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Apr 01 2020

Chilean Leftist Carolina Cox Trapped in Cuba

The Wuhan coronavirus delivered a dose of poetic justice to Chilean leftist Carolina Cox. She has been trapped in the sort of country she wants to turn her own into and is not enjoying the experience. From Diario de Cuba, translation by Babalú Blog:

From Cuba, Chilean actress Carolina Cox called on her government to get her off the island where she has been stranded after flights out were canceled due to the spreading of COVID-19 all over the island. …

“It’s super distressing being in a country where there’s shortages of soap, toilet paper, our accounts are blocked because of the blocks on Cuba, connecting to the internet is very difficult, our credit cards don’t work [,,,] There’s people who need medicine, among us are kids, elderly, families,” she explained.

There’s a shortage of toilet paper in the USA too, thanks to hoarders. The difference is, in communist countries, there is always a shortage of everything except tyranny.

The actress, who has been an activist promoting the protests against the government of [Chilean President] Sebastian Piñera these past months and has declared herself a support of leftist regimes in the region, finished her message with a demand that her government do something about getting her back to Chile.

Cox carries a virus capable of inflicting more long-term damage than COVID-19, namely leftist politics. If the government she is trying to bring down is wise, it will not make bringing her back a priority.

Too bad the Hollyweird (e.g., Oliver Stone) and Big Journalism (e.g., Andrea Mitchell) leftists who praise the horrific communist regime in Cuba can’t be stranded there too.

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