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Nov 11 2018

Chilling Pro-Abortion Ad

Can’t think of a good reason to kill a baby? Maybe this actual pro-abortion ad from the Agenda Project will help:

LifeSite comments:

There’s a reason abortion apologists would rather not debate embryology at all and typically change the subject to the phony harm pro-life laws allegedly inflict on women: because most of them know exactly what they’re defending. Yet whether they’re out for shock value, are trying too hard to be clever, or have deluded themselves into thinking the broader public shares their extremism, every once in a while they go out of their way to call attention to the truth 99 percent of their fellow travelers avoid.

Trying to come to reasonable agreements with the sort of moral lunatics who would produce a commercial like this is not an option. You don’t compromise with cancer, or with the Devil.

On a tip from Anonymous.

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