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Jun 09 2018

Church Sued for Resisting LGBT Agenda

The point of the entire liberal establishment pushing the grotesque LGBT agenda is not so that American culture can become centered on the sickness of a tiny percentage of the population. The point is to prepare the groundwork for all-out war against Christianity. This war is already becoming overt. For example, a church is being sued as a result of refusing to host an LGBT event:

The Ambridge Event Center of Portland Oregon, a company contracted to manage an event center owned by Holy Rosary Church, is now suing the church for lost income, improvements made to the facility and attorney’s fees (a total of $2.3 million). The lawsuit filed in May of 2018 stems from a 2015 dispute in which Ambridge found itself compelled to turn away an LGBT group that wanted to host an event. …

Since religious organizations are largely exempt from Oregon state discrimination law, it is highly unlikely that Ambridge will prevail, but the church will be forced to pay out significant attorney’s fees simply to defend itself from such legal attacks.

Legal fees can lead to bankruptcy. Being forced to incur them is a form of intimidation.

In 2015, Ambridge was approached by the PFLAG Black Chapter, an African-American LGBT group that wished to hold a conference at the event center owned by Holy Rosary Church. Ambridge, a private for-profit company was contractually obligated to decline clients that conflicted with the moral stance of the church, turned down PFLAG’s request.

As a result, militants bullied Ambridge, driving off business with a media jihad. Ambridge responded by siding with its tormentors in an apparent attempt to deflect the hornet swarm of imperious perverts at the Holy Rosary Church.

Given the vociferous hostility of liberal authorities toward Christianity, what protections churches have from tyrannical “antidiscrimination” decrees are not likely to last.

Before long, Christians will be compelled to betray their faith, not only by baking cakes for blasphemous parodies of weddings (the narrow Masterpiece Cakeshop ruling notwithstanding) but by actually performing gay “marriages” in churches. Soon after that, the Bible will be officially designated as hate speech; California has already taken steps in that direction.

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