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Jul 03 2020

City Council Establishes Polyamorous Marriage

Until recently, virtually everyone throughout human history would have regarded homosexual marriage as absurd, blasphemous, and obscene. Turns out it was only the thin edge of the wedge. Already liberal authorities are officially validating polyamorous marriages.

From the moonbattery-addled Boston area:

Under its new domestic partnership ordinance, the city of Somerville now grants polyamorous groups the rights held by spouses in marriage, such as the right to confer health insurance benefits or make hospital visits.

Councilor Lance Davis drafted the ordinance, which passed unanimously. He salted the insanity with irony:

“I don’t think it’s the place of the government to tell people what is or is not a family,” Davis, who is a lawyer, said at a meeting last week.

That’s why Somerville’s government has redefined what a family is.

Now a marriage can include an entire squirming orgy of degenerates. Davis confirmed that as many as 20 people could be married to each other. Anything goes with liberals, so long as it destroys tradition — and no tradition could be more crucial to the stability of civilization than marriage.

In the coming weeks, you can expect the Supreme Court to confirm that the Constitution guarantees the right to polyamorous marriage. Then they will move on to the constitutional right of pedophiles to marry whole Boy Scout troops.

Down the slippery slope to hell we slide, shoved from behind by progressives.

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