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May 04 2024

Life Without Law Enforcement in Pacific Northwest

In the moonbattery-addled Pacific Northwest, the war on increasingly irrelevant local police has not abated:

At least 15 police training vehicles were set on fire early Thursday morning at the Portland Police Bureau (PPB) training division located on Northeast Airport Way, PPB reported.

Sounds like Antifa — speaking of which, here are some Antifa-looking thugs who had taken over the Portland State University library leaving unmolested by the police, also on Thursday:

The occupation shut down PSU classes for days. Educrats agreed not to expel, suspend, or file criminal charges against the 50 or so hooligans if they would relinquish the library, despite the vandalism they had committed. After all, their purpose was one any devout liberal could embrace: to show support for Hamas in the aftermath of the October 7 terror atrocities, and to demand a “ceasefire” (i.e., surrender by Israel) as Joe Biden has done. But many of the revolutionaries rejected the deal, understanding that there would be no punishment anyway. Apparently their snacks and juice boxes lasted until Thursday, when they scuttled off like cockroaches.

Antifa was involved in organizing the event. Antifa serves the same purpose for the Democratic Party that the Sturmabteilung did for the Nazi Party as it consolidated power.

Watch these same goons pushing someone down the stairs:

Note the pro-terrorist graffiti now adorning the walls.

Antifa vermin know there will be no consequences for their criminal behavior because the police have been marginalized in progressive Portland. The same goes for Seattle:

An unruly homeless man threatened and assaulted employees at a Pike Place Market coffee shop and bakery in Seattle before destroying the countertop display. One of the threatened employees was forced to pull a kitchen knife to defend himself and his coworker.

Another employee attempted to use “a spatula and baking tray” for self-defense, as the maniac made a gesture suggesting that he had a gun.

One reason you need a gun yourself is that when seconds count, the police are minutes away. Or hours away. Or if you live under end-stage liberalism, they never show up at all:

[Owner Ian] Halcott said his employees called 911 but, due to staffing, officers were not dispatched to the store. The suspect got away.

All part of life under moonbat rule in the aftermath of Black Lives Matter:

Earlier in the month, a homeless man defecated in the store. He also got away.

Halcott himself may want to get away, to a part of the country where enough remains of civilization so that you can run a business. But then, if sane people don’t start standing their ground, the whole country will soon be reduced to Portland and Seattle.

On tips from Wiggins and Straight Shootr.

Jul 10 2023

Portland to Pass Out Free Fentanyl Paraphernalia

If you doubt that progressives are destroying American civilization on purpose, look to a locale where they have achieved total dominance — like Portland:

[T]he Multnomah County Health Department plans to distribute aluminum foil and straws to fentanyl smokers in Portland in July, officials say.

Spokesperson Sarah Dean confirmed to KOIN 6 that city officials announced their plan to distribute the supplies in a PowerPoint presentation… The supplies will also include glass pipes and snorting kits.

They were already giving out free needles, but heroin is giving way to the fentanyl that Democrats allow to pour over the undefended border.

Dean said the rise of fentanyl has decreased the demand for needle-focused “harm reduction” services. Because fentanyl is typically smoked rather than injected, she said visits to clinics have recently dropped 60% since 2019.

Jessica Guernsey, Multnomah County public health director, says the objective is to “engage people who may not otherwise engage in services.”

Not even a bureaucrat could believe that it benefits society for decent people to be forced to finance free fentanyl pipes for the homeless population — which liberal policies have been causing to explode. Underneath a thin veneer of bleeding heart idiocy, liberalism is depravity and malice.

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May 06 2023

Post-Covid Ghost Cities

The Democrat Death Spiral has been destroying American cities. Democrat policies drive out productive citizens, resulting in a population that elects increasingly left-wing Democrats, resulting in still more insane policies in a vicious circle. Eventually, no one is left but a core Democrat constituency living like rats and cockroaches amid decaying ruins (e.g., our formerly wealthiest city, Detroit). Covid tyranny has accelerated this tragic process:

The downtown areas of San Francisco, St. Louis, Portland, Oregon, and other North American cities remain deserted months after the pandemic waned, despite many urban areas bouncing back to life, new data show.

Researchers tracked smartphone use across 63 cities and found that San Francisco, which is battling waves of crime and homeless addicts on its streets, only has 32 percent of the activity that was recorded before the pandemic.

Other cities were able to put Covid behind them when people came back to work:

Salt Lake City has bounced back strongest, with 139 percent more cell phone activity nowadays than was seen before COVID-19 arrived…

This is about more than Democrats paralyzing local economies in the name of Covid:

The research adds to fears that soft-on-crime policies in ultra-liberal cities like San Francisco and Portland have driven up rates of lawlessness and other social problems, leading to an exodus of people as part of a longer-term decline.

A healthy city can recover from setbacks like the hysterical Covid overreaction. Cities run by moonbats tend not to be healthy.

On a tip from Dennis in Seattle.

May 03 2023

Transsexualization Meets Infantilization at Portland State

Educrats have made impressive progressive in their efforts to infantilize and transsexualize the overgrown children in their care. At Portland State University, some students experience the violence of knowing there are people out there who are not fully on board with the LGBT agenda. These oppressed souls are coddled in their campus safe space with cotton candy and coloring books.

The following text apparently is not a parody of liberal snowflakery and intolerance, but was taken from a letter addressed to the “Campus Community” by PSU President Stephen Percy and Vice President for Global Diversity and Inclusion Ame Lambert:

Recent headlines have pointed out that anti-trans bill in legislatures across the country have doubled since last year, with 469 bills introduced and 38 new laws on the books in 13 states.

The main purpose of these laws is to protect children from horrific sex change procedures and from grooming by perverts who prey on them.

We recognize the toll this campaign, and the media that surrounds it, has on the queer and trans members of our community…

Assuming that PSU students are adults (if only in the legal sense), few of these laws would apply to them even if they lived in parts of the country where they are enacted. At worse, men might have to refrain from invading private facilities like locker rooms designated for women. But any resistance to anything LGBT anywhere is framed as an attack on all LGBTers everywhere. Unlike the normal people they incessantly bully, they have solidarity.

Please know that there are resources that all [i.e., transsexual crybullies and their woke allies] may find supportive in the current environment.

Many of these resources are provided by PSU’s Queer Resource Center (QRC). Among those planned:

“Trans and Gender Expansive Celebration and Community Hour” Monday-Friday 12pm – 1pm in the QRC. Cotton candy, temporary tattoos, and coloring will be available. Please bring your PSU ID.

It isn’t all cuddles and hugs. In the unlikely event that anyone who deviates from LGBT ideology dares open his mouth on campus, stern measures will be applied:

PSU community members who have experienced discrimination, harassment, or bias based on gender identity or sexual orientation are encouraged to make a report with the Office of Equity and Compliance.

Who would want to be called before the Office of Equity and Compliance?

No doubt turning down a transsexual hookup proposition would qualify as bias based on sexual orientation.

On a tip from Mr. Freemarket.

Apr 12 2023

Transsexual Maniac Butchers Taxi Driver

The wave of transsexual violence continues:

A 30-year-old male transsexual has been charged with fatally stabbing a taxi driver in Portland on Easter Sunday.

The driver was butchered just a few minutes into a fare.

It was “vicious, senseless and brutal,” said [Radio Cab spokesman Darin] Campbell. “There was no conversation. No altercation. Nothing.”

Moses Lopez has been arrested for the murder. As with most violence under moonbat rule, he should have been behind bars but had been allowed to run amok.

Just days before the murder, on April 3, Lopez had been arrested and charged with menacing two people with a dangerous weapon in Coos County, but was subsequently cut loose without having to post bail.

Lopez is an LGBTQ+ activist. He claims to be a woman.

The suspect’s Facebook page has pictures of him posing in blue nail polish with LGBT symbols, with one rainbow-crowded image captioned, “Love wins pride.”

It’s too dark to be the Babylon Bee; it must be real news.

Lopez appears to have begun masquerading as a woman around 2018, having previously identified as a gay man.

Homosexuality is the gateway drug to transsexualism, which in turn leads to still more disturbing depths of depravity. A society that incentivizes insanity reaps as it sows.

Criminal maniacs like Lopez have a suitable home in ultraliberal Portland:

Portland has a score of 1 (the lowest possible, with 100 being safest) on Neighborhood Scout’s crime index.

Although Lopez fortunately fell short of mass murder, let’s be inclusive and put him on the list of transmaniacs, along with William Whitworth, Maya McKinney, Snochia Moseley, Anderson Lee Aldrich, and of course Audrey Hale.

On a tip from Mr. Freemarket.

Mar 01 2023

Oregon Bill to Subsidize Homelessness

As with inflation, Democrats want the homelessness crisis to get worse. If not, explain this:

A proposed Oregon bill would provide the deep blue state’s homeless population $1,000 per month that recipients could use at their own discretion.

The bill, introduced last month, would establish a People’s Housing Assistance Fund Demonstration Program to give 12 monthly thousand-dollar payments to those suffering from homelessness or who are on the brink of becoming homeless.

You won’t even have to be homeless to be given other people’s money.

People who spend more than 50 percent of their monthly household income on rent, and those who earn 60% or less of the area median income would also be eligible for the funding.

Already Oregon has a homelessness problem.

The state has been experiencing a long-lasting homeless issue for several years, especially in areas like Portland where up to 700 tent camps have taken over sections of the city.

To quote Ronaldus Magnus, if you want more of something, you subsidize it. However, with some things, decriminalization does the job:

The state has also been dealing with increased drug use and trafficking after it passed a law decriminalizing street drugs last year.

No one could be this stupid. Liberals are destroying America on purpose.

In the short term, the leftists who rule Oregon will be doing their first good deed by passing the bill. The rest of the country will be cured of homelessness as drug-addled derelicts head west to get their free drug money.

But then the moonbattery will metastasize to other jurisdictions.

When Democrats achieve the leverage to impose similar handouts at the national level, game over. All future elections will be won by whomever promises to raise the payouts by the most. When the economy collapses beneath the burden of inflation and taxation and because too few have a reason to work, straightforward Marxism can be imposed. This is the ultimate objective of Democrat economic policy.

On a tip from Jack D.

Jan 05 2023

Face Chewed Off on Train Platform in Portland

Seattle isn’t the only Left Coast city where civilization appears to be collapsing. From the next state south:

A suspect has chewed off an elderly man’s ear and some of his face in a horrific attack on a Portland train platform.

The injuries were so severe that some of the 78-year-old man’s skull was exposed after the violent attack in the suburb of Gresham in the state of Oregon on Tuesday morning.

If you can reach it from the city by train, so can the riffraff that has taken over the city.

Police arrested 25-year-old suspect Koryn Kraemer and booked him on an accusation of assault in the second degree

Drugs were involved, including fentanyl and marijuana. Kraemer says he believed his victim to be a robot. He is likely to be or to eventually become a member of the homeless community that liberal policies have encouraged to flourish in places like Portland, where psychosis and drug use are the norm.

Our progressive future is unfolding like a horror movie along the lines of John Carpenter’s In the Mouth of Madness.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Feb 12 2022

No Whites Allowed at Portland’s Only Charter School

Covid hysteria and its exploitation by teachers unions have brought the public school crisis to a head. Children have learned little if anything from this dysfunctional institution for 2 years now. The situation is so impossible to ignore that even Portland will allow a charter school. Tolerant liberals have achieved total dominance in the City of Roses, so the school will open on a no whites allowed basis, despite the population of Portland being overwhelmingly white:

HOLLA Public Charter School is expected to open in the fall of 2022 in partnership with the Reynolds School District.

If your children are excluded on the basis of race, maybe that’s just as well. Promises Eric Knox, executive director and founder of HOLLA,

“There’ll be a very strong hip-hop focus around our kids’ learning style. … Hip-hop is what our kids understand.”

Read some rap lyrics for insight into the implications.

As Jazz Shaw observes, the association with the Reynolds School District indicates that this operation will receive taxpayer money:

[S]ince when do you get to exclude students from publicly funded schools based exclusively on race?

It goes without saying that white children are inherently racist and therefore do not deserve to be educated, but it appears that Asian kids will be excluded too. Asians comprise 8.2% of the population in Portland, blacks 5.8% (and whites 77.4%).

Expect the classes to look something like this — minus the white kids:

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Jan 22 2022

Clown Trolls Portland City Council Clowns

Who better to troll the clowns comprising the Portland City Council than another clown? This one does a fine job:

Ronald Grimaldi’s claim to have broken his funny bone is belied by his remarks that “as someone in my profession, Mayor Wheeler has been a great inspiration to me” and that “as a clown, I certainly don’t feel underrepresented in local government.” His nomination of Mayor Ted Wheeler as Clown of the Year deserves to be seconded.

This was followed at the same meeting by another prank:

The comedian, Alex Stein, wore hospital scrubs and a surgical mask around his neck as he launched into a rhyming routine promoting vaccinations against the coronavirus, a schtick that garnered him national headlines last week when he delivered it before the Dallas City Council.

This time the mayor, visibly miffed, cut Stein off.

Maybe it’s Wheeler who broke his funny bone. The Dallas City Council let Stein go on with his act for several minutes.

On a tip from Jester.

Oct 02 2021

Statues Vandalized by Antifa Will Not Be Restored

Do we care enough about the heritage that defines us to restore the statues of great Americans that have been destroyed by Antifa and Black Lives Matter vandals? Not in liberal Portland we don’t.

From Hot Air:

Last October, Portland’s Antifa announced what they called an Indigenous People’s Day of Rage (in place of Columbus Day). The day of rage was intended from the start to include “direct action” which is anarchist code for smashing things. The group was true to its word. They tore down statues of Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt, smashed the entrance to the Oregon Historical Society, and damaged a bunch of retail outlets. They even smashed windows at a Portland State University police office.

On Wednesday…

…Portland’s Regional Arts and Culture Council (RACC) decided that the statues of Washington, Roosevelt and Lincoln would not be returned to the places where they stood before.

However, they will restore a vandalized statue of an elk, presumably because they don’t feel that elk deserve to be canceled.

Virtually all Antifa/BLM violence has happened with the tacit approval if not open encouragement of Democrat authorities. Liberals in charge further endorse the desecration and erasure of our history by making it permanent.

There is no meaningful difference between the sociopathic scum tearing down statues of George Washington and their bureaucratic fellow travelers. The same goes for the propagandists at Willamette Week, which covers the destruction of the Roosevelt and Lincoln statues from the viewpoint of the vandals:

The fate of the statues could prove a measurement of how swiftly Portland public opinion has shifted on which historical figures should be celebrated. Both presidents are towering figures in American history. But Roosevelt espoused eugenics and led imperialist wars. And Lincoln, while chiefly remembered for the Emancipation Proclamation, held racist views of Black people and presided over the removal of Native Americans from their land.

As for George Washington, by now it goes without saying among progressives that our greatest hero and the father of our country should be canceled. Like most if not all 18th century Virginia landowners, he owned slaves.

The statues will likely be replaced by “new public art representing more diverse cultural identities and histories” — i.e., anti-American moonbat propaganda.

On a tip from TCS III.

Jun 19 2021

Entire Portland Police Riot Control Unit Resigns

As we have learned repeatedly over the past year, liberal authorities are ferociously hostile to local police. Officers can wait passively to be bullied out of existence in favor of the Schutzstaffel-style federal police force Democrats seem to have in mind, or — if they want to avoid getting treated like Derek Chauvin — they can start pushing back:

All 50 of the Portland Police Bureau’s highly trained rapid response unit officers resigned this week after the recent indictment of Officer Corey Budworth for allegedly assaulting a photographer during an overnight riot last summer.

Volunteers for the Rapid Response Unit have been deployed to tamp down the riots that afflicted Portland every night for months on end and that sporadically continue. The officers are no longer willing to defend from the mob a society that sides with the mob against them.

As the Portland Police Association notes, Budworth “has been caught in the crossfire of agenda-driven city leaders and a politicized criminal justice system.” He was helping to control one of the countless mostly peaceful protests inspired by the martyrdom of Saint George Floyd when he allegedly assaulted rioter Teri Jacobs. Portland had nearly reached the milestone of 75 consecutive nights of rioting at the time.

That night, according to the police union, about 200 demonstrators – many equipped with tactical helmets, faces covered, and armed with a variety of weapons – descended on the Multnomah Building in southeast Portland. Multiple dumpsters were set on fire, buildings were defaced, and windows were broken. A riot soon was declared at the planned event after someone from the crowd launched a Molotov cocktail into the building, setting it ablaze.

The Multnomah Building houses the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office.

Police cleared the mostly peaceful protesters, who then counterattacked, marching back toward the building. Budworth was knocked to the ground.

“RRT officers, including Officer Budworth, used their Police Bureau-issued batons to try and stop the crowd’s criminal activity,” the union’s description of events continued. “Per his training and in response to the active aggression of a rioter interfering with a lawful arrest, Officer Budworth used baton pushes to move a rioter, now known to be Teri Jacobs, out of the area.”

For this, Budworth is being charged with assault, as though he were the criminal. Jacobs is getting a $50,000 civil settlement from the taxpayers, complements of the likeminded leftists running Portland.


In October, County District Attorney Mike Schmidt rejected over 540 riot related cases in “interest of justice” and has implemented catch-and-release policies for accused criminals and rioters.

Jacobs’ attorney claims he beat her with the baton, while other officers (who were also busy dealing with rioters at the time) failed to intervene. If every attempt to suppress a riot results in authorities choosing to take such allegations seriously, all the cops will end up in prison, and anarchy will prevail.

On tips from Occam’s Stubble, R F, Wiggins, Mr. Freemarket, ABC of the ANC, and MAS.

May 08 2021

Take a Drive Through Portland

The city of Portland has succumbed to leftism. Here is what happens if you try to drive on streets ruled by Antifa/Black Lives Matter while they are staging their daily “mostly peaceful protests”:

[A] vehicle apparently leading the group came upon a pickup truck driver who was traveling toward the marchers, and the lead vehicle blocked the driver’s path — and in seconds, numerous militants descended upon the pickup truck driver and began threatening him.

The driver, who was armed himself, demonstrated remarkable nerve in facing down the mob of heavily armed thugs.

As the driver got back into this truck and began to move past the militants, one leftist called him a “f***ing Nazi” as others demanded he “get outta here!” Then just before he reached the intersection — apparently after one of the leftists hit or threw something at his truck — the driver stopped, got out, and confronted the group.

He was hopelessly outnumbered.

Soon the driver was requesting an ambulance, asking for his gun back, and telling the leftists that he’s a disabled Marine.

This is what liberals are turning our country into:

The same mob of thugs attacked another vehicle the same day for trying to move past their blockade rather than obeying their orders. Looks like they punctured at least two tires, smashed the back window, and injured the driver:

Marginalize the police as Democrats have been doing and you get Antifa/BLM instead.

It’s hard to believe that even Biden voters want to live in a country like the USA is rapidly becoming. Yet they must. It has been clear since well before the election that Antifa/BLM are allowed to run riot because they are doing the work of Democrat authorities, serving as cat’s paws to terrorize regular Americans.

If members of a right-wing militia ever behaved like this, they would be dead or in long-term lock-up within a few hours. In contrast, Antifa/BLM are confident that for them there will be no consequences. For all intents and purposes, they are in charge.

On a tip from Varla.

Apr 25 2021

Ted Wheeler Fails Again as Portland Succumbs to Mob

A leftist mob inspired by Black Lives Matter seized effective control of Portland nearly a full year ago. Since then, it has rioted incessantly. At last Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler says he is going to take back what’s left of the city on behalf of civilization:

“They want to burn, they want bash, they want to intimidate, they want to assault,” Mayor Ted Wheeler said Friday, while announcing the city would extend its state of emergency through Monday. …

“Together we can make a stand … and take our city back.”

Lacking the spine to confront Black Lives Matter, Wheeler squeaked, “If BLM leaders can show the courage to stand up to this mob, then we all should.”

For all intents and purposes, BLM is the mob, even in Portland, where few blacks live. Antifa riots on Black Lives Matter’s behalf.

Portland’s black community responds to Wheeler’s shifty doubletalk:

If Wheeler was trying to drive a wedge between Black Lives Matter and Antifa, he has characteristically failed.

On a tip from Steve T.

Apr 05 2021

Trees Denounced as Racist

A Portland high school has postponed naming a tree as its mascot in light of the revelation that trees are racist:

The Ida B. Wells-Barnett High School’s namesake is the Pulitzer Prize-winning African American journalist who extensively reported on and protested against lynching, reports the Portland Tribune. Originally, the evergreen tree was proposed because, according to Ellen Whatmore, a mascot committee member and a teacher at the school, evergreens “are characterized by the life-giving force of their foliage, the strength of their massive trunk, and the depth of their roots—in an individual tree and as a forest of trees.”

The school used to be named after Woodrow Wilson, but like so many notable figures in American history, Wilson has been canceled for being racist.

The evergreen was the frontrunner out of 420 different nominations, but then Michelle DePass, the director of the Portland Public Schools Board of Education, suggested that the tree’s connotations to lynching could be problematic.

DePass is the only black on the school board, giving her potential veto power over anything she decides to declare racist.

Her concerns resulted in the board postponing the vote on the new mascot until they could reach out to Wells-Barnett’s family to see if they had any issue with it.

Since the family is presumably black, maybe the evergreen has a chance. If they were white, denying DePass’s lived experience as a victim of the hurtful racism of trees would invite accusations that they too are racist.

To avoid future cancelation, you have to be proactive. If you have trees on your property, cut them down at once, even if they are evergreens, which probably were not often used for lynching. If the trajectory of the woke mob’s witch hunt hysteria over the past few years is any indication, getting exposed on social media as an owner of racist trees could soon be a firing offense.

On tips from Varla and ABC of the ANC.


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