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Nov 07 2018

Classless Punk Drops F-Bomb in Concession Speech

The good news is that the sun still rises in the east, and Ted Cruz did not lose a Texas Senate race to a smirking left-wing adolescent punk whose base of support is Hollyweird. The bad news is that the vote was close enough that liberal zillionaires in California and New York will feel encouraged to carry on with their strategy of buying elections for moonbats running in other states. The close vote also means that we have not seen the last of the insufferable Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke, who shored up his support by classlessly dropping the F-bomb in his concession speech. HuffPost adorantly reports:

O’Rourke ended his Texas campaign for Senate as a true maverick on Tuesday night, dropping an uncensored f-bomb live on national television in an address to his supporters.

“I’m so f***ing proud of you guys,” O’Rourke, addressing those who worked on his campaign, said to thunderous applause.

That’s why they like him. He is an open borders commie who is cool because he rides on a skateboard like a junior high student and makes heavy use of the F-bomb in public.

The language was met with some awkwardness during the night’s live broadcasts. MSNBC anchor Brian Williams issued a terse apology after the network aired the speech, saying “sorry for the f-bomb” and noting that they didn’t have any “control of what’s in the concession speeches.” C-SPAN also aired the clip live and uncensored, according to reports.

Lyin’ Brian had better get used to it. Every other word will be an obscenity if his side prevails in the Culture War.

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