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Apr 02 2019

Chicago Police Surrender to Gang

An incident that could presage the total collapse of law and order in Chicago has slipped past almost completely unnoticed:

As the Chicago Tribune reported, on March 20th, two tactical police officers from the Chicago PD were in the process of arresting a suspected drug dealer on the city’s west side. After securing the suspect and confiscating a bundle of drugs as evidence, placing them in the patrol car, the officers were surrounded by a group of men who began to threaten them. At least one claimed to be armed and demanded the suspect be released or he would shoot the cops. Someone in the mob stole the drugs from the patrol car and fled, with one officer giving pursuit. The threatened violence surrounding the patrol car escalated and the cops wound up releasing the suspect and leaving the scene.

For the most part, the media had nothing to say about this retreat by civilization in the face of savagery. However, if the police had used their guns to defend themselves, there would have been national headlines denouncing them for being racists who indulge in excessive force. The people in charge, like Kim Foxx, who let Jussie Smollett off the hook after wasting countless hours of police time, will rarely have their back. We are reaching the point where it makes more sense from the point of view of the police to just let the criminals run wild.

Chicago is reverting to jungle. Without law enforcement, it will be unfit for habitation for anyone but savages. That is the price of moonbattery.

The anti-police Black Lives Matter narrative aggressively pushed by the media accelerates this decay. You can see why they didn’t make a big deal of the Chicago police surrendering to a gang. The media does not want us to know where it is taking us.

On a tip from Troy H.

2 Responses to “Chicago Police Surrender to Gang”

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