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Mar 24 2020

Christine Pelosi: Rand Paul’s Assailant Was Right

Malevolence seems to run in Nancy Pelosi’s family. Her adult daughter Christine Pelosi has given a thumbs up to the vicious physical attack that may yet kill Senator Rand Paul:

“Rand Paul’s neighbor was right.” This evidently refers to a left-wing maniac named Rene Boucher, who came onto Paul’s property and beat him severely, breaking a half-dozen ribs, causing recurrent pneumonia, and forcing part of a lung to be removed. Appallingly, Boucher was sentenced to only 30 days for this assault. The media spun it as a neighborhood dispute, rather than admit that the violence was probably politically motivated.

Paul had recently survived the shooting spree by Boucher’s fellow left-wing maniac James Hodgkinson; he was on the field when the Bernie Bro opened fire, fortunately missing Paul but very nearly killing Steve Scalise.

The moonbats may be able to kill Rand Paul yet. He has been diagnosed with Wuhan virus. If it goes into his lungs, he may die due to the previous damage. In a sense, that would make Boucher a murderer. Not that they are likely to add to his wrist slap.

Meanwhile, the likeminded media echoes Christine Pelosi’s malice. MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace described it as “difficult” to hope Paul pulls through.

Incidentally, I just finished Rand Paul’s book The Case Against Socialism, and can recommend it wholeheartedly. Toward the very end it veers off into fringe libertarianism, but most of the book consists of a cogent, informative, and highly readable attack on arguably the most pernicious ideology ever devised.

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2 Responses to “Christine Pelosi: Rand Paul’s Assailant Was Right”

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