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Aug 09 2019

“Trump Made Me Do It” as Legal Defense

“Trump made me do it” may soon officially qualify as a legal defense. This depends on the outcome of a case in Montana, where the lawyer of 39-year-old Curt Brockway says his client assaulted a kid for not taking his hat off during the national anthem at a rodeo because he thought Donald Trump would have wanted him to.

From the Missoulian:

Brockway was charged Monday with felony assault on a minor. His defense attorney, Lance Jasper, told the Missoulian Wednesday the president’s “rhetoric” contributed to the U.S. Army veteran’s disposition when he choke-slammed a 13-year-old, fracturing his skull, at the Mineral County fairgrounds on Aug. 3.

“His commander in chief is telling people that if they kneel, they should be fired, or if they burn a flag, they should be punished,” Jasper said.

Note that the event occurred at a rodeo. In the context of cowboys, a jasper is a “a rustic simpleton.” The term is used frequently in the classic cattle drive series Rawhide.

Brockway told the deputy he asked the youth to remove his hat because it was disrespectful, to which the youth responded by saying “(expletive) you.”

Colin Kaepernick must be proud of his influence on American youth.

Irritating though the kid’s behavior must have been, it obviously didn’t justify picking him up by the throat and slamming him on the ground, giving him a concussion and a fractured skull.

Brockway himself suffered a traumatic brain injury in a car accident in 2000. This doesn’t justify mayhem either. But Jasper combines this with Trump’s disapproval of those who indulge in disrespectful antics during the national anthem to come up with his groundbreaking defense.

Courts opened a door onto lunacy when they started emphasizing mitigating circumstances rather than focusing on the simple question of guilt or innocence. Injecting Trump Derangement Syndrome may swing that door open wide.

Democrat politicians clearly feel that “racists” should be punished. They express their hostility far more frequently and vehemently than Trump does. Add in a knock on the head or something similar and the next Antifa maniac along the lines of Connor Betts and Willem Van Spronsen will have a ready-made defense.

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Jul 29 2019

Compliments as Rape at Penn State

What will become of justice when liberals achieve total dominance? For the answer, refer to the college world, where they already exert unchallenged authority. There, disfavored identity groups are denied even the most basic due process. In one recent example, a Penn State coed pressed charges against a guy after she had second thoughts following consensual sex.

There was no coercion involved, and yet he supposedly raped her, because he had cajoled her with flattery. Seriously:

A hearing panel was convened, and John was denied due process, as have many students — he was not allowed to call witnesses in his defense or cross-examine his accuser or the witnesses against him.

There were other outrages against fairness. The hearing was a kangaroo court.

John was found responsible and suspended for one year.

According to the hearing panel’s chair, the guillotine came down on the grounds that the “panel felt that the respondent’s continual flattery … constitutes cajoling.” Complimenting women, coercing them at knifepoint, what’s the difference?

“John” pushed back with an appeal. But the evil monks of the Ivory Tower do not like having their rulings challenged:

Danny Shaha, assistant vice president of student affairs, [declared] that the appeals process was on hold. He wrote to the appeals officer that the first hearing was under review as “the board may have misinterpreted the University’s definition and application of ‘coercion.’”

Shaha did not vacate the hearing panel’s finding since it didn’t meet the definition of coercion. Instead, he set up a new hearing. Prior to the second hearing, John was provided with a copy of the university’s new definition of consent, which included the word “cajoling” as part of the definition of coercion. The definition was not, at the time, published anywhere public by the school, but was used against him in the new hearing.

If the defendant did not break the law, then change the law proactively. That’s how it is done in backward societies, such as those dominated by moonbats.

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Jul 23 2019

Courtroom Chaos as Former Judge Tracie Hunter Faces Justice

For certain segments of the population, everything is about race. They seem to feel that when social justice has been achieved, no Person of Politically Preferred Pigmentation will ever be held responsible for a crime. Former judge Tracie Hunter is a case in point. From Cincinnati:

Hunter, a former Hamilton County Juvenile Court judge, was convicted in October 2014 of a single felony charge, having an unlawful interest in a public contract. It’s related to giving confidential documents to her brother, a juvenile court employee who was in the process of being fired.

Her supporters are not happy about her finally having to serve her 6-month sentence. They had been exerting pressure by attempting to intimidate Judge Patrick Dinkelacker, bombarding his home with postcards demanding that he exonerate Hunter.

Several referenced a 2013 fatal crash involving Dinkelacker’s car and another vehicle. Both vehicles struck a woman – who had high levels of cocaine in her system – who was in the middle of a city street.

One missive read,

“Since you are a killer, maybe doing something right… will help your eternal judgment. Exonerate… former Judge Tracie Hunter. I know you will not, but you will not be able to tell your white Jesus that you were not asked.”

However, Dinkelacker stood up to the mob and sent Hunter to face the music.

Race-based chaos followed, with one supporter shouting, “This city is going to burn!” Cincinnati has a history of black riots, including the 2001 Cincinnati riots and the Avondale riots of 1967 and 1968.

Consider that the woman in the video above with the crazy eyes who went limp like a bratty 4-year-old so that they had to drag her away used to be a judge. Civilization is not something that we can take for granted anymore.

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Jul 11 2019

Tommy Robinson Appeals for Asylum

Asylum was not supposed to be a pretext for letting grasping Guatemalans climb aboard the welfare gravy train. It was supposed to be about rescuing people endangered by their own repressive governments. A prime candidate would be British political prisoner Tommy Robinson, who has been sentenced to prison by the Islamophilic dhimmi regime for reporting on the Muslim rape gangs that have been allowed to flourish in his country.

Given that he has been widely denounced as an “Islamophobe” and that British prisons are largely populated by the imported Muslim underclass, he may have received a death sentence for practicing journalism.

One America News interviews Tommy Robinson:

There is a We the People petition asking Trump to grant his asylum request.

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Jun 23 2019

Jussie Smollett Not Above the Law After All?

Is it possible that a Hollyweird homosexual of politically preferred pigmentation who is buddies with Michelle Obama is not above the law after all? There is hope regarding the Jussie Smollett case:

A Cook County judge on Friday ordered the appointment of a special prosecutor in the Jussie Smollett case, which could lead to new charges against the “Empire” star.

Despite the laws he broke during his infamous hate hoax, Smollett was allowed to skate by Kim Foxx, no doubt on orders from someone more powerful. However,

Judge Michael Toomin ruled that when State’s Attorney Kim Foxx recused herself from the case, she did not have the authority to appoint her replacement.

According to the judge, if there are “reasonable grounds to believe that any other criminal offense was committed … special prosecutor may commence the prosecution of any crime as may be suspected.”

Disturbing the peace, filing a false police report, mail fraud involving a hate hoax letter he sent to himself — it shouldn’t take investigators long to find crime.

The judge’s ruling stated that the special prosecutor was to be appointed so as to “restore the public’s confidence in the integrity of our criminal justice system.”

Putting Smollett behind bars would be a step in the right direction.

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Jun 17 2019

First Victims of Netflix Central Park Five Agitprop

Historical accuracy isn’t the only victim of the appalling Netflix series When They See Us, which presents a fictional version of the Central Park Five rape case in which the rapists are oppressed angels and the prosecutors are the villains.

Inspired by this toxic example of agenda-driven historical revisionism, social justice warriors are out for blood. Unsurprisingly, they also want to release other violent criminals.

For the most part, the Manhattan District Attorney has been standing against this moonbattery in defense of justice and sanity:

D.A. Cyrus Vance has shot down a request from Public Advocate Jumaane Williams to reopen thousands of cases prosecuted by his office’s sex crime unit between 1976 and 2002.

He also refused Williams’ request to fire Elizabeth Lederer, a veteran assistant D.A. who worked on the Central Park Five case…

Williams and [Neighborhood Defender Service of Harlem, the Legal Aid Society, and the New York County Defender Services] last week asked Vance to review all the cases handled by Lederer and former assistant D.A. Linda Fairstein. Lederer was the lead prosecutor in the Central Park Five case, and Feinstein was head of the Manhattan D.A.’s Sex Crimes Unit.

Both are demonized as oppressing the put-upon Central Park Five in the Netflix series that Fairstein describes as “so full of distortions and falsehoods as to be an outright fabrication.”

Just in case anyone doesn’t get it that this is about race politics, not justice, the SJWs spell it out:

The letter from the three lawyers’ groups told Vance “[i]t is imperative that you investigate every case that has been led by Ms. Fairstein and Ms. Lederer to ensure that your office is not responsible for even one more innocent black or brown life sitting in prison today.”

Even Vance plays along with the politically required charade that the wilding youth who took part in the brutal rape of Trisha Meili that nearly killed her are somehow victims of injustice because they had to cool their heels in prison for a few years before collecting a $40+ million payoff from the odious Bill de Blasio.

The Netflix series has already inflicted damage at the personal level:

Dogged by bad publicity resulting from the series, Fairstein resigned from her positions on the board of trustees at Vassar College and on the boards God’s Love We Deliver and Safe Horizon, two nonprofits.

Dutton, an imprint of Penguin Books, dropped Fairstein after publishing her best-selling crime novels.

That’s her reward for racially incorrectly attempting to bring vicious thugs to justice.

Lederer, who has continued her career at the D.A.’s office, resigned as a part-time lecturer at Columbia Law School after a group of black students called on her to quit.

Ava DuVernay, who created the series, can congratulate herself on the damage done.

Fairstein and Lederer will not be the last people harmed by Netflix’s leftist agitprop. As Cultural Marxism (or “liberalism” as we are asked to call it) and the cowardice that causes otherwise decent people to play along with it destroy all semblance of order and justice, more Fairsteins and Lederers will be sacrificed to political correctness. There will be more Trisha Meilis too.

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Jun 16 2019

O.J. Simpson Presents Argument for Death Penalty

Justice in the case of O.J. Simpson, who murdered two people, would have been prompt execution upon the determination of his guilt. That would have spared us from having to look at this:

Watching a known murderer rub himself in everyone’s face undermines civilization.

Of course, for murderers to be executed, they first have to be found guilty in a court of law. That is not easily accomplished despite any amount of incontrovertible evidence when a famous black person murders whites, as in O.J.’s case.

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Jun 15 2019

Looks Like Felons Will Serve on Juries in California

No matter how far progressives push the envelope, they will find a way to push it further still. Did you think nothing could top the lunatic malevolence of presidential candidates calling for felons to vote on who governs us from behind bars? Wrong. Now the kooks running California want felons to serve on juries.

This would be brought to pass by Senate Bill 310, which was excreted by State Senator Nancy Skinner (D-Berkeley). It makes no distinction between violent and nonviolent offenders and ignores the obvious bias of convicted felons against law enforcement and criminal justice.

Skinner observes that felons can already vote in California, so why not put them on juries? You have to push the envelope somewhere.

Skinner’s bill cleared the Senate Public Safety Committee by a 5-1 vote and then the full Senate 27-10.

From the Orange County Register:

SB310 is not about expanding civil rights for persecuted minorities or reintegrating felons into society — it’s about stacking the deck against prosecutors by making it impossible to win criminal convictions.

This is consistent with the objectives of California’s liberal rulers.

From the early release of inmates through AB 109, to filling parole boards with felon friendly commissioners, to decriminalizing a litany of felonies and drug offenses with Props 47 and 57, Sacramento lawmakers are bending over backwards to dramatically reduce the state’s inmate population.

Sometimes you have to decide between the interests of law-abiding citizens and those of criminals and sociopaths. For Democrats, the decision is easy.

Opposition will be beaten down with the race club:

In testimony to the Committee, Brendon Woods, Alameda County’s Public Defender, noted that defendants of color are often faced with juries in California in which “no one who sits in judgment looks like [them].”

Those who don’t want America’s criminal justice system reduced to farce on behalf of criminals are racists. They require reeducation. In the near future, expect California to make college not only free but mandatory.

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Jun 09 2019

Get Woke, Go Broke: Oberlin College

There is a price to be paid for indulging in runaway moonbattery. For Oberlin College, that price is at least $11.2 million and possibly more.

For daring to object to sacred Persons of Color shoplifting wine, Gibson’s Bakery was targeted by the Ivory Tower moonbats in the small college town of Oberlin. Social justice warrior students were dispatched like swarms of flying monkeys in an attempt to drive the venerable bakery out of business for being “racist.”

Gibson’s sued. A partial verdict is in:

Oberlin College in Ohio will have to pay a nearby bakery more than $11 million in damages because it libeled the store, tagging it as racist, and interfered with its business, a jury said on Friday. …

The jury found the school and Oberlin’s vice president and dean of students, Meredith Raimondo, guilty of libel after Raimondo allegedly helped pass out flyers claiming that the bakery was “racist” and had a history of “racial profiling and discrimination.”

The $11.2 million may be only a down payment. It could triple when punitive damages are determined.

Already, Oberlin’s heavy emphasis on moonbattery has been costing it. With luck, this story will end with the college suffering the fate it attempted to inflict on Gibson’s Bakery: bankruptcy.

Legal Insurrection has been all over this story. Tim Pool breaks it down and explains its significance:

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Jun 06 2019

Dallas Police Chief: Criminals Are Forced to Commit Violent Crimes

What a coincidence. The best person for the job to be Chief of Police in Dallas happens to be a woman of African ancestry, just like in Phoenix, Portland, Raleigh, Durham, et cetera.

Incompetence is not the only danger when high-profile law enforcement positions are filled on an intersectionality basis. Ideology can be an even larger problem:

Speaking about two recent homicide cases, [Dallas Police Chief Renee] Hall said, “There are individuals in this city who have returned from prison who cannot find a job, who are not educated. In those instances those individuals are forced to commit violent acts.”

Mike Mata of the Dallas Police Association reponds:

“The Chief saying that people ‘forced to commit violent acts’ it places the blame on society and makes the offenders the victim.”

In a society dominated by liberal ideology, moral righteousness is determined by victimhood. If criminals are victims, it is law-abiding citizens who belong in jail.

They ought to make Mata the Chief — except that he’s a white male.

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May 29 2019

De Blasio to Triple Release of Violent Teen Criminals

Why is Bill de Blasio running for president when he hasn’t even finished turning New York City into Venezuela yet? Because his job as mayor is almost complete:

Bill de Blasio hopes to “more than triple” the number of teens who are released from city jails with no bail on charges as serious as armed robbery, assault and burglary, The Post has learned.

New guidelines from the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice will also “significantly” expand the number of adults eligible for de Blasio’s no-bail Supervised Release Program…

The expansion of the city’s Supervised Release Program is part of de Blasio’s controversial plan to shut down the Rikers Island jail complex, an effort he has been touting on the campaign trail as part of his long-shot presidential bid.

What do you need a jail complex for when you can advance social justice by letting the criminals run free?

“In our city, we have reduced our jail population about 30 percent already … We are ending the era of mass incarceration in New York City,” he told CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday.

A local increase in violent crime is a small price to pay for de Blasio’s pandering to a certain national constituency.

It isn’t just de Blasio. The entire state is circling the drain under increasingly radical left-wing rule.

De Blasio’s new policies set the stage for the statewide elimination of cash bail for misdemeanors and nonviolent offenses next year.

No wonder Democrats want felons voting — even from prison. No party could be more loyal to a key segment of its base than Democrats are to lawbreakers. Criminals would be fools not to return the favor.

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May 12 2019

Harvard Punishes Law Prof for Defending Harvey Weinstein

Nothing can save America from decline if we lose our commitment to the basic principles that made this a great civilization. Take for example the presumption of innocence and the right of the accused to legal representation. Once, anyone who had made it through sixth grade civics class would understand their importance. Now, even the top law school in the country does not. At the behest of a liberal mob, Harvard has lowered the boom on law professor Ron Sullivan for agreeing to represent Harvey Weinstein, a Democrat mega-donor who was a major luminary among Hollywood leftists until he ran afoul of #MeToo feminazis.

Most everyone can agree that Harvey Weinstein is a slug, who has avidly participated in the degradation of our culture by promoting creeps like Quentin Tarantino, who opposes the fundamental right of self-defense, and who may belong in prison for rape.

However, he is an American. He deserves a trial, complete with legal representation. But Harvard appears to disagree:

In response to an uproar on campus, Harvard University decided this weekend to remove law professor Ron Sullivan from a dean’s post after Sullivan had signed on as a member of the team defending disgraced movie producer Harvey Weinstein. Ironically, Harvard’s decision comes just a day after Sullivan told the Manhattan judge overseeing Weinstein’s case that Sullivan would, in fact, be leaving the defense team. …

The lawyer and his wife, Stephanie Robinson, who also works at the school, will not be renewed as deans at Harvard’s Winthrop House once their terms expire next month.

Just being married to someone who would represent a sexist pig is beyond the pale. Not even being a Person of Politically Preferred Pigmentation like Sullivan can protect victims from the headhunting liberal mob and an Establishment that reflexively panders to it.

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