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Jun 06 2023

Transsexual Felon Awarded Half $Million

They don’t make social justice jackpots in Minnesota like they do in New York. Being a woman of color who was late for work 47 times is worth $11.25 million in NYC. But a guy calling himself Christina Lusk was only able to collect $495,000 for being a cross-dressing felon in Minnesota, despite transsexuals occupying the top tier of the liberal caste system:

A Minnesota transgender inmate is being moved to a women’s prison and will receive a vaginoplasty as well as $495,000 to settle a discrimination lawsuit against the state Department of Corrections. …

Lusk, who was arrested in 2018 and is serving a sentence until 2024 for a felony drug offense, sued the Minnesota DOC last year in part because it deferred Lusk’s request for a vaginoplasty, or “bottom surgery.”

In addition to sex-change surgery, taxpayers owe Lusk half a $million also because other criminals made fun of him for being a freak, instead of revering him as the rest of us are expected to do.

“Inmates would heckle her, heckle her roommates… call her ‘it,’ that sort of thing,” Gender Justice legal director Jess Braverman said, according to FOX 9. “And then there were staff who would say things to her, such as, ‘You know, you’re a man in a men’s prison. I’m not going to treat you like a woman. I’m not going to use your proper name and pronouns.’”

No doubt this qualifies as cruel and unusual punishment — unlike the punishment inflicted on women in women’s prisons who are locked up with male perverts.

In January, the Minnesota DOC joined 10 other states and the District of Columbia in establishing a policy by which inmates can be transferred to facilities that match their gender identity.

Women are getting raped and even impregnated due to these psychotic policies. A progressive might argue they deserve it for being TERFs who insensitively refuse to acknowledge that their rapists are women too.

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May 27 2023

Fart Spray Induces Panic

Good thing Alejandro Mayorkas and Merrick Garland are on the job. The domestic terrorism they squeak about is on the rise. A recent attack at Caney Creek High School north of Houston was so terrifying, it left authorities with no other option but to panic hysterically:

Following an investigation, police arrested David Navarrete-Arce, 17, and Diego Flores, 18, on May 12, charging them with possession of a prohibited weapon – a third-degree felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison, according to reporting by The Courier of Montgomery County.

The “weapon” in question is a stink spray called Hensgaukt Fart Spray, marketed online as a gag toy of the type teenagers tend to find amusing. The smell so alarmed authorities, the school was evacuated twice. Some students were taken out on stretchers. A can of the stink spray was confiscated by a teacher on the day of the first evacuation, but apparently dots were left unconnected.


Roughly 30 tons of ammonium nitrate disappeared in mid-April while being moved [by train] from Wyoming to California, prompting explosives manufacturer Dyno Nobel to inform federal authorities. More than a month after material vanished during the nearly two-week trip, officials have yet to find cargo, The New York Times reported on Sunday.

No worries; Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is sure to get to the bottom of it, as with all the other transportation debacles that have been in the news since he took office.

Ammonium nitrate is a chemical often used in agricultural fertilizer but can also be implemented in explosives, as it was in the deadly 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, according to the federal government.

Also, the border is wide open, with invaders crossing illegally at a rate of millions per year, including terrorists from places like Afghanistan. Majorkas and Garland are too focused on the fabricated threat of white supremacists to do anything about it, assuming they would know where to start.

Terrorists will have no problem instilling panic in the coming years.

On tips from Wiggins and Varla.

May 15 2023

Equity Applied to Fines

A truly totalitarian ideology like moonbattery can be applied to everything — even fines for civil infractions:

[New York] City Councilmember Justin Brannan … is proposing the creation of a pilot program to implement a day-fine system for civil offenses.

The concept was tried in Staten Island back in the 1980s.

“First, the court sentences the offender to a certain number of day-fine units (e.g., 15, 60, 120 units) according to the gravity of the offense, but without regard to his or her means,” explained the Vera Institute of Justice’s Judith Greene in a 1990 report assessing the efficacy of Staten Island’s program. “Then the value of each unit is set at a share of the offender’s daily income (hence the name ‘day fine’), and the total fine amount is determined by simple multiplication.”

Why settle for justice when you can have social justice?

Inevitably, reparations ideology will be applied. If blacks deserve to be paid vast fortunes for being black, surely they deserve to pay lower fines.

Next after that, the principle will be applied to prison sentences — if it isn’t already. How else to achieve equity?

From there, our moonbat overlords will apply it to the cost of housing, food, and all other goods and services. If you have less, then you should pay less. It follows that if you have nothing, then everything should be free. An advantage of this approach is that since there would be no point working, we would all have more free time.

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May 12 2023

Daniel Penny Charged for Protecting Subway Passengers

Do not expect justice or personal safety where leftism prevails. Daniel Penny is in police custody after protecting other subway passengers from psychotic derelict Jordan Neely.

Like liberal demigod George Floyd, Neely died while being restrained, which was necessary because he was a sociopathic lowlife and a threat to those around him.

If found guilty on the second-degree manslaughter charge, Penny could be rewarded for his heroism with 15 years in prison.

As noted at Daily Caller,

While Penny’s action were deemed vigilante by some, others – including those who were on the train with Neely, believe that Penny acted heroically. A 66-year-old subway passenger who witnessed the incident told the New York Post that she thanked Penny for stepping in, adding the Marine only did so when things got “out of hand.”

But because Penny is white and Neely was black, liberals demand the Derek Chauvin treatment. Pro-criminal Soros-appointed DA Alvin Bragg is only too happy to oblige.

A sane jury would most likely find Penny innocent. However, this is playing out in the city that elected Eric Adams mayor.

The message to the public is clear. Under liberal rule, the criminals are in charge. Lift a finger to protect yourself or others and the authorities will crush you. Be passive. Cower in fear.

On tips from Ed McAninch, Wiggins, and ABC of the ANC.

May 06 2023

Open Thread

Men knew that if they devirginized a woman, they could end up dead within twenty-four hours. These controls have been removed. - Camille Paglia

May 05 2023

Let Them Loose and This Is What They Will Do

Possibly the best thing about living in Phoenix is the hiking. The mountains and desert let you leave the rot resulting from moonbattery behind — unless it comes after you:

The body of [29-year-old Lauren] Heike was discovered on a desert trail in the north Phoenix area on April 29. Investigators said Heike was attacked from behind and killed the day before her body was found.

She was stabbed 15 times. The motive, if any, is unknown.

Liberalism is not a victimless crime. It kills:

The overwhelming majority of interracial violence does not support the establishment narrative, because it is black on white. Consequently, stories like this tend to be ignored.

This precious life would not have been pointlessly snuffed out if her killer had not been at liberty. Based on overwhelming evidence, police have again arrested Zion William Teasley:

The 22-year-old served time in prison from July 2021 to November 2022. He had accepted a plea deal in 2020 for armed robbery, burglary, aggravated assault and kidnapping, court records show.

At the time of Lauren Heike’s murder, Teasley was on probation instead of in prison where he belonged.

Investigators suspect that the woman had been chased down over a barbed wire fence at some point during the ordeal based on the condition of her clothes. Her belongings were found scattered along the trail.

She was not likely to deserve this fate — any more than Teasley deserved to be at large.

If sanity is ever restored to this country, the liberals responsible for letting maniacs run free for twisted ideological reasons need to be held accountable as accessories to subsequent crimes.

On a tip from Varla.

May 05 2023

Leftist Viewpoint on Criminals Hurt by Citizens

Never let it be said that engages in viewpoint discrimination like the SEC. For the sake of fairness, let’s listen attentively as a San Francisco moonbat offers her take on criminals who get hurt by private security guards and law-abiding citizens now that local police have been marginalized in the aftermath of the Black Lives Matter riots:

Here’s what she is upset about:

San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins chose not to charge security guard Michael Earl-Wayne Anthony with murder for the April 27 shooting of black transgender 24-year-old Banko Brown, who police said was allegedly shoplifting at the time, according to The San Francisco Chronicle. Jenkins cited “credible evidence of reasonable self-defense” in the case, but some civilians at the Tuesday meeting held “Justice For Banko Brown” signs, and the woman with the buzzcut said she hated many of the board members “for the reasons that led up to” Brown’s death.

If only Soros-appointed terrorist offspring Chesa Boudin were still in office, she might have gotten the vindictive prosecution she wants — or if it had happened in New York:

A retired NYPD officer working as a Walgreens security guard says he was wrongfully charged with assault after he took down an alleged shoplifter who hit him in the head in a caught-on-video scuffle.

Tackling a shoplifting derelict who has whacked you hard enough to leave a welt is not a good idea in Manhattan under Soros-appointed DA Alvin Bragg.

The liberals who run major cities have allowed criminals to run amok, causing violence to skyrocket. Not everyone who gets hurt is an innocent victim. Those who asked for it are deified as martyrs, as exemplified in the case of the next George Floyd, Jordan Neely:

A 30-year-old homeless man who was acting erratically and antagonizing other passengers on the New York subway Monday afternoon was subdued by a 24-year-old former Marine and at least two others.

Neely had been threatening other passengers. Efforts to restrain him resulted in his death.

Radical leftists immediately rushed to impose a racial framework on the incident, retroactively canonize the career criminal, and rule Neely’s death a murder.

These radical leftists include Democrat lawmakers Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ayanna Pressley and liberal media propagandist Joy Reid. For a summary of their arguments, refer to the video above.

Newsweek reported that Neely’s criminal record includes 42 prior arrests between 2013 and 2021, including four for assault. At the time of his death, he had one active warrant for felony assault in connection with an incident in 2021.

Since the authorities refuse to incarcerate sociopaths like Neely, private citizens must step forward to defend themselves and others. For this, leftists will try to do to them what they did to Derek Chauvin.

British commentator Carl Benjamin suggested a bias in the apoplexy over the incident, highlighting how the leftists keen to express their outrage in response to this incident were relatively silent “when a white woman was being raped by a black homeless man on the Philadelphia subway and dozens of bystanders did nothing.”

The idea of persecuting the Marine who defended other passengers from Neely is to make sure Americans cower like the bystanders in Philadelphia as we are terrorized into submission.

On tips from Wiggins, Jester, and Anonymous.

Apr 27 2023

Open Thread

One threatens the innocent who spares the guilty. - Edward Coke

Apr 24 2023

Drag Mom Gets <1 Year for 11 Felony Child Sex Crimes

It turns out that even in Oregon, multiple sex crimes against children can result in incarceration, as 31-year-old Kelsey Meta Boren learned the hard way:

A “drag mom” who mentored an 11-year-old at a Satan-themed pub in Oregon has been sentenced to less than a year in prison for 11 felony child sex crimes. …

She will serve 11 months in jail and five years probation.

Well, not all that hard.

Police received a tip that she was uploading kiddy porn to the Internet. You’ll never guess her line of work.

At the time, Boren was an instructional assistant in the Fern Ridge School District [in Elmira, a suburb of Eugene].

Hunting sex criminals is easy work, thanks to social media:

Boren posted several photos of herself with an 11-year-old girl, a young drag queen called Vanellope MacPherson DuPont, on her Instagram and said she was the child’s “drag mom.”

The “11-year-old girl” is actually a boy publicly presented as a girl for the titillation of perverts.

In October, the Satan-themed Old Nick’s Pub in Eugene, Oregon, said it was hosting Vanellope for a drag queen event.

“Vanellope is here to show you what an 11-year-old drag queen can do,” a Facebook post by the pub promoting the event read.

Vanellope had been featured at Drag Queen Story Hour events at this bar named after Satan, but reportedly did not perform as planned this time. However,

Boren was part of the October event, which happened two months after she was arrested.

The spectacle featured a couple hundred protesters and supporters, some visibly armed.

Protesters opposing the events carried a sign reading, “What kind of monster exposes kids to this?”

Supporters yelled “go home Nazis” and had a banner reading “protect trans youth.”

“Protecting trans youth” involves activities that even now can result in jail time, although a charge of using a child in a display of sexually explicit conduct was dismissed in Boren’s case.

When she gets out in less than a year, she will have a great bullet point to put on her résumé if she wants a job at the Department of Education.

On a tip from MrRightWingDave.

Apr 23 2023

Misdemeanor for Killing 6-Month-Old in Chicago

Get used to it, Chicago. You voted for more of this:

Two teenagers are only facing misdemeanor charges after the crash of a stolen car resulted in the death of a 6-month-old infant.

Others injured in the crash are expected to recover, but Cristian Uvidia did not survive Chicago’s lawlessness.

The charges could be upgraded, but serious punishment is unlikely, considering that the DA is Soros stooge Kim Foxx, that the killers are 17 and 14 years old, and that this is Chicago. As noted at Post Millennial,

Soft-on-crime policies have led to a vast increase in crime throughout the City of Chicago. Violent crime has risen 37 percent in the past year alone, with theft, burglary, and robbery crimes seeing the greatest increase. There has been a 100 percent increase of fatal shootings in the city between 2020 and 2021.

Voters responded to this state of affairs by electing a pro-criminal Bernie Sanders-endorsed maniac. Brandon Johnson unsurprisingly sides with the sociopaths who are reducing Chicago streets to a state of mayhem even prior to his taking power. The Democrat Death Spiral has reached the terminal phase.

On a tip from R F.

Apr 21 2023

Alvin Bragg Doubles Number of Felons Freed Without Bail

Meanwhile, as Soros-appointed Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg strategically attempts to secure the Republican nomination for Donald Trump with deliberately absurd criminal charges, real criminals run free:

The proportion of cases in which the Manhattan DA’s office has not asked for felony suspects to be held on bail has more than doubled since 2018, according to its own data. …

Campaigners have accused officials of ‘a depraved indifference to human life’ and pointed to a spate of recent cases in which suspects have been released without bail before going on to commit heinous crimes.

Small price to pay for social justice, right liberals?

The Trump case hinges on promoting an old alleged misdemeanor to multiple felonies.

Meanwhile, data shows [Bragg] is increasingly downgrading felonies to misdemeanors, contributing to fewer cases being bail eligible.

Not even Kathy Hochul has the belly for Bragg’s level of moonbattery:

[Hochul] has previously blasted Bragg for ‘going soft’ after he released without bail a man who terrorized McDonald’s patrons with an ax.

Just another example of civilization unraveling.

She has also personally intervened in a case to ensure a registered sex offender who sucker-punched a man into a coma would remain in jail despite the Bronx DA’s office initially charging him with only a misdemeanor.

The revolving door criminal justice system barely inconveniences criminals in New York:

Mayor Eric Adams revealed that just ten individual criminals made up for 500 of the arrests in the city over the last two years, and at least six of them are still walking the streets.

Consequently, the USA’s largest city is becoming uninhabitable.

As recently as the 1990s, Democrats understood the necessity of three strikes laws. In those days, Democrats would often side with law-abiding citizens against sociopaths. Things have changed. Hochul had better scramble to keep up.

On a tip from Ed McAninch.

Apr 17 2023

Progressively Abolishing Landlords

Progressives work progressively because if the water starts boiling immediately, the frog will jump out of the pot. Not even Joe Biden is tyrannical enough to ban cars outright; the strategy is to force us to give them up gradually by driving up the price through regulation. Landlords will meet the same fate as cars as they are progressively driven out of existence through the erosion of property rights. For example:

Patti Peeples, 61, said investment properties were meant to subsidize her retirement, but after spending $5,000 in legal fees to remove squatters who occupied her home for 34 days, she is fed up.

Costlier even than the lost rent and legal fees is the damage the parasites have inflicted:

The two female squatters caused $38,000 in damage, including smashed walls and windows, cabinets off the walls, a washer and dryer missing, toilets broken, and fecal matter scattered throughout the home.

Also, the squatters are apparently raising deadly pit bulls.

In a civilized country, the squatters would be arrested for trespassing and vandalism. In ours, they have Big Government on their side. Consequently,

“I have absolutely no right to go into this house because these squatters have the expectation of privacy, even though the law knows that they’re squatters, I know that they’re squatters, and they know they’re squatters,” Peeples said.

Going into her own house would be dangerous anyway:

“We were driving by at night, and they threw a brick at my car and damaged it, and we had the window partway down, and they threw human feces into the car,” Peeples said.

Peeples plans to get rid of her rental properties and try to find another way to subsidize her retirement.

Linda Jiang is also considering getting out of the business:

Jiang told ABC13 that she was also a victim of squatters after a month-long struggle.

After arriving at her property to clean up the yard, she discovered she was locked out of her rental home by squatters who changed her locks and refused to leave.

In both Jiang and Peeple’s cases, police told the property owners that they were unable to help and that both situations were a civil matter that must go through the courts.

This can take years. When and if the squatters are finally evicted, they just pull the same stunt somewhere else. Tamisha Holmes-Bey, a squatter on Jiang’s property, has apparently been evicted three times since 2019.

Democrats won’t see a problem here. When the last landlord has been driven out of business, people can live in public housing. We can turn the whole country into a giant Cabrini-Green.

On a tip from Varla.

Apr 16 2023

Transsexual Privilege in Women’s Prison

Transsexuals occupy the top position on the Cultural Marxist totem pole of power, above all other allegedly oppressed identity groups, including women, the poor, criminals, and even blacks. We know this because liberals allow transsexual sex criminals into female prisons, where they are free to terrorize and impregnate female inmates, who are often poor and black.

James O’Keefe has released a video featuring two female inmates at the Washington State Correctional Center for Women:

Daily Wire summarizes:

“So, we have men rapists, men murderers, child rapists, men who have killed women and are in prison for raping and killing women who get put in our rooms,” Inmate #1 claimed. “Imagine coming into your room one day and you’re in closed custody and you turn around and there is a man standing there peeing in the toilet because you have the bathroom in your room in CCU. There is nothing you can do!”

“I know there’s some having sex with women — there was some, like, assaulting, but no one reported it,” Inmate #1 said.

“Some of these men are not confused, they’re just manipulating the system. It’s not equal, because we don’t get the same care and treatment that the trans get in here,” Inmate #1 continued. “They cater to the trans community. All you have to do is say that you are a woman, that you now, when you’re in county, say that you identify as a woman, and you can come straight to here from county. The guys don’t even have to go to the men’s prison first.”

O’Keefe took great care to hide their identities, because the hell they have been subjected to will be made even worse if authorities learn they challenged transsexual privilege.

“My safety is now in jeopardy because I cannot voice my freedom of speech, but that doesn’t apply anymore because now they’re implementing this new gender equality role that forces us to conform to what they want us to believe in about the transgenders,” Inmate #2 said.

Why should liberals run prisons any differently from the way they run public schools?

According to Inmate #2, transsexuals also get priority for medical treatment. Those who complain about the situation are subjected to “ridicule, targeting, bias, punishments, solitary confinement.”

Dylan Mulvaney is the liberal establishment’s favorite transsexual, despite his failure to do to his own body what transsexualists like Richard I mean Rachel Levine advocate doing to children. He is invited to the White House, feted by Bud Light, and literally knelt before by Hollywood glitterati. Let’s see what he has to say about the unconstitutional cruel and unusual punishment inflicted on real women on behalf of his fellow fake women:

Normally Mulvaney chirps garrulously. But this time only the crickets where chirping.

On tips from MrRightWingDave and StephaneDumas.

Apr 15 2023

Sheriff Confirms That Guns Are Not Responsible

As George Orwell observed,

“Sometimes the first duty of intelligent men is the restatement of the obvious.”

Marion County Sheriff Billy Woods addresses this task by explaining to the media and others witless enough to need to be told that no, guns are not responsible for crimes committed using guns, like the recent murder of three teenagers in Ocklawaha, Florida. The criminals are, even when they qualify as juveniles:

Also responsible are the liberals who allow criminals to run amok.

On a tip from Lyle.


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