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Apr 08 2020

Repeat Pedophile Released Because Coronavirus

The Wuhan coronavirus panic has exposed judicial priorities warped by moonbattery. The release of pedophile Glenn Christie is a case in point:

A Massachusetts man convicted of repeatedly raping a 12-year-old boy was ordered released from jail Friday — because he suffers from health conditions that can make him vulnerable to coronavirus…

We’re all vulnerable to coronavirus. Kids are also vulnerable to pedophiles.

Superior Court Judge Heidi Brieger decided it was better to endanger the children he might rape than to risk Christie catching Kung Flu in prison.

Christie was already being held for violating probation conditions. But criminals don’t need probation anymore, now that there is COVID-19.

A story from October 2010 reports on the beginning of his trial:

Christie … is charged with four counts of rape of a child, as well as indecent assault and battery on a child under the age of 14 and dissemination of pornographic materials to a minor. … He faces a potential life sentence in state prison on each of the child rape charges, up to 10 years in state prison on the indecent assault and battery and up to five years in state prison on the pornography charge.

Why was Christie even given a chance to violate probation, much less released anyway after doing so? Because the legal system is dominated by liberals who reflexively side with sociopaths against the law-abiding public to demonstrate how nice they are.

As Daniel Greenfield puts it,

[T]hose who have mercy on the guilty, will have none for the innocent.

At least his release frees up a bunk for anyone who might be arrested for playing t-ball with his daughter.

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Apr 06 2020

Why Are So Many Americans in Prison?

Moonbats say the incarceration rate proves that America is “racist” and less free than socialist dystopias like Cuba. As always, they are wrong. In the video below, Rafael Mangual gives the real reason for incarceration in the USA. It has to do with the people getting incarcerated having committed violent crimes.

Considering the level of violent crime out there, the incarceration rate is too low, not too high. Crime will not be reduced by letting the criminals run free, as New York has already learned.

If reducing the incarceration rate is the goal, rather than letting criminals loose only to have them return for future crimes, a more constructive approach would be to scale back the welfare state that sires them and stop undermining the traditional two-parent family.

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Apr 05 2020

Michael Strickland, Political Prisoner

Fundamental to American society is the concept of equality before the law. To see what the country would be like without it, look to liberal Portland, where all the animals are equal, but the animals comprising Antifa are a lot more equal than a countermoonbat like Michael Strickland.

Strickland is known for his YouTube channel LaughingAtLiberals. He used to run the excellent blog Progressives Today. Like Andy Ngo, he has incurred the wrath of Antifa thugs in Portland by informing the public of their escalating violence. If this story gets the attention it deserves, Strickland will become famous as the victim of an outrageous miscarriage of justice on behalf of radical leftism:

[I]n July 2016, at a Black Lives Matter – Don’t Shoot Portland public rally and protest, a mob of antifa … members surrounded him, roughed him up, and then told him, “You need to get the f**k out of here!” Even though Strickland backed away from the thugs in the larger protest, he continued to shoot video. As he was leaving, the mob of masked antifa thugs ran toward Strickland and tried to surround him. This time he pulled his [fully licensed] pistol to back them off. No shots were ever fired; Strickland’s finger never came close to the trigger. His gambit worked, however. They backed off and Strickland got away from the mob, eventually being arrested by the cops. …

Charges against him grew from misdemeanors to 21 counts, ten of which were felonies, within hours of Portland politicos getting an earful from one of Strickland’s favorite targets, an anti-Second Amendment group called “Ceasefire Oregon.”

They actually threw him in jail.

Though he could have gone to state prison for decades, in the end, Strickland did 40 days in jail. But he was put on five years’ probation, his Second Amendment rights were stripped and he was ordered to surrender some of his First Amendment rights by being forbidden from practicing journalism and recording Portland’s leftist protesters. The mob, courts, and allies had silenced him.

Attorney Robert Barnes considers the implications:

[R]ight now if you’re in the black bloc what do you think? I can harass somebody and get them arrested if they try to defend themselves.

And then they want people not to defend themselves so that they feel terrified, so that the[y] feel scared, so that they feel frightened, so that their behavior can be publicly and privately coerced. And that’s the danger. And that’s why this case is bigger than one person.

This undermines the First Amendment as much as the Second.

Strickland is still fighting — and losing — in Oregon’s leftist-dominated courts:

The Oregon Appeals Court ruled Wednesday that the lower court ruling convicting Strickland stands.

We are only free to the extent that liberals have not yet achieved their objectives. If progressives keep progressing, the whole country will become Portland, and continue to worsen from there.

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Mar 30 2020

Authorities Facilitate Coronavirus Anarchy in New York

Coronavirus hysteria and New York’s policy of releasing dangerous criminals have combined to kill an 86-year-old woman. An elderly patient in a Brooklyn hospital with struck in the head for not properly practicing social distancing.

Janie Marshall, 86, died less than four hours after the tense confrontation with 32-year-old Cassandra Lundy in Bedford-Stuyvesant’s Woodhull Hospital, cops said.

Marshall’s violation apparently consisted of taking hold of a metal stand near her assailant in a hospital hallway, probably to keep her balance. New York authorities responded to this apparent second-degree murder as we have come to expect; Lundy was issued a disorderly conduct summons and released.

Lundy, who lives in Bedford-Stuyvesant, has 17 prior arrests, on charges including drug possession, trespass, assault and strangulation, sources said.

With a résumé like that, she ought to run for City Council.

Elderly ladies aren’t the only ones endangered by New York’s policy of letting criminals loose, whether in the name of coronavirus of bail reform. Via The Blaze:

Eight sex offenders — three of which were convicted of raping children — have been released from a jail in New York as a part of Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s statewide initiative to decrease prison populations over fear of spreading the coronavirus.

On Friday, Cuomo called for 1,100 parole violators to be released. He apparently feels that what New York needs as coronavirus hysteria threatens to plunge it into chaos is more criminals on the streets.

The three child rapists have been staying at a Holiday Inn Express in Greece, New York. They are level three offenders — i.e., considered to be the most likely to re-offend — who had already violated parole.

At least the taxpayer isn’t putting up criminals at the Radisson Hotel in Manhattan’s Financial District. Or rather, maybe they aren’t, unless the criminals are homeless. At least 61 rooms are being used ostensibly for this purpose. From the New York Post:

A law-enforcement source had previously told The Post that the hotel was housing inmates freed from Rikers Island to stanch the spread of coronavirus there. The source confirmed Sunday that the Department of Homeless Services was renting rooms at the hotel.


“There are no detainees from Rikers at this hotel,” said City Hall press secretary Freddi Goldstein, adding that no one staying there was a Department of Correction charge.

Readers can decide who to believe.

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Mar 24 2020

Shopping in San Francisco During Coronavirus

We’ve seen how shopping is done in San Francisco now that shoplifting has effectively been legalized in California. Did you think the vermin who take advantage of this moonbattery would let up on drug stores during a pandemic? Think again:

A brazen couple was caught on cellphone video casually looting a Walgreens in San Francisco amid the city’s shelter-in-place order to stem the spread of the coronavirus. …

It isn’t clear what specifically the couple were after, although the individual who recorded the video was heard saying, “I hope you overdose!” as the pair left the store without paying.

A Walgreens employee, who was wearing a mask and gloves, watched the crime helplessly.

This is the behavior that moonbattery nurtures and facilitates:

Expect more of this, as authorities throughout the country make it clear that lawlessness will be tolerated while the Wuhan virus panic reigns (e.g., Philadelphia, Dallas).

If things get bad enough, there may be a return to old traditions. One of my favorites is shooting looters.

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Mar 20 2020

Baltimore’s Marilyn Mosby Still Facilitating Anarchy

Mayors come and go (sometimes but not often enough to prison), but Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby is still on the job. She is best known for being implicated in the railroading of police officers to placate the rioting mob in the Freddie Gray case. Unsurprisingly, she is again facilitating anarchy, currently in the name of coronavirus.


Mosby ordered her staff Wednesday to drop all pending criminal charges against anyone arrested for drug possession, attempted distribution, prostitution, trespassing, minor traffic offenses, open container, and urinating in public.

There’s more:

Mosby … also sent a letter to Governor Larry Hogan urging him to take Emergency action to close Courthouses throughout the State, and to develop decarceral guidelines for the state’s prisons and jails.

“Decarceral” is a key vocabulary term emerging from the COVID-19 crisis. It also applies to Philadelphia taking criminals’ names instead of locking them up, and New York letting even more of them loose in the name of the virus.

What could go wrong? We’ll find out what, if fights over toilet paper escalate to looting food. More criminals on the streets and an official emphasis on letting crime slide won’t be helpful.

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Mar 18 2020

Philadelphia Police Give Looters Green Light

The Philadelphia Police Department may be taking the Wuhan virus as an opportunity to follow California (where shoplifting is effectively legal now) and New York (where demented bail reform has resulted in a crime wave) down the rabbit hole toward anarchy. An internal memorandum leaked to local media indicates that effective yesterday, those who commit any of a list of crimes will be released after their identity has been established unless they are specifically deemed to pose a threat to public safety.

The crimes include:

• All narcotics offenses

• Theft from persons

• Retail theft

• Theft from auto

• Burglary

• Vandalism

• All bench warrants

• Stolen auto

• Economic crimes (bad checks, fraud)

• Prostitution

Theoretically, a detective will follow up after the virus has passed.

As Big League Politics reports:

Such a policy could actually prove to be a looter’s best dream, as if enough citizens take advantage of the opportunities for arrest-free property crimes it’ll be all but impossible for the Philadelphia police department to follow up in weeks or possibly months and book them on account of crimes committed during the coronavirus epidemic.

We saw how little impetus was required to inspire hoarders. There is a thin line between a hoarder and a looter. Philadelphia businesses will be lucky to avoid more scenes like this.

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Mar 06 2020

Criminal Justice Reform Drives Up Crime in New York

First, they put a radical leftist in charge of New York City. Then, they inflicted demented statewide “bail reform,” flooding the streets with criminals. Let’s see how it’s all working out:

The NYPD says major crimes grew 22.5% in February compared to the same month last year including a 7.1% increase in shootings. Robbery, assault, burglary, grand larceny, and grand larceny auto crimes all saw increases. …

Thirty-five percent, or 299, were for arrests in the seven major crime categories – murder, rape, robbery, felony assault, burglary, grand larceny, and grand larceny auto – that is nearly triple the amount of those crimes committed in the same 58 days in 2019.

How nice that the police are not inflicting racist oppression with stop and frisk anymore.

Police officials blame criminal justice reforms for the uptick in crime.

Police are among the first to notice that when government sides with criminals against law-abiding citizens, crime tends to rise.

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Mar 06 2020

California May Exempt Child Rapists from Sex Offender Registry

California effectively legalized shoplifting, with results so predictable that they must have been intended. Now to move on toward the heart of the agenda — incrementally decriminalizing the homosexual rape of children. From Freedom Project Media:

Lawmakers in California are working on legislation that would exempt some homosexual and transgender child rapists from the state’s sex-offender registry, leaving registration up to the discretion of the individual judge.

That is, the discretion of the individual California judge, a species somewhere to the left of lesbian gender studies professors.

The bill, dubbed “LGBTQ Young People Nondiscrimination in the Sex Offender Registry Act,” is ludicrously being described by proponents as a “civil rights” issue, as if there were a civil right for adult homosexuals to sodomize children.

If it isn’t a civil right yet, it soon will be, at the rate the concept of civil rights has degenerated.

Currently, statutory rapists automatically go on the sex registry, but legislators are under pressure from the LGBT activists at Equality California to change that.

The objective is to normalize homosexual relationships between adults and children.

They should rename the bill the Harvey Milk Act in honor of the patron saint of San Francisco, a homosexual who preyed on troubled teens.

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Feb 24 2020

Controversial Liking and Sharing Now Illegal in Switzerland

Switzerland was once a bastion of relative liberty. Then moonbattery crept up into the mountains. Now, due to a Swiss Federal Court ruling, clicking Facebook like or share buttons could constitute a crime if authorities disapprove of the content.

Via Gizmodo:

The defendant in the case had liked posts that accused animal rights activist Erwin Kessler of being an anti-Semite and a neo-Nazi, the Local reported, with a Zurich court ruling in 2017 that he must pay a fine for helping spread defamatory content. (Kessler was convicted of racial discrimination in 1998.) According to Bloomberg, the Federal Court upheld the Zurich court’s ruling that liking and sharing content can constitute defamation, writing that “activating both ‘like’ and ‘share’ buttons in Facebook can improve visibility and thereby contribute to the dissemination within the social network of marked content.”

That means you cannot safely like or share anything without being able to prove in court that it is accurate. This would soon put an end to liking and sharing anything that could be construed as even remotely controversial from the point of view of the leftist ruling class. The point is to reduce the Internet to uninteresting politically correct pabulum, like public broadcasting.

Kessler has not yet been given a chance to prove that his accusations are true. But since few people have the time or money to justify to a hostile court that everything they like or share is factually correct, accuracy is not the issue. Not being offensive to liberals is the issue.

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Feb 23 2020

Democrats Vote to End Mandatory Reporting of Sexual Battery in Schools

Democrats continue to exploit the leverage they have gained through the demographic transformation of Virginia. In the video below, you can watch them bring the state another step closer to utopia by putting an end to the mandatory reporting of sexual battery in schools. Republican Delegate C. Todd Gilbert of Shenandoah cannot believe his ears:

HB 257 passed 46-44. This means that crimes such as sexual battery, stalking, and threats made against teachers no longer have to be reported to law enforcement. No doubt this will help keep justice-involved youth safe from the racist predations of white supremacist police.

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Feb 23 2020

Graffiti Vandals Awarded $6.7 Million

As mentioned earlier,

The fundamental basis of civilization is property rights. Without them, society disintegrates into tyranny and/or chaos.

California is not the only case in point. New York also springs to mind:

Developers have lost an appeal against $6.7 million awarded to graffiti artists whose work they destroyed to make way for luxury condos in New York.

A federal appeals court upheld the 2018 decision by a judge that the spray paintings by 21 artists were ‘wrongfully and willfully’ destroyed.

That is, the graffiti “artists” (aka vandals) who covered this Long Island City, Queens property with temporary “art” are to be paid $6.7 million on a coercive basis by Jerry Wolkoff, the owner of the property they defaced, because US District Judge Frederic Block so rules.

The vandals have been granted property rights to their handiwork. In contrast, Wolkoff does not enjoy property rights. He whitewashed the graffiti and then demolished the building, as would be his right if the building belonged to him in any meaningful sense. Where leftists rule, property rights are arbitrary, so that nothing really belongs to anyone — or rather, everything belongs to Big Government.

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Feb 22 2020

Authorities Accused of Covering Up Transgender Prison Rape

The Eighth Amendment of the US Constitution forbids cruel and unusual punishment. This would seem to rule out locking up women with sexually deranged members of the opposite sex. But where it conflicts with the LGBT agenda, the Constitution is overruled. Consequently,

An inmate at Illinois’ largest women’s prison says she was raped by a transgender inmate who was transferred into her housing unit last year, and claims Illinois Department of Corrections officials conducted a “sham investigation” to help cover up the incident.

In a federal lawsuit filed last week, a Jane Doe inmate at the Logan Correctional Center in central Illinois said that after being sexually assaulted in June 2019, she was coerced by a supervisory officer into denying the attack took place and then punished for filing a “false” complaint under the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA).

The lawsuits come from both sides:

Two transgender inmates who were housed in men’s prisons, Strawberry Hampton and Janiah Monroe, have sued IDOC separately in recent years, demanding they be moved to Logan because they’d allegedly been the target of sexual harassment and abuse from male inmates and prison employees. Alan Mills, who leads the Uptown People’s Law Center – a Chicago-based legal group, which has represented both Hampton and Monroe – confirmed Monroe is the inmate who is being accused in this case, though he was dismissive of the allegations against [him].

Mr Monroe [original name, Andre Patterson] had murdered a previous a cellmate. Other accomplishments include convictions for attempted murder, aggravated battery, and attempted aggravated arson. Jane Doe was terrified when they put him in her cell. Sure enough, he raped her the first day.

Mills admits that others have accused his client of sexual harassment since he was put in the women’s prison, but chalks it up to “transphobia.”

Laments the lawyer, “[T]ransphobia exists everywhere, both out here on the street and in prison, so it’s not surprising that there are some people who feel uncomfortable with [his] presence in a women’s prison.” The women he rapes, for example.

After the rape, IDOC attempted to return Monroe to the men’s prison. But US District Court Judge Michael Mihm wouldn’t allow it, on the grounds that the accused rapist might be subjected to sexual harassment.

It’s a wonder all male prisoners don’t declare themselves transsexual.

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Feb 20 2020

Open Thread

Mercy detached from justice grows unmerciful. - C. S. Lewis

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