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Sep 16 2019

Children Treated for Ecoanxiety

Rational adults do not take global warming rhetoric seriously. If they did, coastal property values would plummet, and Phoenix, the hottest major city in the country, would not also be the fastest growing. Children are another matter. They trust adults enough to take their hysteria at face value even when it is fake. The endless barrage of shrill climate change propaganda has resulted in kids being treated for “ecoanxiety.”

From The Telegraph:

Protests by groups such as Extinction Rebellion, the recent fires in the Amazon and apocalyptic warnings by the teenage activist Greta Thunberg have prompted a “tsunami” of young people seeking help.

Fools caused the problem; other fools know just how to solve it:

The Climate Psychology Alliance (CPA) told The Daily Telegraph some children complaining of eco-anxiety have even been given psychiatric drugs.

CPA wants senseless anxiety over the imaginary peril faced by the planet to be recognized as a psychological condition.

However, they do not want it classed as a mental illness because, unlike standard anxiety, the cause of the worry is “rational”.

The CPA people should cure themselves of their half-believed delusions before they try to help the kids their fellow moonbats have terrified into a state of despair.

In 2017 a report by the American Psychological Association produced a report recognising [ecoanxiety’s] impact and calling for dedicated research into the mental health consequences of climate change.

The global warming hoax is a vicious cycle, both a cause and an effect of poor mental health.

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