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May 23 2018

Catering to Leftist Radicals Puts Evergreen State College into Tailspin

Evergreen State College has become emblematic of academia’s decline as it succumbs to radical moonbattery:

Between 500 and 600 fewer students will attend Evergreen State College next fall than in 2017, according to internal estimates. That means projected full-time enrollment is down as much as 17% from 3,500 last fall.

The moonbattery started to spin out of control when biology prof Bret Weinstein objected to a “Day of Absence,” during which Caucasians were forbidden to come on campus. Educrats effectively sided with the cultural Marxist mob that came after him rather than let police restore order.

Evergreen is explicitly left-wing even by the standards of academia. But too much is too much, even for some moonbats.

Kirsten Shockey of Oregon … and her husband lean left. Their son Jakob attended Evergreen, and they assumed their daughter would, too. But they were alarmed by what she called the “witch hunt” atmosphere and “erosion of free speech” on campus. As decision time approached, Ms. Shockey told [Evergreen President George] Bridges in an email, “we are watching closely.”

They didn’t like what they saw. Ms. Shockey’s daughter crossed Evergreen off her list, following the advice of her brother. “The way identity politics played out looked to us like a university going from a place of learning to a new type of anti-intellectualism,” Ms. Shockey later told me. “Free speech and good discourse was lost—and then good teachers,” she added. “This is about where the alt-left seems to be taking us.”

Where the alt-left is taking Evergreen is straight down. Fall 2018 applications are down 20%. Undergraduate retention has cratered, with less than half of first-time, first-year students enrolled last fall staying through the school year. Evergreen is a state school, but half of its funding is obtained the old-fashioned way, through tuition — which is drying up. Consequently, a couple dozen full-time adjuncts are losing their jobs, and planned construction has been put on hold.

Have the radicals running Evergreen learned their lesson? They have not:

Administrators have since doubled down on identity politics. Evergreen advertises a “bias response team” to handle perceived slights. It has increased funding for new social-justice administrators and support staffers. Evergreen employees now go through “cultural competency, sensitivity and antibias training.” And in a May 14, 2018, email on “leaner leadership at Evergreen,” Mr. Bridges outlined an administrative reorganization plan heavy on “equity and inclusion.”

Expect collapse. The University of Missouri earned a similar fate by knuckling under to Black Lives Matter goons. Other schools will follow if educrats don’t turn back from the alt-left abyss.

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