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Feb 26 2020

Applied Liberal Ideology at Portland Bus Stop

Academia endlessly demonizes Caucasians, blaming them for the failures and shortcomings of other groups. This pernicious ideology is exported to the media. From there, it filters down to the streets, resulting in behavior like these antics in Portland:

Nimo Jire Kalinle, 42, had just exited a No. 4 bus at North Fremont Street and Gantenbein Avenue on Jan. 19 when she started slugging Janae Jordan in the face repeatedly, court records allege.

During the attack, Jordan, who was with her husband and child, asked why the woman was targeting her.

“It’s because you’re white and I hate white people,” Kalinle, who is black, told Jordan, a probable cause affidavit alleges.

Tell people to hate and some of them will take you up on it.

Janae Jordan can count her blessings that she didn’t encounter Daniel Tuski Bertrand instead. Portland is apparently not a safe place for women of politically incorrect pigmentation to be out and about.

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Feb 12 2020

The Danger of Practicing Journalism in Portland

As mentioned earlier, Antifa goons took advantage of sympathetic local government to assert control over downtown Portland last Saturday, throwing eggs at police and forcing them to retreat as they vandalized property. The absence of a functioning police force under moonbat rule made it a bad scene for journalists:

TheBlaze on Monday reported about a threatening Antifa mob chasing a videographer during a weekend protest in Portland, Oregon — after which unsympathetic riot police told the videographer that “we’re not gonna come out and save you.”

Another journalist got worse treatment the same day, as police did nothing.

Brandon Brown — described by conservative writer Andy Ngo as a “local citizen journalist” — was recording video of Antifa gathered on a street when the mob turned on Brown.

Brown’s cellphone camera stayed on throughout the ordeal, showing at least 10 Antifa thugs surrounding him before several began poking him with umbrellas. Indeed, Portland police confirmed that some protesters used “metal-tipped umbrellas” to jab “people and chase them down the street.”

The Antifa fascists called him a Nazi (of course) and sprayed him in the face with “what appeared to be pepper spray,” blinding him.

Nearby, a large group of police on bicycles refrained from lifting a finger. No doubt they had orders from Antifa-friendly Mayor/Police Commissioner Ted Wheeler to let the goons do as they pleased.

Antifa is liberal-run cities’ equivalent of the Red Guard, which consisted of ideologically deranged young hoodlums who terrorized China with winks and nods from the government during the Cultural Revolution.

Brown’s video demonstrates what liberal fascism looks like at the street level:

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Feb 10 2020

Civilization Retreats From Antifa in Portland

Antifa continues to fill the vacuum caused by moonbat rule in Portland:

Antifa ran wild on the streets of Portland Saturday, taking advantage of a cancelled and dubious supposed Ku Klux Klan rally to wrestle control of the city’s downtown from the Portland police.

Mayor/Police Commission Ted Wheeler, a flaming liberal, sides with the anarchists. Without political support, the police had little choice but to retreat as they were pelted with eggs and other missiles.

No wonder cops from the surrounding area refuse to work in Portland.

Here’s what the Antifa goons did to a monument commemorating those who fought in the Spanish-American War:

All remnants of American civilization will be defaced and then erased when moonbats achieve total dominance.

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Jan 09 2020

Portland to Impose Climate Justice Tax

Portland has gone so far off the rails, it plans to impose a scaled-down local version of AOC’s demented Green New Deal. This is unlikely to have any impact whatsoever on the supposedly problematic climate, but it will succeed at its actual objective: confiscating and redistributing money on a racial basis.

A sympathetic take from Willamette Week:

The Portland Clean Energy Community Benefits Fund, or PCEF, will raise as much as $60 million a year from a new tax on big retailers. The money is supposed to supply clean, efficient energy and jobs to people the city has long slighted.

The jobs and energy are not for everyone, but only for the politically preferred — or “underserved,” to use a favorite progressive euphemism.

The overarching goals: to provide members of underserved communities with valuable skills while insulating, caulking and tweaking inefficient heating and cooling systems and installing rooftop solar panels at the homes of low-income Portlanders.

As a rule, hated whites do not get to be “underserved.”

At its core, the concept transfers wealth from big corporations such as Walmart to low-income Portlanders of color.

It appears that only evil rich white people shop at Walmart, which will inevitably pass the higher cost of doing business in Portland along to its customers.

It’s a local version of the Green New Deal proposed in 2019 by U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.). It’s also part of a larger political effort to reshape who calls the shots—and who benefits—in America’s whitest big city.

The racial animus driving envirosocialism is becoming explicit. The PCEF is largely the work of Jo Ann Hardesty, a hardcore moonbat known for her diseased bag lady appearance and her theatrical hatred of Caucasians (see here and here).

Hardesty, the first black woman to serve on the City Council and the self-described “mother of the Portland Clean Energy Fund,” promises she won’t let it fail.

If it does fail, there will be precedent:

Clean Energy Works snagged a $20 million federal stimulus grant in 2010 and became an independent nonprofit whose mission was to deploy minority contractors to make 100,000 homes energy efficient.

Obama’s “stimulus” looting spree wasted massive amounts of money on green energy boondoggles. The economic damage continues to unfold.

The program aimed to benefit underserved communities—just as the new tax does. …

The Energy Trust of Oregon, a nonprofit funded by utility ratepayers, found the program’s costs “significantly” higher than those of other contractors doing similar work without public funding.

Government programs tend to work that way.

By 2014, Clean Energy Works had spent the $20 million in federal stimulus money it received four years earlier. It then secured an additional $10 million state grant to keep going.

Like all socialist endeavors, Clean Energy Works soon ran out of other people’s money.

Although Clean Energy Works hoped to weatherize 100,000 homes, it only completed about 5,000.

The envirocommies say this time will be different, because they have learned a lesson:

The lesson from Clean Energy Works’ experience: Good intentions and an extensive background in the field were not enough to create an operation that could finance itself. What such a project needed instead was a spigot of money that couldn’t be turned off…

Who ever heard of a tax going away? “Big retailers” will pay a 1% surcharge on Portland sales to finance “climate justice” until the end of time. Even if every penny is wasted, there will always be more — at least in theory.

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Dec 09 2019

Portland May Require New Buildings to Accommodate Homeless

The moonbats running Portland are approaching levels of leftist tyranny not seen since the Russian Revolution:

Under a proposal introduced to the PSC [Planning and Sustainability Commission] on Nov. 12, the building design process would require owners to “provide opportunities” to the homeless population “to rest and be welcome.” Many are interpreting the vague language—specifically the “rest and be welcome” requirements—as potentially forcing owners of new commercial and residential real estate to build “spaces” for homeless men and women to camp out on private property, even in apartment buildings. …

Oriana Magnera, who presented the idea, told her fellow commissioners the city needs “spaces where [homeless] folks can feel supported and safe.”

The next step is for the actual owners of the property to be evicted to make more room for the homeless. Refer to Ayn Rand’s We the Living to see how this worked in Russia.

Once property rights go out the window, all other rights will follow.

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Sep 28 2019

Urinals Banned in Portland Building

To the many things moonbats would take away from us in the name of political correctness, we can now ad urinals. From where else but Portland, via KGW8:

The City of Portland banned urinals in the remodeled Portland Building.

The 15-story Portland Building is also known as the Portland Municipal Services Building; it scurries with bureaucrats of the City of Portland.

Urinals are wrong because their existence reinforces the difference between male and female. This undermines liberal ideology and could be hurtful to the sacred sexually perplexed.

In an email to employees last February, Chief Administrative Officer Tom Rinehart wrote:

“We will continue to have gender-specific (male and female) multi-stall restrooms that are readily available to any employee that prefers to use one. But, there will be no urinals in any restroom in the building. This will give us the flexibility we need for any future changes in signage.”

Already some of the bathrooms will be for men and women to use together, like in utopia. Those that are still segregated won’t be for long, so why allow urinals?

Urinals take up less space, use less water, make for shorter lines, et cetera. But leftist social engineering always comes first where leftists have secured control.

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Sep 17 2019

Patriot Prayer vs Satanic Antifa Creeps

Patriots don’t have it easy in Portland, between the constant rain, the local government run by militant moonbats, and of course the satanic Antifa creeps. Joey Gibson and Patriot Prayer keep their chins up anyway:

These days it isn’t hard to tell the good guys from the bad guys.

Antifa has a history of attacking Patriot Prayer in Portland. Everyone knows whose side the authorities will take (see here, here, here, and here).

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Aug 18 2019

Antifa Chaos in Portland

Washington Examiner reporter Julio Rosas attempted to cover the Antifa chaos in Portland in response to right-wing demonstrations yesterday. The American flag on his shirt was found to be offensive by an Antifa freakazoid of incomprehensible gender:

Later Rosas was extricated by police to avoid violence:

Others were not lucky enough to find police protection from Antifa:

No worries; the moonbats running Portland are sure to get everything in hand. On Friday they arrested Joey Gibson of Patriot Prayer for rioting. Patriot Prayer has been violently targeted by Antifa goons. Somehow, the arrest of Gibson — who was not connected with yesterday’s events — failed to prevent Antifa violence, but no doubt ultraleft Mayor Ted Wheeler is trying his best.

Actually, Antifa is spiraling out of control. Liberal authorities and the media are letting it happen, content to let Antifa serve as a cat’s paw to intimidate opposition.

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Jul 24 2019

Portland Library Hides Drag Queen Story Hour Photos

The nationwide drag queen story hour phenomenon has featured perverts with rap sheets for sex crimes against children dressing up in women’s clothes to promote the LGBT agenda to little kids at public libraries (e.g., Albert Garza, William Travis Dees). Now we read this:

A public library has deleted photos of small children lying on top of drag queens and fondling their false breasts at a Drag Queen Story Hour.

Multnomah County Library, the library system serving Portland, Oregon, quietly removed from Flickr the photos of the Drag Queen Story Hour that took place at St. John’s Library and then circulated on Facebook…

The event took place last October, featuring a deviant named Anthony Hudson who calls himself “Carla Rossi.” Its stated target audience was “children 2–6 years old.”

LifeSiteNews has archived photos that the social engineers running the library don’t want you to see.

There were more:

Photos posted by the library also reveal toddlers and young boys dressed in feather boas at the event.

If these “grooming” efforts are successful, there will be plenty more kids like “Desmond Is Amazing,” “Queen Lactacia,” and “Kween KeeKee” to serve as trophy transsexuals for woke parents and sex objects for perverts.

There are laws against endangering the welfare of a child. The LGBT agenda apparently overrides them.

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Jul 02 2019

Savage Antifa Beating in Portland

Bad as it was for Andy Ngo, he did not get the worst of it when Antifa was allowed to go wild once again in Portland Saturday. A pair of countermoonbats named John Blum and Adam Kelly were present in support of Haley Adams, who had previously been assaulted by Antifa. Adams is the leader of Him Too, which defends men from phony #MeToo allegations of the type leveled at Brett Kavanaugh. Blum and Kelly were set upon by Antifa vermin. They were attacked with mace, nunchucks, metal water bottles, a metal rod, and fists. One of the attackers appeared to be wielding a padlock in a sock or something similar.

Behold leftism on display:

Where are the police, you ask? In Portland, the police take orders from the very wokest of the woke, so the streets belong to Antifa.

Someone is going to get killed by these animals. Antifa has gotten out of hand. Mayor Ted Wheeler seems to like it that way.

Hat tip: Summit News.

Jun 30 2019

Antifa Mob Assaults Andy Ngo

An independent journalist like Andy Ngo is not to be tolerated by the forces of militant tolerance. If not for him, incidents like the recent Portland sucker punch might be kept from the public completely. Despite lack of protection by the police, he insists on informing us about the fascistic behavior of Antifa, which the local media is content to regard as a no-go zone for journalists. He wouldn’t lay off even after they made death threats. You can see why he was bound to get hurt.

This time Ngo himself is the story he reports on:

Details from Ian Miles Cheong:

Members of Rose City Antifa, numbering in the hundreds, organized as a counterprotest to a few dozen right-wing protesters from the Proud Boys and other rightist organizations, who announced their decision to demonstrate in three sites across the city.

Ngo was following a group of Antifa goons for a Periscope livestream when they attacked him.

Oregon reporters Dave Killen and Jim Ryan captured much of the attack, which shows Ngo being violently battered by a group of black-clad men and women who robbed him of his camera equipment before proceeding to punch, kick, and throw various objects—including milkshakes, raw eggs, and other makeshift weapons aimed at his head.

Woke Burger King must be delighted by this application of milkshakes, which it has encouraged. The milkshakes thrown by Portland Antifa may be mixed with quick-drying cement.

Watch the liberal equivalent of Nazi Brownshirts in action against Ngo:

That’s how a real journalist is treated by the Left. But since the apparatchiks posing as journalists who control the mainstream media are as much a part of the Left as Antifa is, this will get little MSM coverage if any.

This isn’t the first time they have come after Ngo:

The Daily Caller’s Chuck Ross reported that Ngo claimed to have been attacked while at the gym on May 7 by a man he recognized from the Antifa rallies. A week earlier, he was attacked with mace while covering one of the rallies.

In mid-November 2018, Ngo was assaulted by members of Antifa at a #HimToo rally, which was designed to raise awareness of male victims of sexual assault and men who are falsely accused of sexual assault. Antifa showed up and became violent. Ngo was “verbally berated and physically accosted,” reported The Daily Wire’s Amanda Prestigiacomo. Ngo’s camera equipment was also covered in silly string. Ngo said police did nothing during that assault.

Ngo saw this latest attack coming:

He had the guts to show up anyway.

The pampered pretty boy propagandists who makes tens of $millions reading pernicious lies off their teleprompters for the mainstream media are not fit to wipe the milkshake off Ngo’s camera.

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May 13 2019

Portland: No-Go Zone for Journalists

The USA has not yet imported the massive numbers of Muslim colonists Europe has. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have no-go zones. In addition to Dearborn, there is the no-go zone for journalists Antifa has created in Portland (with the tacit support of local authorities).

This is not a problem for “mainstream” journalists, since they have no interest in reporting on likeminded Antifa’s appalling tactics anyway. But it is a problem for Andy Ngo, who reports here on what he is up against:

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Apr 07 2019

Why Nobody Wants to Police Portland

As mentioned earlier, law enforcement agencies from the surrounding area have begun to balk at helping to police Portland out of concern for their officers, because attempting to enforce the law in a city run by moonbats like Mayor Ted Wheeler is not the job they signed up for. Unfortunately for Portland, nobody else wants to sign up for it either.

Officers are retiring left and right. Replacing them is not easy in the current environment. Those willing to take the job are not always the cream of the crop:

Portland police are struggling to fill officer vacancies as recruits wash out during probation at about double the rate they have in the past. …

The failed recruits couldn’t perform on the job, had problems multi-tasking or making good decisions under stress during field training, [Assistant Chief Chris] Davis said. Others decided on their own that the job wasn’t working out for them or were terminated due to misconduct, he said.

Getting even subpar recruits has been difficult, due to a variety of factors including a sclerotic bureaucracy that takes nearly a year to process an applicant and the attitude toward police that prevails in a city dominated by moonbats. It can’t help that municipal government sides with leftist hooligans against both peaceful citizens and law enforcement.

The Portland PD has been relying on overtime to get sufficient manpower on the street. That is not a permanent solution. The only permanent solution would be to scale back the moonbattery. Yet Wheeler et al only continue to double down on it.

Matt Christiansen sums up the situation:

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Apr 05 2019

Portland’s Unfair Fair Access in Renting

Why is housing such an issue in Left Coast cities? Portland offers a clue by threatening to inflict Fair Access in Renting:

It would require landlords to give a 72-hour notice before taking applications for a rental property, and would require them to then process those applications on a first-come first-serve basis, rather than picking through a stack of applications to pick someone of their choosing.

Owning property is major responsibility. You have to be very particular who you rent it out to, or the property can be rendered useless. But discriminating would be discriminatory.

It sets guidelines for traditional barriers to renting, like income ratios, low credit scores, and even criminal histories.

For instance, a person could not be denied solely based on the fact that they have a felony conviction older than seven years or a misdemeanor conviction older than three years.

Leftists see reality as a Manichean struggle between the oppressors and the oppressed, and themselves as benign dictators who grind the former into the ground on behalf of the latter. Per liberal ideology, property owners are oppressors. Therefore, landlords are well advised to steer clear of cities run by moonbats. This state of affairs does not make housing more readily available for the supposedly oppressed.

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