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Jul 23 2024

At the Top of Public Schools

Any resistance to Democrat rule is an “existential threat to democracy and freedom.” You probably are not gullible enough to believe that on the say-so of the leftists running the media. But the next generation may grow up believing it, because leftists also run the schools.

Presenting Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, and consequently one of the most powerful figures in the Democratic Party, which uses teachers unions to launder vast sums of taxpayer money:

If that’s the level of fanaticism displayed to the public, imagine what goes on behind closed schoolroom doors. No wonder they oppose cameras in the classroom.

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May 06 2024

Chicago Teachers Union Displays Astonishing Greed

Where pathological greed meets radical leftism, there you will find teachers unions. In Chicago — launchpad of Barack Obama’s political career — the union has degenerated into a mob of looters:

The Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) is negotiating a new contract with the public schools system and is understood to be calling for an extra $50 billion to pay for wage hikes as well as other demands such as fully paid abortions for its members, new migrant services and facilities and a host of LGBT-related requirements and training in schools.

To put the figure into context, the total base tax receipts for the state of Illinois last year were $50.7 billion.

Only 21% of Chicago 8th graders are proficient at reading. But no doubt they are well versed in alternative pronouns and know how to put a condom on.

Uselessness pays well where the woke are in charge:

Union President Stacy Davis Gates’ audacious plan calls for members to bank at least 9% wage increases each year through fiscal year 2028.

The average salary of a teacher in Chicago Public Schools is $93,182, according to research by the Illinois Policy Institute, a conservative nonprofit think tank. Therefore, the average teacher’s pay will increase by half to $144,620 in the 2027-2028 school year, it says.

Not bad for unskilled part-time babysitters who take summers, weekends, and every conceivable holiday off.

That figure would equate to more than double the median household income in Chicago, according to Census Bureau statistics.

Yet the media bleats piteously that teachers are unpaid.

If you think the outrageous demands will be laughed off, consider that the mayor is ultraleftist Brandon Johnson:

Johnson, a former CTU legislative coordinator who was put forward by the union to run for mayor. As of June 30, 2023, CTU had funneled more than $2.6 million into Johnson’s campaign while he received more than $6 million from teachers unions altogether, according to the Illinois Policy Institute.

Chicago already spends $21,000 per year per student, producing so little benefit for the money that Davis herself sends her son to private school — though the preferredly pigmented Davis has proclaimed that school choice is racist.

Meanwhile, Illinois State Comptroller Susana Mendoza reports on what the liberal locust swarm has been doing to the state’s finances:

Illinois is on pace to spend an additional $6.2 billion more than it receives in revenue this fiscal year alone if the state continues its current rate of spending without a budget.

She observes that “the spending is open-ended and our fiscal path is catastrophic.”

Progressives interpret this to mean they had better grab fast before Illinois collapses and there is nothing left to grab. Those in charge in Chicago are the equivalent of a Black Lives Matter mob going through a department store.

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Apr 17 2024

“Death to America” Chanted at Teamster Headquarters

Joe Biden describes himself as the “the most pro-union president in American history.” It is largely on behalf of unions that his regime aspires to throw millions of Americans out of work by making freelance work illegal in the erstwhile Land of the Free. As with the civil rights movement, any good unions accomplished in the past is overshadowed by their current perniciousness. To get an idea of how malevolent unions have become, let’s peak through the basement windows at the headquarters of the largest private sector union in the country — the Teamsters:

“Death to America,” far left activists chanted as they convened in the basement of the Teamsters Union’s headquarters on Saturday to discuss plans on how to disrupt the Democratic National Convention on August 19…

They even learned to chant it in Farsi/Persian, the language of Iran, which has been at war with the USA since Islamists took over in 1979.

It was reportedly Shabbir Rizvi, an organizer with Anti-War Committee Chicago, who led the Farsi lesson.

As usual, it started with a denunciation of the Little Satan and quickly moved on to the main target. Rizvi’s audience of left-wing activists took up the chant with enthusiasm.

There isn’t any nuance here. These are the bad guys.

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Aug 02 2023

Being Drunk Excuses Crashing Semi

Personal responsibility has been canceled in favor of moonbattery. To the list of symptoms this diseased condition has produced, add drunken truck drivers:

A Quebec trucking company has been ordered to reinstate a driver who was fired after she drank at least nine beers before she lost control of her truck on a Pennsylvania highway.

Freedom has also been canceled. That’s why it is up to Big Government to determine who works for a trucking company, rather than the company.

The driver’s actions amounted to serious misconduct, but her drinking was the result of a disability — alcoholism — and trucking company Groupe Robert should have made a reasonable accommodation for her, labour arbitrator Huguette April said in her written July 18 decision.

The liberal media has used the same reasoning to excuse the many crimes committed by Joe Biden’s bagman Hunter, who is said not to be responsible for his behavior because he suffers from the disability of smoking too much crack.

“The night of the accident, she needed to drink,” April said. “She admitted that even though she knew she shouldn’t, the need was stronger, like something that she couldn’t control.”

Her blood alcohol was more than twice the legal limit when she crashed, reflecting the heavy burden of disability fate has saddled her with.

Now that we no longer have agency, behavior that used to be frowned upon confers treasured “oppressed” status. For example, ostentatious homosexuals can expect to be first hired and last fired as a reward for disease-spreading behavior that until recently was universally reviled, because indulging in it is “who they are.”

Likewise, if you are going to crash a truck, make sure you get drunk first. You won’t be held accountable if you can tell the boss that alcoholism did it.

Groupe Robert, meanwhile, told April that the collective agreement between the company and the union representing drivers is clear: The penalty for drinking and driving is immediate termination of employment.

But not if a moonbat judge overrules the agreement. Ostensibly binding agreements are meaningless where Big Government holds absolute power.

The union naturally sides with the judge:

Marc-Andre Gauthier, a spokesman for Teamsters Canada, the union that represents the driver and that challenged her dismissal, said it has an obligation to defend its members in work-related matters, regardless of the circumstances.

The Teamsters just destroyed Yellow Corp:

When struggling Yellow Corp. sought financial concessions from its union employees this year, Teamsters President Sean O’Brien refused and tweeted the image of a gravestone in a cemetery with “Yellow” on it. Congratulations, Mr. O’Brien. The trucking firm said Sunday it is preparing to file for bankruptcy, and some 22,000 Teamsters could lose their jobs.

The 99-year-old Yellow was the country’s third largest less-than-truckload carrier, combining shipments from multiple customers on a single trailer. Trucking competition heated up after Congress deregulated the industry in 1980. Yet Yellow’s labor agreements with the Teamsters have made it less competitive with non-union rivals.

Unions may help wipe out the entire profession, if truck drivers are made extinct in favor of self-driving vehicles in part to avoid drunken drivers.

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Jul 18 2023

Becky Pringle, Frightening Leftist Maniac

Unless you want your kids indoctrinated in a poisonous ideology based on sexual psychosis and racial hatred, get them out of public schools immediately. They are run by teachers unions, which are closely allied with the Democratic Party. That is to say, they are run by maniacs like Becky Pringle:

A recently unearthed video shows the head of the largest teachers union wailing on stage during a keynote address, calling students “our babies.”

As Creepy Joe reminds us, your children are their children.

During the National Education Association’s (NEA) July 3 Representative Assembly, Becky Pringle gave a keynote speech addressing more than 6,000 NEA delegates in Orlando, Florida. …

At the NEA’s representative assembly, delegates approved a new measure that calls for the organization and its members to promote sex-change procedures for LGBTQ youth.

Stand back for a blast of Becky Pringle:

The Hitler salute at 1:03 was highly appropriate. As Pamela Geller notes,

This woman is the leader of the largest teachers union in the United States, whose members have voted to push critical race theory in all 14,000 local school districts.

It’s true. In 2021,

the National Education Association (NEA) held its annual Representative Assembly, with delegates from across the United States voting on priorities and allocating funding for the upcoming school year, with the ideology of critical race theory — a form of race-based Marxism — taking center stage.

The union, which represents 3 million public school employees, approved funding for three separate items related to this issue: “increasing the implementation” of “critical race theory” in K-12 curricula, promoting critical race theory in local school districts, and attacking opponents of critical race theory, including parent organizations and conservative research centers. …

In the resolution, the union agreed to publicly “convey its support” for critical race theory, oppose restrictions in state legislatures, and use schools for political activism. The delegates pledged to “join with Black Lives Matter at School and the Zinn Education Project” to hold a “national day of action” on George Floyd’s birthday, recruiting teachers to hold political demonstrations and “teach lessons about structural racism and oppression.”

You wouldn’t entrust your children to Joe Biden. Don’t entrust them to Becky Pringle either.

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Mar 24 2023

Why Public Schools Must Be Abolished

Teachers unions are a cancer. In Los Angeles, this cancer has reached stage 4:

Local 99, which represents teacher’s aides, food-service workers, and other non-teachers in the Los Angeles Unified School District ecosystem, demanded a 30% across-the-board salary increase plus a $2/hour addition for the lowest-paid worker, reported the Los Angeles Times.

The LAUSD offered a 23% raise, starting with 2% retroactive hike as of the 2020-21 school year and ending with a 5% boost in 2024-25, among other perks. However, Local 99 turned down the offer and determined not to continue negotiations.

Pathological greed inspired the union to go on strike, closing schools throughout the district.

American schools are dismal failures. Accountability is required to make them functional. In addition to raiding the public treasury and driving an ultraleft political agenda, teachers unions prevent accountability.

Like the socialist ideology they espouse, unions work great for the people at the top:

The Daily Mail reported that United Teachers Los Angeles president and BLM member Cecily Myart-Cruz, who represents over 35,000 members in the city, rushed off to attend an NBA game in a box suite after announcing the strike.

Suites run anywhere from $3,765 to over $12,547…

Students were set back when teachers unions, backed by the Biden Regime, exploited Covid as a pretext to avoid work. When asked about the impact keeping schools closed would have on kids,

Myart-Cruz told Los Angeles Magazine in August 2021, “There is no such thing as learning loss.”

True enough — because with moonbats like her in charge, there is no such thing as learning.

Test scores are collapsing. Instead of learning to read and do math, students are indoctrinated with antiwhite race hate and a depraved sexual agenda. The only constructive purpose of public schools at this point is to babysit children so their parents can work. But unions have made teachers too lazy to be relied on for even this minimal service.

Meanwhile, taxpayers are forced to pay over $24,000 per LA Unified School District student.

This isn’t education or even babysitting. It is a looting spree.

Boasts the arrogant union thug Myart-Cruz:

“You can recall the Governor, you can recall the school board. But how are you going to recall me?”

Here’s how. Public schools must be abolished. A voucher system allowing for competition between private schools would guarantee access to education and provide accountability that would radically improve the quality.

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Mar 09 2023

Alarming Nomination Escalates War on Freelancers

We will know we no longer live in any kind of land of the free when the federal government has prevented us from working on an independent basis. This continues to be an objective of the Biden Regime, which wants to throw tens of millions of freelancers out of work on behalf of the unions that purchase power through Democrats.

This tyrannical insanity has already been inflicted in California:

The bill known as AB5 which restricts freelance employment so severely that it’s practically a ban on freelance workers has been blamed for contributing to the mass exodus with California unprecedentedly losing population every year that the law has been in effect.

It is harder to escape leftist policy when it is inflicted at the federal level, as Democrats have been attempting.

Now, Biden has nominated Julie Su, an architect of AB5’s war on freelance workers, as Secretary of Labor. …

California congressional representatives warned that Su’s AB5 has “cost tens of thousands of freelance workers and independent contractors their economic livelihoods.”

This is a big deal, and not only for the freelancers whose lives could be ruined. Senator Tim Scott notes that inflicting AB5 nationwide would “jeopardize more than 85 percent of our nation’s GDP.”

As the Labor Secretary, Su will be in a position to help Biden kill millions of jobs. Eliminating freelance workers was one of Biden’s campaign promises to unions.

A ban on freelancing would throw so many people out of work and wreak such havoc on the supply chain that inflicting it through democratic means has proven difficult. The PRO Act, a federal version of California’s AB5, passed the House when it was under Democrat control but stalled in the Senate. So the Biden Regime wants to inflict it through the Deep State, which does not have to face voters.

While the PRO Act would face congressional challenges, the Biden administration has been trying to use the Labor Department to create a backdoor assault on freelance workers by reclassifying the status of independent contractors under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

That’s where Julie Su will come in.

In California, Julie Su abused her power to terrorize small businesses and drive freelancers out of work, warning that she would be “doing investigations and audits.”

The bigger the government, the more it can hurt those it doesn’t like. Democrats are the Party of Big Government. If you are working class and can’t be forced into a union, they don’t like you.

Under Su, the Labor Department will move forward with forcibly reclassifying freelance workers while auditing and fining anyone who resists. This campaign of terror that began in California will go nationwide. Independent truckers will go out of business leading to further grocery shortages and a collapsing supply chain. Countless other professions will also fall apart.

Personnel is policy. With Biden personnel, the policy is to destroy our freedom and the economy so as to consolidate the power of the Democratic Party.

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Feb 26 2023

Charter Schools Provide Better Education for Less Money

When Democrats pander to the pernicious unions that bankroll them by attacking school choice, it is at the expense of both children and taxpayers. Consider New York City:

The charters’ mostly minority student population bested its public school counterpart by up to 8% on both state math and reading tests in the 2021-21 school year, show statistics compiled by New York City Charter Center.

And the impressive results come courtesy of a relative shoestring budget, with city charters spending just $17,626 per student compared to the $35,941 spent on each public student, according to the center and Citizens Budget Commission.

The blacks Democrats exploit while pretending to champion benefit the most from charter schools:

Black charter-school students bested their public-school counterparts in [English Language Arts] by proficiency rates of 55% to 36% and in math by 46% to 21%.

Charter schools provide better education for less money. But rather than save taxpayers a buck and give kids a chance to succeed, most Democrats prefer to impose the mess they have made in Chicago:

In 30 Chicago public schools, not a single student can read at grade level. In total, just 20 percent of 3rd through 8th graders in the Windy City are proficient in reading and only 15 percent are proficient in math.

It isn’t because the Democrats who control everything there aren’t spending enough:

When all local, state and federal dollars are added up, Chicago’s per student outlay is now $29,207.

Nor is it because Chicago does not shovel enough taxpayer money at teachers:

[A] starting teacher makes $64,000 a year and can earn up to $122,000 per annum—not including pension and healthcare perks.

Teachers unions have so much sway in the Biden Regime, they dictate Covid policy to the CDC. But this isn’t only about unions. The more uninformed you have to be to vote Democrat, the more interest Democrats have in keeping the population clueless. That makes them want to prop up both the liberal media establishment and failed public schools.

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Nov 25 2022

Now Teachers Unions Are Against Lockdowns

Teachers unions constitute a central pillar of the liberal establishment, brainwashing children with leftist ideology, strategically keeping them ignorant, and funneling vast amounts of money that originated with taxpayers into the Democratic Party. On orders from Randi Weingarten’s American Federation of Teachers, Biden’s handlers ordered the CDC to advise the Covid lockdowns that allowed teachers to avoid work.

Now that even liberals are starting to understand that the lockdowns were not only tyrannical and unnecessary but profoundly destructive, teachers unions are against lockdowns. Weingarten keeps a straight face while making an impassioned case:

Rank and file Democrats will use doublethink to erase from their minds that unions took the diametric opposite stance when it mattered. They think whatever they are told to think, whenever they are told to think it. To quote Occam’s Stubble,

We have always been at war with East Schoolclosia.

Sep 14 2022

Privately Schooled Katie Hobbs Opposes School Choice

A liberal elitist is someone who gets to the upper echelons of society and then tries to pull up the ladder so that others can’t follow. This is why so many rich people support the Democrat Party, which inflicts malicious regulations that prevent others from becoming wealthy. It may also be why Arizona gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs wants to imprison children in dysfunctional public schools, after having enjoyed a private education herself.

The Daily Caller reports:

Hobbs announced her education plan on Sept. 12, which calls for significant reforms to Arizona’s newly expanded Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA). The ESA program allows taxpayer funds intended for public schools to follow the taxpayer’s child to whichever education institution they wish to attend.

The left-wing unions that have destroyed public schools don’t like this, so neither does Katie Hobbs.

Quacks Hobbs:

“As a parent and as a product of Arizona schools myself, I know our state can be the best place to live, work and raise a family and that starts with making sure our children [quack quack quack].”

She forgot to specify that she is the product of a private Catholic school, not the public ones that nowadays emphasize the LGBT agenda and Critical Race Theory rather than how to read and do math.

Hobbs’ twin sister, Becky Williams, is also the 2021-2022 president of the teachers union Scottsdale Education Association.

Naturally Katie Hobbs opposes the expansion of school vouchers. Kids don’t need to learn how to read in school; that’s what free college is for. Universities offer remedial classes.

Katie Hobbs did not respond to the Daily Caller’s request for comment.

Don’t feel bad, Daily Caller. Hobbs also refuses to debate her opponent, Kari Lake.

Then again, I don’t blame Hobbs for not wanting to step into the ring with someone who would rip her to pieces like Lake did to this CNN propagandist:

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Aug 15 2022

Minneapolis Teachers to Be Laid Off Based on Race

Moonbats bark incessantly about systemic racism. To see how it works in the real world, consider a new agreement reached between the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers and Minneapolis Public Schools:

The agreement states that if a non-white teacher is subject to excess, MPS must excess a white teacher with the “next least” seniority.

To “excess” is to lay off. If a black teacher would normally be laid off, the white teacher with the next least seniority gets laid off instead. Because white people are racist and bad.

The agreement also prioritizes the reinstatement of teachers from “underrepresented populations” over white teachers.

Systemic racism is real. It works in favor of the privileged identity groups the liberal establishment tells us are “oppressed.”

As noted by Hans Bader,

This violates a well-known Supreme Court decision overturning the race-based layoff of a white teacher, and contradicts a well-known federal appeals court decision, which ruled that race-based layoffs of white teachers violate Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. …

Since the teachers union supported the adoption of this discriminatory provision, it may also be liable for discrimination along with the school district. Unions are subject to liability for racial discrimination under Title VII and 42 U.S.C. 1981, see, e.g., Woods v. Graphic Communications (1991), and the Supreme Court has ruled that people who conspire with the government to discriminate can sometimes be sued along with it under the Constitution, see Adickes v. S.H. Kress & Co. (1971).

The race-based layoff provision also violates the law against racial discrimination in contracts, 42 U.S.C. 1981, for essentially the same reasons it violates the Constitution.

Such inconvenient laws and rulings demonstrate why it is so important to progressives to do whatever it takes to put unprincipled apparatchiks like Merrick Garland in charge of the courts — even if it means castrating the Supreme Court with the TERM Act.

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Jul 11 2022

War on Freelancers Will Cause Economic Havoc

If all workers cannot be directly employed by Big Government, they must at least be controlled by Big Unions, which are a lucrative extension of the Democratic Party. Otherwise, workers would be independent — and independence is obscene from the point of view of our leftist ruling class. That’s why the Democrats have conspired to throw tens of millions of Americans out of work by making it illegal to work on a freelance basis.

Biden et al. has intended from the beginning to inflict a federal version of California’s AB5, which demonstrates the Democrat belief in the American dream by criminalizing working for yourself. AB5 is about to cause economic havoc.

The law decrees that

“a person providing labor or services for remuneration shall be considered an employee rather than an independent contractor unless the hiring entity demonstrates that the person is free from the control and direction of the hiring entity in connection with the performance of the work, the person performs work that is outside the usual course of the hiring entity’s business, and the person is customarily engaged in an independently established trade, occupation, or business.”

Those who find favor with California’s moonbat overlords get exceptions. Truckers are not among them.

A January 2020 injunction saved trucking from the insane and tyrannical law. However:

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra [currently head of Biden’s HHS] called on U.S. District Judge Roger T. Benitez to reverse the injunction. …

On June 28, the U.S. Supreme Court declined to review the case of the California truckers battling against AB5. …

Now, the truckers must be employees of trucking companies and not independent contractors in order to be able to work in California. …

If the law is enforced, California faces a possible mass exodus of the state’s estimated 70,000 independent truckers.

Imagine the chaos this will cause at the Port of Oakland alone:

“There’s 9,000 trucks that serve the port on a daily basis, and 90% of them are independent contractors. So, this is a big, big impact,” said Bill Aboudi owner of AB Trucking in Oakland.

You think we have a supply chain crisis now? You think prices are already high? Just wait. Democrats are not through inflicting their agenda.

The California Trucking Association delivered a warning, “Gasoline has been poured on the fire that is our ongoing supply chain crisis. In addition to the direct impact on California’s 70,000 owner-operators who have seven days to cease long-standing independent businesses, the impact of taking tens of thousands of truck drivers off the road will have devastating repercussions on an already fragile supply chain, increasing costs and worsening runaway inflation.”

If they were merely fools, they might show contrition. But Democrats are pressing full steam ahead toward economic devastation.

Sneers Lorena Gonzalez, currently head of the California Labor Federation, who was the author of AB5:

“The fact that trucking companies will have to abide by basic labor laws in CA takes us one step closer to rebuilding the middle class that was almost deregulated out of existence.”

If there are two things Democrats love, they are regulation and unions. They are more than willing to make us suffer for them.

If you think the economy has been bad since Biden took power, think how awful it would be if he were able to get his favored legislation passed. His Build Back Better lurch deeper into socialism would push inflation into Venezuela territory. The Pro Act — a federal version of AB5 — would do to the whole country what malevolent leftists like Gavin Newsom and Lorena Gonzalez are doing to California.

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Apr 04 2022

Freelance Work Saved for Now

It would be one thing if Democrats were merely harmless kooks who in the privacy of their own insular world believe silly lies, like privileged identity groups being oppressed and electric cars improving the weather. The problem is, they will not leave other people alone. They may even ruin their lives by making their jobs illegal out of sheer moonbattery.

Fortunately, Biden and his party were dealt a setback in this regard when three squeamish senators who are trying to position themselves as moderates (Joe Manchin, Kyrsten Sinema, Mark Kelly) nixed the appointment of hard left union goon David Weil to run the Wage and Hour Division of the Department of Labor.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

Weil had the same job in the Obama Administration, when he sought to destroy the franchise business model and gig economy as Americans know them. President Biden nominated him for a second stint on the expectation that he would impose via regulation much of Big Labor’s Pro Act that has failed to pass the Senate.

The Pro Act is modeled on California’s devastating AB5, which largely makes it illegal to work as a freelancer. Big Unions, which play a major role in financing the cancer that is the Democratic Party, can’t impose themselves on freelancers.

California’s AB5 law reclassifying most independent contractors as employees was inspired by none other than Mr. Weil. And this may be one reason the two Democratic Senators from Arizona opposed his nomination. They’ve seen the headaches the law has created for business and workers next door, and they don’t want them coming to Arizona. More workers have embraced freelancing during the pandemic. So why would Mr. Biden nominate someone to a top Labor job who wants to kill their jobs?

Two reasons: (1) Biden is a stooge for the ultraleft, and Big Unions are at the core of the ultraleft; and (2) progressive strategy assumes that the more people are thrown out of work by leftist policies, the more dependent they will be on Big Government, the more likely they will be to vote Democrat — particularly when the tyranny is imposed at the federal level so that they cannot escape it just by crossing the border from California to Arizona, as so many have done.

These regulatory appointees will take on more importance as progressives turn to executive action to impose what they can’t pass in Congress.

That’s why the millions who rely on the flexibility afforded by freelancing to go about living the way they want to live are not out of the woods.

Democrats know from the disaster of AB5 that the Pro Act would destroy many lives. Yet they are trying to slip it through the back door anyway. What they cannot accomplish by Democratic means, they will impose surreptitiously through their massive regulatory apparatus.

These people want to hurt you. They are not going to stop because three senators feared a backlash. Virtually every other Democrat is on board with an agenda that could best be described as malicious.

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Mar 08 2022

Seattle Schools Cling to Mask Mandates

Although Biden has made it clear that he wants Covid to go on indefinitely, even many Democrats admit that it can’t, fun though it has been for authoritarians to milk. However, for some of the people running public schools, masked children are the new normal:

Washington state Gov. Jay Inslee (D) announced last week that the state’s indoor mask mandate, including for schools, would be lifted beginning March 12. And King County updated its guidance shortly after the governor’s announcement to say that indoor masking for schools and several other establishments would not be required starting March 12.

If even King County, home of moonbattery-addled Seattle, admits that Covid is over, liberals need to find a new crisis not to let go to waste. But leftist educrats and teacher’s unions are too used to getting their way to let go.

Seattle Public Schools said in a statement last week that it would maintain its school mask mandate “until further notice.”

According to the district’s statement, it must negotiate with the [Seattle Education Association], “as required by the current collective bargaining agreement, to arrive at a mutually agreeable position regarding any permanent change to mask use requirements throughout the district.”

These negotiations are unlikely to go well for children. According to the local teacher’s union, “masks contribute to feelings of safety and normalcy that schools provide our students.”

Imagine a society where it is normal for children to have their individuality canceled by not being allowed to show their faces in public. That is the society kids are now growing up in.

Even if Covid hadn’t petered out into the mild Omicron variant, there is no evidence that forcing children to wear masks benefits their health, since the ChiCom virus was never a serious threat to them. On the contrary, the masks are vectors for pathogens, including pneumonia, tuberculosis, meningitis, keratitis, food poisoning, Lyme disease, Legionnaire’s disease, and sepsis. Making kids wear them all day results in hypoxia and an increased level of carbon dioxide in the blood. It may cause developmental delays, especially regarding speech. Kids with glasses can’t see through the fog. Masking kids is child abuse.

But as United Federation of Teachers/American Federation of Teachers president Al Shanker famously said, “When school children start paying union dues, that’s when I’ll start representing the interests of school children.” To the leftists who run schools, the conformity and compliance that masks represent are more important than kids’ well-being and healthy development.

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