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Jul 16 2013

Churches Prepare for Federally Imposed Blasphemy

Now that the social-engineering Supremes have laid the groundwork for the nationwide imposition of homosexual “marriage,” we can get down to brass tacks:

Joe Carr believes a day is fast approaching when pastors will be charged with hate crimes for preaching that homosexuality is a sin and churches will face lawsuits for refusing to host same-sex weddings.

“It’s just a matter of time,” said Carr, the pastor of Waynesville Missionary Baptist Church in Georgia. “What’s happening in Europe – we’re going to see happen here and we’re going to see it happen sooner rather than later I’m afraid.”

His church is changing its bylaws to protect pastors from having to preside over blasphemous services that make a mockery of their faith. These bylaws will of course be overruled by the federal government. With tyrannical liberals firmly in control, the separation of church and state is a one-way street.

Given their well-established tradition of fornicating with literally hundreds of different partners, you didn’t really think homosexuals wanted to get married, did you? The “gay rights” drive is classic social Marxism; its purpose is to destroy the pillars of society, starting by eradicating the Christian religion.

banned bible
The actual objective of “gay rights.”

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7 Responses to “Churches Prepare for Federally Imposed Blasphemy”

  1. Jester says:

    when pastors will be charged with hate crimes for preaching that homosexuality is a sin

    Wonder how the left will do this after all pastors are replaced by Clerics and Imams?

    Be careful what you wish for, neoprogs.

  2. Doug says:

    It’s already happened across the border in Alberta. Why not here?

  3. cully stout beer says:

    The Swami El Rushbo is on fire again. He deciphered the jibba jabba speak of Saint Rachel Jentel and figured out Saint Skittles was in fear of Zimmerman being a homo out to get him. He got the jibberish speak from an appearance on the Communist News Network before it gets flushed down the memory hole and race pimp hustlers get to Saint Rachel.

  4. Ian From The EUSSR says:

    I hope that day comes. I hope preachers, and others, are charged and go to prison. I hope that because this whole “gay marriage” travesty is an American (“liberal”) invention foisted on the rest of us via the transnationalist networks, and I want Americans to suffer what you have created. And then maybe America will sober up and cast out your illiberal “liberals” and stop the torrent of cultural marxism that pours from your University campuses onto the rest of the world.

    My country, Britain, has introduced gay marriage because of American activism transplanted here. Even our primary gay rights group is called “Stonewall” after an American incident. The ideology, the dogma, the madness, has been overwhelmingly forged by Americans. You are the world leaders in this nonsense, driven to export it worldwide by a post-post-millennialist evangelical zeal.

    So, let’s see Americans suffer what Americans have wrought. Let’s see you end up like Europe, because Europe is what “liberal” America intends America to be, and we in Europe are just collateral damage.

    Throw your pastors in jail for speaking their minds. It’s the American Dream.

  5. whotothewhat says:

    Then push back against the Government and the deviants that infest it should not be strongly worded letters to the editor or changing bylaws. Or by recalling our Reps or Sens. But something much more basic much more fundamental and something that millions of us are going to need to do to save this country. Resist these tyrants.

  6. Flu-Bird says:

    Gods wrath upon dirty gays,gods wrath upon the Obama adminastartion

  7. Softly Bob says:

    So, you think that the whole point of the ‘Gay’ agenda and its Marxist furor is to eradicate Christianity? Well, you know, you are probably right!
    But let me remind you not to be too concerned about it. Christianity may be stomped upon and diminished, it may even be outcast and blacklisted for a while, but it will NEVER be eradicated. God cannot be defeated. Those who fight against God will regret what they have done. The Liberals and their allies are fighting an losing war. It is a very serious mistake to take God as a foe.
    The Liberal agenda will eventually collapse and tears will be shed, and they will be tears of tragedy. You can’t fight against God without consequences!

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