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Jan 28 2019

Charles Landeros, Moonbat School Shooter

When they help advance the narrative, the media hypes school shootings into the stratosphere, deliberately creating the impression that they define our age. Other school shootings receive less attention. An example is the incident involving 30-year-old Charles Landeros that occurred at Cascade Middle School in Eugene, Oregon on January 11.

This was a rare school shooting with a happy ending. Instead of cowering in fear like a certain Broward County deputy, law enforcement took charge of the situation. Landeros was killed after firing at police; no one else was shot.

No kids being physically harmed obviously dampened media interest. It is likely that so too did Landeros being a moonbat who was wearing a “smash the patriarchy” shirt at the time and who had been posting online exhortations to kill police officers.

Nonetheless, it should have been a big story:

Dramatic body cam footage shows the moment a police officer shot and killed an armed Oregon man who pulled a gun and fired as he was being led out of a school in full view of his young daughter.

Imagine the wall-to-wall coverage if he had been wearing a MAGA hat and had encouraged people to kill some allegedly oppressed group rather than police.

Landeros was involved in a custody dispute. When he was asked to leave, he smashed the patriarchy by refusing. When they tried to arrest him, he pulled a gun and fired twice, prompting return fire.

His fellow moonbats grieve his passing.

Lauren Regan of the Civil Liberties Defense Center said that the office will hire experts to independently review the shooting.

The law firm released a statement on Thursday suggesting that Landeros’ ethnic background may have played a role in his death.

The statement said that Landeros was ‘an activist against police brutality and a descendant of Mexican and Filipino parents.’

We are expected to believe that normally, cops don’t mind lunatics shooting at them on school property. But since Landeros was a Person of Color, they brutally murdered him.

Landeros was a handgun instructor and the founder of Community Armed Self-Defense, a group which provided weapons training for people of color and the LGBTQ community.

Last year, the FBI looked into the violent rhetoric Landeros had been spewing on social media, but “determined there wasn’t enough evidence to indicate a crime had been committed.” To bad that standard isn’t applied to the Robert Mueller Show.

An hour before the shooting, Landeros was still at it, shrieking “Death to all pigs” on Facebook. He then came to school well prepared for something awful:

An investigation following the shooting found that Landeros was carrying an extra magazine with ammunition on Landeros’ belt and another in the car, authorities said. Landeros was also wearing a backpack that contained additional ammunition, authorities said.

One reason countermoonbats need guns for self-defense is that some moonbats have them and are eager to use them. Anything they regard as “violence” (e.g., triggering them by disagreeing with them) justifies actual violence according to their dogma.

Progressives who mourn the loss of one of their own should look at the silver lining; at least this can be counted as a school shooting for statistical purposes.

Justin Trouble has background on Landeros’ links to Antifa in the video below. Sorry about the incongruent quasipornographic mooning at the end:

On a tip from Pork_Soda.

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