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Apr 24 2024

Even Eric Adams Left Behind by Radicalized Liberals

Never mind Alec Baldwin. He may spout moonbattery, but as Mayor of New York, Eric Adams actively inflicts it. Adams has been bankrupting the remnants of America’s greatest city by showering vast riches upon illegal aliens, who have contributed notably to the collapse of public order. Yet even Adams is set upon ferociously by the rabid hounds of hell emerging from the tenebrous depths of leftist lunacy:

Democrats’ Overton window is moving leftward so fast, not even Eric Adams can keep up. Obama’s radicalization of the party now has a momentum of its own. The Frankenstein monster is turning on its creator.

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Apr 22 2024

New York to Ban Individually Wrapped Cheese

There is nothing liberals will not take away from you, from the most essential (e.g., cars, electricity, toilets) to the most trivial, like individually wrapped cheese. If you want to see how absurdly repressive the whole country will soon be if Democrats further consolidate power, look to deep blue states like New York:

Individually wrapped cheese would be largely banned under a far-reaching bill getting pushed by New York environmentalists and politicians to reduce the use of plastics…

Plastic represents the greatest advance in materials science since the bronze age. It makes modern life possible. Applied to food, plastic benefits public health by preventing spoilage and contamination. But it is petroleum-based, so liberals regard plastic as ideologically unclean.

The state bill — called Packaging Reduction and Recycling Infrastructure Act — would require companies with net incomes over $1 million who sell or distribute food or products to reduce plastics and other packaging that ends in landfills or waterways by 50% over the next 12 years.

If the waterways are full of waste, New Yorkers should elect representatives who will clean them up, rather than banning anything that might conceivably end up as litter. But that’s not the approach the left-wing activists calling the shots prefer:

One leading environmentalist backing the bill confirmed that the goal is to eliminate single slices of cheese packaged in non-reusable plastic, as well as other wasteful packaging.

“We have to do something about the plastic crisis,” said Judith Enck, president of the group Beyond Plastics.

As it is submersed beneath a tsunami of needy illegal aliens and crime spirals out of control, New York has bigger crises than individually wrapped cheese slices. But the liberals who caused its problems have no interest in solving them. Their focus is on exerting power over every picayune aspect of life until the ultimate objective is achieved: a world in which everything that is not mandatory is forbidden.

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Apr 19 2024

African Invaders Complain That Americans Speak English

On Tuesday some of the numberless hordes of illegal aliens from Africa pouring into New York City swamped the area around City Hall and aired their belligerent grievances. As noted at the time:

Their dissatisfaction will be easy for Democrats to weaponize against the native population the newcomers have been imported to displace.

What could they possibly have to complain about, considering they have invaded our country in contravention of our laws, yet instead of being kicked out are provided with free food, housing, and even prepaid debit cards? For one thing, we keep speaking English instead of learning Africa’s many languages:

Via Modernity:

At another point in the hearing migrants began complaining about the free food and housing they have been provided, saying it isn’t good enough.

They described the situation as “unacceptable,” and “shameful,” and even calling New York City “Anti-African, racist and Xeonophobic,” charging that the council is “responsible for this pain and suffering” that will affect migrants “for generations to come.”

They will certainly be dissatisfied for generations to come, making it easy for the liberal establishment to find participants when it is considered politically expedient to launch another wave of race riots.

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Apr 17 2024

Invaders From Africa Swarm New York City Hall

The problem with leftists’ race-based strategy is that blacks make up only 13% of the American population. But Democrats are working on that via welfare and immigration policy. New York represents a microcosm of the progress they are making:

The New York Post reports:

About 1,300 African migrants gathered outside City Hall Tuesday morning hoping to appear at a hearing on the black experience in the city shelter system — with some saying they were promised work visas or green cards if they showed. …

The crowd was mostly made up of new arrivals from Guinea, in West Africa, and were apparently drawn to City Hall by an activist group, a source told The Post.

The newcomers have gripes. For example, they don’t like their free cheese, according to Assitan Makadji of African Communities Together:

“They’re not used to cheese but they don’t have no choice because in the shelter that’s what they serve. If they go to the pantry they can get food but it’s not cooked food and they can’t cook in the shelter. So we’re looking for cooked food for them,” she told The Post.

What, no room service?

Western Journal reports on their disappointment:

“They all are saying that this is not what they were expecting,” CBS News New York’s John Dias said in a live report on the scene of the protest.

What are they going to do now, return home? Not likely.

Their dissatisfaction will be easy for Democrats to weaponize against the native population the newcomers have been imported to displace. New York City Councilmember Alexa Avilés is already at it:

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Apr 15 2024

Squatter Charges Rent for NYC Apartment

Meanwhile, as celebrity pubs are seized by squatters in London, this is the state of affairs at ground zero for the squatter epidemic — namely, New York:

A crafty squatter bilked his landlord of at least $72,000 in rent for his Lower East Side apartment — then made tens of thousands in profit by subletting the unit, the owner charges.

For three years, computer programmer Thor Boucher hasn’t paid a cent of his bargain-rate $2,000-a-month, two-bedroom, one-bathroom Essex Street pad, claiming he didn’t have to because the building was noisy and shook, according to landlord Ed Yau and Manhattan Civil Court documents.

The alleged freeloader had no qualms renting the space out, though, charging as much as $1950 per room monthly since November 2021 on platforms including Airbnb and Craigslist.

Some actually benefited from Covid tyranny:

Boucher also applied in 2022 and 2023 to the state’s COVID rent-relief program, which effectively barred Yau from evicting his tenant during the application process.

No wonder housing in NYC is outrageously expensive. Try to imagine being a landlord in a place that would let Eric Adams be the mayor.

Either we overthrow rule by liberals or civilization continues to collapse.

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Apr 15 2024

$2.1 Billion Raise for NYC Bureaucrats

Under leftist Mayor Eric Adams, New York City has showered $billions upon $billions on illegal aliens, even providing them with prepaid credit cards, while driving out the tax base with Marxist policies, forcing cuts in essential services like police. Now is the time for him to give his underlings a $2.1 billion raise:

The salary increases, which Adams approved in February without putting out a press release, will retroactively boost salaries by 16.2% for managers and other non-union employees when compounded annually over a five-year period dating back to 2021. …

Under Adams’ order, managers and non-union staffers making $100,000 will see their pay increase to $112,550 next month and $116,208 the following year.

Most Americans who do actual productive work make a lot less. Systematically destroying a formerly great city pays well:

Anyone earning $200,000 before the agreement – first reported by Politico – would have their salary surge to $225,101 in May and $232,417 next year.

The greed and arrogance of our moonbat rulers are so prodigious, you almost have to stand in awe.

Where will the money to pay for this come from? Your savings, after NYC’s inevitable federal bailout is financed through inflation.

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Apr 13 2024

Allah Worshiped at New York City Council Meeting

It took less than a generation to go from the Islamic terror attack on the World Trade Center that killed 3,000 New Yorkers to City Council meetings featuring worship of Allah:

At Thursday’s NYC Council Meeting, a local Islamic Imam (Abdoulazakou Traore, Darou Salam Islamic Community Inc.) led the invocation which ended up being a 4-minute-long song in Arabic ending with Arabic and English proclamations of Allah as “lord of the [WORLD].”

Now try to imagine the leftist termites presiding over the demise of this once great city praising Jesus. Moonbats hate Christianity as they do Judaism. The other Abrahamic religion is fine though; Islam is a useful wrecking ball to deploy against Western Civilization.

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Apr 09 2024

Moonbat Blames Trump Supporters for NYC Face Punching

The New York City fad of punching random white or Asian women in the face turns out not to be a consequence of liberal lawlessness and Black Lives Matter race hate ideology after all. Salon’s Amanda Marcotte reveals that once again Donald Trump is to blame — or rather the misogyny of his supporters.

Mind your ears; Amanda has a tendency to shriek. Here she goes, via The Blaze:

These stories resonate, as well, because the nation is having a moment of increasingly unhinged male fury at women for daring to have lives that are centered around something other than catering to a man’s every whim. Unleashed by Donald Trump and the MAGA movement, there’s an upswell of loud male entitlement shouting at us from every corner.

Deplorable MAGA types prowl the streets of ultraliberal NYC, just like in Chicago, where a pair of them set upon Jussie Smollett for being black and gay.

Everything that ever happens anywhere can be forced to fit into the liberal narrative; you just have to apply some intellectual elbow grease.

When countermoonbats responded to Amanda with guffaws…

…Amanda seized upon this as proof that she is oppressed by the male chauvinists comprising the patriarchy:

“Man, I knew this article was super true when I wrote it, but the hateful emails MAGA men are sending doubly prove it. Hit dogs, as they say, holler,” she said on social media.

“Oh men, just know that your angry emails are going unread. If I see a man’s name on the email and a mention of punching women, I know what you’re going to say and will delete without a read,” she added.

Only by firmly closing your ears to dissenting opinion can you achieve pure moonbattery.

Trump supporters would put a stop to this.

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Apr 09 2024

Homeowners Forced to Provide Squatters Free Utilities

It isn’t enough that decent people be forced to turn over their homes to lowlifes. In ultraliberal New York, homeowners must provide the parasites with free utilities — or face arrest:

Under New York City law, anyone who lives in a home or apartment for at least 30 days can claim squatter’s rights, even if they broke into the property without permission from the owner. …

Several homeowners told CBS that they would be “arrested instantly” if they were to change the locks, evict the squatters, or turn off necessities such as hot water. They are forced to pay for the upkeep of the homes while squatters, many of whom are illegal immigrants, get to live in them for free.

Intolerable? Apparently not, because we all tolerate the same situation by living under a kleptocracy that forces us to provide goods and services for those who did not earn them.

Maybe the anarchotyrannical moonbats running New York are doing us a favor. By shining a klieg light on the moral depravity of liberalism, they might inspire us to defend our property and liberty like our ancestors would have done.

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Apr 07 2024

Jackpot Justice for Arrested Muslims

In 2001, New York City was hit by the worst Islamic terror attack in American history. It is now a great place to be a Muslim. Hamas supporters bully the city with impunity, and claiming to be oppressed results in massive payouts:

New York City has agreed to pay a whopping settlement after a pair of women claimed their rights were violated when they were forced to remove their hijabs for mugshots.

Being both Muslim and accused criminals grants them intersectional privilege in a city run by liberals. Consequently:

The city said it will fork over the $17.5 million settlement, which still needs approval from Judge Analisa Torres of U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, the New York Times reported Friday.

Given the political orientation of New York judges, taxpayers will be lucky if she doesn’t double the jackpot.

Jamilla Clark and Arwa Aziz were both arrested for violating orders of protection. Too bad taxpayers can’t obtain an order of protection against jackpot justice. The pot is to be divided among the many Muslims expected to exploit the insane decision to make similar claims.

Where to come up with the money to pay for such largesse after shoveling $billions upon $billions at illegal aliens? Squeeze the public for every last penny:

The NYPD is unleashing barnacles to battle parking pirates.

The department this week said it will begin using “windshield boots” — a 17-pound device that attaches to a vehicle’s windshield like a barnacle and remains there until a scofflaw pays their tickets — on illegally parked trucks.

The Barnacle Device — evidently named after bureaucrats — works by blocking the driver’s view. Each costs $250/month to operate.

Bureaucratic barnacles plan to charge $15 to enter NYC. It would be more lucrative to charge people to leave.

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Apr 07 2024

Red-Pilled by a Punch in the Face

They say a conservative is a liberal who has been mugged. It might be better to say punched in the face, as keeps happening to women in New York City. A typical example:

[A] 33-year-old woman was walking along the bustling street near Union Square on March 20 when the attacker approached from behind.

The man, who has not been identified, slugged the woman in the face and fled north on Park Avenue, according to the police.

Punching women in the face is all the rage in the Big Apple:

NYPD Chief of Detectives said on Wednesday that a total of 12 similar incidents had occurred over the past two weeks, with six suspects arrested while others remain at large.

Those arrested are probably already back on the street looking for more victims.

According to Page Six, more than 25 women have revealed on TikTok they were randomly attacked in New York City in the past few months.

The fad has already spawned variations:

A 51-year-old woman suffered burns to the neck and face after a man pressed a lit cigarette on her on West 31st Street.

Ideologies beget consequences, which beget further consequences. Leftism has resulted in the marginalization of the police and the refusal of authorities to incarcerate criminals and the mentally ill, in turn resulting in the current state of affairs in our nation’s largest city.

The growing number of random punching attacks in New York City may be part of a disturbing trend called the knockout game – in which strangers punch random strangers in New York City with the intent of ‘punching them unconscious.’

The knockout game has also been called “polar bear hunting,” reflecting the racial aspect — i.e., victims are attacked for being white, another predictable consequence of the ideology pressed upon us by our ruling class.

At least we can hope that the phenomenon is curing a few New York women of liberalism.

On a tip from Ed McAninch.

Apr 05 2024

Eric Adams Tells Mother of All Lies

A favorite Democrat tactic is to tell lies so arrogantly preposterous that they hit you like a 2×4 to the forehead, leaving you too staggered to respond. For example:

Your initial reaction to the absurd assertion that New York’s notoriously dangerous subway is “the safest on the globe” might be to pop your eyes and open and close your mouth like a fish.

Only afterward can you gather your wits and recount some of the many instances proving that the NYC subway under Eric Adams is an unusably hazardous hellscape, featuring hideous freakazoids attacking mothers and their children, random murders by monsters who should have been in prison, mass shootings by black supremacists, women getting human feces smeared in their faces by vagabond foreigners who are then promptly released, psychos set free by after bashing musicians in the head, lunatics ignored while bathing in wading pools, disgusting degenerate advertising that would make a decent person vomit, scumbags punching police officers, women viciously beaten with hammers, et cetera ad nauseam.

Any hero who attempts to defend the innocent from the violent mentally ill criminals who prevail in the NYC subway will be imprisoned for racism like Daniel Penny.

That noncriminal New Yorkers still set foot in the subway is as incomprehensible as their willingness to vote for Eric Adams.

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Mar 28 2024

Special Needs Kids to Be Displaced by Illegal Aliens

Special needs are not as special as the hordes of illegal aliens Democrats have imported to displace us:

A space crunch at a Manhattan school building sparked by a massive influx of migrant kids is likely to force a city special needs school out of its home — and into an inadequate 127-year-old site.

West Prep Academy, a 170-student school on the West Side serving primarily children with disabilities and special needs, is being overrun by a surge in enrollment at PS 145, which shares the same 105th Street schoolhouse — driven largely by the recent wave of migrant kids flooding the school system.

The “migrants” consist largely of illegal aliens exploiting Democrats’ refusal to defend the border from foreign invasion.

The academy … has programs geared to teaching children with autism, with 90% of its pupils either black or Latino, and 40% of them with disabilities.

Sorry, still not as special as illegal aliens.

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Mar 22 2024

Squatters Beat Woman to Death

Squatters empowered by liberal anarchotyranny have escalated from stealing people’s houses to murder:

Two squatters are being sought over the gruesome murder of a 52-year-old woman whose body was found stuffed in a duffel bag inside her late mother’s upscale Manhattan apartment last week, police said Thursday.

The victim, Nadia Vitel, was savagely beaten by the two perps when she discovered them holed up inside the 19th-floor apartment on East 31st Street last week, according to cops.

They should have just called the police on her, like squatters normally do to property owners who pester them in New York.

Vitel had gone to her late mom’s apartment — which had been vacant for roughly three to four months — to start prepping it so a family friend could move in.

Her 19-year-old son discovered her body.

There is surveillance video of the suspected culprits:

The pair, described as a black male and a black female both in their 20s, were then spotted getting into the dead woman’s Lexus SUV…

They crashed it in Pennsylvania. Cops apparently know who they are but won’t identify them publicly.

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