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Apr 30 2019

Chase Bank Chastised for Advocating Frugality

The moonbattery has reached the point where it is no longer politically permissible to suggest that people spend their money wisely. This constitutes “poor shaming.” From Fox News:

Chase bank was blasted on Twitter Monday following a #MotivationalMonday tweet that offered suggestions on how those struggling could save money, such as make your coffee at home, eat food in the fridge and take a cab when you can.

Leading the charge against this thought crime was wealthy Marxist harridan Elizabeth Warren, who shrieked class warfare rhetoric, implying that individuals cannot be held responsible for their spending behavior and that it is the economy’s fault if some people run out of money.

Meanwhile, outside her bubble of liberal ideology, the economy grew by an impressive 3.2% in the first quarter of the year, thanks largely to a business-friendly administration in the White House.

As always when a corporation accidentally transgresses against the ideology of bullying ultra-leftists, an apology was not long in coming. The offending tweet was deleted. Chase Bank humbly submitted this:

Maybe if they cringe and grovel pathetically enough, Chase will be the last bank Democrats like Warren nationalize.

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