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Aug 08 2018

Civic Information Consortium: New Jersey’s Taxpayer-Financed Ministry of Truth

The Internet and growing public distrust have inflicted major financial damage on the news industry. No worries; journalists are overwhelmingly liberal, so they have friends in Big Government. Big Government has a solution to every problem, including the news media’s flagging fortunes. That solution is to throw other people’s money at it on a coercive basis. New Jersey presents the Civic Information Consortium:

Before leaving for his vacation across the Atlantic, Gov. Phil Murphy, D-Italy, signed legislation creating the Stalin-esque sounding “Civic Information Consortium.” This year it allots $5 million in taxpayer money to subsidize local news operations that struggle in the wake of momentous digital changes that have transformed the economics of covering news.

Five state colleges/universities now comprise the state’s Ministry of Local News (“MiniNews”), and its board of functionaries, I mean, board of directors, will dole out grants to local news operations it deems worthy of government beneficence.

Having hard left university types decide who gets the money will do wonders to restore public trust in the media’s objectivity.

On a tip from Eddie_Valiant.

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