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Aug 07 2020

Psychiatry Journal Has to Backtrack on Surgical Disfigurement

Studies that appear in major scientific journals often confirm what we already knew because it is intuitively obvious. Thanks to political correctness, they don’t always get it right the first time:

The American Journal of Psychiatry published an October 2019 study titled “Reduction in Mental Health Treatment Utilization Among Transgender Individuals After Gender-Affirming Surgeries: A Total Population Study,” which examined the effects of gender reassignment surgeries on the mental health of individuals who believe they are transgender. …

The American Journal of Psychiatry initially touted the study as lending “support to the decision to provide gender-affirming surgeries to those who seek them” in an October 4 tweet.

“Gender-affirming” is Orwellian Newspeak for “gender-denying.”

Readers who haven’t guzzled the liberal Kool-Aid must have been surprised to learn that having themselves surgically disfigured improves the mental health of the sexually insane. Less surprisingly, AJP had to issue a correction:

“Upon request, the authors reanalyzed the data … the results demonstrated no advantage of surgery in relation to subsequent mood or anxiety disorder-related health care visits or prescriptions or hospitalizations following suicide attempts in that comparison.”

If something seems too crazy to be true, it probably is.

Will the American Psychiatric Association mend its ways and stop propagandizing on behalf of leftist dogma? Doubtful. The article abstract is available to the public. The correction is behind a paywall.

Science and moonbattery do not mix. You have to choose one or the other.

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Jul 28 2020

TLC Presents Woke Conception of a Family

What would you get if you crossed PC social engineering with a freak show sicker than anything ever to send someone stumbling out of the back tent at a carnival, hand clenched to mouth, vomit spurting from between the fingers? TLC, aka The Learning Channel. There you can learn just how twisted society can become after being remade by leftists.

Via Red Elephants:

A woman pretending to be a man married to a man pretending to be a woman has become pregnant, and TLC has given these new ‘transgender’ parents their own reality television show.

Here is what you might step into if you wander off from OANN and Fox News, the lonely islands of sanity in an ocean of moonbattery:

Utopia has not yet been achieved. The couple should be interracial.

Hat tip: Liberty Daily.

Jul 14 2020

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Features Guy in a Bikini

No tradition escapes desecration and/or eradication by moonbats, not even the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, which will push political correctness to a new extreme of nauseating tastelessness by featuring a guy wearing a bikini and pretending to be a girl. He calls himself Valentina Sampaio:

On Friday, the 23-year-old Brazilian native confirmed [he] was named a 2020 Rookie for the publication’s upcoming issue, out July 21.

Sampaio has also been used to inject depravity into Victoria’s Secret “as its first-ever openly transgender model.” Whether there were previous transgender models who kept their real gender secret is doubtful.

Still more doubtful is that more than an infinitesimal fraction of the customers buying the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue want to look at pictures of some weird guy posing in a bikini. But business isn’t about giving customers what they want anymore. It’s about imperiously rubbing their faces in wokeness, as if we had to buy whatever they put in front of us no matter how much it disgusts us.

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Apr 14 2020

Transwomen Rape Female Prison Officers

It isn’t just nauseating. Transgender dogma gets people hurt. Convicts have exploited the lunacy by proclaiming that they identify as women and therefore must be held in female facilities. Unsurprisingly, this has resulted in “transwomen” raping female prison officers.

Britain’s Daily Mail quotes Rory Stewart, the ex-Tory Cabinet Minister who oversaw prisons in 2018 and 2019:

“When I was Prisons Minister, we had situations of male prisoners selfidentifying as females then raping staff in prison.”

No doubt the situation is even scarier for female inmates.

It was reported last year there are up to 1,500 inmates who describe themselves as transgender among the 90,000 prisoners in England and Wales – raising concerns that some are claiming to be trans to get access to women’s jails.

Some trans inmates behave like Stephen Wood, aka Karen White, the convicted rapist put in a position to sexually assault multiple female prisoners.

Politically correct liberals present themselves as the champions of women. They are the champions of rapists. For confirmation, refer to their stand on gun rights.

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Apr 01 2020

Not Even Elton John Is PC Enough Now

Never mind the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic, we have serious issues. While hosting the iHeart Living Room Concert for America on Sunday, Elton John failed to refer to the gender-neutral Sam Smith with the pronouns he demands.

Among Sam Smith fans, this is a big problem:

Grammy-winning singer Smith had come out as non-binary back in September 2019, announcing that they have changed their pronouns to gender-neutral ones: they/them/their.

And yet:

Introducing Smith, John said live on air: “Here from HIS bedroom in HIS home in London, is my dear friend Sam Smith” And taking it to Twitter right away, fans of Smith voiced their opinions on them getting misgendered constantly.

There have been calls for Elton John to be “canceled” — i.e., shunned by the herd.

Misgendering is a serious thought crime. Just because he is a flamboyant homosexual and “married” to another man does not place Elton John above the laws of political correctness. Unless he grovelingly apologizes at once, he should not only be canceled, but have his knighthood revoked.

Yes, Elton John really was knighted. At the rate society is decomposing, they may as well knight Sam Smith too.

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Mar 21 2020

Nonbinary Sex Worker Licks Airplane Toilet Seat for Fame

No matter what is going on out there, depraved freakazoids will seize on it as an opportunity to draw attention to themselves. Actual headline from the Daily Mail:

American Gender-Fluid Sex Worker Shocks Twitter by Filming Themself Licking an Airplane Toilet Seat

In case anyone needs one more reason to avoid gender-fluid sex workers, here you go:

The video was posted by Twitter user ‘Grimiestt’, a sex worker based in Brooklyn, New York, who also posts x-rated content on social media.

It shows the person, who is genderfluid, meaning they identify as neither man or woman, bent over a toilet in an airplane cubicle, licking the seat.

Grimiestt isn’t the only one licking toilet seats during the Wuhan virus pandemic in an attempt to achieve 15 seconds of fame.

The Wuhan virus makes an apt metaphor for our times. We live in a diseased age.

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Mar 16 2020

Woke Walmart Pronoun Buttons

In a pathetic attempt to pander to LGBT bullies lest it be denounced as noninclusive, Walmart offers its employees pronoun buttons:

The buttons, which are available for Walmart employees to purchase, are the wokest of flair for people who aren’t satisfied just doing the bare minimum. Four buttons have come out so far: one that says “He/Him/His,” one that says “She/Her/Hers,” one that says “They/Them/Theirs,” and one that says “Ask me my pronouns.”

It is doubtful that this will prevent leftists from denouncing Walmart for engaging in capitalism. Yet prevailing corporate wisdom is that alienating normal people with obsequious displays of obeisance to moonbat ideology will enhance sales. The Overton window moves inch by inch toward lunacy and depravity.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Mar 12 2020

Bradley Manning, Suicide Chump Reprise

Bradley Manning (aka Chelsea Manning) managed to escape the firing squad he richly deserved after committing treason with the largest intelligence leak in US history. But he will never escape self-hatred, not even by trying to re-create himself as a girl.

Via Fox News:

Manning tried to “take [his] own life” in a Virginia jail on Wednesday ahead of a looming court date, [his] legal team said in a statement.

[He] has been recovering and is still expected to appear in court for a hearing Friday after refusing to testify before a grand jury in a WikiLeaks probe, the attorneys said.

Manning originally got a 35-year sentence for leaking classified documents, endangering the lives of any number of Americans and friends of America. A sympathetic Barack Obama commuted even this relative wrist slap after a mere 7 years. Now he is behind bars for failing to comply with a subpoena. Too bad it didn’t work that way when Hillary blew off a congressional subpoena.

Whether the suicide attempt was serious or theatrical histrionics is unclear. We have seen suicidal posturing from Mr Manning before, when he sent out a picture of himself standing on a ledge via social media. However, even Manning may have enough sense to regard his existence as an abomination.

Better luck next time, Bradley! For now, here’s a song he might enjoy:

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Mar 09 2020

Moonbat Blasphemy IV: Hysterectomies to Create Pseudo-Men in God’s Name

Not all moonbat subversion comes from within churches. Leftists often try to corrupt Christianity from without, as when the Future of the Democrat Party herself, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, held forth recently during a House Oversight Committee hearing entitled “The Administration’s Religious Liberty Assault on LGBTQ Rights.”

“I know, and it is part of my faith, that all people are holy and all people are sacred, unconditionally. We love all people,” she said. “There is nothing holy about rejecting medical care of people, no matter who they are on the grounds of what their identity is.”

Sexual deviancy and mental illness are sacred, according to AOC’s theology:

As an example of an LGBT martyr, Ocasio-Cortez pointed to Evan Minton, who was sitting in the chamber after having testified at the hearing.

“My faith commands me to treat Mr. Minton as holy because he is sacred,” squeaked AOC. She addressed “Mr” Minton, who is actually Ms Minton, a transsexual:

“It is not up to us to deny medical care, it is up to us to feed the hungry, to clothe the poor, to protect children and to love all people as ourselves.”

Here’s what makes Ms Minton extra holy:

Minton is suing a Catholic hospital in California for not performing a hysterectomy on [her]. [She] said the Trump administration had “singled me out” by issuing a Health and Human Services ruling protecting medial professionals who refuse to perform abortions, hysterectomies on healthy women or other controversial procedures on religious grounds.

A hysterectomy is an excision of the uterus. To perform such an operation in hopes of transforming a woman into an artificial man is something Josef Mengele might have tried, had he been sick enough.

In utopia, Christian doctors will be forced to perform grotesque and blasphemous procedures at public expense in the name of “loving all people.”

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Mar 09 2020

Moonbat Blasphemy III: Drag Queen Theology

The subversion of Christianity has already seeped into relatively remote parts of the country. From last fall:

In Twin Falls [Idaho, pop. 44,000], there’s a growing pocket of progressives who are working to be more loving and more inclusive and Twin Falls United Methodist Church has been doing its part to support these conversations.

In this context, the phrase “more loving and more inclusive” is a deliberately deceptive euphemism for “more aggressively in favor of the LGBT agenda.”

Most recently it resulted in a Drag Queen Theology gathering at the local Yellow Brick Café. Local drag queens performed a show while also answering questions in a pub-style question and answer session with Oregon-Idaho Conference LGBTQ+ Advocacy Coordinator, Rev. Dr. Brett Webb-Mitchell…

When a nominally Christian reverend works as a sexual perversion advocacy coordinator, we may be living in End Times.

Chris Smith is one of the parishioners at Twin Falls UMC who performs as drag queen Chaise Manhattan. He’s been performing as Chaise for 30 years, but only recently moved home to Twin Falls with his husband and started attending the church.

Ever consider packing up and moving to a small town in Idaho to get away from moonbattery? Don’t bother; you can never move far enough. All we can do now is stand our ground and push back.

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Mar 08 2020

Moonbat Blasphemy I: Nonbinary Catholic Priestess

Blasphemy is a core component of moonbattery. This becomes more obvious as leftists let go of their inhibitions and subterfuge. Many of them no longer attempt to pass themselves off as wholesome and respectful. This brings the blasphemy to the surface, like bubbles of noxious gas rising up to burst and stink in a polluted swamp. Recent examples are easy to find. Presenting the first of a series:

Per doctrine, the Catholic priesthood is open only to heterosexual, celibate men. This has given rise to the “Roman Catholic Womenpriests” movement, which has produced the following aberration:

The Rev. Kori Pacyniak is now pastor of San Diego’s Mary Magdalene Apostle Catholic Community, a Serra Mesa church that preaches “A New Way to be Catholic.” For this parish, Pacyniak also represents a new way, as [she is] believed to be the first transgender, nonbinary priest.

Pacyniak is a bisexual woman who used to identify as a man but now insists that she has no gender. The media obeys her lunatic command to be referred to as “they.”

Founded in 2005 by Jane Via and Rod Stephens, Mary Magdalene celebrates the Mass with a liturgy that, aside from some tweaks in the wording, would be familiar to most Roman Catholics. The church is not recognized by the San Diego diocese, however, and the Vatican has excommunicated several of the women ordained in what has become a global movement.

It won’t take many popes like Francis before this is mainstreamed. Already homosexuals have thoroughly infiltrated the priesthood, with predictable results.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Mar 04 2020

Never Bet Against Trans Athletes

Female athletes who really are female aren’t the only ones to suffer from the insane phenomenon of transgender athletes that the Democrat Party wants to impose by federal law. Spare a tear for gamblers:

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Mar 04 2020

Gender-Neutral Bathroom Exploited to Molest Young Girl

Mr Magoo could have seen this coming from a mile away.

A Wisconsin high school has closed its gender-neutral bathroom after an 18-year-old student was arrested for fourth-degree sexual assault, child enticement and exposing his genitals to a child inside the facility.

Austin Sauer, a student at Rhinelander High School, was arrested last week, according to the Oneida County Sheriff’s Office, WSAW-TV reported.

This isn’t the first incident.

In 2017, the conservative Family Research Council compiled a list of 21 incidents of men assaulting or violating women’s privacy in public bathrooms.

As a side note, providing services like this got the Family Research Council proclaimed a “hate group” by the actual hate group Southern Poverty Law Center, with the result that militant homosexual Floyd Lee Corkins showed up their Washington headquarters intending to commit mass murder.

The group warned that nondiscrimination laws that allow people to go into bathrooms based on their gender identity, rather than their birth sex, are giving sexual predators the opportunity to exploit the circumstances and commit voyeurism and sexual assault.

No duh, as kids used to say.

Progressives have allowed girls to get molested in the restroom as a consequence of the open borders agenda. Surely the LGBT agenda is just as important.

On a tip from Rapinhoe.

Mar 03 2020

Pint-Size Drag Queens in Training

As transsexuals have confirmed, the appalling drag queen story hour phenomenon is about grooming. The idea is not merely to undermine the conceptions of decency and normality that have prevailed for hundreds of generations, but to create potential recruits like Desmond Napoles and Queen Lactacia. They aren’t subtle about it:

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