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Sep 06 2017

Cher Offers Sanctuary to Illegal Aliens at Her Home

The correction of Obama’s extraconstitutional excesses and the enforcement of immigration law could mean a boon for the construction industry in Cher’s neighborhood. Spacious though it may be, her mansion will require significant expansion:

Cher says she’s ready to provide “sanctuary” after the Trump administration announced the decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program that protects roughly 800,000 young immigrants who came to the U.S. as children. The singer tweeted that she will protect young “Dreamers” and let them stay at her home.

You’ve got 6 months before DACA is officially rescinded, Dreamers. Make your way to Malibu, if that’s where Cher still lives. Good luck getting past security.

On tips from Stormfax and Bodhisattva.

29 Responses to “Cher Offers Sanctuary to Illegal Aliens at Her Home”

  1. bigg_tomm_2000 says:

    Dreamers hell! I’d like to stay there.

  2. TED says:

    NOTHING IN THE WORLD is worth living around that BITCH!!!!



  3. TED says:

    Dreamers, that what the LEFT is calling the SCUM THEY are dragging into this country??!!! Stay there, NO! not around HER!!!

  4. TED says:

    THE QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. Frank says:

    Cher’s flying her true colors: an America-hating bitch who got filthy rich courtesy of Americans. She’s right down there with commie pig Hanoi Jane.

  6. mas2 says:

    If she follows through on that – big “if” – I’ll give her some respect for at least putting her money where her mouth is. Not holding my breath waiting, but you never know.

  7. Frank says:

    In the same vein, why wasn’t oh-bummer arrested when he signed his illegal DREAMER directive? We don’t have a government. We have an old boys club.

  8. Mr. Freemarket says:

    Here’s the funny thing. Trump says that if congress doesn’t act in six months to fix DACA, he will “revisit” the issue. The simple truth is that Trump is on the left’s side on this issue. He wants the kids to be able to stay….essentially amnesty.

    And yet…..the left hates him and his supporters (who want the wall built and an end to illegal immigration) still are in love with him.

  9. KHarn says:

    Ditto. I can despise and respect someone at the same time, given their actions.

  10. Eddie_Valiant says:

    Ahhh……because they’re Democraps?

  11. Frank says:

    Trump continues to play chess while his (and America’s) enemies on crapital hill play checkers. He stuck the bastards with a huge hot potato at the beginning of the 2018 reelection campaign cycle. Watch the sons of bitches squirm!!!

  12. Frank says:

    The Turks missed their chance when they didn’t get her ancestors in 1915.

  13. Buffalobob says:

    Cher’s pool won’t be crustal clear after a few dozen dreamers pee in it.

  14. MAS says:

    Cher’s house isn’t a church or embassy DHS can serve a warrant and kick the disgusting Jezebel’s door down…

  15. Mr. Freemarket says:

    What you say is true, however, Trump really hasn’t captured any big pieces on the board. No border wall. Tax cuts are unaddressed. ObamaCare is still the law of the land.

    The objective isn’t to get the SOB’s to squirm or to kick out the old dead wood of the GOP. The objective is to undo the damage of previous democrat policies.

  16. ramrodd says:

    ICE Agent: “My Job Obsolete, Borders Now Wide Open;” Career ICE Official:

    “We’re Being Kept in Dark;” 40 Mlln Amnesty, NOT Just 5 Mlln

  17. Fred says:

    Her house has a Islamic look to it.

  18. Artfuldgr says:

    cue the oh woe is me i never thought it would be like this speech and desire for sympathy over her own choices…

  19. DM says:

    By Publius Huldah

    Section 1 of the 14th Amendment says:

    “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside…”

    The purpose of this Section was to extend citizenship to freed slaves and to protect them from southern Black Codes which denied them basic God-given rights.

    This Section does not provide that illegals who invade our Country and drop a baby here are automatically the parents of a US citizen.

    The key is “subject to the jurisdiction thereof”: Consider the French ambassador and his lovely young wife stationed in Washington, DC. She gives birth to a child here. Her child was born here. But is her child “subject to the jurisdiction” of the United States? No! The child is subject to the same jurisdiction as his parents: France.

    Consider the American Indians: Sec.1 of the 14th Amendment did NOT confer citizenship on American Indians. They were not “subject to the jurisdiction of the United States” – they were subject to the jurisdiction of their tribes.

    An illegal alien who invades our Country is in the same status as the French Ambassador’s wife. The baby she drops here is “subject to the jurisdiction” of the Country she left.

    So the 14th Amendment does NOT confer citizenship on babies of illegals born here – just as it does not confer citizenship on the babies of foreign diplomats stationed here.

    Pursuant to Art. I, Sec. 8, clause 4, US Constitution, Congress may make laws deciding how people become naturalized citizens.

    But Sec. 1 of the 14th Amendment does not confer citizenship status on babies born here of illegal aliens.

    This is important.

  20. gypsies tramps and thieves says:

    She’s sooo concerned about Childhood Arrivals — sounds like her favorite Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals is to kill them. Despite the fact her mother almost aborted her and then changed her mind.

    Cher on Planned Parenthood Cuts:

    Cher on Planned Parenthood Cuts: ‘FU** THESE OLD WHITE MEN Who Couldn’t Get Laid’

    Cher’s Mom Almost Had Abortion, Changed Mind at the Clinic

  21. Jodie says:

    I expect this to be just another in a long line of Cher’s lies. Remember when she tried to garner sympathy, saying that she had been sick for two years? It turned out that she had spent that time having head to toe plastic surgery and was hopped up on pain meds. Then she turned around and said in other interviews that she never drank or took drugs. Her word means nothing.

  22. gypsies tramps and thieves says:

    Planned Parenthood Claims End of DACA Ruined Children’s Futures — faces backlash

  23. cieran58 says:

    Here , Cher, are some young illegal aliens you can offer “sanctuary” to– good luck emerging alive from the experience.

  24. chris black says:

    Maybe she will let them pitch tents in her tennis court, which neither she or Chaz ever use. But by all means, keep them out of the pool!

  25. Alfredo Zagales says:

    I claim PP ruined MILLIONS of children’s futures

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