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Nov 20 2020

Colin Kaepernick Calls for Release of Cop-Killer Mumia Abu-Jamal

To get a clear idea where the Black Lives Matter movement is coming from, look to Colin Kaepernick, a washed-up athlete who started the fad of kneeling disrespectfully during the national anthem because America is “racist.”

This appalling practice spread throughout sports at the peak of Black Lives Matter rioting. Rather than stand for their country, absurdly overpaid athletes chose to kneel to Marxist race rioters.

Kaepernick personifies the BLM mentality. He surprises no one when he denounces America. He surprised no one on Monday when he championed former Black Panther and convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal:

Kaepernick called upon the Philadelphia district attorney’s office to release Abu-Jamal, claiming that he was framed after falling prey to police brutality.

No serious person believes that Abu-Jamal is innocent. Five witnesses saw him assassinate Officer Daniel Faulkner. The trial was an open-and-shut case that he turned into a circus, winning the hearts of leftists.

Abu-Jamal murdered Faulkner in 1981. He was sentenced to death. That he is still alive is itself a crime.

Kaepernick doesn’t speak only for himself:

Kaepernick emphasized that the Black Lives Matter movement demands that Abu-Jamal be released from prison so that his legacy matters.

This legacy is on display every time a police officer is ambushed.

Savagery and murder. That’s what the athletes genuflect before. That’s what the Democrat Party obsequiously embraces. That’s what Nike glorifies by choosing Kaepernick to represent it.

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Nov 04 2020

Consequences of Decriminalized Shoplifting in California

Guess what you get more of when you elect pro-crime Democrats? That’s right, crime. What do you get less of? Businesses, as well as both the merchandise and jobs that businesses provide. California has confirmed this by effectively decriminalizing shoplifting.

The Wall Street Journal takes stock of the consequences:

Another Walgreens store in San Francisco, the seventh this year, is closing after its shelves were cleared by looters.

Clerks watch helplessly in accordance with the policy that Walgreens has been forced to adopt as criminals walk out with whatever catches their eye. Serial thieves commonly work in teams to clear out the goods.

Better the store should be robbed than robbed and then sued.

Several retailers in the state have been sued by people caught shoplifting who claimed to be victims of racial profiling. Businesses understandably fear bad publicity and hefty payouts that may exceed their losses from the theft.

As for the thieves, even a wrist slap would constitute racist oppression:

Some large retailers including Goodwill, Walmart and Bloomingdale’s sought to punish shoplifters by requiring them to take a class in “life skills” to avoid a criminal complaint. The San Francisco city attorney then sued the educational company that provided the classes for extortion and false imprisonment.

As the erstwhile Golden State illustrates, you put the bad guys in charge, and the good guys become the bad guys, as far as the law is concerned.

In California, in short, trying to protect one’s property can be a criminal offense. Looters, on the other hand, typically go free thanks to a 2014 referendum that turned theft of property valued at less than $950 into a misdemeanor. Police stopped apprehending shoplifters because it wasn’t worth their time as thieves were released.

Sad as it is to lose California as a test case in a failed experiment in applied moonbattery, it would be sadder still to lose the whole country.

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Oct 22 2020

CAREN Act: Racial Caste System Applied to 911 Calls

Give Democrats power and they will codify our racial caste system into law. San Francisco proves it by passing an act that exposes you to legal jeopardy if you call 911 on a Miscreant of Color:

San Francisco supervisors unanimously voted on Tuesday to pass the Caution Against Racially and Exploitative Non-Emergencies (CAREN) Act that makes racially-motivated phone calls to 911 illegal.

Who determines your motivation for making a 911 call? The moonbats in charge, of course.

It’s a good thing they can read our minds. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to punish us for our thoughts when we commit hate crimes.

The name is a clear nod to the online moniker “Karen” often used to describe the behavior of a middle-aged white woman acting entitled or demanding.

That is, the very name of the act is a racial slur against those at the bottom of the caste system, Caucasians.

The act would accommodate a civil cause of action for the victim of discrimination to recover damages of at least $1,000 in damages plus attorney fees.

Citizens will think twice about calling 911 on Trayvon Martin types casing their neighborhood for burglary if a call to the cops will cost them this much cash.

2020, California — what a great time and place to be a criminal.

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Oct 21 2020

Soros-Financed DA Gets Houston Officer Harold Preston Killed

The moonbattery George Soros is using his fortune to impose is getting people killed. If black lives matter, why doesn’t Harold Preston’s life matter?

Via American Greatness:

A police sergeant in Houston, Texas was shot dead Tuesday morning by a suspect who was in police custody just two days earlier, but was allowed to go free when the Democrat district attorney refused to press charges.

HPD Sergeant Harold Preston had been with the Houston Police Department for 41-years and was due to retire at the end of the year, according to the Montgomery County Police Reporter. The local pro-police paper is urging voters to oust the D.A., whose campaign for office was bankrolled by left-wing billionaire George Soros.

Suspect Elmer Manzano has multiple prior assaults on his rap sheet. He allegedly shot Preston repeatedly in the head, also wounding another officer as well as his own 14-year-old son, who was rushed to the hospital for an arm wound.

Two days previously,

On October 18, HPD Officers responded to a domestic disturbance call from Manzano’s ex-wife. She told officers that Manzano was at the location brandishing a gun threatening her and her children. Police arrested Manzano that day, but Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg declined to take charges, and instructed police to release him.

It gets worse:

Ogg also told police to return the six bullets he had in his pocket, and to allow him to keep his gun which he claimed was locked in his safe.

A DA can go a long way without having to charge herself with accessory to murder.

Soros spent $500,000 on ads to install Ogg in power. He is getting his money’s worth in terms of mayhem.

The problem isn’t limited to Houston:

Soros-backed DAs in other cities such as Philadelphia, St. Louis, and San Francisco “have fired scores of experienced prosecutors and, as promised, stopped prosecuting low-level quality-of-life crimes such as disorderly conduct, vagrancy and loitering,” resulting in skyrocketing crime and frayed relationships with police departments, the Washington Times reported.

It isn’t as if Soros-owned DAs won’t prosecute anybody. Kim Gardner in St Louis is prosecuting Mark and Patricia McCloskey for standing in their own yard with firearms to prevent a Black Lives Matter mob from looting and burning their home.

George Soros may be the most conspicuously malevolent leftist on the planet. He set off the Asian financial crisis in 1997–1998 and broke the bank of England. Like his beneficiary Manzano, Soros is a convicted felon, having been found guilty of insider trading in France. Russia knows better than to allow him in the country, as do various other nations.

According to Ginni Thomas, wife of Clarence Thomas, Soros is “really running” the Democratic Party. He has helped to drive the party off the rails and into the fever swamps of the radical left, and is now using it as a tool to destroy our country from within. If you would like to help him, vote Democrat.

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Oct 09 2020

Biden Confirms He Will Reduce Supreme Court to Junta

If there is a constitutional right to abort inconvenient babies and to marry members of the same sex, who is to say there is no constitutional right to “free” (i.e., socialist) medical care? A “free” house and car, paid for by someone else? Maybe there is a constitutional right to be protected from people offending you by challenging your left-wing political views. There might be a constitutional right to be kept safe from coronavirus by new restrictions that require wearing a mask at all times and never leaving your house without explicit permission. Somewhere in the Constitution’s imaginary penumbras, there might also be a right to an unchanging climate guaranteed by a ban on the fossil fuels that keep the lights on.

Anything would be possible if the Supreme Court becomes a rubber stamp for the radical left. Various “voting rights” rulings could be employed to prevent there from ever being another election that Democrats might lose.

It would go beyond ruling that unconstitutional legislation is constitutional after all. That, we have managed to survive for years. Turning the court into a true rubber stamp means legislation would no longer be required, as with Roe v Wade. That is what is likely to happen if Biden wins.

The Daily Caller lists seven of the times Biden and Harris have resolutely refused to answer whether they will pack the Supreme Court with as many leftist flunkies as necessary to reduce it to a rubber stamp. You can take their refusal to answer as a yes.

An explicitly politicized court that exists for the sole purpose of implementing the Left’s agenda would not be a court at all, since it would no longer be interpreting law but rather imposing its own law. It wouldn’t even be a legislature in the sense we are used to, since it would be unelected and have an indefinite term. It would be a junta.

We made a big mistake when we allowed the Supreme Court to become the most powerful branch of the government by submitting to unconstitutional rulings. This will become obvious when the court is controlled by ideologues hostile to our way of life.

Imagine if every pernicious whim emerging from the liberal media fever swamps were converted into the law of the land. We will be in that situation if the people programing Biden’s teleprompter are able to reduce the Supreme Court to their tool.

Yesterday in Phoenix, Biden confirmed once again that he will not say whether he will pack the court until the election is over, on the grounds that if “I answer that question, the headline in every one of your papers will be about that.”

True enough. It would be the biggest news story since 1776. Packing the court would profoundly alter America, which until now has been a constitutional republic and a free country.

By not answering the question, Biden answers it affirmatively — but in a way that allows his media enablers to play it down.

Anyone with respect for American institutions would immediately reject the notion of destroying our system of government by subverting the court.

To vote for these people is to cancel the sacrifice of every American who died to defend our liberty.

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Oct 07 2020

McCloskeys Indicted for Defending Home From Mob

Imagine being ruled by the vicious mobs that have been rioting at will for months. In some parts of the country, we already are — St Louis, for example:

A St. Louis grand jury on Tuesday handed down indictments against Mark and Patricia McCloskey, charged in July with brandishing weapons at protesters outside the couple’s Portland Place mansion.

The McCloskeys stood on their own yard holding firearms to ward off Black Lives Matter maniacs who had apparently just torn down a gate to invade their private community. If the McCloskeys had not taken a courageous stand, their home may have been vandalized or even burned to the ground.

Hilariously, they are charged with placing the riotous brownshirts who invaded their property in fear of injury.

Gasps Mark McCloskey,

“We didn’t fire a shot. People were violently protesting in front of our house and screaming death threats and threats of rape and threats of arson. Nobody gets charged but we get charged.”


Nine protesters were charged with trespassing over the incident, but local officials refused to prosecute them.

But Soros-backed St Louis circuit attorney Kim Gardner wasn’t slow to prosecute the McCloskeys for defending their home and exercising a fundamental right enshrined in the Second Amendment.

Democrat authorities openly side with the mob against law-abiding citizens. Defending yourself will not be permitted.

It isn’t just right versus left. It is civilization versus savagery, good versus evil.

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair.

Oct 02 2020

NY AG Letitia James Effectively Legalizes Minor Crimes

Joe Biden won’t say who he would appoint to the Supreme Court, but New York Attorney General Letitia James is considered to be on the short list. She meets all three of the requirements: (1) black, (2) female, and (3) left-wing. To get an idea of how terrifying this is, and of why people have been leaving New York in droves as it degenerates into anarchy, consider that James has exploited the police shooting of Allan Feliz to effectively legalize minor crimes.

When Feliz was pulled over by Officer Jonathan Rivera last October, he produced his brother’s driver’s license instead of his own. As in other events exploited by leftists to advance their agenda, the situation escalated and Feliz ended up dead.

Via Hot Air:

Using that incident as an example, the AG is now recommending that officers no longer conduct arrests of individuals during traffic stops if they have outstanding warrants for a variety of classes of minor offenses. These would include bench warrants for failing to appear in court or more minor, public nuisance offenses.

As with Michael Brown, George Floyd, Jacob Blake, Breonna Taylor, et al., Feliz requires airbrushing to qualify for sainthood, and the actual events surrounding his demise must be altered or suppressed in the interests of the racist cops narrative.

First of all Seargent Rivera is Hispanic himself. And Feliz wasn’t some innocent victim of circumstances. The reason he gave over his brother’s ID instead of his own was that he was on parole from convictions on a variety of federal offenses at the time. He also had quantities of both cocaine and methamphetamines in the vehicle…

Feliz also didn’t comply with the officer’s instructions. Instead, he continually attempted to drive the vehicle away. He was only shot after nearly running over Rivera’s partner.

Ignoring outstanding warrants during traffic stops equates to not issuing warrants at all. Police do not have time to chase down petty criminals with the city going to hell all around them.

This represents the broken windows policy in reverse. Instead of preventing big crimes by cracking down on small ones, which is the strategy Rudy Giuliani used to make New York City livable, leftists are making minor crime effectively legal.

New Yorkers at least have the option of getting the hell out in favor of states not run by leftists who side with criminals against society. When these maniacs secure control of the federal government, escaping the chaos will not be so easy.

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair.

Sep 25 2020

Convicted Cop Killer to Be Released

With police officers being shot in the street by mostly peaceful Black Lives Matter rioters, liberal readers will agree that now is a great time to release a convicted cop killer with a black supremacist background.

Via PIX11:

A man convicted in the 1971 Black Liberation Army assassination of two NYPD officers will be released on parole in October, the widow and daughter of NYPD Patrolman Joseph Piagentini told PIX11.

The killer is known as Anthony Bottom, though he now goes by Jalil Abdul Mutaqim. He is expected to be released within a month into a society much more receptive to his ideology, now that it has evolved into the quasi-official religion of the liberal establishment.

Bottom/Mutaqim has been in state prison for over 43 years. This is far too long. In a sane world, he would only have been locked up long enough to hold the trial.

Then he would have been executed. That way, we wouldn’t have to worry about the liberals who run New York setting him loose again.

Bottom lured two patrolmen with a phony 911 call so as to kill them. Murdering police officers has since been endorsed by the music industry through songs like “Cop Killer” by Ice-T and “F*** the Police” by NWA.

Bottom and two other BLA members had come to New York from California specifically to assassinate police officers.

When the officers responded to the housing project, they were ambushed from behind with a fusillade of bullets.

As if any other reasons were needed not inflict Bottom on the public, he is said to have coronavirus.

Bottom appeared before the parole board on September 11, reminding us how much things have changed in 19 years. The attack on America is on a far more massive scale now, and comes from within. Police are no longer honored for their bravery, but rather are vilified and sometimes even imprisoned.

President of NYC’s Police Benevolent Association Patrick Lynch is less than pleased with Bottom’s impending release:

“They knew that changing the parole guidelines would unleash more vicious killers like Anthony Bottom back onto our streets,” Lynch said. “They have chosen to stand with the murderers, cold-blooded assassins, and radicals bent on overthrowing our society. We have now seen 16 cop killers released in less than three years. We will continue to see more unless New Yorkers wake up and speak out against the madness being done in their names.”

That is not going to happen soon, with the last sane people pouring out of the state.

Background on Bottom shows that the more things change, the more they stay the same:

Bottom had joined the Black Panther Party in the late 1960s, after the assassination of civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

He believed that armed resistance was necessary to address systemic racism in society.

With that attitude, maybe he can find work as an anchor on CNN.

Liberal authorities who release these fiends back onto the streets should be charged as accomplices to their future crimes.

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Sep 25 2020

Open Thread

To send men to the firing squad, judicial proof is unnecessary. These procedures are an archaic bourgeois detail. This is a revolution! And a revolutionary must become a cold killing machine motivated by pure hate. - Che Guevara
Sep 24 2020

Sex Fiend Menaces Mother and Children in NYC, Is Set Loose

There are still a few good Samaritans left, even in a place as cynical as New York City. When Denis Goncharov saw a violent pervert menace a mother and her two small children in Hudson River Park, he heroically intervened, while others passively recorded with their phones.

From the New York Post:

As a dad of two grade-school-age girls himself, Goncharov, 33, says he didn’t think twice about leaping between a terrified family and a deranged man who had walked up to their park bench last week and starting masturbating.

Goncharov chased the creep for more than half a mile through Greenwich Village to help cops catch him — even after the still-exposed man picked up a brick from the ground and ran at his head with it.

The maniac also called Goncharov “white trash” and spit on him. He was identified as 34-year-old Justin Merritt.

Merritt has a long misdemeanor rap sheet — mostly for criminal possession of stolen property, trespassing and turnstile jumping, but with at least one aggravated harassment arrest thrown in, law enforcement sources said.

To this lengthy résumé, police added lewdness, harassment, menacing, and criminal possession of a weapon. Thank goodness the public will be safe from Merritt for a while.

Hold on — I forgot this happened in moonbat-ruled New York:

At Merritt’s arraignment in Manhattan Criminal Court the next day, he was assigned a lawyer from the New York County Defender Services and a judge had no choice but to release him on his own recognizance.

Fumes Goncharov:

“The law is completely letting down innocent, law-abiding citizens. Shootings, burglaries and violent crime are off the charts — and is it any wonder?”

Elections have consequences. The consequences of electing Democrats are becoming catastrophic.

On a tip from Bluto.

Sep 23 2020

Cop Indicted in Louisville, Mob Not Placated

Lest a leftist mob burn down Louisville, Officer Brett Hankison has been indicted on three counts of wanton endangerment in the first degree. His crime was to return fire after Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend Kenneth Walker had shot a fellow officer. Taylor was accidently killed in the incident.

Hankison is not the only victim of moonbattery in this heavily exploited case. Taxpayers are on the hook for a $12 million jackpot justice payout to Breonna Taylor’s relatives.

Yet still the mob is not satisfied. It will never be satisfied, so long as people yield to it.

Black Lives Matter types have taken to the streets for the predictable show of force. Presumably they want Hankison charged with murder, as well as the other officers involved, Myles Cosgrove and Jonathan Mattingly.

Mattingly required surgery after he was shot in the leg during the firefight. A letter he wrote to his fellow officers should be read by everyone:

Mattingly writes, “It’s sad how the good guys are demonized, and criminals are canonized.” It’s not only sad but terrifying, if you consider where it will lead.

A civilization can only stand for as long as the people comprising it have the character to hold it up. We don’t need to have as much character as cops who face gunfire to keep us safe. But we must have enough to side with them against mobs. Otherwise, we will soon find ourselves ruled by criminals.

In the meantime, we get to live in a country where criminals know that the police may be imprisoned if they return gunfire.

On a tip from Varla.

Sep 21 2020

RIP Jake Gardner, Who Fought Back

Black Lives Matter can add another to its body count. Marine vet Jake Gardner, who killed a BLM terrorist in self-defense, has been driven to suicide at the age of 38.

Authorities were not going to press charges after he shot James Scurlock during a George Floyd protest on May 30 in Omaha.

Characteristically, the mob bombarded Gardner with death threats and promises to burn his business down.

The political pressure mounted. If they would prosecute the McCloskeys for standing in their own yard with firearms to dissuade the mob from burning their house down, you could hardly expect authorities to forgive Gardner for actually killing a BLM brownshirt.

First, he lost his bar; the landlord pulled the lease. Then he was asked to turn himself in on charges of manslaughter, attempted first-degree assault, terroristic threats, and weapon use. Making a “terroristic threat” is what they call it now if you warn a terrorist to back off.

Gardner could have faced 95 years in prison. But he had only been found guilty by social media, not in a courtroom, making his death all the more tragic. The mob had already managed to wreck his life for being a business owner who defended himself, but a jury in a relatively sane place like Nebraska might at least have found him not guilty.

The fateful incident began when mostly peaceful protesters attacked his bar “The Hive” near 12th and Harney. Scurlock’s friend Tucker Randall threw a signpost at the front. When Gardner and his 69-year-old father David went out to investigate, Randall knocked David Gardner onto his back. picks up the story:

David Gardner, holding a knife, pushed Scurlock, who was unarmed. Scurlock pushed a bystander next to Jake Gardner. Walking backward, Jake Gardner lifted his shirt to show a gun, saying “Don’t (expletive) with me.”

That must have been the “terroristic threat.”

He pulled the gun and briefly held it down by his side, then returned it to his waistband. At that point, a woman tackled Jake Gardner from behind, knocking him on his back. Randall hovered within inches of the two as they struggled. Jake Gardner fired what he called two warning shots — the grand jury found that one of the shots was an attempt to assault Randall. Both the woman and Randall ran away. Three seconds later, Scurlock jumped on Gardner’s back, the beginning of the 18-second struggle.

Scurlock got Gardner in a headlock and ignored his pleas to let go. Gardner fired over his shoulder, killing his assailant.

At first, this was acknowledged as justifiable homicide. Then politics came into it. Jake Gardner was white, James Scurlock black.

As noted at the Wall Street Journal,

The shooting led to large demonstrations in Omaha.

When the mob speaks, authorities listen.

Jake Gardner served two tours in Iraq. He suffered traumatic brain injuries and had PTSD at the time of the shooting. He sacrificed himself to help civilization reestablish itself in a foreign country, only to learn that the job urgently needs doing here at home.

A GoFundMe page to raise money for Gardner’s defense was reportedly deleted by the platform. The deck is stacked against the good guys and in favor of the mob.

On tips from Sad Hill and Adam.

Sep 19 2020

Open Thread

I would not look to the United States Constitution if I were drafting a constitution in the year 2012. - Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Aug 28 2020

Virginia Senate Passes Law to Make Assaulting Police a Misdemeanor

I had an idea for a dystopian action/adventure movie along the lines of The Purge. Criminals take over the government and turn the rules upside down, so that sociopaths run free, and the law favors them against the police. But it turns out this is already being done. Not in Hollywood — in Virginia:

The Virginia Senate passed legislation Wednesday that would demote assaulting a police officer from a felony to a misdemeanor and would remove a mandatory jail sentence for the crime.

Encouraging criminals to physically attack police officers when the country has been engulfed in violent riots that specifically target the police for 3 straight months goes beyond irresponsible. It is societal vandalism. Morally speaking, not even the criminals and maniacs that have been seizing on lame pretexts to loot and destroy are any no lower than Virginia’s liberal rulers.

The summary of the bill, via WSLS 10:

Eliminates the mandatory minimum term of confinement for an assault and battery committed against a judge; magistrate; law-enforcement officer; correctional officer; person directly involved in the care, treatment, or supervision of inmates; firefighter; or volunteer firefighter or any emergency medical services personnel and provides that such crime can no longer be committed as a simple assault and must result in a bodily injury.

It’s nice to know they aren’t singling out police officers. Anyone who has to deal with criminals as part of their job has been placed at greater physical risk on behalf of the criminals the liberal establishment worships.

In related news, a state senate bill to ban police-free zones in Virginia was voted down in committee. The next CHAZ/CHOP anarchy zone may be in Old Dominion.

America was born of Virginians, prominently including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison. Progressives have nothing but contempt for the great country they entrusted to future generations.

On tips from Varla and R F.

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