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Apr 02 2020

Chinese Woman Brags of Hoarding Needed Face Masks

If you are mad at the Chinese for inflicting the Wuhan coronavirus on the rest of the world with their continuing wet markets and their communist lies, and at hoarders for creating unnecessary scarcities, maybe you had better skip this story, lest you blow a gasket:

A Chinese woman filmed herself traveling around Florida buying up N95 face masks while bragging, “I didn’t leave a single mask for the Americans.”

The woman shared video clips of her callous stunt on Chinese social media site Weibo.

Try not to punch your monitor:

Although the ChiCom-friendly UN World Health Organization says we don’t need masks, clearly we do. Wearing masks seems to have reduced the spread of COVID-19 in Asian. Yet even healthcare workers sometimes can’t get hold of them, thanks largely to hoarders like this woman and her white partner.

On tips from Kate P and Varla.

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