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May 13 2021

Biden Finds a “Trillion 300 Million Billion Dollars”

Great news. Hyperinflation only seems to be getting underway. Biden has the money to pay for his arrogantly wasteful spending spree after all. Rather than inflate the currency, he is going to hire an army of IRS agents to confiscate up to “a trillion 300 million billion dollars” from underneath our sofa cushions. The Man in Charge demonstrates his mastery of figures:

The cabal of radical leftists who have taken over the federal government picked the right guy to serve as figurehead as they spend us into oblivion Cloward-Piven style.

On a tip from Varla.

May 12 2021

Inflation Predictably Starts Upward

If you were to take a screwdriver and jab it into your eye, you wouldn’t expect life to go on normally afterward. Likewise, we cannot expect that America will just keep rolling along after the comparably insane act of letting the radicalized Democrats take over the federal government. Biden’s handlers have been in power for only a few months, and already inflation is accelerating at its fastest pace in over 12 years:

The Consumer Price Index, which measures a basket of goods as well as energy and housing costs, rose 4.2% from a year earlier. A Dow Jones survey had expected a 3.6% increase. The month-to-month gain was 0.8%, against the expected 0.2%. …

The increase in the headline CPI rate was the fastest since September 2008.

That was during an economic crisis.

Given the vociferous hostility Democrats show toward the energy industry, this should come as no surprise:

Energy prices overall jumped 25% from a year earlier, including a 49.6% increase for gasoline and 37.3% for fuel oil. …

Used car and truck prices, which are seen as a key inflation indicator, surged 21%, including a 10% increase in April alone.

Transportation is a luxury Democrats want us to go without anyway. According to their ideology, it makes the weather too warm.

Lumber prices alone have risen 124% in 2021 amid persistent demand for building materials. Copper, often seen as a proxy for economic activity, has jumped nearly 36%.

Maybe, if it acted fast, the Fed could do something about the inflation before it gets out of control. But it’s not going to try.

Fed officials repeatedly have said they will not raise interest rates or pull back on monthly bond purchases until inflation averages around 2% over an extended period.

Nor will the Democrats in Congress and the White House ease up on their gargantuan spending spree, or stop paying people extravagantly to sit home instead of producing goods and services for others to buy.

Runaway inflation is so inevitable that you have to assume they are creating it on purpose.

The maniacs running the government are essentially Marxists, opposed to capitalism. If capitalism won’t fail on its own, Big Government might have to force it to fail.

Tough luck if you spent your life building up your savings. Responsible behavior is rarely rewarded with liberals in charge.

On a tip from Bluto.

May 11 2021

Welfare for the Rich

Big Government only seems to be flinging our money randomly to the four winds. Actually, the money tends to go to those with a seat at the table. These are often the people who need it the least, as John Stossel reports:

No wonder pro sports have gone so far overboard with left-wing politics that many fans have sworn them off. Pleasing the audience may be less important than pleasing the leftist bureaucrats who pass out the free money. We pay for their extravagant stadiums regardless of how little interest we may have in the games played inside.

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May 11 2021

Gavin Newsom Attempts to Bribe Voters

Looks like Gavin Newsom is worried about the upcoming recall election. He is attempting to bribe Californians with their own money:

Californians don’t actually get their own money. For the most part, they get someone else’s money — even if they are in the country illegally and supposedly can’t vote:

Chief among the new proposals is a major expansion of the Golden State Stimulus, providing additional direct payments to middle-class families that make up to $75,000. Under the plan, two-thirds of Californians will benefit from $600 direct payments. Qualified families with dependents, including undocumented families, will also now be eligible for an additional $500.

The Golden State Stimulus comes on top of another spending spree, the California Comeback Plan, which will pay people’s rent and utility bills. Of the $100 billion to be spent on this, $26 billion will come from federal taxpayers. If Newsom manages to spread around enough money to survive the recall, every federal taxpayer will have helped him out, even if unwillingly.

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair.

May 07 2021

Open Thread

Irresponsibility breeds irresponsibility. The finances of government are so central. You'd think that would be pretty obvious. - Daniel Patrick Moynihan
Apr 09 2021

New York Provides $15,600 Cash to Illegal Aliens

For some, targeted healthcare does not confer sufficient privilege. They prefer direct cash payments of other people’s money:

The Democrat-controlled New York legislature has passed a budget deal that includes a $2.1 billion fund for illegal immigrants – including a one-time, $15,600 payment for those who lost their job during the pandemic.

Those jobs had already been lost to the American citizens who might have held them.

The Empire States pushes the envelope even further than California:

California has a $75 million cash assistance proposal for illegal immigrants.

The kind of money they are throwing around just at the state level could buy serious immigration enforcement, thereby alleviating crime and unemployment and lessening the burden on social services. But leftists have other priorities.

The state Senate’s top Republican, Rob Ortt, said, “Democrats are raising taxes and using your federal stimulus dollars to enact a radical agenda rather than helping veterans, small main street businesses, teachers, and senior citizens.”

That we knew. What comes as a surprise is that there are still Republicans in New York. Ortt might want to get out of there before they start shooting escapees.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Apr 05 2021

Cuomo’s $2.1 Billion Gift to Illegal Aliens and Felons

In single-party New York, a bigwig like Andrew Cuomo can only be taken down by radicals from even further left. Unsurprisingly, that’s who he is pandering to in a desperate attempt to save his skin at the expense of taxpayers:

Cuomo, along with New York State Democrats, is negotiating a $2.1 billion fund where at least 187,000 illegal aliens and 87,000 felons could receive taxpayer-funded unemployment benefits that mirror state and federal benefits.

Other Dems will appreciate the erstwhile Luv Gov taking good care of the party’s base. They may let him ride out the scandal of killing thousands of seniors by forcing their nursing homes to accept Covid patients, and even the never-ending MeToo allegations that have been piling onto him since.

The payouts are extravagantly generous. Why not? It’s taxpayers’ money, not Cuomo’s.

Illegal alien and felon recipients could receive up to $28,600 a year thanks to the taxpayer-funded benefits, according to analysts. Weekly, illegal aliens and felons could receive $500 a week. For those unemployed since March 2020, recipients could receive on average $12,600.

Plenty of American citizens who never broke the law don’t make that much by working.

Recipients, should the taxpayer-funded program be included in the state budget, could also become secure medical coverage paid for by New York’s public health insurance program.

Other American citizens who never broke the law shell out more for health insurance than they do for food.

Many violent criminals are allowed to run free in New York thanks to bail reform, just as illegal aliens run free thanks to sanctuary policy.

Crime pays under the rule of criminals like Andrew Cuomo.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Apr 04 2021

Reparations for Illegal Aliens?

Assuming the dollar has not yet been inflated to Weimar Republic levels of worthlessness after the next installment of reparations to blacks (I refer to the impending “infrastructure” looting spree), why not pay reparations to illegal aliens too?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez loves the idea. Tucker Carlson, not so much:

We do have to care what AOC thinks, no matter how conspicuously stupid, crazy, and evil she may be. She is no longer the Future of the Democrat Party. Now, she is the Present of the Democrat Party, personifying its guiding force. Hers is the ruling party, and if HR1 passes, it may soon be the only party.

Apr 03 2021

Infrastructure Bill Will Destroy Racist Infrastructure

At least a small fraction of the impending “infrastructure” spending blowout actually has something to do with infrastructure. For example, the bill calls for destroying infrastructure deemed racist:

The White House cited the Claiborne Expressway in New Orleans and Interstate 81 in Syracuse, New York, as two problematic highways going through black neighborhoods they would support destroying. …

The White House fact sheet plans $20 billion to “reconnect neighborhoods” suffering from current infrastructure and make sure all new projects “advance racial equity and environmental justice.”

Everything the current regime does — even the environmental stuff — pushes toxic critical race theory. Biden’s handlers are more focused on scapegoating whites than Nazis were on Jews.

During his Senate confirmation hearings in January, Buttigeg promised to fight racial injustice in infrastructure.

When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

On a tip from SteveB.

Mar 30 2021

$392,000 to Be a Life Guard in Los Angeles

As government grows ever larger, it will suck all of the money out of the economy, until there is no one else to work for. On the positive side, government employees are often paid extravagantly under liberal rule:

The highest-paid Los Angeles lifeguards earn up to $392,000 annually — and dozens of others rake in more than $200,000 a year, according to an investigation by Forbes.

Seven LA County lifeguards earned more than $300,000 in taxpayer dough by tapping into overtime pay in 2019, the latest year available, Forbes found.

They must be truly excellent lifeguards, to earn that much. Or maybe not:

Many of the lifeguards who won the Medal of Valor for exhibiting bravery and saving lives were not among the county’s highest-paid.

Divorcing compensation from merit is key to the liberal agenda. How else are we going to reduce income inequality?

On the negative side, when Big Government has taxed the private sector out of existence and bloated public sector salaries are financed entirely by inflating the currency, the money will be worthless.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Mar 29 2021

San Francisco to Give Free Money to Artists

With the radical left in charge in Washington, we don’t need a crystal ball to see what’s coming next. We can just look to San Francisco. What happens there today will be national policy tomorrow. This is great news for people claiming to be artists, some of whom will be handed $1,000 per month in free money:

Starting sometime in May, 130 local artists in San Francisco — “whose artistic practice is rooted in a historically marginalized community” — will begin receiving the money, San Francisco Mayor London Breed announced Thursday. The payments are scheduled to last for six months in total, according to The San Francisco Chronicle.

“Rooted in a historically marginalized community” means that this guy likely does not qualify; he needs to also identify as nonwhite:

In nearby Oakland, you only get $500/month free money, but you don’t have to identify as an artist; you just have to be nonwhite. Whites get taxed to pay for it though.

In San Francisco,

The program, which was designed to provide support during the pandemic, is open to artists working in a number of different mediums — including music, dance, creative writing, visual art, performance art, installation, photography, theater, and film.

The ChiCom virus is winding down. But exploiting it as a pretext for wealth redistribution just got into high gear. Many temporary measures will be made permanent.

On a tip from Varla.

Mar 25 2021

Guaranteed Basic Income Rolls Out in Oakland

Incremental Marxism has escalated from the welfare state to indiscriminate coronavirus payments to the next illogical step: guaranteed basic income.

The mayor of Oakland, California, on Tuesday announced a privately funded program that will give low-income families of color $500 per month with no rules on how they can spend it.

Private will be replaced by coercive funding after this concept takes root. Liberal fools and their money may be easily parted, but taxpayers in general have deeper pockets. The idea of guaranteed basic income is…

…having a revival across the U.S. after some mayors launched small, temporary programs across the country in a coordinated campaign to convince Congress to adopt a national guaranteed income program.

The free money will be passed out on an explicitly racist basis.

Oakland’s project is significant because it is one of the largest efforts in the U.S. so far, targeting up to 600 families. And it is the first program to limit participation strictly to Black, Indigenous and people of color communities.

This is in part justified as “a nod to the legacy of the Black Panther Party, the political movement that was founded in Oakland in the 1960s.”

The Black Panthers were a violent revolutionary organization founded on Marxism and black supremacism. They were involved in drug dealing, pimping, rape, extortion, assault, and murder. With their focus on protesting against the police and America’s imaginary racist power structure, they served as a forerunner to today’s Black Lives Matter movement.

“Guaranteed income has been a goal of the Black Panther platform since its founding,” said Jesús Gerena, CEO of Family Independence Initiative, which is partnering with the program in Oakland. “Direct investment in the community in response to systemic injustices isn’t new.”

Bark “systemic injustice” and demand the government give you someone else’s money. It’s easier than working.

A form of guaranteed income could take effect for many parents this year as part of the latest federal stimulus package. Congress expanded the child tax credit, with the goal of giving many parents monthly payments of up to $300 per month. Those payments are temporary.

That plan to generate more poverty and thereby more Democrat voters by paying women to have children they can’t afford to raise will not be temporary for long.

In California, a proposal by Assemblyman Evan Low to give $1,000 a month to adults with certain incomes could cost up to $129 billion annually — more than half the state’s total budget — paid for by a new 1% tax on incomes above $2 million. Low said that bill is unlikely to pass this year, but he said his goal is to get people comfortable with the idea.

Once Democrats dispense with the filibuster, that can be imposed nationally.

You know what comes next after $1,000 per month: $2,000 per month. Soon people will demand $20,000, then $200,000, then $2,000,000 to keep pace with inflation. Every election will be won by whoever promises the largest increase in free money, until the money becomes worthless.

On tips from Dragon’s Lair, Bluto, and ABC of the ANC.

Mar 23 2021

Biden’s Handlers Prepare $3 Trillion Spending Binge

Because the dollar is the world’s reserve currency, it can withstand the obscene $1.9 trillion “coronavirus relief” blowout without succumbing to hyperinflation. But that was just the beginning of the looting spree:

Biden’s economic advisers are pulling together a sweeping $3 trillion package to boost the economy, reduce carbon emissions and narrow economic inequality, beginning with a giant infrastructure plan that may be financed in part through tax increases on corporations and the rich.

Tax increases on corporations are passed along to us. As for “the rich,” those who really are rich will have another reason to get their money out of the country — and out of US currency, because most of this will be financed with the printing press.

When Big Government spends massive amounts of money to “narrow economic inequality,” it is moving us toward Marxism.

As for reducing carbon emissions, this pointless objective will be advanced by wasteful spending on inefficient green energy boondoggles that launder public money for campaign donors as under Obama.

At least spending on infrastructure is constructive. The Hoover Dam and the highway system come to mind. But I’m forgetting; Biden’s leftist handlers are in charge. Their idea of building infrastructure is to virtue signal by pouring money down wasteful rat holes like rail projects that we are supposed pretend will save the planet from unavoidable climate fluctuation.

Administration officials essentially see those goals — building out the nation’s infrastructure and shifting to a low-carbon future — as inseparable.

No doubt $zillions will be spent on charging stations for electric cars that do not exist because few want them and because the raw materials to build them just aren’t there.

Not all the wealth will be wasted on global warming malarkey. Democrats also plan to throw money at “free community college, universal prekindergarten and a national paid leave program.”

Since it is a spending bill, and the Democrat Party is in lockstep with its radical wing, they won’t need to break the filibuster to ram this through without any Republican votes at all in either the House or Senate, like they did with the last unaffordable spending blowout.

The overall price tag of the package could approach $4 trillion since it includes several tax incentives, like credits to help families afford child care and to encourage energy efficiency in existing buildings.

The term “tax incentives” often refers to people who do not pay taxes receiving free money. The cash payments are euphemized as “tax credits” instead of “welfare handouts” for political reasons.

Ben Shapiro warned us that the $1.9 trillion “coronavirus relief” blowout entailed an expansion of the welfare state that was supposedly temporary but would soon be made permanent. He was correct.

[The] plan would also extend or make permanent two temporary provisions of Mr. Biden’s recent relief bill: expanded subsidies for low- and middle-income Americans to buy health insurance and tax credits aimed at cutting poverty, particularly for children.

What kind of hard-hearted fiend wouldn’t want to reduce child poverty? But what they are talking about is paying the unemployed to produce more children out of wedlock. In other words, they are deliberately creating more child poverty, in the belief that poor children will grow up to vote for Democrats.

Naivety or stupidity might have excused going along when LBJ first imposed the hilariously misnamed “Great Society” through his Orwellian “War on Poverty.” But having been down this road before, we all know where it leads: to stagflation and more poverty.

Biden’s handlers still pretend they will not raise taxes on any individual earning less than $400,000, counting on the media to ignore two facts: (1) raising taxes on corporations effectively taxes anyone who uses their goods or services and (2) inflation taxes anyone with so much as a penny of US currency in their pocket.

Picture a Black Lives Matter mob in charge of a Target store — prying open cash registers, stealing anything they can cart off even if they have no use for it, destroying what they can’t out of sheer malice. That is the exact equivalent of putting the radicalized Democratic Party in charge of the federal government.

Hat tip: Maggie’s Farm.

Mar 09 2021

Open Thread

No republic has long outlived the discovery by a majority of its people that they could vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. - Alexander Fraser Tytler

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