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Sep 18 2020

Oxford Museum Removes Displays to Advance Decolonization

All information that could be construed as unflattering to favored groups must be erased. This is bad news for any anthropologists who are more loyal to their field than to moonbattery. The Pitt Rivers Museum at the University of Oxford has thrown its collection of shrunken heads down the memory hole, explicitly for purposes of political correctness — or as curator Marenka Thompson-Odlum puts it, “decolonization.”

Via Fox News:

The museum, known as one of the world’s leading institutions for anthropology, ethnography and archaeology, had faced charges of racism and cultural insensitivity because it continued to display the items, The Associated Press reported. Museum director Laura Van Broekhoven told the outlet that visitors of the museum viewed the displays as “testament to other cultures being ‘savage’, ‘primitive’ or ‘gruesome’” and “reinforced racist and stereotypical thinking.”

Reality itself reinforces stereotypical thinking. That’s why pattern recognition causes stereotypes to exist. Therefore, reality must be banned.

Fake displays of what it would make liberals feel self-righteous to pretend savages were like will be required to fill the empty display cases. Maybe they can replace the shrunken heads with displays of the iPhones manufactured in backward jungles.

Roughly 2,800 human remains are now in storage as the museum contacts communities from where the remains came from to address either returning them or for different treatment of them while in the museum’s care.

“Different treatment” may entail the dumpster out back. Otherwise, there is no way to ensure that future racists won’t display the artifacts.

The remains … were acquired by the museum at different times since its foundation in 1884…

Museums embody culture. It takes a lot longer to build a culture than it does to tear one down or erase it.

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Sep 16 2020

How to Be a Woke White Person

Don’t be caught unprepared. If the media is able to drag Biden across the finish line, leftists could secure the same total hegemony in the federal government that they have in Silicon Valley. White people who cannot pass for woke will face cancelation. Fortunately, AwakenWithJP offers a tutorial on how to be a woke white person:

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Sep 05 2020

The Word “Happy” Is Discriminatory

Virtually anything can be forbidden on the grounds that it discriminates, including expecting hair stylists to have a cheerful demeanor.

Alison Birch listed a job ad looking for a part-time qualified hairdresser at her AJ’s Unisex Hair Salon in Stroud, England.

The ad discriminated by including this:

“This is a busy, friendly, small salon, so only happy, friendly stylists need apply.”

The local job center nixed the ad on the grounds that the word “happy” discriminates against sourpusses.

Birch reports that she was told by the job center,

“[T]he word happy is a discriminatory word and we aren’t allowed to use it, as somebody who is not happy will be discriminated against.”

When utopia has been achieved, there will be no standards of any kind, and therefore no discrimination.

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Aug 21 2020

Sociology Professor Proves That Disapproving of Obesity = Racism

According to the prevailing ideology, pretty much everything centers on the oppression of blacks, so it should surprise no one that Sabrina Strings, Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of California, Irvine, has been able to prove that fat-shaming is racist:

“[O]ne of the things that the colonists believed was that Black people were inherently more sensuous, that people love sex and they love food, and so the idea was that … Black people were inherently obese, because they lack self-control. And of course, self-control and rationality, after the Enlightenment, were characteristics that were deemed integral to Whiteness.”

As usual, Christianity shares in the blame:

“What they wanted to do was show that they were both morally upright and racially proper, in the way in which they ate and how they maintained their figures,” said Strings. “And so, they were very clear that to be of the elite race and to be a Christian peoples means that you need to show what they would call temperance in the face of food — or restraint is the way we might think of today — because if you did not show temperance, that was evidence that you were one of the savages, and also, that you were un-Christian.”

Keeping your weight under control is a consequence of racism and Christianity, the two most evil forces known to academia. Therefore, obesity is to be celebrated, regardless of the disastrous health effects.

The science is settled:

“We cannot deny the fact that fat-phobia is rooted in anti-Blackness. That’s simply an historical reality,” she said. “Today, when people talk about it, they often claim that they don’t intend to be anti-Black … they don’t intend all of these negative associations, and yet they exist already, so whenever people start trafficking in fat-phobia, they are inherently picking up on these historical forms of oppression.”

To think it is inadvisable to lose control of your weight is racist. Revise your opinions as necessary or prepared to be canceled as a thought criminal.

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Aug 14 2020

Open Thread

There is a theory behind the culture of victimhood: It's called
Aug 11 2020

Open Thread

My mother told me if I work hard and I really believed in American principles and I believed in God, anything is possible. That's why I'm not anxious to give away American values and principles for the sake of political correctness. - Benjamin Carson

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