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Jun 17 2019

Ilhan Omar on Terrorist Recruitment in Her District

The same Somali colonization that put Ilhan Omar in Congress unsurprisingly has made her district the #1 source of Islamic terrorist recruitment in the USA. Nicholas Ballasy finds out what she plans to do about it:

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Jun 13 2019

How to Conquer America

The imperial Japanese failed because they went about it wrong. You won’t conquer America with aircraft carriers and honorable warriors. That’s the hard way, and it doesn’t work.

Why not do it the easy way? Just immigrate in massive numbers. You can even fly airliners into officer towers full of people, no one will raise a hand to resist. Then you can enslave the native population via the welfare state.

You don’t hear praise of the Japanese Emperor in Brooklyn these days. You hear praise of Allah. Sorry, this is a little jittery:

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Jun 13 2019

Civilization Gutters Low in Memphis

Imagine yourself isolated in brutal wilderness, huddled beside a dwindling campfire. All around, the menacing shapes of wolves draw closer. As the fire dies, the darkness closes in…

That’s the feeling you get reading the news these days. In Memphis last night, an angry mob faced off with US Marshals after a black criminal got himself shot:

People in the crowd threw rocks and bricks, with 25 officers suffering mostly minor injuries during the tense clash Wednesday night in the Frayser community in north Memphis. Officers cordoned off several blocks near the scene. By 11 p.m., officers had used tear gas and most of the crowd dispersed, police director Michael Rallings said at a Thursday morning at a news conference.

There is still enough of the fire left to wave a burning branch and frighten the wolves into backing off a few steps… for now.

Here’s how 20-year-old Brandon Webber forced the Marshals to shoot him:

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation spokeswoman Keli McAlister said the Gulf Coast Regional Fugitive Task Force went to a Frayser home to look for a suspect with felony warrants. Marshals saw the man get into a vehicle and then proceed to ram task force vehicles several times before exiting with a weapon, McAlister said. Marshals then opened fire, killing the man who died at the scene.

Liberal politicians did not miss the opportunity to side with a violent criminal against civilization and to egg on the mob. Shelby County Commissioner and mayoral candidate Tami Sawyer demagogically tweeted:

“Every life lost should matter…every single one. How many times will this be ok? It cannot continue to be.”

The lives lost to criminals are irrelevant. Only criminal lives matter to moonbats. Their ideology is the darkness closing in on the campfire of civilization.

Police cars and a nearby fire station were damaged … six of the injured officers had to be treated at a hospital.

“I’m impressed by their professionalism and incredible restraint as they endured concrete rocks being thrown at them and people spitting at them,” the mayor tweeted.

For now, the mayor is Jim Strickland, not Tami Sawyer.

Restraint will cease to be a virtue when the fire gutters out.

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Jun 12 2019

Reducing Uvalde to Hell on Earth

Think you have problems? At least you probably don’t live in Uvalde. Immigration moonbattery is reducing this Texas town of 17,000 to hell on earth:

Situated at the crossroads of major highways coming up from border towns in the Laredo and Del Rio border sectors, Uvalde has now become a dumping ground for migrants coming north. And they are not just coming from Central America. Del Rio has received hundreds of African migrants in recent weeks. Uvalde has a Border Patrol holding facility, and according to [Mayor Don] McLaughlin, whenever it is full, if the city doesn’t take charge, many immigrants are released in a Walmart parking lot. Mayor McLaughlin said his city must pick up the tab to have them bused to San Antonio. On Friday, local media reported that San Antonio has now received hundreds of African migrants.

Objecting to uninvited colonists from Africa makes you a racist. Not objecting makes you insane. Among the more obvious reasons,

Health workers fighting to contain an Ebola outbreak in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) — the second largest in history — are finding themselves under attack as more than 30 armed militia groups vie for control of the region. Treatment centers and health workers have been repeatedly targeted, hampering efforts to contain the virus.

A World Health Organization epidemiologist was recently shot and killed at a hospital in the Congo where he was chairing a meeting on Ebola. That is the level of dysfunction we are importing. We are probably importing the Ebola too. Here’s how it might come to San Antonio:

America’s right to exist comes before the bleeding heart B.S. the liberal media feeds us. If we don’t wake up to that realization fast, this country will die. The USA’s absorption into the Third World will not make for less suffering.

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Jun 11 2019

Former Global Village Rejects Mass Immigration

Pious speeches about multiculturalism lift the hearts of some. But after posturing has led to practice, the results are not so flowery. Even the erstwhile “global village” of Riace, Italy has had enough. It recently elected a new mayor who has the support of countermoonbat Matteo Salvini’s anti-immigration Lega party.

Mayor Antonio Trifoli promises to be a massive improvement over his predecessor, who helped dig the town into its current hole.

Former mayor Domenico “Mimmo” Lucano encouraged migrants and refugees to come to the village to counter a gradual decline of inhabitants and workers and show how migrant integration could be done.

But now he is no longer even a member of the town council after his left-backed list lost in the elections, and he has been barred from the town.

He’s lucky he didn’t wind up hanging upside down at a gas station, like another failed Italian politician.

German director Wim Wenders made a documentary in 2010 featuring the leftist mayor and Riace’s refugees, but Lucano was last year placed under house arrest for allegedly setting up fake marriages to help foreign women stay in the country after their asylum applications were rejected.

Riace used to be a moonbat utopia:

Over the years the town took in around 6,000 migrants, opened shops and workshops and even launched its own currency stamped with the heads of Nelson Mandela or Martin Luther King.

Utopias don’t last long. Fortunately for Riace, it saw that it was going down the wrong path before altered demographics made it impossible to turn back.

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Jun 07 2019

Teaching in the Face of Third World Conquest

This video sums up what conquest by the Third World means for education:

The reason poor countries are poor is the people who live in them. That’s why the West is going to be poor too after mass immigration cancels its future.

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Jun 06 2019

Felony Garden Hose Spray

All the animals on the farm are equal, but Somali colonists are a lot more equal than you, so don’t spray any of them with a garden hose or you might be charged with a felony:

A Minnesota man is accused of a bias crime for allegedly spraying a Somali American teenager and her siblings with a garden hose while he yelled racial slurs.

Eighteen-year-old Zachariah Manahan of Faribault, Minnesota, was charged Monday with felony stalking committed because of bias as well as misdemeanor charges of damaging property and disorderly conduct. …

The girl also said Manahan sprayed water through an open second-floor window of her family’s home.

Manahan says he was just spraying a fence, and not trying to spray his neighbors. Yet he currently sits in jail with criminals.

Of course, there are also the racial slurs. One of the many problems with criminalizing speech, however, is there may not be any evidence that this actually occurred. The profusion of hate hoaxes is bound to make you cynical.

If the roles were reversed, and the Somalis sprayed Manahan with a hose, accidentally or otherwise, the odds of felony charges coming into play are remote. You might call this privilege.

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Jun 04 2019

Applied Multiculturalism: Minneapolis

The federal government and collaborating do-gooder NGOs have established a massive, 80,000-strong Somali colony in the formerly highly livable Minneapolis area. Since the mainstream media would never do it, let’s let Sunny Lohman bring us up to date on how this is working out for the natives.

During a single week last month,

On Wednesday, May 15th a couple of University students were attacked on campus at the East Bank Train station by two Somali thugs. …

On Thursday, May 16th two Somalis burned down the pavilion at Lake Calhoun [or Lake Bde Maka Ska if you’re a virtue signaler) an eating and hanging out meeting place in the heart of the city…

On Friday, May 17th a gang of 10-12 Somali youths attacked all the white people at that same East Bank Train station with hammers and pipes.…

More on that incident here.

The assimilation difficulties did not spring up all at once. Somalis scammed $100 million from the welfare system that so many come to the USA to exploit. Dozens of them have joined Islamic terror outfits, including ISIS. Somali police officer Mohamed Noor murdered Justice Damond while she talked with another officer.

In 2018 a Somali student at St Catherine University attempted to burn down the school and “hurt people,” saying, ““You guys are lucky that I don’t know how to build a bomb because I would have done that.”

Lohman has more, including a Somali stabbing a young woman 14 times for no apparent reason and a gang in religious robes celebrating Ramadan by terrorizing the affluent Linden Hills neighborhood for days on end, driving across lawns, menacing residents, beating a dog, yelling “Jihad,” et cetera.

When you import massive numbers of people from the most violent and dysfunctional place on earth, you are importing violence and dysfunction. It isn’t the soil that makes Somalia hell; it is the people who live there.

The damage has not been limited to Minnesota. The rabidly anti-American Somali refugee Ilhan Omar was sent to Congress and serves on the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

Those who proclaim America to be a “nation of immigrants” refer to discrete periods when the country absorbed large numbers of new citizens from abroad. These immigrants were able and expected to assimilate. The Somali colonists of Minneapolis will never assimilate — though with the encouragement of the welfare state they will grow much more numerous, even if we were to stop taking in more.

Diversity is not strength. It is weakness. Unfolding events will make this obvious.

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Jun 02 2019

Battalion of Africans Invades Across Rio Grande

We aren’t just being invaded by Mexico. We aren’t just being invaded by Central America. We are being invaded by the entire 5.82 billion-strong, explosively fertile, endlessly needy Third World.

ABC News admits:

Border officials in Texas say a group of 116 Africans was arrested Thursday after wading through the Rio Grande to enter the United States.

They only need to know one word of English to be set loose inside our country: “asylum.”

The migrants were from Angola, Cameroon and other African nations and include families with children and young people who were not with relatives.

That is to say, the invaders came armed with the most effective weapons known to modern warfare.

Have a look at what life is like in the most civilized part of sub-Saharan Africa. Then ask yourself what good could come from importing the least civilized parts.

Anyone impeding the defense of the border from foreign incursion should be charged with treason.

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May 30 2019

Nick Conrad Has Perfect Metaphor for France

If Nick Conrad has any musical ability, it would be a rarity in the world of rap. But there is art in his entertainment. You won’t find a more profound representation of the relationship between France and the African colonists displacing its population than the video for his new release “Sweet Country.” It features him strangling a white woman who represents France.

Throughout the song, he also repeated the chorus “I f**k France until agony” and “I burn France”, as well as voiced a wish to plant a “bomb under the Pantheon”.

The Pantheon is in Italy, but same difference. The annihilation he personifies will not be limited to France.

Marketing this mentality is nothing new for Nick.

This new controversy surrounding the rapper comes shortly after him being convicted of incitement to murder, which in his case carried a suspended €5,000 fine for his creation titled “Hang White People”. In the song, released last year, he called for white babies to be killed and acted out a mock kidnapping, torture, and hanging of a white man as an example.

Some politicians would like to silence Nick Conrad. Let’s hope they fail. French people need to know what their government is doing to their country while there is still some hope of stopping it.

As noted last time Nick Conrad came up in the news,

In 1960, when Detroit was the wealthiest city in America, they called it the Paris of the Midwest. The city underwent a demographic transformation that destroyed it, leaving a Mad Max landscape of ruin kept on life support by welfare payments.

Another generation of the Africanization of France highlighted by Emmanuel Macron and they will be calling Paris the Detroit of Europe.

This may have been too optimistic. Detroit is just a city; the rest of the country can keep it more or less afloat. Imagine a whole country becoming Detroit — or a whole continent. Who charges up the EBT cards?

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May 29 2019

Political Correctness Kills Free Speech in Germany

Here’s some surprising news. Despite a suffocating level of political correctness, a full 18% of Germans imagine that they live in a free country where they can express their views in public, according to a poll:

59 per cent of respondents out of the 1283 sample said they felt comfortable expressing themselves freely amongst friends, but only 18 per cent felt comparable freedom voicing their views in public.

In addition, just 17 per cent said they were comfortable expressing themselves freely on the Internet while a full 35 per cent said that freedom of speech is only possible in private circles.

This implies that what Germans think and what you hear them say are very different. The touchiest subjects are unsurprisingly Islam and colonists, I mean refugees.

Speaking of which, not everyone in Germany is afraid to speak his mind, even on controversial issues:

A series of street interviews with Muslims in Germany showed every single one of them asserting that it’s “absolutely” and “100 per cent” a woman’s fault if she is raped while wearing a short skirt.

Free speech is not an issue in Muslim culture, because everyone agrees with everyone else — or gets stoned to death.

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May 28 2019


Lauren Southern’s long-awaited feature-length documentary Borderless is out. Despite typical Google shenanigans designed to repress it (explained in a Tim Pool video here), you can view it on YouTube:

She makes a good point by emphasizing that nefarious people are making big money on the Third World invasion of Europe. This greed combined with the useful idiocy of liberals is creating a demographic time bomb that will lead to massive violence, Europe’s permanent ruin, or both.

No doubt she is right that most of the invaders don’t see themselves as hostile conquerors. They just want a piece of the good life. However, intentions don’t matter; only consequences do.

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