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Sep 16 2011

Child’s Sexual Bill of Rights

If you want to predict the future, look to the past. The “Child’s Sexual Bill of Rights” (PDF) dates back to the 1970s. It was passed out to a sex ed course by a perverted professor named John De Cecco. A note before reading the lowlights below: co is Moonbattese for he/she/him/her; cos means his/hers.

Each child has the right to privacy for cos own personal thoughts, ideas, dreams and exploration of cos own body without any kind of adult interference, directly or indirectly expressed.

Presumably that includes the right to masturbate whenever and wherever they please.

Every child has the right to accurate sex information and to be protected from sex misinformation as soon as co is able to understand this information in simple terms.

The difference between information and misinformation will of course be determined by our liberal degenerate overlords.

It gets worse — much worse:

All children have the right to learn the art of love beginning at any age co is able to understand, just as co is entitled to learn any other art or skill.

Every child has the right to loving relationships, including sexual, with a parent, sibling or other responsible adult or child and shall be protected and aided in doing so by being provided with contraceptives and aids to prevent venereal disease.

The foul-mouthed but “affable” Professor De Cecco went on to be praised as a “queer pioneer” by the San Francisco Chronicle for his homosexual scholarship.

When they feel they have sufficiently mainstreamed homosexual depravity, it will be time for progressives to focus attention on the next item on their cultural agenda. No child will be safe from it.

John De Cecco
Professor De Cecco, the queer pioneer.

Via Dr. Judith Reisman, on a tip from RKae.

40 Responses to “Child’s Sexual Bill of Rights”

  1. Alan says:

    Skip the perversion. How did he live so long without dying from AIDS or getting beaten to death by some parent? THAT might be worthwhile reading.

  2. Screwy Puppy says:

    “co” and “cos?” Doesn’t he mean “they” and “their?”

    Sorta’ important that a professor knows his pronouns instead of making them up! He is such a “flubipo!”

    [ I can make up words too! ]

  3. Festivus says:

    Just how dirty can an old man get? I mean, obviously his mind is rotted but he’s also just a filthy bastard on the outside too.

    Makes me shiver.

  4. Bob Roberts says:

    OFF TOPIC: Buying votes by redistributing your money.

    No Social Security number? No problem.

    The IRS paid out billions in refundable tax credits to undocumented immigrant workers last year, according to a new Treasury audit.

    Federal law bars illegal immigrants from collecting tax benefits, like the Earned Income Tax Credit, that can be claimed by residents with Social Security numbers. But the Treasury report found that the tax code’s lack of clarity is allowing the Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC), which reduces taxes owed by certain individuals with children, to be heavily claimed by undocumented workers;if their tax bills dip below zero, they can collect government checks.

  5. Bob Roberts says:

    Sexy Snake-Eyes says: September 15, 2011 at 11:08 pm

    Not sure this is the best forum to seek or get advice on some of the issues you mentioned – I would tend to suggest that you talk first with your husband and if that does not work arrange for some joint counseling on some of those issues. You come off here like an articulate, intelligent person in general so there is probably something you can do to resolve the issues you mentioned – it is just a matter of finding your niche.

    Don’t know how I/we (co?) can help… other than just saying “hang in there” and hope things work out.

    If you were here in SoCal I’d suggest, since you mentioned you like to sing, that we set up an audition – I can always use another talented voice and I’ve been pretty successful at getting solid bookings. But I think you mentioned earlier you were somewhere far away.

  6. Bob Roberts says:

    From the link provided by “Mark” above:

    “De Cecco doesn’t date, per se, but frequents Polk Street, where he cruises for male hustlers and goes to Kimo’s, a bar that caters to older men and rent boys. Most of the men he hires are in their 20s or early 30s, often homeless or living in fleabag hotels. Many of them use crystal meth or heroin.”

    So he’s a sexual predator…

  7. Angie Mima says:

    That explains the sores around his disgusting mouth. ick. Where’s the bleach?

  8. Bob Roberts says:

    Again, off topic, but that’s the way I roll until told to stop doing it by the boss!

    Police are asking for the public’s help tracking down a large group of violent teenagers.

    They say 10 to 15 young people — described as black or Hispanic and both male and female — attacked four white men on the 16th Street Mall at about 10:45 p.m. on Sunday.

    Denver police say the men were standing on the mall near Arapahoe when they were approached by the group. After a conversation, the group turned violent and they attacked the men.

    A portent of the future for Obamacare?

    The current mail system of the United States is “no longer financially sustainable”.

    Scandal after scandal… Fast and Furious, Solyndra, Lightsquared. For a peek at what’s next, see next link.

    One definition of insanity is doing the same thing you already know doesn’t work again and again anyway. It’s all part of the plan to bankrupt and bring down America and, unfortunately, it’s working.

    In public obamunists are all for women and minorities but in private – well that’s another thing!

    “This place would be in court for a hostile workplace,” former White House communications director Anita Dunn is quoted as saying. “Because it actually fit all of the classic legal requirements for a genuinely hostile workplace to women.”

    A true racist speaks up!

    Tavis Smiley says the President is ignoring blacks, the “most loyal” part of his base who “ought to be looked out for.” Smiley spoke to NBC’s Lester Holt. In April, Smiley said the 2012 elections will be “the most racist in the history of this Republic.”

    I have to go now – I have to report this guy to AttackWatch!

  9. RKae says:

    Bob Roberts:

    Veeeerrry innnnnteresting that you’re trying so hard to get this particular thread off-topic.

    I’m jus’ sayin’…


    A good reason for home schooling and to get the kids away from the NEA and perverts like him

  11. oldguy says:

    Lord. will you punish the righteous with the guilty? will you not spare San Francisco for the sake of 20 righteous men? Sorry Lord, I could not find 20.

  12. Sexy Snake-Eyes says:

    @Bob Roberts,

    These are some older samples of my singing to some midi files [I did my own back-up vocals as well]:

    Still available via wayback machine

    My had some of my songs published when I was younger but they didn’t go anywhere because the publisher wanted me to perform them and my daughter was young and I wanted to home-school her and so that was a no go.

    Anyway, if you like what you hear and you think you could really use my talent I could arrange a trip to Cali… This is all “California dreamin'” at this point [I have a lot of family scattered around Cali btw].

    P.S. the .zip files won’t download via wayback but the .exe will [go figure THAT one out]. The .exe are simply self-extracting zip files click on them and then decide where you want them to go.

    If you don’t like my singing, no harm no foul. It’s a nice thought to think someone out there listens. Yaknow? If you are interested I’ll give you my contact info. Oh, and my husband laughed at what I wrote here and said, “Well it’s about damned time you started promoting yourselve!” hahahaha. He believes in me. We have our troubles but he’s a good egg.


    As to this uber, icky, creepy topic:

    I was sexually abused as a child and it scarred me in many ways both physically and mentally and I will always fight for the right to keep a child INNOCENT until they are an ADULT capable of making their own choices.

    This stuff sickens me on a very deep and painful level and I can’t even believe some of the creepy crap coming out of the ‘Liberal’ mindset.


  13. Sexy Snake-Eyes says:


    Oh my grandma is rolling in her grave.

    My typos are horrendous.

    Sorry. I’ve had very little sleep.

    /embarrassed off

  14. Bob Roberts says:

    End of the run for the Crown Vic – a staple of cops and cabdrivers for 30 years and 10 million + sold.

    RKae says:
    September 16, 2011 at 4:29 pm
    Bob Roberts:

    Veeeerrry innnnnteresting that you’re trying so hard to get this particular thread off-topic.

    I’m jus’ sayin’…


    Say whatever you want, think whatever you want. You have as much right as anyone to be totally off base.

    I don’t know what you’re talking about – this is the top article right now and I don’t want to post way down where nobody will see things – that’s all.

    This is the one I figure more people will click on because it’s on top. I doubt that many people will go down to yesterday’s links to see what else was posted there – they’ve already been there. So I post my latest stuff on the latest stories, that’s all.

    Just what were you getting at?

  15. Bob Roberts says:

    I’m going to give the songs a listen & get back with you.

  16. RKae says:


    I kid you. I kid you.

    Just givin’ you a ribbing for not waiting for an open thread.

  17. Jodie says:

    Right on oldguy at 4:48 pm!

  18. RKae says:


    Re: this…

    “De Cecco doesn’t date, per se, but frequents Polk Street, where he cruises for male hustlers and goes to Kimo’s, a bar that caters to older men and rent boys. Most of the men he hires are in their 20s or early 30s, often homeless or living in fleabag hotels. Many of them use crystal meth or heroin.”

    I have a pet theory about gay men cruising constantly. They’re chasing something they can’t get. Like a starving man eating fake food, they’re trying to find fulfillment but, as they’re going about it the wrong way, it’s an unattainable goal.

  19. Sexy Snake-Eyes says:

    I’m off-topic right now… “yayyyyyy”

    Haha! You guys are bein’ a bit harsh on Bob. Sometimes the only way you can catch up with peeps is by going a bit off-topic.

  20. Roflcopter says:

    The same way “mainstream” Muslims quietly agree with and support the actions of the extremists, “mainstream” gays quietly love this kind of perversion as it gives them cover for their own depravity.

    Your children will be taught this crap eventually, and when you speak out against it, you will be arrested for a hate crime.

  21. Jodie says:

    Why is that old pervert smelling his finger?

  22. Festivus says:

    Jodie, lol

  23. RKae says:

    Why is that old pervert smelling his finger?

    Because he doesn’t know where it’s been.

    (Thanks to Detective Frank Drebin for that one.)

  24. TexasDoc says:

    Co/cos? Sorry. Don’t recognize it in health care lingo so it means nothing to us in the medical world. Is “co” leftist Newspeak for “sexually ambiguous”?

  25. RKae says:


    “Co” and “cos” are their attempts to cleanse us from the tyranny of “him/her” and “his/hers.”

    I want to know if they think gender distinctions have caused unrest, do they think the same of race distinctions? Can I just be called a “person” and not have to hear all the crap about black and white and all the rest?

  26. Tim from TK says:

    Two words, AIDS dementia.

    For the grammar police, yes, I know the first one is an acronym…

  27. lvb-rocks says:

    There’s that word again. It just keeps appearing in all these kinds of stories and comments. We can’t seem to get around it… .

    “7 … shall be protected and aided in doing so by being provided with CONTRACEPTIVES and aids to prevent venereal disease.”

    Until the entire notion of “birth control” (an absurd euphemism) is correctly understood and then rejected by normal people living normal lives, we will continue to see the breakdown of society and the family. Remember, the wide societal acceptance of birth control had to be established before abortion could be accepted and ultimately legalized. It had to accepted before same-sex “marriage” could be accepted. It had to be accepted before a Child’s Sexual Bill of Rights could even be considered.

    So much of the general lowering of morality (something almost everyone would agree has happened) can be directly and organically linked to the contraceptive mentality taking over the collective mind. Now we can back up even farther and investigate what it was that led individuals and society to first consider and finally accept “birth control” as a norm. Anyone?

  28. Jimbo says:

    All real humans know that this piece of sh*t will burn in hell.

    Enough said.

  29. Bob Roberts says:

    RKae says: September 16, 2011 at 8:50 pm

    They could have just as easily used they/them/their etc. I’ve written entire pieces without making a gender reference. It can be done – just takes a little extra thought. The guy was just trying to get attention and it worked.

  30. Bob Roberts says:

    RKae says: September 16, 2011 at 5:19 pm

    It’s all good. Had to get out to a gig, couldn’t wait around, wanted to share.

    I’m impatient. It’s one of my MANY faults.

  31. Its better to teach the kids difference between good touch and bad touch and giving attention to them.Whats the use of drafting such a long child’s sexual bill of rights.

  32. Adam says:

    Ugly, dirty old man. I bet he drives by school yeards and offers kids candy if they’ll get in his car. How appropriate that he looks exactly like a real- life version of Herbert the Pervert from ‘Family Guy.’

  33. Adam says:

    Oops, “School yards,” not “School yeards.” My bad.

  34. Roflcopter says:

    I don’t ht women, ever, BUT, if they successfully eliminate gender identity, hypothetically a person could open hand pimp slap Rachel madddow without violating any personal codes of conduct! Sweeeeeet.

  35. Jeff says:

    The ONLY use for these evil scum is live fire target practice. The only good child raper is a dead child raper.

  36. dmgore says:

    RUK~ Your thoughts on how absurd us right wing nut jobs are for opposing this?

  37. Lyn says:

    This character was an educator? Hope it was at a private institution. I hate to think that taxpayers – even California liberals – supported Mr. De Cecco’s garbage. This kind of “scholarship” is one more reason for parents to home-school their kids. And for teens to pick a trade school instead of college.

  38. Sam Adams says:

    Home schooling is only half the answer. The liberals continue to use your tax dollars for their own purposes.

    Time to privatize the schools. Get the government out of the schooling business. Same thing with the universities. What kind of organization (besides the government) would support such an old pervert?

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