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Nov 29 2013

Cher Disgorges Moonbat Bile Upon Thanksgiving

Here’s hoping that all treasured readers had a great Thanksgiving yesterday. I trust it was spent more thankfully than Cher’s:

Pop diva Cher caused controversy [Wednesday] when she told her almost two million Twitter followers that she does not celebrate Thanksgiving.

Cher, 67, told a fan that she believes Thanksgiving is a holiday that glorifies ‘a great crime.’

That crime would be the birth and growth of American civilization, which allowed the part-Cherokee Cher a life of extravagant opulence that otherwise would never have been possible.

She went on to say the day celebrates stealing land from Native Americans who had no concept of property or land ownership and purposely giving them smallpox.

If they had no concept of land ownership, how could you steal land from them?

Regarding the endlessly repeated smallpox calumny, it is desperately overblown.

Don’t take Cher’s hatred of America personally, patriots. Cher doesn’t like Russia either. She refused to perform at next year’s Winter Olympics because the country is not sufficiently supportive of homosexuality to meet with her approval. She also dislikes Caucasians.

Cher probably wouldn’t like you. Sorry.

On tips from Mr Mentalo and Wiggins.

47 Responses to “Cher Disgorges Moonbat Bile Upon Thanksgiving”

  1. Jeff says:

    Another very over-rated entertainer who’s opinion I don’t give a damn about. Cher is proof that you don’t have to have talent to be successful in Hollywood, that woman has none.

  2. Conan says:

    Loser. That includes her bull queer spawn as well.

  3. | says:

    This is what happens when the bulk of your history education comes from movies and the rants of comedians.

  4. Katherine says:

    Words from an Armenian Whore.

  5. Mr. Rational says:

    Cher has borne one child who is now surgically disfigured and almost certainly sterile.  Cher is a biological dead end, and knows it.  She hates the world because it will go on and nothing of hers will.

  6. Lazlo says:

    Actually, the Holiday was Us, Evil Whitey, teaching the Heathen Indians to behave nicely with neighbors by sitting down to dinner like Men of Law. A concept our Red Friends remain unfamiliar with.

  7. Peter says:

    “No memory of having starred,
    Atones for later disregard.”

    – Robert Frost –

  8. Peter says:

    She hasn’t been “bono’d” since Sonny died. Give her a break.

  9. Doug says:

    Would you beleive the words of anyone that birthed this?

    Didn’t think so. She’s just bitter that Cheez won’t giver her a grand-it.

  10. Bob Roberts says:

    Cher probably wouldn’t like me?

    That makes us even.

  11. She's Got Talent (not really) says:

    That old seahag is still around? Wow.

  12. Yep Still Mean says:

    @ Katherine bwahaha Armenian whore! She must not get out very much and hasn’t heard about the new batch of no talent cocksucker vocoder pro tools whores pushed off by some maggot infested dopesmoker p.r. firm as the next great über talented savior of musik.

  13. IslandLifer says:

    Thank you Russia for you anti faggot stance. I wouldn’t want this old skank dripping on the Olympic venue.

  14. rex freeway says:

    Has this face lifted moron ever wrote a song? A screen play? She has done nothing but pretend she is someone else on the backs of others.

  15. DrEvil007 says:

    She’s still pissed that they made her do the dishes.

  16. She has a decent singing voice, and can act. Why anybody expects her political opinions to make any damn sense escapes me.

  17. tdb3 says:

    Cher wants to blame people from 393 years ago today.

  18. Pegon Zellschmidt says:

    How accepting would Indian savages been toward Cher’s girl/boy thing?

  19. AsokAsus says:

    Why is it that poor people never protest Thanksgiving? The only ones who protest it are the douchbags with the most to be thankful about.

  20. True Blue says:

    She went on to say the day celebrates stealing land from Native Americans who had no concept of property or land ownership and purposely giving them smallpox.

    I am going to address this fallacy right now.
    There has been a scurrilous lie from the left about this for YEARS now, and I am sick to death of it.
    Usually the lie is “traders gave Indians blankets ‘laced’ with smallpox”
    Guess what? Smallpox cannot live more than a few minutes away from the host. This means the blankets (if even remotely true) were laced with Dead smallpox. Guess what the vaccine against smallpox is?
    Dead Small Pox Cells. So -evil ‘whitey’ was ‘lacing’ blankets with the CURE for the disease.
    Sometimes it is a wonder these people can even maintain enough brain activity to even Breathe.

  21. jack says:

    No White person alive today is responsible for the atrocities against Native Americans committed by European imperialists.

  22. True Blue says:

    Don’t play into their narrative. Indians slaughtered plenty of Europeans; and with far greater cruelty than you or I could ever dream of -lighting fires on top of people and skinning them alive leap to mind. Also a large number of Indians INVITED European settlers into their territory -seeing the advantages of becoming civilized.
    Indians gifted the world with Syphillis and waged blood soaked wars of genocide against each other. Many tribes owned slaves; and the Native Americans wiped out (made extinct)no less than 4 species of large animals in North America alone -including horses.
    I could go on and on but the point is -don’t fall into the lying trap of “atrocities” -as if Europeans were the guilty party.

  23. jc14 says:

    Cher doesn’t like me (WASP)? What a bummer! Guess I’ll have to go off and blow my brains out (not).
    FU, Cherri, baby! Hate America? Leave, bitch!

  24. gemalo says:

    Another washed-up has-been trying to be ‘relevant’.

  25. Otto Octavius says:

    The holiday is Thanksgiving, taken from the English for “giving thanks”. I don’t expect savages to understand civilization.

  26. octa bright says:

    @Pegon Zellschmidt
    Actually I believe that most tribes would have been very accepting of he, she, it,…. whatever. Most considered the insane to be sacred and so Chaz would probably been mad a shamen. No doubt that they would have considered it to be crazy and touched by the spitits.

  27. Hawkins says:

    According to Cher, hundreds of years ago white settlers had mastered biological warfare, understood the microbial nature of disease, and how viruses can exist harmlessly in individuals with sufficiently immunity.

    Forget Louis Pasteur….

  28. Otto Octavius says:

    I’ve made the argument to delusional moonbats about germ theory and historical timelines. They refuse to listen.

  29. koblog says:

    Yeah, before the evil Europeans arrived the natives lived peaceably with all their neighbors. That’s why they had a warrior culture and raided each others’ tribes and territories, not that they had a concept of territory, mind you.

  30. Otto Octavius says:

    How ’bout them Aztecs, huh?

  31. BeforetheStorm says:

    Would she still be married, and would Chastity be Chaz if Sonny hadn’t had that unfortunate run-in with a tree? He seemed to be the sane one in that duo. Would he have gone along the moonbatty trail with Cher or divorced her?

  32. BeforetheStorm says:

    Is that a spider crawling across her chest? Personal hygiene, please. Gotta change that outfit once a decade.

  33. Mr. Rational says:

    Sonny and Cher were divorced long before his death.  He married Mary Whitaker and had two children with her.

  34. Mohammed's pink swastika says:

    She looks like the litch wizard that I just killed in my Oblivion video game.

  35. grayjohn says:

    If Cher hates me I’m living right!

  36. Otto Octavius says:

    She’s gotta be pushing 70 by now. Still trying to be a cool adolescent. Pitiful.

  37. Veritas says:

    Wonder how she describes Christmas?

  38. Bryce Talbee says:

    Cher is an ugly old cunt hasbeen. Cher and Jolie and Winfrey should be shipped to the moon, where all moonbats belong.

  39. Art says:

    Oh intercourse that washed up skank and the solar powered dildo she rode in on, her and Maddog…I mean Madonna, Lady gaga, Aperuh Windbag, and that overinflated ego negro Kanyug West

    I wish someone would round up all the lefturd cultrual marxists, communists from Obunhole on down and sell them for scientific experiments

  40. TED says:

    The actual CRIME here is that that idiot-cunt is still being given a public voice. I’m sure NOW that Sonny’s death was NOT an accident, it was self inflicted so he would NEVER have to listen to her spewing stupidity again.

  41. TED says:

    Married to him or NOT.

  42. Jodie says:

    Cher was a total beeyotch to Sonny. She was always making fun of him and putting him down and she said some very hateful things about him after they divorced. That is, until his funeral, which she used as a platform to gain sympathy for herself, as if she had lost her best friend.

  43. Logic_Mine says:

    A message from “CHER”.

    Because that’s what I need to hear. A message from a egotistical FAILURE, a failure in motherhood, a failure as a Spouse, a failure in understanding basic concepts such as logic.

  44. Logic_Mine says:

    Thanksgiving a Crime?

    Her outfits should be classified as a crime against humanity !

  45. Cherilynn Sarkasian says:

    She hates Caucasians like her sondaughter which makes her transphobic. Ignore this vile creature!

  46. Paul Smocks says:

    @ True Blue–a-note-of-caution.html

    Smallpox was being developed as a weapon during the cold war. It has some shelf life and the dried, scabby pustules can remain active for a while, or do you think the dastardly Russians were going to throw sick people on us with catapults?

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