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Sep 21 2019

Chelsea Handler Cringe Fest

Chelsea Handler personifies white guilt taken to the last extreme of psychopolitical pathology. According to her ideology, everything blacks do wrong is the fault of whites for not doing it wrong. Wallowing in this dogma is shameful, disgusting, counterproductive, and insulting to whites and blacks alike.

Masochists can be thankful that we have superwoke Netflix; otherwise no one would see the point of providing a platform for unwatchably cringe-inducing moonbattery like her documentary, Hello Privilege. It’s Me Chelsea.

The loathsomeness of Chelsea Handler’s sanctimoniously self-hating mentality is beyond my ability to express, so l’ll let Matt Christiansen give it a try:

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One Response to “Chelsea Handler Cringe Fest”

  1. […] anti-incarceration tweetstorm began in response to professional white guilt wallower Chelsea Handler lamenting that Deandre Somerville received a 10-day sentence for missing jury duty. […]

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