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Jan 16 2020

San Francisco Finds Another Excuse to Let Criminals Loose

The decriminalization of crime is steadily reducing California from the Golden State to an anarchotyrannical hellscape. Chesa Boudin — who was recently elected San Francisco District Attorney on a platform of F*** the Police — is doubling down.

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

Boudin on Tuesday announced the creation of a diversion program for primary caregiver parents of minor children — his first policy since being sworn in last week, and an issue that’s personal.

Here’s why it’s personal:

Boudin is the son of incarcerated parents, who were imprisoned when he was an infant for acting as getaway drivers in an armored car robbery in upstate New York in 1981 that left two police officers and a security guard dead.

Specifically, he is the offspring of Weather Underground terrorists David Gilbert and Kathy Boudin. While they sat in prison, Chesa was raised by their colleagues Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, who escaped punishment and launched the political career of Barack Obama from their home.

A “diversion program” is effectively a get out of jail free card.

The policy will suspend criminal proceeding for 6 to 24 months while a defendant goes through the program that may include parenting classes, anger management, job training, drug and alcohol treatment, and counseling.

If the defendant completes the program successfully, the court will dismiss the criminal charges.

Assuming he gets word of this down in hell, San Fransicko’s patron saint Harvey Milk, a homosexual who preyed on children, must be delighted about the benefit to sex criminals:

A misdemeanor charge of contacting a minor with the intent to commit a sexual offense, for example, requires an offender to register as a sex offender and future violations carry state prison terms.

No conviction thanks to the diversion program means no registration requirement.

Putting the bad guys in charge has consequences.

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Jan 15 2020

Bar Association: Investigate Barr for Praising Judeo-Christian Values

If would be difficult to overstate the political extremism, irresponsibility, and outright malice of the liberal legal establishment. The New York City Bar Association actually sent a letter to Congress demanding that Attorney General Bill Barr be investigated for “ethics” violations that consist only of thought crimes — one of which is expressing a positive view of the “Judeo-Christian values” upon which Western Civilization is based.

From the Wall Street Journal:

[T]he organization is incensed that Mr. Barr gave a speech at the University of Notre Dame praising “Judeo-Christian values.” They say he implicitly rejected other religions and therefore disregarded his obligation to appear unbiased.

To be “unbiased” is to hold only biases approved by radical leftists.

Barr’s alleged iniquity does not stop with praising Judeo-Christian values:

The bar continues with a laundry-list of partisan complaints about Mr. Barr, including his vocal opposition to criminal-justice reform, his summary of the Mueller investigation and his interpretation of the Inspector General’s report on the FBI’s conduct in the 2016 election.

These are contested issues that members of the bar are entitled to disagree with or challenge, but it’s laughable to suggest they may constitute “ethics” violations.

Progressives have replaced morality with political correctness. In their world, “ethical” means “compliant with liberal ideology.”

As for actual ethics violations,

Nowhere does the letter point to Mr. Barr bringing unwarranted prosecutions or failing to enforce the law.

But actual ethics violations are irrelevant. A previous Attorney General helped Mexican criminals smuggle guns across the border. Since the probable motive was to generate propaganda against the Second Amendment, it is doubtful that the New York City Bar Association had a problem with it.

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Jan 13 2020

Somali Gets 7 Days for Killing American

Donald Giusti ought to be buried at Arlington. As noted earlier, he died defending his country from foreign invasion. The 38-year-old father of two was beaten to death by Somalis, apparently after asking them to stop shooting non-Somalis with pellet guns at a park in Lewiston, Maine.

At least justice has been done — just kidding:

A Lewiston man involved with the 2018 melee near Kennedy Park that left a man dead was sentenced Monday in Androscoggin County Superior Court to seven days in jail and a $300 fine.

Pierre Musafiri, 23, was facing a misdemeanor assault charge for kicking Donald Giusti while he lay badly injured on Knox Street after a confrontation between two groups near Kennedy Park on June 12, 2018.

Seven days and a small fine for taking part in killing a man. How convenient for Somali colonists that they can enjoy the same anarchy here as in their savage homeland.

Comments are not available on the source story. The liberals in charge aren’t big on crime prevention, but they do sometimes employ thoughtcrime prevention.

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Jan 13 2020

Maniacs, Bank Robbers Run Loose as New York Disintegrates

Its system of government — namely, anarchotyranny — is making New York State unlivable. Regulations make life hell for anyone trying to open a small business or even supply electricity, whereas sociopaths know that the liberals in charge take their side.

Eugene Webb is a case in point:

Webb, 26, was arrested Friday night for aggressive panhandling near a bank entrance in Greenwich Village, just one day after he was hauled in for allegedly slugging a 23-year-old woman in the face so hard that two of her teeth were knocked out.

Webb, who police say is homeless, also attacked a second woman near Grand Central Terminal just hours after the Wednesday attack, punching the 35-year-old and kicking the back of her head, prosecutors said.

Webb has a long rap sheet, but this was rendered irrelevant by New York State’s demented bail reform.

It isn’t only psycho bums who benefit from the collapse of civilization in the erstwhile Empire State. Via Daily Mail:

A serial bank robber targeted four New York banks, was released under the city’s new law which requires no bail for holding suspects, only to strike a fifth financial institution, police claim.

The suspect, Gerold Woodberry, 42, is alleged to have robbed banks in New York’s Midtown Manhattan, Harlem, West Village and the Upper West Side, since December 30, sources said.

However, under the new ‘no bail’ law, he was released on Thursday.

Progressives might argue that banks have lots of money, so what’s the big deal?

Meanwhile, law-abiding citizens are prevented from defending themselves. They are advised to avoid New York at all costs, as they would any other hellhole that is succumbing to the Democrat Death Spiral.

The face of the new New York.

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Jan 03 2020

Anarchotyranny Files: Farkell Hopkins

No need to travel all the way to Venezuela to observe the fascinating paradox of leftist politics known as anarchotyranny. New York City is much closer. There you can witness a regime so oppressive that using the term “illegal immigrant” has been criminalized; meanwhile, drunk-driving maniacs like Farkell Hopkins are allowed to run loose.

From the New York Post:

A man who allegedly hit and killed a pedestrian while driving drunk in East Harlem is back on the streets for now — thanks to the state’s new criminal justice reforms, authorities said Thursday.

Farkell Hopkins, 23, was arrested on charges of vehicular manslaughter and DWI at the scene of the deadly New Year’s Eve collision, but was cut loose before he was even arraigned.

Manhattan DA spokesman Danny Frost explains how the moonbats in charge hamstring prosecutors on behalf of criminals:

“Under the new mandates, prosecutors must obtain and provide charged persons with a variety of materials within 15 days of arraignment,” he continued. “Accordingly, in a number of cases, prosecutors will defer charges until they are confident that discovery obligations can be fulfilled within fifteen days of arraignment on those charges.”

NYC has gone out of its way to welcome into its bosom at least 535,000 illegal aliens. When they break laws and are temporarily cut loose for bureaucratic reasons, what are the odds of ever finding them again? They will be lucky to find Hopkins, if they ever go through with his prosecution.

Being a prosecutor in a city run by moonbats could be the world’s most thankless job. The deck is always stacked against you — unless you work in the DA’s office in San Francisco, which is explicitly and aggressively on the side of the criminals under terrorist offspring Chesa Boudin.

Even if Hopkins is arraigned, he will likely be released again anyway under the new rules that took effect on New Year’s Day. Aggravated vehicular homicide is on the long list of crimes, many of them serious, for which NYC will now release culprits without bail.

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Dec 20 2019

Sixteen Years for Burning Rainbow Flag

You may burn the flag of the USA, which represents freedom and America’s great heritage. The Supreme Court has ruled that it is your constitutional right. The rainbow flag, representing degeneracy and sexual perversion, is another matter. That might get you 16 years in prison.

From Iowa:

An Ames man was sentenced Wednesday to about 16 years in prison after he set fire to a church’s LGBTQ flag in June.

Adolfo Martinez, 30, of Ames, was found guilty last month of third-degree arson in violation of individual rights — hate crime, third-degree harassment, and reckless use of fire as a habitual offender.

I get it. He burned the flag in the desecrated church. That’s arson, all right. It could have caused serious damage or even risked lives.

But wait:

He was arrested after stealing a pride banner hanging at Ames United Church of Christ, 217 6th St., and burning it early June 11 outside Dangerous Curves Gentleman’s Club, 111 5th St., police said.

It appears the steep sentence was not for setting something on fire or for petty larceny, but for showing disrespect toward perversion and degeneracy, which is highly taboo in a culture in which reverence for these cultural toxins is mandatory.

Per AP, Martinez was sentenced “to 15 years for the hate crime of arson, as well as a year for the reckless use of explosives or fire, and 30 days for harassment. The sentences are to be served consecutively…”

Over 16 years. For perspective, Latrez Cummings got 6 months for causing white guy Steve Utash severe head injuries while Polar Bear Hunting. Jeffrey Hurant got the same 6 months for pimping male prostitutes. In the UK, a transsexual calling himself “Katie Dolatowski” got a community sentence for sexually assaulting a 10-year-old girl in the ladies’ restroom.

As Whoopi Goldberg might put it, these may have been crimes, but they weren’t crime-crimes from the viewpoint of the liberal establishment. Burning the sacred (to moonbats) rainbow flag — now that is a crime-crime.

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Nov 27 2019

Women Beaten for Being White in New York

There isn’t much punishment for pimps who dismember their “girlfriends” in New York, but the penalty for the more serious crime of being white keeps getting stiffer.

Via the New York Post:

Actress Jennifer Agostini, 43, and swimsuit model Prendinellys Garcia, 47, ran up a nearly $1,000 tab at Midtown lounge Sky Room for their friend’s birthday Saturday night before leaving around 3 a.m. Sunday, their Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit says.

But on their way out of the West 40th Street club, they got jumped and beaten to the ground by a group of 10 to 15 people who were yelling “white motherf—ers,” “dirty white b—-es” and “f—k those white b—-es and their money,” the court papers say.

Their suit is to force the bar to “keep surveillance video and other records of the incident” on the off chance that they can get some justice even in the moonbat dystopia New York. Good luck to them.

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Nov 27 2019

Pimp Gets 4 Years for Dismembering Woman in New York

Silva Koshwal should have brought his former girlfriend to New York before disemboweling her. Instead of facing 10 years before he is eligible for parole, he might have received an even lighter wrist slap. Somorie Moses of Brooklyn faces only a few years behind bars despite admitting that he dismembered his “girlfriend” Leandra Foster.

Via the New York Daily News:

The jury rejected a murder verdict, and instead convicted Moses of criminally negligent homicide and concealment of a corpse.

Moses faces a prison term of up to four years on the criminally negligent homicide charge.

The generous verdict was not a reward for having been an upstanding citizen.

Moses has a long criminal past and was convicted in 2006 of promoting the prostitution of an underage girl, officials said.

The defense argued that just because he hacked her up into little pieces doesn’t mean he killed her.

Police found the 32-year-old victim’s torso and other body parts at a waste transfer station in Hunts Point, the Bronx in January 2017. Then they found her severed head in Moses’ Flatbush, Brooklyn apartment.

Moses had threatened Foster in text messages, promising to make her “eyes close forever.” But the jury was not about to jump to conclusions.

Assistant District Attorney Sabeeha Madni … contended that [Moses] routinely hurt [Foster] if she broke his “rules,” threatened her, made her have sex with multiple men a day, and finally, on Jan. 12, 2017, beat her to death.

The defense admitted that Moses was her pimp, actually arguing that he would not have killed her because “a businessman does not like to lose money.” Moses described himself as a “gangster pimp” when he took the stand, no doubt endearing himself to the edgily hip Brooklyn jury.

You might think that Leandra Foster’s sad tale of female oppression would resonate in such a left-leaning locale. But in actual practice, women fall far below criminals on the liberal totem pole. Otherwise, progressives would not be so hostile to gun rights.

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Nov 19 2019

New York Descends Into Anarchotyranny

Government grows ever larger in New York State, as Democrats begin to consolidate total control as they have in California and Chicago. Despite government’s increasingly intrusive and ubiquitous presence, this is good news for criminals.

The Second Amendment is arrogantly infringed upon. The Governor’s office has conducted a punitive war against energy producers. At both the state and local level, taxpayers are forced to fund illegal immigration.

In New York City, the base of Democrat power, banks are driven out by confiscatory taxation. The term “illegal alien” is criminalized. You may soon need a license to ride a bicycle. Neighborhoods are coercively reduced to slums with rent control.

Meanwhile, on the street, law and order has been collapsing. This is likely to get worse, thanks to a criminal justice reform plan according to which suspects will be released without bail for a variety of serious offenses, starting next January. Per WTEN/WETM, these crimes include:

• Assault in the third degree
• Aggravated vehicular assault
• Aggravated assault upon a person less than eleven years old
• Criminally negligent homicide
• Aggravated vehicular homicide
• Manslaughter in the second degree
• Unlawful imprisonment in the first degree
• Coercion in the first degree
• Arson in the third and fourth degree
• Grand larceny in the first degree
• Specified felony drug offenses involving the use of children, including the use of a child to commit a controlled substance offense and criminal sale of a controlled substance to a child
• Money laundering in support of terrorism in the third and fourth degree
• Promoting an obscene sexual performance by a child
• Possessing an obscene sexual performance by a child
• Bribery in the first degree
• Aggravated harassment in the first degree
• Directing a laser at an aircraft in the first degree
• Enterprise corruption and money laundering in the first degree…

…and plenty more.

This is the kind of lunacy New Yorkers are in for:

In one recent case, a suspect in Warren County, New York, was charged with second-degree manslaughter after he allegedly killed a bystander while leading police on a high-speed chase. Though the suspect is currently behind bars awaiting trial, he will be released in January when the new bail laws go into effect.

Another case last week saw an accused drug dealer — who allegedly caused the death of a man who overdosed on drugs sold to him by the dealer’s crew — publicly thanking Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) for signing the jailbreak legislation, the New York Daily News reported.

“Cuomo for president!” the accused drug dealer shouted in Spanish.

Leftism is a criminal ideology, based on thievery and moral degeneracy. Put leftists in charge and the criminals run free; it is the productive citizens who are treated like criminals.

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Nov 12 2019

Supreme Court Sounds Death Knell for Gun Rights

Only witless thugs like Ralph Northam, Beto O’Rourke, and Greg Swalwell are crude enough to risk armed resistance by attempting to impose direct confiscation of firearms in flagrant violation of the US Constitution. The time to drop the mask that disguises raw despotism is after the American public has been disarmed, not before. Accomplishing this task will be done by devious rather than direct means. After the “mainstream” media, the second favorite tool of the soft tyrant is the lawsuit.

Via the Jerusalem Post:

The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday dealt a blow to the firearms industry, rejecting Remington Arms Co’s bid to escape a lawsuit by families of victims aiming to hold the gun maker liable for its marketing of the assault-style rifle used in the 2012 Sandy Hook school massacre…

The emotions stirred by Sandy Hook guarantee a jackpot judgment that will put Remington out of operation.

The justices turned away Remington’s appeal of a ruling by Connecticut’s top court to let the lawsuit proceed despite a federal law that broadly shields firearms manufacturers from liability when their weapons are used in crimes.

Another advantage of looting gun manufacturers and retailers into oblivion rather than attempting to ban guns outright is that a large percentage of the money acquired by trial lawyers is funneled back into the Democrat Party to keep the skids greased.

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Nov 02 2019

Cop Shot Nine Times, Gets Sued

If a criminal can be awarded $11 million after dragging a police officer with his car, how much can be collected by the family of a maniac who shot a cop nine times? We will know soon; a lawsuit against Jacob Carlson, formerly of the Casper Police Department, has been filed:

Carlson responded to a call about a man who was allowing children as young as three years to drive a car. Rather than obeying the law or minding the safety of those young children and others, David Wolosin shot at Carlson multiple times. Carlson returned fire, shooting and killing Wolosin.

Now, Wolosin’s family has filed a lawsuit against the officers involved, the police department, and the City for the emotional distress the children suffered when they watched as their “loving uncle” was killed.

Here’s what the loving uncle had just done to a law enforcement officer:

Carlson suffered a shattered pelvis, a severed artery in his pelvic area, infections, and nerve damage from the nine bullets inflicted by Wolosin.

Unsurprisingly, Carlson was left disabled and unable to continue working as a police officer. On top of all he has suffered, he has the relatives of the criminal who did this to him coming after his bank account.

Good thing this happened Wyoming. A New York jury might award them every penny he has.

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Nov 01 2019

$20 Million for Allegedly Being Told to Tone Down Gayness

The problem with committing vehicular assault by dragging a police officer down a busy street with your car is that a jury may award you only $11 million. You can make $20 million if you are a cop yourself and allege that someone told you to “tone down your gayness”:

St. Louis County Police Sgt. Keith Wildhaber was performing a routine security check at a local restaurant in 2014 when the owner offered up some surprising career advice, according to a 2017 lawsuit.

Wildhaber was applying to be promoted to lieutenant, the lawsuit said, and word had gotten around to owner John Saracino, who was also on the St. Louis County Board of Police Commissioners at the time.

“The command staff has a problem with your sexuality,” Saracino allegedly told Wildhaber, according to the lawsuit. “If you ever want to see a white shirt (i.e., get a promotion), you should tone down your gayness.”

Saracino has denied the conversation took place.

However, Wildhaber didn’t get the promotion, indicating that it conceivably might have taken place. Pony up, taxpayers!

Wildhaber’s suit claimed that he was passed up for promotion because “he does not conform to the County’s gender-based norms, expectations, and/or preferences.” But he certainly fits the preferences of the liberal establishment, which are imposed through our legal system.

In addition to the massive jackpot, he gets revenge on those who didn’t promote him:

After the jury’s decision Friday, county officials called for police department leadership to step down.

If you want a successful career, declare yourself to be homosexual and act the part as flamboyantly as possible. No one will dare not put you first in line for promotions.

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Oct 31 2019

Criminal Is Awarded $11 Million After Assaulting Cop

In the moonbat dystopia of New York City, criminal lowlifes have the wind at their back. Society operates on their behalf. Say you’re an unemployed heroin addict with a long rap sheet who drags a police officer with your car. A court might pay you $11 million for it.

Via the New York Post:

A heroin addict with nearly 20 arrests to his name allegedly dragged a cop along a busy Bronx street while fleeing a traffic stop, forcing another lawman to shoot him — and a jury just handed him an $11 million payday…

During “a two-week-long bender” in 2006, Raoul Lopez was pulled over for rolling through a stop sign. After he refused to comply with an order to shut off the engine, officer Zinos Konstantinides reached in for the key. Lopez hit the gas, dragging Konstantinides along busy Grand Concourse.

Another officer shot the maniac in the neck, fearing that his partner would be killed. As a result, Lopez suffers partial paralysis on the right side.

He was lucky to survive his potentially lethal assault on a police officer (for which he was unsurprisingly acquitted). He is even luckier to have committed his crime in the Bronx, where a jury would be likely to reward it generously.

Civilization is not something police can impose. When a society decays so that criminals are no longer the outliers, cops either become criminals themselves or are ineffectual due to lack of support.

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Oct 30 2019

African Mugger Beaten in London

Politically, Britain has decayed to the point that it would be foolish to expect the police to contain the exploding crime rate. Already people are beginning to take matters into their own hands. Here an African mugger gets a public beating after robbing a Chinese tourist in London:

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Oct 22 2019

Court Imposes Transsexual Transition on 7-Year-Old Boy

The transsexual agenda is the point where maximum depravity meets maximum tyranny. It is supported by the social engineers running the media and imposed through a judiciary rendered insane by moonbattery. In Dallas, a jury has ruled against Jeffrey Younger in his attempt to prevent his 7-year-old son James from becoming deformed into a freakish parody of a girl.

Via Life Site News:

This means James’ mother, Dr. Anne Georgulas, will be able to continue “transitioning” him into “Luna,” and now has full authority to start him on puberty blockers and eventually cross-sex hormones.

Younger had joint custody of James. No longer.

Little James isn’t the only victim…

The jury’s decision likely means that Mr. Younger will be required to “affirm” James as a girl, despite his religious and moral objections, and will also be forced to take a class on transgenderism.

…and neither is Jeffrey Younger. We all suffer, because it has been affirmed that we no longer enjoy even fundamental First Amendment liberties, but subsist under the heel of a tyranny so twisted that no previous generation could have imagined it.

Younger argues his ex-wife is “transitioning” James against the boy’s will.

This would make the horror of what they are doing to an innocent child all the more intolerable — not that it would be acceptable if his social engineer mom had been able to brainwash him into going along. The kid is 7 years old.

Transgender-identifying individuals, even when encouraged in their confusion, suffer from more psychological issues than the general population, have shorter lifespans, and are more likely to commit suicide.

There is also a long list of physical side effects associated with the hormone therapy “transitioning” process, which should have been left on the island of Dr Moreau. These include but are not limited to deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, high triglycerides, gallstones, weight gain, liver problems, hyperkalemia, hypertension, diabetes, hyperprolactinemia, and of course, infertility.

But progressives regard destroying a child’s body and mind as a small price to pay for “inclusion.”

James is a product of in vitro fertilization. He is not biologically related to the sick woman who is ruining his young life on behalf of the liberal agenda.

More from Life Site News:

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Oct 13 2019

Illegal Alien Shoots Transsexual, Is Turned Loose

Sexual deviants rank high on the Cultural Marxist totem pole, as evidenced by the grotesquely obsequious pandering of Democrat presidential candidates to LGBT militants at a Town Hall run by gay CNN hosts. But violent criminals may rank higher still, to judge from this story of a shooter turned loose:

The man accused of shooting a transgender woman in Dallas last month was deported in 2010 and is committing a felony by being in the U.S., according to Immigration and Customs Enforcement. His current whereabouts are unknown.

Determining the immigration status of criminals who fit the profile of illegal aliens appears not to be a high priority in our legal system.

Domingo Ramirez-Cayente, a 29-year-old Mexican citizen, was arrested Sept. 24 and charged with aggravated assault. According to an affidavit, he admitted to police that he attacked Daniela Calderon, 35, who was shot six times in the abdomen, hip and chest. Days later, Ramirez-Cayente posted bond and was released from the Dallas County jail.

Judge Hal Turley set his bond at an affordable $25,000 and did not require him to wear an ankle monitor. No matter; ankle monitors are easily removed anyway, as many an illegal alien can tell you.

Ramirez-Cayente is undocumented and was deported nine years ago. Immigrants who reenter the country after having been removed can be charged with a felony, punishable by up to 20 years in federal prison. ICE is encouraging anyone with information about his whereabouts to contact local immigration enforcement officials.

If Ramirez-Cayente is smart, he will settle someplace run by moonbats, like California, Chicago, or Fairfax County, Virginia, where cops can get in big trouble for notifying ICE about illegal aliens.

The plot thickens. The victim is an illegal alien too.

An undocumented immigrant from Honduras, Calderon hopes to secure a U visa, which allows victims of certain crimes to stay in the U.S. and eventually apply for a green card if they provide information about what happened to them to law enforcement.

Calderon says his assailant not only shot him but also subjected him to “homophobic and transphobic slurs.” Like so many others from Central America, he will probably be allowed to stay on the grounds that he would not be safe from violence back in his own country. Oh wait…

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