last extremes of insanity since October 7.

On a tip from R F.

Dec 09 2023

Terror Flag Flies Over Dublin City Hall

Ireland’s progressive ruling class continues to double down on the moonbattery. Here’s how the wokesters in charge react to a massive terror attack that killed over 1,000 innocent civilians, in many cases entailing rape and torture:

Given the context of recent events, the Palestinian flag represents unadulterated evil. That’s why leftists fly it.

Dublin was recently the site of rioting when one of the many Muslims imported to displace the native population took a knife to five people near a school, including a 5-year-old girl.

Dublin recently proclaimed itself to be a twin city of Ramallah. We know there are no cities in hell, because if there were, municipal moonbats would symbolically partner with them.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Dec 03 2023

Call of the Muezzin Opens German Christmas Market

In Germany, traditional Christmas markets are opening. It’s beginning to sound a lot like Christmas — Christmas in Istanbul:

Via Allah’s Willing Executioners:

In Karlstadt, a tranquil little town in Franconia, the Andreasmarkt took place on November 26, which this year was intended to bring visitors closer to Islam.

Because that’s what Christmas is all about nowadays.

After the opening, the event continued in the spirit of oriental-Islamic customs: relevant Muslim prayer practices were presented on stage, for example the postures in which symbolic submission should take place.

Christian Christmas carols were completely dispensed with at the advertised “pre-Christmas flea market”, with a children’s choir performing Muslim songs instead.

Speaking of Istanbul, it was the capital of the Christian world for many centuries. But then the Byzantine empire fell to Islam — like Germany is doing, except it put up a fight.

At least the Karlstadt Christmas market might be spared an Islamic terror attack, like the truck bomb that killed 12 in Berlin a few years ago, and the plot intended to “kill as many as possible” at the Cologne Christmas market that was just foiled.

Dec 01 2023

Open Thread

As long as you remember that if you get involved in politics, you have to be very careful that your leader is for Allah. You don't get involved in politics because it's the American thing to do. You get involved in politics because politics are a weapon to use in the cause of Islam. - Siraj Wahhaj

On a tip from WDS 2.0.

Nov 30 2023

Falling Christmas Part II

The symbolism of the national Christmas tree falling over was relatively subtle. The Rockefeller Christmas tree lighting ceremony more explicitly reflects civilization under siege:

In the context of recent events, few could be unaware that the Palestinian flag represents Islamic terrorists, who are supported by Western leftists with increasing openness. They have a common enemy: us.

Remember the outpouring of support for the NYPD after officers bravely rushed into the World Trade Center just before it collapsed? The climate in New York City has changed:

As Legal Insurrection reported last night:

It’s getting nasty outside of the Fox News headquarters. The Anti-Israel protesters are fighting with the cops and even set one NYPD hat on fire.

The original intent was to disrupt the Rockefeller tree lighting ceremony, which is happening a block away.

It isn’t just New York. On the other side of the country:

Antisemitic Antifa activists, anarchists and other radicals targeted the Seattle Starbucks Reserve Roastery as part of a call to “Block Black Friday.” …

Activists promoted direct action by sharing social media flyers. The flyer claims the protest and mass vandalism were “autonomously organized by Seattle area radicals, anarchists, and community members.” The hope was to “shut [Black Friday] down for Palestine.” …

The damage was significant, yet Seattle Police (SPD) did not intervene.

Police in Seattle have been marginalized to the point of irrelevance in the name of scumbag criminal/liberal demigod George Floyd.

As in the rotting Big Apple, Christmas came under attack:

The group marched into downtown Seattle after their assault on Starbucks. Once there, they disrupted the annual Seattle Christmas tree lighting ceremony.

“Once the group descended upon Westlake Plaza, they spread out within the hundreds of Christmas capitalists gathered for the absurd celebration of excessive consumption,” the Puget Sound anarchist wrote.

Islamic terrorism, hatred of all things Christian, Marxism. Sign up for the Muslim—moonbat alliance and you get the whole package.

The author admits that activists “took over the stage soon after arriving and started throwing Christmas decorations to the ground and trashing the scenery.” There were a handful of activists who stayed on the stage, holding a banner reading “From Turtle Island to Gaza: Land Back.” Land Back refers to a movement of literal land reclamation to its so-called original stewards.

Regarding Turtle Island,

Turtle Island is a name for Earth or North America, used by some Indigenous peoples, as well as by some Indigenous rights activists.

This confirms that leftists support the terrorists attempting to eradicate Jews from their homeland as part of an overall philosophy that everyone white or “white-adjacent” should be eradicated or at the very least confined to Europe, where they are getting swamped into extinction by an endless deluge of welfare colonists from the Middle East and Africa.

While the Christmas tree lightning ceremony was under attack, the police actually arrested someone for vandalizing the Starbucks. The only one arrested was Aly Youssef:

Youssef described himself as a transgender, polyamorous, pansexual, anti-capitalist, autistic Egyptian who is an “honorary member of Trantifa” (a name for transgender Antifa members).

Whether Starbucks would cooperate to allow prosecution was unclear. Most likely, Youssef will go unpunished, with a feather in his/her/its cap to flaunt on social media.

On tips from Wiggins and Barry A.

Nov 21 2023

There to Kill White People

For the latest news on the multicultural enrichment of Europe, turn to Allah’s Willing Executioners, which covers an attack that occurred on a party in Crépol, France over the weekend:

A 16-year-old member of the Romanais Péageois rugby club is said to have had his throat slit, while two other young people suffered life-threatening injuries. A total of 17 people were injured. A security guard’s fingers are said to have been cut off during the attack. Videos on social media show that the attackers were mainly young people with a migration background.

Not to worry, authorities are on the case. Gendarmerie spokeswoman Marie-Laure Pezant has issued a statement:

“If the perpetrators are listening to us, it would perhaps be sensible for them to turn themselves in…”

The motive is not a secret:

The attackers said, “We’re here to kill white people.”

You thought they only wanted to kill Jews? Guess again.

Nov 20 2023

Believe All Women Unless…

If feminists were going to be reasonable about anything, it ought to be Islam, which has treated women as subhuman from the beginning. In the early days of Mohammad’s cult, a primary recruiting tool was the distribution of booty from the caravans it looted — including women who were captured as sex slaves. To this day, Islamic regimes repress women to such an extreme that they are forbidden to show their hair and in some places even their faces. Yet in the aftermath of October 7, feminist groups side with Islam:

After Hamas terrorists set about murdering, raping and abducting as many women as they could, one might have expected widespread condemnation from the West’s feminist groups. After all, Hamas had provided enough evidence of its crimes — within hours, they were posting footage of abducted young women in bloodied trousers being paraded around Gaza.

Not to mention that women’s Achilles tendons were slit so they couldn’t run away before getting gang raped.

The response among the majority of groups committed to ending violence against women and girls (VAWG) was threefold: to keep quiet, to disbelieve the victims, or to insinuate they deserved their fate. In the words of 140 American “prominent feminist scholars”, to stand in solidarity with Israeli women is to give in to “colonial feminism”.

In Liberalese, “colonial” means “pertaining to Western Civilization.”

The British feminist group Feministo has no evident issue with Islam but plenty of problems with all things “colonial” — including the existence of Israel. A demonstration demanding its surrender to terrorists who want the country erased shut down London’s Liverpool Street Station.

Afterwards, the charity issued a 600-word statement, filled with references to “apartheid”, “genocide” and disproved reports that the IDF had bombed Gaza’s Al-Ahli hospital. There was no mention, however, of the 239 abducted Israelis, roughly 100 of whom are believed to be women, or the sexual assaults that took place on October 7. When journalist Hadley Freeman pointed out this wasn’t terribly feminist of them, the group responded by claiming reports of Hamas’s sex attacks amounted to “the Islamophobic and racist weaponisation of sexual violence”. Towards the end of their rambling statement, they concluded: “no people would ever accept being murdered, humiliated, dispossessed, racially targeted, oppressed, cleansed, exiled and colonised without resisting.”

Murder isn’t murder if committed by a favored group against colonial women and children, who are the real murderers according to moonbat ideology.

The horrors inflicted on women on October 7 are well documented. Progressives dismiss the documentation as Israeli propaganda. Believe all women, unless it conflicts with the agenda.

Other feminist groups openly siding with Hamas terrorists in the aftermath of the nightmare last month include Southall Black Sisters, Women for Women UK, Women’s Place UK, and UN Women.

The testimony of Nachman Dyksztejna regarding the Islamic atrocities clarifies what feminists are siding with:

“In Kibbutz Be’eri, I witnessed bodies of two women with their hands and legs tied to a bed. One of these bodies we found was sexually terrorised with a knife stuck in her vagina and all her internal organs removed. After brutally violating these women, Hamas detonated the house on them, so we found them beneath a pile of stones.

“The mini shelters scattered from the Nova party site to road 34, shelters that had been broken into, were filled with piles of women. Their clothing was torn on the upper part, but their bottoms were completely naked. Piles and piles of women, dead bodies, lying this way. When you took a closer look at their heads, you saw a single shot straight to the brain of each.”

The scene makes a good metaphor for what leftists want done to all of us for being “colonial.”

None of this sounds very empowering for women. But then, feminists don’t care any more about women than climate kooks care about the weather or Black Lives Matter fellow travelers care about the welfare of blacks.

The issue is never the issue; the issue is always the destruction of civilization so that it can be replaced by a regime of inescapable moonbattery. Like feminism, Islam makes for a useful wrecking ball.

Hat tip: Maggie’s Farm.

Nov 19 2023

CAIR Amplifies Islamic Hate Hoax

Given what they stoop to in order to generate propaganda for their fellow travelers to run with — including torturing and murdering children and their parents in front of each other, as in the October 7 operation — it should surprise no one that jihadists utilize the hate hoax stratagem.

This is sure to yank on heartstrings:

Nasty Jews! Now for the rest of the story:

Authorities in North Ridgeville, Ohio, arrested 20-year-old Hesham A. Ayyad on Tuesday and charged him for allegedly faking a hate crime attack last month.

According to, On Oct. 22 Ayyad told the Cleveland chapter of the Islamic Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) that he was assaulted by someone in an SUV making “anti-Palestinian slurs.” However, investigators found his injuries were the result of a fight with his brother.

Not that CAIR would care. It exists to crybully and generate propaganda to advance the spread of Islamic domination.

On Oct. 23, CAIR issued a press release on the incident that said Ayyad was the victim of a “reported hit and run,” and said that “he was walking home from eating lunch when a car slowed down and rolled down the window. The driver of the car allegedly started yelling at him using anti-Palestinian statements like “Kill all Palestinians,” and “Long live Israel,” as he swerved his car to intimidate the victim. The driver then allegedly turned around and hit the man while shouting “DIE!”

If it’s too over the top to be true, that’s probably because it isn’t true — especially if the alleged victim is a member of a preferred victim group.

Hesham A. Ayyad and his brother Khalil A. Ayyad, 19, were both arrested on Tuesday. Hesham was charged with making false alarms, falsification, obstructing official business, domestic violence, and assault. Khalil was charged with domestic violence and assault.

After the truth came to light, CAIR propagandists profusely apologized and pulled the tweet you see above. Or maybe they didn’t.

On a tip from Sean G.


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