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Oct 05 2018

Christine Blasey Ford Time Cover

If the Time cover officially welcoming Christine Blasey Ford into the pantheon of liberal demigods for her service to the progressive agenda looks familiar…

…you may have been unlucky enough to have been exposed to another execrable leftist rag, The Nation:

With rare exceptions, the world that produces magazines is not the world normal Americans live in.

As for Christine Blasey Ford’s lasting impact, that depends on whether her stunt works. If so, political assassination has in effect been legalized. Stand by for a second Reign of Terror as anyone liberals want out of the picture is shot down with scurrilous #MeToo allegations in a political bloodbath that will call to mind both the French Revolution and the Salem witch trials. However, if Kavanaugh is confirmed, the resiliency of the American system and of society in general will also be confirmed.

On a tip from Lyle.

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