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Jul 11 2019

Cowardice and the Culture War

Moonbats are winning the Culture War in a rout. It is a total war: a war of absolute extirpation. Daniel Henninger notes how easily leftist radicals were able to banish the Betsy Ross Flag, Chief Wahoo, and “God Bless America.”

Most Americans love their country and do not want to see it erased. So why is this happening? Cowardice is why:

No one has ever thought to go looking inside corporate headquarters for profiles in courage, but the lurch toward timidity in our time by individuals at the top of America’s private and public institutions is something to behold. Pusillanimity has become a plague.

Nike was only too glad to fold to Colin Kaepernick’s demands regarding the Betsy Ross Flag; the controversy helped them sell their overpriced sneakers to woke millennials who think it is cool to hate anything worthy of respect. But the Indians put up meager resistance before caving on Chief Wahoo. Not the Yankees, though. They immediately deep-sixed the tradition of playing Kate Smith’s “God Bless America” — despite tradition being the whole point of the Yankees.

Who cares about baseball mascots and flags on kids’ sneakers? We all should. This is cultural genocide.

It is insidious because with prominent American leadership falling over like empty plastic bottles, the bannings are coming too quickly and too easily. They’re starting to look like a slippery slope to institutionalized suppression.

Starting to look?

Political disagreement is supposed to be about argument. But the proponents of these claims don’t bother to make an argument anymore. Instead, they posit assertions, such as that Kate Smith had to be held “accountable,” or mascots such as Chief Wahoo are “hurtful.”

Even if leftists could win on arguments, it wouldn’t be enough for them, now that the Culture War is becoming a mop-up operation.

They no longer seem content with winning. The left today has a compulsion to force obedience again and again. Thus, You didn’t like Wahoo and Kate Smith? Try this: We’re getting rid of your racist Betsy Ross flag, and you’ll shut your face and take it.

What they want from their opposition isn’t agreement with their ideas but submission—a kind of political lobotomization.

There will be no dissent in utopia. After the Culture War has been lost, we will all pretend to like what social engineers tell us to like. Every time we let liberals take something away from us, utopia looms closer on the horizon.

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Jul 08 2019

Sonalee Rashatwar’s Jihad Against Fatphobia

A solution has been discovered to the scourge known as fatphobia. We must dismantle Western Civilization. So proclaims West Philadelphia therapist Sonalee Rashatwar.

Via The Philadelphia Enquirer:

Her perspective, one of a fat South Asian nonbinary person, has gained enhanced notoriety through Instagram, where she often posts telegram-like advice to the account @thefatsextherapist.

I’m not sure where a fat South Asian nonbinary person fits on the Cultural Marxist totem pole, but it is certainly much higher than the core population, which carries on its conscience the guilt of spreading Western Civilization through colonialism and thereby creating fatphobia.

Rashatwar traces contemporary fatphobia to colonial brutality and how enslaved people were treated. Citing researcher-advocate Caleb Luna, Rashatwar said curing anti-fatness would mean dismantling society’s foundation: “I love to talk about undoing Western civilization because it’s just so romantic to me.”

In the context of glorifying obesity, Rashatwar righteously denounces “white supremacists fatphobia.” There is nothing white supremacists cannot be blamed for.

Buying into moonbattery is like installing a complete ideological software suite. No one should be surprised to learn that Rashatwar describes herself as “anti-cop, anti-US government, anti-military.” No doubt law enforcement officers, the American republic, and the US Armed Forces are guilty of fatphobia.

So are fitness instructors:

“I was not surprised that the person who shot up the mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand, was also a fitness instructor. I was not surprised by that because people who are Nazis, people who are white supremacists, people who are trying to think of the perfect race are also super fatphobic… Oftentimes it’s very eugenic.”

Sitting in front of the television and eating a box of donuts instead of getting some exercise may seem like wallowing in weakness, but actually it is taking a heroic stand against Nazi fitness instructors and their white supremacist fatphobia. Or at least, you can see why a certain type would want a therapist to tell them soothing lies like this.

Rashatwar even wants to abolish the body mass index, because it is discriminatory to “categorize and pathologize bodies based on fatness.” She also proclaims that the overweight are oppressed by fatphobia when retailers refuse to stock clothes in unusual sizes or charge more for clothes that require substantially more material. The solution is to retaliate with “disability justice.”

Most of us could stand to lose a little weight, but the severely obese put their health in grave peril. Dangers include heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, gallbladder disease, gallstones, osteoarthritis, gout, and breathing problems like apnea and asthma.

Losing weight is usually not easy and in some cases may be impossible, but advising people not to try is irresponsible in the extreme.

If being fat becomes a protected identity that confers privileges on those who claim it, the effect on public health will be almost as disastrous as it has been regarding homosexual perversion, which also entails serious health risks (HIV/AIDS, human papillomavirus, hepatitis, gonorrhea, syphilis, gay bowel syndrome, intestinal parasites, anal cancer, psychiatric problems, tuberculosis, etc).

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Jun 17 2019

What Passes for a Fight and a Hate Crime

What do liberal authorities call it when a white couple is attacked by a large gang of feral Persons of Politically Preferred Pigmentation? A fight. What do they call it when the white guy fights back? A hate crime.

From DeKalb, Illinois:

Video of an alleged hate-crime incident outside the Hopkins Pool on June 5 shows Jeremy Lloyd and a girl walking away from a group of boys just before they catch up and a fight breaks out.

Or rather, just before they catch up and attack from behind. Click through to watch the video for yourself.

The incident did not go according to the script. The prey was armed with a knife.

Three teenage boys were wounded in the incident. Prosecutors say they suffered slash wounds at the hands of Lloyd, 18, of the 800 block of West Hillcrest Drive in DeKalb, who initially faced several assault charges. Those charges were dropped, with DeKalb County prosecutors instead asked he be charged with a hate crime. Authorities say Lloyd, who is white, repeatedly referred to black boys in the fight using a racial slur.

A claim of having heard the blasphemous n-word easily transforms any victim into the villain.

If convicted, Lloyd could face 2 to 5 years in prison.

Even that beats succumbing to a mob of savages. Who knows what they might have done to him and to his girlfriend had he not put up a defense?

When Joe Biden gets his white minority America, whites will not dare to go out in public. The media already sides with their assailants when they do.

On a tip from Sean C.

Jun 10 2019

The Secret Life of Pets 2 as Thoughtcrime

Parents be forewarned. Children must be kept from viewing The Secret Life of Pets 2. It is thoughtcrime posing as children’s entertainment. We know this because it was revealed not by a biased left-wing website, but by the ostensibly neutral entertainment site The Wrap:

“The Secret Life of Pets 2,” … effectively acts as an animated ode to heteronormativity, toxic masculinity and patriarchal worldviews…

“Pets 2’s” descent into the bowels of what reads as conservative messaging begins as Katie (voiced by Ellie Kemper), Max’s owner, randomly meets a young man, quickly marries and has a child. In this fictional universe, that’s clearly the only natural progression of events in a woman’s life.

A normal family entailing a man, a woman, and children is the keystone of human civilization. That is why it must be destroyed, wiping the slate clean for Change. Any movie that fails to undermine the family is guilty of thoughtcrime. Yet Pets 2 does not include a single homosexual couple. This enrages the reviewer.

Equally problematic, Pets 2 reinforces the politically incorrect concept of masculinity:

Harrison Ford is cast as Rooster, a hyper-masculine shepherd dog brazenly teaching Max how to toughen up. Rooster shames Max for going to therapy and wearing a medical collar to prevent him from scratching himself out of stress. Ford’s character essentially stigmatizes mental illness and dismisses treatment as a made-up sign of weakness.

The proper attitude toward neurosis and mental illness is fawning indulgence if not adulation.

Rooster is the embodiment of phrases like “Men don’t cry,” and “Rub some dirt on it.” This alpha dog rejects vulnerability by preaching about how sissified city dogs are. The character is disturbing in his unapologetic validation of behavior society as a whole is trying to eradicate.

That last part should read, “behavior progressives are trying to eradicate.” Utopia is to be populated by whimpering soy boys.

Toward the end, the movie cruelly tricks the reviewer into thinking it is politically orthodox after all — only to plunge back into thoughtcrime:

Snowball’s owner dresses him in a pink princess attire, lipstick included, but just when we might think this is [voice actor] Kevin Hart’s way of saying, “Look, I’m not that homophobic; my character is a tough guy but he can also embrace femininity,” the bunny rips off the outfit and dons chains, baggy clothes and a hat to rap about how macho he actually is.

So much for the ostensibly neutral entertainment site. Actually, nothing is neutral. Moonbats set out in the 1960s to politicize everything. They succeeded. Now everything either advances moonbattery or defies it.

Not woke.

On a tip from Steve T. Hat tips: Hollywood in Toto, David Thompson.

May 29 2019

Political Correctness Kills Free Speech in Germany

Here’s some surprising news. Despite a suffocating level of political correctness, a full 18% of Germans imagine that they live in a free country where they can express their views in public, according to a poll:

59 per cent of respondents out of the 1283 sample said they felt comfortable expressing themselves freely amongst friends, but only 18 per cent felt comparable freedom voicing their views in public.

In addition, just 17 per cent said they were comfortable expressing themselves freely on the Internet while a full 35 per cent said that freedom of speech is only possible in private circles.

This implies that what Germans think and what you hear them say are very different. The touchiest subjects are unsurprisingly Islam and colonists, I mean refugees.

Speaking of which, not everyone in Germany is afraid to speak his mind, even on controversial issues:

A series of street interviews with Muslims in Germany showed every single one of them asserting that it’s “absolutely” and “100 per cent” a woman’s fault if she is raped while wearing a short skirt.

Free speech is not an issue in Muslim culture, because everyone agrees with everyone else — or gets stoned to death.

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May 13 2019

Moonbats Go After Mother’s Day

For normal people, Mother’s Day provided an opportunity yesterday to express appreciation for their mothers. For moonbats, it was an opportunity to attack civilization and sanity — same as every day:

A school has renamed a Mother’s Day stall to avoid upsetting any children without a mother.

Brunswick East Primary School in Melbourne will call the stand an ‘appreciation stall’ instead.

Barks Principal Janet Di Pilla:

‘I sincerely hope that this change in name will show that we as a community recognise that our families are not made up of any particular combination of people and that we no longer subscribe to a binary world.’

Anything that reminds progressives of the traditional family that is the cornerstone of civilization is subject to attack. As usual, woke corporations thrust themselves forward to do their part:

Nabisco’s Chips Ahoy! brand caught some people by surprise when they chose to send their message to moms by way of reality TV contestant Jose Cancel, who goes by the stage names Vanessa Vanjie Mateoz or Miss Vanjie, in an in-your-face video explaining how you don’t have to be a mom to be a mom or something.

You don’t even need to be female:

On a tip from Jester.

May 12 2019

Microsoft Word to Gauge Political Correctness

Welcome to 1984. Even your computer works for the Thought Police. Microsoft Word will advance “more concise and inclusive language” by offering to replace “policeman” with “police officer,” “congressman” with “congressperson,” and “disabled person” with “person with a disability.”

Note that all of these are less concise, not more concise. But they are more politically correct, and that is the only thing that matters in a society succumbing to soft totalitarianism.

Computing Forever’s take:

Among the many strengths of Anglophile culture is the richness of the English language. Add this to the endless list of precious things liberals want to destroy.

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May 08 2019

Fired for Noticing Race and Gender of Failed Baltimore Mayors

One reason that we don’t have honest journalism is that many go into the field to impose a leftist political agenda. Another reason is that honesty is not allowed when it challenges the liberal narrative or is deemed insufficiently reverent toward protected groups. For example, when WJZ anchor Mary Bubala observed that Baltimore has had three disastrous black female mayors in a row, she was promptly fired.

Her thought crime, as reported by the Baltimore Sun:

The criticism of Bubala that started last week in the wake of the WJZ anchor asking Loyola University Maryland Professor Karsonya “Kaye” Wise Whitehead an on-air question about the race and gender of the past three Baltimore mayors has continued to build.

“We’ve had three female, African-American mayors in a row,” Bubala said in setting up her question. “They were all passionate public servants. Two resigned, though. Is this a signal that a different kind of leadership is needed to move Baltimore City forward?”

That’s all it takes to commit career suicide. Bubala was denounced as “racist and sexist.” Good luck to her; she will need it to get another job in the media.

As Steve Sailer notes, the actual firing offense was committing “lèse-majesté by asking an impudent question of somebody who not only has more intersectional PoCemon Points, but is also a Professor of Angry Blackness in the Department of Communications.”

As it swirls down the drain, Baltimore will continue to elect corrupt and incompetent mayors on the basis of being women of color. Anyone who doesn’t like it will keep their mouths shut if they know what’s good for them.

On a tip from StephaneDumas.

Apr 30 2019

Chase Bank Chastised for Advocating Frugality

The moonbattery has reached the point where it is no longer politically permissible to suggest that people spend their money wisely. This constitutes “poor shaming.” From Fox News:

Chase bank was blasted on Twitter Monday following a #MotivationalMonday tweet that offered suggestions on how those struggling could save money, such as make your coffee at home, eat food in the fridge and take a cab when you can.

Leading the charge against this thought crime was wealthy Marxist harridan Elizabeth Warren, who shrieked class warfare rhetoric, implying that individuals cannot be held responsible for their spending behavior and that it is the economy’s fault if some people run out of money.

Meanwhile, outside her bubble of liberal ideology, the economy grew by an impressive 3.2% in the first quarter of the year, thanks largely to a business-friendly administration in the White House.

As always when a corporation accidentally transgresses against the ideology of bullying ultra-leftists, an apology was not long in coming. The offending tweet was deleted. Chase Bank humbly submitted this:

Maybe if they cringe and grovel pathetically enough, Chase will be the last bank Democrats like Warren nationalize.

On a tip from Varla.

Apr 14 2019

American Flag on Police Cars Considered Controversial

Only in a society rotted through with moonbattery could the American flag on the side of a police car be considered controversial. From Laguna Beach, California:

The [city] council agreed in February to repaint its all-white squad cars in black and white with the image of Old Glory running through the word “police” on the doors.

Moonbats, who oppose what the American flag stands for, are enraged.

“People are screaming that the American flag on a police car is somehow or another … hurting people’s feelings who might be immigrants or visitors,” said Councilman Peter Blake.

If a foreigner cannot bear the sight of the American flag, a simple solution would be to stay home. But of course it is native progressives who react to Old Glory like Count Dracula to a cross.

The council is now reconsidering the new logo “out of an abundance of caution.”

On tips from Stormfax, Bluto, and 1-Bodhisattva.

Apr 11 2019

“Ugly Duckling” Denounced as Racist

Even the phrase “ugly duckling” is now regarded as racist — at least when applied to a duck made of dark chocolate:

The UK grocery store Waitrose has reportedly apologized and repackaged its Easter chocolate duckling trio in response to claims that the supermarket’s decision to name the darkest chocolate duck “Ugly” was racist.

The “Waitrose Trio of Chocolate Easter Ducklings” contained a white chocolate duckling named “Fluffy,” a milk chocolate duckling named “Crispy” and a dark chocolate duckling named “Ugly.”

A single tweet from a bullying SJW was enough to cause Waitrose to grovelingly apologize for its thought crime and to waste money repackaging the supposedly racist ducklings.

The name for the darkest duckling was a reference to the Hans Christian Andersen fairytale “The Ugly Duckling” in which a bullied young duckling feels out of place before developing into a beautiful swan.

In the current context, it is good to be an ugly duckling. However, context does not matter when it comes to the religion liberals have constructed around their condescending reverence for Africans. For example, speaking the forbidden n-word even in the context of denouncing others for using it can end your career, as Papa John Schnatter and Mary Beth Maxwell of the Human Rights Campaign learned the hard way.

Be forewarned that it is now regarded as blasphemy to associate anything dark with the word “ugly” in any context.

Political correctness has turned society into a cross between a bizarre racist cult and a lunatic asylum.

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Apr 03 2019

Appalling New Edition of Newspeak Dictionary

Using Orwell’s 1984 not as a warning but as an instruction manual, progressives have attempted to control public debate and thought itself by controlling language. Academia continues to develop a version of Newspeak for this purpose.

This has resulted in perfectly innocuous terms being banned as “racist,” so that we are compelled to demonstrate obeisance to liberal ideology by using preferred terms instead. George Orwell fans will recall that Newspeak linguist Syme took delight in limiting thought by limiting permissible vocabulary. As Syme gushed,

“Don’t you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought? In the end we shall make thoughtcrime literally impossible, because there will be no words in which to express it.”

The thought police at Amherst College (tuition: $56,426) take it farther. They dictate what we must think words mean, imposing their malignant ideology through vocabulary definitions. The Office of Diversity & Inclusion has issued a 40-page Common Language Guide, available here. Through the definitions, we learn that even the concept of equality is now insufficiently politically correct:

EQUALITY Treating everyone exactly the same. An equality emphasis often ignores historical and structural factors that benefit some social groups/communities and harm other social groups/communities.

All the animals on the farm are equal. But “oppressed” animals are a lot more equal than you, so bow and show reverence.

Assimilation is also bad:

ASSIMILATION Distancing or dropping of one’s culture, language, values, politics and/or traditions in order to advance and seek to assume the culture and characteristics of the dominant group. This often happens as a response to forms of oppression including but not limited to: xenophobia, racism, cisheteronormativity and religious oppression, among other types of oppression.

Ever wonder why moonbats who bark about “inclusion” go out their way to exclude whites, men, Christians, the sexually nonaberrant, and regular Americans in general? The answer can be found in Amherst’s definition:

INCLUSION An intentional effort to transform the status quo by creating opportunity for those who have been historically marginalized.

If you aren’t lucky enough to be “marginalized,” then no inclusion for you.

Interestingly, the definition of power is a list starting with this:

1. The ability to name or define.

The radical left is very much aware that it is exercising its power over us by naming and defining.

The entire document would raise the hair on the back of Orwell’s neck. Cultural Marxism is a truly sick ideology. Those who have been imposing it will not rest until it deforms every thought in our heads.

On a tip from 1-Bodhisattva. Hat tip: Power Line.

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