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Jan 16 2021

“Stimulus” Blowout = Blue State Bailout

The economic sabotage of imposing a $15 minimum wage is not the only intolerable aspect of Biden’s planned $1.9 trillion spending spree. In the name of the ChiCom virus, the bill bails out tyrannical and fiscally irresponsible blue states.

Rep Michael Waltz (R-FL) is enraged:

“This is a bailout package for blue states for their bad policies, for their lockdown policies. The best stimulus that we could have as a country is to allow the economy to smartly and safely open like we have done in Florida. Kids have been in school in person since last August. And we are not having a statewide meltdown.

“You can wear masks and space out and go to school because we take the approach of letting business owners and individuals and families make those smart decisions, rather than these mass policies from lockdowns and our numbers aren’t any worse or aren’t any different than California and New York, but, you know, now they have these massive state budget deficits.

“They have to fill that hole. States have to balance their budget, the federal government doesn’t. So AOC and now Joe Biden are going to the big piggy bank in the sky that prints nonstop money.”

There is no such thing as a free lunch. Somebody pays. In this case, the more sensible states (Florida, Texas, Arizona) that kept their economies going pay for the pointless indulgence in authoritarianism that crippled the economies of New York and California.

One reason socialism does not work is that it destroys incentive. There is no point producing wealth if it is only going to be confiscated, whether through taxation or inflation, to bestow upon those who did not produce it. This applies at the state as well as the individual level.

You can see why Democrats have been plotting to abolish the Electoral College. Its purpose is to prevent a few densely populated states from running roughshod over the rest. This helps to prevent the rest of the country from becoming economically enslaved to the Democrat strongholds California and New York.

Waltz suspects that the communist Chinese are waiting for us to spend ourselves into bankruptcy before they “make their big moves around the world.” The first move will be to crush freedom in Taiwan as they did in Hong Kong. Then come Singapore, South Korea, Japan, the Philippines, Australia… on and on until someone stops them.

It won’t be the USA that stops them if we are financially bankrupt and have compromised, morally bankrupt leadership.

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Jan 02 2021

Government Flushes Our Money Down Smart Toilet

How better to flush away our money than with a smart toilet? Yet Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), Washington’s lonely voice of fiscal sanity, is not pleased:

Paul brought to light a $6.9 million provision for a “smart toilet” that was part of his annual federal government waste report that tabulated $54.7 billion in government waste in the past year.

Stanford University researchers used $6,973,057 in funds from the National Cancer Institute to build a toilet that contains three cameras, including one that can identify the user’s “analprint,” according to the Festivus Report 2020.

If that strikes you as a wise use of the wealth we create, you will love what Pete Buttigieg does with the Department of Transportation.

The concept of an anal print was conceived of by surrealist painter Salvador Dali, who according to Stanford research scientist Seung-min Park discovered that “the anus has 35 or 37 creases, which are as unique as fingerprints.” It is unknown how many anuses he inspected before reaching this conclusion.

They say life imitates art. Where government spending is concerned, it imitates surreal art.

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Dec 31 2020

Open Thread

A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until a majority of voters discover that they can vote themselves largess out of the public treasury. - Alexander Fraser Tytler

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Dec 30 2020

Profiles in Countermoonbattery: Marsha Blackburn

Should the government hand everyone $600 dollars of everyone else’s money? Or should it hand them $2,000, as Trump and the Democrats want? The correct answer is neither. Marsha Blackburn gets it:

“Now, we know that what the Democrats are trying to do with this is to put us on a pathway to a guaranteed the minimum income, which is one of their socialist agenda items.”

Blackburn feels that if there is going to cash handed out, it should at least be targeted to those who need it.

“The best stimulus is a job,” she continued. “But they don’t want to open the economy, they don’t want to get children back to school. They would prefer to keep people locked in their houses and out of work” until there are widespread vaccinations for coronavirus.

People have a way of getting used to free handouts. Democrats are counting on it.

Of course, nothing is really free. Those with savings and those living on fixed incomes will pay the bill for Big Government’s largesse in the form of inflation.

Dec 30 2020

Jennifer Granholm to Oversee Green Energy Boondoggles

Remember when Obama stimulated the economy and saved the planet by redirecting hundreds of $millions of taxpayer money to campaign donors via green energy boondoggles like Solyndra? Hold onto your wallets; we are in for more of the same. Former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm has been chosen to head the Department of Energy.

This is great news for Democrat donors, less so for taxpayers.

Via the Wall Street Journal:

[D]uring her governorship from 2003 to 2011, Ms. Granholm handed out hundreds of millions of dollars to politically favored startups to create “green jobs.”

For example,

fledgling electric-car battery manufacturer A123 Systems, which was awarded a $249 million DOE grant plus $125 million in state tax credits. Plagued by manufacturing problems, A123 went bankrupt in 2012. China’s Wanxiang Group bought most of its assets.

Granholm + Biden = plenty more of this:

Fisker Automotive … went bust in 2013 after receiving a $192 million DOE loan with the goal of manufacturing a hybrid at a plant located in Mr. Biden’s senatorial backyard. Fisker was backed by prominent liberal investors including Al Gore. “Lobbying by all local politicians is said to have won the day for the Wilmington plant,” the Washington Post reported in 2013.

In the green energy sector, you don’t need to provide a useful product. You just need to have the right friends.

Granholm also offered battery manufacturer LG Chem $125 million on top of the $150 million in federal stimulus dollars it received. While LG Chem is still in business, its employees at the time were caught watching movies and playing games on the clock because they ostensibly had little productive to do.

One of the benefits of “green jobs” is that if you can snag one of these rare positions, you might not have to do any work.

Then there was the biofuels startup Mascoma, which was awarded $20 million from Ms. Granholm and up to $100 million from DOE for a plant to convert biomass into cellulosic ethanol. The plant was never built. Ms. Granholm also approved $100 million for a renewable energy park that was scrapped.

What a tragedy that they never built the biomass plant. Think of the polar bears we could save by mandating that cars run on weeds (people should run on weeds too).

And don’t forget her dim solar-energy bets including United Solar Ovonic, Evergreen and GlobalWatt. According to the Mackinac Center, the Michigan think tank, only 2.3% of Ms. Granholm’s investments in the state’s main incentive program met their job creation promises.

With a record that stellar, they should have made her Green Jobs Czar, the position held by current CNN propagandist Van Jones under Obama.

Government is a lousy venture capitalist and, more often than not, misallocates scarce capital.

This is due not only to incompetence, but to a different objective. Real venture capitalists expect businesses to produce wealth. Bureaucratic venture capitalists are motivated by ideology and graft. A percentage of subsidies will come back as political donations, as with Planned Parenthood.

Investors these days are piling into electric-car and battery start-ups, betting on government subsidies and tougher emission rules by the Biden Administration that will force-feed electric vehicles. Startups received both during the Obama Administration but still failed because of technical problems and scarce demand.

The demand problem is easy enough to fix. Democrats will just regulate energy-efficient cars out of existence so that we have to buy the electric ones or go without.

Granholm is infamous for her sharp elbows and flakiness, but she may not be the nuttiest slice of the impending fruitcake administration:

Biden has also tapped North Carolina environmental regulator Michael Regan for EPA Administrator. Progressives are praising Mr. Biden’s choice of a black American after lobbying hard against California Air Resources Board director Mary Nichols because she was insufficiently concerned with “environmental injustice.”

Better find a piece of leather to bite down on. Whatever environmental justice might mean, it is guaranteed to hurt.

WSJ aptly sums up the policies likely to be inflicted in the coming years under the pretense of controlling the climate: “more subsidies for the politically connected, and more rules, mandates and taxes for everyone else.”

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Dec 28 2020

Open Thread

We need to start thinking about the needs of the American people before we go and solve everybody else's problems. - Benjamin Carson
Dec 22 2020

COVID-19 Porkfest Spends USA Toward Ruin

The coronavirus relief bill that passed the House and Senate yesterday attempts to address a temporary problem by helping to trigger a far more serious crisis. America is spending itself into collapse.

The bill is a looting spree. Much of the money will be wasted overseas:

Among [the provisions] are a pair of assistance programs in Pakistan, whereby $15 million will be put toward “democracy programs” and $10 million will be distributed to “gender programs.”

Countries throughout the world, not all of them friendly, stand to receive mountains of American cash in the name of the ChiCom virus. Communist Vietnam will reportedly get $169,739,000, Bangladesh $198,323,000, Venezuela $33 million. Sri Lanka gets $15 million to refurbish a ship.

Even AOC — an avowed socialist — seems to be appalled at the irresponsible manner in which Congress wastes other people’s money. She complains that representatives had only a few hours to review the 5,593-page $1.4 trillion blowout of a spending bill.

There are limits to how much money can be thrown to the four winds when the economy is not producing the wealth to back it up. Every penny has to come from somewhere. Either they raise taxes into the stratosphere, choking off any hope of a return to the pre-lockdown economy, or they tax every penny we have saved by inflating the currency, possibly to Weimar Republic levels. Probably, they will do both.

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Dec 06 2020

Coronabucks Flow to Antifa, Black Lives Matter

To compensate for the economically crushing coronavirus restrictions, we get free money from the government, compliments of whoever gets stuck holding the bag on the national debt (likely us, through hyperinflation). This free money comprises a looting spree. As usual, the looted money flows in the direction of those favored by the liberal ruling class — Marxist terrorists and black supremacist race rioters, for example:

Apparently, the State of Oregon wants more antifa and Black Lives Matter rioting. At [a] time when violent rioters were setting fires, looting, and terrorizing the people of Portland, they were rewarded with U.S. CARES Act COVID relief funds.

Matt Christiansen has details:

How much of this is enough?

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Oct 27 2020

Open Thread

If ever again our nation stumbles upon unfunded paper, it shall surely be like death to our body politic. This country will crash. - George Washington

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Sep 30 2020

Racial Arsonist Paid Ibram X. Kendi $333/Minute by Public School

As noted earlier, Caucasian-hater Ibram X. Kendi is nowhere near as dumb as his rhetoric, having realized that there is big money in moonbattery. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey gave him $10 million. Taxpayers must have deep pockets too:

The Fairfax County school district is defending its decision to pay $20,000 for an author who spoke to its administration and school leaders about racism for one hour.

That comes to over $333 per minute. Not bad pay for spewing poisonous lies. I wonder if he shared with the educrats his insight that Amy Coney Barrett is reprehensibly guilty of colonialism for adopting children from Haiti.

FOX 5 asked the district if the money could have been spent on something more germane to the current education climate – like technology training for teachers or more resources for transitioning back to in-person learning.

They say funds allocated for COVID-19 have specific uses beyond Kendi’s presentation.

Funds allocated for… What the…?!?!?!

Looks federal taxpayers financed Kendi’s pernicious BS in the name of COVID-19.

This poisonous ideology is largely responsible for the riots that have been tearing our country apart. That’s why Trump admirably banned critical race theory brainwashing for government employees and federal contractors.

If only bureaucrats would pile up our money and set it on fire, instead of using it to systematically destroy American society.

On a tip from Lyle.

Aug 20 2020

NYC Layoffs and Chirlane McCray’s Massive Staff

Piled on top of COVID-19, Bill de Blasio’s leftist lunacy has been driving businesses and taxpayers out of New York City en masse. This will take a toll. De Blasio warns that 22,000 city workers could lose their jobs by the fall.

This may even cut into his wife Chirlane McCray’s 14-member staff. It includes city employees deputized from other public agencies, like the $70,000 videographer recruited from the Department of Health, who filmed her making ginger snaps during the lockdown.

From Fox News:

Other members of the shadow staff … are a $143,000-a-year public relations director, also from the Department of Health, and a special assistant from the mayor’s office who makes $115,000.

Then there’s the $130,000 “executive program specialist” from the Dept. of Social Services and $65,000 “associate director of advance” to the first lady. …

Despite its ranks and generous salaries, the team hasn’t posted an update to McCray’s public schedule since last year.

Too bad some of them can’t be reassigned to dig parks out from under the garbage that has been piling up or fill the anarchic gaps left by a $1 billion punitive cut to the NYPD.

Frivolous and wasteful as it might seem, Chirlane McCray’s staff is actually crucial in the fight against COVID-19:

Mayor Bill de Blasio said his wife, Chirlane McCray, needs a 14-member staff that costs city taxpayers nearly $2 million a year because they’re helping New Yorkers recover from the coronavirus pandemic. …

“This work is about the needs of the people of this city especially in this crisis,” he said after being asked about the apparent waste of taxpayer funds during a budget crisis. …

“The task force on racial inclusion and equity … has been moving big policy changes literally with the purpose of redistributing resources to the communities that are most affected” by COVID-19, de Blasio said.

It is very important that coronavirus resources be redistributed according to the cultural Marxist pecking order. Chirlane McCray is just the leftist for the job, and she can’t be expected to do it alone. Maybe they could lay off a few extra EMTs and paramedics instead so as to keep her fully staffed.

On tips from R F, Chuck A, ABC of the ANC, and Mr. Freemarket.

Aug 15 2020

Open Thread

The greatest danger facing our nation isn't terrorism, global warming or the energy crisis. It is out-of-control, unbridled government spending. - R. Lee Wrights
Aug 12 2020

UK Fires One-Third of Contact Tracers

The important thing in a crisis is to be seen to be doing something. That way, the media can’t accuse you of inaction. Letting a virus run its course is not an option. You must throw money at it. That’s why Boris Johnson promised back in May to hire 25,000 contact tracers. These people have largely spent their time watching Netflix and goofing around:

Three months later, he is facing criticism after numerous reports that many of those hired for the program have nothing to do.

At least the UK’s socialized medicine bureaucrats have taken a step in the right direction:

On Monday, the National Health System announced that it would fire a third of those hired for contact tracing, from 18,000 down to 12,000.

Whether contact tracing is feasible or productive after a virus has spread throughout a population is debatable.

Let’s not single out the British. When it comes to extravagant COVID-19 waste, Democrats like Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey can top them easily:

This spending would largely come out of our savings through inflation.

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