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Oct 01 2021

ChiCom Covid Tyrants Kill Cats

In the land where the disease was designed, authorities have taken Covid tyranny to the point of applying the final solution to cats. From Harbin, China:

The pets’ owner tested positive for the Chinese coronavirus on September 21. Local health officials ordered the woman to leave her apartment that same day and enter a state hospital to begin a mandatory self-isolation period. Before leaving her home, the woman left food and water out for her three pet cats.

She did not want her feline friends to perish. But what individuals want counts for nothing under socialism.

“Shortly after, a community worker carried out tests on the cats and all three cats tested positive for the virus twice, prompting authorities to take action,” the Independent relayed on Thursday, citing a September 28 report by the state-backed Beijing News site.

Online backlash was so fierce against this senseless cruelty that even the infamously tyrannical ChiComs responded, deleting reports of the incident from the social media accounts of Beijing News.

There is no record of anyone getting Covid from a domesticated cat. You would probably be as likely to get it from a pangolin. But there’s always a first time, right Covid tyrants?

If left to their own devices, the cats most likely would have been fine. They even would have had natural immunity from future infection. But it isn’t the way of Big Government to let problems take care of themselves. It prefers to impose solutions that result in worse problems — in this case, three dead cats and one broken heart.

As with Rashad Gober, the gay Black Lives Matter activist arrested for torturing cats, what moonbats do to cats indicates what they might do to people if left unchecked.

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