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Oct 23 2019

Satanic Art Displayed at Christian School

On the surface, moonbattery often seems moronic and nauseating but well-meaning. Scratch that surface, and something darker comes to light. This darkness was on open display at Grantleigh, a private Christian school near Richards Bay, South Africa.

Apostolic Faith Mission pastor Andrew Anderson posted video of an appalling art exhibit at the school.

Via News 24:

A matric pupil’s interpretation of Italian renaissance painter and inventor Leonard da Vinci’s Last Supper had him almost in tears, with Jesus depicted as a clown as he breaks bread for the last time before his crucifixion, with dollar signs painted on the lintel behind him.

The disciples are people and animals, with hats, sunglasses and some with horns.

Torn strips of the Bible feature in another work.

Panning over images that included a work inspired by Michelangelo’s Renaissance work The Creation of Adam painted on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, Anderson was overcome with emotion at the image of a clown leaning out of the cloud for the iconic finger touch imagery.

It used to be artists created. In this age, they tear down, desecrate, and destroy.

The school’s ethos is “To God be the glory.” This is not glorious:

The demonic art exhibit has been taken down due to public outcry, proving that pushback still works. However, if the disease has not been cured, symptoms soon reemerge.

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Oct 11 2019

Beto Confirms Homosexual Agenda Is Attack on Christianity

Why are progressives obsessed with promoting homosexuality and in particular the blasphemous concept of homosexual marriage? The answer is in the question — specifically, in the word “blasphemous.” The homosexual agenda is an attack on Christianity. Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke — the same desperate Dem who let slip that hell yes, they want to confiscate semiautomatic rifles — confirms it:

Democratic presidential hopeful Beto O’Rourke says he’d strip churches of tax-exempt status if they don’t support same-sex marriage.

There is more to this than Democrats’ insatiable greed on behalf of Big Government. Progressives don’t want churches to pay taxes as much as they want them to give in. A church that supports what the Bible explicitly and repeatedly condemns in the strongest terms is no longer Christian. It has been hollowed out; the insides can then be filled with moonbattery. After a while, people will figure out that churches are houses of lies and stop coming. A major barrier will have been removed from the road to utopia.

Leftists like Robert Francis have been inflicting this same hollowing out on the concept of rights. Note how he spins his attack on our constitutionally protect right to practice the Christian religion as actually upholding rights:

“There can be no reward, no benefit, no tax break for anyone or any institution, any organization in America, that denies the full human rights and the full civil rights of every single one of us,” he said. “So as president, we’re going to make that a priority, and we are going to stop those who are infringing upon the human rights of our fellow Americans.”

When the concept of rights has been completely hollowed out and filled with toxic nonsense, deviants will have a “right” to force you to betray your faith by endorsing their perverted sexual practices.

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Oct 10 2019

Amazon Synod: Paganism at the Vatican

Stalin with his gulags was never able to do half the damage to the Christian religion that Francis and his leftist allies have managed by destroying it from within. Here we see the Vatican plunging headlong into farce by welcoming paganism at the Amazon Synod:

One of the carved figures laid out on the blanket to be worshiped appears to have a hell of a woody.

Nothing is sacred with the Vatican itself under moonbat rule.

Michael Voris notes that savages from one of the most backward parts of the world are being weaponized on behalf of “liberation theology” (i.e., Marxism presented as Christianity):

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Oct 07 2019

British Tribunal Declares Christianity “Incompatible With Human Dignity”

As reported previously, David Mackereth was fired from his job as a disability benefits assessor for Britain’s Department of Work and Pensions because his Christian beliefs prevented him from referring to men as women and vice versa. He filed suit for religious discrimination; the authorities have ruled not only against Mackereth but against Christianity, which they denounce as “incompatible with human dignity.” Seriously:

An employment tribunal ruled that the DWP was within its rights to terminate Mackereth. The ruling declared: “Belief in Genesis 1:27, lack of belief in transgenderism and conscientious objection to transgenderism in our judgement are incompatible with human dignity and conflict with the fundamental rights of others, specifically here, transgender individuals.”

The Christian religion, and lack of belief in the absurd dogma that men can become women merely by stating that they identify as women, are beyond the pale according to the liberal establishment.

The word “dignity” has followed the word “liberalism” down the progressive rabbit hole, emerging with the exact opposite meaning. The Founding Fathers once exemplified liberalism; now Russ King exemplifies “dignity.”

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Sep 11 2019

Islam Escalates Ignored War of Extermination Against Christianity

Meanwhile, as the Vatican declaims self-righteously about fires in the Amazon, Islam has escalated its war of extermination against Christianity in Africa. The Gatestone Institute shows us what the media won’t:

“They asked him to deny Christ and when he refused they cut off his right hand; then he refused [again], they cut to the elbow. In which he refused, before they shot him in the forehead, the neck, and chest,” a Nigerian Christian, Enoch Yeohanna, recently recounted about his father’s murder in 2014. …

Boko Haram terrorists recently cut off the ears of Christian women after snatching them from their homes during a night-time raid on a mainly Christian town in northern Cameroon. … A few days later, also in Cameroon, a Bible translator, Angus Fung, was butchered to death and his wife’s arm cut off. Then, a Catholic priest, David Tanko, was killed in Nigeria and his car and body set ablaze. Last month, another Nigerian priest, Paul Offu, was murdered. …

Four Christians in Burkina Faso were recently murdered for wearing crosses.

Other villagers were warned that they will be killed too if they don’t convert to Islam.

Hundreds of Christians, including 433 children, are “facing attacks or fleeing from rampaging Islamist extremists in Mali,” where in June, 100 men, women and children were slaughtered in Sobame Da, a mainly Christian village.

This list of atrocities goes on. But for the media or the Catholic Church to make a peep about it would be Islamophobic, so we hear silence. Only man bites dog stories like the Christchurch mosque shootings get any attention (in stark contrast to the greater carnage last Easter in Sri Lanka), because only these rare incidents advance the liberal agenda. Odious leftist propaganda outlets like the Washington Post go out of their way to trivialize the prosecution of Christians.

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Sep 10 2019

Democrat Party Makes Hostility to Christianity Explicit

Democrats booed God at their 2012 convention and have only become more radical since, so it should come as no surprise that the party has now made its hostility to Christianity explicit. Late last month, the Democratic National Committee passed a resolution extolling the “religiously unaffiliated demographic” that includes this clause:

WHEREAS, those most loudly claiming that morals, values, and patriotism must be defined by their particular religious views have used those religious views, with misplaced claims of “religious liberty,” to justify public policy that has threatened the civil rights and liberties of many Americans, including but not limited to the LGBT community, women, and ethnic and religious/nonreligious minorities;

Sexual deviants, nonwhites, Muslims, and atheists good. Patriots and Christians bad. Message received, loud and clear.

Note the sneer quotes they put on “religious liberty,” a concept enshrined in the First Amendment. They don’t like the Constitution any better than Christianity.

The Democrat Party does not even pretend to represent America anymore. It represents the destruction of America through the tool of Cultural Marxism.

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Sep 07 2019

Tolerant Liberals Welcome Chick-fil-A to Toronto

Militant homosexuals are so desperate to find some oppression that they can use as leverage to acquire more power over the rest of us that they continue to wage a theatrical war against Chick-fil-A, on the sparse grounds that the ownership is Christian and therefore does not sufficiently revere people who wallow in sin and perversion. The first Chick-fil-A just opened in Toronto, but even after padding their ranks with animal rights kooks, LGBT Jacobins could not outnumber the hungry customers.

CTV News reports:

Let’s hope the Toronto Jesus in the City parade went well today and did not come under physical assault by tolerant liberals.

HighImpactVlogs weighs in on the limp-wristed LGBT thuggery:

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Aug 28 2019

Historic Norwich Cathedral Reduced to Amusement Park

Construction was begun on England’s Norwich Cathedral in 1096. When it was completed over 70 years later, it was the largest building in East Anglia. After standing through all these centuries, it is now undergoing a form of deconstruction. The nave currently features a “helter-skelter carnival ride.”

According to the cathedral, approximately 10,000 people visited to slide down the ride, dubbed the #SeeingItDifferently project. The Very Rev. Jane Hedges was the first to take the plunge, after which she said, “Our hope is that it will bring a very different audience into the cathedral.”

It seems there aren’t enough Christians left in England to fill the pews, so Church of England clergy thought it would be a good idea to pander to the Disneyland set.

Rt. Rev. Jonathan Meyrick, the bishop of Lynn, delivered a sermon from the ride last Sunday after sliding halfway down and singing a Bee Gees song. “God is a tourist attraction,” he expounded.

An interesting note from Wikipedia:

The cathedral spire, measuring at 315 ft (96 m), is the second-tallest in England despite being partly rebuilt after being struck by lightning in 1169, just 23 months after its completion, which led to the building being set on fire.

That lightning strike came 850 years too soon.

To kill a religion, you don’t shoot priests or throw them into gulags. Stalin already tried that. You destroy if from within by reducing it to farce.

It could always be worse, as we learn with each passing week. If the current trajectory continues, by this time next year the Church of England should be ready to broaden its appeal by using Norwich Cathedral to host Butt-Con.

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Aug 27 2019

War on Statues Hits Reformation Wall

They started by demanding tolerance. It didn’t take them long to progress to last month’s vandalism of the Reformation Wall in Geneva, Switzerland.

The monument consists of statues of John Calvin, Guillaume Farel, Théodore de Bèze, and John Knox. The figures were defaced with paint in rainbow colors.


Most likely, an LGBT group had vandalized the statues because of the rainbow coloring of the paint, but no-one yet has come forth to claim responsibility for the act. This is not the first time that the monument has been defaced. For example, in March 2019, a feminist group sprayed graffiti across the monument, saying “Where are the women?”

The ferocious hostility of leftist militants is directed not only a Christianity, but at Western heritage in general. The War on Statues was hardly likely to stop at Robert E. Lee.

Culturally speaking, there is nothing of value that leftists will not destroy. They want to clear the ground to make room for utopia.

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Jun 22 2019

Satanic Invocation at Alaska Public Meeting

It’s a fairly clear sign that society is on the wrong path when government meetings are opened with a Satanic invocation. This was the case in Alaska when the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly met last Tuesday:

A member of the Satanic Temple, Iris Fontana, offered the invocation prompting walkouts by nearly a dozen people.

At least the walkouts are encouraging. It’s nice to see people willing to risk being denounced as bigots.

Here’s why the farce took place:

In October, the Alaska Supreme Court ruled that the borough’s previous prayer policy violated the State Constitution. The lawsuit was brought on by the American Civil Liberties Union of Alaska. The previous policy only allowed certain groups to deliver the invocation.

If everything is holy, then nothing is holy. The point is to undermine Christianity, which is a major bulwark against the appalling agenda advanced by the ACLU and its allies among the liberal judiciary.

The symbolism of what the Left is doing to America could not be more obvious than public prayers to the Devil.

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Jun 21 2019

Swarthmore College Offers Course “Queering God”

One advantage to having vastly more people attending college than stand to benefit from a college education is that it has produced a greater diversity of study topics. Many students lack the interest, the discipline, and frankly the intelligence to pursue fields that result in gainful employment and positive contributions to society, so alternatives have been developed. Looks like Swarthmore College may soon offer a major in blasphemy:

Swarthmore College offers a course on “Queering God,” most recently taught during the spring 2019 semester, that provides a feminist and queer perspective of the Bible, while also exploring God’s gender identity.

Like the moonbat death star Harvard itself, which was originally intended to educate clergy, Swarthmore College was founded by Christians (Quakers in the case of Swarthmore). Robert Conquest sure had it right that any institution not explicitly and constitutionally right-wing eventually succumbs to the rot we know as moonbattery.

The course, taught by Professor Gwynn Kessler, questions whether God is a masculine or feminine figure through the examination of feminist and queer writings. Its course description says the class “stretch[es] the limits of gendering-and sexing-the divine.” Key themes of the class, also outlined in the course description, include gender, embodiment, masculinity, liberation, sexuality, and feminist and queer theory.

It costs $70,744 per year to attend Swarthmore College. Imagine burying yourself in 10 years of debt so that you could waste your youth wallowing in toxic B.S. Good thing for colleges that their target demographic is often too young to know better.

Still more appalling is that corrosive crap like this is coercively subsidized by taxpayers, even at private colleges.

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Jun 21 2019

War on the West Claims Mission Bell in Santa Cruz

Moonbats must be down in the dumps, after only two of the Supremes proved malevolent enough to want to tear down a 40-foot-high, 100-year-old World War I memorial in Maryland for being shaped like a cross. Let’s cheer them up a bit. Despite a few minor setbacks, their war on heritage, on history, and on Christianity continues to go well for them. From University of California, Santa Cruz:

In partnership with the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band, UC Santa Cruz will be removing the mission bell that is located on campus. The bell was originally donated to the campus by a local women’s club many years ago and is located near the Hahn Student Services Building.

The historic bell is a thought crime. Here’s why:

Mission bells, which were installed across the state to memorialize the California Missions, are viewed by many populations as a symbol of racism and dehumanization of their ancestors.

These “many populations” should not include regular Americans, obviously. Nor should they include Hispanics. California missions were outposts of Christianity established by the Spanish before California became American.

However, militantly aggrieved Indians don’t like Spanish missions like San Juan Bautista and Santa Cruz, which represent the spread of Western Civilization, supposedly at the expense of their ancestors, whom the missions were established to evangelize.

Therefore, the bell must go, just like Chief Wahoo. Look out, San Diego Padres. You could be next.

The bell is scheduled to be removed today. The event will comprise one more nail in the coffin of the West.

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Jun 12 2019

LGBT Militants Continue to Sue Jack Phillips

Once a countermoonbat has stood up to them, they will never rest until he has been destroyed. Otherwise, he might inspire others to resist. That’s why LGBT militants are going after Jack Phillips and his Masterpiece Cakeshop yet again:

Phillips, the Lakewood, Colo. bakery owner who has refused to bake cakes that violate his Christian faith, is being sued again by Autumn Scardina, a transgender woman [i.e., a man with politicized mental problems], for refusing to bake a gender transition cake.

This is the third time they gone after him for not being willing to effectively renounce Christianity on behalf of the LGBT agenda. He has already defeated the Jacobins before the Supreme Court. Yet they keep coming.

Phillips describes himself as an artist who uses cakes as “canvas” to express ideas and celebrate events.

If they can compel speech regarding his cakes, they can compel it anywhere. Jack Phillips stands between us and raw tyranny.

The high court ruled the Colorado Civil Rights Commission showed “anti-religious bias” when it filed a discrimination charge against Phillips.

That should have ended it. But leftism is a form of decay, and decay never gives up before it prevails.

Impenitent, the wicked “civil rights” commission came after Phillips for refusing to create a cake celebrating Scardina’s “transition” into a make-believe woman. Discovery found the same antireligious bias that the Supremes did, so the commission had to back down.

But now,

Scardina decided to pursue separate litigation, which attorneys filed Wednesday in district court.

How they must hate Jack Phillips for putting a brake on their power. In addition to the never-ending legal onslaught, they have subjected him to death threats and harassment. The odious Jimmy Kimmel used his show to ridicule this hero to the country at large

This is not only about Christianity versus the ungodly LGBT agenda. The broader struggle is between the First Amendment and politically correct totalitarianism. Jack Phillips deserves a place in the pantheon of patriots next to Nathan Hale — he is our time’s equivalent.

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Jan 23 2019

After Kids, Nathan Phillips Attacked Church During Mass

The stunt that hate hoaxer Nathan Phillips pulled on the National Mall was a big success, getting him national sympathy and rallying such an orgy of hatred against Covington Catholic High School that it had to be closed due to safety concerns. However, you can’t win them all. When he tried something similar the next day, targeting a church rather than high school kids, his attack was repelled:

While chanting and playing ceremonial drums, a group of Native American rights activists reportedly led by Nathan Phillips attempted Jan. 19 to enter Washington, D.C.’s Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception during a Saturday evening Mass.

The group of 20 demonstrators was stopped by shrine security as it tried to enter the church during its 5:15 pm Vigil Mass…

The doors had to be locked to prevent Phillips and the other riffraff from bursting in and disrupting Mass. Good thing churches have walls.

Christianity is literally under siege by the depraved ideology personified by Nathan Phillips and backed to the hilt by the liberal media establishment.

According to a supporter, Phillips and his mob of moonbats assailed the church in order to…

…hold the Catholic Church “accountable” for the alleged actions of the Covington Catholic students and for the “colonial violence that the Catholic Church reproduces every day.”

Left out in the rain by security, Phillips reads a list of lunatic demands outside the DC Basilica:

The congregants would have seen Holy Mass interrupted for this idiocy if not for security. Thanks to bullies like Phillips, America is no longer a place where a church can hold services without guards at the door.

In other news on this bright new star in the liberal firmament, it turns out that Phillips did not fight as a Marine in Vietnam after all, despite earlier claims. WaPo had to issue a correction. But he did play a leading role in this 2012 video encouraging violence against police officers who try to enforce eviction notices:

The video was made by people who don’t understand that if property rights are not upheld, no one will build houses in the first place. That is, it was made by liberals.

To see more of Nathan Phillips’ résumé, refer to Big League Politics:

Phillips has a history of left-wing activism and accusing students of racism, and now it turns out that he was an alcoholic who was “thrown in and out of jail” for an extended period of time.

Phillips racked up three criminal charges in 2004, including for not having mandatory insurance on his car…

He ought to run for Congress.

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