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Feb 15 2021

Black Lives Matter Still Wreaking Havoc in NYC

Now that the Bad Orange Man is gone, America is united and can heal, honks Biden. Or maybe the Bad Orange Man wasn’t the cause of our problems after all. Maybe obsequiously pandering to the people who really are causing them won’t make the problems go away. In New York Friday night,

About 100 protesters attended the “F*** 12” march in Midtown Manhattan.

“F*** 12” is moonbat shorthand for “F*** the police.”

Demonstrators with Black Lives Matter, which was nominated for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize three weeks ago, burned an American flag and a pro-law enforcement thin blue line flag near the NYPD kiosk in Times Square in a supposed protest against police brutality.

If BLM doesn’t get a Nobel Peace Prize, Barack Obama should have to give his back. After all, he was awarded it before he had yet sown seeds of havoc with his divisive politics.

During the F12 march at the intersection of Sixth Avenue and 54th Street, someone motioned toward a man and yelled, “He’s a cop!” About a dozen protesters surrounded the man, who is actually a New York Daily News photographer. The New York Post reported that the crowd began “shoving him and beating him with their fists and other objects.” The victim, identified as Sam Costanza, suffered a broken nose, according to the New York Daily News.

The Daily Snooze is a left-wing publication; its propagandists helped create this situation. Nonetheless, it is appalling to see journalists attacked. Still more appalling is that two police officers were injured and two police vehicles damaged.

Note that Black Lives Matter sociopaths are the good guys, according to the liberal establishment. New York’s municipal government ostentatiously sides with them against the police. Corporations shower them with massive amounts of money. The Democrat Party included a video ode to them at last year’s convention. The vice president has raised funds to bail them out of jail so that they can continue to take part in riots, which she avers should not stop.

Also on Friday, social justice warriors harassed police and vandalized storefronts in Portland. If you encourage bad behavior, you get more of it.

What “healing” looks like in NYC.
Jan 26 2021

Welcome Back to New York

One price of submitting to liberal rule is that it is no longer safe to go out in public, even in broad daylight. When Giuliani was mayor, New York City was famous for its safety. After years of Bill de Blasio, we read stories like this:

The New York City Police Department is seeking dozens of suspects in connection with a brutal attack on a 26-year-old male who was beaten, slashed, and disrobed.

They even stole his underwear, and as usual also his phone.

The victim is from Brooklyn, but was just exiting a bus from Atlanta.

The attack, which was caught on surveillance camera, shows hordes of people rushing to punch, push, shove, and hit the victim, who eventually ends up on the ground. While on the ground, other people in the group can be seen jumping on and stomping the victim.

Once the blood starts flowing, everybody joins in.

What do you expect in a country that glorifies criminality, and a city that has marginalized the police in the name of leftist ideology? Scenes like this are what liberals embrace when they embrace Black Lives Matter.

The victim is reported to be a gang member with 43 arrests, 17 for felonies. That he was walking around loose is a symptom of the same disease that allowed the attack to occur at 11:30 in the morning.

Presumably, there was history between at least some of the attackers and the victim. But these days, who knows? If you are walking down the street and someone doesn’t like your face, the same could happen to you.

Attackers are unlikely to be punished in a place like New York, even if they are caught — which they probably won’t be. Everyone knows that the moonbats in charge at both the city and state level are on the side of criminals, not the police. As of January 20, this is now true also at the federal level.

Behold what liberalism is turning our country into:

On a tip from Don M.

Jan 18 2021

NYC Kills Testing for Gifted and Talented Programs

You can’t have both equity and excellence. To impose the former is to abolish the latter. That’s why New York City schools are doing away with testing for their Gifted and Talented programs:

Mayor Bill de Blasio and Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza said Wednesday the city will start phasing out the entry exam.

Critics have said the composition of the programs do not reflect the city’s diversity.

The testing reflects aptitude, as it is intended to do. The very concept of aptitude is wrongthink. According to liberal dogma, if whites and Asians score higher on tests than blacks and Hispanics, the only permissible explanation is racism. If it proves impossible to contrive tests where whites and Asians do not score higher, this indicates that the very concept of testing is racist.

Actually racist NYC Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza proclaims that educrats will “reimagine” how to determine which students would benefit from accelerated instruction — you know, the way riotendorsing leftist radicals want to “reimagine” law enforcement in the name of Black Lives Matter.

Hot Air is appalled:

So if you’re going to do away with the admissions testing system, how do you replace that with something that produces your desired demographic result? If it just works out to be some sort of lottery, then why have an advanced studies program at all? You’re not going to randomly pick up the most advanced students. Further, how is that fair to the children? If a kid who isn’t able to score well on the placement tests suddenly gets shoved into a significantly more advanced program, they’re almost certainly going to flounder. Then you have to either boot them back to the regular school curriculum or dumb down the advanced class to the point where they can pass. If you follow the latter route, you’ve eliminated the benefit of having a gifted and talented program in the first place.

Accelerated learning will never “reflect the city’s diversity.” That’s why such programs will be reduced to farce and then canceled.

Hat tip: Maggie’s Farm.

Jan 12 2021

Cuomo Wants to Lighten Lockdown but Remains Dangerously Incompetent

Surprise! Now that the election is over, Andrew Cuomo wants to take his boot off the neck of New York’s economy:


New York is near record daily cases

But by now we know that lockdowns are not about mitigating the damage done by the virus, so much as they are about amplifying and exploiting it.

In other Cuomo COVID news,

A story from December 28 may help explain the waste:

Cuomo says any provider that intentionally administers a vaccine to a person who is not eligible could face a $1 million penalty and the revocation of all state licenses. The executive order also states the eligibility of recipients will have to be certified as part of the vaccine process.

Better to throw the vaccine in the trash than to risk the wrath of Big Government by giving it to someone without proper paperwork that grants official priority.

At least Cuomo finally stopped forcing nursing homes to accept coronavirus patients, after killing thousands.

On a tip from Lyle.

Jan 11 2021

Antifa/BLM Own NYC Streets, Attack Journalist

Meanwhile, as our liberal overlords exploit the insurrection at the Capitol last Wednesday as a pretext to crush free speech, Antifa and Black Lives Matter continue to enjoy a free hand to dominate public spaces, and not only in dystopian Portland. Yesterday they flexed their muscle in New York City:

A large group of Antifa and Black Lives Matter demonstrators wearing black bloc and carrying shields marched in the streets of Manhattan on Sunday. …

The marchers chanted, “Whose mother-f**king streets? Our mother-f**king streets” …

Here’s how they treat interlopers on their MF’ing streets:

Social-media journalist Tara Szczepanski reported being assaulted by some from the rally. She reported having an egg smashed on the back of her head.

In the video she tweeted, she is assaulted by at least two of the men. One sprayed her with a chemical string and another appeared to strike her with a skateboard.

The mob identified her as “a f**king Nazi” and accused her of supporting the President of the USA. Anyone who fails to embrace Antifa/BLM ideology is a Nazi and will be treated accordingly.

Szczepanski rushed to nearby NYPD police officers and appears to be assaulted again — in view of the cops. She said they “they told me to stay 6 feet from them and let me be attacked.”

What else would you expect in Bill de Blasio’s New York?

Let’s watch some of Szczepanski’s video, since the MSM doesn’t cover stuff like this:

Our progressive future opens before us like the gates of hell.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Jan 09 2021

Detention Camps Coming to New York?

The Trump Show is almost over now. Coming next: hardcore tyranny. New York State, where Democrats have already achieved the total control that they will soon have in Washington, offers a preview with Assembly Bill A416, which lays the legal framework for establishing detention camps in the name of COVID-19 hysteria.

Liz Wheeler provides alarming details:

In related news, the 117th Congress has already begun to crack down on gun rights, including mandatory registration, the prelude to confiscation.

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Jan 04 2021

Cuomo May Get Power of Arbitrary Detention

The concept of habeas corpus protects us from unlawful imprisonment, so that we cannot be locked up by tyrants without due process. Andrew Cuomo and his friends on the Democrat-dominated New York State Assembly have a cure for it: COVID-19. A virus can justify imprisoning whomever they please — for health reasons.

New York State Assembly Bill A416 states the following, via Daily Wire:

The provisions of this section shall be utilized in the event that the governor declares a state of health emergency due to an epidemic of any communicable disease. Upon determining by clear and convincing evidence that the health of others is or may be endangered by a case, contact or carrier, or suspected case, contact or carrier of a contagious disease that, in the opinion of the governor, after consultation with the commissioner, may pose an imminent and significant threat to the public health resulting in severe morbidity or high mortality, the governor or his or her delegee, including, but not limited to the commissioner or the heads of local health departments, may order the removal and/or detention of such a person or of a group of such persons by issuing a single order, identifying such persons either by name or by a reasonably specific description of the individuals or group being detained.

Whole groups can be rounded up and detained. Joseph Stalin might have applied this to kulaks. Adolf Hitler might have applied it to Jews.

The bill says Cuomo has to let you go after 60 days unless he has a court order. Then he has to get extensions. For now.

This is for people who have not even been accused of committing a crime. Actual criminals are set free in the People’s Republic of New York — again because of COVID-19 — with predictable results.

Recall that Cuomo killed thousands by forcing nursing homes to accept coronavirus patients. He is among the last people who should be entrusted with the power to detain the sick and the allegedly sick by decree.

Freedoms aren’t normally lost all at once. Ours are going remarkably fast.

On tips from Dragon’s Lair and Lyle.

Dec 30 2020

Take a Drive Through NYC

In the final stages of liberalism, society will collapse into savagery. It will look something like this scene, which occurred in broad daylight at the heart of America’s largest city:

No doubt the vehicle was being driven by a racist.

Where are the police? Probably busy cracking down on someone for trying to keep a business running or harassing those foolish enough to visit the city. There is no point arresting actual criminals, because they will just be set loose.

On tips from Sean C and Wiggins.

Dec 24 2020

Welcome to New York

Prior to the birth of the USA, the British imposed intolerable oppression on Americans. Thanks to Comrade de Blasio, the shoe is now on the other foot:

Speaking of oppression, imagine being in a business that relies on tourism in a place like New York, where visitors are fined $1,000 per day for violating quarantine.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Dec 21 2020

Bill de Blasio: “Our Mission Is to Redistribute Wealth”

America’s largest city is dying. Tyrannical COVID-19 restrictions and the collapse of law and order are contributing factors, but the real reason is that power was given to people who have made it inhospitable to those who create wealth. Barks Mayor Bill de Blasio:

“Our mission is to redistribute wealth.”

Vladimir Lenin could not have put it any more succinctly.

As Marxists never tire of failing to learn, to coercively redistribute wealth is effectively to destroy it. You may as well pile up money and set it on fire as take it from those who earned it and give it to those who didn’t.

On tips from JD and KirklesWorth.

Dec 21 2020

Dalton School Demonstrates How Elite’s Kids Are Taught

A committee of “experts” advises the CDC that older people should be left to die on the grounds that they are more likely to be white. We hear demands that black votes count for twice as much as white votes. Critical race theory, which demonizes whites, is integral to political correctness, the religion of the ruling class.

How did we get to the point where people go along with dogma that is hostile to the majority population?

Brainwashing is how. Bad as it has been for decades, it is rapidly getting worse.

New York City shows how far liberal social engineers are taking it. It isn’t just the public schools run by racist de Blasio appointee Richard Carranza. The Dalton School is a posh private school from which quintessential liberal elitist Anderson Cooper graduated. K-12 tuition costs $54,180 per year.

For that kind of money, the most fashionable ideology is inculcated. But not even the Dalton School is far enough left to suit its teachers. Dozens of faculty members have signed a list of demands, including:

• Hiring 12 full-time diversity officers, and multiple psychologists to support students “coping with race-based traumatic stress.”

• Assigning a staffer dedicated to black students who have “complaints or face disciplinary action,” and a full-time advocate to help black kids “navigate a predominantly white institution.”

• Paying the student debt of black staffers upon hiring them.

• Requiring courses that focus on “Black liberation” and “challenges to white supremacy.”

• Compensating any student of color who appears in Dalton promotional material.

• Abolishing high-level academic courses by 2023 if the performance of black students is not on par with non-blacks.

• Requiring “anti-racism” statements from all staffers.

• Overhauling the entire curriculum, reading lists and student plays to reflect diversity and social justice themes.

• Divesting from companies that “criminalize or dehumanize” black people, including private prisons and tech firms that manufacture police equipment or weapons.

• Donating 50 percent of all fundraising dollars to NYC public schools if Dalton is not representative of the city in terms of gender, race, socioeconomic background, and immigration status by 2025.

Dalton teachers are reportedly “refusing to come back” until these demands are met. Then they will no doubt draft a new set of still more outrageous demands.

The moonbattery at Dalton is already so bad that kids have been forced to watch PBS:

Dalton kids were made to watch a PBS video called Being 12, in which “white kids are shamed for the sin of their skin color and told they are complicit in perpetuating racism.”

The petition insists that all school plays must have “antiracist” (i.e., racist in favor of blacks and against whites) narratives. Not even To Kill a Mockingbird is regarded as sufficiently woke, because it features a white man coming to a black man’s rescue.

This isn’t the only recent petition at Dalton, where the students are not even taught in person due to hysteria over COVID-19:

A petition signed by more than 70 lower-school parents asked for the return of on-campus classes, Bloomberg reported. “Zoom-school is not Dalton,” it said.

But that petition was seen by some as racist because faculty of color were more likely to live in the outer boroughs or neighborhoods with high rates of COVID-19.

If left-wing teachers don’t like something, it must be racist.

At least parents are getting some insight into the mentality they pay so extravagantly to have drummed into their children. Their kids have been drafted into a cult, according to which the universe revolves around the special favoritism owed to blacks as an award for their alleged oppression, and the need for whites to abase themselves for being politically unclean.

They may as well have Black Lives Matter rioters teach their children. After all, the mentality of the rioters was installed by educators with the same warped agenda as the Dalton School’s faculty.

On a tip from Bluto.

Dec 20 2020

Andrew Cuomo’s War on NYC Restaurants

Did authoritarian New York Governor Andrew Cuomo learn anything from the public relations train wreck in which he killed thousands of people by forcing nursing homes to accept COVID-19 patients? He did not, because the fawning media has insulated him from serious political repercussions. Now his victims are restaurants and the many people they employ, directly or indirectly.

Via Frontpage Mag:

By executive edict, Cuomo ordered the city’s restaurants, which were barely getting along as it was, to once again shut down their indoor dining services completely. Cuomo the grinch did so just in time for the holidays, when restaurants were hoping to make up for at least some of the revenue they have lost this year. By decimating the restaurant industry, Cuomo is also destroying the livelihoods of low and middle-income New Yorkers. For many restaurants, Cuomo’s draconian order is their death sentence. Restaurants are closing permanently in droves.

Democrat officials bark righteously about “following the data.” However,

Contact tracing data released by Cuomo proved how his exercise of raw power to shut down indoor restaurant dining lacked any justification rooted in genuine health concerns. Private household gatherings accounted for nearly 74 percent of the spread, based on statewide contact tracing data compiled from September through November. During this same period, when New York City’s restaurants were open for indoor service at 25 percent capacity, restaurants and bars accounted for merely 1.43 percent of the spread.

Cuomo’s reckless elimination of indoor restaurant dining will drive more New Yorkers to attend private household social gatherings during the holidays, exacerbating the worst source of the coronavirus spread.

Our progressive overlords have made it explicit that the objective regarding coronavirus is not to save lives. For some, tyranny is its own reward.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Dec 16 2020

Why Andrew Cuomo Probably Won’t Be Attorney General

Considering his hostility to our most basic liberties, it is fortunate that Andrew Cuomo is unlikely to become US Attorney General, despite the rumors. The media will see to it that the sexual harassment allegations die of oxygen deprivation, just like the sexual assault accusations against Joe Biden. But it can’t sweep his entire professional record under the rug, which may be why Cuomo is shying away.

Writes Betsy McCaughey:

Cuomo’s constituents are bearing the brunt of his left-wing criminal justice policies that put repeat offenders back on the streets hours after their arrest with no bail required. That includes looters — but also shooters. New Yorkers are being terrorized by a huge increase in gun violence, mostly by repeat offenders who would be behind bars if Cuomo hadn’t kowtowed to the extreme left on bail “reform.” The toll: 1,756 dead or wounded so far this year in New York City, according to the NYPD.

Only Biden’s radical handlers would consider as top law enforcement officer a guy whose hand-picked parole board “released cop killer Perry Bellamy and convicted killer Samuel Ayala, guilty of raping and murdering two mothers in front of their kids.” They might as well give the job to George Gascon.

Cuomo has eagerly pandered to the violent Black Lives Matter mob by demonizing and bullying the police. Then there is the odor of corruption (although that certainly won’t bother Biden himself):

Cuomo ran for governor in 2010, promising to clean up Albany’s culture of corruption. Then he shut down the Moreland commission created for that very purpose.

Looks like he had good reason:

[S]everal of his closest aides have been convicted and sentenced to prison, notably Joseph Percoco. … And without tagging Cuomo’s fundraising as illegal — it’s not under the state’s lax laws — he’s been largely supported by donors doing business with the state.

Let’s hope Cuomo at least refrains from quid pro quos with communist China.

Cuomo’s unseemly skeeviness may explain the thousands he killed by forcing nursing homes to accept COVID-19 patients:

The hospital industry’s lobbying organization, the Greater New York Hospital Association, is a megadonor to the state Democratic Party’s housekeeping account, which helps elect Cuomo. GYNHA’s head, Ken Raske, is usually seated at the governor’s table at events. When GNYHA was called on for campaign cash in 2018, it came through with over $1 million. No wonder Cuomo’s Health Department does the hospital industry’s bidding.

Cuomo would fit right in with the Biden/Harris crew. But the Senate confirmation would be messy, especially if the runoffs turn out well in Georgia.

Dec 14 2020

Party Time in Cuomo’s New York

The coronavirus high times continue to roll for the liberal ruling class. Not even an accusation by Deputy Secretary for Economic Development and Special Advisor to the Governor Lindsey Boylan of long-term sexual harassment can spoil the fun for Andrew Cuomo:

You can’t blame Janice Dean for not being in tune with the festive nature of this occasion. As the Daily Caller reported back in May,

She remains outraged and saddened that her mother-in-law and father-in-law are both dead of the coronavirus because of Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s catastrophic policy of putting sick residents in the same space as healthy ones she told Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

Cuomo kept that lethal policy in place from March 25 until public outrage finally forced him to back down on May 11. We may never know how many he killed, because New York fudged the numbers.

“It is day-by-day, Tucker” Dean said of dealing with the tragedy “We weren’t able to have a funeral for them or celebrate their life properly. That was very difficult — in the normal way that normal people would mourn: we didn’t have that … And these people are real people. They are not just numbers on a curve.”

Dean is outraged that the story of her loss and thousands of others has not been a focus of media attention.

These days, you can’t expect the liberal media establishment to report stories that reflect poorly on Democrats. Besides, unlike regular Americans, the people running the MSM have been invited to the party. I’m surprised no CNN anchors were listed among the Special Guests.

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