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Jul 28 2020

“Chief” Struck From Newspeak Dictionary

Liberals have decreed that any term that might be used informally in the context of Indians must be abolished. That’s why the Washington Redskins are now officially named the Washington Football Team. It’s why Squaw Peak in Phoenix is now labeled on maps as “Piestewa Peak.” It’s why Catherine Roome is no longer president and chief executive officer of Technical Safety BC, but rather president and lead executive officer.

She lamented “systemic racism,” praised the Black Lives Matter movement, and announced her reasons for dropping the oh-so-offensive word “chief” from her title.

Her “reasons” comprise characteristically ludicrous corporate duckspeak. It seems that in Indian languages, “chief” does not mean CEO. Dripping with condescending obsequiousness, Roome intones,

“It is a word that is honoured and respected in First Nations culture and conveys a meaning very different to organizational leadership.”

Actually, the word originates in 13th century Middle English. Yet it is now regarded as cultural appropriation for English speakers to use it.

I’m sure Indians feel much better now that we are forbidden to use the word. Just kidding, of course; there is no reason they would care.

In case you didn’t read the part in 1984 that explains why authoritarians erase words, Tyler O’Neil spells it out:

If leftists can claim to be offended at certain words and declare those words verboten, they can go on to declare certain ideas off-limits, as well. The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), for instance, smears mainstream conservative and Christian organizations as “hate groups” in an effort to cut them off from polite society and make their ideas seem toxic. They are on the cutting edge of cancel culture, as are the activists who would police basic terms as “racist.”

Catherine Roome is not just engaging in virtue signaling, she’s abetting an Orwellian attempt at redefining basic words according to Marxist critical theory, finding supposed racist oppression behind every innocent syllable.

The word “chief” is hereby forbidden. Revise your copy of the Newspeak Dictionary accordingly.

The Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs can expect to be set upon by the same self-righteous mob that bullied the Redskins at any moment.

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