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Jun 06 2020

Celebrities Bail Out Rioters and Looters

Entertainment industry celebrities are too impatient to continue killing America by gradual cultural rot. They feel the time is now to finish off the country all leftists hate with the help of violent mobs:

It is politically convenient to suggest that it is mainly Antifa doing the rioting, as Ted Cruz suggests. But spoilt white punks don’t have the numbers we have been seeing. It took the welfare state decades to generate liberalism’s army of shock troops.

Even Justin Timberlake is bright enough to understand what looters do when you bail them out. They go back to looting, with a reinforced sense of impunity and entitlement that is likely to escalate to ever greater violence.

The rioters, looters, and vandals, as well as the less overtly sociopathic protesters who promote their absurdly inflated grievance, are enemies of civilization. The same goes for anyone who validates, enables, and/or incites them. As noted earlier, this includes the entire liberal establishment (i.e., the media, Democrat officials, Big Tech, other corporations, academia).

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