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Feb 01 2020

If You See a Pattern, Close Your Eyes

An aspect of intelligence that is crucial for survival is pattern recognition. Without it, we would be less able to learn, to make predictions, and to avoid danger. But in the Age of Political Correctness, this essential asset has become a liability. Failing to remain oblivious to certain obvious patterns might get you shunned by the herd.

All people are the same in their capabilities, motivation, and inclinations. Disparities are caused by discrimination — i.e., thoughtcrime. Those who disagree are thought criminals.

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Jan 25 2020

Bat Soup, Moonbattery, and Deadly Disease

As noted previously (e.g., here, here, here, here, here, here, and here), progressive social engineers want us to eat bugs instead of proper food, for various ideological reasons that would seem reasonable only to a deranged moonbat. Eating weird stuff is perfectly normal, we are told. Other cultures do it; not being like other cultures is ethnocentric and therefore bad (except when they choose to denounce you for cultural appropriation).

However, there could be reasons why our highly successful culture evolved the way it did, with the tastes that have prevailed for generations. For example, we don’t eat bats. Eating bats caused Ebola. Looks like it might also have caused the deadly coronavirus coming out of China:

If not eating bats makes you a racist, let them call you a racist.

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Jan 24 2020

Open Thread

I couldn't care less about politically correct. - Charlie Daniels
Jan 13 2020

Cancel Culture Comes for Science

We can have science and Christianity at the same time; Western Civilization is proof of it. But science and moonbattery cannot coexist. We have to choose between them.

Peter Wood, President of the National Association of Scholars, reports that next month, the NAS is holding a conference in defense of science.

It is meant to be an exchange among scholars on the problem of “irreproducibility” in the sciences—fake science or failed science, or something-is-missing science. … Our goal is bring together experts who have diverse and often conflicting views to see if they can come to some agreement about how to improve the situation. The conference is titled Fixing Science: Practical Solutions for the Irreproducibility Crisis.

Who could object? The woke could.

Biologist Leonid Teytelman launched a social media jihad against the conference, which stands accused of being “problematic.”

The main grounds:

Our list of speakers includes no women. (All declined our invitations.) … Wikipedia describes us as a “conservative” organization. We are also accused of “climate denialism,” and of having invited some climate-change skeptics to speak.

Global warming dogma is the quintessential example of bad science that strays from objectivity. That the conference would come under fire for possibly challenging it proves the necessity of the conference.

Twitter critics accuse the NAS of politicizing science by potentially challenging junk science that is based on politics rather than the scientific method. Progressives have weaponized hypocrisy.

The real story here is the degree to which intellectual intolerance and political dogmatism have found a home in the natural sciences.

For example, conferences have been boycotted and even canceled because not enough of the speakers are women. This is consistent with the liberal view that 2 + 2 = 4 only if someone who qualifies as “marginalized” says so. No doubt future conferences will come under fire because not enough of the speakers are black, homosexual, transsexual, restricted to a wheelchair, in the country illegally, et cetera.

These may sound like small matters, but they are the drawing board for how science is willingly subjecting itself to the yoke of political orthodoxy. The sex or race of scientists has no bearing on the quality of their work.

The problem is that the quality of the work is becoming irrelevant. The ideology currently passed off as “liberalism” is truly totalitarian, in that its adherents insist that it be the sole metric for everything.

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Jan 01 2020

Top Absurd PC Moments of the 2010s

It wasn’t just a year that ended yesterday; it was a decade. So let’s have a longer list. Katherine Timpf reviews the most absurdly PC moments of the 2010s. A few examples:

• A college diversity-training course taught that it was culturally insensitive to expect people to be on time.

• University researchers demanded that we accept people who “identify as real vampires.”

• A Seattle-area councilman was concerned about the city hosing poop off of its sidewalks because he thought that it might seem too racially insensitive.

• A professor claimed that the small chairs in preschools are sexist, “disempowering,” and “problematic.”

• A school in Seattle reportedly insisted that Easter eggs be called “spring spheres.”

• A group of Berkeley students insisted that they could not take their in-class exam due to their lack of privilege.

• A campus Christian club was found guilty of discrimination for requiring its leaders to be Christians.

• Oxford University law students were told that they didn’t have to learn about rape or violence law if they found it too triggering.

Click through for more.

Tim Pool adds the designation of the okay sign as racist:

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Dec 28 2019

Piers Morgan on the Humorless Liberal Void

Piers Morgan has been known as a left-leaning guy who used to have a show on CNN and who adamantly opposes gun rights. But moonbats have managed to drive him out of the fold with their repressive political correctness. This interview from last August helps explain the blowout victory by British conservatives earlier this month:

This quote is on the mark:

“Liberals get what they want, which is a humorless void where nothing happens, where no one dares do anything or laugh about anything or behave in any way that doesn’t suit their rigid way of leading a life. No thanks.”

As Morgan observes, liberals have become illiberal. That’s because liberalism used to mean the diametric opposite of what it means now.

Thomas Jefferson was the quintessential liberal of his time. Now, “liberal” presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg wants this great Founding Father frog-marched to the Memory Hole.

Progressives coopted and perverted the word “liberal” because what they stand for is so repugnant that they can only dupe people into accepting it by adopting euphemisms.

Anyone who is a liberal in the classical sense must reject what the term “liberalism” is used to describe now. Piers Morgan won’t be the last to jump ship.

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Dec 11 2019

Hysterical Political Correctness Hits British Soccer

The hysterical repression of racism is reaching new extremes of tyranny and insanity in the realm of British soccer. Anthony Burke, 41-year-old army vet and Manchester City fan, was actually thrown into jail for making a gesture that some interpreted as racist, despite his denials.

His former partner, identified as Amy, confirms that Burke was hauled off by the police for the alleged thought crime:

“It’s horrible – I have had death threats and my kids. I have been in tears. I am really surprised – this is not like him – his family are black. I keep watching the footage back and I can’t say whether he’s done it or not. Has he done it or hasn’t he done it?”

That doesn’t matter. All that matters is that someone feels offended, even if they feel offended on someone else’s behalf.

When at sporting events, keep your hands in your pockets at all times lest you inadvertently make a gesture that is construed as racist. It could get you indefinitely banned from Chicago Cubs games — or even ruin your career:

Kier Group, which Burke worked for as a civil engineering manager, tweeted he has been suspended pending an investigation.

They say the show must go on. Yet hysterical political correctness can even stop play on the field:

[O]n Saturday, a fourth-tier game in England was temporarily stopped by the referee for racism.

Forest Green Rovers pledged to take stringent action against a supporter for racially abusing a Scunthorpe United player during the League Two game.

Referee John Busby spoke to both managers before a stadium announcement was relayed to the crowd, with the game paused.

The fan involved was quickly identified and an investigation immediately launched, with the perpetrator set to be handed a lifetime ban by the club.

This may soon escalate to on-the-spot executions, which are likely to be more entertaining than watching people kick a ball back and forth.

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Dec 10 2019

Woke Astronomy

The proponents of a totalitarian ideology will demand that everything else be subordinated to it, including science. With Soviet communism, this resulted in Lysenkoism. With political correctness, it results in lunacy like the duckspeak quacked by Lisa Kewley, Director, Australian Research Council Centre for Excellence in All-Sky Astrophysics in 3D, Australian National University.

Lisa is pleased with recent technological advances, but she wokely proclaims there is more to astronomy than better telescopes:

To extract the maximum benefit from the extraordinary power of these telescopes, we need to look beyond traditionally conservative hiring practices. …

We need to draw from the academic talent and insight to be found among LGBTIQA+ astronomers, Indigenous astronomers, disabled astronomers, chronically ill astronomers, and astronomers who hail from non-Western cultures.

Science is still coasting on a culture that evolved among European Christians in the Middle Ages. If we started over from scratch now, astronomy would consist of squinting at the stars with the naked eye, proclaiming theories based on feelings, and choosing the most oppressed person’s opinion as fact.

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Nov 30 2019

No More White Guilt

No culture is so great that you cannot destroy it by turning it against itself. That’s the thinking behind political correctness. There is a counter strategy: don’t be sorry.

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Nov 13 2019

Ultimate PC Life Gone Wrong

The grim example of Nicole Brown was wasted on humanitarian aid worker Jennifer Schlecht, who married a fellow from Ethiopia named Yonathan Tedla. They set up home in Harlem and had a daughter they named Abaynesh Schlecht Tedla (Abaynesh is Amharic for “you are the Nile”). All of them are dead now.

Via Daily Mail:

Police in New York City are investigating a grisly double murder-suicide in which they say a man decapitated his wife, slit the throat of their five-year-old daughter and then took his own life by hanging Wednesday night, just hours after the woman tried to get an order of protection.

Jennifer Schlecht’s credentials as a globalist do-gooder were impeccable:

Schlecht … graduated in 1999 from Boston University with a Bachelor’s degree in anthropology and went on to earn a Master’s degree in population and family health from Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health in 2004.

According to her online profile, Schlecht worked for 15 years in international relief and development, focusing on improving family planning for women and girls in areas affected by crises.

“Family health” and “family planning” are often euphemisms for abortion. Through poor life decisions likely influenced by political correctness, she ended up getting aborted herself.

No one promised that America’s gradual submersion into the Third World wouldn’t be messy.

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Nov 13 2019

The Two Words That Destroyed Don Cherry

If there is one phrase that must be deleted from your copy of the Newspeak Dictionary before any others, it is “you people.” These two seemingly harmless words ended the career of Canadian hockey icon Don Cherry, as he has confirmed:

“Hockey Night in Canada” analyst Don Cherry said he believes he was fired Monday because of two words he used during his Coach’s Corner segment.

“It’s the two words, ‘You people’ — and you know people are very sensitive like that — that got me,” he said Tuesday night during an appearance on Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox News.

Context is required to make the two words lethal:

The popular, outspoken former coach drew criticism for complaining Saturday night that people in Toronto were being disrespectful by not wearing poppies to honor Canada’s fallen military heroes leading up to Remembrance Day. His words were viewed as a criticism of immigrants.

Even implied criticism of the hordes imported to displace the population of North America is forbidden. Criticism in the context of lack of patriotism is doubly forbidden. Speaking the words “you people” in such a context will end the career of even a legend like Don Cherry.

Presenting Cherry’s thought crime:

“You people … you love our way of life, you love our milk and honey, at least you can pay a couple bucks for a poppy or something like that,” Cherry said. “These guys paid for your way of life that you enjoy in Canada, these guys paid the biggest price.”

What prior generation could have imagined living in a Canada where it would be forbidden to say something like that?

Moonbats must be delighted at Cherry’s downfall. Breitbart gives five reasons why:

1. Cherry Labeled the Canadian Left “Pinkos” and “Kooks”

2. Cherry Called Climate Change Alarmists “Cuckaloos”

3. Unashamed Support for President Donald J. Trump

4. Cherry Tells American Leftists to Stay Out of Canada

5. Unwavering Support for Canada’s Military and Veterans

Click through for details.

A Rebel News petition in support of Cherry can be found here.

For the record, here is video of Don Cherry committing his thought crime in full:

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Oct 25 2019

Rich Lowry Finds His Own Medicine Tastes Bitter

What goes around comes around. Rich Lowry, who has policed the boundaries of permissible dissent on behalf of the liberal establishment, has received a wooden shampoo with his own thought cop night stick.

From his National Review:

The editor of New York University’s independent student-run newspaper, Washington Square News, pulled an advertisement for National Review editor Rich Lowry’s upcoming book from the paper because exposure to the ad may have “marginalized people of color,” according to a statement released Thursday.

Lowry bought the ad to promote a talk he was scheduled to give at NYU last night to push his forthcoming book The Case for Nationalism: How It Made Us Powerful, United, And Free. When they killed the ad, his only notification was a refund of his payment.

After he publicly complained,

[T]he Washington Square News editor explained that she had unilaterally decided to pull the ad in order to shield “people of color on campus” from exposure to the phrase “Nationalism is a good thing,” which, in keeping with the book’s topic, was placed prominently at the top of the page.

Nationalism and racism obviously are not the same thing — except when antinationalist moonbats proclaim that they are.

The editor is never named in the National Review source article. She must be Woman of Color Sakshi Venkatraman. Ms Venkatraman barks the following:

“The word ‘nationalism,’ as it exists in today’s political lexicon, connotes xenophobia and white supremacy, and printing it in large letters on the back of our paper would have marginalized people of color on our campus and our staff.”

If it “connotes” something liberals don’t like, it can be banned. That’s why Nike nixed a line of sneakers with the Betsy Ross Flag. The original flag of the USA was proclaimed by Colin Kaepernick to connote racism.

Sakshi reassures her fellow snowflakes not to worry; they will be safe from the word “nationalism” in the future:

“[W]e have put practices in place to ensure that an ad of this nature does not again get so far along in the process before being canceled.”

“But… but……,” gasps Lowry.

Lowry responded to the statement on Twitter Thursday afternoon, arguing that the editor’s contention that nationalism is inherently linked to “xenophobia and white supremacy” represents a “lazy misunderstanding” and, ironically, illustrates the book’s relevance to the contemporary political environment.

Lowry can still try to explain himself on Twitter for now, but not in the pages of the Washington Square News, from which he has been deplatformed.

Speaking of deplatforming, Lowry would be a more sympathetic character if he had not pulled something far worse on John Derbyshire, a former National Review regular who was piously fired by the pearl-clutching Lowry for a valuable piece he published elsewhere that was deemed racist by politically correct information gatekeepers.

Turns out that feeding the totalitarian crocodile people to your right does not guarantee that it won’t eat you too.

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Oct 19 2019

N-Word Hysteria Taken to New Extreme

The ultimate blasphemy in the Cultural Marxist religion is to utter the forbidden n-word. The proscription is so severe that merely to quote someone else as using the word, in the context of disapproving of its use, destroyed John Schnatter of Papa John’s and cost Mary Beth Maxwell of the Human Rights Campaign her job.

That might seem to be as far as even the most demented moonbats could push their puritanical hysteria. But progressives always find a way to progress still further. A black school security guard has now lost his job for uttering the blasphemous word in the context of asking a student to stop calling him that.

From moonbatty Madison, Wisconsin:

[Marlon] Anderson is filing a grievance following his termination, saying that the Madison Metropolitan School District should consider the context in which he used the slur.

Context? Context doesn’t matter when it comes to blasphemy.

Anderson worked at the district for 11 years – the last three years as a security guard at West High.

He said a student who was refusing to leave the school pushed the assistant principal, so he felt it was his job to help. That’s when Anderson said the student began calling him names using expletives, including the N-word at least 15 times. …

“You have no tolerance for a word, but yet you let students call me that word 15 times without correcting that behavior,” Anderson said, adding that no other staff member tried to stop the student from calling him the slur.

Context may not matter, but who spoke the word does. It was Anderson’s job to prevent the school from deteriorating into total chaos. That makes him an oppressor. The kid shoving the assistant principal was no doubt oppressed. This status makes all the difference.

Oct 10 2019

Atlanta Braves Axe Tomahawk Chop

I’m delighted that the Atlanta Braves were ignominiously ejected from the playoffs yesterday in a 13-1 home drubbing by the St Louis Cardinals in decisive game 5 of a divisional series. The Braves deserve it, after knuckling under to the bullies by agreeing to abandon the team’s traditional Tomahawk Chop:

Cardinals rookie pitcher Ryan Helsley, who is of Cherokee descent, had criticized the chant, calling it “a disappointment.”

In addition to abandoning the chant, at least as long as Helsley was in the game, the Braves also agreed to refrain from playing the music that normally accompanied the chant.

No foam tomahawks either. The Braves released an official tweet:

Fans did the chant anyway, but it was no use. The Braves had already surrendered in spirit. This was reflected in the final score.

Ever since the Cleveland Indians shamefully caved to PC bullies and dumped Chief Wahoo, the Tomahawk Chop has been living on borrowed time. Within a year or two, fans will be ejected from the stadium for making tomahawk gestures. Maybe they will even get banned indefinitely, like the guy who made an okay sign at a Cub’s game.

Despite Helsley’s crybullying, traditions associated with teams like the Indians and the Braves are not disrespectful to Indian heritage, but rather celebrate it. Teams have names that are supposed to engender respect. We have the Eagles and Patriots, not the Pigeons and the Moonbats.

This is not about not offending, but about the thought police forcing compliance with the various arbitrary taboos of the liberal religion, in order to establish social dominance.

Since no one stands up to PC bullies anymore, eventually the Indians and the Braves will change their name. Indians will be a step closer to being forgotten.

Hat tip: Maggie’s Farm.

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